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With hundreds of thousands of vehicles travelling through the Trans-Canada corridor and major Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley arteries every day, a business can either blend in or stand out.

Grand Format SuperGraphics

Even being noticed isn‘t any real benefit unless the message or the graphic is memorable. That‘s where The WOW Factory comes in.

Tremendous advances in large format printing technology has made the impossible possible.


Another smart idea from the fertile mind of techno-guru David Chalk, the WOW Factory merges state-of-the-art graphics and large format print technology with the most dynamic team of creative and marketing professionals in the business. The WOW Factory team creates the magic that transforms vehicles, blank walls and windows into high-impact graphic messages that demand attention... and deliver results.

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Corporate awareness and product branding are major expenses for any business. It‘s a fast moving world and no business can afford to stand still. Every business must take advantage of every opportunity to increase consumer awareness and raise their public profile.

State-of-the-art printers, computer software and new materials have revoltionized business and consumer marketing opportunities. Best of all, it‘s now so cost-effective that return on investment calculations will have you wondering... This brochure is just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible. Increase your company‘s WOW Factor in the marketplace!

BE BOLD. BE SEEN. Smart Ideas

Founded by David Chalk, DTech, technology guru and award-winning graphic designer, The WOW Factory leads the way in large format print technology and applications. While the competition tries to adjust and cope with rapid change, old methods and strategies stand in their way. The WOW Factory‘s team of forward looking marketing professionals and graphic designers is positioned to blend cutting edge technology with unrestrained imagination – helping you go big and grow your business. Big is Beautiful. “I have known David for years and have seen him grow several great businesses. He has the ability to look at a need or problem and, as if out of thin air, come up with the right solution. He, and the team he has around him, can create an innovative and competitive edge for any business. David is a marketing genius!“ Brian Scudamore - CEO, 1-8OO-GOT-JUNK

Building Banners and Wraps

Building and site graphics have been a standard marketing and public relations tool for land developers, realtors and contractors for years. But it‘s an expensive proposition. The WOW Factory now makes it affordable for nearly any size company to take advantage of this powerful medium. The WOW Factory can create a wallscape as big as your imagination! Team up with the WOW Factory creative gang and generate a graphics solution that demands attention and delivers the goods. Think outside the box... and then wrap it! Think beyond traditional signage and take full advantage of the walls and windows you‘re paying for. The WOW Factory‘s spectacular printing and signage solutions are so powerful and so affordable they will become your most innovative and effective marketing tool.

BE REMEMBERED. Expose Yourself

Businesses located along busy thoroughfares, especially those facing or backing onto major traffic arteries, have an untapped opportunity to reach out and grab the attention of countless thousands of viewers and potential customers every single day. Companies pay small fortunes for positioning like that. Don‘t let it pass you by.

Be Seen From Space...

It‘s one thing to be seen from blocks away, but imagine your company logo, product, service or ad being visible from anywhere in the world! A rooftop located on the approach path to an airport is visible to millions of passengers during landings and takeoffs. Each rooftop is a blank canvas – a high impact billboard. Why not take advantage of it? We‘ll show you how. Rooftop signage is ideal for high-impact ad campaigns and corporate branding. Any way you look at it, it‘s a cost-effective marketing tool with a definite WOW Factor. Millions of people around the world browse the internet daily for directions, information and landmarks. This information isn‘t confined to simple road maps any more. Satellite imaging has revolutionized these searches, presenting detailed navigatable photos with extraordinary resolution. Imagine the possibilities if the whole world could zoom in and see your corporate message presented prominently on a building‘s roof!

STAND OUT FROM Banners and SuperGraphics draw people’s attention. Consider all the people that drive and walk by your business every day. What if you attracted just one more customer a day? Nothing is more important to a business than positioning & perception. Stand out. SuperGraphics applications have become the number one choice for primary business marketing.


Don‘t miss out on another great opportunity to promote your business. Bold, bright, creative graphics can stop people in their tracks. High impact window graphics are a powerful but inexpensive marketing tool. Municipalities do not regulate window graphics, meaning the more glass you have the bigger and more striking your presentation can be. Large window graphics have been shown to have an impact second only to vehicle fleet wraps for cost-effectiveness and return on investment.

