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PORTFOLIO Thomas Funder-Nielsen Industrial Design BA - 30/1-2015 The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts


CV EDUCATION 2013 - 16

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts BA - Industrial and Product Design

Thomas Funder-Nielsen Industrial designer


The Scandinavian Design College Architecture and industrial design

Born 24 July, 1991 Copenhagen, Denmark

2009 - 11

Odense Tekniske Gymnasium Technology A, English A, Danish A, Design B


Watch Designer S. Weisz Uurwerken BV Design proposals for watchcase designs

2014 - ?

Seals Watches Design of bracelet for a new watch company

2014 - ?

Assistant sketching instructor The Scandinavian Design College 3 days workshop in teaching marker techniques


Illustrator ABS Airbag for Paschal+Heinz

ABOUT As long as I remember I have always been addicted to creating things. Like many kids Lego is one of the first experiences where I could create ideas directly from my head. After lego I began drawing and it became more an more a passion for me. To have the privilege as a designer to do what I love as a part of my education is something I really appreciate. I have many different interests, when it comes to industrial design and idea development. One I really appreciate is sustainable innovation and how products can be developed with a more eco friendly intention. The first project in my portfolio is a faucet, that can help saving water in industrial kitchens. Sustainability is something I want to incorporate in my projects. The Faucet was later selected by The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts to be exhibited at Ventura Lambrate, Milan 2015. The portfolio consists of various projects, that shows my ability to adapt to different problems and issues. It gives an idea of what I am able to create on basis of the criterias that are set in the existing projects.




Photoshop Solidworks Illustrator InDesign Sketchbook Rhino Keyshot

Freehand Sketching Digital Rendering Model Building 2D and 3D Marker Sketching

Mail: Phone: +45 21 51 48 79


Thomas Funder-Nielsen Kapelvej 54 ST 1 Copenhagen N Denmark

Danish English German Latin Swedish



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Sustainable faucet


Lazy susan


Smoke detector


Pomelo Shoe



Marker sketching



Various sketches and projects


Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts / Damixa

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

HAY Talent Award

Danish Design Watches and Seals Watches

Teaching at The Scandinavian Design College

Miscellaneous projects


SUSTAINABLE FAUCET With inspiration from the workflow in industrial kitchens, this faucet is created to raise the awareness about wasting water. The growing urbanization makes it more difficult to deliver

clean groundwater. This is the reason, why I wanted to create a more sustainable faucet, which could save water and minimize stress in the kitchen.





Building up to the maximum flow, so the amount of water can quickly reach the desired level.

When the user comes back is the water is filled in, far above the amount desired.


Due to several tasks, the wait will be used to oversee other tasks in the kitchen.

When there is too much water in the pot the excess of water is poured out


In this early part of the project it was important to undestand the shape and the function that could be applied to a fauced

Concept If you do not know the specific amount of water, the cylinder can be pulled out and you can quickly find the right amount manually.

In order to obtain the adjustment of the volume and temperature closest to the user, there is located a cylinder at the end of the faucet. by turning the wheel volume and temperature is adjustable.

Different muck-ups was created in foam. The faucet have a wheel at the end of the It was very important to do this to find the pipe so it is close to the user. Compared right proportions and size of the faucet. to traditional faucets it is not necessary to reach for the adjustment behind the sink.

At the end of the faucet a digital display is placed. This makes it easy to use and convenient when adjusting the temperature and the amount of water. When the user has selected the desired settings by turning the adjusting wheel,

the water begins to run with a single push at the end of the faucet. It stops automatically when it reaches the pre-set amount of water, so the user does not need to worry about turning off the faucet.



When the adjusting wheel is pushed in, the water stops running and the faucet goes in sleep mode. Pulling out the adjusting wheel, it is possible to use the faucet in manuel mode. This is a advantage when filling up small amounts of water


Liters of water

Deciliters of water

The selected water temperature

The faucet is made of plastic, because of a less complicated production and a much more affordable price compared to the current material: brass. Brass emits lead, so by taking the health

aspects in consideration, plastic would be a better solution and this is why this material was preferred.


LAZY SUSAN This project is about how different cultures can be combined and new products can be developed. The focus of this project is foodculture. Lazy Susan is a well known

product in Asia, but in Europe it is not something many people usually are familior with. The ending result is a new and different product.


Lazy Susan in various sizes.

in the 21 century, many changes are happening around the world. The connection between cultures have never been like today People are mixing food from many different cuisines. We are eating mexican, italien and japanes food, even though we are staying in the same city I wanted to create a product that could combine cultures. Taking knowledge from Asian and European culture.



Knife and fork

Idea development

After looking at the traditional Lazy Suzan as inspiration, it was interesting to see how new functions could be added. It was important to create a product that would have a aestetichs that would be interesting enough to have on a table permanently.

With arms that could be extended, it would be of great benefit for older people, so heavy pots can stay on the Lazy Susan

The Idea presented in 3d. The platform is created in wood and the rotating part at the top is made in steel.The product combines two very differently cultures. To visualize that the wood is made in Bamboo.

(good to the environment and is antibacteria). The metal gives the product a hightec aesthetic. A combination of both cold and warm material.

Function The combination of metal and wood gives the product a interesting appearance.


