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Joshua Estabrooks/The Valley Sentinel

Riding in front of a home crowd Local students Kelsey Griffin (left) and Melanie Brown (right) compete at the first BC High School Rodeo Association event held locally at the Canoe Mountain Rodeo Grounds. The girls competed against hundreds of students from around the province as part of a year round competitive circuit. Check out more photos from the event on page 11.

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2 • Wednesday June 2, 2010 The Valley Sentinel


“Eat For Life” program gets incredible results: Village shrinks Joshua Estabrooks



ou may have noticed a change in Valemount recently. It isn’t an obvious one, at first glance, but it seems people are getting smaller. The “Eat for Life” program, started by Dr. Stefan Du Toit at the Valemount Clinic, has been going since February, and has already produced some pretty impressive results. “It’s not all about weight loss,” said Du Toit. “Weight loss is important, but five years ago smoking was our biggest medical concern and now obesity has become the main concern.” With Du Toit’s plan, participants form a support group that sets realistic and achievable goals, and adheres to a low glycemic index diet, which eliminates a lot of sugar and most starches. “Then we give them a well balanced diet with vegetables that don’t contain a lot of starch and they can have meat and proteins like cheese and eggs. It is relatively easy to stay on this diet.” Du Toit said that most doctors don’t like to get in-

volved in diets because there are a variety of factors that could cause a patient to fail, but the blame is often attached to the doctor. With the “Eat for Life” program, extensive medical analysis is part of the program, as the staff at the clinic is incredibly interested in tracking the success of each participant. “We did blood work on them and we have been trying to keep all of the statistics from the beginning to see what the changes really are with losing weight. We did cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels, and then we tested for depression, as most overweight people are severely depressed.” A lot of people may not know this, but eating sugar acts like a drug, said Du Toit, by releasing serotonin, which regulates mood, appetite and sleep. “If you eat sugar you get a steep rise in your blood sugar level, and your body secretes insulin to bring that down. When you come down you always come to a level a little bit lower than you started out, so you will start to feel hungry again. The peaks in blood sugar are closely related to serotonin, and serotonin makes you feel good. So a lot of people eat to get that good feeling,

Joshua Estabrooks/The Valley Sentinel

Morlove (Corwin Fox, Miss Emily Brown and Toby the nameless bassist) perform on the set of VCTV’s “Valemount Live!” last week before playing a show in the Anglican/United Church.

Costa Rica or contact for more information

“...five years ago smoking was our biggest medical concern and now obesity has become the main concern.” ~ Dr. Stefan Du Toit

straight a line as possible throughout the day. “We give the people three meals a day with five hours in between and they are not allowed to snack. During this time the body starts to burn the stored reserves and if you eat the right kind of stuff you won’t feel hungry. If you don’t get the high spikes you don’t get the lows and you don’t get the cravings.” The first three weeks of the program are the toughest, said Du Toit, but after that the body begins to adjust to the routine. Participants are not allowed to exercise during the initial stages of the process, said Du Toit, until the body reaches its ideal metabolic rate and size. “While on the diet you put your body into what we call catabolism, and it is a break down phase. If you do exercise you go into anabolism, which is the build up phase, so metabolically you are cancelling out what you are trying to achieve. We want people to reach their ideal weight, and then we introduce an exercise program because it makes much more sense to run around the block when you are 50 pounds lighter.” As the data continues to be collected, Du Toit said one of the more remarkable results is the change in people’s medical conditions, like diabetes. Du Toit explains that there is the same amount of hormones in your body whether it is small or large, so by making a large person smaller they reach a level of equilibrium they couldn’t achieve while they were larger. “This is the same for all of the hormones in the body. We had one patient save over $500 a month on medication they no longer need.” The program would not be possible without the dedication of all the staff at the clinic, he said, as they are holding many of the support group meetings after hours and on their own time. “The nurses have been a big part of this whole process. It’s a huge team effort.” The hope is that if the data being collected over the long term holds up, the program could be adopted by Northern Health as a preventative measure for patients, as opposed to treating the effects of obesity with medication. “I don’t like medication at all, and if you can fix a health problem without pills it’s much better. We have had interest from Jasper and McBride, but right now we have to keep it limited to Valemount. If we get proof of sustainability then who knows where it could go.” To date, the two original groups have 33 people participating, and have achieved a total weight loss of 864.5 pounds, with many reducing their medications significantly. The drastic changes and incredible results are a reason Du Toit urges people not to try the program without medical supervision, as any time you manipulate your metabolism certain factors and effects need to be monitored by a medical professional. “ There is currently a waiting list for people interested in taking part in “Eat for Life”. For more information on the program, contact the Valemount Health Clinic.

