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Sphere of Hope by Karen Butts, M. Photog., Cr., CPP and 2017 PPGH Master Photographer of the Year




2018 Happy New Year


2018 BOARD Welcome





CHRISTMAS Party Highlights


Rules for Second Shooters




2017 AWARDS Ceremony

Happy New Year!

STAFF Publisher

Kevin Falcon, CPP

Graphic Design/Layout Theresa Campbell Proof Readers Karen Butts, M.Photog., Cr., CPP Kevin Falcon, CPP Aileen Harding, M. Photo., Cr., CPP Photographers Booker Shelton, Jr.

2018 is here and I want to encourage you to help make this year another successful year for you and your business. With your continued PPGH participation, being active on committees and entering monthly image competition, we will all rise to new highs in our businesses and add new skills to our toolboxes. A primary mission of PPGH is to provide great educational opportunities for our members. I am confident that we will continue to achieve this goal. I, along with the 2018 Board, will continue to work diligently to provide you with excellent program speakers, workshops, and fellowship opportunities. Did you register for Texas School on January 3rd? No? Don't worry there is always room for one more! Do check it out if you have never been. Imaging USA is in Nashville, TN from January 12 - 17. Hope to see you there. Guy T. Phillips is here on January 23, presenting “Getting Started with Lighting Modifiers.” In February, we have Dawn Muncy presenting “Fine Art Portraiture for Your Soul and Your Bottom Line.” We also have another great year of workshops planned. We are finalizing the workshop information and will publish to the PPGH calendar soon.


Editor Theresa Campbell

It’s hard to believe that 2017 passed so quickly! And what a great year it was for PPGH. I want to thank the 2017 Board and you, the members, for making it a successful year. Aileen Harding did a fantastic job leading the guild and bringing in great speakers each month. Our workshop committee managed to offer the most workshops we have ever had in one year. A few highlights from last year in Houston; we hosted Kevin Falcon, CPP the Super Bowl, the Astros won the World Series and Harvey caused so much damage across our area.

Again, I want to welcome you to another great year with the guild. I look forward serving the membership of PPGH in 2018 and I look forward to meeting and seeing all of you at the different events we host this year. Be sure to invite a fellow photographer who is not a member, we always have room for one more! ~Kevin Falcon, PPGH President

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JAN 2018



To contact your officers or director, just click on their name.

Chairman of the Board Aileen Harding, M.Photog., Cr., CPP

President Kevin Falcon, CPP

Vice-President Duane Blocker

Secretary Booker Shelton, Jr.

Treasurer Kathy Kinser, CPP

Executive Director Teri Whittaker, CPP

Director - Membership Laura Mansur, CPP

Director Kat Mack

Director Tara Flannery, CPP

Director Blair Haynie, CPP

Audit Chairman: Kim Christensen Blair Haynie, CPP, Lynda Meyer Bylaws Chairman: Tom Hathcock, M.Photog., Cr., CPP Dixie Dobbins, M.Photog., Cr., CPP Alvin Gee, M.Photog., Cr., CPP Clean Up Board Liaison: Teri Whittaker, CPP Communications/Graphic Design Chairman: Alison Carlino, CPP Jessi Marri Becker, Kelli Leaker Ethics Chairman: Dixie Dobbins, M.Photog., Cr., CPP Mindy Harmond, CPP Belinda Higgins, M.Photog., Cr., CPP

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Hallie Keller, CPP Curley Marshall Cr., CPP Fellowship Chairman: Kevin Falcon,CPP Image Competition Board Liaison: Teri Whittaker, CPP Chairman: Vera Brock Duane Blocker, Cat Dybala, M.Photog., M.Artist, Blair Haynie, CPP, Sherry Piché, M.Photog, CPP, Librarian Chairman: Curley Marshall, Cr., CPP Booker Shelton, Jr. Membership: Chairman: Laura Mansur, CPP Sandy Buller, CPP, Karen Butts, M. Photog., Cr., CPP, Hallie Keller, CPP Mentor Program /Certification Chairman: Karen Butts, M.Photog., Cr., CPP


