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CEO of Stella & Dot on building a billion dollar company

How to Free Up Your Time & Focus On Doing What You Love

I’m a Survivor!

The women who beat Breast Cancer and started a business

Turn your BIG, crazy ideas into a reality!

This Girl...

Where most see the impossible, she sees the possible. She thinks BIG and believes she can make it happen. She has the courage to keep going, no matter what adversities she faces in life. She knows that if she’s going to make it through the hard times she has to stay positive and believe that all will be OK. She takes care of herself, because she knows her health is everything. She focuses on what she loves doing and cleverly outsources the rest. This Girl is going to achieve amazing things no matter what.


This Girl Means Business

This Girl...


Meet the Team Carrie Green, UK Female Entrepreneur Association Carrie started her first business at the age of 20 whilst studying Law at university. Over the years she grew it into a successful global business and in 2011 she launched the Female Entrepreneur Association. Carrie is passionate about creating new ideas and then making them happen, she’s a big believer in pursuing your dreams and that life is far too short to be scared of failing. Don’t waste another precious minute, go and make it happen now!

Natalie Walstein, USA Half Asleep Studio Natalie is a graphic designer & illustrator in Minneapolis, MN who has a passion for art, creativity, and inspiring herself and others to find the beauty in everything. She blogs about her projects, business, life, and inspiration at


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Contributors Corinne Stuart, UK The 450 Club Corinne Stuart is the Founder of The 450 Club, a Private Members Club in London for business owners and entrepreneurs. The Club provides access to elegant spaces in which to work productively between meetings and impress clients without the need for expensive office space. 
Corinne has a background in sales and business development and has previously run two successful businesses. When asked what she does for a living she always says that she works with interesting and brave people all day long, the business owners and entrepreneurs whose hard work, vision and spirit drive our economy.

Toni Mackenzie, UK Inner Depths Toni Mackenzie is a Self-empowerment Coach and Corporate Wellness Consultant, who helps people to change the way they feel by changing the way they think, using a powerful combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EF T (Emotional Freedom Technique). Toni is a fully qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, EF T Practitioner, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach, based at her private practice in Altrincham, Cheshire, close to Manchester. She has fifteen year’s experience of working with clients on a wide range of issues including stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, low self esteem, phobias, weight issues, improving sports performance, childbirth, and unwanted habits (smoking, drinking, gambling etc.), helping them to find happiness, peace of mind, and achieve their goals.


This Girl Means Business

Polly Noble, UK Polly Noble is a Holistic Health Coach, Raw Food Coach, author and two-time cancer survivor. Having been diagnosed twice by the age of 28, she has embarked on a kick cancer-butt mission to heal herself naturally and it is no coincidence that she feels healthier and happier than ever before. She is passionate about using her experiences to empower, inspire and motivate others to create health and happiness. Polly provides health information, coaching services, talks and workshops and retreats.

Samantha Green, UK Founder, Every Shade of Green Samantha graduated from Business School in Manchester in 2007, with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and some of the best friends a girl could ever wish for. After a glamorous time spent working for a film company in London, she decided to head back up North, where she now lives and works. She has started her lifestyle blog Every Shade of Green, which documents the little things in life that inspire her.

Angela Mitchell, UK Top Notch Therapies and Crafts I’m a married mum with 8 year old twin girls. I qualified in general nursing in 1993, worked as staff nurse in an ophthalmic unit, then pursued a position in Occupational Health and Safety and stayed in this field for 14 years. I had always wanted to study complementary therapies, so in 2000 I studied Clinical Aromatherapy, graduating a year later from The Ross Clinic. I continued my studies, successfully gaining diplomas in Psychotherapy and Indian Head Massage from School of Natural Health Sciences.

Note from Carrie


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Jessica Herrin The CEO of Stella & Dot talks about building a billion dollar company & helping thousands of women to live a better life

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Did you know?



How to Turn Your Big, Crazy Ideas into a Reality


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I’m A Survivor: The women who fought cancer and then got inspired to start their own business and do something amazing



Success Series: 6 Key Steps to Self-Empowerment

by Toni Mackenzie

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5 Things to Try This Month

Business Development 24 How She Did It: Laine Sou Weinberg of KOKOON 40 Cover Story: An Interview with Jessica Herrin, CEO of Stella & Dot 68 Trick or Treat?: Female Entrepreneurs share their advice on how to get ahead in business

70 Ask & Answered: Tips for Making Your Business Stand Out Through Branding 82 The Know-How: Free Up Your Time & Focus on What You Love Doing by Corinne Stewart 85 Top Tips for Outsourcing by Carrie Green

Health & Wellness 78


Aromatherapy for Concentration & Memory by Angela Mitchell Popeye Salad Recipe by Polly Noble


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This Girl...

10 Quotes of the Month 32 Advice from Female Entrepreneurs 90 Top 10 Tips


This Girl Loves...: Breast Cancer Edition by Samantha Green

Table of Contents


Quotes of the Month

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” — {Anaïs Nin}

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” — {Eleanor Roosevelt}


This Girl Means Business

“Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t know that so it goes on flying anyway.”

— {Mary Kay Ash}

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, Only as far as I seek can I go, Only as deep as I look can I see, Only as much as I dream can I be.”

— {Karen Ravn}

Quotes of the Month


Note from Carrie In September I went along to MADE,

Where most people see the impossible,

a big festival where 2,500 entrepreneurs

we have to see the possible. We’re going

descended to be inspired, make new

to be talking all about this on p. 14.

connections and learn how to be more

successful. I thought I had big dreams, but

very important in this issue. October marks

some of the people I met had MASSIVE

Breast Cancer Awareness month and so we

dreams and believed 100% that they could

thought it would be amazing to hear stories

make it happen. I was blown away – the

from women who were diagnosed with

kind of ideas they were working on were the

breast cancer, fought it and then set up a

ones I would immediately consider as ‘far-

business. These stories inspired me so much

fetched’, the type where when you tell your

– women whose lives were in jeopardy, but

friends and family your new idea they think

instead of giving in, they fought so hard and

you’ve totally lost the plot. But to those

had the attitude of a survivor. These women

people, they believed that their ideas were

showed so much courage and strength and I

well within reach, in fact, some of them

think we can learn a lot from them. None of

were already well on their way. It made me

us know what’s around the corner for us, but

think, “Am I dreaming big enough?” “Are my

if we can have their attitude we will be OK.

beliefs limiting my reality?” The answer I

think is yes.

thing you do this month, make sure you

dream BIG, don’t limit yourself to what you


Being surrounded with big dreamers

This point leads me onto something

Hope you enjoy issue 4! If there’s one

was inspiring and pushed my reality to

can and can’t achieve – you can do it!

another level. It made me realise that our

wildest, most crazy ideas can become a re-

in loving memory to Pauline Sutton, my

ality if we will just believe that it’s possible.

amazing auntie.

This Girl Means Business

Finally, I’d like to dedicate this issue


\Did you know? Baby elephants kept in captivity learn from a young age that they are not allowed to roam. They learn this because one of their legs is tied to a post planted in the ground, which stops them from running away. Initially the baby elephant tries to break free, but the rope is too strong. So the baby elephant learns that it can’t break the rope. When the elephant grows up it is much stronger and could easily break the rope, but the elephant doesn’t even try to, because it learnt that it can’t. As humans we often make the same mistake – of continuing to believe something that’s not true. Whether it’s that we were told we weren’t good enough when we were children or told that we couldn’t do something. Luckily, unlike elephants, we can change the way we think and the things we believe in. So next time you think you can’t do something – think again.

Did you know?


How to turn your



ideas into a reality 14

This Girl Means Business

Tell the truth… do you sometimes come up with genius ideas and then think, “I could never do that”? I would guess that

but have then told ourselves that we’d

your answer is going to be yes. We all do

our chances of making our big, crazy

it. I think sometimes we’re so cond-

dreams come true, before we’ve even

itioned to be realistic that we end up

had chance to get started?

stopping ourselves from believing that

we can achieve big goals.

do it. Reality tells us it’s not going to

happen and we believe it. So, these are

However, recently I met some

never be able to do it? I reckon a lot of us have. But why? Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we sabotage

Because we don’t believe we can

incredible people who seem to have

the 2 options I see:

harnessed the ability to not only dream

BIG (and I mean really big!), but to

really excites you, but you come to the

actually believe without a shadow of a

conclusion that you’re not going to be

doubt that they can achieve it.

able to do it, so you give up on the idea.

Where most of us would see the

Option 1.) You have a big idea that

Option 2.) You have a big idea

impossible, they see the possible. These

that really excites you and you believe

are the people that achieve incredible

with every bone in your body that you


can make it happen and you’re willing to

try and so you get started and amazing

Take Gem Misa, the founder of

Righteous Ltd. She had an idea

things start to happen.

to create natural and organic salad

You’ve got to admit that option

dressings and sell them in supermarkets

2 sounds way better! But most of us

nationwide. Come on now, how many of

choose option 1 more often than not. We

us have dreamt about creating a product

need to stop doing this and live to our

and getting it stocked in a supermarket,

true potential.

Dream big!


