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PHYSICaL Inaccuracies

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Unprecedented Vision

The Earthquake Prediction

Science vs Black Magic

Emerging Fashion Artisan Loza MalĂŠombho


Restaurants Joe’s Downstairs Da Maurizio Acqua Seahag Cudos DiVine Restaurant

Restaurants Joe’s Downstairs-Patong Acqua-Kalim Sala Resort-Mai Khao 9th floor-Patong DiVine-Thalang Dedos-Laguna Taste-Surin Da Maurizio-Patong Mom Tri's Villa Royale- Kata Seahag-Patong Plum-Cape Sienna-Kamala Vset-Chalong Lims-Kalim

One touch, for total control of your entertainment and environment.

Sala Mexicali-Rawai Slug & Lettuce-Thalang Siam Indigo-Phuket Town Baan Rim Pa-Patong Texas Steak House-Surin










AVC designs and installs systems that are intuitive, cost effective and enduring. If you seek in-room enter tainment, or you’re look ing for reliable mechanical- electrical-plumbing engineering; our team of international specialists are cer tified, experienced and ready to exceed your expectations. Let AVC add value to your project through consultation, consistenc y and quality. AVC has completed over 170 projects at: 3 Pagodas, Amanpuri, Ayara K amala & Surin, Baan Yamu, Blue Point, Cape Sol, Cape Yamu, Jomchang, K ata Rocks, Naissance, Nik k i Beach, The Residence, Water fall Cove, Sai Taan, Samsara, Sava, Surin Hill, Tamarind, Trisara, Twinpalms, Villas Overlook ing Layan, and many private residences.

Indigo Pearl-Nai Yang Brasserie-Phuket Town @Beach-Kata Beach

Beach Clubs Up Beach Club-Naithon Beach Bliss Beach Club-Bang Tao Beach


Island Space Steven Leach & Associates SLA Architects

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If you are searching for the best local and international art in Phuket, we can help you by organizing a private showing of a cross section of great art. Well priced and very diverse, this is your chance to collect, decorate your local villa or take something beautiful home with you. We represent a wide cross section of artists and can help you find exactly what you are looking for. We will arrange a time for you to come, sit and enjoy a bit of everything. think DESIGN JUly 2012



think DESIGN JUly 2012

think DESIGN JUly 2012


Next Art Dinner at: ART DINNER SERIES dedos restaurant in Laguna July 20, 2012

Live every Sunday at Sunset

The objective of these Art Dinners is to encourage artistic cross-pollination of art through different mediums.

What we do each month is select an artist from Phuket who needs exposure to the community and we match them with some of the best Chefs on the Island. The Chefs prepare six dishes created specifically to match six pieces of art. Before each course, a painting is briefly presented, then the Chef, a remarkable artist in his own right, explains one of the six dinner items inspired by the paintings. Hopefully it will be a great opportunity to try some creative cuisine and have some food for thought about art. As we have wandered the streets of Phuket, especially in Phuket Town, we have come across an incredible amount of quality artists. They deserve exposure and here is their chance to be seen and our chance to see the work, and enjoy some amazing food.


om DESTINA L A magazine.c R n g U si e T d k L in U t: info@th UKET A C ase contac

MAKING PH For more information ple

Pjae Stanley Band Funky Blues and Jazz

Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation For some of us it’s a dream come true to have a home in Phuket. But many disadvantaged children are forced to leave their homes and migrate to the city to look for unskilled and often low paid work. Unless that is, they can learn a language that will help give them a secure future. As capable, confident English speakers, their chances of finding well paid employment and a brighter future increase dramatically. Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation provides English training to over 850 children in local government schools; eager students who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn from fluent English teachers. The organisation relies on volunteers as well as generous donations from both businesses and individuals and we are asking for your contribution to help support our work and give these children a brighter future. If Phuket has helped enrich your life, now’s the chance to help enrich theirs. Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation 80/14 Moo 3 T. Kamala A. Kathu Phuket, Thailand 83150 Land: +66 (0) 76 278 146 Email: Registered Kingdom of Thailand Charity Organization 3-0321-0444-9

SALA’s North Coast crab and seafood bake.

Issue 29 Cover designed by Panyapol Phuenpha Cover background image; the Burj Khalifa, Dubai

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Cover artwork is an abstract intrepretation from three articles in the July 2012 issue (Articles on pages 34, 52 & 59 )


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Selected Distribution Points in Phuket & Bangkok Think Design Magazine is all about our readers. Without you, our publication would not exist, replaced by another corporate brochure. We have taken great pride in our distribution, by making it a reactive exercise, constantly adapting to where the needs from the community are, where the readers need more, where our clients require better design inspiration and information. Recently, we have received several requests for information about our distribution points. Here is a sample of the several hundred distribution points in Phuket & Bangkok where we deliver weekly, including in-room distribution in Phuket’s top luxury resorts. Let us know if you would like to add a location or business to the list.

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Sala Phuket Resort Thanyapura Anantara Phuket Oriental Living Le Meridien Phuket Bliss Beach Club The Wine Connection Fillings Cafe Home Pro Chalong The 9th Floor Restaurant Pavilions Resort Indigo Pearl Resort Baan Rim Pa Restaurant Sri Panwa Resort Joe’s Downstairs Restaurant Taste Restaurant The Surin Bake (Laguna) Kata Beach Resort Mom Tri’s Villa Royale Centara Grand

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Da Maurizio Bar Ristorante Absolutely Fabulous Holiday Inn Mai Khao Silk Restaurant Surin Plaza Manathai Resort Villa Market Deli De Luca Lady Pie Bakery Andara Resort Lotus Restaurant Rockfish Restaurant Andaman White Beach Resort Cudos Restaurant & Bar Skyline Furniture Sushi Box (Jungceylon) Starbucks (90 distribution points in Bangkok) Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok Conrad Hilton Bangkok

EDITORIAL-JULY As we head into the Northern hemisphere summer here in Phuket, many ex-pats take a break and travel back to their former countries for family visits, etc. There is no better way to appreciate the wonderful place that Phuket is than spending a few weeks elsewhere. It makes us realize how lucky we are to live in Thailand with everything it has to offer. In this issue, if you are traveling, we offer you some of our ideas for best cities to visit for architecture fans. All these places are on the A-list of architectural destinations and will inspire anyone who appreciates good design and visionary thinking. Some of the options are not that far from Phuket, so maybe a visit is in order. One of the things I really enjoy when writing for Think Design Magazine is exposing the work of some of my favorite writers to Thailand, going back and reminiscing over books I read long ago but that still hold an important place in my consciousness. One such writer is Paul Auster and I hope some of you, while on vacation or with some free time will have the inclination to give him a try. You will certainly be glad you did. He creates a world through his books that is thoroughly enjoyable, at once mysterious and treacherous, better experienced in a book than in our

daily lives. His work has brought a lot of enjoyment to my life and I hope you will appreciate it as well. I also enjoyed researching the truth behind some fictional information which spreads around Phuket, getting more attention than the truth. People who predict earthquakes and stretch science into fiction for their own gain should be ashamed. These unscrupulous people pretend to be able to predict future earthquakes when they simply cannot, and these predictions cause hysteria and worry in people who are prone to believe these lies. These are nothing but snake oil salesmen and scam artists. Actually spending time understanding the real science behind the earthquakes is far more interesting than listening to that garbage. Get informed. I hope our story this month is helpful in some way at getting to the truth. As always we are humbled and thankful for your continued readership and we look forward to new and better issues of Think Design Magazine. Keep the comments coming and enjoy the July issue of Think Design Magazine!

Think Design Magazine

Precast concrete why you should consider it!

Most construction experts list these following advantages of Pre-cast Concrete Many people in the construction industry are fans of precast concrete and would use the building method anywhere in the world when possible. Living in Thailand and knowing the construction industry here, the use of precast as a quality assurance method is even more imperative. - Pre-cast concrete slabs are the correct size as they are manufactured off site. While this seems obvious, in Thailand it is not always so. Construction dimensioning is not always perfect with poured in place concrete. - Pre-cast concrete saves a lot of time on site as it is manufactured off site. - Pre-cast concrete also saves a lot of space on site as pre-cast concrete is usually on site when required. - Pre-cast concrete saves money in terms of labour on site as pre-cast concrete can usually be assembled by semi skilled operatives. Here in Thailand, quality control is the imperative element on the list, for concrete may be made with minimum water under factory conditions. Concrete pipes for example are made from aggregate that appears only slightly damp! This leads to accurate, repeatable products which can be counted on for quality. And factory manufacturing produces the quality product at good speed. Another important advantage is freedom from weather and site conditions. We all know it rains a lot in Phuket. Precast poured and cured in the factory is not affected by rain, heat or other site conditions.




Forum to answer those pesky questions regarding design and build

Each month, as we receive questions from Phuket and beyond, there are a fair percentage that deal with construction issues. For construction questions, occasionally we will consult with Michael Hannah from Silver Fern Siam, who provides project and construction management services here in Phuket. As we have mentioned before, he is the perfect person to ask, combining the expertise of construction, local experience and Thai language knowledge with the understanding of what ex-pats in Phuket are looking for in terms of quality and service. The correct way to begin a villa project or something larger is to meet with him or someone like him to have that level of experience at your side. He can be reached at 081 929 2272 or at

Q: Hi, thanks for answering our questions. Here is one, why are Phuket roads so bad? Cheers, Robert

A: Hi Robert, not really an

architectural question but in the vein of what plagues much of the Phuket built environment, the poor quality of construction. If they build the roads correctly in the first place, there is a far lower chance of potholes, cracks and the like. The road between Patong and Karon is a perfect example, the huge cracks there just keep getting patched but not properly fixed so in a short amount of time, they return to their horrible state. Do a job right in the first place and fewer problems will arise.

that, for example, holding back a percentage of the construction costs until the end in case you need to do some major repairs on the new construction. Always protect yourself, as your lawyer or your construction manager will advise.

Q: A friend was asking if a wheelbarrow can carry 2000 pounds in one load. I say yes, what do you say? - Ron

A: You are not giving me a lot of information but in many cases these off plan projects are done on the cheap and are set up to fail. You certainly need to build some safety into a project like

The reality is that Thailand does not have the urban planning department that builds building uses into the permitting process. The level of development in Phuket is testament to the lack of control. Those of us who love it here and want the best for Phuket (beyond our own interests) sure hope that development sprawl is controlled better in the future through government planning agencies.

A: You might win the award for strangest question on this forum since we started. In my opinion, no, a wheelbarrow, at least the standard one-wheel job that I have used many times cannot hold 2000 pounds and be comfortably moved.

Q: I saw a crew of local builders put up a shop house in one week. How can they do that? I was very impressed. - Mike in Kata

Q: I am from California and

can an expert baker in Spain make in one day? A lot! The point is that crews who build shop houses, build them over and over, day after day. After awhile they can be building these things very quickly and probably with their eyes closed.

Q: I bought into a program to

have a house built for a fixed cost, from a plan I chose and I really am not happy with the results. What did I do wrong?

A: Yes, Inglewood, know it well.

in our town, Inglewood, a plan is constantly created and revised to control urban growth throughout the community. Does that happen here in Thailand?

A: How many loaves of bread


If you have any questions that you’d like answered just email us at


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africa’s loza Maléombho; It’s All In the Fabric


THE LATEST MUST-HAVE GADGETRY Think design’s recommended art galleries; Phuket’s Creatives blueprint unique properties; Think Design’s Exclusive Property Section







elon musk; Space X, Tesla and SolarCity; What Can’t He Do?

