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Righteous Felon’s lineup of savory and spicy flavors.

“We were looking to buy 50 pounds of beef, so the big guys wouldn’t even talk to us, but the small guys couldn’t keep up, because they only had one or two cows. We were thinking we’d need 2,000 pounds a week, all top round, which is the biggest muscle and the leanest cut. The problem is you only get about 25 pounds of top round per animal.”

ble meeting. “The owner was skinning rattle snakes, and here I was, this city slicker,” he laughs. Today, as the company has grown, they’re experimenting with other cuts of meat as well as other suppliers.

Finally, they found Roseda Farm in Monkton, Maryland. It was a memora-

It is difficult, if not impossible, to love the jerky more than the brand.

From the different characters on the jerky pouches to the outrageous bios of everyone at the company on their website, a large part of the enduring appeal of Righteous Felon is their unique marketing angle. “Our founders are all creative individually,” says Brendan, “but when we’re together having beers, it gets really creative. Tucker is one of the most creative people I know.” Indeed, Tucker’s influence is reflected in most of the company’s writing and artwork.



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The WC Press Locally Made Issue - September 2019  

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