Tidewater Times December 2018

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Talbot Special Riders

Providing Therapy and Joy with Horses by Bonna L. Nelson

Our mission is to build confidence, self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment for individuals with physical, mental and emotional needs, utilizing equine-assisted activities and therapies. We emphasize abilities not disabilities! Talbot Special Riders I met my friend Rita Connolly when we f irst moved to Easton, close to 14 years ago. As long as I have known Rita, she has been a tireless leader and volunteer in our immediate community and in the greater Mid-Shore community. One

of the many organizations that she volunteers for is the Talbot Special Riders (TSR). TSR is a therapeutic horseback riding program serving the Mid-Shore area. During a drive with Rita to Timber Grove Fa r m, home to TSR ,

Rita Connolly is a sidewalker and Bernie Miller is the horse leader as they assist a rider. 25