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Thai artist profile; Niwat Buathong (Khun Pan)



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Dasha Zhukova’s garage; Part of Russia’s Contemporary Art Scene


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28. AGENDA; Events in Thailand, Asia & Around the World 75. chew on this; Saving The Salmon 79. earthquake prediction; What’s the Real Story?


intense and grandiose architectural cities; The Best of the Best to Visit






26. paul auster; Storyteller With Few Modern Equals


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laws of phsics; They Don’t Apply to Hollywood


Soul Asia Surin Plaza

Salvador Dali Surrealist Piano Bronze Sculpture

Antique Silver

Chinese Cabinet 19th Century Shanxi, China

Din Quan Admiring the Lotus Lacquer on Board

Yue Min Jun Kung Fu Signed Lithograph

Thai Bronze Statue Man Reading on Chinese Chair


The Plaza Surin, 2nd Floor, M1-3 5/50 Moo 3, Cherngtalay, Thalang District, Phuket 83110. Tel: 076 271629, 076 270055 Email:

____ PAUL ROPP’S NEW STOP ___THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD INVENTS CURE FOR HICCUPS A clever young woman named Mallory Kievman who is only thirteen, had the hiccups. The teen who is from Connecticut USA decided to find a cure for this annoying relic of evolution, eventually creating a successful one in her family’s kitchen; hiccup-ending lollipops she’s named Hiccupops. Made from apple cider vinegar and sugar, the lollipops are designed to overstimulate throat nerves responsible for the hiccup contractions, canceling out “the message to hiccup,” she explained to various news organizations including the New York Times. “I was reading an article somewhere about uses for vinegar, and apple cider vinegar was in that story for getting rid of hiccups,” she told Mashable. “Lots of home remedies use something that is either very sweet or very tart. So she used both. She used the tartness of the apple cider vinegar and the sweetness of sugar. “I think it is a really ingenious concept,” said Dr. Robynne Chutkan, a gastroenterologist with Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC. The patent-pending pops, developed after two years of research are getting a lot of attention, both because of the product itself and the age of the inventor.

Words: Nova Aurora

There comes a time in everyone’s life and career when they must divert from their norm and try out something a little different. For Paul Ropp, this is that moment. After opening numerous clothing shops in Bali and Thailand, and exporting to over thirty-three other countries, Paul Ropp has decided to open one more on Surin Beach Road opposite The Surin Phuket (formerly The Chedi) and Amanpuri in Phuket; however this time, it’s not just clothes. This time it’s Paul Ropp FurnArt. “Sometimes creativity needs new challenges in order to create new products,” he says. “We then have a learning curve and when this process is concluded it deserves a platform. Paul Ropp Extra is my platform to share some rocking handy-crafted art.” Ropp has a new dream; the ‘Paul Ropp Art Hotel’, and with the new two story, 280 square meter showroom he will present all his latest shoe accessories and feature his new-fangled FurnArt. “The object is to create accessories, home art decorations, object art, couches, chairs, wall hangings and rugs that are guaranteed to generate a smile. The environment will act as a less expensive form of therapy and bring a feeling of wellbeing,” says Ropp contently, “FurnArt is made from intensive recycled material left after production from our garment collection and presents itself in colorful reasons to feel good.” Ropp uses his personal two bedroom studio apartment in Surin which he has created himself, and another in Bali, as platforms to be used as showrooms and prototype for his next project, the Paul Ropp Art Hotel.

____PI ART

___HOMOPHOBIC? MAYBE YOU ARE GAY… ___MAN’S MOST DISTANT RELATIVE FOUND… AT THE BOTTOM OF A LAKE A rare micro-organism that lives in the sludge of a Norwegian lake is mankind’s most remote relative, according to biologists at the University of Oslo. The microscopic creature was first found in Lake As about one hundred and fifty years ago, but more recent genetic analysis has revealed that the organism does not fit on any of the main branches of the tree of life. The protozoan creature is not a fungus, alga, parasite, plant or animal. “We have found an unknown branch of the tree of life that lives in this lake. It is unique,” said Kamran Shalchian-Tabrizi, head of the Microbial Evolution Research Group at the University. He’s created a new branch on the tree, and named it ‘Collodictyon’. “So far we know of no other group of organisms that descend from closer to the roots of the tree of life than this species.” Life on Earth can be divided up into two main groups. Bacteria fall under prokaryotes, which have no membrane inside their cell. Everything else, like animal, plants, fungi and algae, is a eukaryote because their cells have a membrane. Shalchian-Tabrizi added, “The family tree of the species from Lake As starts at the very root of the eukaryote group. The micro-organism is among the oldest, currently living eukaryote organisms we know of. It evolved around one billion years ago, plus or minus a few hundred million years. It gives us a better understanding of what early life on Earth looked like.” Well, that should explain the behavior of that cousin that we can’t stand…. 20

think DESIGN JUly 2012

Why are political and religious figures who campaign against gay rights so often implicated in sexual encounters with same-sex partners? In recent years in the US, Ted Haggard, an evangelical leader who preached that homosexuality was a sin, resigned after a scandal which involved a former male prostitute and Glenn Murphy Jr., a leader of the Young Republican National Convention and an opponent of same-sex marriage, pleaded guilty to a lesser charge after being accused of sexually assaulting another man. So why so many thousands of similar cases like these? One theory that has seen compelling results in tests is that homosexual urges, when repressed out of shame or fear, can be expressed as homophobia. Freud famously called this process a “reaction formation”, the angry battle against the outward symbol of feelings that are inwardly being stifled. Even Mr. Haggard seemed to endorse this idea when, apologizing after his scandal for his anti-gay rhetoric; he said, “I think I was partially so vehement because of my own war.” It’s important to stress the obvious, not all those who campaign against gay men and lesbians secretly feel same-sex attractions. But some of those who oppose homosexuality are likely to be individuals struggling against parts of themselves. The costs are great, not only for the targets of anti-gay efforts but also often for the perpetrators. We would do well to remember that all involved deserve our compassion.

New York designers TWO-N have represented the first 4,000,000 decimals of the number Pi (π) as pixels. In the data visualization 4 Million Digits of π, the numbers 0 to 9 were each assigned a different color, and were rendered as 1x1-pixel dots that correspond to the order of the decimals. The Pi Pixel Art was created in homage to the mathematicians, Shigeru Kondo and Alexander Yee, who spent 371 days last year, calculating the value of Pi up to the 10 trillionth digit, smashing the world record. “4 Million Digits of π is a tongue-in-cheek take on the more serious work we are doing at TWO-N”, Hermann Zscheigner of TWO-N told Fast Co. Design.

think DESIGN JUly 2012


You wouldn’t want to miss it.

___PANTONE UNVEILS NEW COLORS For those of you who like colors and actually pay attention to this sort of thing, the company Pantone has just added 336 new colors to its Plus Series, bringing the total to 1,667 colors. According to Pantone, the new shades, which range from pale pastels to mid-tones, deep hues, neutral and bold, are inspired from the Pantone Goe system. Each of the new tones will be permanent fixtures and are available in coated and uncoated formats and are printed on text-weight paper to match the print specifications. Good news for graphic designers and artists in general.

____WORLD HAPPINESS REPORT RECOMMENDS MOVE TO SCANDINAVIA The first ever World Happiness Report has been made public and states that our best chance at a contented life is to pack up and move to Scandinavia. Published by The Earth Institute at Columbia University, the report collated data from several different happiness measurement exercises worldwide to create a “life evaluation score”, which took in not just wealth but also social factors such as political freedom, strong social networks and an absence of corruption as well as personal criteria including good mental and physical health, someone to count on, job security and having a stable family life. The sources include the Gallup World Poll (GWP), the World Values Survey (WVS), the European Values Survey (EVS), and the European Social Survey (ESS). After the figures were analyzed, the report authors found that the “happiest countries in the world” are Denmark, Norway, Finland and the Netherlands, where the average life evaluation score is 7.6 on a 0 to 10 scale. The least happy countries are Togo, Benin, Central African Republic and Sierra Leone with average life evaluation scores of just 3.4. It found that while “the happiest countries” tend to be wealthy countries, in these countries, GDP tends to play less of a defining role in how happy citizens are as compared to poorer countries. Instead, quality of life as opposed to quantity of money is important. As the report states: “At work, job security and good relationships do more for job satisfaction than high pay and convenient hours.”

Where good seaside ambience meets mouth watering local seafood and fresh meats cooked to perfection, while enjoying the tropical breeze and famous sunsets of Kata Bay.

___MIT DEVELOPS ANTI-GLARE AND SELF-CLEANING GLASS The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently presented new glass manufacturing technology. It is structured with nanocones, which are 1.000 to 100.000 times thinner than the diameter of a human hair. This creates pockets of air on its surface, thus reducing the contact of water on the glass. This leads to several advances in clean glass and glass which has better visibility qualities and does not fog up. During testing which is available on video, you can see the water drops literally bouncing off the surface, without lingering on the glass. Not only does this kind of glass not fog, it doesn’t create light glare either. The technology can be applied to smartphones, tablets, cars, buildings, as well as solar collectors. We guess we will all be using it one day. 22

think DESIGN JUly 2012

@Beach Bar & Restaurant Kata Beach Resort & Spa, 1 Pakbang Road, Karon, Phuket 83100 Tel: (66) 076 330 530 Email:

www.ka t a gro up.c o m /ka t a bea c h

Jus Com t2 eS KM ee Ea Us st At of Ou He r N roi ew ne L s M oca on tio um n en t!

___MARIJUANA VENDING MACHINE DEVELOPED IN CALIFORNIA In the US, you can find a vending machine for everything. Now, medical marijuana can be legally dispensed through a fully automated vending machine called the Autospense (let’s be honest, the name could be much more clever. about the ‘Buy and Get High’?). The dispensary machine works with a medical marijuana card, a thumbprint scan and payment. AutoSpense’s founder, Joe DeRobbio is quoted as saying “What goes in, what comes out, it’s documented and there’s no way to subvert that.” The Dispensary Store in Santa Ana, California is the first place to host one of these machines. AutoSpense is a uniquely designed, high-tech automated dispensing system that exceeds industry standards. The software used is specifically designed to properly control transactions and manage inventory. This will significantly improve profitability, accountability, security and customer satisfaction.

Curtains & Upholstery

T+66 (0) 76 272 702-3 E










Sofa & Accessories

Awnings & Sun Shades

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Island Curtains Co., Ltd. 63/8 Paklok Muang Mai Road T.Paklok, A. Thalang 83110, Thailand Tel: +66 76 272 702-3 | Fax: +66 76 272 703 |

T+66 (0) 76 272 702-3 E

A physicist faced with a fine for running a stop sign has proved his innocence by publishing a mathematical paper, and has even won a prize for his efforts. Dmitri Krioukov is a physicist based at the University of California in San Diego. When faced with a court hearing over allegedly driving through a stop sign, he put together a paper called The Proof of Innocence, which he has since published. The abstract for the paper reads: “A way to fight your traffic tickets”. The paper was awarded a special prize of $400 that the author did not have to pay to the state of California. Krioukov’s argument is based upon the premise that three coincidences happened at the same time to make the police officer believe that he had seen the physicist run a red light, when, in fact, he hadn’t. He writes, “We show that if a car stops at a stop sign, an observer, e.g., a police officer, located at a certain distance perpendicular to the car trajectory, must have an illusion that the car does not stop, if the following three conditions are satisfied: (1) The observer measures not the linear but angular speed of the car; (2) The car decelerates and subsequently accelerates relatively fast; and (3) There is a short-time obstruction of the observer’s view of the car by an external object, e.g., another car, at the moment when both cars are near the stop sign.” As Physics Central explains, because the police officer was around thirty meters from the intersection where the stop sign was situated, “a car approaching the intersection with constant linear velocity will rapidly increase in angular velocity from the police officer’s perspective”. Hey whatever it takes to get out of that ticket. I may be trying this defense next time as well. think DESIGN JUly 2012



l i t e r a t u r e . p o st . m o d e r n . v i rt u o s o


raey hcae tuoba tsuj levon taerg eno decudorp sah retsuA raey,yhgcoaleirtTuokbraoYtswuejN leehvTonhttiawerhgueonrohtdegcnuidkoareprbsayhllraentisfuAretfa ,ygolirTdnkarorYeewreaNc eyhrTarhetiwl hsgiuhorfhottgrnaitksaerubrtylelhatnidfekreatmfahcihw dnoat rkecearhacnwyornakrneutimlorsfihegfdoe terhattsreevuortmiehhtdedtelkurpamtahcciyhlwlanif otnkrceadhomnweotnikrnouvamforyfm esgideHeh.tarhetvoekmiilhtdseutjlu,praetaicrwylluafnsisfeccus nredeosmaeertcinriovoatfeylmbasiebeHot.tearhutsaekliplttaseurjg ,ermetsiervwiglutfissdencacursohtua esaercni ot elba eb ot erusaelp taerg em s.eaviisgA tni dyntairraolhutpuoap sih .aisA ni ytiralupop sih

Order of Arts and Letters by the French government in 1991 (he was elevated to an officer in 1997). The range of Auster’s work is remarkable; novels, essays, translations, poems, plays, songs, and collaborations with artists (including Sophie Calle and Sam Messer). He has also written three screenplays: Smoke (1995), Blue in the Face (1995), and Lulu on the Bridge (1998), which he directed as well. Auster still writes by hand, in notebooks, eschewing the computer



Words: michael earle

Auster has produced one great novel just about each year after finally breaking through with The New York Trilogy. It marked the true start of his literary career and finally catapulted him over the edge from unknown hack to successful writer, just like that. He is my favorite modern author and it gives us great pleasure here at Think Design to expose his work a bit throughout Asia.

