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breakawayink apparel


block party sat 10.20.12 10am-7pm

at artifact boutique 200 w. gay st - west chester pa 19382 live dj food exclusive discounts new products charitable donations raffle prizes men & Women / All Ages welcome


breakawayink.com / shopartifact.com

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4 m p r e 0 ob -1 t 7 c m O o , r y F a d d s a r e u Th ams H At R

r e b o t k O ft a r D t h s t i e f W r s e n r I b e n o z i t kt Sig e O pp E A E y R r F a One liment aways p ive m G o C d r ht a g i C t N l l Gif A s t n m i p P 0 1 r r e e e t f B A t d s e f un ames r o r e b A G o k t t c s i k e St O erF C W e Th

t c e l e S 3 $

d n A ss Pre

... y o j En

e B r fo nstairs Dow


t s e f

484-631-0241 ramsheadbarandgrill.com

West Chester’s First Gastropub Join us for...

NFL SUNDAYS $7 Bud Light Pitchers and $.50 Wings all day 17 Big Screen TVs Special Football Menu

Try Our New Fall Menu Cafe Seating Now Available. October 2012 | thewcpress.com



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The Press

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy Publisher Dan Mathers Dan@thewcpress.com Editor Anonymous mysteryman@thewcpress.com Advertising Manager Nick Vecchio Nick@thewcpress.com Staff Photographer Adam Jones Adam@thewcpress.com Published By The WC Press 13 South Church Street West Chester, PA 19382 610-344-3463

The Team... NICK VECCHIO normally gets picked on for all his errors in this space, but this month he actually did his job. I suppose the only thing I can make fun of him for is turning our networking events into all-out parties by racking up massive tabs on the company card. Soon I’ll get around to removing him as a signer on our bank account. adam jones has introduced our office to an entirely new vernacular. The team of The WC Press now routinely refers to layouts as “dope” and stories as being “sick.” I guess it doesn’t matter how much responsibility he takes on, Mr. Jones just can’t outgrow the little skater inside of him. Either way, we’re “stoked” on his work. ALexis diGiovanni has officially broken the glass ceiling, and while it’s not quite a Sally Ride moment, we think making it onto our masthead is a big deal. And, based on the constant badgering, we’re fairly certain Lexi feels the same. In the end, she rightly earned herself “Intern of the Month” recognition with her tireless work ethic.

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From the Editor... My favorite holiday

It’s now an annual tradition for me to lose a Halloween costume contest. Two years ago my wife (playing a lovely Alice) and I (the Mad Hatter seen at left) lost out on the $500 prize at Kildare’s to a perfect KISS quartet, complete with makeup, spikes and hair. Last year my hand-stitched, handmolded and perfectly fit Rufio costume (Ever seen the Peter Pan adaptation Hook?) was knocked out of Landmark’s big money competition by Snow White. Sure, the girl was incredibly good looking, but I saw four other girls in the exact same costume. My point is, this year I’m out for revenge. Only, I’m at a bit of a loss as to what I’m doing with my costume. You see, I’ve put all my best Halloween thinking into this magazine, and it’s jam-packed with all the ferver I typically put into my costumes. There’s the true-ish story of one of West Chester’s very own ghosts, as told by Malcolm Johnstone, and there’s the incredibly creepy artwork of this month’s Local Talent, Patrick Krackow. In the dark spirit of the season, Paul Imburgia delves into the local hardcore music scene and, we give a reverse makeover to a willing participant with the help of Bates Motel. And, at the opposite end of the spectrum, some of our readers sent in adorable photos of their pets all dressed up for the holidays, Jill McDevitt shares some ideas for costumes (and the science behind why they’re often so sexy), and Allison Tatios, the brilliant artist who carved the pumpkin on our front cover, shares some tips on how to carve your own masterpiece. Speaking of the cover, we have to thank Nick Halladay. His face may not grace the front of the magazine this month, but Halladay Florist supplied us with everything we needed to make yet another beautiful magazine a reality.

To the Editor...

