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on the cover: Down the Rabbit Hole - an afternoon with Whimsy Petite Styling. image by Danielle D’Arcy Photography page 54

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This issue celebrates our second birthday. It really is lovely to reflect back on the past two years and realise what has been achieved in such a small amount of time. Thank you so much for your continued support of both tickle and the Australian creative community. As a mum to three gorgeous children, our kids issue is always a favourite, and this issue doesn’t disappoint. Each page is filled with gorgeous ideas and inspiration from designers and makers from every corner of Australia. Enjoy!

Tanya Collier Editor


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dresses, tops and shorts Robintail, knitted cap & bunting Chantille Fleur, photography Melissa Horton Photography, furniture Decor Delights, compass necklace Megsy Jane



giggle bay journey to 13


Five happy children set off on a holiday road trip – ready for adventure, picnics, discovery and excitement! They travel quiet country roads, enjoying the beautiful scenery and fresh air. Once they reach the grassy shores, they board a small sail boat in order to reach the destination – Giggle Bay. There, childhood memories are made and the very best of times that come solely through play and imagination! The idea to create the Giggle Bay photo shoot first came up when Melissa walked into my market stall. I had an issue of Tickle the Imagination on hand and gave it to her for a look. I had seen Melissa’s photography online and knew that if anyone appreciated and understood what a collaborative shoot was all about, it would be her. Luckily, she jumped at the notion and what was originally just a fleeting idea quickly became a serious creative project. Almost a month past before we caught up again to discuss ideas for the shoot – initially we were hooked on the idea of doing a vintage sewing shop. We also both loved the idea of using an dresses, tops and shorts Robintail, knitted cap Chantille Fleur, photography Melissa Horton Photography, furniture Decor Delights, compass necklace Megsy Jane


old car so this brought the road trip element into the shoot. Neither of us really had any reasoning or logic behind the idea – we just knew what we wanted to do and jumped right in! Melissa sourced a 66 yr old Morris car and other elements we required for the shoot and the wheels were set in motion. I e-mailed Tanya to discuss our photo shoot proposal. In the meantime, the Tickle inspiration board came out and the theme was Island in the Sun. We then basically took one look at the colour palette and being the perfectionists we both are, knew that our shoot was not going to tie in with this issues theme. After hours of phone conversation, we realised we not only needed to ditch the sewing shop idea, but that we also needed to bring the bright beach style colours into the shoot, find a boat and a suitable location that we thought could be our take on the Island in the Sun – something that is very difficult when you are well and truly more than an hour drive from any beaches. The colour palette shift was quite a challenge too – both of us feel more comfortable working with softer colours and living in a country farming area, didn’t know where we would find anything that really said “Island”. The brain blank lasted a day or so before the cogs started moving again. Luckily, my Mother swept in and with a quick Google search found us a little wooden boat, which was going to be one of the biggest challenges. That out of the way, we proceeded to map out the photo shoot. dresses, tops and shorts Robintail, knitted cap Chantille Fleur, photography Melissa Horton Photography, furniture Decor Delights, compass necklace Megsy Jane


16 17


Being a children’s photographer, Melissa sent me the contact details of all the models so I could get in touch with the Mums and start working on outfits. Meanwhile Melissa recruited Anita from Decor Delights to provide the bright coloured furniture and props we needed for the Island shoot. Sarah from Chantille Fleur, who also happens to be my sister, came on board to help with props and accessories and provided us with a boy’s newsboy cap and lace bunting. We had just over a week to pull this shoot together – we had previously set the date and Okayed it with all the Mums so when the theme changed dramatically, it really put the pressure on – but being the creative types we are, I’m not sure we completely disliked the challenge! In order to keep our car and fit the road trip in alongside the Island scene, we had to find two locations – one with that country road feel and the other that somehow conveyed our take on an Island. Cairns and Port Douglas are just hours away but dragging cars, small children, dogs and props that far just was not possible. Melissa drove around the countryside looking for locations and collecting props while I sewed up a storm, Sarah knitted furiously and made jelly ‘mocktails’, and Kelsey from Megsy-Jane (also my sister) jumped in to help make some additional props such as pinwheels and a compass necklace. The only serious concern we had the entire time was the weather – it was cold, cloudy, rainy and miserable. In addition, we had to do an outdoor dresses, tops and shorts Robintail, knitted cap Chantille Fleur, photography Melissa Horton Photography, furniture Decor Delights, compass necklace Megsy Jane


shoot, which had to try to look summery and warm. Keeping the props and children warm and dry was going to be an issue. Photo day arrived and......the weather was pretty good! We packed up at 9am and journeyed over to Yungaburra where the Gumtrees on Gillie’s Bed and Breakfast had kindly allowed us to use their driveway for the morning. With five children aged between 3-7, four mothers alongside myself, Melissa, Anita, Sarah, Kelsey, my Mum, Rilla the border collie and Harry and Emmy who so kindly drove their old Morris all the way over from Irvinebank, it was quite a production. In fact, it seemed to resemble a movie set. The morning proved a challenge but it could not have run more smoothly than if we had planned it. The kids were happy, the weather was good and an intense week of preparation had come to fruition. We packed up at 12 in Yungaburra – the kids lunched while the production team scrambled to load the cars and start the 20 minute run to the next location, which happened to be at our neighbour’s property for the Island shoot. We picked up some more props on the way – going without lunch in order to get going. Because there aren’t any beaches up here and we wanted to avoid a stereotype Island look, we chose to go with long dry grass as the backdrop – not only would it help the colours to stand out more, it also echoed the colours of sand. When we arrived at the Island location, we had a few difficulties – the sun was a lot brighter and hotter than we had anticipated. The children sat in the cars while pondered our problem. With half dresses, tops and shorts Robintail, knitted cap and bunting Chantille Fleur, photography Melissa Horton Photography, furniture Decor Delights, compass necklace Megsy Jane


20 21

the set already set up, we dragged it about 30 meters under some gum trees where it was much shadier, hoping it would still turn out the way we had envisioned it. Out came the boat, the jelly mocktails, the table setting and all the props. This was the finale and thankfully, as we wanted to convey the fun the kids were having on holiday, they were ready for a more relaxed shoot. It was warm and tiring and while the kids sipped and giggled over their cold drinks on set, I think every adult would have loved to have joined them! This was a big photoshoot, ending at half past four for the little ones and their Mums and finishing at well past five by the time we packed up. In all, we set out to achieve a fun, holiday styled photo shoot and to showcase some of the creative minds of far north Queensland. And I think we did that – we worked as a team for weeks and on the day. Everyone, including the children, kept up a cheerful, happy mood all day – there wasn’t one tear or complaint which was almost expected after working for so many hours with such small children. So what you see here is exactly what happened – these kids went on their holiday, their big Island adventure – the girls had fun being ‘glamorous’ models for the day and Mr. A I think enjoyed all the attention! And most of all, Giggle Bay came to life, because at the end of the day, through all the hard work and preparation – it was fun! dresses, tops and shorts Robintail, photography Melissa Horton Photography, furniture Decor Delights, compass necklace Megsy Jane


22 23

clothing Robintail, photography Melissa Horton Photography, furniture Decor Delights



how to make rainbow mocktails You will need‌ + large martini glasses + four different coloured jellies (we used blue, red, yellow & green) Decide how you want the colours arranged, and then mix up one packet of jelly according to packet instructions. Divide between glasses & leave to set for 6 hours. If you’d like to set straws in your mocktails, wait until the first layer of jelly is half set & then pop one in.