Nomination Chairman: Tom Hathcock, M.Photog., Cr., CPP Karen Butts, M.Photog., Cr., CPP, Tony Chicas, Kim Christensen, Mitch Daniels, Cr., Kevin Falcon, CPP, Alvin Gee, M.Photog., Cr., CPP, Belinda Higgins, M.Photog., Cr., CPP, Johnny Wilson PPGH Workshop Series Board Liaison: Teri Whittaker, CPP Chairman: Teresa Casillas Procedures and Controls Board Liaison: Teri Whittaker, CPP Social Media Board Liaison and Chairman: Kevin Falcon, CPP

Telephone Board Liaison: Booker Shelton, Jr. Vera Brock, Rebeca Calzado, Juliana Cedeno, Ursula Chester, Tara Flannery, CPP, Kelli Leaker, Lynda Meyer, Danielle Moore, Sadiqa Sevier, Booker Shelton, Jr. ViewFinder Karen Butts, M.Photog., Cr., CPP Theresa Campbell Kevin Falcon, CPP Web Site Board Liaison: Kevin Falcon, CPP Web Master: Duane Blocker Marvin Labohm Welcoming Board Liaison: Curley Marshall, Cr., CPP Tom Hathcock, M.Photog., Cr., CPP


Congratulations to our Board of Directors Chairman of the Board Aileen Harding, M. Photog., Cr. CPP President Kevin Falcon, CPP Vice President Duane Blocker Treasurer Kathy Kinser, CPP Secretary Booker Shelton Director At Large Laura Mansur Guerra Director At Large Kat Mack Director At Large Tara Flannery, CPP

The 2018 Financial Review Committee will consist of Tara Flannery, Kim Christensen and Curley Marshall.

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The 2018 Nominating committee will be chaired by Tom Hathcock and will include Teri Whittaker, Francie Baltazar Stonestreet, Karen Butts, and Armando Chacon.


Living Legacy Janice Jones

by Booker Shelton

The wedding industry is constantly evolving because of the digital age. With doing more than 1500 weddings and being in the business for 40 years, past PPGH president and legendary photographer Janice Jones has seen the dramatic transition from the film to digital age. If there was anyone who could share their experiences and thoughts on this field Jones would be the perfect candidate for it. Jones was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She graduated from Mount Caramel High School and went on to attend Stephen F. Austin University to major in Sociology for one year. Shortly afterwards she got married to her late husband and past PPGH president Bill Jones. That is the time her photography career unofficially began. Her husband needed an assistant in establishing their photography studio. At the time the agreement was for Janice to work only part time just to help out. However, those plans changed due to Bill’s illnesses. Because of this, her role became more prominent in running the business. At that time, she became an apprentice with Bill and other guild members in 1975 to learn more about the photography business. In November 1976, Jones did her first solo wedding. A few years later, in 1982, life changed for her when Bill died. Janice went full time in the business shortly afterwards. Prior to Bill’s death, she only did weddings while he did portraits and weddings. Jones received assistance from fellow guild members to help her get stronger in taking portraits. She became involved with the guild in 1981 during Bill’s presidency. Jones credits some of her success to her earlier influences such as master photographers Monte Zucker and Bill Stockwell. She later became president of the guild in 1990. For her, one of her greatest achievements was getting certified in October 1991. At that time she realized she wanted to give back to others in the field. The first camera she used was a Mamiyaflex Twin lens camera. From there she used a Kowa SLR and later Bronica SLR. Janice transitioned to digital in 2006 when she switched to using a Canon SLR.

willing to use different marketing tools than back in the day. She also encourages everyone to go to PPGH workshops, Imaging conferences and other local and state photographic organizations. Jones also feels that PPGH is definitely going in a positive direction and is steadily growing. In wedding photography, communication is very important. Doing in person consultations is the key to this. Jones' style has transcended over the years combining her candid photojournalist style from Bill Stockwell and the posing and lighting aspect from Monte Zucker. Jones says, “I consider myself a chameleon meaning, I give the customers what they want, adjusting my style to fit their needs.” Jones is currently an active member as well as past president of the Rotary Club of Harrisburg. She is also a member of the Houston City Breakfast Club and in charge of the photography team at Unity Church. Some of her hobbies include volunteering for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP),

and traveling with her fiancé, Ken Stallman, in northern Wisconsin. She has one son, Brian, and a daughter-in-law, Anna. Jones’s future goals are spending one-third of her time on her photography, one-third on volunteer work, and one-third on traveling and self-improvement (learning new things). Jones concluded, “Never stop learning.” Today, she practices what she preaches. She considers herself a perpetual student always willing to learn new things.


