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ith the talent pool in Sacramento getting deeper and more diverse, the members of Humble Wolf have no problem diving into that pool to bring their fans a bare naked blues driven rock sound. From their catchy guitar riffs to their emotional vocals, they have created a niche all their own and with their long awaited album, “Black and White� Humble Wolf is going to take Sacramento by the reins. 4 Threat Con Nation Magazine

Jayson (Vocals, Guitar and Keys) Chris (Backing Vocals and Guitar) David (Bass Guitar) Jesse (Kit Coda) (Drums)

Tell us about the new album.

David: And we’re in lots of bands. It’s not just one band.

Jayson: It’s going to be pretty sweet. It goes from mellow to heavy, from 0 to 60. I mean, the first album was pretty mellow. It has a bit of heavier stuff, but most of it is pretty mellow. This one is a really good eclectic mix. Since it was all recorded at one studio with the same producer, it blended pretty well together. We recorded with Sean Stack at Fat Cat Studio. He is the f*cking man.

Jayson: David and I are in 4 or 5 bands together. Jesse and I are in 2 bands. This is just one of the main original bands where we can do original and be creative. We also do cover tunes in other bands. We do some hard guitar covers like Led Zepplin and Deep Purple.

Chris: Yeah, it’ll be eclectic but cohesive. Eclecive. We just made a new word. Beer was involved. I refuse to play on any track without beer.

Chris: Someone is always playing. We are always performing. This is just where our creative juices go. We’re playing at Back 9 Bar & Grill with Poindexter on April 19th, which is my birthday show. Dave plays guitar in Poindexter.

In this local scene, metal seems to be the most popular genre. Has that effected what you guys have in store for Sacramento? David: No, I would argue that there’s a lot of metal bands, but it’s not the most popular genre in this area. Jayson: If you go to House Of Hits though, it’s all metal, even venues sometimes. David: It depends on what clubs you’re playing. If you play in bars and clubs like we do, it’s mostly cover bands or pop and R&B bands. I don’t think that what they’re doing is taking away from anything that we’re doing and what we’re doing is not taking away from what they’re doing. How does being in a band effect your daily lives? Chris: I’m a full time musician so it’s business as usual. All of us except for Jason teach music. It’s just a job, you wake up every day and you get to do what you love. This is work, but who wouldn’t want to get paid to do this?

David: Why didn't I have a birthday show? That would have been great! We’ll play at any birthday show. Chris will play it naked. Jayson: We can bring socks or body paint. Jesse: I need a stocking, not a sock , by the way. What Could be changed about the local music community? Jayson: It is definitely a community. I think that’s what could change. We could be more of a community. People could definitely help each other out more, rather than be in competition with one another. I think it would be better if everyone worked together because there’s a lot of, I wouldn’t say hostility, but competition between bands. There are small groups of bands that work with other bands without reaching out to new bands and trying something different. Chris: There’s a lot of talented musicians in Sacramento that don’t get opportunities to play because they don’t know the right continued

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venues to play or have the right connections to play. I think boosting networking between musicians and getting musicians more venues and places to play that would cater to different styles of music and not just what is already here would benefit all of us.

there was packed.

David: I actually think the music scene is changing. I think that more musicians are networking with each other than were before. The main thing is to just continue showcasing Sacramento talent like Jeremy Briggs and James Cavern and getting them to help bring people together and play more shows like ‘Concerts In The Park’ and ‘Roseville Live’ and having more music festivals.

Jayson: Naked. I don’t wear clothes much in my apartment. I don’t have a need for them. I recorded the song, ‘Earth’ in 2 hours naked in my apartment.

Using one word, tell me how you feel when you are creating new material. Chris: Splendifforious, that’s my word.

