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the wc press | voice of the borough

february 2013 |



the wc press | voice of the borough

The Press

From the Editor...

Fortune and love favor the brave

The disadvantages of a life lived privately

Publisher Dan Mathers

Contributing Photographer Luke Darigan

Advertising Manager Nick Vecchio

Contributing Artist Kevin Fenton

Copy Editor Kehan DeSousa

Published By The WC Press 13 South Church Street West Chester, PA 19382

Whenever possible, I try to avoid putting myself in these pages. I have a whole host of reasons for this, not the least of which is trying to avoid seeming narcissistic. Sure, there have been exceptions (September’s cover is a patent example), but for the most part this magazine has remained Dan-free. However, I have faced consequences for pursuing this course of action. In most of the wonderful photos our photographers have snapped of my wife at various events, she makes the understandable mistake of standing next to me. That means that this magazine has also remained relatively Tanya-free. On more than one occasion she has flipped through the pages of The WC Press, searching–as I’m sure many of you do–for the event at which she was photographed, hoping to see herself in print. “Your photographer took a great photo of me,” she’ll say. “Where is it?” Now, I don’t mean to paint my wife like the narcissist I’ve personally tried to avoid becoming; that’s not her at all. She’s mostly shy, quiet and reserved. While she might refuse to leave the house because she hasn’t washed her hair, she’s confident enough to stroll around town without applying any makeup. No, the reason I’m painting this picture for you is so you can understand the problem that arose: after being shunned from the pages of the magazine several times, after photos of us together had been kept from seeing the light of day, Tanya asked me if I was hiding her, hiding the fact I was with her, from West Chester at large. I want to take this moment to tell her, and you, that she couldn’t be farther from the truth. I love my wife. I’ve loved her for the better part of five years. I’ve loved her through our ups and downs, through our ins and outs, when I’m with her and when I’m without her. And I’m proud of my wife. I’m proud of the fact that she left behind her country, her friends and her family to pursue a life in an outlandishly disparate country with a man she couldn’t help but love (though try she might). I’m proud of the fact that she’s now gone back to school, pursuing a degree at my alma mater, taking all of her classes in what is essentially her third language. I’ve even swallowed my pride and become proud of the idea that she’s going to trump my 3.6 GPA when all’s said and done. You’re currently holding a magazine that’s full of love stories, full of cute date ideas, full of stuff that’d make a teenage boy gag. But I’m happy to admit to all of you that I enjoyed this magazine. I guess I’m secure enough to admit that when I read the firstplace entry on the following page, my eyes watered just a bit. And the reason I enjoyed it, the reason my eyes got just a bit blurry, was that I imagined Tanya in place of whomever we were writing about. I saw my wife in every page of this magazine. Hopefully she’ll see herself here, too. - DM

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Interns Alexis DiGiovanni Paul Imburgia

To the Editor...

Our favorite responses this month I love West Chester because my grandfather met his bride on Gay Street over 100 years ago. It’s where I walked to St. Agnes school back when it was safe to do so. Played basketball in the alleys, bought candy at the corner grocer, and as a kid, ran playfully through the Mosteller’s Department Store. I think of West Chester when I look at every album I own, knowing I bought each and every one of them at The Mad Platter. I remember buying a $1 ice-cream cone at the corner of Landhope, and today I successfully show off my parallel parking skills acquired on the 400 block of Union Street where I grew up. I love West Chester because of the progress I’ve seen and how my father, much to my surprise, embraced it so. Today I’m a part of that progress and can love all of it here in West Chester! -Michele Berardi We received this submission after the piece had already been finished, but we thought it was worthy of a place in these pages. -DM I have a serious problem with your ad for Mr. Stuart’s Martial Arts. And, while I’m sure you’ve received several complaints from individuals claiming it’s indecent, that is not my problem. The issue I have is that it’s left me unable to focus on anything else. The rest of your magazine might be great, but this butt’s as far as I’ve made it. -Anonymous I’m sure Mr. Stuart will be happy to hear he’s invested in the most talked about ad we’ve ever published. -DM

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Selfless Love Pietro’s Prime, Optimal Massage and Landmark Americana Award Dates to West Chester’s Most Selfless Lovers


his month we asked readers to tell us why their significant other deserved to win a date courtesy of The WC Press and our sponsors. We received dozens of responses, all of which were touching and heartfelt. But the entries that stood out, the ones we chose as winners, were those that illustrated one simple point: love is, at its essence, the desire to sacrifice yourself for the betterment of another. With the help of our sponsors, we were able to wrangle three great dates for our readers who showed the most selfless desire to love their partner. We believe the following authors have painted a picture of love in its purest form.

First Place: Dinner and Drinks at Pietro’s Prime I was single during my first deployment to Iraq from 2005-2006. I was engaged when deployed to Iraq a second time from 2008-2009. I have just returned from my first deployment to Afghanistan, and I’m not only married, but the proud father of our daughter, Makayla. I left when Makalya was only a couple of months old. Neither my wife Heidi nor I knew what lay ahead, not only in the combat zone, but as first-time parents. My wife singlehandedly dealt with Makayla’s all-nighters, Hand, foot, and mouth disease, and all of the other “firsts” while coping with the fact that I was overseas, in harm’s way, unable to assist as needed. It has been a process to reintegrate with my wife and daughter since my return. Makayla has grown so much; she is walking, and we recently celebrated her first birthday. I cannot think of a better way to say, “Thank you, I love you, and you are an incredible mother and wife,” than a date night for just the two of us. – Sergeant First Class Matthew Johnson

Second Place: Couple’s Massage at Optimal Massage Frank Piscitello and I have been friends for almost 13 years. We’d always had our ups and downs, and while everyone said we’d end up together some day, we never really believed it until two years ago when it finally happened. But that’s not the reason he’s wonderful–anyone can get together. What makes him the best is that I have a five-year-old son, and Frank has been the only father he has ever known. He picked up the pieces my son’s biological father left behind (even before we were together as a couple), and when we get married this May, he’s going to be adopting him. Frank selflessly gives all of himself to make us a real family. – Kelly Delnero Third Place: Happy Hour at Landmark Americana I am currently pregnant with our fourth child, and my husband Paul is a stay-at-home father, swim coach, and all-around home fixer-upper. At the end of this month we are moving out of our house to live in a 2 bed, 1 ½ bath townhouse for three months while our house is rebuilt to accommodate the new baby. Because I am pregnant, he has to pack our whole house and put everything in PODS. On top of all of this, I can be quite demanding (or, let’s be honest, bitchy). He never raises his voice and remains calm at all times, and is an impossibly fabulous and loving, attentive father, friend and husband. Forget the date–what he deserves is lots and lots of drinks with his friends. No kids. No wife. –Tiffany Boden

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Mitch’s blood drive Photos by Lexi DiGiovanni


Mitch’s Market Street Gym teamed up with the American Red Cross to help save lives through the simple act of giving blood

Tammy Schorn’s turn to give

Dana Strode-Tritle

Jim Archambo getting a vein tapped


the wc press | voice of the borough

Arlene Halley-Wiggs

David Smith giving a pint

Deb Lyons

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the wc press | voice of the borough


Bartender of the Month We took a trip up 202 to visit Micheon Walker at PJ Welihan’s West Chester. Do you live in West Chester? No, I live in Coatesville. So how long have you been working here? I’ve been working in West Chester for five years now. Well, that’s before this PJ’s opened. Where were you before here? I was at the Firewaters on Route One. When did you make the switch? Two months ago. So, you weren’t here when this restaurant first opened? No, I wasn’t. I was still over at Firewaters. Then what brought you to PJ’s? It was time for a change, and I had heard awesome things about the PJW group. I had met the manager here, Adam Boffa, a few years prior. I ran into him again, and he thought I’d be an excellent addition to the team here. I was excited to join. How about now? Are you happy with the change? I absolutely love it. Working for a company that appreciates you and takes care of their staff, all of their staff–there’s something to be said for that. There’ve been places I’ve worked where taking care of employees isn’t a huge priority, but here they’re just amazing. And outside the staff? What’s the client base like? Generally, our clients are all between the ages of 21 and 50. So… everyone? Yeah. It’s a pretty eclectic mix. And why would you say that is? It’s because we are located outside of town; there are a lot of country clubs, people coming in for business–there’s not one specific type of client.

