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Bike: “Yansa Ka-na-ti” (Buffalo Hunter) Harley Shovel built by Huey S, Cleveland Motorcycle Mfg. Co. Owned by Mike C, Cleveland Model: Yana B Photo: TC Images Photography From their 2013 Calendar Release

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Every month as we go through the process of compiling the articles and features for the magazine many thoughts roll through my head on what I would like to talk about in my Letter from the Editor. I consider what’s gone on in Ohio’s motorcycle scene over the past month, what’s coming up, motorcycle trips I’ve taken, and what content is going to be in that particular issue. As I try and write today, my thoughts keep coming back to one thing. Or should I say one man. David Moore. David is a very accomplished photographer and has been on the staff of Ridin’ On Magazine for quite some time and is well known throughout the state of Ohio. I got to know David years ago when he joined the Huron River Harley Owners Group and eventually became the chapter’s photographer. But what strikes you most about Dave when you first meet him is his unabashed passion for riding. I am pictured with Dave in the photo above. A few days ago Dave was involved in a motorcycle accident and is now fighting for his life. The outpouring of concern shown for this guy proves that he is a man of great character. In almost every conversation I’ve had since then I am asked “Any news on Dave?” So David, please keep fighting. There are way too many more pictures to take, and miles to ride, and stories to tell for you to leave us now. It’s hard to believe that we are already heading into the month of September and the riding season is winding down. But after such a scorching hot summer when, believe it or not there were days where it was just too hot to ride, the cooler temperatures are welcoming. There are still plenty of events going on in September to help Ohio riders keep racking up those miles. Thunder on the Strip will return to biker-friendly Geneva-onthe-Lake September 6th-9th. (See ad on page 24) There will be lots of action going on at the first ever Thunder Road Zone located at Sportsterz on the Strip during all three days of the event. We are excited to present Warrant live on the Thunder Roads stage at Sportsterz on Saturday starting at 10 pm. (See ad on page 25) Before I head up to Thunder on the Strip on Saturday September 8th, I will be attending the Margo B. Welfle Teddy Bear Ride, which is always one of my favorite rides of the year. Along with Margo’s family members I sometimes have the privilege of delivering a few of the bears to children who are staying at the hospital on the day of the ride. It is heartwarming to witness them being comforted by the kind actions of our fellow bikers. For more details on this event see page 41. Thunder Roads Ohio’s season long Rolling Bike Night series culminates on Saturday September 15th at the Liberty Aviation Museum located on the grounds of the Port Clinton, Ohio airport. Don’t miss the excitement as one lucky qualifier will win the custom built 2012 Fat Boy Lo, “The Bombshell”, when their key starts the bike! We have two top notch bands lined up to entertain us throughout the day as we bring crowd favorites The Rolling Hams and The End to the stage. Both bands are always guaranteed to liven up the festivities. I also hope you can join me on the 2nd Annual Will Roeder Memorial Ride to benefit Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The Dice Run will begin and end during the Rolling Bike Finale at the Liberty Aviation Museum. Top Hand will qualify for a key to start the bike and receive a ride in the B-17 Bomber Plane “Yankee Lady”. I’m sure Will is going to be smiling down on us as motorcycling and flying were two of his life passions. You’ll find more information about the ride in the ad on page 9. As I close, my thoughts once again turn to David. May God Bless him and his family with the strength they need to endure. And may God Bless and keep all of our Thunder Roads Ohio riders safe along the road.


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As told by

The Iron Cowboy The American Spirit An Editorial Please note that this is an editorial opinion submitted by the author and does not necessarily represent the opinions of Thunder Roads Ohio, our Corporate Office, other staff members – or even a rational person. It is submitted merely for your consideration. Like everyone, I was outraged by the school shooting at Chardon High School. Especially since it is mere minutes from the school that my own daughter attends. I was even more alarmed by the movie theatre shooting out in Colorado, although for slightly different reasons. I can go on, as it seems that the news is always featuring some sort of absurd outburst these days. When I describe myself as a conservative, it has nothing to do with any active party affiliation. It is more a statement of my beliefs. I have been a member of the NRA for some time, and I welcomed Ohio’s new concealed carry laws. I believe that law abiding citizens should have the ability to defend themselves and their loved ones not only in their homes, but when they are out – say at a movie theatre. My worst nightmare would be to be in a situation where my family was in jeopardy, and I couldn’t protect them.

If I could flip a switch and make all the guns disappear in the world, I might just consider it. But that’s not an option. The bad guys have guns, and they aren’t leaving them behind because of new legislation or a sticker on a door. That’s a sad fact and an undeniable reality. I also take some comfort in believing that not all bad guys are idiots. An aspiring bad guy looking to make the evening news may just think twice about pulling out that gun in the movie theatre, knowing that there just might be some good people in there – that are armed as well. Some of my own family members are horrified by this approach and are quick to point out the incident rates of gun violence in the United States as opposed to some more “civilized societies”. They bemoan the fact that we are a society that allows its citizens to arm themselves. I was amused to notice, though, that many of these “more civilized” societies would mostly likely be speaking a different language today – if it hadn’t been for gun totting members of my grandfather’s generation.

A recent shot of Mike Angelino

We live in a society that allows an unprecedented amount of freedom to our citizens. With the ability to make choices, comes the ability to make poor choices – as well as wise ones. Some people will stumble and fall, while others will soar. The choice to own a gun is just another personal freedom that our country allows.

Guns are simply a tool. They are a tool that can be used to cause harm – and they are also a tool that can be used to prevent harm from coming to others. The real issue isn’t the guns – it’s the crazies and the bad guys that have them. Recently a young woman, 20 years of age, was leaving a movie theatre in Westlake, Ohio when she was assaulted by a man in the parking lot. According to reports, the woman had never met the man who simply walked up and brutally attacked her. She started screaming and he fled across the parking lot. People heard her screaming and looked to see what was going on – but some went to her aide. As luck would have it, Mike Angelino was there and jumped in.

Our country has evolved over time through the tenacity and spirit of our forefathers. Many of these were pioneers that weren’t afraid to take up arms to defend their rights – or make a better life for their families. For better or worse, that is our heritage. We fought for our independence – taking arms against the most powerful military power in Letter from the the world. We then pushed west as farmers and pioneers entering potentially hostile lands, with the dream of building a better future. That’s our nature. We want what’s right and good for our families - and we aren’t afraid to fight for it. And guns have often been a part of that equation.

In his own words, “Susan and I are walking out of the theatre at Crocker Park and complaining about the Bourne Legacy we just saw and we hear a girl screaming for help. This guy comes running from her direction saying she needs help, someone is getting her. I see Chief of Police blood on his shirt and ask him why the blood is on him and he starts running away. I told Sue to call 911 and started chasing him. We ran and we ran and we ran and we ran. After we wore out my shoes by Five Guys Burgers I tackled the lad and we both ended up in handcuffs shortly thereafter.”


Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

Mike was only in handcuffs for a short time before everyone realized that he was more deserving of a pat on the back. He saw a bad situation and he responded. Thankfully, there were no weapons involved – but Mike didn’t know that. By chance, I’ve known Mike for years; and had recently run into him at a local Bike Night. He’s a good guy. Not someone that you picture looking for trouble or a fight, but he’s obviously someone willing to take action when needed. I think that Mike and his actions represent the best of the American spirit. A willingness to defend not only ourselves, but those around us. Like the servicemen and women that are serving in distant lands, defending innocent people that speak another language; and our grandparents that fought in Europe and the Pacific. The best of us are willing to step up to defend the innocent and protect those that cannot protect themselves. We aren’t a passive society, and we aren’t content to simply look to others for assistance. So, when a threat occurs – we respond. Unfortunately, though, many of these threats involve firearms. Mike’s story might not have had such a happy ending, if a gun had been involved. There are stories with those types of endings in the news these days as well. The good Samaritan that steps up and falls prey to an armed bad guy. For that reason, I believe in our 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms. Not necessarily to

hunt or hold or hold our government accountable (as it may have been written for), or even in case the zombies come. I believe that people should have the ability to defend themselves from the real life threats that do exist.

New Harley Hard Candy! New for 2013, Harley-Davidson will be launching Hard Candy Customs! These are not go-go girls from Cincinnati or aimed at competing with Jolly Ranchers. The new HarleyDavidson Hard Candy Customs are a series of bikes styled after the 60’s chopper era. Described as featuring “big flake paint”, brilliant chrome, and lots of extras to go along with the bikes – once again the factory is recognizing the trends set by many of the smaller shops and so popular with many of the “old school” enthusiasts! (pictures courtesy of Harley-Davidson ) ®

Scavenger Hunt Winners! Our Prize Wheel search has become increasingly popular as readers have taken to searching for our hidden prize wheel. We would like to recognize a few recent winners, that have contacted us after scouring the pages of Thunder Roads! Linda Myer Joe Planka Bill Shank

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New Harley Hard Candy

If you’re not aware of the contest, it’s pretty simple. Each month we hide our “Thunder Roads Prize Wheel Logo” (see above) somewhere within the pages of our magazine. It’s usually hidden in one of our sponsor spots, but we try not to make it too hard to find. So grab a cup of coffee or a a frosty beverage – and join us on a scavenger hunt through the pages of Thunder Roads! When you find the wheel – email us with the page and specific location of the wheel. Also, include your name and address. We may just be sending you some prizes! Email us at Please specify PRIZE WHEEL in the subject line. Happy Hunting!

Enjoyed seeing many of you out at Wetzel! Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO



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Summer break for our legislators will soon be over. It’s time to get back to work on our handlebar bill and our ROW bill. One last push to try to get these bills passed before the session is over. I will be attending the MRF’s Meeting of the Minds in Durham NC on Sept. 20-23. I plan to attend the legislative strategy meeting to discuss with the MRF what issues we would like to be represented and how we want to be represented. If you have an issue on the federal level that is dear to you, shoot me an email at I’m assuming we will be getting more information on the Center for Disease Control’s recent report on helmet usage and what is being done to redirect the CDC on disease issues, not transportation issues. I’m still working on getting info to ODOT on traffic signals that will not operate. That info can also be forwarded to me at I will give an example of the details I need to report these: “In Highland County, in the town of Hillsboro, travelling east on SR73, when I get to the traffic light at the intersection of Harry Sauner Road I have waited for the signal to change through two full cycles for the other lanes, without getting a green light.” Currently I am looking for ideas on other legislation that we can work on in Ohio for next session.. I have a couple of things to think about. If you have any ideas shoot me an email at Regards. Scott “Woody” Wood Government Relations Director ABATE of Ohio, Inc.

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ou’ll see in the pictures from this leg of my journey some fields of Canola, the bright yellow flowers that are grown in this region. They tiny seeds from this flower are harvested and processed and the oil is bottled so you can whisk it into you batter for those Sunday morning flapjacks. I stopped in at Canada’s National Artillery Museum in Shilo, Manitoba. On display were 70 pieces of artillery dating back to 1534 through the present day. As I am interested in what other countries view as significant events, the time line of Canada’s involvement in the World Wars piqued my curiosity. Our history books mostly portray the US as single handedly stepping in and wining both World Wars. Canada entered into WWII within a week of England and France. They were as ill-prepared as our country was with only 20 fighter aircraft and a Naval Force consisting of 6 destroyers, the smallest of all ocean going navy vessels. Early on in my trip back at the Military Museum in Alberta, Art Murray, who was riding with me at the time, wondered if the Canadian Navy had any aircraft carriers left? The docent 12

at this museum answered that question. “We don’t need any, the Americans have plenty. The last of our aircraft carriers were decommissioned back in the 60’s” Hmmm?? As I approached Thunder Bay, Ontario I discovered that the highlight was not the miles and miles of the beautiful shoreline of Lake Superior rimming the city. No, it was inaccessible, blocked by railway yards, shuttered grain silos and commercial freight docks. The highlight was “Old Dirt” I rolled into the Harley dealership parking lot and there he was sitting on the bench out front. He greeted me and asked where I was from. He walked out to his bike, came back and handed me a pin in the shape of a Harley gas tank. On it read the words “Old Dirt” “They made these for me for my 80th birthday” he said. I sat down as I knew this guy had a story to tell. “What do you do now?” I inquired. He replied, “I’m wealthy, I do whatever I want” “How did that happen” I asked. He began his story with tales of flying P-51 Mustangs in Korea with the Royal Canadian Air Force. From there he moved up to flying F-82 Twin Mustangs, the last American piston-engine fighter, and later advanced to jet fighters. Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

Vermillion Bay Inukshuk

Fairchild Super 71

“So do they call you Old Dirt because you are a dirty old man or because you are older than dirt?” I joked. Neither one proved to be true. He explained that when he flew into a job site he was always dirty from working and no one knew him so they just referred to him as that “dirty guy”. Later when they go better acquainted they shortened it to just “Dirt” and of course in later years he became “Old Dirt” Old Dirt started riding in 1946 on a 1945 Harley and he continues enjoying this passion today on a 2010 Harley. He entertained me for awhile sharing some of his road tales over the years.