The WOW Factory‘s UV-coated window graphics materials cut light and heat transmission, eliminating the need for shades or blinds while keeping room temperatures up to 10 degrees cooler.

The WOW Factory will provide everything. We don’t just print and install, we are we are with you from start to finish. We have ideas that will blow you away. We know what works and will guarantee it.

Breakthroughs in printing technologies and materials have made it possible for one-way displays – outside viewers see a full-window display, but natural light shines through the graphics from the outside, keeping your office, lobby or store bright and comfortable.

“Vehicle messaging is key to our brand image throughout North America. It has a return on investment that defies calculation. Any business, large or small, not adopting this powerful medium is overlooking a valuable opportunity for sales and growth.“ Brian Scudamore - CEO, 1-8OO-GOT-JUNK

A Member of the Chalk Group of Companies

MOBILE MESSAGES Compelling Statistics

Truck graphics are one of the most effective ways to raise your corporate or product profile. According to the Transportation Advertising Council, vehicle advertising is the most effective outdoor advertising on the market. Research by Arbitron, an international media and marketing firm, shows that mobile advertising reaches virtually all demographics, as 96% of the population travel in a vehicle each week. Hit your customers where they live, work and play and be confident your vehicle advertising is having a huge impact on its audience. Good graphics also reflect well on the company. Studies show that 75% of roadway viewers will develop an impression of a company based on the appearance of their vehicles, and 29% will base buying decisions on that impression. A study by Product Acceptance Research Inc. showed that when compared to static or non-moving advertisements, motion displays or mobile ads have the ability to boost revenue by 100%. Convert everyday vehicle usage into revenue generating opportunities.

A Big Footprint

Stephen Freitas, chief Marketing Officer of the Outdoor Advertising Association, found that vehicle wrap advertising revealed a 50% increase in brand awareness following the use of truck side advertising. Truck side advertising can create significant opportunities for your business.

Leasing – The Icing on the Cake

Talk to us about folding the cost of vehicle graphics into your next vehicle lease. The WOW Factory makes it all possible. Check with us for details.

A Member of the Chalk Group of Companies

Why A Wrap?

Getting your brand name in front of the public in a memorable way is something every business owner or company wants to do. Whether you have a Traditional or Online business, or just want to drive traffic to your website, you need your brand to be remembered and recognized. This is not an easy task.

According to AAA research, vehicle wraps are the most cost-effective form of outdoor advertising. Don’t just take anybody’s word for it – wrap a vehicle with your message and see for yourself what happens. You will become a believer. The results are real. Ask yourself right now if you can think of a company in your town with wrapped vehicles. We bet you can.

More and more businesses are discovering vehicle wraps are their best branding and marketing tool. It is becoming the most popular way to advertise.

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“We didn’t fully anticipate the difference a wrap would make to our business. Our phones began to ring off the hook soon after we hit the road in our newly wrapped vehicle.“ Calvin Johnson CEO, Costless Express

Municipal sign regulations and restrictions only increase the value of vehicle wraps, which have no such restrictions. Good vehicle wraps generate attention, educate, entertain and inform. They reach consumers and customers that radio, television and print cannot. Vehicle wraps are one form of advertising that cannot be switched off, tuned out or lost in a morass of other ads... even when it is sitting in the parking lot, an effective vehicle wrap will get a lot of attention. If the message is memorable and clear, the results will be immediate.



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Wall SuperGraphics

Instead of painting or wallpapering a lobby or offices, consider setting the atmosphere with SuperGraphic wall murals. The only limitation is imagination. Create a great first impression, an inviting atmosphere. Feature your logo, show off your products... set the stage.

Floor Graphics

Everyone watches where they walk, so why not place your logo or message right in their line of sight. Strategically placed floor graphics can stop people in their tracks. The WOW Factory‘s floor graphics products aggressively adhere to concrete and asphalt. Strategically placed floor graphics have memory recall of over 95% and have shown increases of over 25% when used in a sales environment.

Stand Apart

Studies show a positive corporate image is the deciding factor when price is competitive. Transform bare interiors into an extraordinary new reality of people, messages and vistas.

There are almost no limits to the locations. Place messages and graphics where they are not expected for powerful impact. They are the perfect medium for entrances, sidewalks, parking lots, car dealerships and plant safety messages. Anywhere. They can be used as directional or information markers and printed in almost any size.