So, how can we start to make our big, crazy ideas become a reality? 1.) Start to believe more. If you think something is impossible, question it and start to see it as possible. Use your imagination and don’t limit yourself. 2.) Ignore the negative thoughts and doubts – seriously, don’t listen to them, they’re not going to help you! You have the power to ignore them. 3.) Avoid naysayers like the plague – they will only bring you down. 4.) Visualise making your idea become a reality – see it happening, imagine how it will feel when you’ve made it happen.

6.) Make a game plan, so you know exactly how you’re going to achieve them. 7.) Just get on and make a start – success is a matter of taking small steps. Remember that successful people do not become successful over night – it probably took years of small steps. 8.) Never give up on your dreams.

I truly believe that we all have the

So let’s unleash the big dreams, let’s

ability to make our big, crazy dreams

believe with all of our hearts that it’s

come true, I believe we can all be change

possible and let’s get out there and do it.

makers, I believe we can all make a


difference, I believe we can all kick ass and be amazing.


5.) Tell yourself every day that you can do it and do whatever it takes to believe it – read inspiring stories, read amazing books, watch inspiring videos, put inspiring quotes on your walls.

This Girl Means Business

A Question to Ponder On What story do you keep playing in your head when you think about all the things you want to achieve? Is it “I can do this”, “I’m going to make it happen!” or is it “I’m probably not going to be able to make this happen”, “It’s not going to work out”, “This is too hard”?

Remember… The only thing standing between you and your goal is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.

So, make sure you get the right story playing in your mind.

A Question to Ponder On


Success Series

6 Key Steps to Self-Empowerment By Toni Mackenzie

2 3 1 6 4 5 Do you ever wonder why some people grow up with a strong sense of self belief and others seem to set themselves up for failure time and time again? Why some people seem naturally confident and others have a low sense of self esteem?


This Girl Means Business

No one is born lacking confidence. Babies know they are

If we are taught, verbally or non-

verbally, that we need to be perfect, please

important enough to ask for what they

others, try harder, are not good enough,

want and they don’t hesitate in making

don’t deserve, will fail, etc., that’s what we

their needs known loud and clear.

expect, and in most cases, that’s what we

Babies don’t compare themselves with

get. Even if we do succeed in any areas of

other babies, feeling less attractive, or

our lives, we can feel fearful that it will

inadequate. I haven’t ever heard of a baby

all go wrong and we’ll soon lose what we

who tried to crawl, walk, feed itself, but

have, or we’ll ‘get found out’ and have it

gave up because they didn’t succeed

taken away from us.


We all start out fully believing the

and become adults ourselves, and those

world revolves around us and that we

‘influential adults’ no longer have any

can do anything we want to if we just

power over us? Why do we still continue

keep trying, so what goes wrong? It all

to live by the messages we received during

begins when we start to pick up messages

childhood? Well, we either give away our

from the influential adults around

power and allow people in our lives to

us – parents, extended family, carers,

continue to put us down, or we take over

teachers, religious leaders, etc. During

from them and continue where they left

the first six or seven years of our lives we

off by repeating those damaging early

subconsciously absorb everything that is

messages to ourselves.

going on, spoken and unspoken, and we

begin to develop our blueprint for life. The negative childhood messages we receive then become limiting beliefs, which in turn lead to self-fulfilling prophecies.

But what happens when we grow up

The following six steps can help

you change the way you think, feel, act and react, and enable you to create self belief, self confidence and success in all areas of your life...

Success Series



successful’ etc. If you find it difficult to

Stop right now and think about

try saying ‘I choose to believe in myself’,

what that critical voice inside your head is

‘I choose to feel confident’, ‘I choose to

saying to you on a daily basis. Is it telling

know I can succeed.’…

or is it a ‘critical parent’? Is it telling you you’re loveable, worthy of happiness and success, or telling you that you’re useless and you’ll fail? If it’s the latter you need to order it to STOP ! Let it know that you are no longer a child and that you are taking back control right now!



can’t’? Has it become a ‘nurturing parent’,

Become aware that


you ‘you can’…or is it telling you ‘you

fully accept positive affirmations at first,

every feeling you have

stems from the thoughts inside your head.

Continuing to carry negative emotions


down, holds you back, keeps you a pris-

Each time you catch yourself saying

oner. Whatever happened in the past,

I can’t, I should/shouldn’t, putting yourself

it does not define you or your future

down, or focusing on things going wrong,

potential. By letting go of any blame,

in addition to telling that inner voice to

anger, resentment, guilt, regret, past

stop, speak to yourself kindly and lovingly,

hurts etc, you are not condoning what

telling yourself ‘you can’, banning the

you or others may have done wrong,

word ‘should’, telling yourself you are

you’re making a choice to accept that

great, using positive affirmations such as

it happened, you can’t change it, and

‘I believe in myself’, ‘I feel confident’, ‘I am

you value yourself enough to let it go.


related to past experiences weighs you

This Girl Means Business

STEP four: take responsibility FOR your life.


As an adult, only you are respon-

Develop an attitude of gratitude,

sible for what you think, how you feel,

focus on all the positive things in your

and the choices you make in your life.

life. Let go of expectations of how things

Decide here and now that you have the

‘should/shouldn’t’ be, or how other people

power to take control of your life reach

‘should/shouldn’t’ behave (remember, the

your full potential, and create the life

word ‘should’ has been banned!). Change

you want to live. Instead of wandering

the things you can, and choose to create a

along aimlessly, or going from one idea

sense of calm acceptance within yourself

to another, take some time to think about

about the things you can’t change. You

what you really want in your life. Give

already know you can’t change the past,

some thought to the changes you need

you also can’t change things that are

to make in order to achieve it, then write

genuinely out of your control, and you

down your goals, make a step by step plan,

can’t change other people, but you can

and commit to it.

change yourself, and that starts with changing your attitude.

Success Series





Begin to see yourself the way you

Make those feelings even stronger

want to be, instead of the way you don’t

by silently telling yourself how wonderful

want to be. Use this NLP (Neuro Linguistic

you feel, and then press together the

Programming) exercise, which can quickly

finger and thumb of your dominant hand,

reprogramme your mind and give you a

holding them together for as long as you

tool to instantly change the way you feel

hold onto the positive feelings, then when

whenever you need it:

you feel ready, relax your fingers and let the

Close your eyes and in your mind’s

feelings fade away. Repeat this exercise

eye, create an image of your ideal self. See

daily until you find that you no longer

yourself looking calm, relaxed, confident,

need to do the whole visualisation, but

happy, and living the life you want to live.

can bring back those wonderful feelings

Make the image life-size, bring colour

instantly by just pressing together your

into it and make it as realistic as you can.

finger and thumb. For it to work effectively,

Now imagine going around to the back of

it’s important to repeat this exercise for

the image and stepping inside it, so you’re

several consecutive days.

no longer just looking at the image, you

T hese six steps can take you from feeling fearful and out of control, to becoming selfempowered and fully in control of your life.

are now looking out through the eyes of your ideal self. Just get a sense of how wonderful it feels to be there, feeling calm, relaxed, confident, and happy…



This Girl Means Business

Programme Your Mind for Success

Would you like to attract more success into your life? This 20 minute programme takes you into a deep, relaxed state and then provides suggestions for becoming more successful and allows you to really visualise feeling and being more successful.



d id it!

Laine Sou Weinberg got her start in the fashion industry in 1987 designing feminine, contemporary designs aimed towards busy, modern women for her own clothing line, KOKOON. Over twenty five years of business later, Laine and her husband & business partner, Richard, have been through quite a lot - good and bad - from being featured in the pages of Cosmopolitan, Sassy, & Glamour, to having to redefine their entire business model or face financial ruin. We interviewed Laine to find out how she has managed to sustain her business throughout all these years.

By Natalie Walstein


This Girl Means Business


Laine Sou Weinberg Company:

KOKOON - since 1987 Location:

United States

until I was 14 (14! I know!), and then I started experimenting with real pattern making. After high school I floundered for a couple years, working in restaurants, trying to figure out what I should do. I finally decided, as impractical as it may have seemed, designing clothes was the

What made you decide to become a fashion designer in the first place?

only thing I would be happy doing with

I was a bit obsessed with clothes

program at the University of Minnesota,

as a child, designing for my Barbies

and dropped out 2 years later when my

when I was little, and then paper dolls

boyfriend and I started the company.

my life. I enrolled in the fashion design

How She Did It



In the beginning, what was the key to launching your business?

first anniversary of dating, he bought

now THAT is true love!) and he was

There are so many things...but I’ll

me my first industrial sewing machine...

tell you about three:

willing to take every risk to see our

Firstly, one of the most important

company become successful. He took

factors was that Richard (my boyfriend

my first little sample line and hit the

then, my husband now) and I have a

road, traveling cross-country, knocking

really strong partnership. He always

on doors...and came back a week later

believed in me (as a gift to celebrate our

with our first boutique orders.

