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the door bounced away, threaded the chain through a metal loop on the door and secured it. Then he disengaged the towing cables. Richie had already taken one hitch around the net with his hoisting line. Vinnie had turns around a small, spinning winch drum. He took a strain, and the rollers and balls f lopped heavily on board. The second hitch was on the net itself. Richie signaled, then worked to keep the net off the hull as Vinnie hoisted it skyward, dropping a nearly solid wall of freezing water on Richie. Two more hoists, two more baths for Richie, and the great bag of fish came over the side. Vinnie held, waiting for the roll of the boat to swing the full

net over the fish pens. On the roll, he touched it to the deck on target. Richie, Tony, Rennie and Sal lined up on the release cord and heaved once, twice, cursed to encourage themselves, stumbled and broke it free on the third heave. Vinnie pulled his line taut on the winch, taking the bag up, spilling its contents into the pens. It was a good bag. About 5,000 pounds.

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