Repeat with remaining colours until you have a gorgeous Rainbow Mocktail! 25

journey to giggle bay ssa

concept and styling Megan Price and Meli Horton photography Melissa Horton Photography


dresses, tops and shorts Megan Price - Rob

Sarah knitted cap, bunting and prop design Price - Chantille Fleur sy Jane

jewellery and prop design - Kelsey - Meg

furniture - Anita Gillespie - Decor Delights

26 27

Independent Phoenix Trader

lil pickles

HeavenLee Creations

Mary & Ivor

Cutie Cupcakes

Little Bellies Dinnerware

Sunday 22nd September - 10am - 3pm Prendiville Catholic College, Ocean Reef PERTH

chocolate rainbow


ice cream is always a favourite wit h kids, add chocolate dip ped rainbow sprinkle cone s and they will totally th ink all their dessert dream s have come at once ! 29

you will need: + 100 grams milk chocolate melts + 12 mini sugar cones + 1/2 cup rainbow mini chocolate chip bits

1 2

Line a tray with baking paper.

Place the milk chocolate melts in a microwave safe bowl and microwave at medium heat for 2 minutes, stir and return to microwave for another 1 minute at medium heat and then stir until smooth.

3 4

Hold the pointed end of the cone and dip the open top of the cone in the melted chocolate, submerging the tip around 1cm into the chocolate.

Lift the cone up and out of the chocolate and quickly dip into the rainbow chocolate sprinkles. Lift the cone up and out of the sprinkles and place pointy end facing upwards onto the baking paper lines trays until the chocolate has set.


Serve cones filled with a scoop of ice-cream or filled with fresh berries or fruit salad and topped with a dollop of cream. Of course you can use sprinkles, nuts, coconut or lollies in place of the rainbow chocolate chips. Note: The mini sugar cones used in the pictures are Woolworths select, any type large or mini cone can be used. Tip: Left over chocolate can be remelted and spooned over the top ice cream scoops with.

Multiply the fun by letting them dip the cones themselves and this will be sure to make their list of best treats ever. 30

Set the scene for your next celebration.. a handpicked collection of event vendors to help you create a gorgeous setting for your next celebration

The Party Parlour

Sweet St yle

Love JK

Party Directory

Styled by Linda

Mushi and Boo

Vintage Sew and So

My Garden Party

Candy Couture 31



meet Jillian I started Billy & Scarlet after I finished studying Graphic Design at university. I had my heart set on launching a range of stationery and spent the first half of 2011 designing products and preparing to start my business. At the time, my range consisted of a few notebooks and cards and I thought it needed something else to bulk it out a bit. I love prints so I designed a few art prints to add to the range and launched Billy & Scarlet in June 2011. Things started off slow – a lot slower than I had expected. When business did pick up, it wasn’t in the way I had expected…the two art prints I had in my store started selling over and over again and soon became my best-sellers! After my husband and I returned from our honeymoon in January 2012, I re-assessed my business and decided to take it in the direction it was naturally going. I devoted the rest of the year designing a whole new range of art prints for the home and nursery. In March 2013 I launched my prints and Billy & Scarlet has been thriving ever since! 35

favourite creative people...

Kelly Smith, My favourite illustrator is . I recently she’s always inspired me y – she’s based stumbled across Emily Le online store in the States and runs an e is my main and creative business. Sh nt, not just for inspiration at the mome how smart she how creative she is, but ring her time. is with business and structu her instagram I get so inspired following and reading her blog!

inspired by... I love the ‘hand-drawn’ look – anything that has hand-drawn or painted elements I am immediately attracted to. Any work that has this kind of look inspires me. A lot of my inspiration comes from seeing a beautiful baby nursery and imagining an artwork that would complement it. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest for this reason!

other creative passions... I absolutely love card making and any other paper craft. I also love sewing.

tools of the trade... My designs are completed in a few stages. The first stage is where I get all of my art materials out, get away from the computer and create all of the hand-drawn & painted elements. For this I use graphite, watercolour and ink mainly. The second stage is finishing designs on the computer…and then the third stage is printing them to make the final product. I use an Epson Stylus Pro printer with archival inks, which produce amazing colours. I print onto special paper that’s slightly textured to make the final print look just like the original. 36

...anything that has handdrawn or painted elements I am immediately attracted to. 37

I’m someone who works really well with a routine so I’ve tried to force myself into one!


typical day... I’m someone who works really well with a routine so I’ve tried to force myself into one! Each week I aim to complete a “project” – whether it’s designing some new prints, updating my stores, editing photos – I set a goal for the week and work towards it. My work day starts with replying emails and posting on social media. I then spend the rest of the morning working on whatever project I have set for the week (lately I have been designing a new range which has been fun!) After lunch I reply more emails, package orders and then continue on with my project. I post orders at 4:30pm and then I finish off the day with a bit of business administration and record keeping. My day usually winds down after 5pm but I sometimes do another hour or so at night if I need to.

lessons learned...

I’ve learnt to tailor m y products to what my customer s are asking for/where the deman d is. If your customers are asking for different colours, bigger sizes, or they’re going for a complet ely different product than you firs t expected, then work with that!

business resources... Etsy have great resources that help sellers – I would recommend reading their blog and joining an Etsy team. My husband and my family have also been a huge help. They always give me creative feedback and advice when I need it.

favourite thing about owning a creative business... My favourite things include working from home, being inspired everyday, having no limits on your creativity, and hearing how excited your customers are when they see your work in person for the first time! 39

secret of success...

special offer!

& Scarlet Free shipping on all Billy d DTLL, Etsy an til the 30th orders from 29th Aug un September 2013. Code: SPRING10

I think that it’s a mix of things. You have to be prepared to work harder than you ever have in your life - especially in the early stage of your business! Once I realized that, I actually focused and got a LOT done. Make sure you do your research. Have a look on the internet for a business plan template that is fun and is ‘creative-person-friendly’ (haha!) – this is a good place to start as it shows you where and what to research.

future plans... Bigger prints! I have been experimenting with different surfaces and materials and hope to have some exciting new products to show for it soon.

billy & scarlet Jillian Online stores: + + + Website: Instagram: Facebook: Location: Coffs Harbour, NSW 40

You have to be prepared to work harder than you ever have in your life - especially in the early stage of your business! 41

a joyful and stimulating space for a rainbow loving little girl.... filled with gorgeous handmade details.





Patchwork Quilt, Cushions, and Owl Softie by Archer & Mary, Lamp by Little Lighthouse, Rug by Hook & Linen, Hot Air Balloons by Maisy Dee, Crochet Mayflower Garland by lolli & bean, Hair Accessories by Molly and Mama, Ruffle Tee and Harem Pants by bubby makes three, Toy Box by Miss Lilly


Mix and match patterns in bright colours on a neutral backdrop for a stylish rainbow inspired space!