This Girl Means Business

Next, I’d say lack of fear. We were

so young and neither of us had any knowledge of the fashion industry, so we didn’t know that what we were





impossible. It was simply about putting



After the tragedy of 9/11, every single one of our orders cancelled within 3 days.

one foot in front of the other and seeing

We started selling our clothes directly

where it leads.

to women in their homes as a way to

And the third pivotal key early

survive that time, but after a while

on was that we became unexpectedly

we recognized that it could become a

pregnant with our son Sam. I cried for

really great way to do business. There

days...this did not fit into my life plan!

was quite a learning curve and it took

But you know what? Having to provide

us several years to transition from a

for our new baby (and shortly after that,

wholesale design company to a direct

for a second baby, Tess) is what changed

sale design company.

everything. We became serious business

people, because we had to.

all over the US who run independent

Now, we have representatives

businesses and show our clothes

Tell us a little bit about KOKOON and your unique business model.

through private appointments and trunk


companies who offer women’s clothing

current business model. We started

in a direct sale or trunk show format, we

as a conventional fashion design

are completely unique in that we offer











shows. While there are certainly other



mostly limited edition designs and our



selection is constantly changing, like a



catalogs, chain stores and boutiques.

boutique rather than one collection for an entire season.

How She Did It


Our tagline is ‘boutique without

This was a government recommended

borders’, and we prefer that our clients

factory that also produced garments

enjoy an experience similar to shopping

for the US military and many major US

in their favorite local boutique...relaxed,

retailers. They were a big operation and

personal, no pressure, and always new

had a great reputation. Well, it turned

items to excite them. We are not an

out they weren’t paying their workers

MLM (multi-level marketing) company,

and the labor department shut them

so our Reps are not pressuring guests to

down with one of our huge catalog

‘sign on’ or anything like that.

orders sitting on the dock ready to go,

but legally not allowed to ship. Our

Throughout 25 years of business, what have been some of your greatest challenges? How did you overcome them?

entire life was invested in that order,

Oh gosh, there have been so many...

It took us weeks of communicating and

from the exodus of the US textile indus-

negotiating with different agencies,

try, to being cheated by sales show-


rooms, to not being able to collect invoices

before we got the green light and

from retailers. I think we’ve survived

about a 2-hour window to grab our

because we always remain positive,

merchandise. We rushed to rent a truck,

we’re extremely stubborn, and we just

pulled up and loaded boxes as the

simply move forward, no matter what.

labor department was literally shutting

But I’ll tell you a story about one of

off lights in this huge warehouse.

our worst business moments. We had

I have never had any desire to go back

a terrible incident happen at a factory

to San Francisco.

in San Francisco about 13 years ago.


This Girl Means Business

our home, our business, everything. And of course, unless we shipped it to the retailer we couldn’t collect our money.




>> Some of Laine’s designs in KOKOON’s current Fall collection.

How She Did It


What have been some of your proudest moments so far?







appear such


Cosmopolitan and Bazaar was pretty special. Buying our building 3 years ago was also something I was very proud of. But honestly, my proudest moments are when women tell me how much they love a particular top/skirt/dress from KOKOON. They tell me where they

How have you managed to keep yourself motivated?

wore it, what shoes they wore with it,

Remember how I said one of the

friends/husbands/complete strangers

keys to launching the business was lack

while wearing it. There’s nothing better.

what compliments they received from

of fear? Well, one of the keys to staying I have a fear of failure. I don’t want to

Where do you see KOKOON heading in the next 5 years?

let down my Sales Reps, my clients, my

employees, or myself. But more than that,

we’re doing, and we love the pace at

I love making women feel beautiful, and

which we’re growing. It’s slow and steady

to me there is nothing more exhilarating

and healthy. We consider ourselves

than seeing someone’s face light up

turtles in that regard. Over the next 5

when they see themselves in something

years we plan to continue our healthy

that makes them feel gorgeous. Clothes

growth and continue to offer beautiful,

can completely change a person’s

wearable, and affordable fashions to

outlook, image, and confidence.

our modern and busy clients!

motivated is a healthy dose of fear!


This Girl Means Business

We’re really committed to what

If there’s one thing I could say I’d like to add, it would be a tennis/golf/yoga hybrid collection to KOKOON. So, we’ll see about that.

Based on your experiences, what advice would you give to someone looking to start a fashion-oriented business of their own?

Go to school! Do internships! Get

a job! Learn on someone else’s dime! But if you’re the stubborn, know-it-all type like me, you might just have to strike out on your own and forge your own path.

Do you have a favorite quote?

I got the best fortune cookie

one time. It said, “The difference

between success and failure is quitting too soon.” Exactly.

PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS: Laine & building by Natalie Walstein Models by Melissa Louise Photography

>> To find out more about Laine Sou and KOKOON clothing, please visit

How She Did It


words of advice from

Female Entrepreneurs “When in business for yourself it’s very important to know your worth.” — Nikita McDaniel, SNMJ-EH Enterprise, LLC, USA

“Build a brand and business YOU love. When you are passionate and in love with all aspects of your business, especially how it looks, serves and inspires, you will attract the perfect clients and customers for you.” — Julie Parker, Beautiful You, Australia

“When you decide to start a business, just weigh your pros and cons and once you have done that and are comfortable just begin!” — Karishma Samtani, KASH Events & Entertainment, Hong Kong


This Girl Means Business

“IGNORE SO CALLED ECONOMIC CRASHES! I have found this to be the singular most important factor when finding success in our business this year. My sister and I founded Mia and the in the heart of the ‘financial crash’ in 2011 and rather than hear the words ‘you’ll never succeed in this climate’, we chose to ignore any external negative press about the state of play. Obviously, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the current financial climate and be realistic. However, people still become millionaires every day- and they do it because they focus on their advantages. My advice is to believe in yourself, even in the hardest of times.”

— Laura Ratcliffe, Mia and the moon, UK

“As an ‘ecopreneur,’ I have spent the last 13 years building socially responsible companies. When I first started in the green building industry, I was working in a male dominated industry. Men would look at me like I was crazy. My first advice is to be crazy! I’d rather be crazy than boring. My other ‘Do’s’: 1. Hire people smarter than you to do what you can’t, 2. Strive to be of service to others, 3. Be persistent. My ‘Don’ts’: 1. Work IN your business and not ON it, 2. Think too much of yourself and the company as one. You are not the business.”

— Anna Rosemann, Eco | Consulting, USA

Click here to submit your advice for our next issue! Advice from Female Entrepreneurs


5 Things to Try This Month


This Girl Means Business


Find a business book club to join. It’s a great way to mingle with likeminded people and to learn about amazing books that can really help you to grow your business. Have a search online or look on


Find a yoga class to go along to.


Get a mentor who can help you grow your business.


Get in touch with your top customers and ask for a testimonial.


Reach out to prospective clients and introduce yourself to them.

Take some time to relax and focus on your body. It’s a great way to de-stress!

Having a mentor is so invaluable – to be able to meet up or pick up the phone to someone who has been there and done it will really help you. Have a look online for a mentor or reach out to someone who you would like to be your mentor and ask them.

If you can, try and get a video testimonial and then upload it to YouTube. Use good keywords in the title, so that people can find your video easily.

Try and provide them with something of value that they will appreciate – it could be a promotional gift or a brilliant article to help them in some way.

5 Things to Try This Month


What We’re Reading Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat by Michael Masterson Book Review by Carrie Green

This is one of those books I’ve read

where I’ve not been able to put it down! In this book Michael Masterson, who is a self-made multimillionaire, shares the knowledge he has gained from building several successful businesses.

He shares a strategy for guiding a

small business through the 4 stages of

“The book is full of practical advice and strategies, mixed in with great examples and his own personal experiences.”

entrepreneurial growth.

The four stages: 1.) Starting out:

taking your idea and turning it into a business that generates reasonable cash flow. This is zero- $1 million in annual revenue. 2.) The fast-growth stage: taking your business from the $1 million level to $10 million.


This Girl Means Business






“I would highly recommend reading it if you want to grow your business and become more successful. ”

business over the $10 million turnover mark. 4.) Maturing stage: Taking your business from $50 million to $100, $200 or even $300 million

I personally don’t think there are

enough female-owned business that

achieving a minimum critical mass of

turn over $1 million, let along $300

customers. Main skill needed: selling

million, so any book which will help

the product.

more of us to do this is a book I love.

The book is full of practical

in order to make it past stage one and

advice and strategies, mixed in with

up to stage four. He shares advice on

great examples and his own personal

negotiating deals, networking for joint


ventures, selling, marketing and much





He sets out what you have to do

problems, challenges and opportunities


faced by entrepreneurs just starting out

(which is refreshing to read, because

book that I’ve marked and turned down,

sometimes it’s easy to think that you’re

so I can keep going back to!

the only one struggling that much!)

Here’s what Michael says about

highly recommend reading it if you want

stage one businesses: Main problem:

to grow your business and become more

you don’t really know what you are doing.


Main challenge: making the first

profitable sale. Main opportunity:

There are so many pages of my

I loved this book and I would


What We’re Reading


What We’re Reading Brain Fitness for Women: Keeping Your Head Clear & Your Mind Sharp at Any Age by Sondra Kornblatt Book Review by Ragini Michaels, FACTICIT Y TRAININGS, INC.