> Image above. Author Paul Auster.

Paul Auster studied at Columbia University in the late sixties, then worked for a few months on an oil tanker before moving to Paris, something that keeps happening to these literary types, where he eked out a living as a translator. He started a magazine, Little Hand, and an independent publishing house of the same name with his first wife, the writer Lydia Davis. In 1972 his first book, a collection of translations titled A Little Anthology of Surrealist Poems, was published. He

returned to New York City in 1974 and, among other ventures, tried to sell a baseball card game he had invented. In 1982, Auster published his first prose book, The Invention of Solitude, a memoir and meditation on fatherhood that he started writing shortly after his father’s death. After The New York Trilogy in 1987, some of his other novels include Moon Palace (1989), The Music of Chance (1990), Leviathan (1992), and The Book of Illusions (2002). Auster was made a chevalier of the


raey hcae tuoba tsuj levon taerg eno decudorp sah r ,ygolirT kroY weN ehT htiw hguorht gnikaerb yllanif dna reerac yraretil sih fo trats eurt eht dekram ot kcah nwonknu morf egde eht revo mih detlupatac yl nredom etirovaf ym si eH .taht ekil tsuj ,retirw lufss esaercni ot elba eb ot erusaelp taerg em sevig ti dna r .aisA ni ytiralupo

Paul Auster the American author keeps producing great work


altogether. He feels a real sense of connection to his work by doing it this way. Later, he transcribes the work into print with an original typewriter which forces him to be perfect, to finalize his work in a meaningful way. He was quoted in the Paris Review, “Where are the words coming from? Who’s saying this? The third-person narrative voice in the traditional novel is a strange device. We’re used to it now, we accept it, we don’t question it anymore. But when you stop and think about it, there’s an eerie,

05 > 01. One of Paul Auster’s screen plays, Lulu On A Bridge. > 02. Paul Auster, 2009 at a book signing in New York City. > 03. Sunset Park. > 04. The New York Trilogy. > 05. Amos Oz, Paul Auster, Salman Rushdie and Shimon Peres in 2008.

disembodied quality to that voice. It seems to come from nowhere and I found that disturbing. I was always drawn to books that doubled back on themselves, that brought you into the world of the book, even as the book was taking you into the world.” The New York Trilogy started it all and remains his best known work. In this work, his stories are not conventional detective stories organized around a mystery and a series of clues. Instead, he uses the detective form to address existential issues and questions of identity, space, language, and

literature, creating his own form in the process. Speaking of his work, Auster said, “I believe the world is filled with strange events. Reality is a great deal more mysterious than we ever give it credit for.” The search for identity and personal meaning has permeated Auster’s later novels, many of which concentrate heavily on the role of coincidence and random events. The relationships between people and their peers and environment and Auster’s heroes often find themselves obliged to work as part of someone else’s inscrutable and larger-than-life schemes. x

think DESIGN JUly 2012


Agenda & Events JUNE & JULY 2012

All information correct at the time of going to press.




Theatre & Music


Boryeong Mud Festival 2012 For everybody who’s gone through life being admonished by religion and conscientious mothers not to indulge in mudslinging, the annual Mud Festival at Boryeong in South Korea must come as a godsend. The ultimate opportunity to wallow in slime, and cover friends, family and yourself in mud. It happens annually, at the peak of summer, at Boryeong and attracts hundreds of mud-mad visitors, both Korean as well as foreign. Calling this unusual event the ‘ Boryeong ‘ Mud Festival is a bit of a misnomer, because the festival actually takes place not at the coastal town of Boryeong but at nearby Daecheon Beach. The mud for the festival, however, comes from Boryeong, and is supposed to be chockfull of minerals that are good for your skin. The mud is believed to reduce wrinkles, get rid of excess oils from your skin, and help stimulate the growth of new surface cells. Daecheon Beach area, South Korea July 14-24, 2012

Na Thalang Ancestral Siamese Cuisine At SALA Phuket Resort Imagine … a dinner prepared with secret recipes and artisanal preparation methods handed down through twelve generations. Imagine … enjoying fresh rare wild seasonal ingredients foraged from the Phang-Nga rainforest and caught from the Andaman Sea. Now, experience … a “secret” Dinner of Na Thalang Ancestral Siamese Cuisine, presented by Chef Premchit Prateap Na Thalang, whose family has lived in harmony with nature, harvesting, trading, eating, dispensing and using the rainforest plants and sea animals of southern Thailand for more than 420 years. Chef Premchit’s ancestors influenced the emergence of a distinctive southern Siamese cuisine, with its immigrant Chinese and Indian elements, suffused with intense, rich aromas and flavors from the forests and seas of the Andaman coast. Having inherited her family’s culinary wisdom and secrets, Chef Premchit now shares her love of food with her “secret” Na Thalang Ancestral Siamese Cuisine Dinner at SALA Phuket, every third Thursday of the month. Seats are limited, so book now for this extraordinary experience. When: Thursday, July 19, and every third Thursday thereafter Time: Apéritif: From 7.00 pm, Dinner: At 7.30 pm sharp Digestif: About 10.00 pm Secret Venue: Revealed to SALA Phuket guests upon dinner reservation and to outside dinner guests upon arrival for dinner Secret Menu: Presented by Chef Premchit on the night Dinner: B1,900 ++ per person Wine Pairing: B1,000 ++ per person, for 6 half-glasses Web: Email: Tel:

28 076 338 888

think DESIGN JUly 2012

223 Prabaramee Road, Patong Beach, Phuket 83150, Thailand.

Agenda & Events Think Design Art Dinners Every month Think Design Magazine will be hosting an Art Dinner featuring a local Thai or expat artist. The objective of these Art Dinners is to encourage artistic cross-pollination of art through different mediums. What we do is select an artist from Phuket who needs exposure to the community and we match them with some of the best Chefs on the Island. The Chefs prepare six dishes created specifically to match six pieces of art. Before each course, a painting is briefly presented, then the Chef, a remarkable artist in his own right, explains one of the six dinner items inspired by the paintings. Hopefully it will be a great opportunity to try some creative cuisine and have some food for thought about art. As we have wandered the streets of Phuket, especially in Phuket Town, we have come across an incredible amount of quality artists. They deserve exposure and here is their chance to be seen and our chance to see the work, and enjoy some amazing food. July Art Dinner at: Dedos Restaurant, Laguna 20 July 2012, 7pm Featured Artist Khun Watcharin, Culinary Artist: Chef Pablo M: 088 446 3188, T: 076 512 746 E:


ART DINNER JULY 20th, 2012 7pm AT DEDOS Restaurant, Laguna, Phuket

Price: TBA per person including wine.




5/ 31/ 2012

Fuji Rock Festival ‘12 Fuji Rock is an annual rock festival held in Naeba Ski Resort, in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. The three day event features more than two hundred Japanese and international musicians, making it the largest outdoor music event in Japan. The Festival this year will be headlined by The Stone Roses, and Radiohead along with; At The Drive-In, Beady Eye, Buddy Guy, Busy P, Caribou, Elvis Costello And The Imposters, Explosions In The Sky, Factory Floor, Galactic, Hiromi Trio Project, Howler, Jack White, James Blake, James Iha, Justice, The Kooks, Los Lonely Boys, Michael Kiwanuka, Ocean Colour Scene, Sakanaction, The Shins, and The Specials. July 27- July 29 2012 Naeba Ski Resort, Japan

Lollapalooza 2012 Lollapalooza returns to Chicago’s Grant Park with headline performances by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Sabbath, Black Keys, and Jack White. Also on board: M83, the Shins, Franz Ferdinand, the Walkmen, the Weeknd, and the reunited At The Drive-In and Afghan Whigs. For the full line up check out their website below. Grant Park Chicago, Illinois, USA 3 August 2012 – 5 August 2012 think DESIGN JUly 2012


2:01:06 PM

Agenda & Events

OCEANS APART - An exhibition of Original Art by Robin Gillow and Libby Harrison Divided by an ocean, yet linked through art and friendship, Phuket based artist Robin Gillow and South African artist, Libby Harrison invite you to their up-coming exhibition, OCEANS APART. The artists have known each other since their early teens, when Robin used to stable her horses at Libby’s parents house. Although they attended separate high schools, they both attended the (then) Johannesburg College of Art together. Libby studied Fine Art and Robin, Graphic Design. On completion of their studies life led them to go their separate ways until recently when they have been reunited after many years. As request of Mom Tri, the exhibition’s ocean related theme, perfectly suits the art duo’s subject matter. Oceans apart in life, the style of the work being shown is very different as well, and suits a varied audience. The exhibition also offers a wonderful opportunity to experience South Africa and Asia in true colour. In addition to the exhibition, each artist has donated a painting to be auctioned via the Cape Panwa Hotel Race Week regatta to raise funds to promote sailing in Thailand. 14 July 2012 – 17 August 2012 at Mom Tri’s Villa Royale Gallery Tel: 076 333 568 | email: |

toss your kids in the ocean - phuket surf camp Skyla’s Surf Camp is run by Tim Campbell and Luke Remmers who have a real passion for the ocean, its waves and sharing this great natural wonder with others, especially kids!! They both have been teaching surfing and how to handle the ocean safely for many years and together bring a fun introduction to the art of surfing. Skyla’s Surf Camp sponsored by Long Tail, is three full days of water and beach activities with their focus on surfing. They will provide a fun, safe and quality surfing instruction program including: - Experienced surf instruction - Ocean and beach education - Quality surfing equipment - Sun safe gear - Meals and drinks - Safe supervision This is not only a surfing program, it will also teach your kids ocean safety knowledge like rip current identification and awareness, marine life education and surf/sun protection. Surf Camp dates are: July 4th - 6th, July 11-13th, July 18th-20th Location: Bliss Beach Club, Bangtao, Phuket. For more info contact Tim at: T: +66 (0) 825 193 282, email: 32

think DESIGN JUly 2012

Come visit our boutique café in Naiharn where you can experience both photographic and culinary art. Relax and enjoy an inspiring change at Art Caffè.