Are there any other benefits to this location? You get everybody from outside of the borough, plus the people who want to come out of town for a quick change of pace. We get to talk to lots of people from outside the area, and to people who haven’t been to West Chester, and we can act as their guide. We send people into the borough who’ve never been there, and they love it. I’ve had a few people say they want to move here. It’s really great to hear and to see that people love this place. Then why haven’t you moved here? Well, I did. I was living in town when I went to West Chester University, but then I graduated in 2011 and moved back in with my parents to save money. I’m planning on moving back into West Chester in May. You started bartending while in college? Actually, I started seven years ago, back when I was 18. So, you couldn’t legally drink, but you were bartending? Yup. I was at On the Border in Exton, and their rules were that you could become a bartender at 18. I started there when I was 17. I was a hostess, a food runner, a server, then a bartender. I worked my way up the ladder. Well, what have you learned in all those years? I’ve learned to acclimate to everyone. I’ve been taught so much about myself, and other people. The stories are amazing, and I’ve taken a lot of life lessons from all of it. Do you ever see yourself giving up bartending? Eventually, yes. I want to move into fashion in the future and open my own store, and I’m going to have to devote a lot of time to that. But, until that day comes, I’ll be right here.WCP

february 2013 |


Children In Tow Jennifer Ozgur is a mother, wife and teacher who still finds time to get out and about with the family I haven’t been able to get the 1987 John Paul Young song “Love Is in the Air” out of my head. Strictly out of curiosity, I decided to do a close analysis of the lyrics to see if there was some reason why this song had such staying power in my psyche; if there was some sort of cosmic connection with West Chester, my family and this cheesy romantic tune. Here are my insights: Love is in the air / Everywhere I look around / every sight and every sound Okay, that’s an easy one. I feel like I’m just about the luckiest woman on the planet. I’ve got a beautiful, sensitive seven-yearold daughter, a six-month-old son with a contagious laugh, and my husband is the perfect combination of a supportive yet challenging partner. I’m surrounded by my own personal cheerleading team through life. And I don’t know if I’m being foolish / I don’t know if I’m being wise / / But it’s something that I must believe in / And it’s there when I look in your eyes. Hmmm, foolish and wise… sounds like the transition from college freshman to graduating seniors. And what would West Chester be without the university? The student body comprises a large percentage of the population, ensures that the downtown stays perpetually active and thriving, and provides many cultural events for the family throughout the year. Love is in the air / In the whisper of the trees / In the thunder of the sea I love West Chester’s abundant parks and playgrounds. Walk in any direction from the center of town for ten minutes and you’ll come across one. Seas? Okay, you got me there–not so much. But you can order a mean plate of oysters at Doc Magrogan’s, which is just as satisfying, and without the sand. Yes, this parallel may be a stretch, but stay with me... And I don’t know if I’m just dreaming / I don’t know if I feel safe Another great aspect of the borough is that I feel safe walking down the street with my family. Strollers are commonplace and I don’t feel like I need to clasp onto my daughter’s hand for dear life. Streets are well-lit, traffic rules are obeyed and pedestrians are respectful. Love is in the air, in the rising of the sun / when the day is nearly done All day long, I am constantly aware of how living and working in West Chester adds depth to my family. Knowing that my career and children are intertwined in the same town keeps me connected to both. And I don’t know if you are illusion / Don’t know if I see truth / But you are something that I must believe in / And you are there when I reach out for you. Love and air: two intangibles that have a palpable impact on my family in West Chester. What began as nothing more than a whimsical experiment morphed into a theme song for what my life has become.


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The Makeshift Chef Chelsea Durning is a cook by trade, and she knows how to scrape together last-minute treats for the holidays Valentine’s Day is definitely a day to impress your loved ones. Why not take the time and cook a delicious dinner for him? Or why not step out of the box and bake up a fantastic dessert for her? These recipes are a sure way to show your special someone how much you care and how good you are in the kitchen. FOR HIM: Mushroom and Gorgonzola Risotto 1 tbsp Vegetable Oil, chopped fine, 1 tbsp Butter, 1 cup Arborio Rice, 2 c Chicken Stock (vegetable if he’s a vegetarian), ¼ Red Onion, ½ pound Mixed Wild Mushrooms, ¼ c Gorgonzola Cheese Heat oil in a sauce pot over medium heat. Add the onion and saute until translucent. Add the rice and stir for about 2 minutes. Gradually add the stock ¼ cup at a time. Make sure the stock is absorbed completely before you add any more (this part can get tricky as some people cook the rice too long and it can become very sticky). In a separate pan melt butter over medium heat and cook the mushrooms until they have browned. Stir the mushrooms and Gorgonzola into the cooked rice. Oven-Roasted Prime Rib 5-6 pound bone-in Prime Rib, 2 tbsp Butter, 1 tbsp Onion Powder 1 tbsp Thyme, dried, 1 tbsp Granulated Garlic, 1 tsp Salt and Pepper Preheat oven to 450. Pat meat dry. Cut deep strips onto the top and into the sides. Rub the meat down with the butter and sprinkle the seasonings over the butter. Cook for about 15 minutes and reduce heat to 325. Cook for an additional hour or until the internal temperature of the meat is 120. Keep the meat in the oven and turn the oven off. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR. The heat still in the oven continues to cook the meat. After about 30 minutes you may take the meat out. Cut to desired thickness. FOR HER: Dark Chocolate Truffles 1/3 c Heavy Cream, 1 ¾ Bitter Sweet Chocolate Chips, 60% Cacao, 1/3 c Unsweetened Cocoa Powder, 6 tbsp Butter, diced small In a saucepan, scald the heavy cream (to a simmer). Add the butter and melt completely. Add the chocolate chips and stir until melted and smooth. Put in a shallow bowl and refrigerate for about 2 hours or until firm. Using a small spoon, shape the chocolate into small 1 inch balls and cover in the cocoa powder. Chocolate Salted Caramel Mousse ½ c Granulated Sugar, 5 Egg Yolks, 8 oz. Cream Cheese, softened 1 pint Heavy Cream, whipped, 1 pound Chocolate, 56% Cacao, Caramel Sauce, for garnish, Sea Salt, for garnish Melt chocolate over a double boiler. Over another double boiler, heat the egg yolks and sugar until sugar is dissolved. Whip the egg yolks and sugar until cool. While it’s still whipping, gradually add the cream cheese. Scrape the bowl, especially the bottom! Add the melted chocolate and mix until completely blended. Gradually add the whipped cream until light and fluffy. Serve in a single serving dish and garnish with caramel sauce and sea salt.

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Looking For Something To Do This Valentine’s Day? Feminique is hosting a Sexy Tasting on February 14, from 7pm-9pm. Come dressed up, sample our edible products, sip on wine, and shop for the night’s entertainment with your partner. You can buy your tickets in advance or the day of the event! Admission is $20 per couple.

S ’ P Y IZZ N N E The first pizza parlor in West Chester... Taste a slice of history



104 North Church Street West Chester, PA 19380 (610) 551-3262

s u o i r e s e r ’ Wet our pizza! abou now serving gluten-free pizza

114 North Church Street  (610) 696-0754


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Employee of the Month PHOTO LUKE DARIGAN

Dr. Jill is handing over the reigns of Feminique to her newly appointed manager, Sara Halali How old are you, Sara? I’m 21. And how long have you been working at Feminique? I’ve been here roughly two years, but there was a brief hiatus after I graduated. You were working here while in school? Yes. While I was pursuing a degree in elementary education at West Chester I was supporting myself, so I worked here, I worked at the YMCA, I worked on campus... really anywhere that would hire me. So were you working as a teacher during that hiatus? Actually, no. I was working at the The Times Herald in Norristown selling advertising. I think that I lost my passion for teaching after all my time working with children at the YMCA. And why did you end up back here? Honestly, I hated that job, and I love working here. It’s so much fun. Who else gets to talk about sex all day and get paid for it? Not too many people. Often when people meet me they’re shocked because I’m not at all what they imagine someone in my position would be like. And from there it goes one of two ways: either they become really uncomfortable and want to change the subject, or they’re very interested and have lots of questions. Surely your job doesn’t just entail talking about sex? I’m now in charge of all sales and marketing. It’s my job to ensure that this store grows and continues to become bigger and better. My goal is to have a Feminique in every state.