David: Swag Jayson: Yolo

Jesse: Beast What does Humble Wolf want out of being in a band? In your opinion, what do you think musicians, promoters, and venues could do to Jayson: I want to tour at least for a year or 2 get more people out to shows? just to be able experience it. Jayson: Make every show five dollars or free Jesse: I would agree with that. More fans. and it’s really hard because I know that peoMore people to enjoy listening to our music. ple also get narrow minded on Facebook and I always forget to go be on Facebook for inJayson: We’re all individually grounded so I viting people to shows. People tell me they think we can handle it and enjoy the experi- didn’t know we had a show and I tell them it ence. was on Facebook, but they don’t use Facebook. That whole demographic of nonChris: I would enjoy a vacation with these Facebook people does exist. dudes. Chris: I would have to agree with the five dolDavid: That would be a great vacation. To lar covers. There’s a big difference between travel around and play music. a five and a ten dollar cover. If there’s a show that’s five dollars, I can pack the place. If the Jesse: It would be cool to go to another show is ten dollars, we have our hardcore country. fans, but a lot of times, people don’t go for it. It may not seem like a big difference, but Jayson: Australia’s music community is when you think about it, that’s two drinks f*cking great. We happen to have friends in people could spend at the venue. The band can have a bunch of people come out and every major city. the venue benefits more through drink sales Chris: I’m a dual citizen and Jayson met his from the money that didn’t go towards the wife there. Every show I’ve ever been to over cover. 6 Threat Con Nation Magazine

David: I think if promoters made more events that weren’t based on bands bringing people. If promoters combined different elements, maybe a live music festival or finding local celebrities to bring in for local support. Maybe radio stations getting together for a local festival. Those events will draw people in more and there would be less focus on forcing the bands to do the all of the promoting..

make sure we are giving venues what they need as long as they’re clear about what they want in a performance and following the contracts. You usually have a written agreement.

Jayson: Sometimes the venue will say, Oh you only played 2 hours instead of 3, but they told us to stop earlier. Just doing little things to shaft bands. We’ve never been shafted, but we’ve heard stories from other bands that Venues expect certain things from a band. were shafted by venues and venues being What does Humble Wolf expect from a shafted by bands . venue? David: Which comes back to communicating Jayson: A place to play. Sometimes we’ll play what they need. If they need you to promote a venue and there’s nowhere to play, No and not play shows around the gig day, then stage. They don’t even clear out a space. just tell the bands that. At the same time, if That doesn’t happen very often though. It’s you made an agreement, you should honor probably pretty rare. that agreement. David: I would say common professional What is the most rewarding aspect of courtesy. Tell us what you want and we’ll continued

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being in a band?

and for coming out and seeing some shows and supporting our craft.

Jesse: Playing music with your friends. Chris: Chicks. I’m the only single guy in the band so I’m cool with that. David: It’s something to do. Chris: Unity. I just love being able to create something with other minds and collaborating and creating something together. Jayson: Seeing something come to life is really rewarding. If there is anything you would want to relay to your fans, what would it be? Jayson: Keep supporting local music. Chris: Thank you for listening because if we didn’t have you people to listen, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. David: Thank you for supporting local music 8 Threat Con Nation Magazine

Jesse: If you guys haven’t seen Humble Wolf, check us out because it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride up and down and all around. We definitely appreciate all the fans that we have out to our shows. The new album, Black and White, is coming out and we are super excited.

It was a warm, sweaty night at the Boardwalk in May 2012 when I first saw Street Urchinz. It was a night filled with hard, fast punk and bombastic ska bands, but Street Urchinz were something different. After running myself ragged in the mosh pit, I was able to stand back and take in the band as a whole. It was like watching a blend of Sublime and Motley Crue; you were having a great time kicking back and listening and they were having a great time just being there and playing for you. This blend of energy was infectious and made for a great time, especially when they start into their fan favorite “Pass The Jager”, during which Jager shots just kind of materialized in front of me. Fast forward to now, and the Street Urchinz have broadened their horizons dramatically. Playing with local mainstays like ZuhG, Stellar: A Tribute To Incubus, The Denver J Band, and many more, they have secured their roots in Sacramento. Aside from playing Sacramento’s main venues, like Ace of Spades, Harlow’s, and the Press Club, they have also been able to play abroad at places like the

Blue Lake Casino and in cities like Santa Cruz and San Francisco, all without having to inundate their set with Top 40 covers. With influences like Sublime, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix they are able to hold an audience in rapt, fun-filled attention with whatever they are playing. Led by guitarist/lead singer/founding member, Tommy Norman, they have been rocking steadily and tenaciously since October 2010. However, they didn’t exactly hit the ground running as a band. As Norman muses, “We started out by playing acoustic guitars under the bridge in between Old Sac and The [K Street] Mall to get spare change to pay the rent (laughs). And it has, kind of, just grown from there” The reason I mention Norman as a founding member, is mainly because he is the only remaining founding member of the band’s original line up. Supported by Russ Fluty (Keyboards), Jake Crain (Bass), Doug Riggs (Rhythm Guitar), and Alan Ferreira (Drums), Norman and the Urchinz have soldiered on through the Sacramento music, continued

