Tidewater Times July 2021

Page 99

DelMarVa Diva by A.M. Foley

scendants maintain Shepherd’s Delight, an estate once encompassing 1,100 acres. The manor house dates to the American Revolution, family ownership to 1824. In nearby Episcopal Christ Church I.U., Katharine’s grandfather is memorialized by a marble plaque that reads: Sewell Stavely Hepburn D.D., priest, 22 years the beloved rector of I.U. Parish. He fed them with a faithful and true heart. Family lore tells of grandfather’s extra-pastoral duties as a young

Several divas with Delmarva connections can be found along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A couple more ornery Delmarvans (one diva and one divo) are conspicuously excluded from stars on the Walk, surely absent by choice, not by lack of fame: Bea Arthur and Robert Mitchum. Topping the A-list of those recognized, in most estimations, would be Katharine Hepburn. Not only is she revered as an actress, her Delmarva roots run deep. In Kent County, Hepburn family de-