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About the Cover Photographer Dave Harp Dave Harp has been photographing the delights and dilemmas of Chesapeake Bay for over 40 years. He has produced, with writer Tom Horton, five books on the Bay: Water’s Way: Life Along the Chesapeake, Swanfall: Journey of the Tundra Swans, The Great Marsh: An Intimate Journey into a Chesapeake Wetland, Nanticoke: Portrait of a Chesapeake River, and Choptank Odyssey: Celebrating a Great Chesapeake River. His photography can be seen monthly in the Chesapeake Bay Journal ( In 2015, along with Tom Horton

and Sandy Cannon Brown, he produced the documentary film, Beautiful Swimmers Revisited, which looked back at William Warner’s 1976 Pulitzer Prize-winning book and the status of the iconic blue crab since then. The trio is now working on a film about sea level rise in the Bay, High Tide in Dorchester, which will be out this fall. On the cover is Raccoon in Pecan Tree. Dave’s website,, is a searchable database of thousands of his images. Fine art prints of his photos are available.

Hollands Island on the Winter Solstice. 7

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