Mobile: +66 089 590 0507 | Tel: +66 076 388 546 | E-mail: | 28/62 Moo 1 Rawai, Muang Phuket 83130


01 a r c h i t e c t u r e . c i ty . e sca p e


With the summer travel season upon us,

we bring you some cities that offer architectural greatness Words: michael earle


Chicago and Barcelona (pg. 39) earn their architectural greatness neither today nor in the ancient past. They both earned their stripes roughly at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1871, a fire destroyed most of the city’s buildings and that eventually led to the skyscraper being born there. Architect William Le Baron Jenney is generally credited with the first skyscraper, a ten-story building that stood in downtown Chicago. The skeleton construction devised was a system of beams and columns that allowed for a multi-story framework and invited the development of elevators, central heating systems, and further developments in steel construction. Louis Sullivan’s Chicago School of Architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie School of Architecture were born here,


Some cities offer culture, like Paris. Others offer intensity and grandiosity like New York. For pure architecture, the following cities have an unmatched architectural allure. About half fall into the ancient city, museum category while the other half are modern, built like crazy kind of places. Either way, there may be some argument over the final choices but for architecture fans, you cannot go wrong with this list. You will find plenty in each place to keep you happy during your visit. As we always mention here, good architecture is both artistic and scientific, both beautiful and practical. We give special mention to cities that were witness to great advancements in building and design.

> 01 Cloud Gate, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Also known as The Bean. > 02. The Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE.

Dubai is new construction on steroids. If you see photos of the city ten years ago, you will not recognize what you see today. Although Chicago gave birth to the skyscraper, in recent years Dubai has embraced the building type, exemplified by having the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa (see our cover art), which has 160 floors and is 828 meters high. Dubai now houses some of the tallest and most contemporary and ambitious architecture in the world and while the local culture may have been trampled, their architectural ambition is impressive. Make sure you visit the Burj Al Arab, the only self-proclaimed seven-star hotel in the world where suites can cost $28,000 US per night and the Palm and World developments, man-made islands that have added thousands of miles of coastline to Dubai and are architectural and engineering wonders whether the economics of the projects work or not. Dubai certainly exemplifies the new, high growth Asian city that through ambition and pure firepower, continues to grow faster than we can believe. >

02 think DESIGN JUly 2012



While Greece today is a mess, Athens was the first, great architectural city (sorry Cairo). The Greeks built many monuments to celebrate victories and themselves. If you go to architecture school today, you will spend a lot of time studying Greek temples. The Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders designed by Ancient Greek architects can be seen in many of the buildings that still stand in Athens today. The friezes and sculptures housed in Athens' temples provide insight into their lives and worship practices. They depict battles, processions, important statesmen, and deities. Some of the things not to be missed include the Parthenon, Temple of Athena Nike and the Temple of Zeus. The Parthenon should get an additional award for resilience, as through the last 2500 years it has withstood all kinds of abuse including war and vandalism although today, pollution may be a far bigger enemy.




Go to Rome today and you feel like the whole city is a museum. There are architecturally notable things to see everywhere you look. The Romans took Greek architecture and changed it to make it their own. Innovations include the use of arches, concrete and the development of the aqueducts that supplied water to their city. For modernism, the Romans also gave us the introduction of concrete as a primary building material which they found was cheaper and stronger than stone. Don’t miss the Pantheon (the largest dome of its age), the Colosseum (the first super stadium that could fit 50,000 people) and a variety of aqueducts throughout the city.


> 03. The Colosseum, Rome, Italy.

These multi-purpose structures display the complexity of Roman architecture and combine many of their building and design advances at once. Like much of Roman construction, notice that the amphitheaters were not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

> 04. The Burj al Arab, Dubai, UAE. > 05. The Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower), Chicago, Illinois, USA.


Istanbul also gets architectural credit for its past as well as spanning east and west. Its architecture represents its varied religious melting pot with more than two thousand mosques, one hundred churches and twenty synagogues. At one point, Istanbul served as a capital for Roman, Byzantine, > 36

think DESIGN JUly 2012

> 06. Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain.



Latin and Ottoman Empires and each new dynasty built a new architectural layer on top of the old. Many of these monuments remain intact today. You might say, they knew how to do layers. The Ancient Romans and Greeks left their aqueducts and the Walls of Constantine. The Byzantines and Genoese left their domed churches with arches. The Ottoman Empire left its castles, palaces and mosques. And the European Baroque styles and Art Nouveau palaces and mansions that followed add more to the eclectic landscape of Istanbul. Don’t miss the Hagia Sophia, The Blue Mosque and the Column of Constantine.


Any visitor to Barcelona cannot miss the spectacular work and influence of architect Antoni Gaudi. With its bright colors, tiled mosaic patterns, and nature-inspired forms, Gaudi’s architecture is dramatically different than that of his contemporaries. In Gaudi’s work, this meant predominance of curves over straight lines, heavy decoration and detail, shapes and asymmetry, and experimentation with new materials like iron, stained glass, and stone. His great masterpiece, La Sagrada Família, a cathedral in the middle of the city, is still under construction today, and won’t be completed for many years. Gaudi frequently altered his plans as the church was first being constructed, and his final vision for it is not known. Don’t miss Park Güell, Casa Batlló and Casa Mila, all Gaudi projects that will blow your mind.



Beijing straddles past and present architecturally. The slew of construction for the 2008 Summer Olympics forged a modern city as China wanted to prove it had more to offer the world than its ancient culture and architecture. The world watched as Beijing built Western-inspired buildings that went above and beyond the limitations of Chinese architecture. This building spree does allow Beijing to have both traditional and contemporary buildings of architectural merit. The traditional style reflects Chinese beliefs and the ethics of symmetry while the buildings Beijing built for the Olympics completely challenge the city’s own style of architecture and are tall and asymmetric. Don’t miss The Great Wall of China, 2000 years old and 9000 kilometers long. Also check out the Forbidden City (very touristy now) and Rem Koolhaas’CCTV Headquarters (see the story about his Garage Museum on page 41 of this issue). Well, that list should keep you busy for a while and you cannot go wrong with an architectural visit to all these wonderful places. Happy travels! x

09 10

> 07. CCTV Tower, Beijing, China. > 08.. Temple Of Athena Nike, Athens, Greece. > 09. Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey. > 10. The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey. > 11. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain.


think DESIGN JUly 2012



Words: michael earle

3D rendering for the proposed Garage in Gorky Park. Image courtesy of OMA.

A now ruined Soviet-era restaurant in Moscow’s Gorky Park is soon to become the unlikely new home for one of Russia’s hippest and most cashed up contemporary arts centers, the Garage, founded four years ago by the Russian socialite Dasha Zhukova who happens to be the girlfriend of billionaire Roman Abramhovich. > Rem Koolhaas and Dasha Zhukova.


a r t . r u ss i a n . r e n o vat i o n

Zhukova and the architect Rem Koolhaas, one of our favorites here at Think Design Magazine, have unveiled plans to bring back to life a 1960s prefabricated concrete building that would normally be pulled down. “It is the most exciting and biggest change the Garage has undergone,” said Zhukova, revealing the plans at London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts. “I think it will be one of the greatest examples of contemporary architecture in Moscow.” The hunt for a new building began because the lease was ending on the Garage’s current home in the constructivist Bakhmetevsky bus garage and the site was due to be developed into a Jewish heritage museum. “Finding it was a random chance,” said Zhukova, the partner of billionaire Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich. “A friend of mine said there were a number of completely destroyed and damaged buildings in the park and that the city was looking to regenerate the park.”

> Above image. Vremena Goda. Among the “Soviet wreckage” are murals and red brick walls which the team hopes to preserve. Image courtesy of OMA.


think DESIGN JUly 2012

The Vremena Goda (Seasons of the Year) building has almost everything against it. Koolhaas said it was “a ruin, almost completely overgrown” on a heavily polluted site. It is also a rectangle, which is “currently not a very popular shape in architecture”. The Garage Center for Contemporary Culture is an important nonprofit international arts space, which opened in 2008. Garage is dedicated to exploring and developing contemporary culture, whilst serving as a catalyst and meeting place for the city’s emerging arts scene. There are two distinct areas of programming, to bring important international modern and contemporary art and culture to Moscow and to raise the profile of Russian contemporary culture and encourage a new generation of Russian artists. These are explored through a series of exhibitions ranging from major surveys of important collections to single-artist retrospectives or

HOT YOGA, THE MOST POPULAR YOGA FOR MEN AND WOMEN It is the best 90 minute workout, toning your muscles and getting you in shape fast! Beginners are welcome and it’s challenging for advanced practitioners as well. Your instructor will guide you through the postures to provide you with the best workout ever. No more stress, aches or pains. Sweat, detox and lose fat! Kata Hot Yoga class is like a gas station, you gain energy instead of losing it. After the class you will feel amazing with a big smile full of vitality, wanting to come back for more. Get a healthy mind and a healthy body. Kata Yoga Studio at the beach in Kata. Three classes daily: 9:00am-10:30am, 5:15pm-6:45pm, 7:15pm-8:45pm

group exhibitions. Garage also hosts a program of on-site events, including talks, film screenings, workshops, performances and activities for families and children. Garage’s current space includes galleries, open exhibition spaces, a courtyard, a cafe, children’s space, a purpose-built auditorium and a media room, all designed by the award-winning architect Jamie Fobert. Until now, the Garage has been housed in the former Bakhmetevsky Bus Garage, giving it its name. The new project fits into many of the themes and views which Koolhaas has been expressing in recent years about modern architecture generally, and art galleries in particular. One thing he is fighting against is size, pointing to London’s Serpentine Gallery as an >



example of small being good. “Art institutions are getting bigger and bigger, culminating in a building you all know, the Tate Modern, but scale, for me, is not necessarily productive for art.” He is against the unnecessary destruction of buildings from the 1960s and 70s and does not like “the sterility of the white cube” in many galleries. Koolhaas, who co-founded his OMA practice in 1975, said much of the neglect in the Vremena Goda was picturesque and he would keep much of the brickwork, tiling and mosaics. “The building is a ruin but it is not a very old ruin and there are still traces of decoration. We were able to convince our client to maintain some of the aesthetic and experiment, we have these traces of Russian history as


a partner of the art.” That raises the question of whether non-white walls would fight or distract from the art on them. “That is a very long discussion,” said Koolhaas. “I wouldn’t propose it if I thought so. Having said that, all the exhibiting walls will be capable of becoming white.” The new 5,400 square meter Garage in Gorky Park is due to open next year with galleries on two levels together with cafe, shop and learning center. Zhukova said the original plan had been to use a hexagon-shaped pavilion in the park, not far from the restaurant, but it would have taken too long to convert. That will now be phase two of their plans. “The Hexagon is in a much worse state and


we’ve worked so hard over the last four years to build up a community around the Garage and establish an audience, we don’t want to be homeless for two or three years.”

> Images 01-03. Concept design by architect Rem Koolhaas. The project is aimed for completion already within 2013. Images courtesy of OMA.


think DESIGN JUly 2012

Money for the Garage is understood to come from Zhukova’s billionaire partner Abramovich but she batted away questions about the cost. “We don’t talk about the finances,” she said. Zhukova is regularly featured in the British tabloids, probably not through choice, and despite the cynics there are plenty of people who would pay tribute to her achievements in establishing the Garage as a force in contemporary art. Artists to exhibit there include Antony Gormley and Christian Marclay, while at the end of last year it

exhibited a major retrospective of the performance artist Marina Abramovic. Zhukova said the Garage would still host exhibitions rather than developing a permanent collection and her “personal dream” was to have a show by the American sculptor Richard Serra, who makes some of the world’s heaviest works of art. “He is an artist I am dying to bring to Moscow but nothing has been confirmed,” she said. Whether the floors would take it is another question. Garage Projects creates contemporary cultural installations and ‘happenings’ in Russia and other sites all over the world. We wish the new building, the gallery and all ancillary art projects in the group a lot of success. x



Snaidero has always been a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and it is refreshing to see a super stylish kitchen properly designed for people with special needs. One of the few complaints we have about Asia is the lack of handicap accessibility especially here in Thailand. This line is the Skyline Lab, modern and beautiful, this kitchen is designed to make life easier. At Think Design we believe that is what good design is all about. Born from an ergonomic point of view, Skyline Lab offers solutions to those who need to use a kitchen in a different way. Essentially, the kitchen surrounds the user so that everything is within reach at the appropriate heights and depths to accommodate wheelchair access. Every detail is thought of, from a shallow sink, to carousel storage, to a retractable shelf under the oven. Simply a great product.