Returning home from the service he worked as a heavy equipment mechanic. Back then the logging companies and oil rigs would have to transport their broken down equipment miles and miles back to civilization for repairs. He had the foresight to buy a twin-engine plane, and he equipped it with a welder, generator, and an extensive tool set. Using his pilot abilities and mechanical skills he entered into a long and lucrative business of on-demand fly-in mechanical repair services. Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

Thirty miles east of Thunder Bay and 8 miles down a gravel road I came across the Amethyst Mine Panorama. I paid $8.00 for a 10 minute tour. I was then offered a small bucket and a 2 foot long piece of steel rod and given the opportunity to mine for my own Amethyst. Any findings can be purchased for $3.00 per pound. I scratched around for a bit and bought my small treasures for $1.00. If you think you might be interested in this, I suggest bringing along knee pads or better yet you might consider conscripting a small agile grandchild. As I continued down the highway I passed by dozens and dozens of deep blue inland lakes and pine forests, making it continued... 13

Giant Amethyst Rock

a phenomenal ride. I stopped in at a seaplane base to look at an Otter plane on pontoons. I noticed the fuel tanks were labeled in Imperial gallons. The dock hand informed me that it was a 1951 model and had spent its first ten years in Norway owned by the Norwegian Government. The next 12 years it operated in Antarctica on skis. All planes have plenty of paperwork and you can trace their lineage all the way back to the factory where they were built. This 60-year old plane still operates daily and can haul 2,200 pounds of cargo. Next I passed through White River, Ontario, the Birth Place of Winnie-the-Pooh, believe it or not. In August of 1914 a local trapper came across a female Black Bear cub and brought it to White River. It just so happened that a Lieutenant in the Canadian Army serving as a veterinarian attached to the 34th


Horse Regiment stopped in White River at the time. He bought the cub for $20 and named her Winnie in honor of his hometown Winnipeg, Manitoba.

the now famous bear.

The cub became the mascot of the 34th Horse Regiment and accompanied them overseas to England. When the Lieutenant received orders to the front line he left Winnie in the care of the London Zoo. It was there that Christopher Robin Milne, son of Author A. Milne, was captivated by Winnie and thus inspired the stories of Winnie-thePooh. There is a park in the center of town dedicated to WinnieThe Pooh and an annual festival is held in honor of

The next town I visited was Wawa, Ontario, whose name is derived from the Ojibway interpretation of the word meaning

Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

Dinasour in Canola Fields



wild goose. Capitalizing on that designation they have erected a giant Canadian Goose statue at the intersection leading into Wawa with several more scattered throughout the town. I found it to be a very nice little town bordering on Lake Wawa with plenty of sandy beaches to offer. I’ve included in this batch of pictures my collection of those mysterious stone figures known as Inukshuk. In the Inuit language Inuksuk means “in the likeness of a human”. The Inuit are a group of indigenous peoples inhabiting the Arctic regions of Canada (Northwest Territories, Nunatsiavut, and Nunavik), Russian Siberia and the farthest northern reaches of Alaska. These figures appear to have arms so the “The Inukshuk Points the Way”. The Intuit tribes used these arms to point

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

the way of a trail and to mark the way to a good hunting or fishing spot. They are extremely prevalent in this area of Ontario, Canada. Any place the Trans Canada Highway makes a cut through a rock formation someone has taken the time to sort through the rubble and erect an Inukshuk on the side of the road. Sometimes a single pass will have a dozen or more on display. You will also find them erected in front of businesses and in the front yard of homes. The 2010 Winter Olympics featured an Inukshuk on its logo. The figure was named Ilanaaq the Inukshuk. From Ontario I will head to The Georgian Bay and points South on the last leg of my journey home to Ohio.


WETZELLAND 2012 BY THE IRON COWBOY The 26th Annual Wetzelland Biker Bash was held July 27th29th and your dedicated Thunder Roads riders were there to represent! Now “Wetzel” may not be for everyone, but admittedly it is one of our favorite events. Held just north of Van Wert, Ohio – Wetzel is hosted by the Wetzel Motorcycle Club and is certainly a community effort bringing in an army of volunteers in order to host an incredibly smooth running event. That’s probably the most amazing thing about Wetzel – for all the craziness and easily the most “laid back” attitude of any Ohio riding event – the party runs about as smooth as it possibly could.


Or maybe it just seems that way. Either way, it’s clear that the Wetzel Motorcycle Club knows how to throw a party! It’s a fun time as everyone just kicks back and gets crazy. The Thunder Roads crew had a great time and we appreciate all the folks that came by our area and said hi. It was great catching up with old friends and making new ones. That’s the real reason we love these types of rallies. It’s a celebration of a way of life – a love of the open road and sense of freedom. It didn’t matter a persons background, profession, or where they were from. We were all kindred spirits – and that’s a pretty cool thing!

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photos by Iron Cowboy Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO



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By Stephanie Milovanovic A couple of years ago two friends of mine were in the middle of discussing the events of their weekend when I came barreling in to the room. I listened for a few minutes and asked them what on earth they were talking about to which they replied “The Kamikaze Jump.” I promptly asked what that was, of course my friends, being they way they are proceeded to avoid answering me while taunting, even daring me to attend the following year. I ignored them completely and raised my voice a touch and asked “WHAT IS THE KAMIKAZE JUMP?!” And, in typical fashion, I got the most condensed explanation you could possibly get “People jump bikes and stuff into a pond.” At this point I stared at them for a couple of beats and said “Cool, sounds like fun.” Fast forward to July 2012 Kamikaze Jump for The End of The World Party. I, of course, had to see what all the fuss was about, and couldn’t possibly walk away from a dare. I wasn’t certain, what to expect, but it sounded kind of fun, so off I went to see this famous pond…and those who jump in it. I don’t live too far from Ashland, Ohio where this event takes 20

place, so I got some basic directions, did the final ‘dummy check’ of my car to make sure I packed everything and started off on my mini camping trip. It’s a pretty drive and as I drove through winding roads and farmland, I started to wonder just what exactly I was going to walk into. I’d been to different bike events, races, swap meets and the like, but never anything quite like this. My friends told me that when I got to the road I couldn’t miss my destination, and there it was…a driveway with signs about the end of the world and a ticket booth of sorts. I pulled in, got my ticket and continued forward. I met up with my friends and parked my car and excitedly got out of the car to start looking around. People had been there for a couple of days already, and I could tell that I missed quite a party, but I had to work, and had to wait until Saturday to arrive. Right away I could see that the Kamikaze Jump was different from any other bike meet; it felt like a giant family reunion. I think it starts with the fact that this isn’t some venue rented out for the weekend, but someone’s home. To be precise, it’s Dave Rader’s home. Dave Rader graciously opens his property to upwards of 3000 people, over a 3 day period to share in this Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

biscuits and gravy from the catering lady who cooks like mom. This wild party is an occasion that is anxiously awaited all year, and for some it really is like Christmas in July! Some Jump competitors spend months building their Jump vehicles, sparing no expense in speed and display ultimately to jump them in a huge pond. Jumpers jumped everything from scooters to some kind of motorcycle catamaran and the grand finale was an insane jump through a wall of flames straight into the drink! The theme for Kamikaze Jump 2012 was the End of the World, referring to the Mayan prophecy that the world will end on 12/21/12. And let’s just say they gave the world a run and Jump for their money! For the unlucky few who didn’t attend this years Kamikaze Jump…journey on, and maybe we’ll see you next year! And if anything you can watch the 2012 DVD! also on Facebook @ BIKE NIGHTS

event. People come from all over to camp, party down, and participate in the various contests; one attendee this year came from as far away as Maine. Among this year’s firsts a young couple who met at the Jump 2 years ago, who just celebrated the birth of their first child a month ago, and another couple were joined in matrimony on stage in front of a very fervent crowd. The kinship among the group is so obviously felt as old friends are greeted and new friends are introduced sharing stories from past Jumps. There are so many things to do and see there, everything from on site tattoo artists and chainsaw carving to the traditional contests like the slow race, and weenie bite, smoke shows and wet tee shirt competitions; to some new draws like a new line of Kamikaze ladies wear, the 2012 Kamikaze Jump Calendar, to women’s arm wrestling. All of which is being documented by a professional video crew for the official Kamikaze Jump DVDs!! And in the morning you can hash over the nights events over

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Tabascos First Bike

first patch

Are You A Biker?

What makes a “Biker” versus a “Bike Rider” or “Motorcycle Enthusiast” as we like to call them? Oh there are so many opinions on this question. Here is mine.

I was born in the summer of 69 in between Woodstock and the moon landing, to the President of a Motorcycle Club. My old man was “Lightning”. Mom likes to say she was a Hippie, but the truth is she was a Bikers Ole Lady. I grew up around what I knew to be Bikers with names like Mad Dog, Gut, Fire Clown, Black Beard, Strut, and Tiny (who of course weighed probably 400 pounds).We lived on a small seven acre farm with a huge barn and two acre pond. The parties in the 70’s that I remember were crazy with hundreds of “kindred spirits” from all over and many different bike clubs. I can tell you that I wouldn’t trade a minute of that childhood. The things I saw, the things I learned. There are Brothers in clubs that still exist to this day that have known me since birth, or at least knew my Old Man. But, does that make me a Biker? Does the


biker parent s

fact that I fly a patch, ride in pack, and serve a greater purpose than I alone make me a Biker? No, I don’t believe that alone defines me. I know many Riders that in my minds definition are Bikers. I’ve ridden with many “old souls” that don’t and have never in some cases flown a patch, but they are Bikers none the less. Even though I was influenced by some hell raising, long haired, long bearded crazy ass Brothers, it was for me to choose the Adult Biker lifestyle on my own. For several of my younger adult years I stopped riding. Hell I sold my bikes and started raising kids. I made way for campers, dirt bikes; quads and go carts. My riding was traded for bon fires and beer drinking at home. But a funny thing happened. As the kids grew older, the wind kept calling me back to my roots. And as I sold off the kids’ toys that they long ago lost interest in, I had to get back out there. You see to me it’s a calling that makes you a Biker. It’s a lifestyle that never leaves you, not a hobby. It’s in your soul. I know many of you are Bikers, not just weekend warriors. I spend a lot of time around you. I’ve attended your parties; and we’ve hosted a few of our own. I’ve seen the good done by your selfless acts of charity for a fallen Brother or Sister. I’ve witnessed the gifts you

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

have given to the less fortunate or handicapped. This is what the Motorcycle Community in general has become, and you should be damn proud of yourselves. My definition is different than some of yours, but I was raised by them, I am them, and that’s a code I live by. I ran across this Creed online a few years back, and I can’t take credit for it, but thought it was worth sharing. It’s used many times on the internet, and I can’t determine who wrote it, so I’ll just say.. Author unknown. We believe in going our own way no matter which way the rest of the world is going,


We believe in bucking the system that’s built to smash individuals like bugs on a windshield. Some of us believe in the Man upstairs, all of us believe in Brotherhood. We believe in the sky and we don’t believe in a sunroof. We believe in Freedom. We believe in dust, tumbleweeds, buffalo, mountain ranges and riding off into the

sunset. We believe in saddlebags, and we believe that the Cowboys had it right. We believe in refusing to knuckle under to anyone. We believe in wearing black because it doesn’t show dirt or weakness. We believe the world is going soft and we are not going along with it. We believe in motorcycle rallies that last a week. We believe in roadside attractions, gas station hot dogs, and finding out what’s over the next hill. We believe in rumbling engines, pistons the size of garbage cans, fuel tanks designed in 1936, freight trained size headlights, chrome and custom paint. We believe in flames and skulls. We believe life is what you make it, and we make it one hell of a ride. We believe the machine you sit on can tell the world exactly where you stand. And we don’t care what everyone else Believes.......Amen

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Photos courtesy of R-n-M Graphics


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Photos courtesy of R-n-M Graphics

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2012 All Day - Thunder On The Strip Bar Hop (15 participating locations) finish and get a T-Shirt! 6:00pm – Live Music at Goblin & Yankies Main Stage behind Yankie’s, next to Goblin Custom Cycle & Grill. 6:00pm – LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS Airbrushing and Custom Fabrication at Sportsterz, presented by Power Sports Institute. Body painting all night! 7:00pm - Thirsty Thursday featuring DJ Dance Party with DJ M@ at the Cove Nite Club. 9:00pm - Vicious Cycle (Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Band) at the Yuengling Pavilion Behind Sportsterz. 9:00pm - Music by Dick Dana at Joe’s Place. 11:30pm – THUNDER ROADS HOT BODY CONTEST, following VICIOUS CYCLE show.