Find reading scientific information dry and

boring? This can’t happen once it receives the magic touch of health writer Sondra Kornblatt. She transforms rather dry (although important)

“You’ll learn how to exercise your brain, feed it right, and what to do with those annoying brain fogs that seem to come out of nowhere.”

information about our unique feminine brains into juicy, humorous, and practical everyday guidance. She scoops up scientific facts and figures and shapes them into common language that talks relevance and clarity for us - the overwhelmed modern woman. You’ll learn how to exercise your brain, feed it right, and what to do with those annoying brain fogs that seem to come out of nowhere. If you want to know how to take better care of your beautiful brain, I highly



This Girl Means Business

recommend Brain Fitness For Women. It’s fun, helpful, and delightful to read.

The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz Book Review by Gloria Rand, SEO & COPYWRITING

I devoured “The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple

Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in Any Field” over my summer vacation and intend to use these steps to turbo charge my SEO copywriting business in the next year. Mike’s assessment plan is a great tool to help entrepreneurs take a hard look at their business to find the weeds (clients) that are not productive and eliminate them. It’s not easy to say “no”, but it is necessary if a business owner wants an extraordinary business and still have time to spend with friends and family. If you don’t have a balanced life, you won’t truly be a success.


“It’s not easy to say ‘no’, but it is necessary if a business owner wants an extraordinary business...”

Read any excellent books lately? Tell us about it here and your book review could appear in a future issue.

What We’re Reading


Cover Story an inter v iew w ith

Jessica Herrin

Jessica Herrin is the brains behind Stella & Dot, an Inc. 500 fastest-growing company. It’s a

became a big success. After that, her life

social selling company that creates

and had children and decided to use

flexible entrepreneurial opportunities

her business savvy to help solve the


modern woman’s dilemma: achieving



went into a new phase, she got married


success and balance through a career

available exclusively through in-home

you love. Stella & Dot was born. It’s set

trunk shows by independent stylists

to become a billion dollar company;

and online.

helping thousands of women around

the world live an amazing life.



Their , which




Jessica is an absolute inspiration,

and I say that having seen her speak

at an event. Just being in the same

out how she did it and what her secrets

room as her makes you believe that

are… she talked about having tenacity,

you can do anything! She co-founded

passion and not starting a business on

her first company at the age of 24,

the unicorn farm!

This Girl Means Business

We caught up with Jessica to find

CEO of Stella & Dot

Interview with Jessica Herrin


Where did the idea to start Stella & Dot come from? I was already an entrepreneur,

I was wondering how I would integrate

I started an e-commerce company

life, in order to make me happy.

in the boom, I’m proud to

say it never hit the bust,

featured on Oprah and there were all

it’s still a successful company today

these women reaching out saying that

they wanted to be an entrepreneur

It was a great experience for me as a

too and I was thinking, “I really doubt

professional, but as I was going into the

it” because I worked 90 hours a week

next phase of my life (I got married and

and it wasn’t glamorous. I didn’t get to

was thinking about becoming a mother)

do anything else, I didn’t even know


This Girl Means Business

my professional life with all the other things I wanted to have in my personal I was fortunate enough to be

how I was going to continue to be an entrepreneur, and so I became really obsessed with finding the right answer to that question.

I knew there had to be a way where being in charge of your own life didn’t mean that you signed leases, incurred debt and ended up with a business that ran you.

How did the Stella & Dot journey begin? I got great advice from a mentor who told me that if I ever wanted to run a large company I had to go and work at one, so when my husband got a job I moved with him to

So, I looked around at the options out

Texas and got a job at Dell. That gave me

there and I wasn’t inspired by any of

time in evenings and weekends to work

the brands or the methods. I felt like

on Stella & Dot. So, I had a full time

someone had to do something about it

job and I was also pregnant and I just

and that the idea of home-based selling

started making jewellery in my living

had to be rethought. The business

room. People thought I was utterly

wasn’t made for a 1950s housewife, it

mad, because I’d been this e-commerce

was made for today’s modern woman in

entrepreneur and then all of a sudden

today’s world that’s all about design and

I’d started crafting jewellery and selling

irresistibility. It was about leveraging

it at home trunk shows. It was just one

personal styling and the personal

trunk show at a time. Each day would

connections that you make with the

go by and the jewellery would get a

client, but still being a smart and social

little bit cuter and I started to partner

business with a personalised website

with other people to make the business

for each of the sellers.

stronger – that was 8 years ago. Interview with Jessica Herrin


You brought in a team of people and then you re-branded – how important is it to have good people working with you?

It’s critical. My vision was just

a vision without other people to make it real. I paced the growth of my company around my two daughters – because I was pregnant with one and then quickly became pregnant with another. What really made the biggest difference was when I applied myself fulltime. I waited until my youngest was 6 months old and at that point the business made about a million dollars in sales. It was still very small and I went to an investor and said I’m ready to do this now and he said “Okay, you really need to go

What’s important is happiness, not a particular goal, but rather what you want in your life that makes you happy.

away and find someone who knows everything about home-based selling and someone who knows everything about jewellery.” We have really built the team over time, adding the talent of people who have the same passion, but very different skills.


This Girl Means Business

Often people think that having children and starting a business isn’t a great idea – have you got any tips about how you did it?

Well, I was adamant that I was

The success of your company really depends on how well the independent stylists sell – how do you get them motivated and inspired to actually do a great job?

going to turn my maternity leave into

Our company is all about the

an eternity leave! It wasn’t that I didn’t

success stories of our stylists. We’ve

want to work full time, it’s just that I


wanted to do it on my time. I wanted

goals and they reach for it, I do think

to be able to choose my time if I were

women are lifted up by our bold and

nursing or to choose if I did the work

joyful community. We’re a company

that day or if I went home. I still build

with a point of view, we don’t try to

my business around the lives of my

tell anyone that this business is

children and I think that’s a really key

magic and you don’t have to do

distinction - women can do it, but

anything. We tell people that it

they have to realise that they have to

takes time and hard work to make

pace themselves for success. What’s

it a success, you’ve got to put in

important is happiness, not a particular

honest effort, you’ve got to step

goal, but rather what you want in your

beyond your comfort zone and you

life that makes you happy.

need to be positive.





Interview with Jessica Herrin


What do you think are the 3 key things people need to do in order to be successful?

What is the unicorn farm?

The first thing is that you’ve got

in things that aren’t real, because

to make sure you’re doing something

someone told you a glamorous story

you’re passionate about. Running a

that it was supposed to be that way.

company isn’t easy, but it’s worth it if

I always think that you’ve got to learn

you’re passionate about it. I’m so willing

to play with a little bit of pain. You’ve

to work hard at Stella & Dot because I

got to be tenacious if you want to be

fundamentally believe it needs to exist

successful and create a great life.

It’s fantasy land. It’s a place where

the sun always shines and you believe

and my passion helps to drive me. If you’re doing something just to make money I don’t think it will ever be great or worth it.

Has there ever been a time where you haven’t had a clue what to do? If so, what did you do?

You have to be tenacious. have to realise that you’re not starting a business on the unicorn farm. There will be all sorts of problems and your job is to climb over them; you can’t just expect them not to occur. Get started and don’t quit.

I feel very grateful for Wedding

Channel as a warm up round and for my upbringing as a child, which wasn’t perfect and taught me that you’ve just got to play through. I think that I am a fundamental optimist and believer, so I never doubted the success of the company, but every day I come

across things where I don’t know what to do, but I just break it down and come up with my best answers, solve the problem and keep moving. I’m comfortable working


This Girl Means Business

with the idea that you’re going to fail,

business school, who had nothing but

I assume that it’s part of the process and

hopes and dreams and he looked at me

I know that I will simply keep failing my

and he said, “Wow, I really envy you.”

way to success.

And I said, “Thank you, that’s so nice.”

I received some advice from a

And then he said, “Because you’re so

mentor when I was starting my first

naïve. You think your business is getting

company. We were about to get funding

funding and that once you get over that

and I was telling him why the company

you’ll be successful.” But I knew that

was going to be fantastic - he had been

once we got over the funding hurdle

a serial entrepreneur and had tons of

there was going to be another one and

experience and he was looking at these

another one and another one and in

24 year old kids who were coming out of

that moment I had an epiphany and Interview with Jessica Herrin


I thanked him, because he was saying

because it’s a broad opportunity that

he envied us, because he was too tired

can work for a lot of people – it’s not

to try, he was too tired to make it over

one size fits all, with a sales quota or

the hurdles and I knew that I would

where you have to apply. It’s up to you

never be too tired.

what to do with it, you’re only going to get paid if you sell. The risk is £169 –

I knew that I would never give up.

Your company creates microentrepreneurs. Why do you think micro-entrepreneurs are important?

can be profitable that quickly and that’s all you have to start to up with?

People sign up, we put out a

starter kit, when they go sell jewellery they earn commission and they get more free jewellery, so they keep their profits in their pocket. They earn

They are critical for job growth

business supplies, they get incentives

and the economy. To me micro-

and training, so they’ll be successful

entrepreneurship is something that

and stay motivated. So it’s up to them

has a low cost of capital to start, a low

what they do and make of it.

risk and a low skill set to get started. To me that’s critical, because sometimes people can’t rely on the economy to provide jobs.