Patchwork Quilt, Cushions and Liberty of London beaded necklace by Archer & Mary, Rug by Hook & Linen, Hot Air Balloons by Maisy Dee, Crochet Mayflower Garland by lolli & bean, Doll by Allianna May Designs, Tutu by Poppy & Rose Toy Box by Miss Lilly


44 45


THIS PAGE & OPPOSITE Patchwork Quilt, Cushions, and Liberty of London beaded necklace by Archer & Mary, Lamp by Little Lighthouse, “Move Mountains” Print by May and Belle, Hot Air Balloons by Maisy Dee, Crochet Mayflower Garland by lolli & bean, Doll by Allianna May Designs, Hair Accessories by Molly and Mama, Tutu by Poppy & Rose ,Toy Box by Miss Lilly 47

THIS PAGE & OPPOSITE Patchwork Quilt, Cushions, and Liberty of London beaded necklace by Archer & Mary, Lamp by Little Lighthouse, Doll by Allianna May Designs, Hair Accessories by Molly and Mama, Tutu by Poppy & Rose


chasing rainbows Styling and Concept: Susan Playsted Archer & Mary Photography: Macarla Shepherd

Patchwork Quilt, Cushions, Liberty of London beaded necklace and Owl Softie: Archer & Mary Lamp: Little Lighthouse “Move Mountains� Print - May and Belle

My Book Corner

Rug: Hook & Linen Hot Air Balloons: Maisy Dee Crochet Mayflower Garland: lolli & bean Doll: Allianna May Designs Hair Accessories: Molly and Mama Ruffle Tee and Harem Pants: bubby makes three Tutu: Poppy & Rose Toy Box: Miss Lilly

browse. review. buy. be inspired. + a haven for book lovers + online price comparison + we only review the best + author interviews + fabulous give aways + bookish news 49

butterfly effect


a sweet bracelet that’s simple enough for your little one to make herself!

you will need... es.

+ beads - all different typ + 1 larger holed bead to knot

hide your

- I use + elastic beading thread ing Elastoma a silicone bead thread.

step 1 Using a

+ scissors and ruler

+ tape measure or string

+ glue or clear nail polish

ply the glue

+ bamboo skewer to ap

tape measure or a piece of string measure your wrist. Add 2-3cm to this measurement for comfort. 51

step 2 Set out your beads and begin

designing the pattern to fit your measurement. Your large holed bead has to be either the first or last bead so it is next to the knot. (pic a)

step 3 String your pattern of beads making sure your large holed bead is at one of the ends where you will tie the knot. a

step 4

Check on your wrist to make sure you are happy with the fit.

step 5 Before you tie the knot you need to stretch the beading elastic so that it doesn’t become saggy. To do this hold one end of the elastic in each hand and gently pull the elastic so that it stretches. Do this a couple of times. (pic b) 6Tie a double knot.The bracelet has to be tight enough so there are no spaces between the beads but not so tight that it scrunches up the beads. (pic c)


7Using the satay stick put a tiny dab of glue on the knot and tie a single knot over the glue. 8Slide the larger bead over the knot to hide it. (pic d)


Tutorial by Kylie Jones from House of Sparkle. She creates beautiful, unique handcrafted sterling silver jewellery for men and women. I specialise in handcrafted chainmaille and natural stone jewellery in sterling silver, stainless steel and vermeil. 52

9Once the glue is dry trim the ends of the




Kylie is a travelling jewellery artist who is keen to teach, so if there are any shops who would be keen to host a jewellery workshop, please get in touch with her.

House of Sparkle

Down the Rabbit hole


54 55

“And what is the use of a bo ok," thought

Alice, ”without pictures or conversation?”

56 57

“Curiouser and curiouser!” 58 59


“Who in the

world am I?

Ah, that's the great puzzle.� 61

“You would have to be half mad to dream me up.�

62 63


“Yes, that’s it !” Said the Hatter with a sigh, “it’s always tea time.” 65

66 67

“I can' t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.�


D ow n t h e R ab b it h ol e

Co nc ep t, St yli ng , Pr op s an d Co or di na tio n - W hi m sy Pe tit e St yli ng , Br isb an e Ph ot og ra ph y - Da ni el le DĂ rc y Ph ot og ra ph y M ad Ha tte r - Su pe rS te ph M ag ic Sh ow s Ca te rin g - Sc ru m di dd liu m pt io us Ca te rin g M ac ar on s - W hi sk y Bu sin es s Ha nd m ad e In vit at io ns an d pr in ta bl es - Pi nk Ch er ry M am a (E tsy ) Cu sto m or de re d wo nd er la nd no te bo ok s - An ist a De sig ns (E tsy ) 69



meet claire... I am a mother to a gorgeous little miracle boy (was told I could never have children) and I have been in the publishing industry for over 20 years. I have also been involved in event management and marketing, as well as fashion designing! Confetti Fair came to be after organising my son’s first birthday – never one just to throw a simple affair I researched online and in magazines for ages to find just the right theme and then to find all the goodies to go with it – it was very time consuming. And I thought how much easier it would be to just be able to go to the one place and see it all under one roof – which made me think if I was feeling that way then surely others would too. The name came about because I love the word confetti and wanted to use it (it is also easily recognised to show celebrations of any kind) and the word fair had a nicer, more fun and personal feel to it than expo.

above: Claire CasSey, owner at Confetti Fair image credit: Milk & Honey Photography 71

...I thought how much easier it would be to just be able to go to the one place and see it all under one roof ... inspired by...


My son, nature, other business women, art, animals, music‌ all sorts of things really!

favourite creative people... I love Gustav Klimt art, I love Pink as a musician, I love Giorgio Armani as a fashion designer, Richard Branson as a business man and there are way too many party people to mention.

other creative passions... I am a graphic designer by trade so I love being creative in that way, I also love photography.

typical day...

above - Emma Smith Event Stationery opposite - crowds at Confetti Fair Sydney


Checking emails at 6am from my phone as I get my nearly two year old son up for the day, respond to those that need urgent attention and flag the ones to get back to. Check Facebook updates and respond to queries there. Liaise with vendors, organise venues for upcoming events, create and design promotional material for events coming up. Respond to more emails. Read the blogs that I follow and see what is happening around the world in party styles. Respond to more emails and Facebook requests (I get asked a lot of questions as to where people can find certain things like milk glass stands for a wedding cake in a particular region). Write articles for blogs and magazines that I contribute to, work on marketing ideas, research for new posts to bring to Facebook likers and plan for the future! 73


Don’t stress about the things you can’t control, it will end up working itself out.

lessons learned... Don’t stress about the things you can’t control, it will end up working itself out.

business resources... Facebook has definitely got Confetti Fair to where it is today. There have been a number of people who have done amazing things for the fair on their own website too like Sammy from Oh It’s Perfect, who organised and put together the most amazing videos of the Melbourne fair and posted them on her Facebook page and blog. Sharnel Dollar Design, Kara’s Party Ideas, and a number of others have blogged about the fair too helping get the name out there. I am a big magazine consumer and seeing things in there that are perhaps in an advertisement or something the editor has highlighted gives me ideas for things to do or improve in my business.

secret of success? Make sure you are 100% happy with the path you have chosen. When you are happy the rest just falls in to place.

above - Confetti Fair Sydney opposite - Red Wagon Events 75

favourite thing about owning a creative business? All the pretty things I get to see every day, getting to spend time with other creative people and seeing my ideas come to fruition so others can enjoy it.

future plans...


a copy of Celebrate

(Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney version) valued at $24.95

I have partnered with Sarah from Sugar Coated Mama to bring Kara Allen from Kara’s Party Ideas out from the USA for an Australian and New Zealand tour in early 2014. So Kara will do a one day workshop and then the following day she will make guest appearances and hold mini workshops at Confetti Fair. There are a number of other things in the pipeline too but you will have to stay tuned for those details.

Confetti Fair Claire Cassey


Love & Adore Stationery 77


tutorial & photography by Amy Moss of eat drink chic 79

you will need... •Smooth white A4 card (x2) •Popsicle sticks (x12) •Scalpel •Ruler •Cutting board •Scissors •Double-sided tape •Colour printer

what to do...