Annual General Meeting

Brilliant Investment/Vacation properties available at a great price! 3 Minutes from Playa del Sol

and then it becomes a habit. If you have been eating like this for 20 years, your body starts to switch off the metabolic pathways to burn the stored reserves, and then you just start to pick up more and more weight.” What the eating plan aims to accomplish is to eliminate the peaks in blood sugar levels, and create as

Valemount Senior Citizens Housing Society

Gary Schwartz Farrier Service

McBride, BC

(250) 569-3319

Date: Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 Time: 7:00 P.M. Place: Golden Years Hall


The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 2, 2010 • 3

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School District announces budget reductions of $6.2 million Joshua Estabrooks


chool District 57 Superintendent, Brian Pepper, announced last week that a preliminary budget for the 2010-2011 school year was presented to the Board of Education at its regular Management and Finance Committee recently. If the budget is adopted, district expenditures for 2010-2011 will be reduced by $6.2 million. Pepper said that these savings have been achieved in three ways: school closures, reductions in allocations to schools and reduction and reorganization of district infrastructure. “The budget is a product of extensive meetings with various

school communities, school principals and their staffs and central office management personnel.” School closures will account for approximately $1.9 million of the savings, said Pepper, and will result in a reduction of 25 full time equivalent positions. The allocations available to the remaining schools have also been reduced by $2 million. This reduction will affect district class size averages and support for students in the following areas: teacher assistants, library, counselling and school administration. “Overall there will be 24 fewer full time equivalents as a result of reducing school organization allocations.” The final reduction of $2.2 million

in district infrastructure will include a reduction of approximately 31 full time equivalent positions, including district administrators, maintenance and trades people and exempt/management personnel. In total, 80 full time equivalent positions will be eliminated as a result of the cuts, said Pepper. “Every school in the district has been impacted by the work of the sustainability committee. We believe that we have met the challenges related to our finances and our enrollment decline.” Pepper said that the numbers are easy to say, but the fact of the matter is they represent “dedicated individuals, and they have contributed signifi-

cantly to the children in our school district both directly and indirectly and they are going to be missed. In terms of people impacted, I would say it is around 370 people, to generate those 80 positions. A minimum of 370 people. You don’t cut 6.2 million without impacting the workforce significantly.” The budget was presented to the board at its regular meeting on June 1st, and must be filed with the Ministry of Education by June 20. Pepper said that this concludes the work of the sustainability committee, although next year the district will face another $3.6 million in reductions in order to meet the total shortfall of $9.8 million.

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Joshua Estabrooks/The Valley Sentinel

Jody Newham and Anne Marie Scott perform a very amusing version of a scene from The Importance of Being Ernest at the Anglican/United Church last week.

Wine & cheese evening Weds, June 9, 5:30 p.m. - Eagle’s View Room, Best Western Guest Presenters from Community Futures Do you have an idea for a business but require funding? Does your existing business require a financial injection? Need help writing a business Plan? A business plan writing workshop will be offered Thursday June 10, 2010 9 am to 3 pm Minimum of 6 participants - pre-registration is required 250-566-0061 sponsored by Valemount & Area Chamber of Commerce


4 • Wednesday June 2, 2010 The Valley Sentinel



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Village outed


Dear Editor; ast week the Village of McBride hosted an information meeting, thinly disguised as a Community Forest AGM, where the truth regarding the management of the McBride Community Forest Corporation was finally made clear. Patrick Cotter, from the law firm Wilson King, made it abundantly clear, in a short talk and answers to questions from the floor, that Village Council as the only shareholder fully controls the McBride Community Forest Corporation. The management committee (Board) and discussion regarding its makeup, has been a diversionary smoke screen to hide the actual control of the Community Forest. I suspect that Mayor Frazier and CEO Marc von der Gonna have been fully aware of this for a long time. And to further illustrate the disdain for the public’s intelligence the Village Council had Roxanne Yanishewski (and Associates) present a “Process for collecting input into board structure review,” which consists of two questions, (the second wholly dependent on the first, so actually one) and the opportunity to be interviewed “about the attributes of the MCFC’s Board of Directors.” I give Roxanne and the Council full credit for being able to present this with a straight face! Forget the Board, the Council runs the Community Forest.


Talking to tourists


f you hear anyone say they’re bored this month, please give them a shake. It is officially summer, in terms of the many events and gatherings that seem to come one after another once the ball gets rolling. This is a time when visitors descend on our villages, and we get a chance, if we allow ourselves, to see our home through the eyes of a tourist. It is a good practice to get into, as if we do in fact want to attract more and more outsiders to come and spend their money in our local economy, understanding our potential customers is important. Being a fairly recent resident to the Valley, it is still quite easy for me to engage the area as if I had just arrived, but I have also been here long enough that I can also, if I allow myself, see the strangers as intruders on MY home turf. I hear the grumbles and sarcasm from locals every once in a while, and it makes me wonder if some of them truly understand how important these people are to the survival of our little Valley. The best thing to do, if I were in charge of developing and increasing tourist traffic in McBride, Valemount, Dunster, Blue River, or anywhere in between, is to simply get out and talk to people. Speaking with a tourist usually garners information and ideas that may not have crossed our minds. This is market research at its source. You don’t need multi million dollar advertising agencies to tell you, dialogue with our visitors is incredibly valuable. So I urge everyone to take some time and chat with a newcomer this week, and really listen to them. Sure, some of them may be out to lunch, but I assure you many of them will have no problem telling you what’s working and what isn’t. Then it’s up to us to implement or discard their suggestions. Like any business, it’s all about customer service.