Our favorite responses this month I want to congratulate you on envisioning the need for such a magazine serving the WC community. Based on the increase in advertisers and the high-profile people you’ve been interviewing lately, it looks like your magazine is really on an upward trajectory and getting great local support. -Dave Hewett Well... Thanks! -DM You have a wonderful space and a wonderful working environment going on at the office. Quite frankly, I’m very jealous of it. I was wondering, before you start using that back office, if I could set up a little desk in a corner back there and utilize it as a WCPressTV/ HAHA-YO/Honeyjawn University work space for marketing/creating/planning for about five hours a day? -Tom Boyd Sure, but you’ll have to distribute our magazines in payment. Everyone, meet our new Distribution Manager. -DM

the lineup dOOrs 7pM

friday, OctOber 2

all aGes

shOw 7pM

friday, OctOber 12



cris cab

wednesday, OctOber 17

dOOrs 7pM

all aGes

ice nine Kills

with: wOlves at the Gate & assassins dOOrs 7pM

thursday, OctOber 18

stray frOM the path

all aGes

with: reiGn supreMe, cOunterparts & GideOn dOOrs 7pM

sunday, OctOber 21

actiOn brOnsOn

all aGes

with: nitty scOtt

dOOrs 6pM

saturday, OctOber 27

all aGes

a rOcKet tO the MOOn with: special Guests

dOOrs 10:45

saturday, OctOber 27

splintered sunliGht


hallOween cOstuMe party

dOOrs 7pM

saturday, OctOber 27

craiG Owens

all aGes

with: bearcat

friday, OctOber 19

theshOwcrystal MethOd starts 7pM | event is 18+ upcOMinG shOws in nOveMber...

11/13: rOMe (Of subliMe with rOMe) 11/23: asher rOth

142 e MarKet st | thenOtewc.cOM October 2012 | thewcpress.com



Thursday, August 30 The WC Press hosted a fashion showcase highlighting the talents of all the boutiques and salons in the August Fashion Issue at the Chester County Historical Society. The charity event benefitted the Chester County Historical Society and the West Chester Food Cupboard. A Special thanks is owed to all the vendors, boutiques, salons and musicians who helped make the event possible.

Caroline Lipinski, Nina Filipowich

Tyler Ruffenach, Courtney Furlong

Alana McGrath, Alyssa Lapp

Luxury Looks, Affordable Prices

Clothes Accessories Gifts Celebrating 6 years in West Chester

30 South High Street  610.696.2477  obvionline.com

All Baking Done on Premises 15 North Church Street  610-344-9674

October 2012 | thewcpress.com


Fashion Show Prep

August 30 Avante, Calista Grand, Platinum, Mia Bella and Blaze helped prep our lovely models for their big evening

Avante Salon & Spa

Calista Grand

Mia Bella


the wc press | voice of the borough

Platinum Salon


October 2012 | thewcpress.com


WC FASHION SHOWCASE Photos by Adam Jones

August 30 Artifact, Blink, BreakawayINK, Christine’s Consignment, Green Eyed Lady, Mainline Men’s, Malena’s, Moonflower, Nich and Obvi


the wc press | voice of the borough

October 2012 | thewcpress.com


WC FASHION SHOWCASE Photos by Adam Jones

August 30 Artifact, Blink, BreakawayINK, Christine’s Consignment, Green Eyed Lady, Mainline Men’s, Malena’s, Moonflower, Nich and Obvi


the wc press | voice of the borough

Our Family, your town, your florist since 1957

29 S. Church Street 610-696-5200 www.halladayflorist.com October 2012 | thewcpress.com


WC FASHION SHOWCASE Photos by Adam Jones

August 30 Artifact, Blink, BreakawayINK, Christine’s Consignment, Green Eyed Lady, Mainline Men’s, Malena’s, Moonflower, Nich and Obvi


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A vast array of one-of-a-kind products including... Hip Clothing, Bags, Accessories & Jewelry Incense, Oils and Candles Tapestries, Blankets & Home/Dorm Decor Grateful Dead, Bob Marley & 60s Merchandise Tiedyes & T-shirts Handblow Glass & Local Artwork Tobacco Accessories 130 West Gay Street 610-431-6607 www.moonflowershop.com Portion of proceeds benefit pro-peace and environmental charities 10% Off With Student ID

October 2012 | thewcpress.com


WC FASHION SHOWCASE Photos by Alexis DiGiovanni

August 30 The WC Press hosted a fashion showcase highlighting the talents of all the boutiques and salons in the August Fashion Issue


Kristy Mac, Jelicza Cruz, Mimi Zab

Kristin Hector, Jacqueline Beley

Alexa Barton, Charlie Biles

BreakawayINK Skate

Christine Mooney, Tanya Zotava

Andrew Van, Andrew Vincent

the wc press | voice of the borough

October 2012 | thewcpress.com


Is your Mac not quite what it used to be? An upgrade from West Chester Computer Doctors will accelerate your late model Macbook, iMac, or Mac Pro to a performance level you thought was only available from a new system. Stop in and ask us about it today.

