April 2017 ttimes web magazine

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All Emergency Units Linked by New System in Talbot County by Dick Cooper

Jobs in law enforcement and emergency response are constantly c h a ng i ng , but nowher e i s t h at change more obvious and extensive than in the work done by 911 dispatchers. The brand-new Talbot County 911 dispatch center on Port Street in Easton looks like Mission Control on the eve of a moon launch. Dispatchers, in their dark

blue unifor ms and for m-f it t ing headphones, mouse-click their way among eight to ten computer monitors, each displaying incoming calls, locations of police cars, fire trucks and ambulances, status of hospitals, an ever-scrolling list of statewide emergencies, live feeds from remote cameras, and the Weather Channel. In the large room that still smells

Clay Stamp, Holley Guschke, and James Bass in front of the Talbot County Operations Center on Port Street in Easton. 25