Fight graffiti and generate revenue

Fight Graffiti with Graphics

Figures vary by community, but according to one municipal study, graffiti cleanup costs every Canadian taxpayer from $3 to $5 per year per person. There is something you can do to help the problem and make a mark for your business.

A Guaranteed Solution

Graffiti is a perennial problem on the rise in urban and industrial areas. Cleaning up graffiti can be costly, with the average incident costing in excess of $800. Once a building or wall has been “tagged“ it will be retagged an average of four more times per year. Rather that ignore the issue – which typically leads to increased activity – or wasting money on what will surely be damaged again, fight graffiti with graphics. Use the space to create opportunity. Vandals will typically tag the same plain walls and objects that also often happen

Replace a graffiti-prone garage door or loading bay with a custom door graphic

to be the perfect location for marketing signs and murals. Anti-graffiti graphics can be designed to enhance a businesses image and sales. The graphics are printed on a silicon molecular base substrate that repels markers, spray paint, dyes, and acid etching. They make graffitti all but impossible to apply to the surface.

Municipal hydro, telephone, and traffic signal boxes become esthetically pleasing and graffiti-proof when wrapped

Not completely convinced? We are so sure of our product, The WOW factory will guarantee your graphics will remain free from vandalism. If any graffiti occurs that cannot be easily erased - we will provide a free replacement installation.

Fence Scrim

Curb appeal is critical to neighborhoods, businesses and construction areas. A business with an old mesh fence around it sets a tone. A construction area for what will be an exclusive development loses its sizzle when messy construction debris blights the scene. It is easy to transform bare unsightly fences into vistas and marketing opportunities. Let potential customers see your real message instead of a plywood or chain-link fence. Suround your project or renovation with a brilliantly presented message. Present your your brand and your message where everyone can get a great view. Signage from 4‘ to 200‘+ feet. Never underestimate the power of a powerful visual experience. All the great companies appreciate the power of branding, and fence scrims are an ideal marketing medium. Whether it‘s jobsite fence enhancement, storage yard fences, real estate development fencing, sports field fences, or pedestrian and crowd control barriers, The WOW Factory will work with you. We‘ll also help you find potential sponsors and suppliers that may cover all your costs. Turn plain fences into dazzling graphics presentations and messages that will impress and add excitement.

Banner Systems

Don’t overlook the marketing power of parking lots, lampposts and boulevards. The brain is hard-wired to notice peripheral motion and light. Success in business is a constant battle to get noticed... and remembered – top of mind awareness.

Pole, wind and street banners can play a forceful role in generating awareness. Attract attention. Deliver a message. Decorate. Best of all, it‘s affordable. Consider The WOW Factory‘s wide range of dramatic banner solutions as a costeffective marketing solution.

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Signature Car Wraps

If you like attention, or just want to express yourself, there is no better way to make a statement than with a personal vehicle wrap. A custom car wrap is your signature – changing the way you drive and the way you feel. A $200,000 vehicle won’t get the attention of a $3,500 custom vehicle wrap. With a wrap lasting over 5 years, you‘re looking at $60 a month – less than a cup of coffee a day – to have a vehicle that will stop traffic. Go wild – we‘ll help you design your dream wrap. Our customers will tell you it is the most dramatic and satifying modification they have ever made to their vehicles. Plus, if you are purchasing a new vehicle, in most cases you can include the custom wrap in your lease. Fold your vehicle wrap into your monthly lease payments. The original paint will stay as new as the day you bought it, greatly increasing its resale value. We use only top of the line products and stand behind every installation with a 5-year performance warranty. If anything fails we will replace it for free. Of course, partial wraps are also available. What are you waiting for? Your Dream Machine is waiting for you.

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A Member of the Chalk Group of Companies

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MAKE A POWERFUL STATEMENT. The WOW Factory offers an impressive range of creative services and a spectacular range of products. We have the tools, technology, talent and vision to transform any marketing and advertising concept into reality. The WOW Factory loves solving problems – the bigger the better. Challenge us. Let us show how we can convert marketing problems into spectacular solutions. Contact us today: A member of the David Chalk Group of Companies

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