Tidewater Times June 2019

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The Worst-Kept Store in America by James Dawson Sa m Jone s’ store, nat iona l ly known as the worst-kept country store in America, was located in Church Creek, six miles west of Cambridge, Md. A huge inventory of everything from meats and cheeses to old clothes and shoes was piled in a tumbledown barn-like building that hadn’t tumbled down yet only because all the clutter jammed inside was holding it up. The store received statewide at-

tention when an article by Carol W h a r ton t it le d S am H. Jone s: Mackerel-Barrel Philosopher appeared in the Aug. 4, 1946 issue of the Baltimore Sun. Wharton wrote that this ramshackle old building sagged in the middle like a tired old horse and the sheds added on either side to house the overf low of oddments threatened to collapse in the gentlest breeze. The gray, weathered building had

Sam Jones and his store. 23