Sounds like a lofty goal. That might be a very hard sell in some places. It’s even a hard sell here. Facebook won’t let us run ads because of the nature of what we do, we’ve been turned down by merchant services providers for the same reason, and the borough of West Chester makes us be so discreet that people don’t even know we’re here. Even if they know we’re here they still might not know what we’re selling. For a while, the borough wouldn’t even let us hang our new sign with our logo on it because of that heart. [Editor’s Note: You can see the contentious logo at left.] Then I guess people often walk in and are surprised by what they find? I actually had a woman recently walk in with no idea what the place was. She looked at me and said, “So this is a salon, right?” But, its more typical when confused people to walk in that their eyes go wide. They say, “Oh, so that’s what this is,” make a sheepish grin and awkwardly shuffle back out the door. Why do you think people are uncomfortable here? I think that we generally feel the subject of sex is uncomfortable. We’ve been told it’s not something you share with other people. So, when you walk into a store that’s about sex, and you have to interact with someone, it doesn’t matter that our store is the total opposite of how everyone pictures a sex shop. How do you combat that? Usually I’ll just smile, maybe crack a joke, then give them a tour of some of the more tame merchandise. After a little bit, people tend to relax. Well, now you have to tell a joke. How are sex and snow similar? I’m not sure. How? You never know how many inches you’ll get or how long it’s going to last. WCP

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12 E Ma r k e t S tr e e t

142 e mARKeT sT | THeNOTeWC.COm FRidAy, FebRuARy 1 | dOORs 8pm


HellO ClevelANd, sACRiFiCe, TRAviA sATuRdAy, FebRuARy 2 | dOORs 8pm


, We st Ch

-69 A 610 e ster, P



12 E Market Street 610-696-9770 Delivery Available!!!


mONdAy, FebRuARy 24 | dOORs 7pm


FRidAy, FebRuARy 8 | dOORs 8pm


sATuRdAy, FebRuARy 9 | dOORs 8pm

CBR, Buffalo Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Honey Mustard Chicken and more!

idiO7, bACKseAT CHRONiCles blOOdpHARdT (FT. evil jARed) OpFOR, bARNCAT, diCK ANd THe deeR guTTeRs THe pORKROll pROjeCT FeATuRiNg geORgie “THe blACKsmiTH” bONds THuRsdAy, FebRuARy 14 | dOORs 7pm


TeeTH OF mAmmAls, midNigHT spiN

FRidAy, FebRuARy 15 | dOORs OpeN AT 7:30pm

dAdA - 20TH ANNiveRsARy TOuR sATuRdAy, FebRuARy 16 | dOORs 8pm

AlRigHT juNiOR TRANsiTsHOp, desOTO jONes

mONdAy, FebRuARy 18 | dOORs 7pm

plATiNum musTACHe, sOul OF THe WORld FRidAy, FebRuARy 22 | dOORs 8pm

58 FuRy

gOddAmNiT, sCAReHO, spARKle FigHT sATuRdAy, FebRuARy 23 | dOORs 8pm

bAd RAbbiTs

CHildReN OF THe NigHT, les pROFessiONNels THuRsdAy, mARCH 7 | dOORs 7pm

bAm mARgeRA & CKy FRidAy, mARCH 8 | dOORs 8pm



the wc press | voice of the borough


(And 10 Great Reasons You Should, Too) We felt as though we’d been extolling the virtues of West Chester for long enough. We figured you were probably sick of hearing our West Chester-is-thegreatest-place-on-earth spiel. So, rather than bore you with our own words, we asked our readers, friends and sponsors to tell us why it is that THEY love this town. Angela Myrtetus, co-founder, Living in Chester County The reason why I love West Chester comes down to one word: PEOPLE. I have done business in this town for almost eight years, and it’s the people who live, work and play in West Chester that keep me here. Yes, this town has great restaurants, nightlife, entertainment and activities, but it’s how these places are managed that make this a great town. Every single business that I have worked with has a person behind it who I not only respect, but can have fun with and can call my friend. It’s not just about money to them; it’s about creating lasting relationships. West Chester is by far, in my opinion, the best Philadelphia suburb, and it all boils down to the people who live here.

Robert Krygiel, avid reader I’d have to say what I love most about West Chester is the bartenders and the nightlife. With many in close promximity to each other, the bar scene cannot be beat. You can hop around from place to place in a matter of minutes, and the bartenders are tops! They have to be, with West Chester being a college town as well as the county seat. Their patrons range from lawyers and judges at lunch and dinner, to thirsty college kids at night. Despite all the many faces that come through the doors, the bartenders remember my name and warmly greet me with my drink already made. How’s that for service? If you haven’t

experienced West Chester’s bar scene, you are missing out on a lot of fun.

David “Big Harv” Harvey, owner, Saucey I love WC because of the diversity! Many people who live here didn’t grow up here, and have taken in the sights and sounds of the town while making it their home. Whether attending the university, being relocated here for a job, or even commuting to Wilmington, Philly, or KOP for work, West Chester is home to many who enjoy fine food, nightlife, and all the exciting establishments that West Chester offers. I am proud to call WC my home.

I like that the borough is the county seat, attracts lots of businesses, and is expanding to offer new housing options. (Personally, I’d love to see some of the older buildings turned into genuine loft living space!) Location-wise, West Chester is conveniently situated–I can get most anywhere I need to from West Chester. And since West Chester hosts the university, there’s always an influx of new blood, learning minds, and burgeoning talent in the area.

Tracey Taylor, editor I love being able to walk through town, whether during a snow storm that prevents me from driving or when enjoying the blooming trees in the spring. When you live in a walkable community, you get to know your neighbors, the local business owners, the townies. You become part of the community. The borough has really expanded its calendar of social events, including the Restaurant Festival, the Growers Market, First Fridays, Thursday nights on Gay Street, and many other events I regularly attend. When I lived in the borough, I loved looking out my front window on Market Street as the parades passed by. As for the selection of restaurants, well, their number, variety, and cuisine speak for themselves. And West Chester offers lots of nightlife attractions, whether you like jazz, piano, dance, or a local DJ. Within a short walk you can listen to them all on a single night!

But I love West Chester most because of how much I enjoyed living there. I miss it, and I want to move back.

Mojo Stu, owner, Mr. Stuart’s Martial Arts I love WC because of the great energy in the area and in the town itself. I always pick up on the positive outlook of the folks I run into, and it seems like–no matter what day of the week, what time of day,

february 2013 |


whatever weather conditions–there’s always somebody running through town. It’s amazing to me. I’ve lived in LA, Arizona, Miami and lots of warmer cities, but only here in WC do you see people literally running around the clock. It’s motivating, and I feed off that good energy. Also I love that it’s a very historical area with buildings and history pre-dating the Revolutionary War, plus new structures popping up every day. It’s exciting to be a part of such a vital community! But that’s all shit... the real reason I love WC is that it’s not Coatesville, which is an armpit of a city. I know; I live there.

Susan Sluk, owner, Eat.Drink.OM Yoga Studio I love West Chester because it is an exciting, vibrant, young town! I often say as I’m driving through town with my kids,“Wow, I love West Chester!” The kids think I’m crazy, but I really do love it. I live in the borough, so my street is filled with life. I hear laughter from kids and students; see morning runners, families playing together at the park. I feel like I’m part of a community, not just living in one. I couldn’t imagine a better place for my family.

Kristy Mak, owner, Nich I opened Nich in June of 2007 and even though I wasn’t from the area, I was quickly welcomed into the town, personally and professionally. Times were hard in the beginning, but West Chester is such a close-knit community, conscious of supporting local businesses, that I was able to not only make it through a rough economy, but really succeed and flourish. There are so many customers that I now consider friends and who really brighten my day when I see them walk through the doors of Nich.


the wc press | voice of the borough

With the support of West Chester, I was recently able to open a new location of Nich in Collegeville, PA. I spend most of my time in Collegeville to ensure that the new business is running smoothly. But not a day goes by that I don’t miss working in West Chester, seeing its friendly and familiar faces, and even some of the interesting and quirkier folks. I’ve made great friends in West Chester over the years and no matter where I live and where I work, West Chester will always be a home to me.

Kyle A. M.F. Smith, owner, Kyle’s Auto Tags Why do you NOT love West Chester? That’s the easier question. There’s too much to love. The history, the people, the restaurants, the culture. It’s the county seat! There’s so much to see and do, from all the music to the various festivals, not to mention the bar scene and the girls, girls, girls... Oh, and did I say the girls?

Frank Herron, general manager, Barnaby’s There are so many reasons I love West Chester... the people, the history, the energy. Plus, West Chester is close to the beach and the mountains, New York, Philly, Baltimore, D.C., the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic City. This town is diverse with friendly, educated, professional and family-oriented people. We have an incredible selection of great restaurants, studios, salons and original businesses. Best of all, people are happy knowing that we live in what is possibly the best place in the country.