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steadily gaining notoriety as they played more and more shows. One of their big breakthroughs was being one of the opening acts for Matisyahu at the Ace of Spades in October 2012, which helped to serve as the spark for their traveling tendencies, in regards to shows. As I chat with Norman, Crain, and Fluty at their practice space in Sacramento, all sorts of traveling stories come up, but here is one that causes them to pause. In September 2013, Street Urchinz were playing a show in South Lake Tahoe at Whiskey Dick’s Saloon when, as Crain put it, “With this local [South Lake Tahoe] band called Weapon...they got there and said that their drummer had quit on them that Alan [Ferreira] filled in for them and totally killed it”. Through a less than elaborate series of gestures and foot stomping, Weapon and Ferreira were able to hammer out their set and, according to Norman, “It was like they had been playing together for years (laughs)”.

From silly instances like these abroad, to opening for Sacramento institution Arden Park Roots at Ace of Spades in October 2013, Street Urchinz were, and still are, a traveling band. In just talking to them, one can feel that they have seen their fair share of differences between the Sacramento music scene and, well, everywhere else. Feeling adventurous, I asked them what they thought of the scene as a whole, and was pleasantly surprised at what I got. Crain states, “It’s a very interesting scene, at least as far as artists that play in Sacramento. It’s not something you’d really find in most major cities”. While I get a slightly different idea from Norman, who states, “ I like the way the crowds go walking around [in Santa Cruz]...people are actively looking for entertainment and regardless of what the band sounds like, they’ll stay and have a couple of beers...That doesn't really happen around here [Sacramento]...I have figured out that around here you have to be more entertaining, to give someone something to watch”. Regardless of your opinion of the scene here in Sacramento, Norman and Crain are both right and try to adhere to these ideas through their band. They both love their city, and bring that necessary entertainment that Norman mentioned. It’s a bit of a win-win on their end, in the long run.

Ross Fluty 10 Threat Con Nation Magazine

Opinions and stories aside, Street Urchinz has cranked out plenty of material for your listening pleasure. They released their first full-length album, “Dissolve” in 2012. They even got the chance to record said album at Pus Cavern: the same place where Cake did

Jake Crain

many of their recordings. They are also planning a new release for Summer of 2014 called “Drinking Problems”, which is recorded at the same location. When I ask them about the future in regards to the new album, Fluty kicks into a rousing rendition of “On The Road Again”, to which there is a boisterous amount of laughter accompanied with it. After a split second of cluelessness, Norman fills me in on the rest of their upcoming plans. On May 2nd, Street Urchinz are opening for Fortunate Youth at The Assembly,in Downtown Sac, and on May 10th they are playing at The Blarney Stone, in Orangevale. After which, they will complete “Drinking Problems”, then head out on a tour of Oregon, Arizona, and all along the coast and valley of California. Hitting major cities like Portland, Phoenix, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and San Diego, Street Urchinz are hoping to spread their name far and wide. Norman mentions, “Santa Cruz has a lot of love for us...down there they all just come screaming out and have a good time”. Street Urchinz have also taken to the internet en masse. Their aforementioned website has a full list of live and studio tracks, including their latest single, “Wanting You”, which has its own music video that is on their Youtube channel StreetUrchinz. They also have their own pages on Instagram, Twitter, iTunes, Pandora, and Facebook. No matter what avenue you choose to listen to these guys in, you will be enthralled by the fun-loving theme to all their music. If you are looking to depart from the norm and cut loose, Street Urchinz are just right for you. - Stefan Adcock, Threat Con Nation Contributor Tommy Norman