Even today she still uses Canon. When asked about her thoughts on the digital era, Jones said the technology has drastically changed studio photography. She loves the safety of instantly seeing what her photos look like and being able to back them up instantly as well as editing her own photos. However, she did express that she feels that digital photography cripples some of the newer photographers because many just want to set their camera to Auto or Program and shoot an assignment without really learning their camera. Jones also added because of the digital era, the technology has changed the understanding of many of the clientele today. She elaborated that this meant many customers feel there isn’t a strong need for professional photographers due to camera phones and other compact cameras. Her advice to new photographers is to find a niche and market yourself aggressively. Jones feels having strong social media skills is very crucial in making one’s photography business grow. Although she has seen the market change, she said there is still room for full-time photography. However in doing this one must be

Booker Shelton owns Prentice Photography specializing in events families, seniors, weddings and headshots. He is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and a Director of PPGH. THE VIEWFINDER JAN 2018 Fonts: Aparajita and Mistral




Being a second shooter can be rewarding and challenging.

The reasons for photographers wanting to be a second shooter may vary. Some don’t want the pressure or the responsibility of dealing with setting up appointments, doing consultations, or editing. On the other hand, others may want the experience but may not be ready to venture out on their own. Whatever the reason is, there are a few things to consider when being a second shooter. For starters, always take the job seriously. Although you are not the primary photographer, treat the assignment as if it was your assignment. Make sure you are on time and ready to go BEFORE the assignment starts. If you are unsure about anything don’t be afraid to ask. NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING! Furthermore, if you have an idea to share ask the primary photographer if it is okay to implement the idea into the session. Being on the same page with the main photographer is essential. All photographers are different so it’s important to learn their style as well as their personalities. As you do more assignments, you learn that some photographers are laid back while others may be very meticulous. As a secondary photographer, you can enhance your photography skills by working with someone who is more experienced in an area you’re interested in. Also the pressure is not on you, it’s on the main photographer. Keep in mind that while being a secondary shooter, the pay can also vary. There is no set amount. There may be assignments you don’t receive pay. That shouldn’t be considered a negative. Gaining experience in the field is what really counts.

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No one wants to pay a secondary shooter if they have to show them how to do everything. Most times you are expected to know how to properly use your camera in any situation with little or no help at all. Keep in mind there could be situations where you don’t do anything but watch or carry around the primary photographer’s equipment. Again, do not view this as a negative. Sometimes it’s better to watch than always shoot. You be surprised at what you can learn by watching. If a problem arises between you and a client or if your camera malfunctions let the primary photographer know something immediately. Things do happen that is beyond your control at times. Professionalism is the key to getting more jobs as well as being competent in doing your job well, meaning taking good photos. For those wanting to be a premier photographer in their field, one must be humble and willing to put egos out the door. Remember everyone has to start somewhere. If you talk to the legends in the field, you find out that most started at ground zero, like most aspiring photographers. In conclusion, remember you have a reputation as well as the primary photographer. The role of secondary shooter can open many doors for a bright future in the world of photography if you are coachable and teachable.

What’s Murphy’s Law for photographers?… If someone can trip over a cable, knock over the key light, catch the wedding gifts on fire, or cause the sprinkler system to ruin everyone’s day, they will!

partner, Lockton Affinity, protects working photographers against: • Bodily injuries • Defamation & slander • Invasion of privacy • Property damage and more!

Why risk the worst when you can keep your business safe with PPA’s General Liability Insurance? Plus, most venues now require photographers to be insured!

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ATTENTION ALL CPPs by Aileen Harding, M.Photog., Cr., CPP

Did you know that you need a certain number of educational merits to maintain your CPP status? Don't forget to take advantage of all the PPA Merited Programs offered this year! You've worked hard for your CPP. Don't let it slip away... FROM PPA.COM

Keep your certification valid! Every three years from your original designation date you'll need to recertify. But don't worry; it's not like going to the DMV to renew your license. To keep your CPP valid, all you need to do is acquire 15 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). How? It's easy!



Once you've achieved the CPP designation, you will need to recertify every three years. CPPs eligible for recertification will receive three notices on the year they are due to recertify, two via email and one via mail. 