Boat Lagoon

To Airport

Royal Phuket Marina

Heroines Monument

To Phuket Town Thepkasattri Rd. Toyota Pearl BYPASS Rd.

Cinema fans have been apparently awaiting the new TRON with great anticipation. Well, they may enjoy doing so even more in this chair or set of chairs designed around the surreal landscapes for which the classic movie is well known. Whether the chairs are actually comfortable is anyone’s guess. This series of limited-edition chairs inspired by this feature film, claims to “form a jagged and angular landscape creating a chair that is comprised of intersecting layers and textures of ‘digital’ rock that in turn are constructed of composite material consisting of impregnated fiberglass with polyester resin processed with manual layering.” Each model is finished in a slightly different fashion, themed around splatters of industrial-colored paint. All versions use recycled materials at their core so who could resist at least sitting down in one to try it out? The chairs are best summed up simply as “art” (versus, say furniture?). To me they look more like Peter Eisenman architecture but I doubt fans of his work would be lining up to buy these chairs.

British International School To Surin Beach

To Patong


Premium Outlet

Tesco Lotus Phuket

Central Festival


think DESIGN JUly 2012

w w w. ab fa b p h uke t. co m


SHOPPING continued

The Maxdoor by this Brazilian design firm, nodesign, is an ultra-modern take on the door for luxury loft apartments. Not only does it integrate sophisticated security touch-sensor lock technologies, but it looks phenomenal too. The apartments are marked by red circles which display the suite units, and each has its own integrated mailbox. The designers say, “A door is a divider and at the same time a link between two spaces and in this light, we conceived of a door which challenged the conventions of a door.” The door uses a remote control instead of a key and it also opens automatically by touching the doorknob. It has a digital doorbell, LED lock and number lighting, sound proofing, hidden peephole and a backup battery which allows it to work for up to a week without power. Strange but somehow alluring.


We love this lounge style sofa for its extreme versatility, not to mention that ever-present “cool” factor. The Futura Airport Sofa designed by Damjan Ursic can be compiled in any configuration, thanks to thirteen versatile elements including seats, back rests and arm rests, which you assemble to suit your desired shape and use. The cushions feature an optional incline that’s ideal for reading, relaxing, watching television or daydreaming as you see fit. And in true “airport” fashion, the retro-meets-modern aesthetic of this contemporary-style seating collection lends a “lounge” look to any living room, den or favorite sitting hot spot in the home.


Simplicity in design is fundamental. This product is about as simple as you get. Zip Zip are upholstered cushions, which can be connected with zips on all four sides. Countless possibilities to build nearly every situation of sitting or lying down comfortably is the result. It can convert from a simple cushion to a sofa with one zipper. The width of a sofa just depends on how many cushions are connected horizontally. If turned to the wall, a backrest is ready to use. Wish I would have had this when I was in university.

think DESIGN JUly 2012


SHOPPING continued


This product is for those who like to have their cake and eat it too. The best of both worlds, this rolling rug system lets you have your hardwood f loors and enjoy the benefits of a variable-length, multi-purpose soft surface on demand. 5.5. Designers created KARPETT for TARKETT, as a platform for “exercising, playing with the kids, sitting at your computer or taking a phone call stretched out on your back,” providing comfort that is “palpable, available, usable, and always ready.” The adaptability of this product is nice but we must admit that the roll itself does not look particularly comfortable to lie on, which is one of the apparent benefits.


For those of us here in Phuket who love Spain, comes this lighting product inspired by the twirl of a f lamenco skirt. Qis Design introduces Flamenca, a series of decorative, fun lights that are designed to brighten and jazz up your home decor. Using LED technology and available in three colors (pink, orange and green), Flamenca lights are not only decorative, but they can help achieve a sort of magical ambiance, whether in your bedroom, study, or for an evening gathering at home. Another exciting detail is that these lamps are interactive; touching the metallic base plate results in different, f lowing lighting effects. On or off, I think we can all agree that they’re pretty and sort of whimsical. This product is a fun addition to a contemporary lighting scheme.


Apparently, men in the US spend an average of $5,000 dollars on engagement rings, then drop another however many hundreds or thousands of dollars on wedding bands. Call us unromantic, but that seems like a huge waste of money. Japan-based Torafu Architects coated a ring in a thin layer of silver that rubs off over time to reveal a gold wedding band beneath. “The time shared between two people can thus be felt with the wearing of this ring,” they say. That’s one way to look at it but a better answer is that this is perfect for cheap-asses avoiding having to buy an engagement ring and a wedding band.

Koh Samui Ring Road 9/18 Moo 1 Maenam | Open Monday - Saturday, 10:00 - 18:00 | Tel: 077 247 675 Phuket Branch 424 Srisoonthorn Road @Tesco Park Cherntalay | Open Monday - Saturday, 10:00 - 19:00 | Tel: 076 325 419 50

think DESIGN JUly 2012


f i l m . p hys i c . ally . i m p o ss i bl e


Bullet to the Gas Tank

Another Hollywood favorite is the often used trick of shooting the car, aiming for the gas tank and having the car blow up. This is virtually impossible because as mentioned before, copper jacketed lead bullets are not good spark producers, hence, not good igniters of gas. There is that one in a million gas tank that is so close to empty it does have an explosive mixture in it but it is like winning (should we say losing) the lottery.

What? Are we stupid? Physics and Hollywood

Falling through Windows

Words: michael earle

One day, you decide to go to the movies to enjoy a life escape. You watch the laws of physics being completely ignored while the plot tries to tell you that this could actually happen. These scenes have become so commonplace that we barely even notice any more. Good movies don’t need to rely on this kind of stuff, instead focusing on things that movies were supposed to get right, like plot, character development and cinematography. Some of us have trouble sitting through a movie that insults our intelligence like this. Here are some examples:

Flashing Bullets

> 01. A sci-fi outer space explosion. What would really happen?

The special effects representing impacting bullets typically give off bright flashes of light. Normal bullets, especially handgun bullets, do not. These softer metals do not spark when hitting other objects like concrete, etc. next time you see bullets sparking left and right, it is just Hollywood ignoring physics. Flaming Cars One thing that is hard to miss in action movies is the exploding car. Automobiles are always bursting into flames the instant they collide with anything or even better, a car going off a cliff exploding well before it hits the ground. It’s as though its gas tank gets panicky



This is a big offender. Apparently no one in Hollywood has ever picked up a piece of broken glass and suffered the inevitable bloodied finger. Saying that shards of broken glass are razor sharp is an understatement. A shattered window contains thousands of incredibly sharp edges and dagger-like points. It takes almost no force for one of these points or edges to cause a laceration. However, people in movies routinely jump through plate glass windows without receiving a single scratch. Large heavy shards of glass can fall like guillotines, slicing off body parts and when a person jumps or, even worse, drives a motorcycle through a window, the shards of glass tend to stay in place. The only way to move them is to apply a force. If the person’s body provides this force by pushing on the edge of a piece of glass, it can slice right through clothing, skin, and flesh. In the real world, jumping or driving through a plate glass window would be suicidal.


Outer Space Explosions and detonates at the mere thought of striking Earth. Fortunately for those of us who rely on cars as a safe method of transport, the physics are not so cooperative. It takes a whole series of conditions, all of which must be exactly right for a gas tank to explode. Even when a wrecked car catches on fire it rarely explodes. A gas tank can explode if it contains an explosive mixture and there’s an opening for the flames to enter. More likely, fire would have to impinge on the outside of the gas tank, vaporizing the gasoline in the tank causing it to overpressure and eventually explode. However, if the vapors escaped fast enough the tank would not rupture.

Sound is a pressure wave which requires matter of some sort to propagate it and moves rather slowly in atmosphericpressure air. Light, on the other hand, is an electromagnetic wave and needs no matter for transmission. An explosion would likely move at supersonic speeds and eventually impact spaceships in its path. If it hit at close range people inside would hear a sound as though their ship had been slammed in the side by a giant hammer. More importantly, observing an exploding spacecraft in outer space would be very dangerous. The shrapnel and debris from exploding spacecraft would attain very high velocities and with no gravity to pull on them and no air drag to slow them down, the debris would travel outward in straight lines virtually forever until they hit something. >

> 02. The bright flash seen when someone shoots a gun does not occcur with normal bullets. > 03. The motorcyle rider would most likely die or be severely wounded from busting through a glass window.

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Visible Laser Beams

From security systems to space adventures, conveniently-visible red laser beams are a common part of our movie experience. Too bad they often don’t reflect reality. Multi-beamed laser security systems are a frequent Hollywood plot device. Again and again movies feature tension-filled scenes in which characters snake their way through mazes of laser beams artistically arranged in random patterns by professional security fools to entertain us by making would-be thieves do contortions. A simple arrangement of closely-spaced parallel beams would be contortion-proof but certainly not as much fun. Unfortunately the tension-filled fun requires visible beams. And anyone who’s used a typical red laser pointer knows that visible red laser beams are as commonplace as the quintessential dimly-lit smoke-filled room. Shine a pointer under normal conditions and you get a puny dot of light, not a visible beam extending dramatically across the room. It’s only when the laser beam hits a diffuse surface that its light is scattered in all directions, some towards your eyes, allowing you to see the dot.

The Sound of Movies

Another common scene shows a secret agent as he surveys the crowd across the street in a park seven stories below. He methodically assembles his weapon, then carefully selects a shiny round. The terrorist wanders into view. The secret agent raises his weapon and coolly squeezes the >


> 04 & 05. It takes a whole series of conditions, all of which must be exactly right for a gas tank to explode. > 06. Again, next time you see bullets sparking left and right, it is just Hollywood ignoring physics.


> 07. Visible red laser beams are not normally seen to the naked eye.


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08 > 08. Amazing. Not a scratch on him. Image courtesy of Julien Vanhoenacker and Sanjay Kothari.

trigger. On the street below onlookers hear barely a dull sound. The secret agent steps back from the window undetected, his assignment completed. A bullet like that in reality would cause a miniature sonic boom even if the muzzle blast from the rifle was muffled. A muzzle blast does produce a very noticeable noise which should draw attention to a shooter. Silencing the muzzle blast is next to impossible. Muzzle blast noise can exceed 150 decibels, and when measured at the shooter’s location is one of the loudest sounds humans are likely to hear. Silencers, suppressors, or cans as they are sometimes called have to be precision made using very exacting technology to have any hope of quieting such a loud noise.


Cigarettes as Lighters

You know the scene, the hero watches the trail of gas going right towards the villain, and after puffing on his cigarette for a while, drops it and watches the results. Unfortunately for Hollywood, many experiments have been done on cigarettes and gas, and cigarettes do not burn hot enough to ignite gasoline. A match does however. In conclusion, through this list, we are not trying to shame all movies which produce action content to stop production. We believe instead, that when movies that are trying to work in a realistic genre are held to account, moviemakers will have to rely on improved plot lines and dialogue to tell their story, something good for all films. Keep an eye out for our list, finding these physical impossibilities will not be hard. x


> 09. A viewer could probably catch several dubious special effects in this scene. > 10. Cigarettes do not burn hot enough to ignite gasoline.