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Once An Empire front woman, Melissa McGregor shares her passion for photography and graphic design. To see more of her work, go to and visit her Facebook page. Has photography always been an interest raphy, and I draw and paint. of yours? Have you ever taken your photography I got really into photography in high school and mixed it with other elements of art and it’s kind of funny because that’s where I that you’re into? was initially introduced to Sacramento’s muI have done photo collages. I went around sic scene aside from my friends being in bands and going and watching them perform. and took pictures of bugs and spiders, then I blew them up really big and layered a bunch It got me to see other bands and take pictures of other people. So I did a lot of that in of other photos together on Photoshop. I high school with a 35 mm film camera. Yes, it haven’t painted in awhile, but I have printed some of the photos I’ve done and sketched was actually film. Now I can plug my little card into the computer. Before that, I had to them. take my film in to be processed. It was old Do you offer your services for weddings school. or parties? You’re also a graphic designer? I do everything. Graphic Design, photog12 Threat Con Nation Magazine

Definitely. I’ve done photos for a wedding. I have some of them up on my Facebook page

and website for anyone interested in seeing my work. What I’ve been doing recently is portraits and live music photos. I actually took Once An Empire photos before I was in Once An Empire.

I like high contrast with really dark shadows and really bright whites to make things dramatic. Are there any tips you can give us for taking better photos?

My biggest thing is to try to find an angle that Are you one of these pushy photographers that push people out of the way for nobody is expecting or is rarely captured. a shot? The more pictures you take the better beNot usually, but I did have some moments at cause you will have more options. I filled two The Assembly for the Some Fear None show. 4 gig SD cards at The Assembly show and I only photographed three bands. Out of all There were people packed all the way up against the stage. I’m usually pretty nice. I’ve those, I had maybe 15 or 20 photos for each had incidences where people will have their band that I ended up keeping. phones out for their boyfriend’s band and Who’s your favorite photographer? they’re taking videos of him. I don’t want to get in the way of that. I’m sure they are going On a local level, it would have to be Dan McGlade. He could get shots of people’s to appreciate that just as much as they appreciate the pictures I’m taking. It’s just cour- backs and it would be interesting to look at. tesy. I wouldn’t want someone doing that to He took a photo of Some Fear None walking to the edge of the stage and it’s just their me. backs. Just the raw feeling of it is amazing. What are your personal photo style preferences? Threat Con Nation Magazine 13

14 Threat Con Nation Magazine


ace To The Bottom has been Get your copy of Stereotypical from busy in the studio and are ex- Race To The Bottom at their next show cited to release their first alor visit their ReverbNation page online. bum, “Stereotypical”. If you are looking for something completely new and inal to add to your eclectic music catalog, look no further because Race To racetothebottom The Bottom is about as original as it gets. The genre is rock, but there are so many different elements and influences that have gone into the songs they have created. It’s Pop Rock, it’s Pop Punk, it’s Alternative Rock and it catches your ear. It is music crafted with some extremely creative guitar hooks, imaginative lyrics and expressive vocals. Stereotypical is a fun mix of feel good music that will make you want to get up and move. Threat Con Nation Magazine 15

‘Head On’ As I fall from the heavens, where I have belonged for so long A turbulence rises past me on all sides and throws me about, Knowing only that gravity is presently making a claim on my life I struggle to right myself to face the end of this man head on In this life of mine, I have not learned to fear death Rather, I have conditioned myself to embrace the inevitable, Time was always against me as I resisted the whispers So now I claim this life as my own and give it up freely Newly determined, I force myself through a series of cloud formations Now a hunter of the earth below, she cannot hide from me for long, I dive with all the strength that I can generate from my able body Closing the distance on my prey sleeping quietly, unsuspectingly Finally, I see her just below me there, so peaceful for the moment Head on to meet her with the pains of a thousand damned souls, Open my arms and ready my grip for this strangle hold embrace…. She is warm to the touch, her heart stops, and it is over. Copyright © 2014 Nathan Giguiere

Send your letters, pictures, poems or drawings to:

8876 Vintage Park Drive Sacramento, CA 95828 (916) 405-6371 16 Threat Con Nation Magazine

Dear Ms. Back: I have a Facebook/Religion dilemma. Many friends ask for “prayers”, either for themselves or a loved one, for various reasons. My only contact with a lot of these friends is through Facebook. I am an Agnostic. It makes me uncomfortable to respond to the expectation that I should pray – and although I truly want to support my friends I am tempted to remind them that many people don’t believe in their god or any god at all. How can I do this without being a colossal ass? Signed, J.D. Dear J.D.:

ness or injury. You can also prepare meals to provide a comfort when their stress levels prevent them from taking care of themselves properly. You can offer your Facebook and other social media friends your expressions of how much you care about them, and that you want things to improve for them. You can offer positive energy, healing vibes or good thoughts. Sometimes, a simple “thinking of you” does wonders. It lets your friends in crisis know that they are not alone. Thanks for asking, Hellen

