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These synthetic materials enclosing the roots of trees and shrubs must be completely removed before the plant is placed in the ground. To be on the safe side, if you purchased balled and burlapped plants, remove the material covering the root ball. If the tree is very heavy, peel the material down to

it has been stored correctly. I toss any leftover seed that is two years old or older. If you want to spice up the annual bed, many annual f lowers are very frost hardy when the plants are small. You can sow the seeds of alyssum, California poppy, candytuft, larkspur, pansy, viola, phlox, pinks, Shirley poppy, snapdragons, stock and sweet pea as soon as the soil has thawed. March is an excellent time to plant trees. Many of the trees from the garden center come as balled and burlapped stock. Sometimes you need to pay close attention to the burlap around the root ball. It may look like burlap, but in fact could be a brown plastic material.

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