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Millennium  Point  

Director  of  Communications,  Marketing  and  Events   September  2013   Version  1.0       Salary  Range:  £44  -­‐  48,000  per  annum  

    The  Role       Dynamic   Demanding   Diverse     “These   3   words   summarise   what   this   new   job   is   about.     We   are   ambitious,   driven   and   here   to   make  a  difference.     In  this  exciting  and  varied  role,  you  will  be  tasked  with  raising  the  profile  of  Millennium  Point   and  its  assets  amongst  audiences  locally,  nationally  and  internationally.         You  will  lead  the  marketing,  communications  and  events  team,  developing  and  implementing   innovative   PR,   digital   marketing,   communications,   and   events   strategies   to   help   us   reach   new   audiences  and  win  new  business  opportunities.    There  will  be  a  huge  focus  on  delivery.     If  you  are  seeking  the  regular,  standard,  “every  day  is  the  same”  kind  of  job  –  this  is  not  for   you.     We   are   seeking,   very   purposefully,   a   person   who   will   work   directly   with   me   and   develop   our  new  vision  and  make  it  a  reality.     I  really  believe  this  is  an  exceptional  opportunity.”     Philip  Singleton   CEO       Reporting  to:   The  position  reports  to  the  Chief  Executive  and  is  a  member  of  the  Executive  team.       Responsible  for:   Arts  and  Digital  Communications  Co-­‐ordinator   Events  and  Digital  Communications  Co-­‐ordinator   Marketing  and  Communications  Support  Officer        

Key  responsibilities       Strategic     • To   plan,   organise   and   direct   the   marketing,   communications,   events   and   arts   strategies  ensuring  alignment  with  the  organisation’s  1-­‐3  year  business  plan.   • To   prepare   comprehensive   and   detailed   reports,  with  strategic  recommendations,  for   Millennium  Point’s  Trust  and  Property  Boards.     • To  introduce  innovative  ways  of  engaging  with  audiences  and  winning  new  business   opportunities.     • To  develop  and  oversee  the  implementation  of  a  timely  programme  of  PR,  Marketing,     Communications   and   Events   management   activity   to   support   the   promotion   of   Millennium  Point  and  The  Giant  Screen  Cinema.       • To   manage   all   aspects   of   the   annual   marketing,   communications   and   events   budget   and  evaluate  spend  against  activity.     • To   creatively   develop   Millennium   Point’s   work   programme   utilising   the   4   themes   of   ‘Live,  Work,  Play  and  Move’.     Marketing  and  Digital     • To   act   as   the   ‘brand   champion’   ensuring   the   effective   roll   out   of   the   Millennium   Point   and   Giant   Screen   brand   across   the   building   and   in   all   internal   and   external   publications  (print  and  digital).   • To  create  and  execute  innovative  and  effective  marketing  campaigns.   • To   oversee   all   web   presence   for   The   Giant   Screen   Cinema   and   Millennium   Point.     This   includes  updating  and  maintaining  the  website  using  bespoke  CMS  systems.   • To   maximise   our   digital   presence   and   making   full   use   of   in-­‐house   and   external   resources  to  achieve  this.   • To   coordinate   and   implement   innovative   social   media   campaigns   to   encourage   audience  engagement  and  drive  visitor  numbers.     • To  produce  regular  monitoring  and  measuring  reports  to  enable  effective  assessment   of  communications  tools  and  outputs.   • To  maximise  audience  awareness  and  income  for  The  Giant  Screen  Cinema.   • To   commission   and   develop   marketing   materials   in   consultation   with   relevant   colleagues  ensuring  adherence  to  style  guides,  and  brand  guidelines.   • To  work  with  external  suppliers  and  consultants  to  produce  marketing  materials  and   publications.     • To   keep   abreast   of   competitor   activities   locally   and   nationally,   conducting   and/or   commissioning  market  research  analysis  as  appropriate     Corporate  Communications       • To   develop,   and   lead   on   the   delivery   of   a   detailed   crisis   communications   plan   for   Millennium  Point  and  The  Giant  Screen.   • To  drive  internal  communications  activity  to  ensure  that  the  whole  team  is  informed   and  engaged  in  our  work  programme.     • To   work   closely   with   IT   support   and   external   consultants   brought   in   to   assist   MP   in   its   delivery  of  work  outcomes.      

