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WEDNESDAY 26 AUGUST Thisisvalencia's Tomatina Tour is back again for another round of tomato-slinging fun this Summer 09! Our day trip includes a return journey on a lovely cool coach, the whole Tomatina in Buñol, a shower and swim to cool and clean off, and a delightful lunch of tapas and Paella (and all the beer and sangria you can drink!) before heading back to Valencia for around 6pm. The best bits are: ·You can leave your gear on the coach, so can slosh around in tomatoes without a care in the world, safe in the knowledge your things won't get lost, stolen or broken · We give you a pair of goggles so you don't get nasty bits in your eyes · The shower and swim on the way home to get back to the City clean, dry, and tom-free is a luxury, believe us! · You get to meet a really fun group of people on the bus! (and you get to meet the TIVlc team - always a pleasure!!!)

Our start point is the Plaza del Ayuntamiento at 8:30am, and we get back to the same place for around 6 in the afternoon. All this, including the goggles and lunch of course! for just 55 euros. If you want to book a place on our great tour please contact us here with information of number in party - asap. Places are limited and sell out fast. So make sure of your place now, NO OTHER TOMATINATOUR OFFERS YOU THIS MUCH! for more information

Thisisvalencia's Tomatina Tour