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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2012 All Day - Thunder On The Strip Bar Hop (15 participating locations) finish and get a T-Shirt! All Day - Yankies & Goblin Presents Boots N Bikinis - Bikini Bull Riding “We Love The Way You Ride It” Tour. Featuring DJ/Emcee Josh Boggs, along with the sexy Gig Spurgirls, & Barry Wayne Productions. Located in front of Goblin Custom Cycle. 12:00pm - Acoustic Revolution at Goblin Custom Cycle. 12:00pm – LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS Airbrushing and Custom Fabrication at Sportsterz, presented by Power Sports Institute. Body painting! 1:00pm - Recorded Music at The Cove Nite Club. 1:00pm - Matt & Flattop Show at Yankies On The Strip front patio. 2:00pm – ARMSTRONG BEARCAT BAND at Sportsterz 2:00pm – V-TWIN TECH TALK: Dyno Tuning, presented by Power Sports Institute. Informal chance to talk with the experts. PSI Display at Sportsterz 3:00pm - WNCX 98.5 FM Station Appearances. 4:00pm - Acoustic Rock W/Tony Shultz at The Cove Nite Club. 4:00pm - Samantha Fitzpatrick Band at Goblin & Yankies Main Stage behind Yankie’s, next to Goblin Custom Cycle & Grill. 4:00pm - Cowboy Donnie at Sportsterz Bar & Grill. 4:00pm - “Globe of Death” at the Thunder Vendors Village. 5:00pm - Founders Parade. Meet Thunder On The Strip founders Dwayne Bennett & Jake Hummel 5:00pm at DW3’s Saloon. Parade leaves DW3’s at 5:30pm going to Geneva-On-The-Lake.

Photos courtesy of R-n-M Graphics

9:00pm - Metallica Tribute Band “Bill” at Goblin & Yankies Main Stage behind Yankie’s, next to Goblin Custom Cycle & Grill. 9:00pm - DJ Dance Party with DJ M@ at Yankies On The Strip front patio. 9:30pm - FIREWORKS at Sportsterz. 9:30pm - Hawaiin Fire Dance at Thunder Vendors village Sponsored By Coconuts. 9:45pm - Money Shot at Sportsterz Bar & Grill. 10:00pm - “Globe of Death” at the Thunder Vendors Village.

6:00pm - “Globe of Death” at the Thunder Vendors Village.

10:00pm – Ladies Wet T-Shirt Contest at Survivor’s Club

7:00pm - Harley-Davidson “Contraband” Stunt Team at Goblin Custom Cycle


8:00pm - Road Dog Band at The Pavilion Bar & Grill. 8:00pm - Drunk In Memphis & 7% Superstar at The Cove Nite Club. 2-Stages & 2-Bands Rotating Sets all night. 8:00pm - Uncharted Course at The Firehouse Winery Stage.

12:00am - Wet T-Shirt contest at Yankie’s On The Strip ($100 prize). 12:00am – Thong Contest at Survivor’s Club with cash prizes. LATE NIGHT BAR GAMES WITH THUNDER ROADS AND IRON COWBOY

8:00pm - Continuous Live Entertainment at The Landing Stage. 8:30pm - Daves Planet at the Yuengling Pavilion behind Sportsterz Bar & Grill. 9:00pm - The Nazz Band at Joe’s Place.


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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2012 All Day - Thunder On The Strip Bar Hop (15 participating locations) finish and get a T-Shirt! All Day - Yankies & Goblin Presents Boots N Bikinis - Bikini Bull Riding “We Love The Way You Ride It” Tour. Featuring DJ/Emcee Josh Boggs, along with the sexy Gig Spurgirls, & Barry Wayne Productions. Located in front of Goblin Custom Cycle. 12:00pm – LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS Airbrushing and Custom Builds at Sportsterz, presented by Power Sports Institute. Body painting! 12:00pm - Bikini Bike Wash at Goblin Custom Cycle. 12:00pm - WNCX 98.5 FM Station Appearances. 12:00pm - French Blue at Goblin Custom Cycle. 12:00pm - Baconcake at the Yuengling Pavilion behind Sportsterz Bar & Grill. 12:30pm - Meet The Locals POKER RUN at Goblin Custom Cycle. 1:00pm - Harley-Davidson “Contraband” Stunt Team at Goblin Custom Cycle. 1:00pm - Matt & Flattop Show at Yankies On The Strip front patio. 1:00pm – Thunder Roads Bike Show at Sportsterz Bar & Grill presented by Power Sports Institute. Registration at 1pm, winner’s announced at 4:30pm. 2:00pm - “Globe of Death” at the Thunder Vendors Village. 2:00pm - Sums Divide at Goblin & Yankies Main Stage behind Yankie’s, next to Goblin Custom Cycle & Grill. 2:00pm - Cowboy Donnie at Sportsterz Bar & Grill. 3:00pm - Harley-Davidson “Contraband” Stunt Team at Goblin Custom Cycle. 3:00pm - Weinie Bite at The Pavilion Bar & Grill $25 Prize. 3:00pm - Acoustic Rock W/Tony Shultz at The Cove Nite Club. 4:00pm - Continuous Live Entertainment at The Landing Stage. 4:30pm – Thunder Roads Bike Show winners announced at Sportsterz Bar & Grill, presented by Power Sports Institute. 5:00pm - Harley-Davidson “Contraband” Stunt Team at Goblin Custom Cycle.

Photos courtesy of R-n-M Graphics

5:00pm - Samantha Fitzpatrick Band at Goblin & Yankies Main Stage behind Yankie’s, next to Goblin Custom Cycle & Grill. 5:30pm - The Hern Bros at the Yuengling Pavilion behind Sportsterz Bar & Grill.


Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2012 6:00pm - “Globe of Death” at the Thunder Vendors Village. 6:00pm - Jello Wrestling at The Pavilion Bar & Grill. 7:00pm - Harley-Davidson “Contraband” Stunt Team at Goblin Custom Cycle. 8:00pm- Brickhouse Blues at Driftwood Point. 8:00pm – THUNDER ROADS BURNOUT CONTEST at Sportsterz Bar & Grill. Tire Mounting by GOBLIN CUSTOM CYCLE 8:00pm - Hatrick at the Firehouse Winery Stage. 8:00pm - Sling Shot Band at The Pavilion Bar & Grill. 8:00pm - 1988 & Raised On Rock at The Cove Nite Club. 2-Stages & 2-Bands Rotating Sets all night. 9:00pm - Lost Sheep Band at Joes Place. 9:00pm - School Girl Crush at Goblin & Yankies Main Stage behind Yankie’s, next to Goblin Custom Cycle & Grill. 9:00pm - DJ Dance Party with DJ M@ at Yankies On The Strip front patio. 9:00pm - Graphic Pink at Sportsterz Bar & Grill. 9:00pm – Max-a-mizer at Survivor’s Club 10:00pm – Ladies Wet T-Shirt Contest at Survivor’s Club 10:00pm - “Globe of Death” at the Thunder Vendors Village. 10:00pm - Warrant at The Thunder Roads Zone Stage behind Sportsterz Bar & Grill. 12:00am - Wet T-Shirt contest at Yankie’s On The Strip ($100 prize). 12:00am – Thong Contest at Survivor’s Club (Cash Prizes)

Photos courtesy of R-n-M Graphics

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SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2012 All Day - Thunder On The Strip Bar Hop (15 participating locations) finish and get a T-Shirt! All Day - Yankies & Goblin Presents Boots N Bikinis - Bikini Bull Riding “We Love The Way You Ride It” Tour. Featuring DJ/Emcee Josh Boggs, along with the sexy Gig Spurgirls, & Barry Wayne Productions. Located in front of Goblin Custom Cycle. 10:30am - Bikers For Christ Ceremony at the Thunder Vendors Village (Second Annual Bikers Sunday). 12:00pm – LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS Airbrushing and Custom Design Work at Sportsterz, presented by Power Sports Institute. Body painting! 12:00pm - French Blue at Goblin Custom Cycle. 12:00pm - Those Guys at the Firehouse Winery Stage. 12:00pm - Road Dog Band at The Pavilion Bar & Grill.

9/11 Ceremony7pm

at Sportsterz Sunday

12:00pm - Harley-Davidson “Contraband” Stunt Team at Goblin Custom Cycle. 12:00pm - Bikini Bike Wash at Goblin Custom Cycle. 12:30pm - Cowboy Donnie at Sportsterz Bar & Grill. 1:00pm - Matt & Flattop Show at Yankies On The Strip front patio. 1:00pm - Continuous Live Entertainment at The Landing Stage. 1:00pm - Knucklehead at the Yuengling Pavilion behind Sportsterz Bar & Grill. 1:00pm - John Dante & Inferno at Joe’s Place. 2:00pm - “Globe of Death” at the Thunder Vendors Village. 2:00pm - Acoustic Rock W/Tony Shultz at The Cove Nite Club. 2:00pm - French Kiss (80’s Hair Band) at Goblin & Yankies Main Stage behind Yankie’s, next to Goblin Custom Cycle & Grill. 2:30pm - Harley-Davidson “Contraband” Stunt Team at Goblin Custom Cycle. 3:00pm - Jonah Koslen Band at the Yuengling Pavilion behind Sportsterz Bar & Grill. 3:00pm - Weinie Bite at The Pavilion Bar & Grill $25 Prize. 3:30pm - 4 Kings at the Firehouse Winery Stage. 4:00pm - Harley-Davidson “Contraband” Stunt Team at Goblin Custom Cycle. 5:00pm - “Globe of Death” at the Thunder Vendors Village. 7:00pm - 9/11 Ceremony at Sportsterz Bar & Grill. 7:30pm - Give aways and Final Announcements at Sportsterz Bar & Grill. 8:00pm - “Globe of Death” at the Thunder Vendors Village. 9:00pm - DJ Dance Party with DJ M@ at Yankies On The Strip front patio.

Photos courtesy of R-n-M Graphics


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Be sure to stop by Survivors!

Plenty of wineries in the Geneva area!

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Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

GENEVA on the Lake

Beaver Dam

Greg and the Harley BOOBS

Babes Out On BikeS (aka BOOBS) Babes Out On Bike’S aka BOOBS, was started in January 2012 by 2 lady riders who met on Facebook. They came up with the idea of just getting some lady riders together for a ride. The name came about when the 2 of us thought why not get some BOOBS together for a ride AND raise some money for breast cancer….there is where it began, before we knew it we had a facebook page for the ride and ended up with 19 ladies total show up in our first year. We sold T-shirts and raised over $2000 for breast cancer; of that, $500 was sold on our ride. We started out in Van Wert, Oh. with 12 ladies and headed to our first gas up in Beaverdamn and hooked up with 2 additional BOOBS gals. This is also where we ran into a bachelorette party headed to Put-N –Bay, sold them some shirts and found out several of them were scheduled to get their endorsements this September, so we had met some “future BOOBS” ironically in Beaverdamn! Thiels Wheels was our first stop for shopping, but also met up with 3 more BOOBS. Our next stop was the Crazy Fox Saloon in Bucyrus, home of the original speakeasy, where we all met Larry, and hooked up with the last 2 ladies. Larry advertised the BOOBS’ arrival and needless to say we had quite a few onlookers. We enjoyed lunch at the Crazy Fox along with a tour and back on the road we went with our next scheduled stop to Hales HD in Mansfield.