Public  relations     • To   maintain   and   develop   positive   relationships,   alongside   the   CEO,   with   media   and   other  key  stakeholders  to  achieve  regular,  well-­‐balanced  media  coverage.     • To   write   and   distribute   fit-­‐for-­‐purpose   press   releases   targeting   different   stakeholder   group  with  key  messages  for  business  and  consumer  press.   • To   work   with   regional   and   national   media   on   features,   arranging   press   visits,   film   previews  and  organising  competitions.     • To  act  as  the  first  point  of  contact  for  all  media  enquiries,  and  when  required,  acting   as  company  spokesperson.       Events  management     • To   oversee   the   delivery   and   growth   of   an   annual   events   programme   in   our   unique   event  spaces  to  showcase,  celebrate  and  inform  others.   • To  maximise  opportunities  to  promote  our  event  spaces  with  the  design  of  bespoke   packages   that   makes   Millennium   Point   stand   out   from   other   venues   in   the   city   region   and  generates  revenue  in  line  with  targets.       Partnership  Working     • Create  a  working  culture  that  encourages  effective  working  with  partners,  with  whom   we  deliver  the  majority  of  events  and  activities.                                                                                                                                      PERSON  SPECIFICATION       KNOWLEDGE,  SKILLS  &  EXPERIENCE           Essential   Desirable       § CIPR/CIM  Diploma     Qualifications   • Educated   to   degree   level   in   a     relevant  discipline   • A   recognised   marketing/PR   or   Communications  qualification         Experience  

• •

Significant  experience  in  a   marketing  /  media  role  or   environment   Experience  of  managing  a  team     Experience  of  copy  writing,  proof   reading  and  editing  and  reading   various  communications  channels   Experience  of  developing  large  

events  and  marketing  campaigns;   planning  through  to  delivery.       Skills  &   Knowledge  

• • • • •

• •

• •

• • • •

• •

  Exceptional  communications  skills   –  both  written  and  verbal.   Well  developed  organisational   skills   Ability  to  manage  multiple  tasks     Attention  to  detail   Knowledge  of  Microsoft  office   systems  –  including  PowerPoint,   Outlook,  Excel  and  Access.   Highly  IT  literate  and  experienced   in  working  with  customer   databases  and  CMS  systems   Ability  to  work  under  pressure,  to   tight  deadlines,  maintaining   confidentiality  and  prioritising   personal  tasks.   Creative  with  a  keen  eye  for   design  and  experience  of  print   and  production  processes   Ability  to  communicate,  negotiate   and  influence  at  all  levels   The  ability  to  work  autonomously   and  to  take  direction  and   feedback  constructively   Passionate  about  the   entertainment  industry   Highly  motivated,  flexible  self-­‐ starter,  able  to  recognise  and   exploit  publicity  opportunities.   Confident  talking  to  journalists   Political  awareness   Ability  to  collaborate  with   partners  with  differing  priorities.   Ability  to  deal  with  crisis   communications  situations  in  a   positive  and  effective  manner       Strong  leadership  and   motivational  skills   Excellent  time  management  and   scheduling  skills  



  Competency       Strategic  Vision  

  Leading   Influencing  

  Contextual   Astuteness  


  Required  Behaviours     • Retains  a  long-­‐term  focus  and  anticipates  wide  developments  on  a   timeframe  of  3-­‐5  years  or  more   • Sees  the  total  organisational  context  –  comments  intelligently  on   wider  processes  and  understands  the  views  of  external   stakeholders   • Knowledgeable  of  MPPL  vision,  strategy  and  direction  across  all   areas  –  relates  it  to  own  portfolio  of  activities         • Inspires  staff  and  delivery  partners  to  engage  fully  with  the  long   term  vision  and  purpose  of  MPPL   • Influences  successfully  at  Board  level  and  with  all  external  &   internal  stakeholders   • Gives  clear  direction  &  demonstrates  visible  leadership  –  holds  self   and  others  fully  accountable  for  delivery   • Enthuses  and  empowers  others  using  influence  rather  than   command     • Understands  the  underlying  social,  political  and  historical  factors   influencing  MPPL  and  uses  this  understanding  to  achieve  required   aims   • Knows  who  the  key  influencers  are  and  how  to  go  about  involving   them  to  shape  activities  and  deliver  results     • Understands  the  formal  and  informal  mechanisms  and   relationships  that  make  up  the  decision  making  process  of  the   organisation    