West Chester Computer Doctors located in the middle of the block at 28 South High Street  computerwc.com  610.431.0400  support@computerwc.com


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W ANTED The WC’s Best Dressed Pet TINK

y Tedd

Tina Sadi











REWARD: Gift Cards To Local Businesses

Vote for your favorite at facebook.com/thewcpress, or enter your furry friend into the contest by sending his/her name and photo to contests@thewcpress.com

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We are Insurance. We are Farmers. Brandt van Naerssen agency owner Business 610-386-7326 Fax 610-441-7583 Cell 610-745-3276 bvannaerssen@famersagent.com

1000 Continental Drive, Suite 500 King of Prussia, PA 19406-2820 www.farmersagent.com/bvannaerssen


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20-Something Dating Kaela Mast is a hard-working woman, and it seems that might be a source of some frustration


y boyfriend and I rarely fight. In fact, when we do it’s about stupid things– like when he puts this one pillow that I hate on my side of the bed instead of his. But after he read my last article he was like, “What the hell?” The man was seriously butt hurt. He couldn’t get over me thinking our relationship was a “C” instead of an “A.” My last article opened the floodgates for arguing and for just about a week straight my apartment looked like an episode of Jerry Springer. No, I don’t mean strippers, but I do mean dramatic fights so over the top you would almost be certain it was a joke. It looked like the mediocre grade I’d assigned our relationship was quickly spiraling quickly down the tubes. I was afraid we were heading to the point where even tutoring wouldn’t save the grade. Eventually, we made up and realized that our foul moods centered on one thing: I make slightly more money than my boyfriend. It wasn’t always like that, and, for the most part, I still don’t show that I’m making money. But it’s a huge ego hit he just can’t quite accept. In my last article I talked a lot about how the only time we have to spend with one another is those few precious hours over the course of the weekends. I will give you one guess as to who started picking up some weekend overtime shifts. Here’s a hint: it’s not me. So here I am, stroking my boyfriend’s bruised ego while I secretly want to live a life like Billy Madison (minus the back to school bit). Okay, maybe not THAT over the top, but definitely a little less of what the norm has been for us. I want to go out for nice dinners and buy nice things. When I try to secretly do that, I get the evil eye and the cold shoulder. Silly me, I forgot we lived in a time where it’s unusual for a woman to be successful. I just want to be happy and be happy with my boyfriend. No more fights about money, or what brand of toilet paper the other bought, or that stupid pillow. I realize there will always be fighting from time to time. I would have to give up every ounce of myself to succumb to all the weird stuff he thinks is correct just for us to avoid conflict. I am way too stubborn to ever be that girl. But I did realize I need to put myself in his shoes more often. This is the second serious relationship where I’ve been in this position. That last relationship? I broke up with him after five years, rationalizing that the financial issue was too unbearable. It wasn’t that. It was him. So maybe my boyfriend won’t be doing backflips, and he won’t be totally happy about this article, either. Maybe we’ll fight. Or, maybe he’ll realize that I love him for him, and I wouldn’t be with him if I didn’t. Whether the relationship’s a “C” or an “A,” he really is a great guy. I’ll leave it at that. kmast@thewcpress.com

October 2012 | thewcpress.com


AROUND CAMPUS Photos by Alexis DiGiovanni

September 10 A peek inside the lives of the students who have flooded their way back into West Chester after a long, hot summer

Andrea Vent, Casey Beddar

Adessa Flack, Samantha Cerbone, Cienna Mattei

Jen Donato, Alyse Saufley, Ryan Wagner, Sierra Mote, Liz Knode

Melissa Hurley, Stavros Kosmidis


the wc press | voice of the borough

Zoe Fienman, Sami Korman

Dan Hinderliter, Nikole Smith, Michael Jendzurski, Anthony Bluebello, Kur van Mol

October 2012 | thewcpress.com


Traditional Italian Fare With A Flair Happy Hour Live Music on Weekends

a Giunta Tradition

Patio Dining Private Rooms Available

116 East Gay Street West Chester, PA 610.430.0203  NonnasWC.com nonnaswc.com/facebook He’s Your Best Friend; Give Him Nothing But The Best Toby’s K-9 Kamp is West Chester ’s premier doggy daycare located just off of Westtown Road