Download and print out 2 pages of your popsicle designs. You should have 2 of each popsicle type (12 altogether). I’ve used a matte card but if you prefer a shiny finish you can use thick glossy photo paper instead.

2 3

Use a scalpel and ruler to gently score along the dotted lines.

Before you start cutting out your popsicles, keep in mind that you should be as precise as possible with your cutting as you want all your popsicles to look as identical as possible from the back.

4 5

Cut out around the straight edges of your popsicles using the scalpel and ruler.

visit the eat drink chic blog to download your popsicle design and how to play cards 80

To cut out the rounded tops I’ve actually folded along the dotted lines to close up my popsicle design and then used a pair of scissors to carefully cut out the rounded tops of both sides of the popsicle at the same time. This

scatter these at a summer ice-cream social, bbq

or pi cn ic for a bi t of in te ra ct iv e fu n for gu es ts !



way both sides of the popsicle have the same cut line so that no white from the back of the card will be visible on your finished popsicle from either side.

Open out your popsicle design again and place the printed side face down on the table.Get a popsicle stick and attach some double-sided tape to the top part of each side of the stick. Attach to your popsicle. Once again, in the interest of making each popsicle as identical as possible, it is essential that you place the popsicle sticks roughly in the same position for each popsicle so that they are all the same height and there are no obvious differences between them. (It’s also best to choose popsicle sticks without any distinguishable blemishes!)

Attach double-sided tape to the left tab and also to the top rounded part of your popsicle (to avoid a gap at the top). Fold along the scored lines to close up your popsicle and make sure everything is firmly stuck together. 81

Amy Moss, the face behind the delightful EAT DRINK CHIC blog - for lots of lovely ideas, inspiration & crafty tutorials please visit


blossom & cat.

vintage | |


had been raining for The weather was stormy, it wind strong, but not days, the sky was black, the blue and our pirate for too long … the sky became home in a secret little friends made their miniature of the Swan River. cove hidden along the banks ng as and sheltered in their stunni Dressed in their Flutter Bye Pyjam their a lovely time showing us around TeePee, our pretty pirates had little hideaway. from ter Bye Pyjama pants, Rochelle Inspired by the ruffles on the Flut wear Lavinia from Heaven Sent Sleep Special Celebration Events and tty Pirate’ Shoot. teamed up to create the ‘Pre

84 85


sleepwear and furniture by Heaven Sent Sleepwear, cushions & prop hire - Special Celebration Events, photography by Click Click Boom Photography, tee pee by Petite Bijou, pirate softies by Pink Pug Designs 86

excited, Feeling equally daunted and planning the Rochelle and Lavinia set about y considered details of the shoot. Initially the but, wanting locating the shoot at a beach ke, eventually something a little more cove-li Guildford decided on a beautiful spot in own little along the Swan River - it had its ely old trees. beach, it was quiet and had lov afternoon, The shoot was scheduled for late e beautiful with the hope of capturing som the trees. shots of the sun shining through tography Jenae from Click Click Boom Pho inia and the worked well with Rochelle, Lav the stunning three little pirates to produce images you see here. 87

Lavinia spoiled the three Pretty Pirates, dressing them up in Flutter Bye Pyjamas ready for the shoot, and all those at the shoot worked together to get the two scenes set up. Hanging from the clothesline is sleepwear from Heaven Sent Sleepwear. Lavinia also brought along a beautiful writing desk and chair from her furniture range. Natalie from Petite Bijou offered one of her exquisite TeePee’s to be includ ed in the shoot. It was perfect and match ed our colour scheme perfectly. Natalie also came along on the day of the shoot and wa s a great help in getting our sets styled. Erica from Pink Pug Designs cre ated two gorgeous Little Girl Pirates in pin k especially for the shoot. They featured adora ble removable eye patches, and little pouch es for their gold.



sleepwear and furniture by Heaven Sent Sleepwear, cushions & prop hire - Special Celebration Events, photography by Click Click Boom Photography, tee pee by Petite Bijou, pirate softies by Pink Pug Designs 89

sleepwear and furniture by Heaven Sent Sleepwear; cushions, driftwood boats and prop hire by Special Celebration Events; photography by Click Click Boom Photography; pirate softies by Pink Pug Designs; dream catcher by Pookiboo Designs



The stunning dreamcatcher (wi th lots of lovely details, including feathers, lac e, shells and ribbons) was created by Jo from Pookiboo Designs. The remainder of props for the shoot were a collaboration of items from He aven Sent Sleepwear and Special Celeb ration Events. The rusty old truck belonged to Roc helle’s mother and the little suitcase to her gre at grandmother, making them special inclusions in the shoot.

CONTRIBUTORS: rrett and Concept & styling - Rochelle We Lavinia Feenstra Sleepwear and Furniture - Heaven Sent Sleepwear ps Cushions, driftwood boats & pro - Special Celebration Events m Photography Photography - Click Click Boo TeePee – Petite Bijou s Pirate Softies – Pink Pug Design signs Dream Catcher – Pookiboo De

“Organising the shoot was exciting, and it would not have happened without the generous support of those involved and our families. So a huge thank you to all involved. It was so special to meet up with this group of wonderfully talented ladies. Also a Big thank you to our gorgeous little Pretty Pirates, you did an awesome job.” Rochelle Werrett 91

NOTE: measurements given are to fit an iPad速, for other sizes, please download the pattern sheet from the create page at

how to make a pastel tribal tablet cover TUTORIAL AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY CHRYSTAL | JOE JOE AND THE TEDDY BEAR

tribal tablet cover

tutorial in issue 13 of tickle the imagination magazine.


height of tablet + 2cm

width of tablet + 2.5cm

you will need: + 2 front panels in wool felt - 21 x 26cm + 2 back panels in wool felt - 21x35cm

width of tablet + 2.5cm

+ 34cm fold over elastic SHAPES FOR DECORATING


height of tablet + 11cm


+ coordinating wool felt for patterns + scissors + ruler + sewing machine + thread + pins








Cut the front and back panels and pattern pieces to decorate the front of your cover.

2 3 4

Pin and stitch your design to a single layer of the front panel.

Pin and stitch together the top edge of the two front panels. Make a loop with your fold over elastic and pin it in place through both layers of the back panel 13cm from the top edge.


Pin all 4 layers together, paying particular attention to matching them up neatly. Stitch around the entire rectangle with a 1/4 inch (6.35mm) seam allowance.


Trim any little bits that need straightening up.

this tutorial was created by Chrystal from Joe Joe and the Teddy Bear. CLICK HERE to visit her website


you’re FINISHED your Pastel Tribal iPad cover

s d i k r o f s p p a e iv t a e r c 3 free ut hard to y with this easy to use (b vit ati cre k loc un ren ild Ch puppet pals 2 - ppet show! Even young children can create high qualw along side the put down) interactive pu s can even star in the sho Kid ns. tio ina ag im ir the ity cartoons from in the app store > built-in characters! find it

ative tic is a storytelling and cre tas on To y! Pla ra, me Ca , toontastic - Lights les kids to draw, animate, and share their own cartoons y! aginative pla learning tool that enab through simple and fun im rld wo the d un aro ily fam with friends and find it in the app store >

er - From Julianne ak m er st on m y rr be w ted by freckleface stra leface Strawberry (illustra ildren’s book series Freck -haired 7-year Moore’s Best-Selling ch turing the freckled and red fea p ap w ne a s me co LeUyen Pham) store > old girl. find it in the app