What kind of women do you see coming on board with Stella & Dot? We see a tremendous breadth of women starting with Stella & Dot, it is


what business can you start, where you

This Girl Means Business

What keeps you inspired and motivated? The success stories of the

something could matter so much. To

stylists. Having someone come up to

that don’t matter. What matters is

me and say, “Last time I saw you I was in

love, happiness, joy and your health.






a lot more debt.”

What’s next for Stella & Dot? If you could go back to being 25, what advice would you give yourself? Don’t sweat the small stuff!

A lot of branding, a lot of lives

To have perspective — I wasn’t yet a

company that changes lives around

parent, so I never realised that

the world.

to change – ultimately Stella & Dot is going to be a billion dollar

Interview with Jessica Herrin 49

Jessica Herrin’s Top Tips

1 2 3


You have to laugh at yourself and embrace the concept of failure and then you’ll have so much fun doing it that you will ultimately be successful.


Don’t sabotage yourself with doubt and negative talk.


Don’t be shocked if it doesn’t work out straight away.


You’ve got to have a positive attitude.

Get started and don’t quit. It takes a mental commitment to stop taking yourself so seriously; you can’t think that failure is death. Do a lot less thinking and a lot more doing.

To find out how you can become a stylist CLICK HERE.


This Girl Means Business

We’re Looking for Contributors...

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A Little Help for

Entrepreneurs from


Gemma Kirby is NatWest’s Women in Business Specialist

Relationship Manager. Gemma has worked for the RBS Group for over eight years and is located in the bank’s central Manchester office. Her involvement with NatWest Women in Business started in her role as a Regional Ambassador and she has most recently been appointed a Specialist Women in Business Relationship Manager.

Why do you think it’s important to support female entrepreneurs? Female entrepreneurs play an important part in the recovery and growth of the UK economy and are predicted to enjoy £12bn growth (NatWest Everywoman Research 2008) and achieve a £130bn turnover from women-led SMEs (Womens

led organisations. These are powerful statistics that highlight the passion and success of our female entrepreneurs and I am equally enthusiastic and passionate about working with women business owners to help them achieve their goals – whether this is starting up a business or looking at ways to grow their existing one.

Enterprise Task Force 2009 Greater Return on Women’s Enterprise ‘GROWE’ report). In

2011 27% of NatWest’s new business was from women and since 2007 the banking group has supported 127,000 SME female


This Girl Means Business

How is NatWest helping women in business? The NatWest Women in Business network was established in 2007 to

support more women to start up and grow their businesses. The initial team of 12 Ambassadors has grown to over 200, helping almost 100,000 female customers. Earlier this year a team of Specialist Women in Business Relationship Managers was created. My role includes formal training in the bank’s accreditation programme focused on the issues facing female business owners and creating a centre of excellence. This is formally accredited by Everywoman. The Women in Business network is close knit and offers great benefits including: Understanding of the market dynamics and opportunities for female entrepreneurs. Offering guidance in raising finance to capitalise and grow their business. Emotional intelligence and the ability to recognise differences in buying behaviour. Use of social media as a marketing tool. Promoting the benefits provided through the bank’s strategic partnerships with external organisations that support women such as the Female Entrepreneur Association. Support with organising and attending networking events.

What extra services do you offer to help women start up and run successful businesses? There is a lot to do when you first start a business and it can be overwhelming as well as hugely exciting. In addition to the services listed in the previous question we can also offer: Smarta Business Builder - an online business management tool launched last year by Dragons’ Den star Theo Paphitis. It brings together all your key business information in one dashboard, giving you a snapshot of how your business is performing. It is affordable with the cost starting from £20 a month and provides an easy to use online package that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection and can be upgraded accordingly as your business grows. Tools you can access from the Smarta Business Builder include: accounting support, business planning, legal documentation, website planning and email hosting. Business & Start-up hotlines The Business Hotline continues to offer support to UK businesses and whether you are an existing customer or not, provides a fair hearing for lending proposals and easy, free access to guidance from the

Sponsored Article


Bank’s most experienced managers on the issues faced. The Start-up Hotline has also been launched to help give entrepreneurs support to begin trading. GOVERNMENT SUPPORT - With so many different Government schemes and uncertainty on what capital is available from where it is really important for women to be able to talk to someone who understands their concerns and can explain simply the options available.

How can people find out more about how you can help? For further information about NatWest Women in Business please contact myself, Gemma Kirby, Women in Business Specialist Relationship Manager at NatWest on Tel: 07901 957 529

Quick Top Tips for


HAVE YOU GOT A PLAN? A strong business plan is crucial because it is the showcase document for your business and details how you will manage your company in the short, medium and long-term.


This Girl Means Business

SOURCES OF FUNDING Never start a business undercapitalised – you must know all your options. You can consider personal investment, investment from others, bank finance and business angels or venture capitalist backing.

COMMUNICATE It is often your ability to get your product in front of people that can determine success. Ensure you have a clearly defined marketing plan.

LEGAL REQUIREMENTS Don’t overlook the formal aspects of setting up your business. Are you a sole trader, partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, Limited or social enterprise? Seek guidance from the professionals – your bank, local Chamber of Commerce, Business Link or Smarta.

MOTIVATION Don’t rush things - keep things simple and do your research.

Thanks Gemma!

I’m a Survivor The Women That Fought Cancer and then got inspired to start their own business and do something amazing.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month we wanted to shine the light on some incredible women, who have not only fought breast cancer, they’ve actually gone on to start businesses and charities and live an amazing life. I think their stories are amazing, inspiring and empowering. None of us know what’s around the corner for us, but if we try to have the courage of these women then I’m sure we’ll be able to handle any situation life throws at us. Their stories go to show that we might not be able to choose the challenges life presents us with, but we can definitely choose how we’re going to respond to them.

So, let’s respond with courage, determination and a belief that we can make it through.


This Girl Means Business

Jennifer Alhasa, USA Cancer Coach

In 2004, I was an Office Manager

you choosing to live.”

for a consulting firm. Gal Friday, at

your service.

got treatment (chemo, lumpectomy

And so I did. I quit smoking and

and radiation) at Swedish Cancer

We had Happy Hour one night and 4 days later I was diagnosed with Advanced Breast Cancer.

Institute. Full of faith, I traded vodkacrans for coffee, happy hour for yoga and T.V. for meditation. And I survived. Diving deeply into spirituality, I studied Buddhism, New Thought, Reiki, Matrix

I was thirty-three years old, with a

Energetics, and Dream Work.

40% shot at surviving. I wanted to hit

Mexico’s beaches and die.

become a Spiritual Life Coach. I worked

part time for a friend for 8 months, but


My sister gave me a free reading Cindy-the-Psychic.

In 2011, I gathered my gifts to


when that dried up, I was ready to go for

I wouldn’t have bought into that

it full time. Convincing my husband we

“crap” but desperate times called for

could live off his income wasn’t easy; he

desperate measures. So I accepted.

didn’t understand why I wouldn’t - and

Without skipping a beat, Cindy said,

couldn’t - just “go get a job.” We fought

“This isn’t about you dying. It’s about

frequently, stopped eating out, counted

I’m a Survivor


our pennies and bought no more new

immediately by “I’m Jennifer Alhasa,

clothes. And I stuck to my guns.

Cancer Coach” So here I am.

I built up my website, attended

I’m writing this from the American

networking events and gathered a small

Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge in NYC.

clientele. I missed the fat paychecks,

On a 6-week stint as “caregiver” with

socialization and health insurance

a client, I’m immersed 24/7 in the lives

that come with a job but my heart

of cancer patients and those who love

soared when doing my work. I started

them. I found my focus and saying

hosting a blogtalkradio show called

“YES” has been the biggest blessing

Get GLOWING. Every Friday, I

of my life. After 8 years of healing and

interviewed evolutionary experts in the

hard work, business is booming and it

fields of healing, transformation and

feels so good! I’m 42 and living the life

personal empowerment. It was just the

of my dreams at last!

Ph.D the Universe ordered!

Angela Strank appeared on my

show one week. During the episode, she led us through a “true purpose” exercise.

As she asked, “What have you

been through in your life that you are uniquely positioned to help others with?” I heard, “Cancer” followed


This Girl Means Business

I’d advise others to teach what they know, keep the faith, focus on service and follow their heart; it knows where you need to go!