Voted Best

4 Years Running 705-B Westtown Road, West Chester, PA 19382 D 610.430.1330 D www.tobysk9kamp.com


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Children In Tow

Jennifer Ozgur is a mother, wife and teacher who still finds time to get out and about with the family It’s only been a month since school started, but already summer is just a faded memory. We’ve returned to calendars full of sport practices and dance lessons; of band and chorus rehearsals, parent/teacher conferences and project due dates. By now, schedules have become so hectic that it takes the skills of an Olympiccaliber synchronized swim team to coordinate. Especially because I am a teacher by trade. Some days during the madness of the school week, the thought of busting out pots and pans to start on dinner just isn’t a possibility. And neither is the nearest drive-through or mass-produced chain restaurant food: I do not want to sacrifice a quality meal for convenience. So I’ve done a little homework of my own and compiled a list including some of West Chester’s finer eateries that are friendly to both your family and your palate. You might want to add them to your cell phone to make sure they can seat you on a moment’s notice. For more sophisticated tastes, Nonna’s (610-430-0203) has a diverse kids’ menu offering everything from pasta dishes to filet mignon. There is a dining room separate from the bar and also outdoor seating–perfect for the rambunctious. Another dining atmosphere with just the right amount of background noise is Ram’s Head (484-631-0241). Ram’s Head proudly proclaims themselves to be West Chester’s first gastropub, so you know the adults are in for a culinary treat. And, their children’s menu includes a beverage, meal and dessert, all for $6.50. There is nothing more family-friendly than that one magic word: FREE! The following restaurants’ policy is that, for every adult entrée purchased, a child can pick from their kids’ menu gratis. Both Doc Magrogan’s Oyster House (610-429-4046) and Kildare’s Irish Pub (610-431-0770) offer up their free kids’ meals on Sundays. It’s a great way to have a last hurrah to send off the weekend and prepare for a string of school nights. Kildare’s also offers certain Celtic selections on that night for only $9.99. If mid-week gets to be too much of a stress, you can get over the hump at Barbaby’s (610-696-1400) for their free kids’ night on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Best of all, the evening is complete with a strolling magician who makes balloon animals, and your rascals might walk away with a free T-shirt proclaiming them to be a “Little Slugger.” If you need another incentive, Wednesday also happens to be Wing Night–get a dozen wings in any of five flavors for only $3. Since giving birth to my son three months ago, we were just beginning to find our new version of “normal” and then the craziness of school began. But with my sister-in-law living with us for a while, I feel guilty not taking her out. Luckily, in the town of West Chester, it’s possible to take the whole family out without having to apologize when my daughter’s alfredo goes AWOL. It’s great to know there are some accommodating local options so we can have our crab cakes and eat them, too. jozgur@thewcpress.com

October 2012 | thewcpress.com



REWORKWC A desk to work at, a place to meet clients and print a report.* *



REWORKWC A desk to work at, a place to meet clients and print a report.* *


Private desks to hunker down and get stuff done. Conference rooms available for staff meetings or private client meetings. Printing available on-demand. Wifi, coffee, highlighters, and staplers are free of charge. Call for membership info (484) 639-9558

REWORKWC.COM reworkwc.com

(484) 639-9558


(484) 639-9558


(484) 639-9558


(484) 639-9558


(484) 639-9558


(484) 639-9558


the wc press | voice of the borough

(484) 639-9558


(484) 639-9558


(484) 639-9558


(484) 639-9558


Every Friday and Saturday in October, walking tours take off through town to tell tales of the harrowing history of West Chester’s most haunted places. Each tour meets at the steps of The Lincoln Tea Room at 8pm where Malcolm Johnstone, the executive director of the West Chester Business Improvement District, tells the tale of the ghost who resides within the building... Photo Adam Jones