Bachelor Party

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

So far so good last bike shop scheduled was in Dover, at Adventure HD. Ironically, this is where our “adventures” began, our first bike breakdown. No worries, we doubled up on another bike to continue our journey, but not before stopping for a smoking BBQ at none other than Hog Heaven, mmmmm good, we defiantly recommend that place folks!! Got bad news on the broke down bike, bad stator and won’t have the part until the next day. No worries, ladies stayed doubled up to our last leg of the trip for the day (well supposed to be for the day), anyways, we took HWY 39 through the mountains and hills from Dover to East Liverpool and let’s just say we did not arrive at the hotel until 10:30 that night. Oh, did I mention the ladies that doubled up had that bike break down too, but in the midst of other things happening nobody realized they were no longer behind us. No worries, they made it to the hotel shortly after us and everyone was safe!! We were all tired , it had been a very long day, we did not have the best of luck and we just wanted to go to bed and start tomorrow a new day! WRONG our hotel, of whom we worked with for several months and were to enjoy a 2 night stay, assured us it was a “nice” place to stay. Liars!! it was like a crack hotel lol, beds fell off frames, room telephones without the cords, missing hot water handles on showers, dirty socks between the sheets, burn holes in the bedspreads, stains on the walls and floors….and all ours for $93 a night…NOT!!! Let’s just say, being the fine ladies we are, we checked out the very next morning, and NO we did NOT pay the $93 a night!!

hwy 534


Keepin rubber down

Speak Easy

Trip to ER

Unfortunately all of our bad luck we had Friday scared 9 riders away Saturday morning. Two others left after breakfast, one of which had a shoulder issue and did not feel she could finish, and the other decided to go home with that rider so she wasn’t riding alone back to Indiana. Now we were down to 8. No worries, we were still going to have fun. We decided against our original plan to ride into Pennsylvania and figured we better head up North and find a “decent” hotel for that night (one of the best decisions we made right here the story will explain why). Into Youngstown we rode to Bike Town HD, had free pizza and pop and did some more shopping; while there, we spoke to some locals that told us to ride 534 to Geneva on the Lake. What a beautiful ride, lots of curves and turns!! On the road to Geneva on the Lake is where 5 guys pulled out behind us on Harleys while we were toolin through town. At one point one of the ladies turned around and asked them if they were following us, and the response was “yep, we sure are!!” They followed us for many many miles and got the biggest kick out of us when we stopped at a stop sign only to hold up traffic , them and oh about 3 to 4 cars. It was chilly that morning when we left and us ladies got hot and needed to get those jackets off lol we didn’t care, they all could’ve went around us. We had to stop for gas and the fellas went on ahead only to flag us all down from a balcony of a bar/carry out. It was a bachelor party out enjoying the day. They even bought shirts not only for them but the future bride. The one rider had a bike painted up in a military theme, but what’s interesting was, it had the names of every soldier from Pennsylvania killed in Iraq and Afghanistan painted on that bike, along with a soldier from Columbus, who was a POW for 4 years. I was taken back by that tribute and we thanked the retired veteran for his service. The guys were cool but the BOOBS needed to get back on the road and find a hotel. What better than in Geneva on the Lake, really neat place, but no luck everything was booked and not one vacancy. We enjoyed some lunch at the local biker bar and hit the road again after a few more snapshots. We rode back into Geneva for gas when again our lucky streak strikes again…yep another bike breakdown! We were thinking, “This cannot be happening!” We had a mechanic at the gas station and we flagged down a fellow biker riding by on his Harley. Everyone meet Greg, our knight in shining armor. He was on cloud 9, here were 8 chicks on 36

Harleys and needing his help. Now Greg went out of his way to help us and first he tells us we can start the bike by popping the clutch, and we knew this, but none of us had ever done it, so between the 8 ladies and Greg we have a few stopping traffic while the rest of us run pushing the Third bike down bike down an ally into the road to attempt this….fail, so we push him and the bike back up the ally 2 times and get close and all while a few “men” watched us ladies pushing a Road King up and down this ally. Ok so third time’s a charm, well isn’t that what they say?, Yeah we get it started but we also have a lady down. She wasn’t wearing proper boots for riding a motorcycle and yep we now needed to make a trip to the ER, but not before he called a friend with a tow truck because there was something seriously wrong with this bike and it wouldn’t stay running. Greg , then so graciously offered to have the injured rider to ride on the back of his bike with her leg propped up on his to take her to see a Dr., now don’t worry we wasn’t going to let just anyone ride off with our friend, I followed on my bike lol. We have no place to stay and we have a rider now with an air cast and crutches and a bike on its way to a shop and did I let you all know that it is now 8:30 pm?! Greg offers to let all 8 of us stay at his place…did I tell you he was single…lol. We all decided we had no other choice, we got to his place and a few of us enjoyed his bonfire. While there he received a phone call at midnight hmmmm yep when he told her he had 8 ladies with Harleys staying at his house she proceeded to hang up on him. We felt bad but his response was, “it’s all good there’s always another, besides nobody is going to believe this story!” We slept on floor with no pillows, shared couch, loveseat, recliner and kitchen table, but we didn’t care it was better than park benches!! We wake the next morning to meet up with one of the husbands that drove the 4 ½ hour trip after working 3rd shift to pick up the broke down bike and it was like a monsoon outside!! We hadn’t had any, not one drop of rain for months just our luck. Anyways we all made it back safe and sound, made many memories, met some amazing people, turned a lot of heads and we are planning our BOOBS trip for next year!! We can only imagine the stories Greg is telling his friends and as for the injury the ankle was fractured and 3 bikes total down with bad stators. Regardless we all had a BLAST met ladies from all over Ohio and Indiana and we look forward to next year’s BOOBS adventure… wherever it takes us. Oh, and we plan on burning those shoes that weren’t made for RIDING!!! Hahahahaha GO BOOB’S Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO


RBNSept. Venues

uT es., Sept. 1th 6-9pm

RBN Sign up

Great Food & Drink Specials Biker Games

5150 Liberty Ave., Vermilion, Ohio



FINALE Sat., Sept. 15th

Registration 11 am to 7 pm Key Qualifer Drawing Begins at 7:30 pm


Win a Ride on the B17 Bomber "Yankee Lady" on Display

Sign up 11 pm-3 pm Last Bike in 6 pm See ad on page 9

Food Vendors!

Door Prizes!


Live Musicmbsy Rolling Ha & The End

LIBERTY AVIATION MUSEUM Liberty Aviation Museum, Port Clinton, Ohio

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO


Ride In or Fly In to the…

“The Bombshell” Bike at the Liberty Aviation Museum Grand Opening

2012 ROLLING BIKE NIGHT FINALE By Julie Roeder Photos by Wayne Helm and C & J Photography The event we have been waiting for all summer long is on the horizon! The 2012 Rolling Bike Night Finale will be held on September 15th at the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton, Ohio. The newly opened beautiful state-of-the-art facility is the perfect venue to host the Giveaway event. The name of this year’s giveaway bike is “The Bombshell”. The customization of the 2012 Fat Boy Lo was a collaborate effort between Thunder Roads Ohio Magazine, Mad River HarleyDavidson in Sandusky, and Roeder Racing in Monroeville. It also features the “Bomber Plane” airbrush artwork of artist Pamela Shanteau, complete with Nose Art on the tank and airbrushed “rivets” throughout. After months at the drawing board and many hours in the shop during the build process, the bike was unveiled at the International Motorcycle Show in Cleveland in January. Throughout the summer The Bombshell traveled around to different venues across North Central Ohio every other Tuesday night. At each Rolling Bike Night event qualifiers were drawn to win the motorcycle. Registered riders also had a chance


Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

B-17 Bomber “Yankee Lady”

B-25 Michell Bomber “Georgie’s Gal”

to win keys through the Thunder Roads Buckeye Thunder Run at stops and events all across Ohio, all summer long. Final qualifiers will be drawn on the night of the finale. All qualifiers will be awarded a key and will have a chance to win the motorcycle by starting the bike. The Liberty Air Museum is now the home of its very own B-25 Mitchell Bomber plane, “Georgie’s Gal”, which arrived at the museum during their Grand Opening event on July 21st, after spending the past year in California undergoing a complete restoration. On the day of the finale you can also enter to win a ride on the B17 Bomber “Yankee Lady” which will be on display, courtesy of the Yankee Air Museum in Belleville, Michigan. For more information on the museum check out their Facebook page or visit Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

The museum is not only the home for aircraft, but for other Military vehicles as well. Their collection includes motorcycles, jeeps and two recently acquired two PT Boats, appealing to a wide variety of history, aviation, and military buffs. This particular Rolling Bike Night Finale also provides a perfect event to coincide with the 2nd Annual Will Roeder Memorial Ride to benefit Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). Those close to my late husband Will knew that he was an instrument rated private pilot, who pursued his passion for flying almost as much as his passion for riding. The cost to enter the Dice Run is $10 per person and it will start and end at the Liberty Aviation Museum. Top Hand in the run will qualify for a key to win “The Bombshell” bike and a ride in the Yankee Lady B-17 Bomber. For more details see the ad on page 37. 39

This year’s Rolling Bike Night Finale will are available on their B-17 “Yankee Lady” rides For more details on be a fun-filled action packed day, with live are available on their B-17 “Yankee Lady” Rolling Bike Night entertainment by The Rolling Hams and The Liberty Aviation Museum’s mission is and how to win “The The End. Come hungry as you will have To provide an adequate organization for Bombshell” see the the opportunity to eat at the Museum’s ad on page 37 historians, aircraft and vehicle preservationists recently opened “Tin Goose Diner” an and collectors interested in encouraging authentic ’50s style diner. There will be internationally the acquisition, restoration, other beverage and food vendor’s onsite as operation, preservation, public education and display of well including the Port Clinton Rotary’s Perch Wagon. And you historic aircraft, vehicles and related items. I would have to say won’t want to miss your chance to get your photo with the “The Mission Accomplished. Bombshell” bike and the Thunder Roads Ohio Pin-up Girls! rides

Tin Goose Diner

Liberty Aviation Museum

The Dream Becomes a Reality The Liberty Aviation Museum was established on December 7th 1991 with a handful of dedicated volunteers to showcase WW2 aircraft. In 1994 they had the opportunity to put on a well received air show at the ErieOttawa Regional Airport in Port Clinton, Ohio. This very fortunate turn of events led them in 1996 to formally announce their intent to locate their museum at the Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport.

Tri-Motor enthusiast from Port Clinton, who convinced Maurice to make this unique idea a reality. Since then an amazing amount of work has been completed by EAA Tin Goose Chapter 1247 volunteers on the restoration of a new Ford Tri-motor project, sponsored by Maurice. This progress then led to the Establishment of the Tri-motor Heritage Foundation - taking up the torch to be the caretaker of this rare treasure.

Embracing the deep aviation heritage of the area they began to plan for a facility to include a hangar and museum along with a 1950’s era themed Diner. In 1994 they undertook a search to locate and return to the airport a flyable Ford Tri-motor. In October of 1996 they were fortunate indeed to come into contact with Maurice Hovious - a world renowned Ford Trimotor expert and restorer. This initial contact later inspired Maurice Hovious to further his dialogue with Ken Benjamin, an avid

Location Liberty Aviation Museum 3515 East State Road Port Clinton, OH 43452 Hours Mon. - Fri.: 10:00am 4:00pm Saturday: 10:00am - 4:00pm Sunday: 10:00am - 4:00pm


In 2010 they acquired a flyable vintage WW2 North American B-25 Mitchell Bomber. The 2011 season was spent training crews to fly her at air shows throughout the year. The B-25 then went to Aero Trader in Chino, California for a complete comprehensive restoration. In 2011, the dreams of all three organizations to have a permanent place to call home began to take shape with the announcement that a Museum/Hangar facility would be built at the Erie-Ottawa County Regional Airport. The dream became a reality this summer when they held their Grand Opening on the weekend of July 20th-21st. Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

EVENTS Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO



Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO



Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

BIKE NIGHTS Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO



Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

Presented by

The 2012 Buckeye Thunder Run (BTR) continues on into the month of September as the Ohio leaves start to change color. The BTR is a state-wide, riding contest hitting the coolest riding destinations and events across Ohio, presented by Ohios #1 Biker Mag - Thunder Roads Ohio and Rider Insurance with the support of, Twisted Tea and Jesse James Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey, and Thunder On The Strip. It is a riding contest like no-other and features great prizes and cash pay-outs every month! Each month, Thunder Roads announces a list of Thunder Run Stops in the magazine. These stops are selected based upon the recommendations of our readers and confirmed by our editors. Riders can then hit these locations and present their Rider Cards in order to earn points for each stop. Additional points are given for purchases made and distance ridden to the stop. Some stops and local sponsors will be hosting specific give-aways for their stops. These added prizes will just build on the excitement, by allowing participants to win all summer long! The BTR is all about THE RIDE. We are NOT simply adding anyone willing to write a check. We will be considering stops recommended by our readers and editors, and we will only select those that offer a legitimate interest to riders – making them worth the ride to visit. We are not hosting the run as simply a means of supporting the magazine, but as a fun way to promote partners and cool destinations all across the state. Every stop has been recommended by riders and readers of Thunder Roads. We have then checked them out and determined that they are a biker friendly stop that we would recommend to you! Every stop should be friendly and offer a fun experience. Throughout the summer we will keep adding new stops in order to keep things exciting for you – the readers and riders on the run. We’re bikers and it’s all about the ride. We want to help create fun experiences for you and share some cool spots in our state. And we want to discover new spots as well, which is why we are encouraging everyone to nominate their favorite riding destinations. Again this is not simply a sales tool for us. We have designed this run to entertain and challenge our readers – as well as promote our partners. Thunder Roads will also be registering riders for Ride Cards at specific events throughout the year as we distribute magazines. You will see us at Rallies, Bike Nights, and other designated events throughout the summer. Many of these events will have special booths for registration and offer special incentives both for those registering for the cards and those checking in with their previously issued cards. We are also working with charities and various non-profit events to include them in the Run schedule as well. This will be an easy means of encouraging participation and attracting riders from outside the local communities. In many cases, we will have specific prize drawings for those at these events Based upon the number of stops, distance ridden, and certain bonuses offered at the locations – riders will earn points every month. Thunder Roads will track these points and award prizes throughout the riding season based upon the run rankings and points being added during specific periods of time. For instance, we will be awarding prize packages to the point leaders amongst both the men and women riders. We will recognize the riders with both the highest cumulative points – and the most earned during the specific month.


We will be adding NEW Stops and changing up the list EVERY MONTH!