Hand drawn and Handstitched Applique on Australian made t-shirts. Funky Print designs for all ages. 96

special offer! Enter the code ‘TickleMe20’ to receive 20% off online purchases during September 2013

fun prints for little people! email 97

bedhead and valance Peoni Home, ship ahoy cushion Maker & Merchant, aqua/blue quilt Tied with a ribbon, feature light duckfat, felt ball rug Happy as Larry Designs, hot air balloon clock Nest Accessories, aqua cushions created with Waves fabric in Bakerlite Blue Umbrella Prints, felt garland DIY, maps, globes and suitcases, doona cover stylist’s own





combine flea m arket finds with styli sh handmade pie ces for a sophisticated travel inspired space


re hot air balloo n clock Nest Acc essories , feature light duckfat, fe lt ball rug Happ y as Larry Designs OPPOSITE PAGE

feather in resin necklace Resin ating 101


school lockers lend an industrial feel to the space and offer extra storage, so essential in children’s rooms bedhead, valance and buttoned blue cushion Peoni Home, ship ahoy cushion Maker & Merchant, aqua/blue quilt Tied with a ribbon, hot air balloon clock Nest Accessories, aqua cushions created with Waves fabric in Bakerlite Blue Umbrella Prints, felt garland DIY, maps, globes and suitcases, doona cover stylist’s own



“Do not follow where

the path may lead. Go

instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

afted handcr halk yC chalk b cute Chook t on u p o t enough lay! disp .au om


chalkc 103

Mr Toad softie The Forest Flaw OPPOSITE bedhead Peoni Home, ship ahoy cushion Maker & Merchant, aqua/blue quilt Tied with a ribbon, hot air balloon clock Nest Accessories, aqua cushions created with Waves fabric in Bakerlite Blue Umbrella Prints, THIS PAGE

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J. R. R. Tolkien

104 105

chevron doona and cushions Petite Bijou, wild & free print May & Belle, arrows and chevron hoops Ivy & Lil, Made by Mosey dreamcatcher available from Down That Little Lane, black bear and wolf softies Pink Pug, felt storage buckets Happy as Larry Designs, notes and pencil arrow printables the red thread, pom pom garland DIY, feather cushion DIY 106


through the eyes of a child, a teepee is so much more than just a play tent – it’s a kid’s only zone where they can let their imaginations run wild ROBYN AMOR

tee pee Banana J Creations, chevron doona and cushions Petite Bijou, arrows and chevron hoops Ivy & Lil, Made by Mosey dreamcatcher available from Down That Little Lane, black bear softie Pink Pug,

108 109

chevron doona and cushions Petite Bijou, wild & free print May & Belle, Made by Mosey dreamcatcher available from Down That Little Lane, pom pom garland DIY, feather cushion DIY 110

it !

at e

e cr

we spotted this super cute printable label and pencil topper at the r ed thread blog and could n’t resist including it in our shoot.

visit www.thered to download the p rintable and crea te your own! 111

chevron doona and cushions Petite Bijou, arrows and chevron hoops Ivy & Lil, wolf softie Pink Pug


Imagination Comes Home... 113

‘Bubbles’ 114

stencil portraits


meet Maria...

I create custom stencil portraits specializing in children. These are not prints – each and every painting has been designed and hand painted with a whole lot of love, by me in my studio in Sydney.

It all started when I was stuck for ideas for my sister’s 30th birthday present. I wanted to give her something unique and heartfelt and I also wanted it to be something that was postable as she lives in the UK. She has a pet rabbit that she adores so I originally thought I’d do a framed illustration of her rabbit, but I wasn’t happy with what I’d done, so then had the idea to do a portrait of her and her rabbit from a photo I’d found on facebook. My sister is a little hipster living in London so I wanted something cool and that’s when I thought about trying out a

stencil portrait. I did it with a flouro pink spray paint and surprised myself at how much I enjoyed the process and also how well the end result looked (looking back at it now, its really not that good, but it was a starting point!). I then went on to do one of my little boy, then friends saw it and wanted one so I had an idea that I could start doing commissioned stencil portraits. This filled my heart with joy as it would be a way of earning money through being creative and doing something I love. My background is initially in Fine Art with an Arts degree majoring in painting (specialising in figurative painting). But soon after I graduated, like a lot of other artists, I came to the realization that its not that easy to earn money just doing art, so I moved 115

...f irstly, I had to

get a children’s book out of my system...

sideways and got work as a graphic designer. This suited me well for a while and I enjoyed the challenge of working my way up from a junior to an art director but after that, I became bored and missed my artist side, which I had ignored for years. It wasn’t until I had my son and took time off work to be a mum that I followed the artistic urge; firstly, I had to get a children’s book out of my system and so illustrated, wrote and self published an Animal ABC book. Then after that I was energized and ready to take on a new challenge and Stencil Portraits was born. The name was inspired simply by saying what it is I do. My husband and I originally brainstormed loads of other creative names but all the good ones were already taken as websites, so then we thought why not just ‘stencil portraits’, and amazingly the domain name was available so I snapped it up!

tools of the trade... The tools I use are my mac - photoshop and indesign to initially mockup the portraits. Then I print them out, redraw particular areas by hand with a thin sharpie pen, before cutting out the stencils with my trusty scalpel and fresh blade, I then use acrylic paints applied with a dry brush onto canvas or reclaimed wood. 116

‘High Flyer’ 117


...making mistakes along the way is an inevitable part of the process. Embrace failure and move on! inspired by... I always find this quite a difficult question to answer as I am inspired consciously and subconsciously by so many things. Artistically I’m inspired by contemporary portraiture, street art, interior design and any style artwork with a nice colour scheme, I’m a fan of bright colours and bold designs and love Marimekko. I can’t really leave Banksy out either as I think he is an amazing artist and have definitely been inspired by his work.

lessons learned... I have learned to listen to my customers and ask for their feedback/opinions, for example I had originally thought it would be helpful to give them lots of options and sizes to choose from, but realized that this was just confusing, I was also surprised that people didn’t go for the cheapest option and preferred to pay more and therefore get more (bigger size portrait, more colours and more time spent on details). I have learnt all sorts on the ins and outs of how I go about creating and painting the stencils and feel that I now have a great system that works well for me (ditching the spray paints and plastic sheets for more eco friendly acrylics and recycled paper for one thing). I have also learned that building a small business takes time, and making mistakes along the way is an inevitable part of the process. Embrace failure and move on!

‘April’s Flowers’ 119

typical day...


My son goes to preschool 4 days a week, so on these days my day looks something like this:

6am ish wake up to my little human alarm clock.

6-7am drink tea, check and answer as many emails as I can. I like to get this side of things out of the way first to make more time for the creative fun stuff (doesn’t always happen this way!).

7-9am everyone gets dressed, breakfasted, and out the door to drop Ben off to preschool.

9:15am cycle to my studio for cutting stencils, painting etc. or if it’s a graphic design/stencil portrait mockup day then back to my home office for mockups and graphic design jobs. I currently have my computer and printer in my home office and my paints, canvases etc at my studio. At some point I might combine everything into my studio, but I do really enjoy the freedom of having no distractions once I’m in my studio. The only access I have to the online world is through my phone and I only use that for the occasional facebook update on my business page. So I can be in a little creative bubble in my studio and its heaven!

4.30pm-8pm is back to being a mum and catching up with my husband over dinner.

