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5. What famous Western author also wrote under the pseudonym of Tex Burns? 6. What country lies directly north of Sudan? 7. In poetry, how many lines are in a sonnet? 8. Elvis topped the charts in 1956 with his “Don’t Be Cruel.” Which R&B artist released a song by the same name in 1988?


1. What is the Spanish word for “donkey”? 2. What is the “unusual” way that horses, donkeys and mules are measured? 3. What does the above measurement unit (answer to #2) equal in inches? 4. What do you get when you breed a horse and zebra?


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• The tails of mules, donkeys and horses are different. Donkey tails are similar to cow tails with a tuft of hair on the end. They are not as long as the tails of horses and mules. Tails of horses and mules have long thin hair that goes all the way to the end of their tails. • When a horse is scared or “spooked,” it will run but a donkey will either stand and defend its ground (fight) or just simply “freeze.” So, what does a mule do? It can choose either one since it is part horse and part donkey!

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HORSES, DONKEYS & MULES (cont.): • Have you heard the term “longears?” It is an endearing term used for donkeys and mules. Horses have small ears, donkeys and mules have long ones. Mules’ ears are not quite as long as donkeys. A hinny’s ears are shorter and much wider than donkey ears.

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• Donkeys and mules are considered more intelligent than horses. When they “freeze” it is part of their “well-developed instinct for self-preservation.” Considered stubborn, most experts think they are just thinking over the situation at hand and are not likely to put themselves in danger. Horses allow themselves to be worked until they are exhausted; mules won’t. According to, “a mule will trust its own judgement before it trusts yours.” • Mules, as with most hybrids, were bred to join the desirable qualities of donkeys and horses. They get their strength and stamina from horses and their patience, sure-footed gate and intelligence from donkeys. • Even when working regularly mules and donkeys live longer than horses. A farm mule can work hard for 18 years, where a horse is only good for about 15. Mules that are well cared for and do lighter work have been known to live for 30-40 years.





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Tidbits Grand Forks June 12 Issue  

"Horses, Donkeys & Mules," Rick Moranis" and "Hummingbirds"

Tidbits Grand Forks June 12 Issue  

"Horses, Donkeys & Mules," Rick Moranis" and "Hummingbirds"