The Ride Cards, presented by, will allow participants to easily and safely check in at all stops. Some Thunder Roads Sponsors will also

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

be offering discounts to readers that present the cards. You will find some of these discounts listed in the magazine, but we would encourage you to ask the stop if they have any special promotions for Ride Card holders. Thunder Roads will also be selecting rider checks-in’s randomly each month from across the state for special incentives. During the month of May, Thunder Roads has teamed with Ohio Bike Week to offer several VIP Bike Week packages that include hotels and meet n’ greets with national performers! It all may sound confusing but it really boils down to a simple process: 1. Get your Ohio Ride Card. You can your card by going to a Registration Stop (listed here in the magazine), going to a Thunder Run Event (also listed here in the magazine), or by signing up online. In person registrations are ALWAYS free, however there is a $10 registration fee to sign up on-line. The proceeds from this help support charitable motorcycle events across Ohio. PLEASE NOTE: Some events and Registration Stops may run out of Cards due to demand. Please call ahead to avoid problems whenever possible. Thanks! 2. Get the list of stops each month from your Thunder Roads Magazine, the website (, or facebook ( ) 3. Get out and Ride! Hit the stops and show them your card. For the month of July, you will receive: 10 points for each stop you sign-in at You are also eligible for the following bonuses in JUly: +10 points if you spend at least $10 at the location. +20 points if you spend more then $100 at the location. Plus we will DOUBLE your points for locations more then 100 miles from your home, or give you FOUR TIMES your points for locations more then 200 miles from your home! Just sign-in after completing your transactions and points are based upon total spent per card member.

4. We will keep track of the sign-in’s and points – and award prizes! All prize winners will be contacted by email. It’s really that simple!


SEPTEMBER thunder run

will entertain the crowd before the “key ceremony” begins. When it concludes, someone will be the new owner of a 2012 Custom Harley-Davidson®!

prize feature

Its the final push for the THUNDER ROADS – ROLLING BIKE NIGHT 2012 CUSTOM HARLEYDAVIDSON® FAT BOY and we will be awarding 5 keys to Thunder Run EVENT Check-Ins early in September! Each of these keys could be the one that starts the bike – making it YOURS! This is a fully customized bike with a vintage paint theme and an upgraded engine / exhaust performance package from Roeder Racing! We will be at the following stops the first two weeks of September:


The Harley Weekend Escape Get away on your dream bike! We will be awarding one lucky Ride Card holder the chance to take their choice of Harleys for the weekend! Courtesy South East Harley-Davidson and South East Cycles – the lucky recipient will win a multi-day rental package. Some restrictions apply, including availability and necessity to meet rental requirements.


What do you do at a Stop?


When you arrive at a BTR stop, go ahead and simply enjoy yourself. When you are ready to leave, simply identify yourself at checkout and the staff person should get a clip board for you to sign in on. In some cases you may be directed to a receptionist or host. If you have made a purchase bring your receipt along, so that they can check that off for you.

You can check in with us at any of the events for your chance to win a KEY! We may also be adding some extra stops, as well. Keep an eye on our facebook page for announcements.


The Rolling Bike Night finale is Saturday, September 15 at the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton. All key winners will be invited out to participate – and a few final keys will be awarded that evening. Live music and other festivities

Please be understanding if the staff is busy or patient if you have someone new or unfamiliar with the Run. This is a first year promotion, so we are going through some growing pains. If you have issues or concerns, please just let us know. You can email us at Likewise – if you have a great time, please let us know as well! You can send along pictures too, if you like!


306 Lounge

Ride Stop

7377 Lakeshore Blvd Mentor, OH 44060 (440) 257-3557

A biker friendly stop that opens up at 6am, 365 days a year!


Athens Sport Cycles

Registration and Ride Stop

165 Columbus Rd., Athens, Ohio 45701 (740) 592-1692

A solid dealership in the midst of some of Ohio’s best riding country. A beautiful area to explore.


Bailey Road Tavern

Ride Stop

2920 Bailey Road Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221 (330) 920-8350

Biker Friendly Neighborhood Pub with Great Food



Ride Stop

408 West Main St Ravenna, OH 44266 (330) 297-7755

Vintage Harley Museum and one of the coolest, most knowledgable proprietors around make this a must stop for any rider.



Ride Stop

33 E. Seminary St. Norwalk, OH 44857 (419) 668-8862

A great local biker bar with friendly crowd! Just east of Sandusky and Ohio Bike Week.


Buckminn’s D&D Harley-Davidson

Registration Stop

1213 Cincinnati Ave (866) 218-1452

An active Harley-Davidson® Dealership with plenty of great events!


Carlton HarleyDavidson

Registration Stop and Ride Stop

11771 State Route 44 (330) 274-3141


Competition Accessories

Registration Stop and Ride Stop

343 W. Leffel Springfield, OH 45506 (937) 323-0513

Incredible Motorcycle Superstore with great selection of bikes, parts, and accessories.


Crazy Fox

Ride Stop

112 W. Mansfield St. (419) 562-1256

A great old school biker bar with live music, a great patio, and just an authentic feel. Not to be missed!



Ride Stop

1851 South Broadway Geneva, Ohio 44041 (440) 466-7988

Right on 534, Right off I90 - DW3’s is a unique bar (all second floor - above a drive thru and service area) that’s worth stopping at before or after you hit the STRIP (Geneva-on-the-Lake).


Frog Town

Ride Stop

2515 South 3rd St. Ironton, OH 45638 (740) 532-8337

A Motorcycle Rally In-Itself, Frog Town is worthy of a ride from anywhere in the state.


Hamilton’s Pub

Ride Stop

4866 Thompson Rd. Columbus, OH 43230 (614) 775-0007

An “Upscale Neighborhood Bar” with a great Tuesday Bike Night.


Harley-Davidson Sales & Service

Registration Stop

862 County Rd R3 Napoleon, OH 43545 (419) 592-7123

Northwest Ohio Harley-Davidson ® Dealership celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary this year!


Harley-Davidson Sales Company

Registration Stop and Ride Stop

14550 Lorain Ave. Cleveland, OH 44111 (216) 252-3111

Family owned Harley-Davidson dealership with a long history of active involvement in the motorcycle community.


High Tide

Ride Stop

5504 Lake Road Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH 44004 (440) 466-7990

Incredibly friendly local bar on “The Strip” at Geneva-on-the-Lake. Good Food Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner


Hocking Hills Motorcycle Ranch

Registration Stop and Ride Stop

26860 US Hwy 33 (740) 385-4467

A cool retail shop in the midst of some of Ohio’s best roads to ride.



Registration Stop and Ride Stop

5436 Westerville Road (614) 901-PONY


Jackass Flats

Ride Stop

6024 Rip Rap Road (937) 236-4329

Dayton, OH 45424

Enjoy an escape to the Outback and take in one of the best bike nights in the state, worth a ride from the far corners of the Buckeye State!


Just for Fun Honda

Registration Stop and Ride Stop

15255 Kinsman Rd (440) 632-1362

Middlefield, OH 44062

Honda Dealership in the midst of Northeast Ohio’s Amish Country. Plenty of great spots to see around it.

Xenia, OH 45385 Mantua, OH 44255

Bucyrus, OH 44820

Rockbridge, OH Westerville, OH 43081


A family owned Harley-Davidson ® Dealership that you can ride 10-20 minutes in any direction from - without hitting a light!

The Motorcycle SUPERSTORE that you just have to see. Possibly the largest motorcycle store in the world? And it’s right here in Ohio.

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO




Ride Stop

2012 Cleveland Rd WHuron, OH 44839 (419) 433-6944

A real, “old school” biker bar nestled in a shopping center right off Route 2.


Mad River HarleyDavidson

Registration Stop

5316 State Rt. 250/Milan Rd (419) 502-2244

A huge Harley-Davidson ® Dealership with events and rides almost every weekend. Major Sponsor and Host of Ohio Bike Week



Ride Stop

212 Fremont Ave Sandusky, OH (419) 627-8903

One of the most popular riding destinations in the entire state. This biker friendly bar features a great deck that was designed specifically for riders! Host of the Thunder Roads Thunder Zone during Ohio Bike Week!


Mason Jar

Ride Stop

4408 Mason Rd.Sandusky, OH 44870 (419) 359-1159

A great local biker friendly bar. Always a good time with a friendly crowd.



Ride Stop

9729 Granger Rd.Garfield Heights, OH 44125 (216) 663-8000

A high-energy sports bar with amazing food that caters to bikers.


Powder Keg Harley-Davidson

Registration Stop

2383 Kings Center Court, Mason, OH (513) 204-6962

A stone’s throw from King’s Island - this active Harley-Davidson® dealership hosts regular Bike Nights and plenty of other events!


Quicksilver Cycleworks

Ride Stop

140 E. Pratt Street, Johnstown, OH 43031 (740) 966-3073

A great “Old School” bike shop with solid veterans of the business. Reasonable rates and straight answers make this a recommended stop!



Registration Stop and Ride Stop

2827 Marion Marysville Rd (740) 382-6054

Owned and operated by Bikers for Bikers - Regulators is one of our favorite riding stops.


Roadhouse 66

Ride Stop

480 E Wilson Bridge Rd # A Worthington, OH 43085 (614) 505-6140

Enjoy a cool nostalgic feel at a cool riding destination that hosts Bike Nights both Wednesday and Thursday



Ride Stop

10755 Ravenna Rd. (330) 998-6529

A very female friendly biker bar with a cool cutting edge look to it. Oh - and they have great food as well!



Ride Stop

381 Ashland Rd. Mansfield, OH 44905 (419) 526-9179

Very cool, old school Biker Bar minutes from the “Shawshank” reformatory.


Snuffy’s Reloaded

Ride Stop

1313 St. Rt. 6 Bradner, OH 43406 (419) 288-1718

Great riding destination a short ride from Sandusky and Ohio Bike Week. Great Burgers!


South East HarleyDavidson

Registration Stop and Ride Stop

23105 Aurora Rd Bedford Heights, OH 44146 (440) 439-5300

A great family owned Harley-Davidson ® Dealership with the world famous Harley Diner inside!



Ride Stop

5422 Lake Rd E. Geneva, OH 44041 (440) 466-2361

Great riding destination in the midst of Geneva-On-The-Lake. Possibly the most Biker Friendly Town in Ohio


Survivors Club

Ride Stop

5236 Lake Road East Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH 44041 (440) 466-3994

On the East end of “The Strip”, this is a biker friendly stop with great food and drink specials everyday!


The Handle Bar II

Ride Stop

34471 Vine Street, Eastlake, Ohio 44095

A year round Biker Bar, where every night is Bike Night. Always good folks and one of the friendliest bar staff you’ll find anywhere.


The Pavillion

Ride Stop

5276 Lake Rd E Geneva, OH 44041 (440) 466-3283

A Biker Haven that anchors one of Ohio’s Greatest Riding Destionations: Geneva on the Lake


The Villa

Ride Stop

6303 Rip Rap Road (937) 237-0091

The Villa was chosen as our very first Biker Bar of the month and it remains one of our favorites. A late night Wednesday Bike Night is always a great time. Outdoor bars and stage.


Thiel’s Wheels

Registration and Ride Stop

350 Tarhe Trail, Upper Sandusky, OH (419) 294-4951

Great active dealership with multiple factory lines. Hosts multiple bike nights every week and gets involved in countless community events.


Towne House Tavern

Ride Stop

199 David St. Marion, OH 43302 (740) 383-9887

A traditional biker friendly destination in the midst of Marion and Central Ohio.


Valley HarleyDavidson

Registration Stop and Ride Stop

41255 Reco RoadBelmont, OH (740) 695-9591

Harley-Davidson ® Dealership in the midst of Southeastern Ohio and beautiful riding country!



Ride Stop

10983 State Route 212 NE Bolivar, Ohio 44612 (330) 874-1092

A very cool, laid back stop that offers great food in a casual atmosphere. Great patio and they don’t mind you parking on the grass!


Warren HarleyDavidson

Registration Stop and Ride Stop

2102 Elm Rd Cortland, OH 44410 (330) 395-4700

Great community oriented Harley-Davidson ® Dealership with a Racing Team that just won a AHDRA National Championship


Western Reserve Harley-Davidson

Registration and Ride Stop

8567 Tyler Blvd 974-6900

Harley-Davidson ® Dealership in Lake County with plenty of great stops in the area.



Ride Stop

11110 Kinsman Rd. Newbury, OH 44065 (440) 564-1300

Sandusky, OH 44870

Marion, OH 43302

Twinsburg, OH 44087


Huber Heights, OH 45424

Mentor, OH 44060 (440)

Great food and a new patio, surrounded by open roads with limited lights or stops make this a solid riding destination. Wednesday Bike Nights.


Thunder Roads reserves the right to modify, change, end, and cancel this promotion – due to the constraints of operating within the real world.

