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ANNUAL MEETING & ELECTION RESULTS The Credit Union held its annual meeting on Wednesday, March 24, 2010. George Carruba, Board President, called the meeting to order and proceeded thru the agenda. Brian Tyler, Credit Union Manager, provided the treasurer’s report and gave information about the accomplishments from 2009 and what we can look forward to in 2010. The members in attendance also heard reports from the supervisory committee and the credit committee. Brian discussed the credit union’s strong performance, especially in a dour economic climate. To wrap up the meeting, election results were announced. George Carruba and Charlene Carle were re-elected to the Board of Directors, along with Mark Mefford, who was elected to his first term on the Board. Cindy Wright was re-elected to the Credit Committee and was joined by Valerie Green. Thanks to all those who volunteer to make this Credit Union such a great benefit to all members.

CREDIT UNION OFFERINGS In addition to the great loan and savings rates that the EKEFCU offers all its members, did you know that the Credit Union can provide other benefits as well? • LOAN PROTECTION AND CREDIT DISABILITY The credit union offers you Loan Protection on every single loan you have with us at NO CHARGE TO YOU. In the event of your death, Loan Protection will pay off your loans with the credit union (up to $30,000 per loan) so that your loved ones do not have to pay those debts. We also offer you the ability to purchase Credit Disability on your loans which will pay your loans if you are ever off work for over 30 days due to injury or disability. • CUNA MUTUAL's MEMBER's AUTO and HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE - Get a FREE online quote from the MEMBERS Auto and Homeowners Insurance Program, underwritten by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, to see how much you could save on your auto insurance. As a credit union member, you can also get a FREE quote for MEMBERS Renters insurance. • ROUTE 66 EXTENDED WARRANTY - Route 66 Warranty is the most comprehensive extended warranty coverage for all makes and models of automobiles so that you will be able to enjoy your new purchase and have "Peace of Mind". Key Benefits of Route 66 Warranty include:

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Route 66 Warranty has over 20 years experience All warranties are fully insured All plans have a $0 deductible 30 day money back guarantee 24/7/365 Emergency Road Service with EVERY plan Plans are transferable if you sell your car

KING’s ISLAND and other Park Tickets – The credit union offers discounted tickets to area amusement parks directly from The ticket package for 2010 will be posted within the next month, so check back if you and your family are considering visiting a local amusement park.

Visit the Credit Union’s website for more information and links to the below offerings.


Term APR 10-08  4 yrs or less 3.25 % New Car, Used 10-08  5 yr max 3.75 % Car, Motorcycle, 07-04  4 yrs or less 4.75 % Boat, RV, New 03-00  4 yrs or less 5.25 % Tractor 99-up  4 yrs or less 5.75 % Secured Loans offered up to 100% of value of vehicle for just 2.00% above listed rates above. Up to 15 years (3 yr balloon) 3.75 % Real Estate Up to 20 years (5 yr balloon) 4.00 % 5 years or less (fixed) 4.00 % 10 years or less (fixed) 4.25 % 15 years or less (fixed) 4.75 % 20 years – (fixed) Call for rate Equity Line of Credit Prime + 0.00% (v) (Currently 3.25%)

Secured by Shares/CD Signature

Up to 4 years

.50 % above Share (v) .50 % above CD 10.00 %

1 year max

8.00 %

Up to 5 years

Holiday / Vacation

Some loan types may not always be available. (v) Loan types noted with this symbol are variable rate loans and could adjust during the term of the loan. See loan disclosures for more details.

CD/IRA RATES Term 6 months

Dividend APY 2.15%

Rate 2.15%

12 months*



24 months



36 months*



48 months



60 months*



- The minimum to open and earn the annual percentage yield is $500. (The interest rate is not compounded). Early withdrawal penalty may apply. - Your savings are federally insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration), a U.S. Government Agency. *IRA CD's are offered on terms of 12, 36, & 60 months and may be subject to additional penalties for early withdrawal. Your Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are federally insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA.

All rates current as of APRIL 1, 2010. Rates are subject to change daily. Please visit the Credit Union website for additional information about current rates and terms.

CONTACTING THE CREDIT UNION You are an owner of the East Kentucky Employees Federal Credit Union and we encourage your comments and ideas. If you are not able to stop and see us, below are ways to get in touch with your Credit Union Staff: Mailing Address P O Box 707, Winchester KY 40392-0707 Brian Tyler Debbie Palmer Kelly Toler

Direct Phone 859-745-9597 859-745-9681 859-745-9346

Direct Fax 859-737-6065 859-737-4125 859-737-4125


SHARE ACCOUNTS INSURED UP TO $250,000 - On October 3, 2008, Congress enacted the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 which increased NCUA Share insurance coverage on your accounts up to $250,000 until at least December 31, 2013. IRA accounts are insured separately up to $250,000. Visit the Credit Union’s website for more information about your insured shares.

The Board of Directors declared a dividend of 2.00% for 4th Quarter 2010

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