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arm around his girlfriend, Leigh. Paul and Rocky get along happily. The little kid spends hours in his big brother’s bedroom while they listen to loud music. Paul treats Rocky as if they were the same age. He teaches the little guy how to treat a bully ~ “kick him in the groin.” Rocky follows the maneuver and is sent to a school teacher who had punished Paul (at Rocky’s age) with a paddle that made his rear end bloody. Nobody is going to do that to his little bro, so Paul rescues the kid and then leaves him alone in the woods. This event happens the same day that Paul visits his ailing mother for a few days in another town, and she dies while he is there. He was the only person at her burial and is angry with his father because the Old Man refuses to come to the funeral. Paul picks up his brother in the woods, takes him home, picks up Leigh, and drives away. Far away for many years. The Old Man spends time and money to track Paul down, to no avail. While Paul and Leigh are gone, the Old Man and his neighbor, a retired judge with piles of money, become business partners. The Old Man takes all his money, every last nickel, and joins Judge Culver in a deal that can’t fail. Except it does. The Old Man’s family is broke. Seven years later, Leigh comes home without Paul and is immedi179

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April 2016 ttimes web magazine  

Tidewater Times April 2016

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