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Inspiration – Museums, antiquities, etc Features: • Large centerpiece • Varied heights of plinths, podiums • Spot lighting • Small items are repeated to attract attention

Inspiration Cont’d Squaresoft store • Lighting from bottom on plinths • Raised floor with drop down model Would love to try something like this. Could be a good surprise when people walk in - I can look into pricing the plexiglass box, then its lighting and painting and seeing if we can pull off the floor

Floor Plans Inventory

Large Sculpture

Large Sculpture



Sales Sales Sales

Concept Sketches

• Centered 3D sculpture (centerpiece) • Varied height plinths • Sales and inventory in back

• Angled off center sculpture • Centered display shelves (centerpiece) • Sales and inventory in back

3D Printed Tiles • 12”x12”x12” boxes (In Ikea KALLAX)

• 12”x12” tiles – 3D printed • Pattern of faces in stone • For backing in model display cases

Lighting Options • Above or below sculptures • Flat for inside boxes • eVreSNVf219c1ezcnprBa80WmyT8dD4XN4N9rNe_RoCR Rfw_wcB

3D Printing Resources • Shapeways – most commonly used with sculptors I know • • Make sure model is hollow to reduce cost

Questions about the space • • • •

What can we do with lighting the booth? Are all the walls just drapes? What can we attach to the walls? Can we hang things from the ceiling? (Thinking models of flying creatures from the game to use the space more)

Kdeath presentation  
Kdeath presentation