Food is placed on one of the three plates. It is the possible to turn the top of the Lazy Suzan around, to find the right position.


When the plates has reached the right position, it can easily be pulled out. Then it is easy for the user to take the food that is necessary.


After use, the plate can easily be pulled back to the center of the Lazy Suzan.


SMOKE DETECTOR Participation

This project is a project that was created for a participation in HAY Talent Award 2014. It was important to create a product that would fit the interior design if HAY.

HAY is a collaboration of many talented international designers who use new materials and new technology to create products with enhanced value for the user.

Inspiration It was interesting to look at the problems that appear when shifting batteries for a smoke detector at the same time the estetics should match the design language

from Hay interior and living products. The smoke detector should be something you would like to show in your home instead of hiding it away.

It is never easy to change the batteries and then stand on a chair or a ladder and try to install it again.


With a single push on the top of the smoke detecter and the battery box drop a level.


It is then possible to change the batteries quickly and easily.

The final result is a smoke detector that have a very unique appearance and can fit into many homes as a industrial product that is not hidden away. It is a product that

can be a help for many people, that have difficulties with changing the batteries of their smoke detector.


POMELO SHOE The nature is full of answers to many of those questions humans have asked themselves in thousands of years. This project is about, how to use the nature as

inspiration and a place to obtain knowledge and then use a certain function to create a new product that have new and innovative abilities.


The Pomelo fruit is very different from many other kinds of citrus fruits. Not only because of its size. Thes fruit have a special inner structure that gives it a incredible ability to shockabsorb.

The structure that protect the fruit, when landing on the ground from hights up to 16 metres.

Idea development

Some shoe sketches are selected and then rendered to give a better visual idea about the design.

The structure is used to absorb the shock from the ground. The many arms are spreading the shock from the exposed areas

Selected areas where the structure is absorbing the shock.

Climbing shoe

Research The project focuses on athletes, because they have very high requirements for equipment. It is important to have lightweight, but for long runs like marathon, comfort can be the difference between nr.1 and 2. The idea is to make a shoe where you are changing the sole instead This means that you can save expenses on equipment and give a opportunity to customize your shoes after your needs.

The different soles have variations in the structure, depending on the surface, this means you can achieve the best compfort

Running track It is possible to switch the sole of the shoe depending on the surface. Example as shown: running track, dirt road vs asphalt

The soles is done in different colors, so the athlete remember the different levels of compfort.

Dirt road


It is possible to change the sole of the shoe, this means that you can get the right comfort either if you are running on asphalt or a dirt road.

Especially for athletes it is a great function because the soles are very important to give the right comfort and grip on the track.

ABS AIRBAG Pascher+Heinz This was a project for Pascher+Heinz to make a sketch that could communicate the use of ABS Airbags. It was important to show the product in 3 steps, from the avalanche starts to the rescure.


MARKER SKETCHING A collection of different marker sketches made for a course at the Scandinavian Design College. It was important to make different examples of how to describe various surfaces by only using marker sketching.

WATCHES Some watch sketches made as some work for the watch brand Danish Design Watches from S.Weisz Uurwerken. This was sketches made in a project before

continuing to 3d (Solidworks). By using marker was possible to show the ideas very precise early in the design process.

SHOE SKETCHES Training in designing footwear and how to visualize the ideas through sketching and quick idea developmenet.

AUTOMOTIVE Two marker sketches of transportation design. To explore the shape of the cars and to better understand how the reflections can describe the complicated surfaces.




This project is about how different cultures can be combined and new products can be developed. The focus of this project is foodculture. Lazy Susan is a well known

product in Asia, but in Europe it is not something many people usually are familior with. The ending result is new and different product.

WATCHES I am very interested in watches, so I like to try out different techniques that can visualize my ideas in new and different ways.

MINI MOTORBIKE CONCEPTS This is a assignment where I had to find inspiration in the Mini Cooper and then transform the expression into a motorcycle. it was a great challenge and a good training how to convert shape into another context.

LOCAL MOTORS SKETCHOVER Aurel Francois made sketch nr.1 and I could use the idea and analyze the sketch for further exploration. by finding the most essential lines and the incorportae them into a more complete proposal.


A quick sketch by Aurel Francois


Final idea


Analyzing lines of the design


Creating the design

FOCUS POINT This was a test to understand the design language and the proportions of the Volkswagen UP. The task was to create af focus point at the details of the car, that would be interesting for understanding the design.

The sketches was made by using a regular black BIC pen medium.

Photoshop is a important tool for me, when I convert my sketches into renderings.


This project is about the aerodynamic of todays trucks. They often have a flat surface at the front that makes the truck look very heavy and not that interesting I wanted to create a truck that can improve the aerodynamics of trucks. This can result in a better fuel consumption.

Air stream through the body of the truck.

The truck a curve at the top, to give it a smooth shape, that makes it more aerodynamic when driving at highways.

Giving the meaning of a truck new life and changing the attitude.

FREETIME SKETCHING A collection of some different trensportation sketches. Done by using pen and pencil.

ABSTRACT RESEARCH In this project the idea was to make different kinds of proportion shapes, that could be transformed into a transportation

Final result. The shape is a extra layer around the car and can improve the way the car absorb from collision

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