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p e o p l e . & . p l a c e s . r o ck e t . ma n

Elon Musk unknown and visionary entrepreneur. Not for long.

Words: michael earle

images: courtesy of space x, tesla motors & solarcity

01 > 01 Elon Musk is one of the world’s billionaires according to Forbes Magazine.

Ask most people today who Elon Musk is and you will get a lot of blank stares. On May 31 of this year, the brand new Dragon spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific after a nine-day mission during which it flew to orbit, rendezvoused with the International Space Station, exchanged cargo and then made its way home without incident. It also got a lot of attention. It wasn’t NASA that built the ship and it wasn’t Russia or China or the European Space Agency either. It was Elon Musk, private citizen, owner of the California-based Space Exploration Technologies Corporation or Space X, and the current best bet to get Americans back into space in a big way. This mission is just the beginning for Space X. >


04 03

> 02. The Falcon 9 Rocket and Dragon Spacecraft. > 03. An artist’s conception shows the separation of the SpaceX Falcon 9’s second stage, with a gumdrop-shaped Dragon capsule on top. > 04. Animation of Dragon Spacecraft landing.

Musk, 41, is a serial entrepreneur and the inventor of what was once a littleknown e-commerce service called PayPal. PayPal made him a rich man, and in 2002, he rolled part of that fortune into a new company designed to reinvent the rocketry field by building simpler, more streamlined boosters to provide for-profit satellite launching services, as well as an Apollo-like spacecraft that will one day transport astronauts into space. But even focusing on the rocket business and the success of Space X, this does not tell the Musk story very well. In addition to Paypal and Space X, he is chairman of Tesla Motors and the chairman of Solar City. Elon Musk left Canada in 1992 after get-


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ting a scholarship to study business and physics at the University of Pennsylvania and his dream kept growing. He formulated his ideas into three areas he wanted to get into which were in his estimation, important problems, as he would explain later in a variety of interviews. One “was the Internet, one was clean energy, and one was space” and he was interested in all of them. In 1995, Musk moved to California to enroll in a graduate program in high energy physics at Stanford, in which he stayed exactly two days before dropping out to start Zip 2, which provided online content publishing software for news organizations. In 1999, Compaq acquired Zip2 for $307 million in cash and $34 million in stock options. Of course, for Musk it was just the start. Then in March >


> 05. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, demonstrating the Model X third-row seat and falcon doors. > 06. 2013 Tesla Model S. > 07. 2013 Tesla Model S interior dashboard center console.



1999, Musk co-founded, an online financial services and email payments company. One year later, acquired Confinity, originally a company formed to beam money between Palm Pilots, and the combined entity focused on email payments through the Paypal domain, acquired as part of Confinity. In February 2001, changed its legal name to PayPal. In October 2002, PayPal was acquired by ebay for $1.5 billion in stock. Before its sale, Musk, the company’s largest shareholder, owned 11.7% of PayPal’s shares. Creating internet brands and rolling his cash back into another superior product, reads like another Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, focused on the technology of computer software and growing his wallet with the business. Not Elon Musk.


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Musk was not content simply staying in the computer industry. In June 2002, Musk founded his third company, Space Exploration Technologies or Space X, of which he is currently the CEO and CTO. The mission of the company is to develop rockets and spacecrafts for missions to Earth orbit and beyond. He served as chief engineer for Falcon 1, the first privately developed liquid-fueled rocket to reach orbit, as well as Falcon 9 and the Dragon spacecraft. In 2008 Space X won a NASA contract to replace the cargo transport function of the space shuttle with Falcon 9 and Dragon. NASA decided in 2010 to also entrust the commercial sector with astronaut transport. Musk is clearly winning the space battle and his company has become the crutch that NASA will lean on. Surely this would keep Musk busy. >

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Another area that interests Musk, (when does he sleep?) in addition to his business activities in entrepreneurial space technology, is being the principal owner and Chairman of the Board of Tesla Motors, which is building high-end luxury electric vehicles. Just last month in June, Musk gave a business roadmap for the company, saying the company was almost certainly going to become cash flow positive in 2013 and that the third generation Tesla vehicle will be the company’s mass production electric car. The meeting came close on the heels of reports that the first Model S Founder Series car had been delivered to Elon Musk. Musk claimed the early delivery had been made to him not because he was the owner but so that he as company leader could go over the Model S very carefully, ensuring that everything about the car turned out as well as he expected. Last and certainly not least, Musk is also the primary investor and Chairman of the Board of Solar City, a photovoltaics product and solar power services startup company. Musk is quoted as saying that his underlying motivation for funding both companies, Tesla and Solar City is to help combat global warming. Founded in 2006, Solar City is a full-service solar provider for homeowners, businesses and government organizations. It provides solar power system design, financing, installation, energy efficiency and monitoring services. The company’s operations in the US are in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington D.C. Musk and Solar City’s other founders believe that the environmental impact of energy production is one of the greatest challenges that our planet will face in the near future, and the company aims to alleviate this impact with solar power systems. Their stated mission is to “make solar power the workhorse of the world’s energy production…one installation at a time.” To think that a visionary of his scale is not getting more attention is very surprising. It seems that media organizations want things easy, for the story to come to them. We hope his success continues and makes the world a better place; we will be watching. x




> 08. Walmart has doubled its SolarCity projects this past year. > 09. The roof of eBay Inc.’s green building in San Jose, California, USA. > 10. Solarcity installing panels on a rooftop.

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f a s h i on . c o l o rf u l . c o ll e ct i o n


Words: michael earle


images: COURTESY OF Loza Maléombho

L o z a M al éomb ho from Africa to the New York Catwalk For Loza Maléombho, an emerging designer who is all the rage and hails from West Africa, the fashion is in the fabric, specifically that of her homeland. Born in Brazil and raised in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, Loza Maléombho went to the US in 2000 with big fashion dreams and she was not going to be stopped. After graduating from the University of Philadelphia in 2006 with an animation degree, Loza moved to New York to focus on her fashion dreams, and New York is certainly the place for that. She moved quickly, so much so that by 2009, she had launched her own, self-titled label. Determined to leave her mark as a fashion industry success and philanthropist, Loza uses her label to fuel the West African economy and to improve the health and education of those in the region. A percentage of her proceeds are given to schools there and she employs local factories for production of her designs. Loza Maléombho’s goal is to promote education in and about developing countries of West Africa. Her work which is a mix of various cultures, certainly helps with cultural education.

> 01 Loza Maléombho, Emerging Designer of the Year 2012. > 02 & 03. Loza Maléombho’s perfect harmony of African influence and modern shapes.


This season with her latest collection for Autumn/Winter 2012/2013, Loza focuses on tailored jackets, long and cropped vests with curved piping and Tuareg tribe inspired full skirts and low slung trousers. These are paired with a stylish turban, and backless dresses are added for accent. As in her past designs, you will again find Kente fabric used prominently with hand woven 100% cotton. Along with that are Ankara and wax prints for a culturally eclectic and eco-friendly mix. To understand the work of Loza a bit more deeply, one needs to understand Kente cloth. It is known in Africa as nwentoma, and is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips, native to the Akan and Ewe people of Ghana, Ivory Coast and Togo. It is a royal and sacred cloth worn originally only in times of extreme importance and was the cloth of kings. Over time, the use of Kente became more widespread but its importance has remained. In Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, Kente is made by the Akan people and it is the best known of all African textiles.

trouble with production issues, she decided to have her designs produced in Côte d’Ivoire in order to have control and flexibility over her products. She also hoped to provide jobs and fair living wages to post-war Ivorian women, thus showcasing Côte d’Ivoire’s artistry with positive and lasting social and economic changes. For her first collection, Loza started out by working with a professional pattern maker in New York City. Once all the patterns, samples and detailed technical sheets were ready, she made the trip to Côte d’Ivoire and gathered a team of ten women freelancers for production. She feels she is targeting the Western demographic with >


Loza has spoken repeatedly with the media about her beginnings in the fashion industry, an industry that is not easy to break into. When she began, she was looking for production workshops in India or China, but was challenged by the large order numbers they requested. After much


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The Akan people refer to Kente as nwentoma or woven cloth. Important for the cloth and how it is worn, are the different colors that have different meanings in the Kente Tradition.

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maroon—the color of mother earth; associated with healing pink—referring to the female essence of life; a mild, gentle aspect of red purple—also feminine aspects of life; usually worn by women red—political and spiritual moods; bloodshed; sacrificial rites and death silver—serenity, purity, joy; associated with the moon white—purification, sanctification rites and festive occasions

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yellow—preciousness, royalty, wealth, fertility

high-end structured designs, but also keeping the African fashionista in mind when designing a new garment. She thinks the African high-end customer is rapidly picking up the pace, especially in countries like Nigeria and Ghana. She is surprised at the great response and frantic anticipation behind her Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 collection. She is very curious to see the result later this year. Currently her manufacturing workshop is in Abidjan and is staffed (as previously stated) by a team of ten women and one master tailor but she is expecting to grow in size over the years. Somehow she feels that thirty women is the ideal number.

York followed by one in a few years in Côte d’Ivoire. As most fashion companies and designers face towards China almost exclusively for their production, it is nice to see someone who believes they can make fashion work successfully from Africa. Loza really feels that having control over the production allows freedom in making small orders, re-orders, special orders or even custom pieces. In addition, she feels working from Africa is a geographic advantage. West Africa is a lot closer to New York and Paris than China or India.

She is firmly focused on the future, and while her main constraints right now are shipping costs to the West, Loza Maléombho will be a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. x > 04 Autumn/Winter 2012/2013 Collection. > 05. Loza Maléombho fashion show 2012.

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As her business grows from the ground up, one positive impact has been getting into retail. Initially, her company was working on special orders and personal clients only and the change to full retail requires a lot of planning and re-structuring. Next step in her business plan is to open a boutique in New


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g a s t r ono m y . @ B e ach . bar . & . r e sta u ra n t




Words: michael earle

@Beach Bar & Restaurant > KATA BEACH RESORT This month, we made our way over to Kata Beach to the end of the beach where one can find a large restaurant full of people high or low season. Always the curious types, we wondered, how do they manage to get hundreds of people into that restaurant every day? We decided to find out. Was it a beach club? As always, the hope is that you, the reader, will find some common ground with our opinions which will help you find some value in these reviews. The way we approach our reviews is to try a varied menu, more than once, and let our varied culinary experience guide us. Our group is formed by distinct food eating types. A professional (the food critic) who works full time in the gastronomy profession, a writer, myself (the experimental eater) who enjoys everything and likes to try as complicated and unusual food as possible and (the picky eater) who is careful not to venture too far and rejects a fair variety of offerings. In this way, we try to cover the gamut of food tastes and give an honest and diverse assessment of the restaurants that we review. The arrival experience to @Beach Bar & Restaurant at Kata Beach Resort is the best possible one that anyone can imagine. We strolled down a sunset lit beach, letting the sand cover our toes as we reached the restaurant and were shown to our table. The sound of the waves drowns out the large number of people already seated. Why is this place so busy? As I scanned the large dining terrace, from the edge of the beach back towards the kitchen, I noticed various cooking stations built throughout. At the far end I could see a large pizza oven with several people there working furiously. Behind me, an Italian chef was working at his pasta station, creating a variety of >

As usual, we dissected the menu before selecting our starting courses. To do that better, at least covering our excuse, we ordered some cocktails. We selected our standard, the margarita and the touristy, Phuket Love, a strong cocktail served in a hollowed

For starters, we chose the oysters on the half shell (after watching everyone else enjoying them, I was certainly not going to pass that up), the Hokkaido scallops and the gnocchi. The oysters were as good as they looked from afar. They were midsized which usually is

The arrival experience to @Beach Bar & Restaurant at Kata Beach Resort is the best possible one that anyone can imagine. We strolled down a sunset lit beach, letting the sand cover our toes as we reached the restaurant and were shown to our table.


