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And I said, ‘Because she told me so.’ Well she was really in a huff after that.” Turner says he left the table and made for the bathroom, where the right move often lurks. There he decided his best course of action would be to leave the premises before he said any more things that might irk his hostess. “The ball game was on at 8:30, and we were just starting a four course dinner that would take an hour and a half, with people I didn’t know, and I had drunk too much, and I realized at that point I shouldn’t have said anything. “And that is the story. Oh, I might have said the younger woman was looking for a man to service her. Maybe I said that in front of eight people. But they were all adults. Apparently when the hostess found out I had left, she threw a fit and left the dinner. Now, there is the other part of the story. Her husband stayed at the party, took Janie home, and made a pass at her. How about that? “I’m always unhappy to make someone unhappy, but they had made me unhappy. I mean if I had committed murder, don’t you think it would have been judged justifiable homicide after three and a half hours?” Like the frustrated parent of a rambunctious teenager, Lee Loomis felt embarrassed in front of his people. He told Turner he

9:30, and after a bunch of drinks I was kind of PO’d. “Naturally I was seated next to the Atlanta woman, and as dinner began she said something about the woman I’d been talking to, ‘Aren’t they a lovely couple,’ or words to that effect. And I said, ‘What do you mean by that? I’ve always thought it was kind of silly to go out with someone that distant in age.’ And she said, ‘Well not in this particular instance. They love each other so much they’re planning to be married.’ And I said, ‘Well she loves him for his money, I can tell you that.’ And she said, ‘Oh you don’t say. How do you know that?’


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