8-10pm I’d like to pretend I have some down time but in reality I’m answering emails, packaging up orders from my online shop, updating my stencil portraits facebook page, and re-writing my list of things to do for the next day that I didn’t get time to do today! 120

...a real passion for what you are doing is essential...

other creative passions… I don’t’ really find the time to do much else but if I did have time I’d love to get back to playing the piano again as it only serves as a shelf at the moment. I also used to play in my husband’s samba band, Samba Ninja, but mother duties call so that’s out for the moment. I do enjoy having the excuse to play with chalk, crayons, paints etc with my son if that can be classed as a hobby!

business resources... Charmaine Keegan at has been really helpful with creative sales and marketing advise. Also Clare Bowditch at Big Hearted Business – I attended her weekend conference earlier on in the year and it was a wonderful way to connect with other creatives in the same boat. There are a lot of us! is also a great company offering a lot of free marketing advise aswell as marketing courses, I attended one of their half day courses and found it really informative.

secret to success I think firstly, a real passion for what you are doing is essential. Being true to yourself on what your skills and interests are and aligning your business with values that you believe in. Secondly, great customer service and thirdly, putting the hours in, no-one said it would be easy! That’s why you need the first one – passion - to drive you to forward.

‘Leo’s Chalk Talk’ 121

‘The Astronomer’ 122


solo exhibition…

My exhibition is titled ‘Chasing Rainbows – stencil portraits on reclaimed wood’. Its at Sweets Workshop Gallery, Shop 4, 58-60 Carlton Crescent, Summer Hill, Sydney, from Aug 17th – Sept 10th. I love capturing the child’s personality that comes through from a smile or a look and putting that into a portrait, however, this is not an exhibition of

favourite thing about owning a creative business... Getting paid for doing something that I love and am passionate about.

future plans... I am letting things develop organically at the moment, this year has been building up towards my exhibition and after that I hope to sell some prints of any popular pieces in my online shop (DTLL). I also have a couple ideas for new products that are still in the planning stage, so we’ll see where that takes me. No other events coming up so far, but I will be sure to tell you in my newsletter and facebook page when they do. People can join my mailing list at

straight forward portraits. I have focused on memories, some of them real and some of them imagined – memories of childhood. The simple pleasures, the exhilaration and peace, the fearlessness and the wonder. I have used a combination of stencils for the people and freehand for the scenes and backgrounds. I have allowed myself the freedom to use my favourite mediums, reclaimed wood and acrylic paints. Parts of a discarded deckchair have become the orange sky a kite is flying in. Old, weathered fence panels are now the background to a little girl catching colourful raindrops. They are all one-off new personal works never been seen before, all on reclaimed wood and a lot of them will be for sale.

stencil portraits Maria Harding Salmagundi Studios, 49 Bonar Street, Arncliffe, Sydney

Chasing Rainbows 17 Aug - 10 Sep Sweets Workshop Gallery Shop 4, 58-60 Carlton Crescent Summer Hill, Sydney 123

THEMED PARTY HIRE & ONLINE SHOP | ph 0468 353 933 124

5 simple styling tips for boys written & compiled by Michelle Offerman |

Cassette T-Shirt, Billy Mac, 125



tik e ta kids



There are endless wardrobe options when you layer. A humble, plain coloured tee can be used a multitude of ways: under a printed tee, over a long sleeved tee, combined with a button up shirt or under a blazer or vest. So many options!













stockists THIS PAGE (1) Kombi T-Shirt, Billy Mac, (2) British Camper Tee, Monkeys Over The Moon, (3) Hello Sunshine Tee, Paul and Paula, (4) DJ Headphones Tee, Young and Moodie, (5) Inky Sailor Tee, Inkuinku, (6) Yeti Tee, Red Rascal, (7) Never Grow Up Tee, Spry Kids, (8) Lego Tee, Mini Mayhem, (9) Blue Monster Tee, Monster Club House, (10) Boo Monster Tee, Freddy Alphabet, (11) Vintage Truck Tee, Bloss Designs, (12) Deer Head Tee, Painted Street, OPPOSITE PAGE button up shirt, plain tee and shorts tik e ta kids for full details please visit the designer and maker directory on page 157 127










stockists THIS PAGE (1) Hot Pink Chevron, Bebe Bouton, (2) Turquoise Spots, Simmy Bee, (3) Lavender Gingham, Marcello Neckwear, (4) Anchor, Lil Birdie Shop, (5) Blue Check, B.ties, (6) Orange Lions, Marcello Neckwear, (7) Orange Tartan, B.ties, (8) Moustaches, Bubby Makes Three, (9) Green Spots, Bebe Bouton, OPPOSITE Red Felt Bow Tie, Hung Up On Agnes for full details please visit the designer and maker directory on page 157 128



accessorise There are a lot of great accessory options for boys. Add a belt, scarf, hat, suspenders, bow tie or watch and his outfit is instantly transformed.

Red Felt Bow Tie, Hung Up On Agnes, 129



note the details

Pay attention to the details and change a ho-hum ensemble into yeah ha! Turn up the cuffs, roll up sleeves, flick the collar, tuck in a shirt, or tie a sweater around their shoulders.

Retro Chevs shorts, Possum & Banjo,













Vintage Hawaiian Print Shorts, Sunshine Boys, (2) Hawaiian Shorts, Sunshine Boys, (3) Elephant Shorts, The Smallest Tribe, (4) Tiger Pants, Macaroon Kids, (5) Linen Shorts, Possum and Banjo, (6) Pirate Shorts, Sunshine Boys, (7) Glasses Shorts, Mozzie & Mac, (8) Turquoise Native Band, Quackary Hand Made, (9) Roar Shorts, Mozzie & Mac, OPPOSITE Retro Chevs shorts, Possum & Banjo for full details please visit the designer and maker directory on page 157 131










STOCKISTS THIS PAGE (1) Green, Navy & White Leather, Pici Papucs, (2) Ocean Euro Elastic Plimsole, Walnut, (3) Navy Combo Ben Classic Velcro, Walnut, (4) Sammy Red Stripe, Chilli Kids, (5) Camouflage Sandal, Love, Luck & Wonder, (6) Felix Walker Sandals, Cheeky Little Soles, (7) Red & Grey Sneakers, Old Soles, (8) Navy Driver, Mooky, (9) Green Ankle Boot, Chook Leaf, OPPOSITE Old Soles,

for full details please visit the designer and maker directory on page 157 132



shoes can make it or break it

Spending a little more on well designed, quality footwear is your secret weapon to guarantee stylish boys. Quality shoes are kinder to little feet and will last longer.

Old Soles are a fashion inspired she brand, while taking the upmost care for the health and comfort of growing feet The toddler range has a flexible rubber sole to allow for movement as well as a cushioned innersole for comfort. The heel counter and arch support add stability. This collection is made from all leather that are tested for any harmful substances in the dyes

Old Soles, 133



be bold and brave

Mix prints and patterns and don’t be afraid of bold colours. Kids can get away with wearing anything, so have fun!







stockists (1) Green Checkerboard Shorts, Raraland, (2) Crab Shorts, Little Toot Creations, (3) Cubic Goldfish Shorts, Mida, (4) Zebra Top, Paul and Paula, (5) Black and White Striped Tee, Tiketa, (6) Green & White Striped Top, Paul and Paula for full details please visit the designer and maker directory on page 157 134

Bespoke Interiors for children, with a classic French/Hamptons style all handmade in Australia. Shop Online or email 135


...From the

age of five I

nearly impossible dreams

told everyone I was going to be a writer.

At just eleven years of age Tara is a published writer. She is such an inspiration and living proof that even nearly impossible dreams can come true. meet tara... I love writing, and I’m a passionate reader. I was reading novels before I went to school, and I’ve basically written poetry my entire life. Though, I did start writing poetry on holidays, with my dad, about my holiday destination, the Blue Mountains.

inspired by... Sometimes its things I see and hear, like the sun rising and birds cheeping, or sometimes I develop phrases and full sentences in my head, at school or even when im out with friends. 137

above: Tara with illustrator Michelle Harris.

Michelle was raised on a healthy diet of Dr Seuss, the Muppets and Groo comics. She loves nothing more than doodling away on a bit of paper, especially when she should be doing more useful, responsible things. Michelle lives in Canberra with her lovely, well-adjusted daughter and scruffy, emotionally-needy dog and spends too much time doing sensible work and trying not to freeze to death. She would much rather win the lotto, live by the sea in a house made of gold bricks and have a pet unicorn called Clip-Clop to ride to the shops but you can’t win ‘em all. Michelle is a self-taught artist, although her mother was an art teacher so you could say she had the benefit of personal tutelage for almost 18 years. In 2012 she held her first solo exhibition of large-scale illustrations and photographs in Canberra, which led to commisioned artwork.

Michelle Harris - Illustrator 138

you are such an inspiration to others. can you tell us a little about how you were discovered and how it felt? Thankyou – it feels pretty amazing. I was discovered by Renata Cooper from Forming Circles, through the After School Care that her son and I go to once a week. She was telling my Mum about Written Portraits, and my Mum mentioned that I loved writing poetry and Renata asked if I could send her some. I started sending her a few each week, and when she proposed the idea of a book, it seemed like a dream. I still can’t believe there is a book with my name on it!

what steps were involved from being discovered to holding a book in your hands? It was a long process – I needed to write at least 50 poems, and then the best from a two year period were chosen. We had lots of meetings with the publisher, where I learned how a book got published. We needed to find the illustrator, do the front and back covers, and work out which poems were going to be illustrated. It’s all worth it in the end. I can now proudly (and humbly) say I’m a published author, which is pretty cool.

The BaFtintnle By Tara

nd Defenceless I sta . Before the enemy I am courage r My opponent, fea Both strong, But opposite

e A fight to overcom A fear,

Strong I stand,

. Ready for battle 139

what was it like working with illustrator Michelle Harris? We went to Canberra so I could meet Michelle, and we spent a couple of days with her. We went through a few poems I wanted illustrated, but she made the decisions based on what she was inspired by. My Mum calls her a beautiful ‘interpreter’ as she really did bring my poems to life.

other creative hobbies... I like biting my nails! Ha ha. Seriously, I like writing stories and other forms of literature. I love taking photo’s and editing them creatively, and I like making movies with my friends.

what’s next for Tara Finn? I hope that there is a full shelf of books with my name on them one day! I’m going to high school next year, and I’ve just started writing a novel…

available to purchase from 140

above: Tara with Forming Circles CEO, Renata Cooper.

Forming Circles is a unique Australian organisation that is committed to providing positive outcomes for Australian Individuals and groups. Founded by Renata Cooper, at the end of 2011 Forming Circles was incorporated as an ethical and social investment company. Forming Circles provides a creative platform that through inspiration, education, collabative partnerships and financial help is turning people’s ideas into reality. Forming Circles also identifies and supports new talents, including Nearly Impossible Dreams. 141

your online inspiration destination... SPRING 2013 CREATIVE GOODNESS


kids issu e


R MAGAZINE Creative projects,

meet the maker, inspiration &

more... 1

online magazine | diy projects | meet the maker | creative directory

Visit us online today

make a

fish keyring


This cute little fish keyring or bag-tag is a fun sewing project to use up those little scraps of felt, odd buttons and small pieces of trim. Fun for kids and grown ups who have just a little bit of sewing experience!

you will need... · 2 pieces of felt 12cm x 8cm · 1 piece of felt 5cm x 8cm · 2 buttons, small & medium · Embroidery thread in 2 colours · ric-rac or ribbon to decorate · 8cm of cotton tape · 3cm split ring (available from craft stores) · A small amount of stuffing · Scissors, pins & a needle 143





Cut out the shapes from the paper pattern sheet. Layer the two body pieces together. Pin the pattern pieces to the felt.

2 3

Carefully cut out your felt shapes.

Wrap the cotton tape through the split ring and secure with a couple of stitches. Put aside, you will need this later.


Pin the face and ric-rac in position. The middle of the ric-rac should line up with the edge of the face. If you don’t have any ricrac you can use a piece of ribbon.




5 6


Sew the ric-rac in position using small neat running stitches.

Use two buttons to create the eye. Layer the small button on top of the larger one and sew in place. Tie off securely at the back. This is a good time to add any additional decorations such as buttons or sequins.


Knot your thread and bring the needle through the top 2 layers. The knot will be hidden between the front and back pieces of felt.









Start sewing the fish together using small neat running stitches, tuck in the ric-rac between the layers as you sew. When you have sewn past the tail, stop. Do not tie off.

Lightly stuff the tail, just enough to give it some shape. Use a lolly stick or similar blunt object to gently push the stuffing into the corners.


Position the split ring and tape between the front and back pieces of felt and pin to hold. Continue sewing the fish together, tuck in the ric-rac between the layers as you sew.




Stop sewing when you reach the front of the fish and lightly stuff. Continue sewing until you reach the point where you started. Sew 2 stitches over the top of each other then pull your needle through to the back, make a further small stitch and pull your needle through the loop to secure. Insert the needle next to the seam and pull gently through the to the back and cut, the end will disappear inside.

For more blossom & cat pdf sew ing patterns visit www.blossomandcat.etsy.c om 145

you stole my cupcake idea! copyright and trade mark considerations for creative business WRITTEN BY SHARON GIVONI* | INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAWYER

Recent years have seen a growing demand for hand-crafted authentic items with one-sizefits-all assembly line and mass manufactured products having less appeal. With so many people starting their own “handmade” craft businesses we also see more replicas. While many considerations apply when starting a new business, here we focus on legal considerations such as trade mark and copyright law. One question I often get asked as a lawyer is “To what extent can I protect my idea?” Put simply; you cannot. For example, the idea of a “cupcake” bakery may have once been novel, but now, they are quite popular, all with their individual themes and distinctive touches.

In brief, copyright protection arises automatically and gives the owner of the copyright (usually, the creator of the work) certain rights, including the right to reproduce the works and post them online. Many creative businesses are proud of their logos and they are also protected copyright law as “artistic” works.

One question I often get asked as a lawyer is “To what extent can I protect my idea?”

As well as copyright, trade mark law is also important. Read on…

Put simply; you cannot.


While copyright law in Australia allows you, in most cases, to protect the “expression of your idea” you cannot monopolise an idea in its own right. Back to the cupcake example, copyright law may protect the logo as an “artistic work”. Further, the wording of marketing materials is protected as “literary works” by copyright law. As for the recipes, you could also keep the special recipes confidential and require staff to sign confidentiality agreements. As for ideas though, they are free for the taking (so long as you do not copy so much that it is misleading).

Trade mark registration should be sought early on as trade marks are granted on a first-come first-serve basis and business name registration gives you no protection or ownership in the name. Other benefits of trade mark registration include: + a trade mark is a valuable asset that a person or company can licence to others and sell; + details of an Australian trade mark registration are on the public record so others can see that you own it; + if another person copies the trade mark, you can easily take legal action; and + registered trade mark rights are Australia-wide.

about the writer Sharon Givoni is an intellectual property lawyer who runs her legal

practice covering all areas of Intellectual Property law. She advises creative businesses Australia-wide. email | | ph 0410 557 907 *DISCLAIMER: This article is of a general nature only and must not be relied upon as a substitute for tailored legal advice. Further, it is current as at July 2013.