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best for flavor, very fresh (from Suratthani) and well presented. I wanted more but we still had a lot of work ahead of us. Next, out came the scallops which were perfect and served with a mango salsa that combined a sweet and spicy accompaniment to the scallop meat which was fresh and expertly cooked. Finally, we tried the homemade gnocchi which was fantastic and melted in our mouths. All the Italian items were superb, we soon found out. It was time for the main courses and after choosing our wine (Chilean Yali Cabernet Sauvgnon, 2009) we

decided there was no time to waste as we selected the tiger prawns with tamarind sauce, the rack of lamb and the grilled fillet steak. A fair crosssection of the menu, we decided happily. The tiger prawns were a solid disappointment, the tamarind sauce completely overwhelmed the prawns and we might as well have been eating bread underneath all the sticky sauce. What a sauce can do to kill a dish. Next, we rebounded nicely with the rack of lamb, served with roasted potatoes. The lamb was perfectly cooked and the meat came off the bone easily and tasted delicious. We loved it and battled hard over each piece. Finally, we attacked the grilled fillet steak which I found extremely


uld wo

out pineapple. While reminiscent of a package tour vacation, the pineapple cocktail was actually fantastic and potent enough to get us in the mood for arguing over food quality. The margarita was also quite good. As we perused the menu, we aggressively devoured a cold cut platter including some of the best buffalo mozzarella I have had in ages, certainly since my last visit to Italy.

o Wh

colorful dishes. To my left was the main kitchen where sounds of a multitude of dishes escaped through the order window. Finally behind me and to the right, fresh seafood was being prepared for distribution to the table. I watched a bar-back shucking oysters and the visual clue instantly made my mouth water. There is certainly plenty of variety and things to watch at this venue.

yo u

ra th er p

Ov D ELIC IOU SLY HEALTHY er 6 ay 00 for Org anic you Products to choose from r he alth r? , you r hospital or your farme

tender and flavorful but which others found stringy in texture. This was a point of debate as I found the steak perfectly cooked and to my liking. For dessert, suddenly on the table appeared a tiramisu cake and a panacotta which were both delicious and well paired with an espresso. After a short breather, we began with the compliments and the analysis. We are happy to recommend @Beach Bar & Restaurant as a fantastic place for lunch and dinner. We now understand why they draw such a large crowd for lunch and dinner each day and look forward to returning. x

Office: 66/20 Moo 7, Thepkasattri, Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand (On highway # 402 just above Thalang direction Airport)

Save Wild Salmon By Eating Them



p e o p l e . & . P l a c e s . d o n ’ t . b e . j e rks


PHUKET'S FIRST SOUTH AMERICAN STEAKHOUSE Churrasco Phuket Steakhouse is located in Jungceylon in Patong. With its South American theme, the restaurant features a wide variety of fine imported Wagyu and Black Angus steaks, such as classic Tenderloin, Ribeye, Striploin, Flank & T-Bone/Porterhouse cuts, all at affordable prices. Signature specialty steaks are a Brazilian-style 'Picanha' 500-day grainfed Wagyu Sirloin, and a 500-day grainfed Top-Tender Wagyu Steak, cut against the grain. The menu also features pork chops, lamb rumpsteaks, mixed meat skewers, a collection of home-made artisan sausages and our signature Gazpacho Andaluz.

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Words: michael earle

Wild Salmon stocks in British Columbia, among many other places, are dwindling fast under the pressure of indiscriminate commercial fisheries and unsustainable fish farming practices. Patagonia, the American outdoor apparel company who is the industry leader in creating clothes and equipment for camping and outdoor adventure, wants to use business to change the salmon industry in the same way as they did with apparel. Patagonia’s founder thinks the way to effect this change in the way that Salmon stocks are protected is to create a market for them. If people want delicious salmon jerky made from the best salmon, we will all be forced to preserve them. Sounds a bit convoluted but actually it makes perfect sense.

Patagonia is therefore getting into the jerky business. It isn’t making the kind of meatfilled jerky you might find here in Thailand, though. The company is instead selling wild salmon jerky. The reason, according to founder Yvon Chouinard, is that sustainably harvested salmon can help ensure a plentiful supply of salmon in the future. Chouinard explains the problem in the following way, “If you catch a salmon in the ocean, you really don’t know where that fish came from. If it’s a sockeye, it may have come from the Fraser River in British Columbia where there was a run of twentyfive million fish last year which unfortunately is just twelve percent of what the run used to be. But that fish may have also come from a tributary of the Fraser where there are only twenty to fifty fish left. It could be a coho or Atlantic salmon that escaped from a fish farm, and is now loaded with dioxins, antibiotics, fungicides and other chemicals used to “clean” net pens. It could be a Chinook salmon from a hatchery, with all its attendant dumbed-down-



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"If you catch a

salmon in the ocean, you really don’t know where that fish came from." Yvon Chouinard

gene-pool problems. How does the fisherman know or the consumer for that matter?” The truth is very hard to come by. To that end, Patagonia’s new Provisions Salmon Project aims to create a business model showing that selectively harvesting salmon is both good for the bottom line and the planet. Patagonia is working with Skeena Wild, a Canadian fish conservation organization, to find fisheries that only use sustainable techniques. These techniques generate higherquality salmon and ensure that other species don’t accidentally get harmed in the process. The venture isn’t entirely random since jerky is, after all, 76

think DESIGN JUly 2012

perfect camping food for those times when you’re decked out in Patagonia gear on the trail and get a bit hungry after a day of hiking. Patagonia likens its current campaign to change the salmon industry to its past efforts to overhaul the cotton supply chain. The company is well known for making surprising business decisions although very sensible ones, the more you learn about them. Earlier this year, Patagonia launched a campaign asking customers to resell or repair Patagonia clothes before buying new items. Today in many parts of the world, helping to preserve the planet in some small way is not just good

environmental ethics, it is also good business. Companies like Patagonia and Whole Foods Markets (the world’s largest retailer of natural and organic foods) which invest money in environmental issues get that investment back ten-fold through the increased loyalty of their clientele. What would be more important to someone who buys camping gear and outdoor equipment, those that love the untouched beauty of the earth, than a company that is fighting to save it? The more companies that can understand this obvious point, the sooner we can begin seeing sustained change towards helping to improve the dire situation our planet is facing. x

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The dubious and WRONG science OF prediction

Words: michael earle

Living in Phuket can be wonderful and strangely confusing all at once, a mix of modern convenience and mystical superstition. Recently with the tsunami warnings that took place after the recent powerful

Sumatra, some people started predicting natural disasters and spreading rumors of another tsunami. More alarming was the popular belief that Phuket was going to sink into the sea on April 11, 2012 (update: we are still here), which led to thousands of locals evacuating the island on that day. Let’s get a few things out of the way. Earthquakes and eruptions are caused by the Earth’s plate motion and mantle dynamics and it really is as simple as that. There has earthquake that shook

been some data suggesting that tidal forces caused by the moon might cause minor variations in volcanic activity at specific volcanoes when

they are already erupting, but sunspots, alignments of celestial bodies across the solar systems, approaches of asteroids or anything else has

NOT been shown by any scientifically rigorous research to have any correlation in a geologic event. Those are the facts. >


t e c h no l o g y . b e n e ath . i t . all



50 H % A xc PP ep O Y t W FF HO in A e L an L UR d Ch DR a m IN pa KS g

pen. These “earth forecasters” spread easy fear of earthquakes or volcanoes that can cause panic. It does not happen only in Thailand. Rumors of a great earthquake in Rome received an incredible amount of media attention. There was a prediction that on May 11, 2011 there would be a massive earthquake there based on ridiculous theories of planetary alignment. On that day, there were

reports in the major Rome newspapers of a “28% increase in the number of city employees in Rome applying to take the day off and many shopkeepers shuttered their stores and posted signs saying they were closed” and “parents calling in and saying they will not be sending their children in”. This is just complete fear-mongering at its finest, even as the Italian government tried its best to debunk the myth of the prediction. People just long for >

Patong Beach


So, why do people want to believe this nonsense? Maybe it is the same reason that people believe in conspiracies, the desire to feel “smarter” than the experts. Surely another human trait that plays into this is the “thrill of disaster” toward which some people are drawn, and realistically we all get somewhat excited by these memorable events. I think many times the problem is that we’ve let science literacy fall so dramatically around the world that people don’t have the basic skills to discern a charlatan from real scientific research. Throw a pile of data and some nifty correlations and that will convince many people that indeed, the pattern is there. If someone disagrees, then it is because they are blind to your insight. You could make the lazy argument that this is like climate change, except that climate change data has been reproduced and peer-reviewed, showing these correlations are real. When it comes to earthquake and eruption prediction, there is no such scientific rigor that can support the claims being made. The real danger here isn’t the predictions, but rather the idea that some people will believe this type of “black magic” rather than scientific information. Instead of being prepared for an earthquake or eruption, they could just wait for the so-called predictors to say when a geologic event might hap-

> Below image. The subducting plate melts producing volatile magma. Volcanos and convergent margins go together. Typically, the plate being subducted melts as it is pushed deeper into the Earth and temperatures rise. It also helps that the water in the crust and sediment of the subducting plate makes it easier to melt, and makes the resulting magma much more volatile and explosive.

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> Image left. Ring of Fire. This is where the most earthquakes happened. The ring contains 452 volcanoes, which are considered to be 75% of the volcanoes around the world which are classified as active with a risk of eruption.

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> 01 (below image). As one tectonic plate subducts below another, pressure builds after many years, resulting in a section giving away. As this section gives away, it ruptures the ocean floor, resulting in a massive displacemnt of water, causing a tsunami.



YOUR WEBSITE REPRESENTS YOUR COMPANY, AND IN SOME CASES, YOU. If you like the quality of content and graphic design of this magazine, why not allow us to design your website. Your website REPRESENTS your company, and in some cases YOU. We are confident we can help you create the most visually APPEALING and COMPELLING website. > 02 (image right). German scientist Alfred Wegener formed this idea of the Continental Drift. He argued that todays continents once formed a single landmass, which he named Pangaea (Greek for “all land”). It broke into pieces due to the weaknesses in the earth’s crust as they were made up of less dense materials, which drifted centimeter by centimeter over millions of years until they arrived at where they are now. It is possible for the plates to move due to the convection currents in the mantle. The movement of these currents is similar to the movement of convection currents in a beaker of boiling water.

the certainty of prediction in a world where, as of right now, is mostly unpredictable with our methods. They are the faith healers of the geologic community and should be seen as such. So much of it is pure misinformation that leads to misunderstanding what is happening. After the tsunami warning in Phuket this year, everyone became an expert on earthquakes apparently. I heard someone on the radio telling his listeners that this earthquake was the same as the great earthquake of 2004. Getting beyond plate subduction, and other ways that the earth plates react to each other, the Richter scale is not easily understood by most. The strength of an earthquake doubles with each .2 of increase in the scale’s number. Therefore the recent Sumatran earthquake


was about 1/8 the power as the 2004 one. Next time a one meter high man stands next to an eight meter high man, tell me carefully if they are the same. Once we can understand the basics, we have a better chance of dismissing the utter garbage we are fed. If you’re interested in natural disasters, even a simple search shows you a large population on the web of people who claim that they can predict when an earthquake or eruption will happen. This is completely different than scientists who work on presenting the probability of such an event like a volcano, as many governmental volcanic monitoring organizations and geologic surveys do for natural hazards. What they do is, after looking at the signs of activity at a volcano based on information like recent earthquakes, gas emissions, etc. they

can try to warn locals that an eruption may happen in days to weeks. Instead, the dangerous predictions are based on some happening unrelated to the volcano or fault in question, an earthquake or eruption will occur on a specific date. Typically these predictions are vague, rarely saying too specifically where or exactly when the event will happen. Usually these predictions also have multiple windows of opportunity in a given month for their “massive earthquake or eruption.” They are not talking about probability, but rather specific prediction of geologic events. And that, in a nutshell, is not possible. You cannot predict, weeks in advance, specifically when an earthquake or eruption will occur. Let’s put that to rest!! x

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THE COUGHING ASHTRAY healthy design The coughing ashtray is the perfect gift if you’re thinking about trying to quit the habit yourself. Giving it to someone else might just get them to resent you. The product is an ashtray in the shape of a human lung, but as if the visual reminder of the risks you take when you smoke weren’t enough, when you place a lighted cigarette in the ashtray it starts coughing and screaming! According to a study at Harvard University, perhaps as many as five million people worldwide die prematurely each year from this nasty habit, with half a million of those dying from lung cancer. We know these kinds of things backfire sometimes when forced upon a smoker but visual reminders to smokers of what it is they are doing to themselves is surely a good idea. The coughing ashtray retails for ten US dollars.