  MANAGEMENT       Competency     Delivering   Results  

  Required  Behaviours     • Translates  vision  and  strategic  priorities  into  meaningful  objectives   • Creates  comprehensive  plans  that  balance  the  full  range  of  factors  

Managing   Performance  


• • • •

and  mitigate  risks   Consistently  delivers  on  time  and  to  standard    

Manages  performance  against  clear  and  stretching  standards   Acknowledges  and  celebrates  success  –  addresses  poor   performance  honestly  and  promptly   Ability  to  prioritise  and  delegate  tasks  in  line  with  required   demands   Regarded  by  others  as  an  effective  role  model  for  performance,   continuous  learning  and  self  development  

    PERSONAL  DELIVERY       Competency       Communication  

  Building   &   Managing     Relationships  

  Customer   Focus     Decision   Making  

  Required  Behaviours     • Consistently  communicates  effectively  with  individuals  at  all   levels  from  both  within  and  outside  of  MPPL   • Communicates  with  confidence,  conviction  and  credibility   • Ability  to  distil  and  present  key  points  and  messages  from  a  range   of  disparate  and  often  complex  information  sources           • Encourages  inter  and  intra  organisational  collaboration  and   establishes  clear  principles  of  working   • Builds  a  broad  network  of  relationships  and  senior  contacts  across   the  sector   • Actively  promotes  knowledge  sharing  and  ensures  teams  take   account  of  lessons  learned   • An  effective  team  player,  demonstrates  loyalty  and  corporate   responsibility       • High   level   awareness   of   the   needs   of   internal   and   external   customers  and  the  impact  of  their  service  delivery       • Handles  complexity  and  identifies  the  heart  of  problems  to  create   clarity  and  act  decisively     • Brave  about  making  decisions  that  combine  data,  experience  and   intuition  –  can  act  or  decide  when  the  details  are  not  certain   • Balances  the  need  for  pace  with  rigorous,  evidence  based  analysis   • Thinks  beyond  process  and  able  to  identify  the  knock  on  effects   created  by  actions      

SELF  MANAGEMENT       Competency     Self  awareness  

  Self  confidence  


  Adaptability/   Flexibility  

  Self  Control  

  Required  Behaviours     • Understands  the  likely  implications  and  impact  of  emotions  and   actions,  both  on  self  and  others  in  a  range  of  situations.   • Is  aware  of  own  personal  strengths  and  development  needs   • Learns  from  experiences    and  takes  action  to  modify  own  behaviour   • Accepts  constructive  criticism   • Is  open  to  change       • Acts  with  confidence  and  self  assurance   • Takes  on  stretching  challenges  that  others  may  back  away  from.   • Prepared  to  challenge  the  status  quo  and  others  in  positions  of   power  in  pursuit  of  a  specific  goal.       • Demonstrates  a  sense  of  commitment  to  openness,  honesty,   inclusiveness,  loyalty  and  high  standards   • Ensures  financial  probity  at  all  times         • Actively  seeks  out  news  ways  of  doing  things  in  pursuit  of   continuous  improvement     • Embraces  and  promotes  new  approaches  when  appropriate   • Shows  willingness  to  lead  and  implement  change  as  the   organisation  evolves   • Shows  tolerance  for  ambiguity  and  unstructured  situations   • Changes  plans,  goals,  actions  and  priorities  to  deal  with   unpredictable  or  unexpected  events,  pressures,  situations  and  job   demands     • • •  

        September  2013  


Manages  own  responses  and  reactions  carefully  when  faced  with   demanding  situations.   Remains  objective  and  stable   Resists  the  temptation  to  take  over;  for  example,  when  leadership   has  been  delegated  to  others  or  when  working  in  collaboration   with  other  partners.  

Director of Marketing, Communications and Events (Sept 13)  

The Role Dynamic Demanding Diverse These 3 words summarise what this new job is about. We are ambitious, driven and here to make a differ...

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