Asking for help is hard. Sometimes people don’t know how to simply ask for support, or the act of asking increases their vulnerability and pain. Some people don’t know any other way of reaching out for sympathy and support except to ask people to pray for them. Noted Freethinker, Orator, and Agnostic Robert Green Ingersoll once said that “The hands that help are better far than the lips that pray”. Ask me your questions about life, sex, love, relationships, loss, work, Prayer is not an option for you, but compasrecipe tips.. whatever. sion and understanding are. Got something scandalous, embarFor your friends who are close by, you can offer support by action – offering transportation to an appointment or needed trip to the pharmacy. Offering to babysit, pet sit or do yard work would be an enormous relief for someone stressed from dealing with an ill-

rassing and/or illegal?

Send it to Hellen Back and remain anonymous. Hellen Back Facebook Hellen Back Twitter Threat Con Nation Magazine 17

The music is composed of intricate and Ghost Element melodic riffs and hooks, thick and heavy rhythms, fast alternating tempos, and Genre: Alternative Metal unique vocals reminiscent of the operatFrom: Sacramento, CA ic style you often find in classic metal, After a lot of anticipation, Alternative but injected with aggressive growls and Metal group, Ghost Element has remore raw muscle. Jeremy Friedlander’s leased their first single, “Cancerous” to vocals have a unique quality that the public via SoundCloud. Fans have breathe fresh air into today’s varied been patiently waiting for this milestone metal spectrum. since Ghost Element’s inception in 2013 and debut performance in their home No doubt fans patiently await more turf of Auburn, California. tracks and performances. Ghost Element is a band not to be missed in With influences like Iron Maiden, Mega- 2014. deth, Black Sabbath, and Avenged Sevenfold, you get a mix of past and present generations of metal along with a solely original twist. ghostelementmusic

18 Threat Con Nation Magazine

a legacy passed on through the generations. Behind a dark brick building that didn’t look anything like a temple, sat a tiny grass lot. Tucked away in the far corner of the grass lot were three massive oak trees and an old rotted bench. The lawn and trees were maintained by staff, but long forgotten by students after the new cafeteria was built on the opposite side of campus. Other than the random sub getting a smoke between classes, the lot was abandoned and quiet.

Meet Jacob, an introverted musician who stumbles onto a path few of us have had the opportunity to walk. By strange luck, he embarks into the unknown. The destination– A secret place inside us all where the truth can either enlighten or destroy. Is the cost of such a trip too great? ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪

I lay spread eagle on that lawn every day for 45 minutes of peace. Friends visited only to leave when they found my nods and grunts not much for company. I liked to close my eyes and imagine their words drift out of their mouths, float into the sky and fade away like helium balloons. One by one, friends gave up. I had more on my mind than dances or summer jobs.

I didn’t want to go to college and I didn’t want to get a job, but it scared me to think this was Part 1: Girls the way it was supposed to go. You go to school. You get a job, get married, and have The sharp bite of winter was beginning to kids only to die an old man with nothing but fade out of the air. Heaviness was lifted off us an almost paid mortgage and years of filed like shedding skin and we were happy to pieces of paper showing your worth. It store our thick coats for another year. As our seemed crazy to me. How do people do that day of graduation edged closer, the talk in and feel content? I couldn’t see myself living school was of spring dances and weekend my life that way. parties. My time behind The Temple didn’t always inGirls smiled and giggled more, Guys became volve philosophical self-discussions. Somebolder and more anxious. The screws turned times I imagined what it would be like to setighter and the increasing chatter was unduce my band teacher, Ms. T. She was one nerving. The questions from friends that I had of the youngest teachers in the school and no answers for: My summer plans, jobs, col- she had a plump round ass that begged to be lege, girls and the raging hormones that touched when she leaned over her desk. I’m come with spring– All of it was maddening. I pretty sure she never wore underwear bewas feeling edgy ready to snap. cause you could see the contours of each cheek through her skirt. I wanted to trace This was when I started to spend my free them with my fingertips and feel the weight of period behind the temple, but the temple those glorious things in my hands. Somewasn’t really a temple. The name was a bit of times I imagined unbuttoning the blouses she Threat Con Nation Magazine 19

wore and getting a good look at the mystery underneath. I think every guy in class wanted to know that secret. She seemed to take an extra interest in me that year. Her eyes darted my way more often and her smile became more personal, like a message I was supposed to pick up on. Maybe it was just my imagination.