To recertify, a payment of *$100 is required along with 15 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). These credits are for face to face education that a CPP has attended as a student and can be combined with CEUs earned for teaching or speaking at seminars, workshops and events. To learn how to how to earn credits or if you're not sure how many CEUs you have under your belt, please review the information below. 

Here's the point structure for CEUs earned for attending face to face education as a student: • 5 units = Teaching or speaking at any PPA affiliated seminar/workshop lasting 3 or more days • 3 units = Teaching or speaking at any PPA affiliated seminar/workshop lasting 2 or more days • 1 unit = Teaching or speaking at any PPA affiliated seminar/workshop lasting 1 day or less

*The $100 recertification fee is waived if you attend Imaging USA three years in a row. A max of 5 CEUs for teaching or speaking at any PPA affiliated seminar/workshop may be used toward the 15 CEUs required for Recertification. International CPPs will receive eight CEUs for attending their national convention of at least three days. You can submit your cumulative CEUs online by filling out the Recertification Education Unit Tracking Form on the PPA website. Once your form has been processed you will receive an email about the status of your recertification. If your recertification is accepted, you will receive your recertification packet and certificate in the mail within three to four weeks. The CEU system involved in the CPP recertification process encourages you to continue your photography education and raise the bar in the photographic industry.


If you can't meet the Education Requirements, you can always take the CPP Exam again. You can take the exam in-person or online. Unfortunately, if you are unable to fulfill one of the recertification requirements (15 CEUs or pass the CPP Exam) within your recertification period, your certification will be canceled. You will need to reapply as a candidate and complete the candidacy requirements to re-obtain your credential.

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2017 Christmas Party

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2017 Awards Ceremony

Scholarship Winners

Booker Shelton Director Plaque

Laura Mansur Director Plaque 12 JAN 2018 Fonts: Aparajita and Mistral


2017 Board

Duane Blocker Director Plaque

Kathy Kinser Treasurer Plaque

Kat Mack Director Plaque

Kevin Falcon Vice President Plaque

Aileen Harding President Plaque

Kathy Kinser President's Award

Theresa (Tess) Campbell Executive Director's Award

Karen Butts Fellowship Award

ACTIVE: Best Portait of a Man Laura Mansur, LauraActive Mansur, Best Portrait of Man Keep Youra Eye On It

ACTIVE: Best Illustrative - Animal , Curley Marshall Long Journey Home

ACTIVE: Best Illustrative - ScenicMaryanne Keeling, Backroad to Sienna

ACTIVE: Best Wedding Maryanne Keeling, Love's First Steps

ACTIVE: Best Overall Illustrative Animal , Curley Marshall Long Journey Home

Teri Teri Whittaker Whittaker President's President's Award Award

Aileen Harding Fellowship Award

ACTIVE: Best Portait of an Animal, Maryanne Keeling, Teri Whittaker Award MyPresident's Girl


Teri Whittaker Chairman Plaque

ACTIVE: Best Illustrative Teri Whittaker Exposed

ACTIVE: Best Overall Photographic Open/Best Portait of Animal Maryanne Keeling, My Girl

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JAN 2018 13


MASTER: Best Portrait of a Group Karen Butts Mother and I

MASTER: Best Portrait of a Woman Armando Chacon Eye Contact

MASTER: Best Portrait of a Child Karen Butts Little Chunker

MASTER: Best Portrait of a Man Armando Chacon Music of My Soul

MASTER: Best Overall Illust.-Scenic Karen Butt First Snowfall

MASTER: Best Illustrative - Animal Aileen Harding Daddy Long Legs

MASTER: Best Illustrative

Armando Chacon, Master Armando Chacon Best Illustrative Midnight in Paris

MASTER: Best Digital Artist Karen Butts Peaceful Preparation

ADDITIONAL HONOREES NOT PICTURED: ACTIVE: Mary Blackwell, Best Portrait of a Child, Purely Sweet MASTER: Kim Hartz, Best Overall Photographic Open, Best Portrait of an Animal, Highest Scoring Image by a CPP, Back to School Blues MASTER: Francie Baltazar Stonestreet, BestWedding, Sacred Moment

Congratulations to all of our honorees! Thanks to the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston for another great year! 14 JAN 2018 Fonts: Aparajita and Mistral



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Shareable Videos

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PPGH Viewfinder January 2018  

A Publication of the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston

PPGH Viewfinder January 2018  

A Publication of the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston