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Sharon InSide Scoop on InStyle by Friedlander

The 26th floor of 1271 Avenue of the Americas is silent. Aside from the huge shrine to InStyle Magazine when you first walk in, you would never know that hundreds of people are hard at work churning out one of the most well-renowned fashion magazines in the world. I was lucky enough to occupy cubicle 2611E on InStyle’s intern row for ten weeks last summer and got to work with some of the best editors in the country. I learned the ins and outs of the magazine business, while picking up some expert fashion tips along the way. Every day was an exciting experience and instead of throwing on shorts and a T, I had an excuse to get dressed up in the mornings (thank you air conditioned offices, for allowing me to wear cute blazers in July). Most days I would sit at my desk, patiently waiting for an email to arrive or my phone to ring with my assignment for the day. As an “edit intern,” my daily activities ranged from researching articles, to writing blurbs, calling publicists, or even transcribing celebrity interviews (ahem, Beyoncé!). Some days I worked in the fashion closet – which, for anyone interested in clothes (like me!) – is a dream come true. Thousands of designer gar-

Top: An interior shot of the Los Angeles store boutique Zainab. Bottom: Shoes sold at Zainab by Jerome C. Rousseau.

ments and accessories (most of which aren’t even in stores yet) are strewn across the floor, hanging on racks, or being perfectly styled into outfits that are then printed in the magazine. Other days, I got to work on an intern project to create InStyle’s next venture onto a digital platform. It wasn’t uncommon to see high-profile celebrities walking the halls (hey Brad Goreski!) or getting the chance to run downtown to pick up garments from some of the world’s most fabulous designers (Jason Wu anyone?). The highlight of my summer, though, was getting to work on creating the video ads for each issue that are shown in the back of New York City taxi cabs. As underappreciated as they are, so much effort goes into making them perfect. Getting to work in a place where everyone is as passionate about fashion as you are is one of the best experiences in the world. No outfit is too over-the-top, no fashion statement is too bold, and no style experiment is too far-fetched. Though the work behind the scenes isn’t as glossy and glamorous as the pages that get printed, being a part of one of the top women’s fashion magazines is truly tres chic!


I got to transcribe the cover story interview with Beyoncé! It took almost three hours to transcribe twenty minutes of conversation.

InStyle’s office is located in the Time Inc. Time & Life building at 1271 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. It was an amazing place to come to work everyday.

An Intern's Night Out “Hmm, I’d offer you some champagne if you were eighteen…seventeen seems like a stretch, no?” I laughed in agreement, “Next year, I guess!” but my employer Zainab had already returned to her party guests with their drinks. That night, I didn’t need liquid courage; I was high off of the adrenaline of Fashion’s Night Out – and focused on balancing in my 5-inch platform pumps. It was the last night of my internship at Zainab Boutique in Los Angeles, and certainly the most rewarding. The store was more packed than I’d ever seen it (never more than two customers at a time) and I was busier than I had been all summer (it was a nice break from blogging about new arrivals, straightening the clothing racks, and hearing about my employer’s ideas for future endeavors). I loved it. The majority of my internship was, for lack of a better word, dull. Both the atmosphere and the merchandise were impeccable, but a sporadic trickle

By Nicole Malick

of customers was anything but stimulating. So I organized, took inventory, and learned to distinguish Ohne Titel from Alaïa and Nina Ricci. There was the afternoon I helped pull pieces for Ke$ha’s stylist, who needed accessories for a Grammy ensemble, but there were also the many afternoons that I sent emails, dressed mannequins, and tweeted about markdowns. It wasn’t until Fashion’s Night Out that I finally felt the rush I wanted – the sensation of truly being a part of the fashion world. After confirming with musicians and finalizing invitations, the lively crowd of excited, stylish shoppers (which I expertly pointed in the right direction, being so familiar with the inventory) was exhilarating. While my internship didn’t lead to a paid position or illuminate my ideal career, I experienced, albeit briefly, the fun of working in fashion.



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11/28/2011 6:21:45 AM

The WALK - Winter 2012  

The WALK is the University of Pennsylvania's only fashion magazine. It is completely student-run, and our Winter 2012 issue was awarded "Mag...

The WALK - Winter 2012  

The WALK is the University of Pennsylvania's only fashion magazine. It is completely student-run, and our Winter 2012 issue was awarded "Mag...