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South America and Antarctica Adventure (Part 1) Tango Sister Cities of Buenos Aires & Montevideo

by Bonna L. Nelson cal temperatures hit the 90s with 14 hours of daylight. We cruised south through downwardly spiraling temperatures, all the way to 20 degrees with snow and 20 hours of daylight in Antarctica. We donned bathing suits, sunscreen and f lip f lops in Argentina and thermal underwear, down jackets, hats and gloves for the icy continent of Antarctica. It was an

My husband, John, and I began our journey with a robust bottle of Argentinian malbec, a delicious grass-fed steak and a sultry tango. To our delight, the great adventure ended much the same way. We embarked on our 5,000-mile round-trip adventure in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during summer in the Southern Hemisphere. The subtropi-

Tango at La Ventana. 41