The Staff of Landmark Americana Although West Chester is small in size, it is not lacking in fun and entertainment. The Restaurant Festival, Chili Cook-Off and Swinging Summer Thursdays are just a few events the downtown has to offer. If those events aren’t enough, the Christmas Parade kicks off the holiday season in style. Need a day to shop? There are tons of boutiques and shops scattered throughout town. Each store is unique and provides a little something for everyone. And since spending the day walking around town will make anyone hungry, we’re lucky that West

Chester offers many different options for food. Eating in West Chester is like traveling around the world. There are so many different options; from Mexican to Irish, Asian to Italian, West Chester is a melting pot of culture. Your taste buds can always find something new. After dinner, downtown West Chester continues to thrive. The nightlife is second to none. The variety of bars and pubs creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to all patrons. Whether you live on campus or in the borough, downtown West Chester is easily accessible on foot. There is no need to waste your time searching for a parking spot. While walking around town, take the time to appreciate the beauty of the old buildings. West Chester is a picturesque town with architecture that speaks for itself. The old Chester County Courthouse is a rustic landmark dating back to the Civil War, and the brick-lined sidewalks of Church and Walnut streets transport you back in time. West Chester is a fantastic place to live and visit. There are always things to do and ways to keep busy. West Chester provides something for people of all ages and interests. When people win the Super Bowl they should stop saying “I’m going to Disney World!” and start saying “I’m going to West Chester!”

Andrew Wiggz, musician What is there not to love about the WC? It’s a small town with a big city vibe. It’s got an energy unlike any other place I’ve been. Most importantly, it’s where my relationship with my girlfriend first started. I remember asking her out on the sidewalk outside Limoncello. Romantic, right? I’d say so. It’s the perfect place for all of my fellow Casanovas and hopeless romantics. WCP

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20-Something Dating Kaela Mast dishes details on the end of the relationship she’s been writing about in this magazine for the past year One second I was trying to schedule our photo shoot to be included in this month’s “Through the Years” feature, and the next I was throwing empty video game cases across the room crying hysterically. Yes, ladies and gentleman, after a good year under our belt, a ton of fights I never told anyone about, and a calm exit where I helped him load trash bags upon trash bags of graphic tees into his buddy’s truck, my boyfriend became my ex and moved out of our apartment. Typing that feels weird. Reading it feels even weirder. Knowing that he’s not coming “home” is strange. But the main difference between this month’s article and every other article is that, for the first time in a year, I can write whatever I want and know that it won’t cause a fight. I spent the first 24 hours post-breakup being a dramatic girl. I cried more than I did when I saw Marley and Me for the first time. I polished off five bottles of wine with the ladies who’ve been my closest friends since middle school, and we stayed up all night gossiping. I got my hair dyed, I went shopping, and when I woke up Sunday morning I felt happy. I felt relieved. I went in to work on Monday knowing very well that people had seen my “single” Facebook status, and so I braced myself for the questions and lack of focus that I was certain was to follow... but none of that really came. I answered a few questions here and there and realized something halfway through the day: the more I was talking about it, the more I was okay with this whole breakup. Sure, it really sucks. Breakups always suck. There’s always baggage left behind, but in this case that baggage isn’t all bad. For the first time in a while I feel relaxed, stress-free, and just all around happy. I don’t think I’ve ever coped with a breakup so well in all my years of dating. I’d like to think that the girl who started writing this column a year ago is a totally different girl from the one writing it today. Last year, had a recent ex’s new lady friend (which he already has, just days later) sent me a mean Facebook message, I would have started a Jersey Shore-style bar brawl. This year? I just deleted it without even responding. New year, new me? Here’s hoping! I’ve changed so much. I’ve realized what is important to me in a relationship and what I don’t think I could ever let slide again. Seriously though, who plays video games 11 hours a day and isn’t single? I compromised a lot of my plans–not to mention motivation–to stay in a relationship with someone who didn’t inspire me or push me to be better. If anything, that frustrates me the most. I think back to how that photo shoot and interview would have gone if we had stayed together just one week longer... and then all I can think of is that wonderful line made famous by YouTube: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!


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A Trainer’s Tips Christine Mooney is a certified fitness trainer and author of the health and wellness blog With one of the more sugar-laden holidays quickly approaching, it’s as good a time as any to talk about sugar, a substance that, according to brain scans, is as addictive as cocaine. It is a dominant force in food today, and the key ingredient to celebrating life’s triumphs and coping with its disappointments. But sugar isn’t all sweetness. Research has shown that sugar stimulates cortisol release, thickens the blood, effectively disables your immune system by impairing white blood cells’ functioning, and decreases your body’s production of leptin (an appetiteregulating hormone). When people think of sugar overconsumption, they think of weight gain, because sugar promotes fat storage and spurs insulin resistance, which leads to health issues from Type II diabetes to cardiovascular disease and more. In order to stem the widening of their waistlines, people often opt for sugar substitutes. But “sugar substitute” is not a substitute for the harmful effects of sugar consumption. Take my recent experience with agave nectar: I’d read about it but had never used it. I knew that it was a natural sugar substitute. I’d heard it called a healthier option, with a lower glycemic index that ensures a less violent blood sugar spike and subsequent crash. Besides, the agave nectar bottles in the grocery store are mostly labeled as “organic” and “raw,” adjectives set to pique the interest of health-conscious individuals. So, I did something I wouldn’t normally do. Without doing my own research prior to purchasing a new product, I dropped the agave nectar into my shopping cart and headed off to the checkout lane... and then I learned the truth. Agave syrup, or agave nectar, as it is often called, is made from the root of the agave plant (the same stuff that tequila is made from). And it is VERY high in fructose. Nowhere in nature does such a high fructose-to-glucose ratio occur. So where high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is only 55% fructose and cane sugar 50%, agave nectar can contain up to 92% fructose. This is critical because the body isn’t designed to handle large amounts of fructose and winds up converting it to triglycerides (fat) or inhibiting the body’s ability to absorb other nutrients. This is why limiting fruit to a minimum (and getting your precious vitamins and minerals from meats, nuts, and veggies) is the better choice. In essence, agave nectar is more of a high-fructose sweetener than corn syrup. It does not occur in nature as a sweet product, so it is as heavily processed. It is a man-made, intensely processed, sickeningly sweet, and generally unwholesome product. So despite being embraced by the raw/organic community as a healthy alternative, and despite being “organic,” agave nectar should be avoided. So, what are my plans for that agave nectar? It’s going back to the grocery store and–if I have my way–it will be placed on the shelf where it actually belongs: directly next to all those boxes of Whitman’s Chocolates.

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The Brandywine Folk Collective hosted this fantastic showing of local folk and soul talent at the Melton Community Center

Emily Kohlmorgen, Ann Marie Harkins, Arantxa Mosqueda


Victoria Peters, Monica Ann Giles, Sara Agnes Moran

Julian Shun, Joe Ziegler, Sir Prince Charles, Robert Putschmann

Johnny DiCocco, Gable Coffey, Arantxa Mosqueda

Eric Peters, Kevin Gonzalez, David Pickering

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Check out the winter specials. Blizzard of the month Chocolate Covered Strawberry.

Turn your

Customer Appreciation Day Saturday, January 26th! Receive 50% off your entire order

Family owned and operated for 57 years! 703 East Gay Street | 610-696-4678

favorite blizzard treat into an ice cream cake! Call us to find out how.

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The Brandywine Folk Collective hosted this fantastic showing of local folk and soul talent at the Melton Community Center


Greg Hesselton, Kelly Petonke

Rachel Davis, Julie Davis, Liz Korp, Kim Cowley, Kevin Gill, Evan Painter and friends

James Maddox, Sandi Carrol, Alexis Carrol, John Sharray


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Jim Burke, Rachel Sturino


We are Insurance. We are Farmers. Brandt van Naerssen agency owner

Best Steak House In West Chester Live Music on Weekends, Patio Dining Fabulous Martinis, Seasonal Menu

125 W Market Street West Chester, PA 484.760.6100 ď ´

Business 610-386-7326 Fax 610-441-7583 Cell 610-745-3276

1000 Continental Drive, Suite 500 King of Prussia, PA 19406-2820 february 2013 |




The Brandywine Folk Collective hosted this fantastic showing of local folk and soul talent at the Melton Community Center

John Romberger, Jesse Kennedy

The Pretty Dittys: Stephen, AJ, Matthew, Alex, Melanie

Sam Bram, Virginia W, Jen Pegue, Jason Waggaman


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Funky Functional American Art • engagement • wedding • graduation • birthday • anniversary • hostess gifts

Phil popped the BIG Question with a ring from The 5 Senses ...Anna was surprised! Congratulations!!! ‘Love You’ Gifts Anna Karas & Phil Sechrist




North American Handmade Functional Works of Art

February Clearance


up to 60% Off select items

Mon~Fri\10 am to 6 pm • Sat\10 am to 5 pm • Sun\12 to 4pm Open Late Every 1st Friday

133 West Market Street, West Chester, PA • 610.719.0170

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Luxury Looks, Affordable Prices

30 South High Street, West Chester 515 Fayette Street, Conshohocken 610.696.2477 Free Gift with All Purchases on Valentine’s Day!