Pauline Gile, UK Bosombuddiesuk

It is March 2010 and I am

sunny day and I was full of life after

sitting in a room with my mother, we

the most miserable of 12 months. My

are talking to a geneticist about the

husband, with whom I had been with

likelihood of a genetic link to cancer

for 32 years, had been having an affair

in the family, my grandmother had

with one of my friends. I went into a

died of breast cancer, my mother was

tailspin, lost 4 and a half stone, looked

in remission, I was concerned for my 20

good, but with the rapid weight loss my

year old daughter. She explained that

stomach was puckered, I also had it on

in order to establish a link they had to

my left breast...

have 2 generations of cancerous breast

cancer tissue to check. They said, “So


Pauline, the only way we can tell if your

puckering on your left breast?” “Oh

daughter is carrying the gene is for you

that! I have lost lots of weight, I have it

to get the disease.”

on my stomach as well, it’s nothing to

So now it’s August, my daughter

worry about!” “So why don’t you have it




on the right one then?” and in that split

University and we were going to have

second, something deep within told

a day shoe shopping in Truro, after my

me this was not going to be a good

routine mammography, it was a hot

day, 3 hours later my daughter was still



I entered the room and the says,



I’m a Survivor 59

sitting in the waiting room. The door

I stared down my top and thought, oh

opened and in walked the geneticist,

that doesn’t look bad. From there I never

she looked taken aback when she saw it

looked back!

was me, I could see in her eyes it was not

good news, she sat down beside me and

of the other ladies in my ward, a lot

said, “Pauline, I have been doing this job

of them there were in their 30s. Two

for 23 years, I do not need to wait for the

teenagers had breast cancer in Cornwall

test to come back, you have cancer.” I

that year; something wasn’t right!

looked at her and smiled weakly, “Well

These girls hadn’t even started checking

you did say I needed to have it to save

themselves, because they believed they

my daughter, so here I am.”

were too young to get the disease, and

For me the surprise was the age

at that point my mind was set and

All I could think about was

Bosombuddiesuk was born.

my beautiful daughter sitting

there wondering what was

have gone from strength to strength. I

going on, people coming and

have been to the House of Commons

going, but no sign of mum

twice and at this moment I am amassing

- I knew because 10 years

other breast cancer ladies, who have

previous I was that daughter!

had the disease in the last 5 years, to go

I became a charity in June 2011 and

into Comprehensive Schools to teach


6 days later I had a mastectomy,

the Year 11 girls signs and symptoms

they reduced my ‘good’ boob from a DD

of breast cancer, and how to check

to a C at the same time and gave me an

themselves. Why Year 11 girls? Because

uplift. My new breast was created from

it is the last time you can get 90% of the

my back muscle, when I came round

female population in one place to teach

This Girl Means Business

them before they disperse into the big

wide world. Once they know how to

start, this year national, next year

check it is with them for life and may

international, it’s the same check

one day save it.

wherever you live in the world, why

would we not want to help women

I regularly do talks and was the

For me this is very much the

charity for Miss London this year. There

globally to cope with the disease?

were thirty-five beautiful girls between

the ages of 18 and 25 and given that 1

the last 5 years and would like to be a

in 8 women will get Breast Cancer in

buddie, you can contact me through my

their lifetime, I know that some of them


will be affected directly, so I took off my

like my Facebook, page or follow us on

bra and let them look at the amazing

twitter: bosombuddies_uk. We are

job the surgeon did. I told them that if

here to help, not only the ladies, but

one day they get the news to not to be

those around her who are suffering too.

If you have had Breast Cancer in

afraid, but to remember what they saw today; if I can look this good now, it can only ever get better.

I have a lovely Manchester lady

who is the face of Bosombuddiesuk. She is 25 and has had a mastectomy and she is very excited to be a part of the team, to make a difference to how women perceive the disease and empower them to come forward when they find something.

Last November I said to my friends, short of me getting my baps out on Page 3, how am I going to show women that you can still look sexy after a mastectomy? Then I met the lovely Jenny, who is a professional body artist. She painted me naked, the ensuing picture is amazing, it does the job, I hope it bring hope to those who walk in my footsteps.

I’m a Survivor


Haralee Weintrab, USA CEO @


I was in pharmaceutical sales

cancer. Two days later she performed

when I was diagnosed with breast

my first lumpectomy. So there I was

cancer, calling on physicians and surgeons in the same area for 8 years. I

feeling great and being told I was very ill. After the surgeries I started

went in for a routine yearly mammogram

chemotherapy and that is when I indeed

and afterwards the technician said my

started feeling ill. The chemotherapy

doctor wanted to see me. I didn’t put it

threw me into menopause. So, while

together, but as soon as I walked into

the team of oncologists were fighting

her office I knew something was off.

the cancer, the hot flashes and night

She suggested I see a surgeon

sweats were impacting my quality

and asked me who I wanted them to

of life. And because my cancer was

call. That afternoon a surgeon that I

estrogen positive, I was advised not to

also called on professionally fit me

have any hormones or any remedies

in for a consultation. She looked at

over the counter that could help with

my mammogram and pulled out a

the sweats.

textbook. She propped a picture of a

mammogram under my mammogram

wicking clothes from the slopes and

film and they looked the same. I had a

trails, but I could not find anything

textbook perfect mammogram of breast

comfortable to sleep in. So, I dug out

This Girl Means Business

I was familiar with moisture

my old sewing machine and cut up

are either cancer survivors or touched

some bike shorts and fashioned a

by cancer, so our customers can see

nightgown. It worked! I found some

that survivors can look beautiful and

lighter wicking fabric and made

look like you and me! We are also made

another nightgown. I brought it to my

in the USA and we give a percentage of

breast cancer support group and they

every sale to breast cancer research.

went wild with enthusiasm. I knew

I was on to something. I knew there

a breast cancer diagnosis would lead

was a need and a desire and a void in

me to become a business entrepreneur.

the market, so I started my company,

Never did I think that breast cancer, making beautiful

would impact my life, but it did. I took

moisture wicking sleepwear for women.

that experience and decided to help

Never in a million years did I think

other women get a better night sleep.

After looking at my own mortality I decided I wanted more from my life.

I am having the most fun ever in my new career.

like me. I chose to become an

I would tell other women going through the breast cancer journey to surround themselves with positive people. If available,

entrepreneur. We design our garments

join a support group of other breast

for women with extra sensitive skin due

cancer survivors or talk with a social

to radiation or surgeries, so no buttons

worker who specializes in breast cancer.

or lace or doo-dads. Our fabrics are

I would suggest becoming your own

extra soft, while being high performance

health advocate and listening to your

moisture wicking. We use models who

inner spirit.

I wanted to help other women

I’m a Survivor


Pauline’s List of

Things to Be Aware Of... Avoid Parabens in cosmetics. Parabens are oestrogen mimickers, used in beauty products to give them longevity and bulk them out for a bigger profit margin. It only takes 16 seconds from the time of rubbing it on your skin for the cream to enter your blood stream, the USA did a survey in cancerous breast tissue and 99% of it contained Parabens. It is not a natural product, it only got there one way, they are now looking to outlaw its 

use. To find out more on this visit

Avoid soya-based products as they work very much like Parabens!

 Remember to check your breasts

regularly for changes and lumps. Try and cut back on processed foods, fresh is best!

Exercise regularly and smile every day, because stress is no good for anyone. 

>> For more information on how you can raise your awareness and help fight against breast cancer, CLICK HERE.


This Girl Means Business

This Girl Loves...


1 4

2 66

This Girl Means Business

Wear Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! by Samantha Green

5 6

7 8 1. Dress from Alice & Olivia



Rose Shimmer Brick from Bobbi

Brown / 3. Blazer from J. Crew / 4. Scarf

from Alexander McQueen /

5. Foundation Bracelet from Stella

& Dot / 6. Bag from Reed Krakoff /

7. Nail Polish from nails inc


8. Juicy Tube Lip Gloss from Lanc么me

This Girl Loves...


Trick or


In the spirit of Halloween, we asked some female entrepreneurs what tricks and treats they use to help them get ahead in business…

TREAT: Whenever I send out

an order I always include an extra small gift, maybe a bookmark or trinket, just to let the customer know how much I appreciate their business.” — Emilie Corbiere, Sacred Journey Creations, CA

TRICK: I value my database a lot,

so I do special offers for my existing customers. One good offer for referrals was, ‘recommend us to a friend and get a FREE clean’. We got 30 new clients in 3 months. Not bad.” — Cristina Antochi, Team 2 Clean, UK

TREAT: Whenever a new client

comes on board we send them their own specially labelled Champagne saying Welcome to the TribePad family!” — Lisa Scales, TribePad, UK

TREAT: I like to reward my

staff, so I did a competition between them and the one who had the best recommendations from their clients got a free holiday.” — Cristina Antochi, Team 2 Clean, UK


This Girl Means Business

TRICK: Using a digital timer.

