July 2018 ttimes web magazine

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The Man Project (Part 3 of 4)

by Roger Vaughan Letters from the Earth is a book by Mark Twain. In the title novella, the angel Satan is banished to Earth by the Creator as punishment. Once on Earth, he begins writing letters to his angelic friends, Michael and Gabriel, about what he finds. That element of Twain’s story forms the basis of this teleplay. In this story, Gabriel is a woman (Gabriella). In Part 2, outraged by Satan’s email reports from Earth ~ terribly upset about how his nasty, negative comments could cause the Creator to cancel the Man Project ~ Gabriella ventures to Earth and engages Satan in a bet.

SATAN ...or use it, as is most often the case, to shoot himself in the foot, plunge himself further into the depths.

Gabriella goes to a pile of newspapers, grabs one at random and brandishes it GABRIELLA Okay. We find a story, a situation we both like about Man in crisis. Something that could go either way, where Man can either use his free will to advance, create a better, more soulful, productive life... 159

GABRIELLA Right. And if he advances, you shut up and I write the letter. SATAN And if he stumbles... GABRIELLA ...you write the letter. SATAN And we have sex. GABRIELLA Just stop it. SATAN One other thing. GABRIELLA (wary) What? SATAN We have to buy you some clothes.