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Feliz Navidad en Cuba

(visa), which is available at the gate for $50. Not wanting to take any chances, I had prepaid for them online. This visa allows you to travel through the country for no longer than 30 days. The other requirement is that you must qualify within one of 12 categories ~ family visit, journalistic activity, professional meetings, research, educational activities, religious activities, public performance, clinics, athletic/ sports, official U.S. government business, support for the Cuban people, etc. All that is needed is to self-certify (wink, wink) that

you meet any one of the criteria. I listed myself as a journalist and my daughter as a photojournalist. I seriously doubt the FBI would be checking on us if I hadn’t written this article, but I enjoy writing for Tidewater Times. Our flight down was full of people going for the holiday, but on the return flight we only had 22 people on a 737. There were so few of us onboard that some of us had to move behind the wings to satisfy weight and balance requirements. I read that some flights will be eliminated soon since Cuban demand for travel to the U.S. is not what was anticipated, although Time magazine estimated 700,000 Americans traveled to Cuba last year. Interestingly, Cuban health insurance is required but is included with the price of the airline ticket. Luckily, we didn’t have occasion to test this. Daily f lights also depart from Miami, JFK, and Newark. There are several cruise lines departing from Florida that circumnavigate the 600-mile-long island, making various port calls.

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