I use it for everything from limiting how long I’m on the computer, to making sure the kids get outside in time for the bus. Business or personal, I’d be lost without it. I keep one in every room.” — Evelyn Cucchiara, The Hopeful Life, USA

TRICK: I have a great organiza-

tional trick! I use for taking notes and making lists- it’s a collapsible outline that allows me to have all of my information in one place, without having a 10 page outline to scroll through!” — Shannon Choe, Premier Baby Concierge, USA

TREAT: My treat to customers is

to include a bonus gift such as a mini handmade card or a sample size bar of handmade soap in with my orders, so customers feel special but also have a taste of another product.” — Victoria Heath, Butterfly-Crafts: Handmade Cards & Gifts, UK

TRICK: Get some wage packets

and post them to your team, asking them to return it with the amount that they would like to earn a week or month - you can then translate that into a working plan personal to them.” — Julie Marriott, AVON Cosmetics, UK

TRICK: As I am an introvert by

nature, I dread going to networking events. My trick is imagination; I take a dose of future thinking intention pills. The only way they dissolve successfully is visualising great things happening at the event.” — Michelle Tandy, In-spire, South Africa

TRICK & TREAT: Creating a

business double bottom line that links financial profit to social purpose is both a trick and a treat - it builds incredible success (Think Toms Shoes and Pandora) and it does lovely things for customers and the world.” — Merry-Carole Powers, Branding Powers, USA

TRICK: Place your full concen-

tration and awareness on one task at a time in order to complete things quickly and efficiently. Practicing mindfulness in this manner allows your business and life to flow effortlessly.” — Jaina Mistry, Yoga with Jaina, UK

Trick or Treat? 69

Ask & Answered Q. “I run an e-Boutique selling women’s clothing, handbags and shoes. With so many celebrity endorsements and celebrity products coming out I’m finding it difficult to make my brand (and non celebrity status!) stand out so my question is: how do I go about branding myself and making my products stand out above new celebrity launches?” — Claire Lowndes, Claire’s Bags N Boutique, UK


This Girl Means Business

The Answers Merry Carole Powers, Founder/CCO Branding Powers:

As a personal and professional branding expert, the most imp ortant thing I can say to you is to take heart! You don’t have to be a star to shine like one.

Drawing a crowd isn’t about competing with celebrities; it’s about connecting with customers. And you can do this by creating a magnetic, compelling personal brand. When it comes to individual human beings, there is no such thing as a parody product. You, as a person, absolutely must embrace the contribution only you can make

to your day, your job, your family, your world. You are a valuable product. And every valuable product has a better chance of succeeding when it’s presented via a meaningful brand. To do so, you must ask yourself two key questions: What do I stand for personally? And how can I put that into action to make the greatest impact professionally? The way I help my clients do this is by creating personal and professional brands with a double bottom line: A purpose-driven operating system that measures success by both the money you make and the difference you make in your world. Do you notice that pretty much every celebrity has joined forces with a socially responsible cause? Do you know why? This takes them

Asked & Answered


“A double bottom line: A purposedriven operating system that measures success by both the money you make and the difference you make in your world.” out of untouchable celebrity status and makes them human. Likable. Relatable. A double bottom line personal brand does the same for you. It informs how you can relate to your customers and connect to your market in a powerful, emotional way. For example, let’s say empowerment is a part of your personal brand. And if that’s so, then perhaps you source some of your boutique’s offerings from female artists around the world to empower women to create independence and security in cultures where we have been historically held down. Do you see what happens when you do this? You become meaningful


This Girl Means Business

and relevant not just to shoppers, but to women the world over. Who among us wouldn’t want to buy from you over some celebrity-endorsed product?

A double bottom line personal brand is your chance to create immense success as well as a legacy for your life. At your 80th birthday party, what do you want to hear spoken for your toast? Will it be how many dollars your boutique made or how that shop allowed you to ignite your passion and do something really meaningful in your world?

Angela Mahon, Co-Founder of the DesignHub collaborative, Director of Midlands Brand Strtegy & Design LTD and owner of the new Irish company ‘truzees’

I believe there are two parts to the branding pr ocess. Firstly, it

is discovering your brand and secondly, it is communicating your brand.

Your brand should consist of one or a number of messages that are translated through each and every piece of promotion you do. DISCOVERING YOUR BRAND What is my USP; unique selling point? Your USP will make your audience recognise, relate to and distinguish you, your product or service from the crowd. You mentioned that you currently sit in a competitive market, so it’s important that you can differentiate

yourself and your products. It may be that your products are chosen for a specific reason or cater to a specific audience or perhaps you have a unique personal story of how your company was born. What made you start the company? Was it your love of bags, your love of fashion, your love of good quality workmanship and design? Was it your skill base? Find your USP and start from there! What are my keywords? Your keywords are words that represent you or your company such as; quality, workmanship, reliable, unique, quirky, feminine. Choose up to six words that represent you, your company and product. Use these words and your USP to build your brand image. COMMUNICATING YOUR BRAND With each and every bit of promotion you do, whether it is in personal relations, online marketing

Asked & Answered


or advertising, it should ooze your story, message and keywords. For example if your products are made from quality materials then your brand image should reflect that. If you are of quirky nature then your brand image should reflect that. Your choices of typeface, textures and paper to materials in an environment are elements to be utilized when communicating your message. If your products are about creating an experience, than your website should also create an experience for your customers to reflect that. Your keywords and USP should be integrated into all your promotional and design material. From these words also start to jot

down your mission statement. Be wise as to the tone of language you use in text copy to represent you and your company. Every element is communicating to your audience. Make sure that you have your USP and brand story ready for when you are networking or promoting. You need to get your message across very quickly. Make it memorable! Also take note that creativity in design is very important. Creative design solutions are a must to draw the customer in! Good luck and trust your instincts. If you need any more tips or encouragement, please do not hesitate to ask!

“Every element [of your brand] is communicating to your audience.�


This Girl Means Business

Jaina Mistry, Yoga with Jaina

In business we all face compe tition. This allows


us to learn, grow and strive to continuously improve ourselves. Competition is also fair and just for the consumer, who then has a choice of products or services to use. Therefore in order to establish your place in the market alongside your competitors, you must have a clear and meaningful message behind your product or service in order for it to gain recognition. Many of us set up a business with an intention of providing others with something of use, something of service and something that will help them in their life. Therefore we already have a deeper reason and purpose. Once we connect to that message we can then reflect it in our brand whether our business is a fashionable bag or a toothbrush!

Often people can see a reflection of their own character within another person, or at least they can see something inspiring, which they can aspire to. This is often the case with celebrities and celebrity brands. Therefore if you can project your personality in your brand people will connect to you and start to understand you more as a person. So when they buy your product not only are they buying a material good but they are also buying your message and the truth behind your product. Once you start to learn about yourself, your character and your personality this can then be reflected in your brand. Your brand then becomes authentic and true to you.

Asked & Answered


Colours, layout, style and look can all be contrived and controlled, however when these elements of marketing are based on your key values and true intentions they will have far greater impact. Your product will then stand out from the rest as an entity of its own. Also take the time to question yourself. For example why have you chosen your particular banding colours? What purpose do they

hold? How do they convey you and your message? If you can answer the questions with a meaningful response then your product or service already has substance and strength behind it.

Your brand is like your foundation from which you can then build your business.

Mirella D’Offizi, Memories Forever Events (Pty) Ltd.

Firstly, celebri ties and celebr ity products do not just happen out of thin air. They happen because ordinary people like you believe in themselves, their talents and their abilities. So much so that they do not waver from their beliefs and their determination to succeed, no matter the competition or the obstacles. The second is the hard part: the hard work. The mental focus.


This Girl Means Business

If you are running a race do you think that by concentrating on your competition, alongside or behind you, you can win or even be placed? Of course not!

The secret is to focus and to visualise the outcome: your winning. For every single ‘celebrity’ brand on the market there are a dozen or so competitive ‘non celebrity’ brands that do very well.

The secret lies firstly in the quality; quality of material and quality of the end product. But that is not enough. BE DIFFERENT / Your product needs to be DIFFERENT – even in a little way. What can you offer your customers that your competition can’t? Sometimes good ideas just hit you when you least expect it. But do not rely on this, you need to ‘dig deep’ for good ideas and this takes time, effort and FOCUS. BE INNOVATIVE / Be creative. Be resourceful. Speak to as many potential customers as possible. Find out what they would want in an outfit, shoes and handbag. Listen to them so that you can best meet their needs. After all it is them who will buy and use your products. BE DARING / Do not be afraid of originality. Originality lies in being different and innovative.

KEEP IT SIMPLE / The simplest ideas are normally the best. Bigger does not mean better. BRANDING / What’s in a name? Very often a catchy, simple name is the best. The name MUST reflect the values of your product – which, essentially, is you. You are the product. It is your work, your invention. ADVERTISING / Word-of-mouth has always been the most effective means of advertising. People who like your products will influence others to consider them. If you have little or no advertising budget, then, in today’s world Social Media is the best and most far-reaching way of getting your name and products out there. Create a simple website. Then drive customers to your site through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and whatever else comes along. Technology is forever evolving. Be there when it happens! 

Asked & Answered

Health This G& Wellness

Aromatherapy for Concentration and Memory

Smell your way to improved memory, focus and concentration with essential oils! by Angela Mitchell

If you are in the habit of saying

It is said that nose receptors

‘where are my keys?’ ‘did I lock the

interact with the scents and then

back door?’ or if your concentration

transmit information to neural path-

and focus is lacking from day to

ways of the brain.

day, then this article is for you!

Fortunately there is a safe, scented way

and Taste Treatment and Research

out of your brain fog!

Foundation in Chicago says, “The

quickest way to change a mood state, is

Using aromatherapy can improve

Dr. Alan R. Hirsch of the Smell

your memory! This 6000 year old ancient

with smell.”

art uses plant, herb and flower essences

So, here are the essential oils you need to know about to help you improve your memory, concentration and focus...

that are either inhaled or applied topically to aid a variety of ailments, emotional issues and physical trauma.