The Laughing Ghost I

Malcolm Johnstone Tells the Haunting Tale of West Chester’s Most Expressive Apparition

t’s been said that nearly every old building in the Borough is haunted. Ask any resident and you’re likely to hear stories of unexplained sounds, smells, items that mysteriously move, and that very real feeling that you are not alone. For the most part, these phantoms we live with are anonymous, giving us scant information as to who they are–or were. That is not true of the ghost that haunts the Lincoln Building at the corner of West Market and Wilmont Mews–we know exactly who haunts that building. The ghost is that of John Tully, an unfortunate soul who, as the Revolutionary War wound down in the 1780s, made a meager living taking odd jobs whenever he could. He was also known as a petty thief, although never convicted of any crimes... until 1788. It was in 1788 that John Tully was arrested for stealing a horse, a crime that was, at that time, considered among the most onerous. He was taken before the judges at the newly built Chester County Courthouse and quickly given a sentence in five parts. First, John had to pay a fine of 25 American Pounds, the currency of the day, perhaps equal to an entire year’s wages for the poor man. Second, he must serve six months in the county jail. Third, he must be tied to a pillory behind the courthouse in an area just behind where the current historic courthouse now stands on Market Street. Fourth, he was sentenced to receive 31 lashes “well laid on” lashes of the whip. And finally, his ears would be cut off and pinned to the pillory to serve as an example to others as to what happens to thieves. After being cut down from the pillory, laid on a cot, and taken

to a jail cell, one can imagine that John Tulley wasn’t doing well. He writhed on his cot, moaning from the pain of the lashes and disfigurement. All the moaning was quite a bother to the sheriff, so he ordered that John Tully be hauled across the road to spend the night alone in a small shed that had been erected where the Lincoln Building now stands. But John Tully made his presence known. His moans grew louder as the night wore on. Then, adding to the discomfort of those at the jail, he began to make what sounded like a chuckle. As the sheriff and jailer listened, the chuckles turned to laughter. And then the laughing turned to howling. The sheriff and jailer said nothing to each other, only winced as the howling tore through the night. When dawn finally arrived, and the laughing and howling abruptly stopped, the jailer was sent to check on Tully. As he entered the shed, the jailer saw that his prisoner was perfectly still. Dead still. In fact, his body was cold and stiff, the results of rigor mortis that sets in hours after death. How could this have happened? Only moments before, John Tully’s howling and laughing was loud enough to wake the dead. A doctor was called, the death was confirmed, and John Tully was buried in the place he had died. His bones remain there to this day. As for his spirit, it continues to haunt the Lincoln Building where, late at night, when it should be very quiet, you can hear the howls of John Tully, the ghost of the man who died laughing. For more information about haunted ghost tours, check out the West Chester Business Improvement District’s website at www.downtownwestchester.com.

October 2012 | thewcpress.com


CIGAR NIGHT Photos by Alexi DiGionvanni

September 13 Pietro’s Prime, Mainline Men’s Custom Clothiers and G&G Cigars teamed up for a guys-only night at Pietro’s

Dan Price, John Hays

Frank Park, Tom Siak, John Kernen, Ron Perry, Rob Maton

John Hays, Heather Wright, Marisa Powell, Dan Price

Larry Albert, Doug Gianforte


the wc press | voice of the borough

Jack Wright, Doug Gianforte

Spencer Berman, Chris Day

Best Steak House In West Chester Live Music on Weekends Patio Dining Fabulous Martinis Seasonal Menu 125 W Market St, West Chester, PA 484.760.6100 PietrosPrime.com fb.com/pietrosprime

Since 1974

A Great Selection of Business Casual, Casual, and Designer Jeans All in a Variety of Styles and Colors, All at Affordable Prices Including Bugatchi, Robert Graham, Tallia, Loro Piano 129 W Market St | 484-905-7098 | mainlinecustomclothiers.com

October 2012 | thewcpress.com




12 E Ma r k e t S tr e e t


er, PA e st Chest




12 E Market Street 610-696-9770 Delivery Available!!!

BuffAlo TuESDAyS: small pizza $4.72 18” Xl pizza $7.99 PEPPEroni wEDnESDAyS: small $4.72 18” Xl $7.99 HAlf PricE PizzAS 4-6 PM DAily!

come say hi to the Mad Turk!



the wc press | voice of the borough



f you’ve ever found yourself drunk and hungry at 2am in West Chester, than you know the fun-loving, 45-year-old owners of Saucey Pizza. Sollatzo Ilgaz (aka The Mad Turk) and David Harvey (aka Harv, aka Big Harv, aka Mr Saucey) revel in those latenight hours. They took over the well-known pizza shop just about a year ago, and since then they’ve been fixtures around town. Whether buying shots at Kildare’s or handing out slices of their classic CBR pizza (that’s chicken, bacon and ranch), they’ve always got smiles on their faces. In many interviews, you’ll find an editor’s note inserted from time to time to indicate the subject’s non-verbal response to the question. In this interview it is safe to assume that you can insert a [laughing] before every answer.