1 Papa Roach

6 some fear none

“Jacob, come here a minute.”

2 Tesla


She sat on her desk with her legs crossed and waved me back into class after the bell rang. Some of those scenarios I had cooked up behind The Temple started just like this. I felt my face get hot. It was like a prophecy come true– Until she opened her mouth. “How are you doing? You seemed distracted in class today.” “I’m o.k. Just going with the flow since we only have a few more months I guess.” “What are your plans after graduation?” She asked. I really didn’t have an answer, but I knew where she was going with her questions. She wanted to make sure I had a plan. The awesome plan every senior should have. I had heard the word “plan” entirely too much that year and was already wincing on the inside every time somebody brought it up. “I’ll probably get a job working with my dad at the deli and teach guitar to people on the side or something.” continued


3 frank hannon 4 restrayned 5 vanishing affair


8 river city after party 9 hero’s last mission 100zeroclient

ALTERNATIVE 1 march into paris

6 I am strikes

2 fate under fire


3 lonely avenue

8 old screen door

4 fair struggle

9 Total recall

5 once an empire



METAL 1 lifeforms

6 dead in seconds

2 plague widow

7 fallrise

3 havenside

8 entities

4 lifeforms

9 kill the precedent

50 black

100 graveshadow

She seemed satisfied with this and said, “You ankle shot through me, leaving a warm pudwill keep it up with guitar then?” dle sensation in the valley of my lower back. My feet were numb and bloated from the bite The truth was, the only thing I was sure of the metal cuffs. about was that I was going to keep playing the guitar. Is this a dream? I was this pale skinny awkward kid that somehow attracted girls despite being the kind of guy that gets overlooked. I knew which girls were interested in me. It was hard not to notice how their faces changed when they spotted me in the halls. Knowing their secret bolstered my confidence. It gave me a rush like nothing else. I dated a lot of them at the beginning of the year and found myself in a fevered groping mesh of naked limbs at one time or another. I never planned these encounters, but I wasn’t complaining either. I was young and having fun, but eventually I realized how similarly boring they all were. ▪▪▪▪ Is this my punishment for how I treated them? Is this my karma? If it is, then that just isn’t fair. I never planned to go that far with any of them and when I grew tired of them, well that can’t be blamed on me. Was I supposed to suffer through their boring conversations just because they wanted to me as much as I wanted to them? They were young and naïve, but so was I.

▪▪▪▪ I met Amy behind the Temple with one month left of school. She was in photography and came to take pictures for her last class project. I remember it was especially warm that day. The girls had started to wear tank tops and shorts. Their legs were tanned from weekends by the pool and days spent at the lake. I didn’t hear her approach. My eyes were closed and I heard nothing but the rustle of leaves through the trees until the insect scuttle sound of the camera’s shutter opening and closing just above me. I opened my eyes to see her stumble back in surprise. She lowered the camera. “You don’t mind, do you?” She asked. “Well, kinda.” The smile on her face fell. “It’s just there’s nothing but the stupid trees to take pictures of around here. I’ll get rid of the photos. I didn’t mean to bother you.”

I was still lying flat on the ground as she shiftIf I try hard, I can still feel the blades of grass ed her weight from one leg to the other. From between my fingers. I can still see the clouds the angle, I could almost see up her shorts. I passing over the trees casting dark speckled sat up before she noticed me looking. light and shadows on my body. I was swim“It’s alright. You just surprised me a little.” ming in it. I can hear the distant laughter of young people waiting for their lives to begin Her brown hair was pulled back into a sloppy while I dream. I can hear Amy breathing in bun. She slinked down to the ground and slow and soft right next to me. My God it leaned back on her arms. We sat in silence hurts. I want to go home. I will track each and as we watched the trees sway over us until every single one of them down. I will apolo- the bell rang. gize to them if I can just leave this place. “Well, see you later.” She sprang up and An electric current of pain starting at my left marched away. Threat Con Nation Magazine 21

We hardly spoke to each other at first, instead nodding to each other when we met up. I started to wonder if she was coming for my company or the location. She wasn’t like the girls I was used to. She didn’t try to fill the silence with mindless talking and she didn’t expect anything from me. ▪▪▪▪

streaking across one pink nipple when she turned to me. “I don’t know if this is going to work” She said. I wasn’t sure how to respond to that. The truth was, I was a little amused at the way her brow wrinkled up after she finished talking.

