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Talbot Special Riders

therapy means treatment with the help of a horse (from the Greek word “hippos,” which means horse). The movement of the horse is used by physical, recreational and occupational therapists and speech language pathologists to address impairments, functional limitations and disabilities in patients with neuromuscu loskeleta l dysf unction. The program is one part of an integrated treatment program to achieve functional goals. The movement of the horse improves the patient’s neuromotor function. Equine facilitated learning (EFL) is the partnering of riders and horses to develop and enhance life skills and growth. The program provides a combination of unmounted and mounted horsemanship lessons that encourage a unique bond between

Riding equipment, boots and helmets are required for all TSR riders. is in need of assistance to continue its mission. According to Kim, Rita and Sandy King (who also rode horses at an early age and was a riding instructor), TSR began to of fer equine therapy in Talbot County in 1981. As interest in the organization grew, TSR decided to move to Timber Grove Farm in 2016 (near Harmony in Caroline County) to expand its program offerings. The program now includes three components: Therapeutic riding ~ recreational riding lessons are provided by a certified instructor and adapted to individuals with special needs to promote relaxation, coordination, confidence, well-being, improved muscle tone and improved sensory and motor skills. Hippotherapy ~ therapy conducted using the horse’s movement as a treatment strateg y. Hippo-

Haley Miner, PT, DPT, along with some of the staff from the Benedictine School. 34

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Tidewater Times December 2018  

Tidewater Times December 2018