Employee(s) of the Month

How long have you known each other? DH: Ummm... ten years? SI: Yeah. At least since 2002, so ten years. And how did you meet? SI: Through a mutual friend. What were you doing before taking over Saucey? DH: I was in corporate sales, selling audio/video conferencing systems. SI: I used to sell bulk candy to big corporations. You know, bring them bulk jelly beans, they’d bag them up and sell them. They used to call me the Candy Man. DH: Oh, and can we give some love to West Side? Say that I’m president of West Side Little League?

If you can manage to get Big Harv and The Mad Turk to sit still and be serious for even just a few seconds, than we applaud you. You’ve managed to do something we could never accomplish. Photo ADAM JONES

Sure. Why’d you decided to buy Saucey? DH: I’ve always wanted to be my own boss. SI: And I was unemployed. So, it fit. DH: Plus, I was going through a divorce, so it just seemed like a great time for something new.

and went outside to smoke a cigarette. DH: He just turned to me and yelled, “I can’t take it! I need a cigarette,” and he left.

What was the most difficult thing you experienced after opening? DH: Definitely the Christmas Parade. We got slammed. We just took over in November, so we were still learning the ropes, and we just got soooo busy. Sollatzo couldn’t take it.

On the flip side, what’s the best thing about owning Saucey? DH: The chicas. SI: You can’t say that! DH: Why not? SI: Ugh. For me it’s those late-night, YouTube-worthy moments. DH: Yeah. It’s like a reality show in here.

What’d you do? SI: I just got frustrated, stopped working

How ’bout the business side of things? SI: We’re still learning.

DH: It’s something new every day, even though Sollatzo had experience before. SI: Yeah. I used to own a small bar back when I was still in Turkey. What are your plans for the future? SI: Next we are hoping to open another Saucey at University of Delaware. DH: My goal is to sell 100 Saucey franchises. I figure, with all the people out there, there’s gotta be 100 other Big Harvs, 100 other guys out there who are in the same position I was–because, really, this has been amazing. WCP

October 2012 | thewcpress.com



the wc press | voice of the borough

A Trainer’s Tips Christine Mooney is a certified fitness trainer and author of the health and wellness blog Beautiful-Strength.com It’s a nice thought, but no matter how you spin it, a calorie is not just a calorie. Our bodies aren’t simple machines working on simplified equations. We are complex organisms made up of system after system: hormonal processes, nervous reactions, musculature, immune responses and so forth. Simply put, we are far too complex for the calorie to be anything but an arbitrary number—so it is not the calorie that the body craves, but the nutrient. It would be woefully unfortunate to approach your own eating with the assumption that a 100-calorie Nabisco snack pack is going to provide the same benefits as 100 calories of, say, raw walnuts. But, we’ve all been there: thinking that restricting calories is the sustainable way to lose weight. Truth is, over two-thirds of dieters weigh more four to five years after they initially lose the weight than they did before. Researchers are attributing these long-term weight loss failures to the fact that most dieters merely restrict calories, versus changing their diets for optimal nutrition. Rather than eating from a nutritional standpoint, which removes toxins from the body, creates lean muscle, and melts away unwanted body fat, dieters with this dangerous calorie-cutting mentality only redistribute calories. At first, this method will trigger weight loss, but as weight is lost, toxins in the body become more concentrated and cause an inflammatory response. As the toxin density increases, along with the inflammation, the body rebounds, regaining all the weight lost... and then some. To get the weight off–and most importantly, keep it off–you must nix the whole “diet” mentality and instead embrace a true lifestyle transformation. This might prove exceptionally difficult as we get into the fall and winter seasons when comfort foods abound, from pumpkin spice lattes to Champagne cocktails at holiday parties, but the effort is well worth it. When you believe your bout of healthy eating is just that, a bout, it is almost impossible to understand how good you can actually feel when you eat for optimal nutrition rather than calories. Once you come to the realization that walnuts taste better than 100-calorie Nabisco Snack Packs, skipping the sugar in your coffee and passing on a ginormous slice of cheesecake doesn’t feel like deprivation. Instead, consuming the sugar and the excessive carbohydrates feels like you are depriving yourself of health. Don’t believe me? Take the 21-Day Challenge. For 21 days, eat as low on the food chain as possible–stick to fruits, veggies, and lean meats. A sure bet is to hit up the West Chester Growers Market on Saturdays from 9am-1pm for produce and Lindenhof meats. Make sure to consume good fats like raw walnuts, coconut oil, or grapeseed oil, and skip any product that is full of refined sugars and processed carbs. At the end of those three weeks, I guarantee you will be amazed at just how good you feel, no calorie counting necessary. cmooney@thewcpress.com

