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The Typo

by Gary D. Crawford Twenty-five years ago or thereabouts, I happened to see two neighbors hacking and cutting at a large boxwood hedge. It stood across the road from Ray and Marylee Chollet’s home. At one time, the Chollet home had been a church known as the “Little Chapel,” founded in 1891. The Chollets purchased it in the 1970s and remodeled it beautifully. There are some graves across the road from the Little Chapel, in plain sight, but a few were hidden within the boxwood. Ray Chollet and his friend Jim Rowe were trying to cut back the lush mass of vines, shrubs, weeds, and boxwood that covered another small plot. I

pitched in for an hour or so. Finally, we came upon a tall white family marker, hidden in the greener y, bearing the name FAIRBANK. We continued to clear and pull. Suddenly, another stone came to light. Eagerly, I brushed away the undergrowth to read the inscription. Then my jaw dropped. More recently, I recalled that curious gravestone and went looking for it again. I couldn’t f ind it. Attempts to force through the underbrush, now grown to prodigious heights, proved unsuccessf ul. When I asked our neighbor Fritz Scharch about it, he said he remembered the odd stone, but said


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