You should be concerned Dear Editor; he McBride Community Forest Corporation (MCFC) held its AGM this past Wednesday evening. It was the usual demonstration by the MCFC and the Village of McBride that they can spend lots of taxpayer money to tell the public that they (the public) have no right to influence how the MCFC is operated. For this dog and pony show they brought in their lawyer, their accountant, and a sociologist. Each is being paid with your tax dollars to defend an untenable position of the MCFC and the Village of McBride because most of the elected council (one exception), the appointed MCFC board members and the managing staff of both entities continue to refuse any meaningful input from the public. It is my opinion that as a taxpayer you should be very concerned with the attitude and actions of this small group. Firstly the Village of McBride is spending approximately $36,000 of your money to have a consultant conduct a survey in “an initial effort to gather information regarding the MCFC.” Are



they saying they do not currently have information regarding the MCFC? The survey asks you to identify how such attributes as accessibility, accountability, inclusiveness, and transparency among others are important to you. Would you the taxpayer not want or expect such attributes from your publically owned corporation and the council of your village? The fact that they have to ask about such attributes is very telling. This is a snow job to divert attention away from their poor management and demonstrates a complete contempt for the idea good governance that might be expected from the mayor and council. The survey also wants to know where you live and what you do. Do you live inside village limits or outside within the Community Forest footprint? Does this mean that if you live within village limits that you should have more or less say in how the forest, the water and wildlife of your crown asset are managed? If you are a health care worker as opposed to a farmer does it mean that your opinion is less valid when it comes to making decisions about how public resources DEANNA MICKELOW

Len McCarty McBride are used? If this information was not being used to determine whose view is important based on where you live and what you do there would be no purpose in asking such questions. I say to the residents of the Robson Valley and more specifically the taxpayers of the Village of McBride; you are being abused by your local government in a fashion that is nothing short of disgusting. I also believe that this council and its management staff have placed a huge financial liability on the taxpayers of McBride by refusing to accept public input into the operational decisions of MCFC and by their continued secrecy on how and what decisions are made. Specifically I believe there are environmental, silviculture, and tax liabilities to MCFC that have not been accounted for or mitigated properly even though the board of MCFC and the council have been repeatedly warned of such concerns. As an example, MCFC has never paid any income tax on its profits. MCFC

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The Valley Sentinel Wednesday, June 2, 2010 • 5

Valemount Secondary


Coulter BEESON


Class of:


“Tessa Simard, Joey Stusiak and Megan Fox will be returning to Valemount to take part in the graduation ceremony.”

Congratulations 2010 Grads And Best Wishes for a Successful Future

Brandi-Anne BERGLUND


Class of:

Class of:

From Wilderness Creek Campground 250-566-4098

Congrats Grad. Many things have changed... But some just stay the same! 

Love from your family

Congratulations to our leaders of tomorrow

From Cathy McLeod, MP Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo 979 Victoria St, Kamloops, BC, V2C 2C1

Tel: 250-851-4991 • Fax: 250-851-4994

2010 Congratulations to all the 2010 Grads From Valemount Days Committee


Congratulations to Sereana Fontaine and the Grads of 2010 FROM


Congratulations Grads! From Valemount Sporting & Clothing 250-566-9844 3.36” x 4”

Congr atulations 2010 Gr aduates! On behalf of the Board and staff at Columbia Basin Trust, we wish the graduates of 2010 every success in your future endeavours. CBT would also like to congratulate the recipients of CBT’s Youth Community Service Award. Recipients will receive $2,000 toward their first year of post-secondary education or training for exemplary volunteer service in their community.

From Catherine’s Corner and Sasquatch Sandwiches 250-566-4100 Located in Premier Coin Laundry

To learn more about CBT, visit

w w


6 • Wednesday, June 2, 2010 The Valley Sentinel

Valemount Secondary Graduates 2010 Congratulations to all the 2010 Grads From The Staff at William DEULING


Class of:

Class of:

Alpine Country Rentals ltd 250-566-9774 1140 Main Street, Valemount

Congratulations Grads! Especially Dustin & William

From the Management & Staff of Marketplace IGA Valemount



Sereana-Loveigh FONTAINE


Class of:

Class of:


Congratulations From Caribou Grill Ltd 250-566-8244 1002-5th Ave, Valemount

Congratulations to Jesse Lewis and the Grads of 2010!

From Lewis Construction


Congratulations Grads! Wishing you success in the future From: Lakewest Enterprises Ltd


Best Wishes To all Grads From everyone at

Valemount Home Centre 250-566-4256 1248-5th Ave, Valemount

2010 Congratulations Grads

and Best Wishes for a successful future! From Kiwa Coffee House 250-566-9939

2010 Congratulations 2010 Grads

and Best Wishes for a successful future

From Brookfield Power 604-489-2205

2010 Grads And Best Wishes to all

Congratulations to the Valemount 2010 Grads

From Shell Might Mart

From Lake District Maintenance Ltd 250-566-4474



Congratulations to the Grads of 2010

Congratulations from Terry & Jeanne

Best wishes wherever the road may take you. From

From Mica Mountain Transport


(Country Wide Services & Sales Ltd) 250-566-4380

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday, June 2, 2010 • 7

Valemount Secondary Graduates 2010 Best Wishes to VSS Grads of 2010! Love you always Ainsley McGuire Elizabeth KELLY