This Girl Means Business

Aromablends for Memory Blended oils such as clary sage, coriander, ginger, rosemary and peppermint, when breathed in, can act as a memory jogger. Put 5 drops of ginger, 4 drops of rosemary into your diffuser or aromastone, then slowly allow it to diffuse into the atmosphere, either in the sitting room, or in your bedroom at night, they are not too stimulating. Alternatively, you can add the same drops onto a handkerchief then smell every now and again throughout the day (keep it in your handbag).

Aromablends for Concentration & Focus Essential oils best known for stimulating concentration are basil, eucalyptus, citriodora, radiate, grapefruit, lemon, spearmint, peppermint, ylang ylang and rosemary oils. Again you can use some of the essential oils in a diffuser/ burner. Or the evaporation method again, by dropping some of the oils onto a handkerchief or cotton wool ball and sniff throughout the day, especially after lunch, where there is more of a dip in alertness at that time of day.

Health & Wellness


Blend for Bath: Aiming for a productive day! Add either: - 4 drops of lemon - 3 drops of ginger - 5 drops of rosemary - 3 drops of grapefruit To 30 mls of carrier oil - you choose which you’d prefer. Run the bath with no bubble bath, then gently add some of your bath mixture just towards the middle of the bath as the oil may be denatured if poured at the taps.


This Girl Means Business

Swirl the water around gently then step into the bath. You don’t wash, just immerse yourself with the water and the oils and they will adhere to the skin. Lie for around 10 to 15 minutes. Then climb out of the bath and gently pat dry, do not rub. As said earlier you may apply the oil mixture to your skin as you get ready for your working day. Focus – for clarity of mind with basil and orange / SleepSound – with gentle lavender and jasmine

The This Know-How G

Free Up Your Time & Focus on What You Love Doing

How? By outsourcing.... by Corinne Stuart, The 450 Club


This Girl Means Business

As women we are excellent at juggling the demands of home, family and business and we have multi tasking down to an art form, but is the do-

Guaranteed it will take us more time

everything-yourself approach the right

the accounts, or trying to master the

one to take when it comes to running

art of SEO, or a myriad of essential

a business?
 The general consensus

jobs to make our business run more

is that women are more financially

efficiently, we are not concentrating

cautious than men. That may or may

time and effort on the most important

not be true, but in my experience of

element of all… growing our business

running a Private Members Business

by doing the very thing that we went

Club there is an enormous difference

into business to do in the first place.

in the approach men and women

Relinquishing those jobs we dread

take in organising and running their

does not mean giving up control over

businesses. Women do tend to be more

our business. Quite the contrary, it

cautious, more reluctant to invest and

frees us to plan our next move, seek out

find it far more difficult to relinquish

new revenue streams and secure new

control of any part of the day to day


running of their business. Men on the

other hand come from a position of

important, but creating false economies

have it-need it-want it-buy it and get

will hinder growth. If we’re looking at

someone else to do it.

keeping costs down, outsourcing is the

On this one, I believe that men

ideal way to buy in expertise without

have got it right and we have got it

the need to employ full time staff. It

wrong. Why are we trying to do it

allows us to run lean, nimble businesses

all? Why are we trying to save money

that respond quickly to opportunities

with a DIY, multi tasking approach?

and changing market conditions.

to do that job badly. What we should be doing is outsourcing it to an expert who will do it properly in a fraction of the time. Whilst we’re struggling with

Of course keeping costs down is

The Know-How


Outsourcing by means of collaboration Outsourcing by means of collaboration is something we are keen to encourage amongst our Members at The 450 Club.

Instead of looking on every competitor

wind and outsourcing those hated

as just that, collaborating with other

jobs you’ve been putting off, along

experts in your field allows you to

with those you’re not so good at.

outsource work you are either too

Make a list. Now think of all those

busy to take on, or do not have the

entrepreneurial women you know

required expertise to handle, and still

and meet at networking events and

retain a margin on that work. In turn

groups. There will be a name you can

you will benefit from contracts they

put against every job. If money is a bit

outsource to you by way of personal

tight this month why not arrange a


barter of each other’s services? And

Each time you outsource work you become someone else’s client and as their client they have a vested interest in you becoming more successful.


I believe that the phrase “you

have to speculate to accumulate” is a truism in business. So I’m advocating throwing some of your caution to the

if you’re wondering whether I practice what I preach the answer is yes. I have someone who does my SEO, my website, an IFA, my picture was taken by an excellent photographer I know, a financial whizz did my revenue forecasts for me and I have a VA,

They’ll be more than happy to

just to name a few. In fact having my

actively refer you to their connections

financials expertly done is the best

and networks and your business will

money I’ve ever spent, as it’s given me

grow as a consequence.

clarity, focus and vision. I know where

This Girl Means Business

I’m going as a result. By outsourcing to

not outsource to another female

others you are investing in yourself and

entrepreneur and help each other?

giving your business the best chance of

You’ll be buying yourself the most

success. That business will sustain you

important commodity of all, time.

no matter what life brings. So why

Top Tips for Outsourcing by Carrie Green

1. Get clear on the outcome

the temptation to hire the first person

Make sure you know what you want to

that comes along. Research and find

achieve by outsourcing roles and tasks

potential candidates, compare and

– how is it going to help the business?

contrast their skills and services.

2. Clearly define the specific roles and tasks you want to outsource

4. Do a thorough evaluation

This might seem obvious, but if

person/company to outsource to,

you want to successfully outsource

make sure you evaluate them, like you

something, you have to get clear on the

would if you were looking to take on

roles or tasks you want to outsource

board a full time employee. Check their

and be specific about the deliverables

references and ask to see feedback

and what you expect from the person

from their previous clients. Don’t be

or company you hire.

afraid to ask questions. Have a good

When you’re looking for the right

chat with them and make sure you get

3. Choosing the right help

along. If you have doubts or concerns

Take the time to select the right person

make sure you voice them. Listen to

or company to hire. You have to resist

your gut instinct.

The Know-How


5. Do a trial

over everything to make sure things

Once you’ve narrowed down the

are on track and ensure regular check-

search and found someone you think

ins or daily/weekly reports.

would be a great fit, start a trial run for a couple of months and test things out

8. Get everything in writing!

to see how they’ll work.

You need to make sure that you set clear terms, with regards to the work

6. Continually set clear goals

being carried out, the standard or work,

Make sure you set clear goals and

the payment terms and make sure they

targets, so that the person knows what

other party agrees in writing to them

they are working towards and what you

before any work commences.

want them to achieve.

9. Review 7. Communicate


Most outsourcing involves very little

everything they’re doing.





face-to-face interaction. It’s mainly done through email and calls. So,

10. Take your time

make sure you make the time to

Go slow, research well and bring on


board the best person you can find.



meetings to have a catch up and go

Websites for outsourcing: ELANCE.COM / ODESK.COM / GURU.COM / PEOPLEPERHOUR.COM / FIVERR.COM (for outsourcing one-off jobs: find people who will do things for you for less than $5)


This Girl Means Business

“Stop beating yourself up. You are a work in progress; which means you get there a little at a time, not all at once.” — {Unknown} “If you truly want to change your life, you must first change your mind.” — {Unknown} “Don’t let your fear of what could happen make nothing happen.” — {Unknown} “Worrying is like rocking in a chair: it keeps you busy, but doesn’t get you anywhere.” — {Unknown}

Health This G& Wellness

Polly’s Popeye Salad by Polly Noble

POLLY NOBLE is a Holistic Health Coach, Raw Food

Coach, author and two-time cancer survivor. Having been diagnosed twice by the age of 28, she has embarked on a kick cancer-butt mission to heal herself naturally and it is no coincidence that she feels healthier and happier than ever before. So, for a delicious, natural and healthy

meal, have a go at making Polly’s Popeye Salad…


This Girl Means Business


1 ½ cups tightly packed spinach leaves / ¼ ripe avocado, sliced / 6 baby tomatoes, halved / 1 spring onion, peeled and chopped / 1 tablespoon sunflower seeds / ¼ cup handful cashew nuts

Olive Oil Dressing


2 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar ¼ teaspoon Celtic sea salt Optional: Add ½ teaspoon ground turmeric*

Blender or jar & knife

*Turmeric is very anti-inflammatory and causes apoptosis meaning that cancer cells spontaneously die (ie. cancer cell suicide!)

Instructions Wash the spinach thoroughly and pat dry with kitchen towel or place in a salad spinner to remove any excess liquid. Place spinach in a bowl and add the remaining ingredients. Mix all dressing ingredients together, drizzle over the salad and serve.

Health & Wellness


{this month’s}



10 TIPS This Girl Means Business

Ten Things to Remember ON YOUR JOURNEY


Build systems and processes for your business.


The mindset for success starts with believing you can do it.


Have no fear; you’ve got to get out there and own it!


Get a mentor to help you.


Think outside of the box.


Plan some ‘thinking time’ into every day.




Remember to work on your business, not just in your business.


Define your primary aim in life.


Have the courage to make your dreams come true.

Top 10 Tips


Are you a female entrepreneur with a story to tell? Share it at and inspire thousands of women! >> CLICK HERE

See you next time! .com

This Girl Means Business - Issue 4  

This Girl is for the go-getters, the ones who believe, the ones who dare and the ones who succeed. Be inspired to follow your dreams!

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