Tidewater Times January 2022

Page 97

Dorchester’s Own Dave by A.M. Foley

The Life of Dave (As Told by Himself) tells us that the English Setter, Dave, was born in a shed near East New Market in the mid1910s. The shelter where he and his litter mates were penned was quite undistinguished, as was their post-whelping diet. His lineage, on the other hand, was distinguished. Though he had no memory of him, his sire reputedly was a field trial winner named California Bell Boy. Many people were later heard to say that in maturity he resembled

his champion sire, who apparently had gained some fame, at least around Dorchester County. Dave’s story was conveyed through the pen of Frank E. Butler, who had sought him out for his wife, who wanted a bird dog to take along on the treks afield that she enjoyed above all things. She and Frank had traveled for decades while she performed as Annie Oakley, internationallyrenowned sharpshooter. When the middle-aged couple finally felt