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This page & front page: Krafla geothermal power plant in the Northeast of Iceland (Picture: ThinkGeoEnergy, flickr, creative commons)

Profile ThinkGeoEnergy • Global geothermal energy news • Focus: Power & large-scale direct use • Industry news: deals, projects, international development

ThinkGeoEnergy is a geothermal energy news website and service. It provides a news overview on industry activities, deals, projects, finance, international development, technology and services. With the limited attention that geothermal energy receives in renewable energy publications and websites, ThinkGeoEnergy provides a unique platform for industry news and announcements. The site focuses on the global geothermal power sector, but also looks into large scale direct use projects and applications. ThinkGeoEnergy also serves as a community network to facilitate the exchange of ideas, services and communication between players in the industry, globally and to promote geothermal energy in general.

• Global readership across all sectors of the industry • Industry community and other social media elements offered • Geothermal Job Portal

ThinkGeoEnergy was founded by Alexander Richter, Director at the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association. Previously, he was a founding member of the Geothermal Energy Team of Icelandic bank Íslandsbanki, where he was responsible for all research and communication activities of the team. He is a regular speaker at various global geothermal energy events and works in a consulting role for a number of clients in the global geothermal energy industry. Established in January 2009 and with a global readership from within the geothermal energy industry and beyond, it is the leading news source for the industry today.

Drilling Rig Odinn Soilmec HH 220 At Hellisheidi in Iceland (Picture: Courtesy of Iceland Drilling)

Readership Profile The top 20 countries visiting the site in 2011 are in that order: United States, Canada, Australia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Iceland, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Malaysia, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Chile, Turkey.

ThinkGeoEnergy has a wide readership from today more than 200 countries across the whole industry and beyond. Key average statistics: • Daily visits: average 600 • Time on site: 2:12 min. • Average page views: 1.85 • Return visitors: 40% • Average daily number of countries: 167 Samples of regular visitors to the site: Sectors: • Financial & Investment • Organizations • Public offices • Drilling • Engineering • Service & Supply • Utilities • Developers • Oil • Gas & Mining Players • Banking & Finance World: Credit Suisse, Wells Fargo, Merrill Lynch, CIBC, RBC, Mid-american Energy, Islandsbanki, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, IFC, Asian Development Bank, EBRD, JP Morgan, KfW, Macquarie, Sumitomo Mitsui, ABN Ambro

• Engineering, exploration and technical services: Engineering: Babcock & Wilcox, Mannvit, Hyundai Engineering, SKM, GeothermEx, ISOR, Verkís

• Service / technology: Halliburton, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Turboden, Fuji Power Systems, Pratt & Whitney, Scientific Drilling • Developers: Ram Power, Nevada Geothermal Power, Alterra Power, Oski Energy, Ormat Ind. / Techn., Star Energy, Geodynamics, Green Rock Energy, Envent, EDC, Petratherm, Greenearth Energy, KUTh Energy and many others. • Drilling: ThermaSource, Daldrup & Söhne, Iceland Drilling, Nabors Drilling, Potter Drilling, Hekla Energy, Deutag, EDC • Utility/ Power generation: Constellation, Calpine, Nevada Power Southern California Edison, BC Hydro, Norsk Hydro • Governmental: US DOE, BLM, US Senate, various ministries and agencies in the U.S., South America, Europe, Australia and more.

Protected well head on site at Hellisheidi geothermal power plant, Iceland (Picture: Lydurs, flickr, creative commons)

Approach & To o l s News provided on news aggregation, research, market information, • Partnerships with industry players and organizations

• Promotion of geothermal energy

• Access free of charge

• Strong social media, networking and community elements

ThinkGeoEnergy is an open news website with free access to readers from all over the world.

relationships globally across all segments of the industry and its value chain.

The website aggregates news from within the industry, the general media and other sources, but also directly from industry players. We maintain an extensive industry network and

The site primarily provides news services, but increasingly additional elements, such as the geothermal job portal, a weekly newsletter and a planned app for iPhone and Android smartphones.

ThinkGeoEnergy maintains partnerships and working relationships with national geothermal energy associations, industry players and related entities and organizations. Current Partnership:

ThinkGeoEnergy further is constantly working on utilizing promotional and community tools, which are also providing additional value to the readership of the website. Some of the tools utilized:

Strokkur, Geysir’s little brother, Iceland (Picture: Azadam, flickr, creative commons)

W h y a d v e rt i s e ? With the Leading News Website Focused primarily on the geothermal power sector, you can reach: • Unique & focused readership in the geo- • Visibility across all sectors of the geothermal energy space on a global scale thermal energy industry and beyond • Access to a strong readership in the financial community

ThinkGeoEnergy is a news website uniquely focused on the geo-thermal energy sector. The focused readership from the major geothermal regions and beyond provide a tremendous reach to promote and advertise your company and services. The site provides static advertisement banners, which are visible on every page and news item visited on the site. The focus on the geothermal power sector and industry scale direct use, gives a unique opportunity reaching core target groups within the industry value chain, but also beyond. Additional promotional elements are available as part of ThinkGeoEnergy’s weekly newsletter and the possibility for a sponsored and specially featured news item on the front page of the site.

Of particular interest should also be the strong readership among financial institutions interested and scanning the sector. With additional elements planned for the site, there will be increased and more targeted promotion opportunities offered through ThinkGeoEnergy. For additional marketing and promotional elements, please contact ThinkGeoEnergy.

Wairakei geothermal power plant, Waikato, New Zealand (source: Ingolfson, commons/ Wikimedia)

A d v e rt i s i n g Options Options offered: • Static banner advertisement on

• Featured article • Newsletter advertisement / co-branding

• Three different banner sizes available , • Social media advertisement 4 different pricing options • Visible on each page of the website

468 x 60 pixel (Top header banner)

180 x 150 pixel (Side banner)

Featured promotional news item 180 x 75 pixel (Small side banner)

Visibility: • The Advertisement is static and visible on all the pages of the website

Requirements: • Picture format: Gif or jpg (static pictures only) Size: 468x60, 180x150 or 180x75pixel

ThermaSource Rig 109 at The Geysers, California, U.S. (source: flickr/ ThinkGeoEnergy, creative commons)

Th i n k G e o E n e r g y

G e ot h e r m a l J o b P o rta l Geothermal Job Portal for Employers and Job• Post Job-openings or contract work

• Find resumes of Jobseekers

Snapshot of Global Geothermal Power Map (source: ISOR, ThinkGeoEnergy, IGA)

G l o b a l G e ot h e r m a l Power Plant Map The ThinkGeoEnergy Global Geothermal Power Plant Map provides locations of either power plants or actual geothermal fields in the world.

The print version of the map is a joint effort between ISOR and ThinkGeoEnergy with support provided by the International Geothermal Association.

Steam pipelines near Taupo, New Zealand (source: Ingolfson, commons/ Wikimedia)

Th i n k G e o E n e r g y S e rv i c e s ThinkGeoEnergy also provides a variety of services related to geothermal energy development, marketing and promotion In summary the following are services provided by ThinkGeoEnergy: • Research market, development, sector and technology research

• Strategy market positioning, partnership, collaboration and business develop-

• Marketing general promotional activities, positioning, visibility, presentations, information memorandums, branding

• Communication public relation work, press releases, social media and strategy • Sales sales strategy, target audience mapping, promotional material, presentations

w w w. t h i n k g e o e n e r g y. com

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ThinkGeoEnergy Media Kit 2012  
ThinkGeoEnergy Media Kit 2012  

This is the Media Kit for 2012 of Geothermal News Website, It provides an overview on the profile, readership, advertise...