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The Look

Obvi keeps you ahead of the fashion curve with two of this month’s best looks

photo LUKE DARIGAN story antoinette poluch

1. Lined Blazer by Ambiance – $42 2. Sheer Stud Detail Tank by Miss Me Couture – $54 3. White Boot-Cut Denim by Miss Me – $98 4. Mint Crystal Necklace by Girly – $16.50 5. Envelope Clutch by Mud Pie – $36 6. Printed Party Dress by Miss Me Couture – $88 7. Double Buckle Belt by Angie – $42 8. Leaf Chain Earrings by Zad – $12.50


very girl should have a blazer in her wardrobe, and for early spring, navy is the perfect color. Kristen pairs her navy blazer with a tunic-length top that has a studded detail and a sheer stripe, and white boot-cut denim. She subtly adds a little mint into the mix with her three-stone necklace and uses her clutch as a pop of color–a great Valentine’s Day piece!

Another great piece for Valentine’s Day is Kristen’s printed party dress by Miss Me Couture. The combination of salmon, tan and peach transitions easily into the spring season. The dress has a criss-cross back, which enhances the deep V neckline. She pairs it with a wide leather double-buckle belt and gold dangle leaf earrings to complete her look.WCP

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V alentine’s Day Menu $15.95 per person

Choice of soup or salad, entree, and shared dessert.


Caesar Salad Emerald Green Salad Valentine Salad Field greens, dried cranberries, almonds, blue cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette


Stout Onion Irish Potato Soup of the Day


Crab Cakes with pineapple cocktail sauce Macadamia Crusted Mahi Mahi with orange Hollandaise Cork County Chicken with lemon garlic butter sauce Shepherd’s Pie beef casserole topped with mashed potatos Wild Mushroom Steak Au Poivre


Vanilla Bread Pudding with Chocolate Cherry Sauce Chocolate Covered Strawberries 32

1227 West Chester Pike the wc press | voice of the borough


ove L

Through the Years Four couples at varying stages of their relationships discuss what’s brought them together and what they feel keeps them together

Stage 1: Attraction... Jeremy Malanka & Elena Pecone

How long have you been together? JM: We’ve been dating for a year and a half. What initially attracted you to each other? JM: Obviously we met through Limoncello. I was serving and she was getting ready to cater an event, and I needed to know who that cute brunette was. EP: Then we were both catering an event; he was bartending and I was serving, and I already knew he thought I was cute, so I knew I could flirt with him without worry. But what struck me was his confidence. He was intelligent, totally confident in talking to me, and he had a nice butt. Few guys do. Where did you see things going? JM: It started out really fast. We spent three straight days hanging out together, and it was great. EP: Then I left for two weeks to go to Germany, but while I was there we talked every day, and I racked up a $400 phone bill. JM: I think we knew it was going somewhere right from the start. How has your relationship grown? JM: We’re better able to convey to each other what we’re thinking and what it is we want. EP: We’ve definitely gotten very good at expressing ourselves to each other. How have you grown as individuals? EP: I have gained confidence through Jeremy–he always tells me how beautiful I am. JM: She’s helped me slow down. I’m still a spaz, but she’s helped slow me down a bit. How does work impact the relationship? EP: It doesn’t have that much of an im-

Jeremy’s odd hours as manager of Limoncello might have made dating difficult, but his schedule works perfectly for Elena, who works as a server at Ram’s Head pact on our relationship, because we’re both in the service industry. So, our hours are similar and we understand the other’s life. JM: But at the same time, the holidays were tough because we never got to see each other. What have you struggled with? JM: Being consistent and sticking to the time frames that I give to her. EP: For me it’s just getting used to living with a guy. I’m pretty OCD... JM: And I’m… I’m pretty lax. What holds a relationship together? JM: Don’t take yourself too seriously. There’s humor in everything–you need to find that. EP: That, and you’ve got to really trust the

other person. What is it you love most about the other? EP: I love Jeremy’s humor and how smart he is. He’s a goofball who’s actually smart. Oh, and I love his butt. JM: I haven’t met anyone else who has a work ethic similar to myself, and that translates into life. Being able to share that with someone is hard to come by. EP: Really? My work ethic? JM: Well, it’s important… of course I love that you’re beautiful, smart and funny, but I already said that. What advice would you offer others? EP: Be honest and have fun. 

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the wc press | voice of the borough

JM: Yeah, it’s not supposed to be work. Oh, and no keeping score–no tit for tat. How long does love last? EP: A lifetime. JM: Maybe that initial feeling of love will end some day, so what you have to hold on to is what brought you together in the first place. If you can remember that, you can keep falling in love forever.

Stage 2: Intimacy... Joel Benecki & Julie Lathia How long have you been together? JB: It’ll be five years on February 7. What initially attracted you to each other? JB: Her sense of humor, and also the fact that we were in class together. I could tell how smart she was pretty quickly. And, of course, she’s beautiful. They’re the big three. JL: We had class together in law school, and he would come in after work, and he was always dressed up nicely, and he’d always be a little late. But when he got there he was very smart, always something to say. The first couple weeks I thought he was an international spy. It sounds ridiculous, I know, but it’s true. He really caught my eye. Where did you see things going? JB: I don’t think either of us was looking for anything long term. Both of us had just come out of serious relationships. It was more just hanging out and seeing what happened. JL: I had no idea that I’d marry him, but within a couple weeks it became clear this was someone I was going to spend a lot of time with. How has your relationship grown? JB: We got through the last semester of law school together, went through the Bar Exam together, then we both had jobs. Then, in a few short months, we’d each lost our jobs, and that intensified things. We moved in to-

Many of us only have a rough idea of how our partners spend their days, but, since they’re both attorneys, Julie and Joel have a truly intimate understanding. gether as a matter of necessity. JL: We started working together and had very complementary skills. How have you grown as individuals? JB: I would say having been in a long-term relationship before, it wasn’t anything like learning to live together. It was learning to be a better partner. It’s easy to make sacrifices and be nice, but it’s harder to go out of my way to find ways to help her, as opposed to just doing what it takes just to make it work–the bare minimum. JL: I’ve become more open in terms of what I’m thinking, what I think we need, what may be helpful for both of us. I was so focused on myself that I had to learn to anticipate what he needs, to put aside my wants for something to happen for Joel. How does work impact the relationship? JB: It’s very helpful because we both run law practices here in town. Maybe you understand what your partner does for a living, but you don’t understand the details of it. Within a few minutes of a conversation, we totally understand what the other person is going through. JL: People often ask us, “It must be so hard to get engaged because you are both attorneys–you must argue.” And while we do have the occasional argument, it’s more civil, more like a courtroom scene.

What have you struggled with? JB: I would say it’s making time for one another and being in the right frame of mind to make it good time together. We both work long hours, and you don’t necessarily feel like switching a flip, changing your mood and being personable. Time management is the bane of every lawyer’s existence. JL: I think we come from different perspectives and have different backgrounds that have made it so that when we need to come to a resolution, sometimes it makes it difficult for us to see eye to eye. Our paths are different in many regards, but that’s also a really good thing. We’re able to bring both our strengths and backgrounds together. What holds a relationship together? JB: In my opinion, trust and openness. Those are two sides to the same coin. You need to trust the person implicitly because you’re open with them about everything. JL: In my opinion, what’s been the glue to our relationship is that I can say anything to Joel, and he is open to it and accepting of it, even if he doesn’t agree with it. My thoughts and my opinions really matter to him. What is it you love most about the other? JL: I ask him this every night. He always comes up with new answers. I think the one that sticks out in my mind the most is 

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the wc press | voice of the borough

that he gives me the freedom and space and environment to be myself, and he loves every moment of when I am myself. JB: At the risk of sounding cliché, it’s her sense of humor. Life is very serious, especially in our profession, and my defense is to use humor as an outlet, and Julie is great for that. What advice would you offer others? JB: Listen. Don’t just be quiet until it’s your turn. JL: Don’t be afraid of the truth, even if you think it’s something that may not result in butterflies and rainbows. It’s better to be open and honest than to hide something under the carpet. How long does love last? JB: As long as you’re willing to work at it. JL: I agree with that sentiment, but I was raised Hindu, and Hindus are raised to believe that love lasts seven lifetimes. I like to believe that.