Class of:

Class of:



From Greenstar Forest Solutions 250-566-1216

Congratulations Grads Wishing Everyone

Much Success In all Endeavours




Adventure Management Ltd Valemount Visitor Centre British Columbia Visitor Centre at Mount Robson

Congratulations & Best Wishes to the 2010 Graduating Students Class of:

2010 Congratulations

to all the Grads of 2010 From the staff at the

Great Escape Restaurant

250-566-4565 • 1460-5th Ave, Valemount


to the Grads of 2010! May your dreams become reality From Irvin’s RV Park & Campground

Class of:

2010 Congratulations 2010 Grads! May all your dreams become a reality.

To the Valemount 2010 Grads From Canoe Valley Recreation Centre 250-566-4740

Congratulations to all the 2010 Grads from

From Carol Patton,CGA

(Certified General Accountant)


Congratulations Grads of 2010 on your Achievements! From Canwest Propane Ltd 250-566-1324



From Cariboo Lodge/CMH (Canadian Mountain Holidays) Heli skiing 250-566-9888

Alpine Inn & Loose Moose Neighbourhood Pub 250-566-2337 5th Ave, Valemount

Congratulations & Best Wishes to the 2010 Graduating Students. Way to Go Lynsie Shalla!

From Canoe Mountain Extreme Sports 250-566-9949

Best Wishes to all the Grads of 2010

Congratulations to the Grads of 2010 From

From: House of Trailers & Valemount Car Wash On the corner of 5th Ave & Ash St.


Debra Parker • 250-421-7600

8 • Wednesday, June 2, 2010 The Valley Sentinel

Valemount Secondary Graduates 2010 Congratulations 2010 Grads! From


Christian MATCHETT

Class of:

Class of:

Vanderhoof & District CO-OP 1.866.309.2667

Congratulations & Best Wishes to the 2010 Graduating Students. May your dreams and aspirations become reality.

Valemount Village Office (Village of Valemount)





Class of:

Class of:

Mayor Bob Smith, Council & Staff 250-566-4435

Congratulations Grads! Wishing everyone much success in the future From

Valemount & District Volunteer Fire Department


Where have these little guys gone? Congratulations to Grads Coulter, Ainsley & Will

2010 Congratulations to the class of 2010! We are proud of you Tyler Fowler. From Diane and Shawn Fowler 250-566-8483

2010 Special Congratulations to Anchor Coulter Beeson for overcoming a sprained medulla! From Valemount Community TV 250-566-8288

Love John & Donnie

Congratulations to the Grads Especially Alicia Olson & Sereana Fontaine

From Best Western Valemount Inn & Suites 250-566-0086 1950 S Highway 5, Valemount

Congratulations Grads!

Wishing you success in the future From R&D Automotive/George Raabis Auto 250-566-0063

Congratulations Grads! Wishing you all the best in your future

From Valemount Dental Clinic 250-566-9993


and Best Wishes of 2010 From


The Valley Sentinel Wednesday, June 2, 2010 • 9

Valemount Secondary Graduates 2010 Alicia OLSON

Meetul PATEL

Congratulations to all the Grads of 2010 From P&V Convenience Store & Gas Bar 250-566-9977

Class of:


Class of:


Congratulations Grads!

Wishing you much success in the future From


Britney STONE

1-800-505-8998 A Big Congratulations to the 2010 Grads!

Class of:

2010 Congratulations to the class of 2010! Valemount VVale alemount PPu Public ublic LIBRARY LIB LI BRA RARRRYY

From Valemount Public Library 250-566-4367

Valemount Learning Centre and the College of New Caledonia

Congratulations Grads of 2010

Class of:

2010 Congratulations 2010 Grads! We wish you a future of success

From Valemount Marina Association Kimbasket Lake • 250-566-9192

Wishing you success in your ventures

From Monashee Motors Ltd 250-566-4318

Congratulations to Dawn Maker and the rest of the Graduating class of 2010!

From: Valemount Travel Centre


Congratulations to the Grads of 2010!


From Arnold & Flo

From all of us at Valemount Pines Golf Course & RV Park 250-566-4550


Tarmigan Towing 250-566-4601


Congratulations to the Grads 2010!


From Rex’s Recycling Centre 250-566-9111

From Super 8 Motel 250-566-9171

Grads of 2010 on your achievements

Congratulations Grads! From everyone at Twin Peaks Resort 250-566-9160

10 • Wednesday, June 2, 2010 The Valley Sentinel

Valemount Secondary Graduates 2010 William VANDERZWAN


Class of:

Class of:

Congratulations 2010 Grads!

Wishing you every success in the future


From Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 266 250-566-4343


May all your dreams come true


Grads of 2010!

to all the Grads of 2010! Good Luck in the future!

And Good Luck in the future

Love you Lynsie Shallia "see you for breakfast"

From all the staff at Valemount IDA Pharmacy 250-566-4594 • 1163-5th Ave, Valemount


Ramakada Motel 250-566-4555

From McLennan Car/Truck Stop 250-566-9199

Congratulations to the 2010 Grad Class from Valemount Secondary School!