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Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

EVENTS Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO


In year’s past, tattoos were strictly associated with sailors, those in the military, and of course bikers. In recent years, however, they have become more popular with a wide range of people. People from all walks of life seem to be getting tattoos now and not just the traditional ones. Variations such as “permanent makeup” and other more stylized approaches are gaining in popularity with professionals. Regardless of the style or image created, all tattoos are created using the same basic process. Tattoo artists create their artwork by injecting ink into a person’s skin. They do this using an electrically powered tattoo machine that resembles a dental drill. The tattoo machine has remained relatively unchanged since its invention by Samuel O’Reilly in the late 1800’s. O’Reilly’s design was actually based upon an invention of Thomas Edison – the autographic printer. This was an engraving machine used to engrave hard surfaces. O’Reilly modified Edison’s machine to drive a needle with the rotary-driven electromagnetic unit. Modern tattoo machines are still built around the same basic components: • A tube system which draws ink through the machine. • An electric motor, driving an electromagnetic oscillating unit. • A sterilized needle. • A foot pedal, which is used to control the movement of the needle.


Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

The tattoo machine moves a solid needle up and down to puncture the skin as many as 3,000 times per minute. The needle only penetrates the skin by about a millimeter and deposits a drop of insoluble ink in the dermis of the skin. This is the second layer of the skin – below the outer epidermis.

and their clients.

The cells in the dermis are far more stable then those in the outer layers of the skin. The tattoo’s ink will stay in place for a person’s entire life. There may be some minor fading and dispersion, but a professional tattoo done using modern equipment is a work of art that will last a lifetime.

Key components such as the needle bar and tube can be effectively sterilized through the use of an autoclave. Such units are used in hospitals and effectively kill every organism on a surface through the use of steam, heat, and high pressure.

Sterilization In essence, a tattoo machine delivers thousands of minute puncture wounds in just a few minutes. As with any puncture wound that penetrates the skin – there is a potential for infection and disease transmission. It’s critical that tattoo artists use every precaution and follow well established procedures for sterilization and proper sanitation to protect both themselves

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

Many studios and artists take advantage of disposable, single use components such as inks / ink cups, gloves, and needles. These items arrive in sterile packages which can be opened in front of the customer at the beginning of the session.

Before starting a session, an artist will wash and inspect their hands for cuts and abrasions. They should then disinfect the work area with an approved viricide. Plastic bags should cover spray bottles and some equipment to prevent cross contamination. Disposable and single use items should removed from their packaging in front of the client. The artist should shave and disinfect the area to be tattooed. All of this should be fully explained and done in front of the client.



Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO



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Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO








110th Anniversary Wooden Sign



110th Anniversary Tee/Baseball Cap Combo (97606-13VM)


110th Anniversary $50 Nylon Outerwear 110th Anniversary Jacket (97548-13VM) Raglan Sleeve Knit Tee (96103-13VW) 11771 STATE ROUTE 44 ● MANTUA, OH 44255 ● 330-274-3141 ● 1-800-633-6997




Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

EVENTS Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO



September 1, 2012 - Malvern - Bikes Only September 2, 2012 - Amherst September 7, 2012 - Pymatuning September 8, 2012 - TV Land - Day Event September 9, 2012 - TV Land presented by


September 14, 2012 - Pymatuning September 15, 2012 - Malvern September 16, 2012 - Big Game September 18, 2012 - Tuscarawas County Fair A Lightning Event September 20, 2012 - Ashland County Fair September 21, 2012 - Pymatuning September 23, 2012 - Amherst September 28, 2012 - Pymatuning


September 2, 2012 - Pymatuning September 9, 2012 - Clearfork Ski Resort September 16, 2012 - LLR - XX Pts September 23, 2012 - JB Raceway September 30, 2012 - Skyview - Corkey Wurster October 7, 2012 - Clearfork Ski Resort - Buckeye Series October 14, 2012 - Lightning October 20, 2012 - Amherst - Buckeye Series/Day Race October 21, 2012 - State Line Farm - Buckeye Series October 28, 2012 - Skyview - Pumpkin Run November 4, 2012 - Western Reserve - Team Race November 11, 2012 - Mansfield - Turkey Run November 18, 2012 - Big Game - Wild Turkey Run November 25, 2012 - Lightning - Sweatshirt, XX Pts December 2, 2012 - Mansfield - Toy Run


Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

Stop it. Don’t drop it. At almost every class I teach, especially a Riders Edge class, at Toledo Harley Davidson, I see previous students that stop out at the range to say hi. It’s always fun to see them and see what they ride. After admiring the bike the conversation turns to riding and how they’ve been doing. Many times they describe the embarrassment of dropping the bike in a turn or at a stop. (Not a crash, but damage can happen even in a tip over). As they describe how the tip over happened we can always discover what they did, or didn’t do, that resulted in the tip over. If they are a female rider who attended one of the dealerships “Garage Parties” they express appreciation for learning how to pick up a dropped motorcycle. While knowing the proper way to lift a dropped motorcycle is important let’s look at ways to prevent dropping it and see if you can think of any examples I don’t mention. BARS STRAIGHT: One of the most common reasons is stopping the motorcycle with the handle bars slightly turned. Turned to the right, the bike will want to fall to the right and vice versa. Try to keep your head and eyes up and looking ahead, this will help to insure your handlebars are straight when you stop. Don’t look down or to the sides. THE FRICTION ZONE: On slow turns, as in a U-turn or right turns from a stop (as in a right turn from an intersection), keep your clutch in the friction zone during the U-turn or turn from the stop. Keeping power to the rear wheel is the trick in tight turns. Dropping a bike in a slow turn or U-turn is usually from pulling in the clutch or rolling off the throttle, with both resulting in a loss of power to the rear wheel.


Kit Hedges

WATCH WHERE YOU STEP: Have you ever come to a stop somewhere and put your foot down only to realize the ground was lower than you thought? In a split second you feel the bike leaning over and dropping past the point of no return. Not fun! By being aware of the road conditions, especially, just ahead, where you intend on stopping, you will identify uneven road surfaces. How about backing up your bike, in a parking lot, and there’s a little sand under your feet. A little slip of your left foot and the bike starts to fall. Wet leaves are especially slippery whether riding through a corner or putting a foot down at a stop. Stopping at a traffic light with all the oil and goo in the middle of the lane is a concern. At a particularly messy intersection I’ll consider stopping farther in the left third of the lane so my foot doesn’t step in the oil and slip out on me. If I’m the first to stop at a traffic light, and I’m in the left lane of two lanes, I’ll stop in the right third of my lane (farther to the right) so I allow room for the cars turning left across my path. Have you noticed how close cars come when turning left at the intersection when you’re sitting there? Expect it and give them room. These are just a few of the causes. I’ll bet that from your own riding experience you can think of more. BIKE NIGHTS

WHAT DO YA SEE?: Probably cars, trucks, a bicyclist, and

Riding Safe

up-coming stop sign, a squirrel darting across the road, etc. But what do you see on the road? How about some sand or gravel in that right turn or U-turn. Sand, gravel, tar, leaves, oil spill, wet pavement etc. can cause the front tire to lose grip with to much lean angle, resulting in dropping the bike. Identify these road characteristics early so they don’t surprise you.

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO



South East Metric Motorcycle Sales!

440.439.5300 ext 275 23233 Aurora Road, Bedford Hts. Ohio, 44146

Come in and check out

our large selection of used motorcycles


Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

by Nancy Beach Can anyone tell me where the summer went? Even though it flew by, hopefully all of you were able to fit a lot of fun rides and bike events in and also weathered the heat while doing it! As you are reading this, I am most likely returning from one of my favorite annual events over the Labor Day weekend. Looking forward to and planning for Chilli (The annual Easyrider Rodeo in Chillicothe, Ohio) every year reminds me of the transitions that some of us go through as we age a little, but are still enjoying our rides. My friend started attending the Easyrider Rodeo events when they first started in Ventura, California, 20 some years ago. He rode his bike, used his jacket as a blanket and slept next to his bike. He then progressed to the tent, strapped to the bike. Yes, this is roughing it and a lot of you still do this. Actually, we still do this a couple of times a year. But, it is always a shorter ride and usually a 2 day event. If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll find that as you get older you will have more stuff to take along, especially when you go somewhere for 5 days. Eventually you will also want a little more comfort in your party atmosphere and to not be sore when you arrive at your destination. If you don’t believe me, save this article and read it again in a few years! The next step for my friend was riding the bikes to the event with someone else driving the truck to haul all the essentials. This is a natural progression. You really do need a place for the cooler! By the time I came into the picture, the bike was in the back of the truck and we drove to the event. It was fun, relaxing and we arrived without sore muscles and ready to have a great time. I knew, right then, that I would want to do this every year! The planning for our return to Chilli the next year began on the trip home, and over the years since then we have progressed quite nicely! After starting with that small tent we moved up to a 2 room tent the following year. I have to admit it sure was nice to have a place for our luggage. You never know what the weather

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

is going to be like so you must plan ahead and that extra room came in handy! As nice as that 2-room tent was, by the next year, we had graduated to a RV pulling a trailer. We now take one bike, a four-wheeler, the dog and go down 2 days earlier to choose the right spot! Going early isn’t just for the right spot…it takes me a day just to place all the lights on the camper! We also have increased the size of our compound from the early days when it was just the 2 of us to an area that accomodates about 9 bikes, 6 tents, 2 trailers and a gazebo! We never know who may end up coming but we are ready for them when they get there. (And if you are reading this early in September and the Rodeo is still going on…stop by!) We always take advantage of the scenic riding while we are there in Southern Ohio, and make sure we leave some money behind at the local biker beverage establishments. And, because my “back of the bike” responsibilities do not end when we are out of town, I have certain things I need to do in advance of the trip. I already mentioned the lights…but it takes planning to make sure we have the right ones and every piece is packed properly. Solar or battery…you have to be prepared with all the right pieces and parts to make the campground fun and inviting! Music…we have to have the right music while driving so we have my iPod loaded with road music to get us in the mood and to sing along with on the way. (Go ahead and laugh….I know you are all doing it too! We have passed you on the way.) And we can’t forget the most important thing…. beverages! Enough said! We are taking the Shovel again this year. We were hoping that we could take the newer bike but it is still about 8 hours away from being completely put back together. (One of our winter projects.) The Shovel is a great bike…the one that got me hooked on riding on the back of a bike. It is only 25 years old and you can actually start it without kicking it! If summer has to come to an end, there is no better way to end it than with a road trip! So…we are off to create new memories and new stories to share….and mine are from the back of the bike!


Attorneys Motor Eagles 1-888-75-BIKER Ralph Buss 1-800-ON-A-BIKE Bail Bonds Frank Valli Agency 1907 Cleveland Rd. Sandusky, OH 44870 (419) 626-5673 Biker Bars & Restaurants 2 Cans 7413 Wahl Rd Whites Landing, OH 43464 306 Lounge 7377 Lakeshore Blvd Mentor, OH 44060 (440) 257-3557 Anchor Bay Carryout & Pub 12328 County Rd 27 West Unity, OH 43570 (419) 237-2728 At Witz End 38501 Lakeshore Blvd. Willoughby, OH 44094 (440) 942-6520 Bailey Road Tavern 2920 Bailey Road Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221 (330) 920-8350 Blue Eagle 218 ½ State Bettsville, OH 44815 (419) 986-5639 Bluto’s Sport’s Bar & Grill 33 E. Seminary St. Norwalk, OH 44857 (419) 668-8862 Crazee Mule Saloon 6188 Cleveland Ave. Columbus, OH 43231 (614) 818-9007 Crazy Fox Saloon 112 W. Mansfield St. Bucyrus, OH 44820 (419) 562-1256

The Dog House 589 Broadway Ave Bedford, OH 44146 (440) 786-2260

Quaker Steak & Lube

The Rig Pub & Eatery 9421 East Market St. Warren, OH 44484 (330) 856-7992

DW3’s Saloon 1851 South Broadway Geneva, OH 44041

7834 Reynolds Rd Mentor, OH 44060 (440) 954-9464

Frascati In The Valley 5143 Canal Rd Valley View, OH 44125 (216) 441-2144

6073 Dressler Rd, NW North Canton, OH 44720 (330) 433-9464

Towne House Tavern 199 David St. Marion, OH 43302 (740) 383-9887

Frog Town USA 2515 S. 3rd St Ironton, OH 45638 (740) 532-8337 Jackass Flats 6024 Rip Rap Road Dayton, OH 45424 (937) 236-4329 Jimmy Bukkett’s 2815 N. County Rd 198 Fremont, OH 43420 (419) 334-3313 Kate & Al’s 105 S. Main St Gibsonburg, OH (419) 637-7326 Little Bar on the Prairie 400 N. Stone St Fremont, OH 43420 (419) 334-9244 Margaritaville 212 Fremont Ave Sandusky, OH 44870 (419) 627-8903 The Mason Jar 4408 Mason Rd Sandusky, OH 44870 (419) 359-1159 Nowhere Tavern 106 E. Main St Bellevue, OH 44811 (419) 483-2110 Ole’ Glory Daze 998 S. Main St. Akron, OH 44311 (330) 535-9855 The Purple Shamrock 30480 Lakeshore Blvd Willowick, OH 44095 (440) 347-0368


