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Oil Spill Cleansing System

Tested and proven for close to two years throughout the major ports of France.

An hydrocarbon-screamer with an oil-seperator disk wich can recover 90% of oil and hydrocarbon and only 10% water:

Up to 9,000 liter capacity/intervention with existing boats at 3,000 liter capacity

300 liters per minute

Extremely mobile boats with the lowest emission possible (solar powered designed boats are possible)

Boats designed for very shallow waters (enabling them to clean very close to reefs, beaches and other otherwise non reachable areas)

A fire hose sufficient to fight against dock and sea blazes

Our systems have been tested and approved for a year and a half on French Riviera harbours (Monaco, Golf-juan, Cannes , Fréjus, Saint-Tropez): 

 

Boat Three Girlies : Recovering of 3000 liters of oil after grounding on the Islands of Lérins – August 2009 Golf-Juan harbour : Clearing of pollution of the waters after grounding of a ship – September 2009 Boat DB9 : Treatment of hold waters– April 2009 Boat Spirit of Cali : Servage of tank and sucking up of hold waters after technical hitch May - June 2009 Boat Paris : Recover ing of polluted waters after grounding– August 2009 Boat of company of Islands society : Recovering and cleaning of the holds– 2008 / 2009 Several ships : Reprocessing of black and grey waters– year 2009

Beach Protection – 1996 – Pays de Galles – SEA EXPRESS

Port de L’Herbaudiere Protection – Noirmoutier en l’Ile – Vendee – ERIKA – 2000 - Cedre

Port de Perros Protection – 2007 – Guirrec – Exercise - Cedre

Moore Protection - OTRA

Avoiding Pollutants to Reach Specific Areas or Delicate Installations

ECOTANK is a non-polluting and silent barge, specially designed to resolve pollution-related problems on and around boats as well as in designated areas such as ports, moorings and beaches. The barges specialize in : 1. Elliminating pollution from harbour areas, beaches, reefs and moorings 2. Reprocessing polluted waters 3. Additionals options


Ecotank’s staff specializes in environmental protection and awareness in regards to numerous nautical ecological issues

Ecotank developped environmental procedures and trains environmental teams to further protect the coastal regions

Ecotank is accredited by top environmental nautical protection entities (e.g. CEDRE)

Ecotank consults on complete logistics needs for oil-spillage, black-waters, grey waters and holds alongside piers on dry docks, moorings, beaches and reefs

Ecotank barges were designed to avoid creating pollution themselves (low emissions for standard design but solar powered barges also available)

Ecotank designs are extremely versatile to fit the needs of the project and/or area at hand

Ecotank estimates 4 to 6 weeks to build a barge


Contaminated seas, lakes, ponds and rivers (contained areas) Moorings, shipyards Beaches and delicate natural areas (e.g. coral reefs) Harbour cleaning stations Refurbished boats, boats in distress or boats that ran the ground Equipments used : ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

Peristaltic pumping device Oil separators Floating weirs Absorbing barriers


Grey waters, black waters and hold-waters are pumped into Ecotank Treat polluted water on the boat with Ecotank system (approved by environmental and governmental entities) Purified water can be disposed back into the open water Equipment used : 

 

On-board treatment stations Peristaltic pumping devices Pipes and pistols


  

Nets for scraps and macrowastes (motorized) Fire engines Fuel treatment stations Watermakers for supplying salt free water to moorings

* Evolution possibilities for ECOTANK barges :  Solar pannels  Electric motorization  Increased capacities  Adaptability

Thank you for your consideration

EcoTank - viable option for oil spill cleanup  

EcoTank, a French Green Technology company, has a product that could be the best solution available to help with the massive cleanup require...

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