Congratulations 2010 Graduates From the staff at The Valley Sentinel

Congratulations to the Grads of 2010 From Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd And Robson Helimagic Inc 250-566-4401

Congratulations To the Grads of 2010 from Valemount

250-566-4425 1012 Commercial Drive, Valemount

From: C.Baggett Logging Ltd 250-566-4873

Peter Reimer Notary Public & Underwriters Insurance Brokers “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela Now go and change it for the better!

Shirley BOND, MLA

Prince George–Valemount

Office: 1350 5th Avenue Prince George, BC Toll Free: 1.866.612.7333 Phone: 250.612.4181

Congratulations & Best Wishes to 2010 Graduating Students! May your dreams become reality.

250-566-4464 1222-5th Ave, Valemount

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 2, 2010 • 11

» BC High School Rodeo Association - Valemount Rodeo May 29-30

Joshua Estabrooks/The Valley Sentinel

(Clockwise from left to right) 1. Kelsey Griffin competes in the barrel race event. 2. Tyler and Devon Reay of Williams Lake close in on their target during the team roping event. 3. Melanie Brown guides her horse through the pole bending event. 4. Ryan Jasper of Riske Creek bravely competes in the bull riding event. 5. Cole Scott of Kamloops grabs some air as he gets bucked off during the saddle bronc event.

Meat Manager, Jasper Super A


Jasper Super A is looking for an experienced RETAIL MEAT MANAGER to run one of our most successful operations in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. As Meat Manager you will be responsible for all aspects of the managing the department, including cutting meat. You must have working knowledge of gross margins, expense controls and human resources management. The successful candidate must have Grade 12 (or equivalent) and be able to provide a “clear” security clearance. If you have the skills and abilities please forward your resume to our Head Office, The Grocery People Ltd. (TGP) in confidence to:

The Family of Eugene Blanchette would like to extend a big thank you to Dr Keyter, Dr Markham and staff at the Valemount Medical Clinic, who all helped provide some comfort to Eugene’s last months.

Human Resources Officer The Grocery People Ltd. 14505 Yellowhead Trail, EDMONTON, AB T5L 3C4 Fax: 780-447-5781


We thank all applicants, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Also thank you to the McBride hospital staff and to all the friends who offered support and encouragement throughout his illness.

12 • Wednesday June 2, 2010 The Valley Sentinel

» Valemount Spring Festival - May 28-30

Zach, Lorlei, Melanie and Emily Williams made good use of the face painting tent in the Children’s Activity area.

Terry Dennis takes his final swing of the CIBC Charity Golf Tournament which ran concurrently with the Spring Festival.

Tourists and locals spent hours at the marsh bird watching and taking in the scenery.

Festival Coordinator Charlene Montpetit and Marketing Coordinator for Tourism Valemount Jennifer Robinson greet visitors to the opening banquet at the Visitor Information Centre.

An American Coot paddles through the marsh.

THIS WEEK ON VALEMOUNT LIVE! • Green Gangs of Valemount: an investigative report into a slightly above ground economy. • High School Rodeo Revue Which ties into our special feature presentation: • Brain Injury Prevention • Valemount LIVE! a new one drops every Thursday at 6 pm. To watch live in studio, be at 99 Gorse Street by 5:30 pm


Team Fashionista: Owen Torgerson, Jeff Woods, Rob Bustin and Sue Marko may not have had the best score in the CIBC Charity Golf Tournament, but they might just have had the most fun trying.



l Patt


ral A




In Valemount every 2 Wednesday of the month. 1-800-846-9190 or (250) 672-9921 nd

Come check out the new menu! Located at the Mount Robson Lodge 250-566-4821

8:00 am - 1:00 pm & 5:00 pm - 8ish pm Closed Wednesdays

Âť Valemount Spring Festival - May 28-30

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 2, 2010 • 13

Joshua Estabrooks/The Valley Sentinel

All aboard for the family ATV ride led by VARDA General Manager Curtis Pawliuk.

Carol Bustin creating a masterpiece as an “Artist En Plein Air.�

Tobi Gee and Thamesh Bholah enjoy the jumping jungle gym in the Children’s Activity area.

Chikara Hiroe of “Blue Syntax entertain attendees of the opening banquet.

The Smolts Run was a popular race for children of all ages. It took place at the marsh, and everyone got prizes no matter how they placed.




LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! Espresso Bar & Railw ay Gift Store Turn Key Operation Full 5 year license a vailable 2010 Advertising in place

Trains & Latte’s Please inquire with Michel at the Jasper Heritage Railway Station 780-852-7444


NAPA Automotive Parts & Repairs 1140 Main Street Box 758, Valemount, BC, V0E 2Z0 Phone: (250) 566-9774 Fax: (250) 566-9771 Email:



14 • Wednesday June 2, 2010 The Valley Sentinel


Talking more about Jesus Christ; let’s explore who he was Dear Editor; OK John, what’s your agenda? You said in your letter published May 12, you were going to write a lot about the Jesus that so many curse. Why? A bunch of reasons. And I don’t mind telling you right up front, why. If you are Christian (and there are lots of them between Dome Creek and Blue River) you will be glad to see something written about him in The Sentinel. Mr. Gallup tells us that over 80% give some credence to the Biblical story I am writing for you who are Christians. If you are not a Christian, I write for you as well, because if you pay much attention to the media these days, you are likely to be misinformed about Christ. One little example of this: A university Professor stated on CBC a while ago that an old document, (The gospel of Judas) clearly reveals Judas as being the real hero of the gospel story. I noticed that the professor did not state that the Gospel of Judas is not part of the Bible and is totally contradictory to the historically

You should be concerned claims it does not have to pay income tax because it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Village of McBride. This may be true, but the income tax act clearly states that if a Municipal Corporation makes more than 10% of its revenue outside the geographical boundaries of the municipality, it must pay income tax. This statement is true for the MCFC. Similar municipal corporations (like Burns lake) operating community forests in other jurisdictions do pay income tax under this very rule. It is highly unlikely that McBride is exempt. If this liability is actually true it could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes, fines and interest. Former directors of the MCFC who were removed from the board

have warned of this possibility plus the Municipal Corporations Guide also cautions that they should seek advice on these issues lest they cause a financial liability to the Municipality and hence the taxpayers. I ask; is this negligence? A further note is that if the community forest had been set up as a society as was proposed in the original concept it would not be subject to income tax and that money would be available to benefit the community at large. So what does this all mean? It means that even though these concerns have been brought to the attention of the management and Board of Directors of MCFC they have not conducted the due diligence required to determine if they are un-

sound Biblical documents. The professor left that unsaid, and in doing so, left a trail of misinformation a mile wide. Yet you cannot say he lied. That is the kind of deception that every Christian alive needs to shout about from every mountaintop. In my writing I am shouting about deception. And I trust you want your information valid. I will do my best. If you are not Christian and want to remain misinformed, you are deliberately walking in darkness. I have been there, and I know there is little I can say to you but this: There is indeed a God in heaven that can speak to the very deepest of darkness when Christians pray. Someone prayed for me. As Christians there may be some differences between us that ought not be, but here we can unite. We can pray unitedly that the gospel of Christ will fill this country in a blaze of glory. It is my aim in letters to come, to explore: who really is this Christ that lived two thousand years ago, and people still curse Him? Who is this man that hung on a Roman cross (the


necessarily risking further burden on the taxpayers of McBride. Worse than that, instead of trying to build an inclusive community forest that allows input from all members of the Robson Valley to whom this resource belongs, they are trying to divide us into different groups based on where we live and what our occupation is. To what purpose I cannot imagine. I think the entire Village Council and the MCFC Board of Directors should resign immediately thereby allowing the election of some people who might be inclined to demonstrate such attributes as accessibility, accountability, inclusiveness, and transparency instead of just spending money to see if these words are popular with the public.

Rob and Leah Bustin take their favourite community newspaper fishing in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.

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Robson Valley Power Reliability Improvements

Thursday, June 3, 2010 7:00 pm 6:30 pm Robson Valley Community Centre, 441 Columbia Street, McBride, BC

Your feedback is important to us. For further information about the meeting, please call Dan von Hollen at 250 793 0219 or email us at

Don’t forget to send us a brief description, include who is in the photo, where they are and what they’re doing!


BC Hydro will be holding a public meeting in McBride to discuss the results of a Robson Valley Power Reliability Workshop held May 21 between elected officials from the Robson Valley, BC Hydro, and members from the Independent Power Producer (IPP) industry.

John Christison McBride

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When: Time: Doors open at: Location:

most despicable kind of death mankind has yet devised) and yet actually millions willingly followed him to the same sort of death? What catalyzed a few Jewish leaders to be so determined to kill him? What was there about this man that brings forth such anger from people that whole armies have been raised to kill his followers? Even if you have absolutely no interest in becoming a Christian surely you must wonder what there is about this man Jesus that has caused him to have more influence over people than all the kings and governments that have ever existed. Now that is a big claim! I should probably spend a lot of time and ink defending that, but I won’t, though it is true. I want to talk more directly about Christ than that. And I will.

1160-5th Ave Valemount BC 250.566.4380 Mon-Fri 9 am – 5:30

From June 1st to the 30th we will discount the full amount of the GST on Pinnacle wood pellets, and select pet toys and pet accessories. Applies to Cash & Carry Sales only

Come in today & Does not apply to custom orders that will be delivered after July 1

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Community Forest holds AGM and introduces consultant Joshua Estabrooks



he McBride Community Forest Corporation held its Annual General Meeting last week, bringing in their lawyer, accountant and introduced the consultant that would be facilitating discussions on possible board restructuring solutions. General Manager Marc von der Gonna said that approximately 40 people attended the meeting, and discussions covered a wide range of topics. “We made about $22,000 this year. We were targeting for a break-even year. We’re in the black barely, but it is better than being in the hole.” The first order of business at the AGM was to inform the public that Mayor Mike Frazier was re-appointed to the board of directors. Von der Gonna said that Former Chair, Dennis Rejman’s term was up, and the board will decide on a new chair at their meeting tonight. “They will go forward with four directors until they complete the structural review that they’re doing.” The public was then introduced to the Village’s lawyer, Patrick Cotter from Wilson King based in Prince George. “The idea was to just go over the main issues that seem to be on people’s minds these days. We wanted people to get an understanding of the ownership and the legislation on how it is run and duties of directors. He gave a 15 minute presentation on those kinds of things and then he answered questions from the floor for about 45 minutes.” The next speaker addressed the attendees with respect to the finances of the community forest. A question of