Stage 3: Commitment... Kyle & Meg Rheiner How long have you been together? MR: We got together in college between our junior and senior years, but after college we ended up taking a little break. KR: We got back together again when we were 23. So, we’ve been together for around nine years. What initially attracted you to each other? KR: I liked that she wasn’t materialistic like so many other girls, and that she was intelligent and came from a good family. MR: He was charming and I could tell he was a really motivated person. Plus, I couldn’t get rid of him! Where did you see things going? MR: I always believed I would end up with him. I knew right from the start that I was going to be with Kyle. I knew that what I felt for him I’d never felt before. KR: Apparently, and I don’t remember this, I was drunk at a party in college, and I told her I was going to marry her. How has your relationship grown? KR: We’ve become more like teammates. One of us will take the dog out while the other watches the baby; one of us will cook while the other works out. How have you grown as individuals? MR: I think, now, we really get each other. And it’s been great that, while I’ve always

Over the years Meg and Kyle have learned to think of themselves as teammates... and their team has recently drafted a new player, the adorable Annie wanted to be independent, to be able to grow, I always know he’ll be there for me. How does work impact the relationship? KR: Finding time to be together is definitely a struggle. I work an hour away, so I’m already gone eight to nine hours for work, plus you tack on another two for commute. MR: And then when he gets home he goes right to his T-shirts. KR: I’d come home from my day job and work on BreakawayINK until I’m ready to pass out, but Meg wants family time, so I have to find time for her in there. MR: I’m currently not working, since we have a new baby. KR: If she were working, I don’t know what would happen. We’d never have anything to eat, we’d never have clean laundry, and we’d never see each other.

were preparing to be together forever. What holds a relationship together? KR: Little babies. MR: Being able to laugh through it all. I compare our relationship to a rollercoaster, and I try to remember that–while it has ups and downs, you need to appreciate the ride. KR: Supporting each other and being open is extremely important. What is it you love most about the other? KR: I can tell her anything. She is strongwilled and independent, and if she doesn’t agree with me she’ll push back. That helps me stay balanced. MR: He brings me calmness, and I know he’ll always be there for me. What advice would you offer others? KR: Take time and listen. You can’t listen and talk at the same time. 

What have you struggled with? KR: Finding that balance between work and family is difficult but extremely important. MR: My biggest struggle was convincing him to marry me. At the time, he wasn’t even sure if he ever wanted to get married. KR: It was more that I was happy with how things were, so I thought we could take our time, but she was like, “Let’s go!” MR: We ended up working through a lot of things the year of our engagement to make sure that we weren’t just getting married–we

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40 E Market St | 484-631-0241

The Don’t Judge Me Burger Yes, the food’s as good as the craft brews (if not better)


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MR: I’d say that’s spot on. You have to respect the other person’s needs and opinions. How long does love last? MR: I believe that love lasts through this life and the next. It’s a continuation of the love from our previous lives. I believe we have always had a connection, and I know I felt that when I first met him. KR: I believe in the spirituality of it. There’s more to love than just what’s in front of us.

Stage 4: Attachment... Stan & Elsa Zukin How long have you been together? SZ: Since we were twelve years old. EZ: So that was 60 years ago. What initially attracted you to each other? EZ: I thought he was cute. He had that Marlon Brando look. SZ: I’m going to tell you something, and you’re going to find the right way to print it: what initially attracted me to Elsa was that she was the only maturely built woman in the neighborhood of that age. Where did you see things going? EZ: My God, we were teenagers. I don’t think we had any intentions. SZ: But you said when you first saw me… EZ: I did tell my friends that I was going to marry him, but then after high school, when my friends were getting engaged, Stan didn’t give me a ring–he gave me a bracelet. So, I broke up with him. It wasn’t until a year later, when he came around and asked my parents if he could marry me, that I took him back.

After three kids and 60 years together, Elsa and Stan might now be sharing the happiest years of their lives SZ: Love. EZ: Well, that goes without saying. SZ: It’s a combination of the two.

How has your relationship grown? EZ: Now that the kids are out of the house, we really just like to be together. When you have kids, that can become difficult. SZ: But it’s not as though we were growing apart when we had kids–we were just growing parallel. How have you grown as individuals? EZ: I find that Stan lets me do my own thing a lot of the time. SZ: I think that part of the success of our relationship is that we’ve learned to support each other, both as a couple and as individuals, and that helps each of us grow. How does work impact the relationship? EZ: I used to get really pissed about how hard Stan worked. So, we had to learn to take special time to be with each other.

What have you struggled with? EZ: This is still related to the fact that Stan is always working. Many times, I still think that we don’t spend enough time together. SZ: We got married in an era where the man was the breadwinner and he was the boss. It was hard to accept that Elsa wanted to do her own thing. It was a struggle for me to realize that was for the best. What holds a relationship together? EZ: Respect.

What is it you love most about the other? EZ: That’s a long list. He’s really fun, and he’s got that little bit of bad boy in him. He’s got a great laugh, and we really have a lot of fun together. SZ: I’d say it’s everything. She’s fun, and she’s always the one with the funny punchline, even when it’s making fun of me. I love looking at her, and I love touching, and that’s a big deal–I feel the same when I touch her today as I did when I was a teenager. What advice would you offer others? EZ: If you’re going to fight, fight naked. SZ: Don’t hold onto anything. When it’s over, it’s finished. How long does love last? SZ: For as long as you’ve got the respect. EZ: Forever. WCP

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FIRST FRIDAY photos Paul Imburgia


On the first Friday of the month, shops, restaurants and galleries stayed open late to create a fun shopping experience

Maurine Carr

Lindsey Willimann

Chad Brower, Janet Brower


the wc press | voice of the borough

Kimberlea Latsha, Jeremy Smith

Rob Heffaker

John and Barbara Spellman

Alicia, Christine, Jeff, Paula

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Experience West Chester’s Best Thai Restaurant

HAPPY HOUR! 5:30pm - 7:30pm Tuesday thru Friday

1/2 Price Apps Every Tuesday

GLBT NITE 9pm-2am


the wc press | voice of the borough

344 West Gay Street 610.696.3332 

Date Night Set Aside a Few Hours to Enjoy These Unique Dates with Your Partner Story Angela Myrtetus


or many, ‘date night’ has been stricken from their vocabulary–a noun that, while not necessarily taboo, seems superfluous in light of more pressing commitments. But February is the month of love–at least according to card makers, chocolatiers, and florists–and to commemorate the season, I’ve compiled a list of potential date night activities for you and your significant other. When I told my husband I was asked to write an article on ‘date night,’ we laughed. Date night? What is that? And I’m sure we’re not alone in feeling this way. When do busy couples stop to think about planning or going on a date? Not often. But taking time out of our hectic lives for a date night is crucial, and it’s easy when you live in West Chester. You don’t need to travel to have a special night out with your partner. You just need a little creativity–and this list will help!


If you’re into music, and you live in West Chester, then you have a wide array of activities to choose from: from lessons to live concerts, you’re sure to find a unique event to sweep your lover off of his or her feet.

The Note, located at 142 E. Market Street, has the amazing atmosphere of a theatre. The stage has acoustics that wouldn’t be out of place at the Theatre of the Living Arts (TLA) on South Street in Philadelphia. Hosting everything from bands to comedians, The Note also screens indie and mainstream films. A quick glance at their calendar, available at, will tell you how special this venue is. With Live Nation booking for The Note, you’re sure to find a concert that the two of you can enjoy. Ever wanted to play the guitar? How about the piano? Taylor’s Music on Gay Street offers one-time lessons. Call ahead, ask for Tom Buglio, let him know you’re planning a date night, and prepare to fulfill your resolution to play an instrument. A half-hour session on the piano or guitar could be romantic… or comedic, depending on your level of skill. This could potentially be a great first date–at the very least, it’d give you plenty to talk about over dinner! For long-term couples, this could be the perfect way to rekindle the flame:

something unique and different that doesn’t involve talking over the kids at a restaurant.


