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Changes: Fun Jane, to back out. It had come from people Turner did not know in his hometown of Atlanta. The invitation was for drinks at their home, followed by dinner at Bailey’s Beach. It turned out to be one of those evenings that would test the endurance of the most politically adept diplomat. The hosts from Atlanta were celebrity hounds, delighted to have captured the Courageous skipper ~ the Atlanta sports and media magnate ~ and put him on display. In the book, I let Turner tell about that evening, because it’s his story and, unlike other loud public figures in the news who act outrageously, Ted Turner is a prisoner of the truth: “We got to Bailey’s Beach around 7:30, and I’d already had about three or four vodka and tonics by then. Another cocktail party was starting, and dinner was slated for 9:30, which was bad news to me, so I had another drink or two. “This couple took us around and introduced us to people as though we were lifelong friends…I may have said after the fourth or fifth time I wished they would tell the truth and say ‘acquaintance’ because I didn’t know them at all… They wanted me to stand at the door with them and greet people as they came in! “I began to get a little pissed off, okay, after about 25 forced

introductions…I don’t like to be shown off like a prize bull. I’d been in the limelight a lot. Bailey’s is a sophisticated group. I’d been there before, and believe it or not, I was looking forward to a low-profile evening. This was turning into the highest-profile deal of all.” Turner allows that he might have been just a little rude to his hosts in front of other people as a way of discouraging them. “There was an element of truth in one thing. I was introduced by these people to a highly-painted lady who was sort of attractive, in her twenties or thirties. Her escort had to be in his mid-sixties. And it was ‘miss’ and ‘mister,’ so I as76

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