October 2012 | thewcpress.com


104 N. Church Street 610-551-3262 thesexologist.org

Your Source for

Sexy Halloween Costumes

$500 off any purchase over $20


the wc press | voice of the borough

The Look Forget the big chain stores, Feminique has the Halloween costumes you’re looking for Photo Adam Jones Story Jill McDevitt

Princess Jasmine Costume, $30 Police Officer Costume, $55


n addition to sexy cop and sexy Disney Princess, there is sexy school girl, sexy nurse, sexy bumble bee, sexy bunny, sexy... you name it. I’m sure you’ve noticed that Halloween for adults is all about women dressing up in revealing and sexually provocative costumes. Have you ever wondered why? The short answer is why not? It’s fun! But, because I’m a sexologist, here’s the long, academic answer for anyone who is interested... The eroticization of Halloween is a byproduct of two things: 1. An erotophobic culture (read: prudes) and 2. A devaluing of women. When you take a society that has contempt for sex (As evidenced by abstinence-only education mandates, the national catastrophe of Janet Jackson’s nipple at the Super Bowl, etc), plus a society that devalues women (As evidenced by the 77-cents-on-thedollar gender wage gap, resistance to reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, etc) what you get is a phenomenon called slutshaming. Yes, this is actually an academic term–slut-shaming is the social punishment and ostracism of women who openly express their sexuality. For fear of being slut-shamed, sexuality is repressed, especially in women. Now take Halloween, a holiday with the express purpose of being something you’re not. Whether it’s scary, or funny, or creative, people dress up on Halloween to express themselves in ways they ordinarily wouldn’t, or couldn’t. For so many American women, that means permission to dress sexy because it’s the one occasion in which they can express their sexuality freely without being ostracized. It’s a similar premise to underage drinking. People who grew up in households where alcohol was permitted, in which they could have a glass of wine at the dinner table at 16 years old with their family, tend to develop a healthy respect for alcohol. But we’ve all seen what happens when people get to college after having grown up in strict households where alcohol was forbidden. They go buck wild, out of control with the new-found freedom to experiment. Halloween is to repressed sexuality as college is to repressed exposure to alcohol–a rare excuse to let it all hang out without the usual social sanctions. WCP

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UPTOWN! CONCERT Photos by Paul Imburgia

September 14 Uptown! continued their mission of bringing top-notch entertainment to West Chester with a concert on the courthouse steps


Catherine Marino, Bob Holliday, Joan Holliday

The Sara Michaels Band

Matt Lehan, Erin Polries, Juliet McGlaughlin, Shannon Himes, Erin Himes

Daniel Montes, Danielle Chmelewski

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hen we approached The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride with our proposition for a reverse makeover, owner Randy Bates was immediately on board. “We’ve got some gorgeous girls that work here and some really great makeup artists,” he said. “We can take a girl from being a perfect 10 to a negative 5.” Well, effects artist Marisa Giammatteo had her work cut out for her if she was going to make her model, Fallon Maressa (pictured below), just as grotesque as Randy had described. Fallon showed up for the shoot with gorgeous, flowing black hair and just a bit of makeup, but it was all downhill from there for the natural beauty. First up, Marisa used a combination of cream makeup and airbrushing to tarnish Fallon’s skin. She started with her eyes, bringing in some darkness with a combination of browns and purples. She also highlighted the protruding bones of Fallon’s cheeks and darkened in the surrounding areas to give what she called “a sunken zombie look.” She finished it off with a ripped sponge and some more cream makeup to add texture. The cuts and lesions across her body were achieved by first laying down a dark color, then painting over it with a blood red color. The surrounding areas were then blended in with that same red to give a swollen look. Finally, it was all finished off with Ben Nye Final Seal, to make sure nothing would smudge, and a whole lot of teasing to really fluff up her hair. Angela Pilat of Glamtastik supplied a custom, handmade corset for the occassion. The garment finished off the look and finalized Fallon’s transformation from the girl of your dreams into the woman of your nightmares. WCP


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Showing Off the Skills of the Effects Team at The Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride

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The WC Press - October 2012 - Section 1  

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