whether or not the community forest was required to pay income tax came out of the discussion, said von der Gonna, so they will be double checking to see if is something they will have to pay. “That seems to be a big issue. Our position is that we are owned by the Village so we shouldn’t pay taxes. This is the advice we got from our accountants that file our tax returns every year. They don’t think it’s a problem but we’re going to go back and double check it.” Third on the agenda was the introduction of Roxanne Yanishewski, the consultant who will be facilitating the discussion on restructuring the board of directors. Von der Gonna said that she has a survey all residents are invited to fill out, and she will be doing further

port on the company’s activities and plans for the rest of 2010. Von der Gonna said that they have harvested approximately 25,000 m3 through the small market logging program, which is about half of the annual cut. “In terms of silviculture, we are planting 236,000 seedlings this spring.” Another major development is a deal struck between the community forest and TRC Cedar, which will see 15,000 tonnes of grade four cedar sold to the mill this year, with a conditional agreement on a second year. “Because we are delivering it through our small market logger program we’re trying to use money we would make in saw log sales to offset the delivered wood cost for the grade four cedar. We will have a contract to deliver

“We’re not going to go away. These things don’t have to be resolved immediately. It would be nice if they were resolved immediately, but there is an election coming up in 18 months and I think that’s going to be the final solution.” ~ Al Birnie

analysis as well as facilitate a public meeting. “People can fill out the survey and mail it to her or leave it at the drop box we have set up. In lieu of a written survey she will also do telephone interviews as well, plus she is going to facilitate a public meeting on June 9 to get people’s thoughts. She will be trying to get data and input and she will present it to Village Council to help them make the final decision of what to do.” The final piece of the AGM was a re-

this for a certain price and then we will use our small market loggers to deliver it but we will actually pay them more for it. Then when they harvest saw logs they will pay us and we will use that to offset the price of the cedar. We may not cover all the losses this year so we might have to use money we made from last year.” Members of the recently formed “Take Back Our Forest” group attended the AGM, and member Al Birnie said the group is disappointed with what they

see as far to narrow of a scope in terms of discussions around restructuring the board. “Their focus is far to narrow as far as we are concerned. All they are doing is focusing on the existing board structure, and they have hired someone with no forestry experience. They are looking at the structure of the board under the existing circumstances where we were talking about opening it up to a wider discussion. It is like another smoke screen.” Birnie said that the group will be coming up with their own proposal of how they feel the board should be structured and will be presenting it to the facilitator. “We think the original set up was kind of a scam. That government had to be involved to protect the taxpayer from liability and the forest from liability, but we think it was just a way for the Village of McBride to highjack the whole process, and it swayed a lot of people. It swayed Mike Monroe eight years ago but he has since realized it was a bad mistake, so we have to go back to the original concept in the original proposal. The community forest does have a lot of assets now. The Village only put in $50,000 and they have taken millions out of it, so they have certainly got their moneys worth.” “Take Back Our Forest” is currently working on an 18-month plan, said Birnie, which will include goals for the next municipal election. “We’re not going to go away. These things don’t have to be resolved immediately. It would be nice if they were resolved immediately, but there is an election coming up in 18 months and I think that’s going to be the final solution. I think there’ll be some big changes.”

BC Hydro to hold public meeting to discuss power issues Joshua Estabrooks



C Hydro will be holding a public meeting in McBride on June 3 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Robson Valley Community Center to discuss the results of a Robson Valley Power Reliability Workshop held on May 21. Transportation Minister Shirley Bond (MLA for Prince George-Valemount) organized the workshop and invited local officials from the Robson Valley, BC Hydro, including BC Hydro Chair Dan Doyle, the BC Transmission Corporation, and Independent Power Producers. Discussions held over the course of the day produced both short and longer-term proposals intended to improve the electrical supply to the Robson Valley area and potentially stimulate the economy by capitalizing on independent power capacity. At the meeting, BC Hydro and Minister Bond recognized the concerns raised by local officials and committed to making further improvements this year. “We came to listen carefully to McBride’s concerns, and based on that input, and working in collaboration with the BC Transmission Corporation and the local community, we now have some suggestions as to how we might move forward,” said Doyle. SOLAR HOT WATER SYSTEMS




“It was gratifying that all of the participants sat down together in a collaborative fashion to work through these challenging issues. The issue of secure, reliable power is critical as we look to attract investment to

tinual system reinforcement work, there is a need to do more in the Robson Valley. On June 3, BC Hydro will receive further input from residents of the Robson Valley that will help to shape future initiatives.