West Chester boasts a number of art galleries featuring amazing local artists. One such artist is James Lee Burk; you may remember him from his time as a bartender at Jitters. Now, Burk showcases his visual art at 25 W. Miner St. 

of the mas” is one ces “Gaudi Christ Lee Burk pie many James t his gallery a you can see

february 2013 |


Visual Expansion Gallery at 126 N. High Street is another fantastic gallery to visit, with convenient hours for a day date: Monday–Saturday, 10am to 5:30pm, and Sunday, 12pm to 4pm. They house a collection from local artists in various media, including paintings, sculptures, and prints. It’s a great escape for art lovers. If you’re more excited about expressing your creative side on a date, the Chester Country Art Association offers art classes like Zentangle. Zentangle uses repetitive patterns to create beautiful images. Along the way, budding artists increase focus and mind productivity, and develop a sense of personal wellbeing: not a bad state of mind to have during a date night!


Does reading and sifting through old books appeal to the two of you? If so, Baldwin’s Book Barn is an ideal setting for an early evening date, and is open daily until 6pm. The Book Barn is exactly what it sounds like: a converted barn with tons of books. But as the Book Barn website mentions, it’s not just a bookstore, it’s a step back in time. Built in 1822, the Book Barn is a truly unique piece of West Chester that’ll provide a special and nostalgic atmosphere for your date.


Passion for craft beer is common these days and, for those couples who’ve caught the bug, check out Community Bottling Days with Boxcar Brewing Company. During bottling days, you and your partner can enjoy a day of bot-

Bottling at Box car is partly m ech but there’s stil l plenty of han anized, ds-on work to be done.

tling, socializing, and sipping on cold craft beers. Information on this and other events hosted by the brewery can be found on their website, or you can sign up for Boxcar Brewing Company’s newsletters.


Spice up your life with a bit of adventure! Whether you want to get active or venture into the unknown, West Chester has something for you. If you and your partner like to run, the West Chester Running Company meets on a weekly basis for track, group, tempo, and long runs. Yes, you can take a jog pretty much anywhere in West Chester, but there’s something both inspiring and therapeutic about running with a group. Meeting new people with your significant other is an added bonus, especially if they tend share the same interests as you.

In the wo rd owner of s of Tom Baldwin , Baldwin’s Boo “At the B k Barn ook Bar our past is our fut n, ure.”

You can find West Chester Running Company’s running schedules on the web, If you prefer a more intense fitness experience for your date night, check out Mr. Stuart’s Martial Arts at 342 Hannum Avenue. For example, the XBX-MMA: Xtreme Boxing Mixed Martial Arts class mixes upright and ground fighting, boxing, kickboxing, combat wrestling, submission, and ground and pound. If you’re hesitant to make a long-term commitment (to the gym, that is) Mr. Stuart’s offers a free trial class. For those who’d like to get super adventurous, head to Feminique Boutique together. You know, that place on Church Street? The one you’ve walked past a hundred times, wanting to take a peek but afraid that someone would see you? Ask yourself: who cares? Head in there on your date night, and pick out something new to try. Between the sheets is one place you should never be embarrassed about exploring with your significant other.


With these ideas, all you need to do is a little organizing to create the perfect date night. As a finishing touch, book a room at the Hotel Warner. Get cozy in one of their stunning king-sized beds and experience gracious hospitality while indulging in a little romance. Nothing says ‘date night’ like ending the night together in a luxurious new space. WCP


the wc press | voice of the borough

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VUDU JAZZ NIGHT photos Paul Imburgia


Vudu Cafe & Lounge brings great live jazz to South High Street every Tuesday of every month. Check it out!

Brynn and Ty Jarraro

Wayne Smith, Curt Jennings, Bruce Johnson


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Juan SanchĂŠz, Katie Donals

A vast array of one-of-a-kind products including... Hip Clothing, Bags, Accessories & Jewelry Incense, Oils and Candles Tapestries, Blankets & Home/Dorm Decor Grateful Dead, Bob Marley & 60s Merchandise Tiedyes & T-shirts Handblow Glass & Local Artwork Tobacco Accessories 130 West Gay Street 610-431-6607 Portion of proceeds benefit pro-peace and environmental charities 10% Off With Student ID

All Baking Done on Premises 15 North Church Street ď‚Ą 610-344-9674 february 2013 |


VUDU JAZZ NIGHT photos Paul Imburgia


Vudu Cafe & Lounge brings great live jazz to South High Street every Tuesday of every month. Check it out!

Jim Bratcher, Cory Biggs, Jeff Gressel,Joseph Tutlo, Dave Doran

Ken Fetter, Samantha Hunter

Dave Manley (guitar), Chris Simonini (organ), Mike Mahoney (drums)


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Brian Howell (bass), Dave Manley (guitar), Wayne Smith (drums)

Lynne, Richard, Matt, Amy, Patricia, Kelsey, Dan

JoAnna Pinckney, Steve Pruitt

presented by High Street Caffe

Happy Hour

7 Days a Week creole fusion gourmet takeout takeout craft beer $35 prix-fixe menu Jazz on Tuesdays 322 s HigH street 610-696-7435

HigHstreetcaffe . com february 2013 |


A r c h i t e c t u r a l

E l e m e n t s

i n

F u r n i t u r e

april 5th, 6th



a new location for 2013

the phelps school malvern, pa

Featuring Fine Quality 18th and 19th Century Antiques. presenting corporate sponsor

610-692-4800 |

feat ur ed


spea k ers

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Local Talent Showcasing the World-Class Artists of West Chester

Get to know local singer/songwriter and barista Morgan Fouse a.k.a. Ganou. What do you do for a living? I’m actually a barista, I work at Fennario, coolest coffee shop in town, it’s like the best job I ever had. But what I love to do is make music and sing. All the time. When did you start singing? I always tell people that I remember singing in the bathtub as a kid. Every bathtub session, man! It was just me jammin’ out. And then I started taking piano lessons in second grade, somewhere in middle school my piano teacher started giving me vocal lessons. From there on I did choir in middle school and in eighth grade I started competing for district chorus, regional chorus, like elite choirs. That was a cool experience. I started writing vocal compositions in high school and then it turned into me writing singer/songwriter stuff. It took me two years to write my first song. When did you realize that singing and songwriting was what you wanted to do? I feel like I’ve always had that creative side. Not necessarily with piano-I was never too good at piano because I never practiced. But I remember if I did have the time or the energy I would sit down and try to make my own piece, rather than play someone else’s. I slowly realized that one of the big reasons I didn’t like practicing was because I hated playing other people’s music. How would you describe your music? Some adjectives that come to mind are chill, mellow, ambient, soulful, emotional. It’s electronic based- I use my computer to program different sounds. I usually do lots of vocal layering because it was originally my intent to write vocal compositions. What kind of challengers have you faced as a singer/songwriter? Not knowing enough, that was my first challenge. I would

photo and interview PAUL IMBURGIA

hear music all of the time and there were some things that I didn’t know how to write down. In college I got frustrated because, if you’re a music major at West Chester University, that’s your whole life. Music majors take about nine to 12 classes each semester. I just wanted to make my own music, and I slowly got more and more weighed down by the inability to be creative. What are some of your most recent works? Are you working on anything right now? I’ve officially established my artist name last year and have been working really hard on my producing skills because it’s something I want to do myself. In April 2012 I had my first show. That was just me working on my stage presence and learning to be comfortable in front of crowds. Around the end of the summer I was having constant shows, it was awesome. I started a side project with Kenneth Sullivan, who is an amazing rapper and producer in Philly. He makes awesome beats and I’m his vocalist so he’ll bring me down and we’ll work in the studio all day. I’ve had a couple of shows with him, they were all very successful. I started working with a cello player on some of my more ambient songs. It’s a really cool experience. That instrument is beautiful and there was so much emotion. We actually performed for the first time at Jazmine Thai’s Open Mic. What can your listeners expect from you in the future? That’s exactly what I’m trying to figure out. I feel like there’s a message that I want to portray and, as corny as it sounds, I want to express myself. One thing that’s probably going to weigh me down as a musician is that I am afraid of the music industry–there’s lots of crooked things about it and I’m trying to find a balance between the industry and making music as my passion. Where can readers hear your music? You can find most of my music at WCP

february 2013 |


SINDUSTRY NEW YEAR’S photos Lexi DiGiovanni

Everyone in the service industry works New Year’s Eve, so Doc Magrogan’s threw a New Year’s party the following Sunday

Dan Good, Evan Deakyne, Sean Wyatt, Andrew Bush

Lexi DiGiovanni, Imogen Martin

TC Cooke, Kim Robson, Godio


the wc press | voice of the borough

Milby Thorington, Alana McGrath

DJ Romeo

Lauren Wood, Paul Moore


I do. I do. Nancy Ellis, Agent 1515 West Chester Pike West Chester, PA 19382 Bus: 610-692-4398

Your new life together starts now. Protect each other from this day forward. Get the life insurance that’s right for you. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.Ž CALL ME TODAY.