The Pentair IntelliFlo”

CLEAN HANDS DISINFECTION DEVICE DAVID MEISENHOLDER For all the germophobes among our readers, this is the product for you. When you think about the concept of traditional bathroom sinks, the faucet setup doesn’t make a lot of sense. You turn the handles with dirty hands, wash your hands and then touch the dirty handles again with clean hands to turn the water off. Of course, most public restrooms have switched to hands-free faucets by now but not usually in the places where touching the faucet might be more risky. This disinfection device uses two strips of sprayers which, when you place your hands between them, douse your digits with disinfectant. After a few seconds, the disinfectant evaporates and you are left with clean, germ-free, refreshed hands. Sounds like a winner.

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THE 33 IN ONE GOLF CLUB INVENTIST As a golfer, I am very skeptical of this new product but conceptually it could be great if it worked. You adjust the angle to the shot you are facing and you would no longer have to haul around a different wedge for each shot nor a set of irons at all. Sure would save on the gear and decisions about which clubs to keep in the bag. Nope, the more we think about it, the more obvious it seems this will never work. 84

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Water Works Warehouse Co., Ltd. 53/25-26 M.5 Thalang Phuket 83120 Sales Dept.: 08 1979 0917 (English) .: 08 1895 1411 (Thai)


BAR MASTER DELUXE EXCALIBUT While golfing gadgets seem to fall into our questionable category, a gadget which involves improving the bartending, well, we are all for it. This handy bar gadget can do anything a bartender can do. The Bar Master Deluxe allows you to find any drink with the press of a button. This device will find almost any drink you or your friends could ask for by ingredient or alphabetically by name. Not sure how to make your favorite drink? The Bar Master Deluxe features a complete recipe for over one thousand drinks. The recipe lists the ingredients, precise measurements for mixing the perfect drink, and even displays an image of the correct glass to use. Not only does the Bar Master Deluxe help you find the ultimate drink like a bartender, it has the personality of a bartender too. It includes mixing terms, bartender slang, and can name the perfect equipment and alcohol necessary for setting up your own bar. What is not to love?



Everyone loves a good fairy tale. The whimsical characters and fantastical events capture our imaginations and might even serve to teach us a lesson or two. This magical mirror from Romy van den Broek lets fairy tale lovers of any age actually become part of the story. Although it looks like a floor mirror, it is actually a large, highly reflective touch screen equipped with motion capture technology. As the story progresses, the user interacts with the setting and characters in a variety of very cool ways. For example, in the story Hansel and Gretel, the viewer picks up stones to help Hansel and the story doesn’t progress until the task is completed. If this mirror can help capture the imagination of our youth and get them excited about the great fairy tales of the past, we’ll back it.



Time to be skeptical again. This contraption promises to improve your ability to manage your smartphone keys which is not always easy. According to the product literature, having to remove gloves or keep fingernails short just to be able to use them is an annoyance. Inventor Park Hyun Jin is coming to the rescue with the Finger Stylus, a simple little ring with a bump on it that will let us all use our touchscreen gadgets much more easily. The design involves little more than a flexible ring that fits around a thumb and a small protruding piece of silicon and rubber. The bump activates the capacitive touchscreen just like a finger would, but without the need to take off your gloves or cut your fingernails. Both of these things make it extraordinarily difficult to use a touchscreen normally. According to the inventor, the Finger Stylus would not only make it easier to use touch screen devices; it would improve accuracy as well. If you find yourself constantly fat-fingering your text messages this might be the product for you. Having to put rings on your gloved hands does not sound easy though nor getting them beyond your fingernails… we will let you be the judge. think DESIGN JUly 2012


LATEST AUTOMATIC OUTDOOR PET FOUNTAIN hydrating your hound If you have read our magazine any time at all, you surely will know that we are big animal lovers here. Here is a nice product to help our dog owner friends and more importantly, the mutts themselves. If you also are a dog lover then you realize just how important it is for your pooch to have enough to drink when he (or she) is outside. It can be dangerous for canines to go without adequate liquids especially in warm places like Phuket but it can also be very dangerous for them to consume things that can make them sick. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are able to give them the best water possible that is clean and cool when they are ready for a drink of water. With the Automatic Outdoor Pet Drinking Fountain you will never have to worry about leaving the water running on a hose and you do not need to worry about the dog’s water dish running dry. The fountain will sense your dog coming and it will turn on automatically so that your dog will always have something cool to drink.

WIRELESS BIKE SPEAKERS DAVID MEISENHOLDER California-based designer David Meisenholder has created wireless speakers that can be attached to bicycles. The not so cleverly named SleekSpeak product still has a good concept that seems to solve a few inherent problems such as how often the earbuds fall out, and the threat to cyclists who are unable to hear oncoming traffic which is quite dangerous. These speakers can be easily attached to the handlebars using silicon rubber bands, and connected to the music player via Bluetooth.

ELECTRONIC PASSWORD VAULT secure organization In today’s complex world of passwords, social media accounts, websites and blogs, this device will be of great assistance. We have all been told that you shouldn’t use the same password for all of your user accounts but it can be very challenging to remember all of them. This little device is perfect for anyone looking to find unique passwords for all of their important information and storing all the passwords so you won’t have to strain your brain. With the Electronic Password Vault you can store all of your important user info in one safe place and only remember one password, the password to unlock your vault! It holds up to four hundred accounts, and to keep you even more protected from prying eyes, it auto locks after five incorrect entries. Many of us are looking for a convenient way to keep a list of our important information but don’t want to write it down on a pen and paper and leave it lying around. This is a great compact device to keep you safe and organized. Of course, it does beg the question, what if you lose it? 88

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art space Gallery & Bar

art heart gallery

Painting, Sculpture, Tattoo, Bar & Restaurant Artspace Gallery 2

Khun Ya is one of Thailand’s most sought after up and coming young artists. His unique talent enables him to create vibrant and exotic abstract paintings.

7 Ketkwan Rd,Kata Beach Phuket Facebook: niwat buathong | M: +66 (0) 89 810 0266 Zone:Kata Beach


siri art studio

original painting

Parn is an artist who paints in oils on canvas with bright vibrant colors depicting mainly Phuket landscapes, sunsets and sunrises. 40/2 Moo 8 T. Vichit, Muang, Phuket Town, Phuket M: +66 (0) 87 887 9475 | Zone:Phuket Town 90


Copy Right

3 Rat U Thit 200 Pee Road, Patong, Kathu Phuket 83150 M: +66 (0) 87 621 5344, Zone:Patong


Oriental art gallery Artist: Anuwat Siriratanajit 6/81 Srisoonthorn Rd., Cherngthalay, Thalang, Phuket M: +66 (0) 81 277 1765 T: +66 (0) 76 527 560 Zone:Cherngthalay


Zone:Phuket Town

5 91


“ If you would like a sample of our merchandise brought to your resort for viewing, please call to arrange an appointment. Tel: +66 (0) 8 1085 3072”

chang thai decor 1/5 Wiseat Rd., Rawai, Mueng Phuket (opposite Rawai pier) Atthaporn Chantamas (Jeng) M: +66 (0) 89 288 7994 Zone:Rawai 6

Chang Thai Decor’s products are popular in domestic and oversea markets because of their better quality and favorable price. They take pride in that they work closely with their customers and can custom make designs.

Quality Teak wood carvings from Chiang Mai. Shipping service for international countries only (by Thailand Certificate of fumigation provided. They are THE friendly and professional gallery on Phuket.

Niwat Buathong

artist and jack of all trades

The magical world of Mr Pan (Niwat Buathong) is very diverse. He traverses it through music, sculpture, painting and performance. He is a Phuket institution who actively participated in last year’s Think Design Art Festival which took place at Royal Phuket Marina. He and his network of local and national artists are very influential here in Phuket. This makes Mr Pan a great place to start if you are interested in exploring into the world of Phuket art. Asian artists tend to fall into two categories. There are the fine art, gallery opening variety, exhibiting in white walled galleries with well heeled guests enjoying glitzy parties and then there are the sincere, gritty and paint spattered variety. Mr Pan emphatically falls into the second category, the real artist, true to his roots and his work, inhabiting an art world that jives twenty-four hours a day. Mr Pan is a Phuket native, educated at Poh Cang University in Bangkok with a degree in Fine Arts. His work includes painting, sculpture, and performance art. He also organizes musical events that become extensions of his art world. His bars/galleries in Kata and Naiharn invite the art lover into his world, a place art fans need to experience. Visit him there and be prepared to enter a different dimension. What better way to get artistic than with a drink or two and a song at his bar as you learn about the rich and diverse community of local artists.

K. Pan's Studio.

HANDMADE ART GALLEY Original Art & Reproduction & Oil Painting & Modern Painting 54 Yaowarat Rd. A.Muang Phuket 83000 Tel: +66 (0) 86 0387 416, +66 (0) 81 7923 883 Email: Zone:Phuket Town 92



Artspace 1 Gallery- Bar 7Ketkwan, Kata Beach Artspace 2 Gallery-cafe' 88/6 moo 7 Saiyuan, Rawai




strives to present the best cultural experience of Phuket and other regions of Asia.Through our magazine and our facebook page we are exposing the best of Phu Phuket culturally and artistically in design, fashion, art, architecture, motors, yachting and gastronomy.








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Think Design Gallery Looking for Thai and international art? Think Design Art presentations offer you all our local art knowledge. Contact us to see a fantastic selection of art in a variety of styles and media. Sit and enjoy the best art Phuket has to offer. We have already done the work of finding the best art for you. Enjoy! Featured artist above: Gomez Bueno

We invite you to “LIKE� our page and follow us at this link: Hope you enjoy it!


249/11, Moo 8, Thepkasattri Road, Thalang, Phuket T: 076 512 746 M: +66 (0) 88 446 3188 Zone:Naiyang Beach



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an exclusive selection of blueprint Unique Properties


Phuket Land Is Still Available Stunning plots all over Phuket sourced from local residents, with due diligence completed and at amazing prices. Call us to find the great range of options available. Prices available upon request. For more information on this property please contact Jack at +66 (0)85 475 8900 or by email at


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Te l : 0 8 5 475 89 0 0 - 076 317 913

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Se o T ed

lli i M 29




w w w. b l u e p r i n t - u n i q u e . c o m

w w w. b l u e p r i n t - u n i q u e . c o m

Phuket South Beachfront villa. Price available upon request. For more information on this property please contact Jack at +66 (0)85 475 8900 or by email at

Phuket North Stunning beachfront property with private beach. Price available upon request. For more information on this property please contact Jack at +66 (0)85 475 8900 or by email at


Te l : 0 8 5 475 89 0 0 - 076 317 913

jac m uepri nt -uni



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