5800 Interstate Blvd Austintown, Ohio 44515 (330) 349-9464

The Villa Tavern 6303 Rip Rap Road Huber Heights, OH 45424 (937) 237-0091

4900 Transportation Drive Sheffield, Ohio 44054 (440)934-9464

Zeppe’s Tavern & Pizzeria 11110 Kinsman Rd. Newbury, OH 44065 (440) 564-1300

5935 Canal Rd Valley View, OH 44125 (216) 986-9500 5150 Liberty Avenue Vermilion, OH 44089 (440) 967-3724

Bike (& Cage) Washes Wet Willy’s 21813 Aurora Rd Bedford Heights, OH 44146

Regulators Bar & Grill 2827 Marion Marysville Rd Marion, OH 43302 (740) 382-6054 Roadhouse 66 480 E. Wilson Bridge Rd #A Worthington, OH 43085 (614) 505-6140 Sassy’s Bar & Grill 10755 Ravenna Rd. Twinsburg, OH 44087 (330) 486-0978 Scoundrel’s 826 Front Street Berea, Ohio 44017 (440) 234-3455 Shag-A-Lee’s 381 Ashland Rd. Mansfield, OH 44905 (419) 526-9179 Slapsy Maxie’s Neighborhood Pub 1019 Mediterranean Ave. Columbus, OH 43229 (614) 433-0077 Snuffy’s Reloaded 1313 St. Rt. 6 Bradner, OH 43406 (419) 288-1718 Sportsterz 5422 Lake Rd E. Geneva, OH 44041 (440) 466-2361

CCW Classes Dayton CCW (937) 486-4229 Freedom Health and Safety Training Center (740) CPR-LIVE Great Lakes Gun Worx 419 Superior St. Rossford, OH 43460 (419) 754-9265 High Caliber Pistol Instruction LLC (440)984-4551 Mike’s Gun Sales (937) 570-0437 Ohio CCW4u (740) 621-1584 Right To Carry LLC (216) 469-0866 Scooterz-N-Shooterz 1840 Town Park Blvd # D Uniontown, OH 44685 (330) 563-4683

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

Ohio Self Defense (614) 537-2262 Walsh Defensive Firearms Training Center LLC 5335 Broadview Rd Parma, OH 44134 (216) 339-3824 Custom Paint & Airbrush Exhale Airbrushing 40 Twin Lakes Dr. Enon, OH (937) 267-6586 FlameThrower Customs Doylestown, OH (330) 658-2805 Pamela Shanteau (419) 644-5147 Toledo, OH Wizard Graphics 11497 Youngstown Pittsburg Rd New Middleton, OH 44442 (330) 542-4444 Equipment Tourtec Trailers 7447 Allentown Road Elida, OH 45807 (419) 236-5911 Gym & Fitness Centers King’s Gym 24775 Aurora Rd Bedford Heights, OH 44146 (440) 439-KING

Parts & Accessories Amsoil Brian Heitkamp Independent Dealer Rockford, Ohio (419) 942-1724 Amsoil Tom LaPuma Independent Dealer Willoughby, Ohio (440) 477-8085

Bison Leather 7409 W. Central Ave Toledo, OH 43617 (419) 517-1737

Urban Gardens Marion, OH (740) 375-2800

Boot Corral 7747 Mentor Ave Mentor, OH 44060 (440) 918-1332

Vivid Jewelers 27217 Wolf Rd Bay Village, OH 44140 (440) 835-0111

Erie Street Leather 416 Erie Street N Massillon, OH 44646 (330) 833-2672

Arts Parts Custom Cycle & Service 35 E. Church St. Marshallville, OH 44645 (330) 855-3762

Hard Luck Designs 112 Coventry Ct. Lancaster, OH 43130 (740) 808-2901

Sales Adventure Harley-Davidson 1465 State Rt 39 NW Dover, OH 44622  (330) 364-6519 

Bear’s Vintage MetalWorks 408 West Main St Ravenna, OH 44266 (330) 297-7755 Bikes2NV 5728 Westbourne Ave Columbus, OH 43213 (866) 739-BIKE Brukus PO Box 2515 Mount Pleasant, SC 29465 (843) 822-6582 F-4 Custom Windshields (330) 968-4644

Granny’s Cycle 2443 S. 5th St. Ironton, OH 45638 (740) 534-9463 Hocking Hills Motorcycle Ranch 26860 US Hwy 33 Rockbridge, OH (740) 385-4467 Iron Pony 5436 Westerville Road Westerville, OH 43081 (614) 901-PONY Military Pride 29348 Euclid Ave Wickliffe, OH 44092 (440) 944-5180

Nasty Baggers Orlando, FL 1-800-649-0884

Norton Sporting Goods 100 Norton Rd Waldo, OH 43356 (740) 726-2616

Insurance Rider Insurance 1-800-595-6393

Retail 911 Clothing 5011 Brookpark Rd Cleveland, OH 44134 (216) 398-7088

Scooterz-N-Shooterz 1840 Town Park Blvd Suite D Uniontown, OH 44685 (330) 563-4683

Lodging Camp Sandusky 3518 Tiffin Ave Sandusky, OH 44870 (419) 626-1133

Atocha Treasure Company 9500 Corkscrew Palms Circle Suite 1 Estero, FL 33928

Three Olde Hens & A Rooster 22 South Main St. Ashley, OH 43003 (740) 361-2470

Plantation Motel 2815 Cleveland Rd. East Huron, OH 44839 (877) 677-2770

Avon Boot Shop 38450 Chester Rd. Avon, OH 44011 (440) 934-3230

TRD Leather 6321 Detroit Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44102 (216) 631-6233

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

Apex Powersports 938 Cookson Ave, SE New Philadelphia, OH 44663 (330) 308-8900 Athens Sport Cycles 165 Columbus Rd. Athens, OH 45701 (740) 592-1692 Buckminn’s D&D Harley-Davidson 1213 Cincinnati Ave Xenia, OH 45385 (866) 218-1452 Carlton Harley-Davidson 11771 State Route 44 Mantua, OH 44255 (330) 274-3141 Century Harley-Davidson 3053 Eastpointe Drive Medina, OH 44256 (330) 721-1702 Cleveland’s HarleyDavidson Sales Company 14550 Lorain Ave. Cleveland, OH 44111 (216) 252-3111 Competiton Accessories 343 W. Leffel Springfield, OH 45506 (937) 323-0513 Hales Harley-Davidson 1400 Harrington Memorial Rd. Mansfield, OH 44903 (419) 522-8602 Harley-DavidsonSales&Service 862 County Rd R3 Napoleon, OH 43545 (419) 592-7123 67

Sales continued... Honda of Marysville 640 Coleman’s Crossing Blvd Marysville, OH 43040 (866) 645-4080 Integrity Cycles 156 Dering Ave Columbus, OH 43207 (800) 969-2005 Iron Hogz Power Sports 6387 N. State Route 48 Lebanon, OH 45036 (513) 836-3824 Just for Fun Honda 15255 Kinsman Rd. Middlefield, OH 44062 (440) 632-1362 Mad River HarleyDavidson 5316 State Rt. 250/Milan Rd Sandusky, OH 44870 (419) 502-2244 Motorcycle Maxx 5838 Columbus Blvd Lewis Center, OH 43035 (614) 883-5800

The Speed Factory 2864 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43202 (614) 267-7333 Toledo Harley-Davidson 7960 W. Central Ave Toledo, OH 43617 (419) 843-7892 Treasure Coast HarleyDavidson 4967 SE Federal Hwy Stuart, FL 34997 (772) 287-3871 Warren Harley-Davidson 2102 Elm Rd Cortland, OH 44410 (330) 395-4700 Western Reserve HarleyDavidson 8567 Tyler Blvd Mentor, OH 44060 (440) 974-6900 Valley Harley-Davidson 41255 Reco Road Belmont, OH (740) 695-9591

Pony Motorsports 5436 Westerville Road Westerville, OH 43081 (614) 901-PONY

Service American V-Twin 3440 Port Union Road Fairfield, OH 45014 (513) 515-9249

Powder Keg HarleyDavidson 2383 Kings Center Court Mason, OH (513) 204-6962

Arts Parts Custom Cycle & Service 35 E. Church St. Marshallville, OH 44645 (330) 855-3762

Rubber City HarleyDavidson 32 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave Akron, OH 44310 (330) 535-9900

Balcer Performance & Restoration 565 Broadway Ave Unit R Bedford, OH 44146 (440) 945-6829

Signature Harley-Davidson 1176 Professional Dr Perrysburg, OH 43551 (419) 873-2453

Cheshire Choppers 5750 St. Rt. 37, E Delaware, OH 43015 (740) 362-0695

South East Cycles 23105 Aurora Rd Bedford Heights, OH 44146 (440) 439-5300

Cleveland Motorcycle MFG Co. 4327 Lorain Ave Cleveland, OH 44113 (216) 961-5151

South East HarleyDavidson 23105 Aurora Rd Bedford Heights, Oh 44146 (440) 439-5300

Cycle Analysis 4984 West 150th St Cleveland, OH 44135 (216) 362-9060


Driven Classics & Customs 4230 Coonpath Rd Carroll, OH (740) 756-7776

Bad Ass Tattoo 46065 Telegraph Rd Amherst, OH 44001 (440) 986-3845 The Dragons Cachet #1 118 W. Chillicothe Ave Bellefontaine, OH 43311 (937) 599-2258

Granny’s Cycles 1908 S. Main St. SW Warren, OH 44481 (330) 393-3445

The Dragon’s Cachet #2 320 N. Gaver Monroe, OH 43311 (937) 599-2258

Iron City Choppers 1119 ½ 3rd St. Ironton, OH 45638 (740) 534-9487

Empire Ink 335 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave. Akron, OH 44310 (330) 928-9833

Metal Fab Mafia 4232 Coonpath Rd. Carroll, OH 43112 (740) 689-5780 Performance Engineering 4327 Lorain Ave Cleveland, OH 44113 (216) 961-5151 Roeder Racing & Service 3684 U.S Rt. 20 Monroeville, OH 44847 (419) 465-2247

Iron Clad Tattoos 36221 Lakeshore Blvd Eastlake, OH 44095 (440) 951-4-INK Lazy Dave’s Tattoo 27084 Lorain Ave North Olmsted, OH 44070 (440) 777-4465

RWB Cycles 161 Yorkshire Ct Elyria, OH 44035 (440) 365-0589

My Museum Tattoo 209 E. Ohio Ave. Dover, OH 44622 (330) 343-8500

South East Cycles 23105 Aurora Rd. Bedford Heights, OH 44146 (440) 439-5300

Route 42 Tattoo 201 S. Franklin St. Ashley, OH 43003 (740) 413-4042

Steel Core Customs 1104 S. Washington St. Circleville, OH 43113 (740) 412-9349 The Bike Shop 750 East Glenwood Ave Akron, OH 44310 (330) 940-2453 Twin Visions 4520 Alum Creek Dr Columbus, OH 43207 (614) 409-1060 Tattoo Shops 546 Tattoo 53 Benedict Ave Norwalk, OH (567) 424-6200

Stained Skin 1255 N. High St Columbus, OH 43201 (614) 297-SKIN Sudden Urge Tattoos 9360 Mentor Ave Mentor, Ohio 44060 (440) 368-3529 Tri-State Tattoos 418 S. 2nd St Ironton, OH 45638 (740) 302-7723 Zebra Tattooz 8934 State Route 14 Streetsboro, OH 44241 (330) 626-9776 Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO





Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO




Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO




Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO




Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO




Upcoming Motorcycle Events Upcoming Motorcycle Events All events are listed as per the information submitted to Thunder Roads Ohio. TRO is not responsible for inaccuracies or the specifics of the information provided. If you would like your event listed, please email details and your contact information to: Bike Night Every Friday 7-10 pm Powder Keg Harley-Davidson Mason, OH For more information call (513) 204-6962 August 30-September 3, 2012 Easyriders Rodeo Tour & Motorcycle Rally Ross County Fairgrounds Chillicothe, OH Live music, Ride in bike show, wet tshirt contest, food & beer! August 31-September 3, 2012 11th Annual Motorcycle Stampede Hudson Leather Pioneer, OH Free Event Free Hot Dogs & Lemonade 9am-7pm Everyday Bike Show 1-4pm on Sunday September 1, 2012 Fall Open House Adventure Harley-Davidson Dover, OH 9am-4pm For More Information Call 1-800-828-2875 September 1, 2012 Riding to Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence Proceeds to Cocoon Shelter Woodland Mall Bowling Green, OH Registration 10:30-11:45 am Last Bike In @ 5pm Find Us on Facebook!