State Farm Life Insurance Company (Not licensed in MA, NY or WI) State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (Licensed in NY and WI) Bloomington, IL 0901033.1

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Not liking how you feel after the holidays? COME TRY A ZUMBA CLASS AND GET ENERGIZED! Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur 7pm-Zumba Tuesday 6pm - Zumba Toning Saturday 9:30am- Zumba

No membership is required

Bring this ad to your first class and it’s FREE 610-436-6464 Classes at Peter’s Salon & European Spa 54

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Peter’s Salon takes one lucky lady on an amazing style transformation


ristin’s hairstyle was created by stylist and manager Karin Minnier. To create her new look, Karin first colored Kristen’s hair a dark chestnut brown. This added richness and shine as well as manageability. After bringing up the length of Kristen’s hair, Karin used a razor to add texture and long layers. This eliminated bulk from her wavy hair and reduced styling time. Additional cutting after the hair was dried allowed Karin to accentuate the “shattered” look to the ends of the finished hairstyle. Kristen’s make-up was designed by manager and skin care specialist Jessica Weir. After a light day moisturizer was applied to Kristen’s skin and the proper shade of foundation was chosen, Jessica selected colors in the soft pink pallette for Kristen’s blush and lips, with a gloss on top for added shine. To accentuate her eyes, black liquid eyeliner and mascara were used. A deeper shadow in the crease of her eyelid was used to make her eyes “pop”. As a result, Kristen now has less hair to work with, which cuts down on styling time, and a new look that can be worn in a number of different ways. WCP

Makeover Photos Sarah Rachel Photography

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Breakup Anthems DJ Romeo curates a list that you can either cry to while alone in your car, or blast to proclaim you’re proudly single I could have gone the easy route and given you a list of love songs. But that would have been boring. All love songs are the same, and they’re all full of lovey-dovey clichés. If you want to hear love spur genuine, deep-seated emotion, you want to listen to a breakup song. The best part is that breakup songs offer a variety that love songs don’t. They’re sad, they’re angry, they’re liberating, they’re happy. And, at least in my opinion, the following list represents the best of the best. We bet that, somewhere down the line, Taylor Swift, queen of the breakup song, releases a track titled “Maybe I’m the Problem”

Kanye West ft. John Legend – “Blame Game” Gotye – “Somebody That I Used to Know” Outkast – “Roses” Eamon – “F*ck It (I Don’t Want You Back)” J. Geils Band – “Love Stinks” Boys II Men – “End of the Road” Kelly Clarkson – “Since U Been Gone” Righteous Brothers – “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” Adele – “Someone Like You” Taylor Swift – “We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together” Alanis Morissette – “You Oughta Know” N’Sync – “Bye, Bye, Bye” No Doubt – “Don’t Speak” Cee Lo – “F*ck You” David Guetta ft. Usher – “Without You” Gloria Gaynor – “I Will Survive” 3 Days Grace – “I Hate Everything About You” Justin Timberlake – “Cry Me a River” Beyonce – “Irreplaceable” Christina Aguilera – “Fighter” Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash – “Jackson” Shontelle – “T-Shirt” Katy Perry – “Ur So Gay” Carrie Underwood – “Before He Cheats” Bill Withers – “Ain’t No Sunshine” Jason Derulo – “Riding Solo”


the wc press | voice of the borough

Three-Letter Word Dr. Jill McDevitt is the proprietor of Feminique and the only person in the world with three degrees in sex So many songs we hold up as love songs and play at weddings sound wonderful and romantic in song form, but upon analyzing the lyrics, prove to instead perpetuate love myths and describe possessive, unhealthy, even abusive relationships. There are too many contenders for this list, so I selected four examples across different musical genres to demonstrate what I mean. Ain’t Too Proud to Beg by The Temptations I know you wanna leave me, but I refuse to let you go. If I have to beg and plead for your sympathy. I don’t mind coz’ you mean that much to me. This isn’t a real love song because, if you really love someone, you’ll respect their decisions, even if their decision is ending a relationship with you. Begging, pleading, and most frightening, refusing to let someone go is possessive and really unhealthy, especially the line “I’ll sleep on your doorstep all night and day just to keep you from walking away.” Not okay! End of the Road by Boyz II Men Although we’ve come to the end of the road, still I can’t let go. It’s unnatural. You belong to me. I belong to you. This isn’t a real love song because, again, the refusal to let go is not healthy, and not what love is about. This song also has a line that is notorious in bad “love” songs, which is “you belong to me.” Believing someone “belongs” to you is a recipe for a bad ending, because no one belongs to anyone. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you get to own them. Every Breath You Take by The Police Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take, I’ll be watching you This isn’t a real love song because love is not possessive. Love is not controlling. Love is not stalking, nor creepy. And this song is really, really creepy. Grenade by Bruno Mars I’d catch a grenade for ya Throw my hand on a blade for ya I’d jump in front of a train for ya You know I’d do anything for ya Oh, I would go through all this pain Take a bullet straight through my brain Yes, I would die for you, baby But you won’t do the same Not a real love song because love is not about martyrdom, particularly the violent martyrdom described in the song. If you’re willing to die for your love, good for you, but you can’t expect the other to be willing to meet a gruesome demise too. If they aren’t willing, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you–it means they’re sane and have a biological imperative to live. Chastising their desire to live is not healthy.

february 2013 |



A top-notch salon with a very real feel.

610-585-0102 Makeover of the Month as seen in “The WC Press� You can find Salon Chemistry on Middle Alley between Walnut and Matlack Streets. Just head down Market Street and Salon Chemistry is in the lot to your left, behind the Salvation Army.


the wc press | voice of the borough

Who’s That?

Below are eight Miis (You know, the characters on Nintendo Wii?) of famous movie characters. Think you can name them all? If so, email your answers to for your chance to win prizes.

february 2013 |


Valentine’s Day Packages Come in with the one you love and experience one of our Valentine’s Day Aromatherapy Packages!

121 East Gay Street, Prescott Alley Entrance Located behind Zukin Realty, Next to Doc Magrogan’s 60-minute Couples Romance massage with 30 minute hand and foot wrap: $240 60-minute Reflexology Session with 30 minute hand and foot wrap: $85 60=minute Couples Chocolate Aromatherapy massage: $180 90=minute Couples Chocolate Aromatherapy massage: $240 60=minute Chocolate Aromatherapy Massage: $100 90=minute Chocolate Aromatherapy Massage: $130

610.696.6880 | Optimal

Complimentary Champagne with 90-minute Couples Packages

Packages offered during the month of February


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We are proud to offer up a print version of everyone’s favorite bar game... and you won’t have to pay 50 cents. You can actually WIN money. Compare the two photos at right. They may look the same, but there are seven subtle differences between the two. Find those seven differences and identify the items that have been changed. Then send an email to listing those items. You’ll be entered to win a $25 gift card to a local business. Winners will be chosen at random, and their name will be posted to Facebook along with the solution at the end of the month. So make sure to like us and follow along if you want to play. Enjoy!

We changed this photo taken at Optimal Massage during a couple’s massage. Can you spot the seven differences?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

february 2013 |


BARNABY’S HOLIDAY PARTY photos Paul Imburgia

The staff of Barnaby’s are usually busy enhancing your party, but this annual holiday event is their chance to let loose

Eric DiMatte, Nick Reidenover,

DJ Steak, Dan Green

Sean Coll, Lindsay Buckley, Cory Friele, Ellie Salvitti

Jimbo, Lou, Neil


the wc press | voice of the borough


Fist. KniFe. gun. Real TRaining for worst case scenarios

342 Hannum ave, West Chester, Pa ď ´ 610.888.8212 february 2013 | 63

Attention Graduates: Want to Stay in the Borough?

We'll Give You a $100 Graduation Gift if you rent from us Specializing in apartments for young professionals and post-graduates. Don't miss great availability on apartments June-September 2013.

st e b the nts in me er t r a nt ap e c n tow

121 E Gay St 610-696-0953

Cal No l w!

 studios, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms  granite countertops, dishwashers, washer/dryers  hardwood floors  spacious bedrooms and living areas!

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