You can even protect your own name as a trade mark. Examples in the crafts area include: + “Riley Burnett” (for jewellery – see:; + “mattt” (for bags – see:; + “polli” (for jewellery – see:; and + “Ayala Bar” (for jewellery – see:


concluding tips...

1 2 3 4

The law does not allow you to protect ideas in their own right; Register your brand name as a trade mark;

Copyright arises automatically; and If you copy someone’s business model too closely, this would be misleading – be careful.

Image credit: ruthblack / 123RF Stock Photo

ink If you th e has someon our copied y o to “ideas” eek closely, s e. vic legal ad 147


creativeescapes Isn’t it time you connected with your creative side?


crafternoon at in.cube8r in.cube8r brisbane runs ‘crafternoons’ every friday in the gallery from 12 - 2pm. everyone is welcome to come down and get a free lesson from Anna Craft on how to knit or crochet, or feel free to bring your own unfinished project to complete it during your lunch break!

in.cube8r gallery the one-stop-shop for all things handmade and unique in brisbane

fortitude valley, QLD

incube8r crafternoons


368 brunswick st fortitude valley, qld, 4006 ph 07 3252 8654 149


HAVANABALL Mixed Media Textile Art invites all mothers /daughters... grandmothers / granddaughters Grasp this moment and spend some time with that special little person in your life connecting with her making life long memories. Unlike our fore-mothers, we no longer pass down our family history, personal experiences, failures and triumphs. You’ll walk away with much more than the tangible piece of art. You’ll treasure the connection, the warmth and the understanding, between you forever.

South West, WA Bente Wright ph 08 97956620 150


CreativiTea at Free Range Living CreativiTea at Free Range Living runs every Sunday morning at 10am, enjoy a yummy morning tea and a fun sewing project. During School Holidays, Free Range Living also runs Half Day and Full Day Workshops for school aged children, and if you are looking for an extra special, boutique venue for your upcoming birthday celebration, book a vintage styled CreativiTea Party at Free Range Living.

Shop 1. 2-4 Prince Charles Parade

Kurnell, NSW Deni Fowle ph 0404 933 089

on the


A surprise discovery in an exciting / frightening looking old rusty shed leads Connor to look at his thoughts differently ... ... sometimes such thoughts can be exciting, and sometimes not knowing what to expect can be fun. I love Nicky’s gorgeous, warm illustrations which fill each page. The carefully chosen colour palette emits a comforting glow which complements the text perfectly.

Actually, I Can

Nicky has penned a strong and effective storyline. Her delicate descriptions of Connor’s inner feelings as his anxiety grows are sure to strike a cord with her readers, these are aptly turned around to help inspire all children to find their inner confidence.

Nicky Johnston

Melbourne artist and author Nicky Johnston really is an expert when it comes to creating powerful books which help young children manage worry and anxiety. Her previous picture books Go Away Mr Worrythoughts, and Happy Thoughts Are Everywhere have had a very real impact on the lives of many families, and I have no doubt Actually, I Can will find a welcome place in many homes. Conner and Amelia are great friends, but they are different, Whilst Amelia is full of adventure and fun, Connor likes to take things much more slowly. He is a thinker, but sometimes those thoughts stop him from doing things. He doesn’t like to make mistakes. Sometimes he really is a bit of a ‘worry bunny’.

Emma Perry is a freelance writer, reviewer and founder of the popular My Book Corner, a children’s book review and price comparison website, (just enter the ISBN of any book into the search field). 151


reasons mums make great business owners


Why do mums make good business owners? There is no doubt that running a business AND a family comes with serious challenges. There are never enough hours in the day and always too many things on the To-Do List. So why then are so many mums becoming business owners? What is it about this crazy busy lifestyle that so many of us find appealing? Or maybe the question should be, why do mums make great business owners? Here are our top reasons why we believe being a mum has made us better business owners.


nesting leads to some very creative thoughts.

It is true for so many women that the first few years after having babies are some of the most creative in their lives. It has to do with lifestyle, hours spent just sitting quietly feeding the baby, often while the rest of the world sleeps. But it is also because of the hormones going wild in the bodies of new mums. Thirdly, new mums see the world with a fresh set of eyes. Everything has a new perspective and we seek answers to problems we never knew we had. Creative problem solving is incredibly helpful in business.



mums become serious multi-tasking experts.

Juggling a family trains you very quickly in getting a series of unrelated jobs done, often all at once. You learn to project manage your life in a way that you never needed to before. Getting dinner ready, packing tomorrow’s lunches, answering the phone, sending emails, and putting the washing on all with a screaming toddler in the background becomes second nature. This multi-tasking comes in handy in running your own business, as it allows you to focus on the important jobs first but still get the smaller ones done – regardless of noise or distractions.


we learn that poo is just poo

– as a young adult changing nappies on other people’s children is simple not an option. “No way do I want to be dealing with poo!” As a mum you lose the privilege of choice in the matter and you learn very quickly that while it is unpleasant, it’s just poo. Same works in business, we mums understand that you have to do the yucky jobs as part of the rewarding ones. And, when the poo hits the fan, we mums know we just need to clean it up and get on with the job.


letting go of control.

Even the most organised, regimented woman learns a lot about letting go when it comes to kids. Any toddler can turn the bestlaid plans on their head in record time.

Juggling a family trains you very quickly in getting a series of unrelated jobs done, often all at once. It is mums who need to learn to adapt, think on their feet and soldier on with a brand new plan to get back on track.

daily grind of your business is often when the best business ideas are hatched and clarity of direction is discovered.

This adaptability is a powerful tool in business. Launches don’t go as planned, maybe a particular product is far more successful than we imagined, and one email from a supplier can put our annual forecast in a tail spin. Thinking on our feet is essential and the better you get at it the more likely you are to make it through the first few years of business successfully.


makes the heart 5absence grow fonder.

Being a mum also provides you with a regular dose of reality and perspective. On the days when everything goes wrong in your business, or it all seems too hard and confusing, all it takes is one smile or one hug from your child and suddenly you can see that the issues you are having aren’t the end of the world and life/ business will go on. This perspective opens up the avenues of rational problem-solving.

The same goes for your business. Taking time out with your family and getting away from the

Children allow mums to see just why they are in business and that they are inspiring their children to carve their own path in life. This dose of perspective can do wonders for driving a business onward and upward.

Being away from the kids is tough, it absolutely pulls at the heartstrings, but we all know it is good for everyone to spend time apart.

So on the days when you feel like the juggle of it all makes you want to tear your hair out, instead, make yourself a cuppa and reflect on the amazing skills your kids are teaching you every single day.


About the writers

Elle & Robyn, business development and marketing strategists and directors of Studio Exsto, are passionate about helping small businesses thrive. Studio Exsto is THE workroom for creatives in business to engage in the design, development and drive of their business. Elle and Robyn are also hosts and organisers of The Artful Business Conference. | twitter - @studioexsto | email - conference - 153

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tickle the imagination | issue 13  

Kids issue - filled with gorgeous ideas and inspiration, meet the maker stories, creative projects and more. Boys and girls room ideas. All...

tickle the imagination | issue 13  

Kids issue - filled with gorgeous ideas and inspiration, meet the maker stories, creative projects and more. Boys and girls room ideas. All...