Or Email: hdchick1970@ September 1, 2012 Summer Cookout with Scotty Bratcher 12-4 pm Powder Keg Harley-Davidson Mason, OH For more information call (513) 204-6962 September 2, 2012 “Make a Muscle” for MDA Ride Signature Harley-Davidson Perrysburg, OH Registration 9am-11am $25/rider $10/passenger For More Information Call: (419) 873-2453 September 6-7 Thunder Roads Ohio 2012 Calendar & Cover Search Sportsterz Geneva On The Lake, OH Register in advance, email pictures and contact information to: September 6-9, 2012 6th Annual Thunder On The Strip Geneva-On-The-Lake, OH September 7-8, 2012 2nd Annual Ladies Adventure Weekend Adventure Harley-Davidson & Amish Country Dover, OH Registration 10am-11am Register Online @ For More Information Call: 1-800-828-2875 September 8th, 2012 12th Annual Margo B. Welfle Teddy Bear Ride Mad River Harley-Davidson Sandusky, OH Free Pancake Breakfast 7:3010 am


presented by $10 Donation or Two Teddy Bears Registration 9 am – 10 am Kickstands up at 10 am For More Information Call 419502-2244 September 8th, 2012 23rd Annual Roeder Racing & Service Chili Cook-Off Roeder Racing & Service Monroeville, OH Live Music, Dyno Runs For More Information visit us online at September 8-9, 2012 Pain & Pleasure Tattoo Studio Sandusky, OH 20 Year Anniversary Celebration Party Tattoo & Piercing Specials Sat 11-8, Sun 11-5 Food, Drinks and Raffle More information – www. Or call 419-625-0069 September 9th, 2012 Deerfield Township Firehouse Fundraiser Powder Keg Harley-Davidson Mason, OH 11 am – 3 pm For more information call (513) 204-6962 September 9, 2012 South East Gears & Cheers Bedford Heights, OH Never Forget 9/11 Ceremony and Ride 8:30 Bike staging at South East HD – Kickstands up at 9:30am Ride to Boulevard of Flags, Eastlake for Ceremony 12:00 Noon – Processional ride from ceremony to South East Gears & Cheers food and music to 2:00pm For More Information Call 440232-0029

September 11th, 2012 Rolling Bike Night Quaker Steak and Lube Vermilion, Ohio For More Information Call 440967-3724 vermilion_OH September 11, 2012 11th Anniversary of “Never Forget 9/11” Eastlake, OH - Boulevard of Flags 11am FREE September 11th, 2012 Smoke Out at The Keg 7pm-9 pm Powder Keg Harley-Davidson Mason, OH For more information call (513) 204-6962 September 15, 2012 Rolling Bike Night Finale Liberty Aviation Museum Port Clinton, Ohio Live Music by Rolling Hams and The End Registration 11 am to 6 pm September 15, 2012 2nd Annual Will Roeder Memorial Ride for ALS Begins and Ends at Rolling Bike Night Finale Liberty Aviation Museum Port Clinton, OH Signup 11 am – 3 pm Last Bike in 6 pm $10 Per Person Includes Pin and Rocker Dice Run High Hand Wins Rolling Bike Night Key For more information call Roeder Racing 419-465-2247 Or Mad River Harley-Davidson 419-502-2244 September 15, 2012 Clam Bake South East Harley-Davidson Bedford Heights, OH 8am-5pm For More Information Call: (440) 439-5300

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

Upcoming Motorcycle Events September 15, 2012 American Red Cross Blood Drive Century Harley-Davidson Medina, OH 11am-3pm For More Information Call: (330) 721-1702 September 15, 2012 Warren Harley Davidson Harley Night in the Park Courthouse Square Downtown Warren 4-11pm 4pm Ride in Bike Show, 8pm Rodeo Games Food Music Beer 50/50 Cash Rewards Bike Show Signups 4-5pm $5 per bike Judging 5pm-7pm General Public Welcome For More Information Call (330) 395-4700 September 16, 2012 Teddy Bear Run To Akron Children’s Hospital Adventure Harley-Davidson Dover, OH Registration: 9am-10:30am Bikes Out @ Noon $15/person or $5/person + New Teddy Bear For More Information Call: (330) 364-6519 September 16, 2012 March of Dimes Bikers for Babies Harley-Davidson Sales & Service Napoleon, OH For More Information Call 419-592-7132 September 22, 2012 Regulators Bar & Grill The Lucas Childers Memorial Event Poker Run Registration Starts @10:30am Last Bike Out @12:00 noon Last Bike in @6pm

$15.00 Single $20.00 couple Meal Provided for Paid Riders, $6.00 for Non-Riders All Day Entertainment Kid Friendly event. Pony Rides, Inflatables for the kids, ETC. 50/50 Raffles & Music All Day Chili Cook-off Starts @12:00 noon with Next Of Kin Band starting @ 7pm. Proceeds Raised go to Drug Awareness for the Youth of Marion County For More Information Call 740-382-6054 September 22, 2012 Open House Carlton Harley-Davidson Mantua, OH All Day Event For More Information Call: (330) 274-3141 September 22, 2012 Christmas for Kids Ride Harley-Davidson Sales & Service Napoleon, OH For More Information Call 419-592-7132 September 22, 2012 2nd Annual Mac N Cheez Challenge Cleveland’s Original HarleyDavidson Sales Company Cleveland, OH For More Information Call Stephanie @ (216) 252-3111 September 22nd, 2012 Songwriters Series featuring Brian White Concert open to the public starting at 7 pm Powder Keg Harley-Davidson Mason, OH For more information call (513) 204-6962 September 22, 2012 Ride the Circuit Run Visit all Three Dealerships in One Day

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

presented by And Help Grant a Child’s Wish Mad River Harley-Davidson Sandusky, Ohio Adventure Harley-Davidson Dover, Ohio Rubber City Harley-Davidson Akron, Ohio For More Information Call 419-502-2244 September 29, 2012 Dennis P. Addy Scooter Trash Bash Memorial Ride Roeder Racing & Service Monroeville, OH First bike out 10:30am, Last bike in 2:30pm Music 1pm-6pm Bike Show, 50/50, Raffles, Food $10 Preregistration begins September 1st For More Information Call 419-465-2247 or www. September 29, 2012 Final Bike Night Thiel’s Wheels Upper Sandusky, OH 3:00-6:00pm Live music, food, beer & Harley raffle Must be present to win For More Information Call (419) 294-4951 September 29, 2012 H-D Day @ BGSU Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, OH 3:30 PM September 29, 2012 Rally for the Troops Bike Run Towne House Tavern Marion, OH Registration starts at 10 am First bike out 12 noon - Last Bike in 6pm

10.00 entry fee, 15.00 per couple Live bands 3 pm-9 pm Music by Jimmy Forbis 9 pm – 1am Wet T-shirt Contest, Food, Beer, 50/50 Proceeds to benefit kids of fallen soldiers September 29th, 2012 Lady Riders Against Cancer Blanket Ride Benefiting Operation Thank You Registration starts at 9 am. Vendors and Three Live Bands Powder Keg Harley-Davidson Mason, OH For more information call (513) 204-6962 September 29th, 2012 Make-A-Wish Saturday Mad River Harley-Davidson Sandusky, Ohio In Store Poker Run - High Hand $300 Gift Card Low Hand $150 Gift Card Chinese Auction and Free Auctions For More Information Call 419-502-2244 October 10th-14th, 2012 Thunder Beach Autumn Rally Panama City Beach, FL October 18th-21st, 2012 Biketoberfest Daytona, FL October 28, 2012 Walneck’s Swap Meet Clark County Fairgrounds Springfield, OH $6/person 14 and under free November 1st-4th, 2012 Lone Star Rally Galveston, TX   79


Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

K.I.S.S. page composed & edited by: Toni McCoy Shearon of Tennessee These are just a few of the many, fabulous recipes on “The Chew” this week. O.C. Bikefest PRETZEL COVERED PORK CHOPS 1 10 pack of center-cut pork loin chops *Pound them with meat mallot until 1/2” thick. 2 Eggs; lightly beaten 1/4 Cup of All-Purpose Flour 1-1/2 Cups of Sourdough Pretzels; pulsed in food processor, or just put in gallon size zip lock bag, leave open just a fraction and roll over & over with rolling pin until fine ground. 1/2 Stick of Butter Salt & Pepper to Your Taste Set up 3 pie pan shape bowls; one filled with flour, one with beaten egg mixture and one with ground pretzels. Season your chops on both sides with S&P and any other spices you prefer; rosemary goes great w/ pork, as does mint or sage. Mix spices in a small bowl and rub all over chops. Meanwhile get a pan medium hot, but get it searing hot, drag all chops thru your three mixtures; First dredge in flour, then beaten egg bath, then onto pretzel dredge. Cover them thoroughly and pat them down into the pretzels to hold onto and cling to chops. Heat butter in a BIG skillet or an electric or flat electric skillet. Put them in when a drop of water in skillet jumps back; you want that nice sizzle when dropping your chops If you’re doing on grill, you can fit all of them in, other-wise, just do in (2) batches. When done place on plate covered with 3 sheets of paper towels to drain off excess grease. Keep in warm 200 oven until 2nd batch done. These are so crunchy outside and the pretzel flavor just soaks it all up, It’s easy to make, but baby, wayyyyyy easier to eat. These go quick! Go get ya’ some. CAULIFLOWER GRATIN (fancy name for cheese) 1 Head of Fresh Cauliflower (very inexpensive). Cut into cauliflower and cut up into clusters, like you’ve seen done to the frozen kind. 3 Tbls. of All-Purpose Flour 4 Tbls. of Real Butter or Quality Margarine (ICBINB)_ (I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter) 2 Cups of Whole Milk Sprinkle gently with Nutmeg 1 Cup of Shredded Gruyere cheese Salt & Pepper to Taste Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

Bring a large pot of salted water to a hard boil. Drop the clusters of cauliflower into boil. Don’t let go too long. About 5 mins. max. Make sure still stiff, don’t let it go limp on you (no woman appreciates that). Drain cauliflower and place into an ice bath to completely stop them from cooking any longer. In a saucepot, heat butter over medium heat. In a saucepan, heat up your butter or margarine, Mix it all around carefully until all flour incorporated; should be a gray-pale yellow color. Let this remain to cook down for about 2-3 minute to get that flour taste out. This process should be done fast and steady. Then, add your milk and nutmeg a little at a time while still whisking. Salt, Pepper & Nutmeg to taste. Next, add your cheese generously. Spread it all out. Place all in open lid casserole dish and bake for in a 300 degree oven for 30 minutes. Make sure the top gets brown & bubbly. Just be sure to layer the cheese & other ingredients but also have enough of the sauce to add as a dunk-in dip. This cheese gravy is actually perfect for the pork. O.C. Bikefest GRILLED WATERMELON 1 big, long, juicy watermelon Get a really good knife and make sure it’s sharp Cut deep into the wa watermelon several lines along the length, then cut across the other way to create a chess effect. I love to grill watermelon and get grill marks on it which makes it much sweeter and succulent. Now, while watermelon chunks on medium grill, remember, they don’t have to grill for long. Just throw together some fresh mint, garlic, olive oil, basil and mix it all up to pour over baby spinach or any lettuce of your desire. This is so refreshing and perfect for September evenings. CUCUMBER & HONEYDEW MARGARITA’S 2 Cups of Honeydew Melon 1 Cup pf Seedless, Peeled Cucumber plus extra round discs for garnish 1/4 cup of Mint 2 Tbls. Honey 1/2 Cup of Lime Juice 2 Cups of Tequila Take a Marqarita glass, slide a slitted cucumber all around rim of glass and dip into a flat plate of salt. Throw in a cup of cubed ice for frozen style or blend longer and just pour over cubes of ice. Either way goes down smoothas honey....dew. 81


Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

Three Bikers, a Honda Rider, a BMW Rider and a Harley Rider were sitting in a sauna. Suddenly, there was a continuing beeping sound. The Honda Rider pressed his forearm and the beeping stopped. The others looked at him questioningly. “That was my pager, “he said, “I have a micro chip under the skin of my arm.” A few minutes later a phone rang. The BMW Rider lifted his palm to his ear. When he finished he explained, “That was my mobile phone. I have a micro chip in my hand.” The Harley Rider felt decidedly low tech. Not to be outdone, he decided he had to do something just as impressive. He stepped out of the sauna and went to the bathroom. He returned with a piece of toilet paper hanging from his butt.

Thunder Roads® Magazine OHIO

The others raised their eyebrows and stared at him. The Harley Rider finally declared… “Well, will you look at that, I’m getting a fax!” _____________________________________________ Father O’Malley answers the phone. “Hello, is this Father O’Malley?” “This is the IRS. Can you help us?” “I’ll try.” “Do you know a Ted Houlihan?” “I do.” “Is he a member of your congregation?” “He is.” “Did he donate $10,000 to the church?” “He will”.



Thunder Roads速 Magazine OHIO

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