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“I was certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2011, and I traveled to St. Louis and got my certification through the Titleist Institute, which means I’m a certified golf fitness instructor,” she said. “I am definitely continuing my education in the golf fitness world. I’m going to be traveling to Carlsbad, California to the World Golf Fitness Summit, where people in the PGA and health industry from all over the world will be there providing hands-on training and explaining what’s new in the industry, new research, and what really works for golfers.” In fact, it was this knowledge that led Huffman to land her biggest client; a multinational corporation who wants her to focus on golf fitness. In the meantime, Huffman is just happy to be working one-on-one with as many clients as she can – something that brings her the most satisfaction as she keeps expanding her business, JustFit Louisville LLC. “I enjoy it because I can work with all age groups,” she said. “It’s not just athletes. It’s not just kids. It’s also kid-athletes as well as adults and seniors. This job allows me to keep being creative. You know, I had one older (client) that started with me, and they call him my ‘star client.’ Every time him or I are in the club, we’re associated with one another. He still comes in the gym every day and gets his cardio in. He’s in there five, six days a week. It’s such a rewarding feeling when your clients finally develop that lifestyle.” And what’s better than knowing you’re making a difference and improving the quality of people’s lives? “I love working with them all,” Huffman said. “You know, the reason I’m in this industry is because I love helping people. Being able to help them prevent injuries is something that’s very important to me. I have a lot of them coming back saying they’re hitting the ball further than they’ve ever hit. It’s just a great feeling when you’re rewarded.” JustFit Louisville LLC 502.709.5141

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