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Brochure 2011

Solving your company’s imaging needs

Welcome to the brochure of working image and award winning commercial image specialist, Martin Saban-Smith. We produce creative image solutions for our clients whose needs include people and product pictures, print and web design, 360째 virtual tours and time lapse movies as well as audio/visual presentations and can also act as branding consultants in your company. This guide will show you what can be achieved by using us to solve your photographic and other imaging needs. Our image creation is both modern and stylish and brings a breath of fresh air to websites, marketing material, office walls and company image.

We can ensure your images succeed in their purpose.

Variety In our years of experience, we have worked for a huge number of clients and created images that make the business or product really stand out from the rest. We can help breathe new creative ideas into product shots, brochures, websites, advertising and other printed or electronic media to help you promote your business is fresh modern light. Why not contact us now for a discussion about your creative requirements and receive a free quotation detailing the ideas we talked about?

Professional Photography Our studio in Alton, Hampshire is conveniently located for mainline trains to London and the main roads M3, A3 & A31. It is equipped with lighting rigs and the ability to shoot directly into a laptop to enable instant image review. This ability is also possible for location shoots. The studio is perfect for people and product shoots of a reasonable size.

People Aren’t people are great? Even if your shoot does not require people, it may be worth considering a picture or two with someone using or doing something with the product or item being photographed. People ‘humanise’ things - they give the customer a sense of the size of the product, the shape of it and, most importantly... they see it being used! We have plenty of experience photographing professional models or friends or colleagues that have come to have their picture taken with a product or to be doing something in a photograph for all types of business. Our understanding of your brief enables us to guide any people in the shot towards the perfect pose and ‘that’ shot that will sell your products more than any other.

Products Illustrating your products with professional images clearly on your website, advertising and on other media gives your literature a clean and crisp feel that is difficult to achieve with amateur equipment. Our studio equipment is ideally suited to product photography and our experience in post production will ensure your studio or location images are perfect every time. And, with a quick turnaround, you can be sure of getting the pictures in front of your clients in no time at all. Professional images make selling to your clients easier and maybe more profitable.

360째 Tours & Ultra Wide Images Not only are these images visually stunning, but also give your customer a fantastic and true view of your building, workspace, shop or product in an interactive experience that has been proven in some markets to increase visits to the venue. We can photograph these tours for you and produce the final image as a flat image or interactive web application in Flash, QuickTime or Java. Full working examples can be experienced on our website. We can even host them for you on our server and provide you with the HTML code in order for you to quickly and easily embed them into your existing website at a size that suits you.

360째 Product Rotations Do you have a very special product that looks good all the way round? Our 360o rotations can interactively show your customers your products in great detail from all angles. As with our virtual tours, we can host your rotations for you on our server or provide you with the HTML code in order for you to quickly and easily embed your rotation into your existing website - or we could build a site for you.

Press & PR From time to time, we all need to send out press releases and, by using workingimage, you can be sure that the image the newspaper prints will be of a first class professional quality. Whether you are recording a public event you’re organising, releasing your latest and greatest product, opening your new shop or appointing a new chair person, all events can equally benefit from a professional touch. Either way, we have the experience to deliver the image, right on time, with a fresh, crisp look that will make your publicity shots that little bit different from the rest.

Website Design & Hosting The websites we design have simplicity and functionality in mind that show what you need to show, how you want to show it and still be quick to download and easy to navigate. Whether your solution will be a full blown e-commerce website or a showcase for your products, we can design a bespoke website that is both attractive and easy to update. With options from a fully content managed site to a simple, standalone site, we are able to visualise your ideas. You no longer need to employ two different people for your web needs - we can design the site and take the photographs for it....and the savings are reflected in the cost. Furthermore, we can host and support your site on reliable UK based servers or we can upload to your existing web space.

Print Photography & Design Communicating through print is as important, if not more so, than communicating through the internet. We are able to create the photographs for, and design all your company’s printed media from business cards to brochures, postcards and flyers. Even if you need to have a CD case designed and printed, we are able to offer you a complete package from conception right through to completion. Your business could improve its image almost overnight with newly designed literature to give to your customers. And it doesn’t cost the earth either.

Advertising Design At workingimage, we can photograph, design and produce for you stunning, eye-catching adverts that highlight your business and make your product or service jump off the page of the magazine or newspaper it appears in. During the process from conception to completion, we listen to what you want, visualise it and then bring it to life for you and present it to you before it goes to print. We can save you time by communicating directly with the publisher about your ad which leaves you to concentrate on other areas of your business.

High Definition Audio/Visual Presentations Nothing engages people more than moving images and we can now produce High Definition films of any length specifically to promote your business. Hotels use ‘walkthrough’ videos on their websites to highlight their properties and include interviews with managers talking about the hotel and its benefits to their why not you? Between us, we can produce a short instructional film about how your product works, a general promotional movie about your new service. A movie will give you a unique opportunity to actually talk to your existing and future clients about your product and tell them how good it is. All the movies can be burned onto DVDs for you to send with client orders, turned into a high quality Flash movie to go onto your website or added into a new presentation to show at conferences.

workingimage commercial


Martin Saban-Smith Normandy Cottage 17 Normandy Street Alton Hampshire GU34 1DD Phone: 01420 542020 Mobile: 07866 558616 Skype: martin.saban.smith

Brochure design, copy and all photographs, Copyright Martin Saban-Smith 2011 All rights reserved.

Working Image Brochure  
Working Image Brochure  

This is the brochure for Working Image - commercial photography and design in Alton, Hampshire.