How long have I been here? I have to piss. I will have to piss on myself eventually. When I can’t hold it anymore, I’ll have to piss on my- “What are you talking about?” I reached out self and let it make little streams all over me for one breast and she swatted me away. and it will dribble up my nose. “We’ve been dating for years and It’s starting ▪▪▪▪ to feel like I’ve wasted my time. Some of my We named our band, “Behind The Temple”. It friends are married and having babies and I just get this feeling like you’re not that into just seemed right and the guys seemed to get a kick out of it. We had enough songs for me. Do you even love me?” She looked down and covered herself as if she were ashamed. a full length EP that summer. None of us could really afford to produce a professional recording, so a full length EP was more a dream than a reality, but we had hope and we had slowly acquired enough of a following to continue performing. Amy was living downtown in an old apartment complex masked in trees. Her roommate was moving to Las Vegas to live with her sister. She had hinted around about us living together. I knew she couldn’t afford the rent on her own and I was looking to finally get out of my parent’s house, but everything in me said moving in with her was a bad idea. The idea of a domestic partnership felt like prison. She invited me over for dinner. It was one of the few times I had actually been in her home. We had a few drinks and ended the night in the big brass bed I helped her find at a garage sale earlier that year. Afterwards, she sat up, letting the covers slide off her naked breasts. The lights outside shot through the mini blinds sending bright white streaks of light over us and I was admiring the light 22 Threat Con Nation Magazine

“Sure, I love you. You know me better than any woman I’ve ever been with.” She held the blanket close to her and said, “That’s what scares me.”

Coming in May Part 2: The Hook

Lyrical Dissection Have you ever heard someone try to interpret Heavy Metal lyrics while using traditional guidelines, or under the terms of current social norms? If so, it probably wasn't much of a surprise when, in the end, they just ”Didn't Get It”…

fers to seek out what is meaningful, not towards what is considered socially, or politically correct.

Listening to this genre of music can make one feel empowered, as well as provide an unspoken feeling of equality among others around you. The true meaning behind Metal is simply; “If There's Nothing Left To Believe In....Then, Go Find Something Worth BelievI have found, rather than looking at Metal as ing!" a Traditional Song, it's actually much easier to comprehend it's message and/or meaning Metal can emphasize on Motif- (a short if you associate Heavy Metal Lyrics with Po- rhythm or melody in which longer sections of music are created), Metal can be Epicems, Literary Terms, and Devices. (relates to a larger than life hero, has imposing language with a serious tone), Metal can To begin with, Metal isn't like Pop-music. It will not easily conform. It's not going to be hold a Narrative structural base- (a series of traditional. It's not easily produced and repro- events that connect in order to create deep, duced, nor will it incorporate popular trends meaningful and truthful stories). or lifestyles to cater ( or sometimes, pander) to listeners of mainstream pop radio music. See - It's easy, just associate the lyrics from a Metal song with Formal writing styles/ Literary works! The sounds of Metal screams and emphasiz- ______________ es the word “Heavy”. Metal pulls much of its Literary Devices often found in Heavy Metal: inspiration from the hardcore truths of life. • personification Little is easily perceived. Lacking a Solid-set • allegories of socially accepted Morals, you may not find • figurative language much material on the latest ”popular beliefs”. • imagery • metaphors • synecdoche Heavy Metal lyrics literally slice through words, symbols, and theories. It can remind us of our mortality, that we can't control how ~Johnna Dean, 2014 long our lives will be as well as any inherited abilities we may or may not possess. It preThreat Con Nation Magazine 23

Vanishing Affair


The Stalking Distance

Hard Rock





A UNIQUE ENERGETIC SOUND IN THE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA MUSIC SCENE officialvanishingaffair graveshadow thestalkingdistance

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Threat Con Nation Magazine Issue 7  

Humble Wolf Street Urchinz Ghost Element

Threat Con Nation Magazine Issue 7  

Humble Wolf Street Urchinz Ghost Element