“The issue of secure, reliable power is critical as we look to attract investment to the Robson Valley.” ~ Shirley Bond

the Robson Valley. The workshop was a good start, but there is more work to be done.” said Minister Bond. “We are very appreciative of Minister Bond, BC Hydro and the BC Transmission Corporation coming to McBride to listen to our concerns and taking them very seriously. We are committed to working together to resolve our issues, short term and long term,” said McBride Mayor Mike Frazier. Although BC Hydro has improved the reliability of electrical service to the Village of McBride every year through extensive vegetation management and con-

WHISKEY FILL ENTERPRISES LTD Welcoming - Robert Miko Will have a trained autobody & paint technician starting June 1st. Power buffing and detailing will also be available. Phone: 250-566-1231 to book an appointment for a quote.

Finance Your Future Apply for CBT’s College Community Service Award Thinking about going back to school, but need some help financially? If you’re active in your community, you may qualify for a College Community Service Award. Columbia Basin Trust is offering a $2,000 award for up to 22 Basin residents planning to attend college full-time in a recognized undergraduate program at one of the participating colleges. This award is based on community volunteer service, not on academic achievement. Eligibility criteria, applications and guidelines can be found at or by calling 1.800.505.8998. Application deadline is June 30, 2010.


16 • Wednesday June 2, 2010 The Valley Sentinel


Search for missing person continues; identity released Joshua Estabrooks


he search for a missing man continues after his mysterious disappearance over the long weekend. Valemount RCMP Constable Ron George said that the family of the missing person has returned to Edmonton, and have been speaking with police officers there to help them piece together the events of the tragic evening. “There’s a whole gamut of possibilities of what could have happened. Everything from basic to big but we don’t know and we don’t have the info to guess at it now. So at this point it is simply a missing person.” Police know that the middle-aged male, recently identified as 57-year-old Edmonton resident Robert McWilliams,

went missing in the early morning hours from a campground in Tete Jaune, on Sunday, May 23. Based on the information from the family, they are assuming he went in the Fraser River, but without a definitive witness, that is a best guess. “We really don’t have a witness to say that he went in the water. We don’t have a witness to say he didn’t go in the water. We don’t have a witness to say he didn’t go up to the highway and hitchhiked his way to town because he got ticked off at something. That’s the unfortunate part, we have a missing person but we don’t know where he went.” If he did drown in the river, George said it could take up to three weeks for his body to float up to the surface due to the frigid temperatures of the water. “Normally what happens is if you drown

your body sinks to the bottom and stays there for 24-48 hours until gasses build up which cause the body come to the surface. Now because the water is cold the body will stay down longer. That’s the unfortunate reality if the body is in the water.” When asked if the lack of information from the family is unusual, George said no, as stressful situations affect people differently. “Normally we don’t push too hard unless there is evidence to suggest foul play. Our initial reaction is to get the search going and try and do what we can that way.” George did confirm that there might have been a second member of the family in the river that night. “The story we were given is that one of the family members’ clothes were wet and when I showed up he was in the shower

warming up.” George said that the young man had also gone in the river and was swept downstream a couple hundred yards. “When he got back to the fire the missing person wasn’t around anymore. With just two of them there it is possible that the other one went in afterwards. With the noise of the water, and if you’re splashing and gasping for breath it’s possible that you won’t notice if someone goes in the river behind you.” George said that until the man is located they will continue searching the Fraser with a variety of resources. McWilliams was last seen wearing faded Levi blue jeans and a navy blue Helly Hansen style jacket. Anyone who may have seen a man matching this description is asked to call the Valemount RCMP.

Predator loss prevention program available for farmers Joshua Estabrooks

A pilot project through the BC Agriculture Research and Development Corporation (ARDCORP) could come in handy for many local farmers who receive losses due to predation. Program Manager Drew Carmichael said he was contacted recently by two of the three farmers who had lost livestock due to recent bear attacks in the

If you haven’t made plans already, it’s time to book your event at McBride’s beautiful new

ROBSON VALLEY COMMUNITY CENTRE FAMILY EVENTS AND ENTERTAINMENT Featuring a Professional Stage, Hardwood Dance Floor, Seating for 360, Commercial Kitchen, and Wet Bar. A Memorable Location for those Milestone Family Events, Performances, and Dances BUSINESS AND EDUCATIONAL EVENTS 5,000 Square Feet of Meeting Room and Reception Area An Attractive Venue for Meetings, Conferences, Training, and Trade Shows

Dunster area. Under the pilot project, farmers can contact the agency, which will do an investigation into the incident and help by covering losses. “If you have a wounded animal or a dead one they will do an assessment and they can usually determine what predator it is, and currently under the ministry of agriculture risk management branch there is a way those producers can apply for some compensation, if it is verified,” said Carmichael. He added that the compensation program is only for cattle at this point in time. Another aspect of the program is an attempt to gather and store information on other livestock species, as well as the type of predation events an area experiences at different times of the year, so they can more effectively develop future programs to assist the producers in the province. “We are in a learning stage on that and we are hoping if folks call in we can learn more about livestock attacks on those types of species and build up our information so we can make recommendations on how to reduce or eliminate livestock predator interactions.” If a farmer loses livestock to predation, Carmichael said the earliest they can call in the better. “They need to hang on to the carcass, and maintain the site’s integrity as much as possible.” He said that this time of year usually brings about a number of losses due to bears, so he isn’t surprised at the recent incidents in the Dunster area. “Some bears are more predatory than others, so they might see livestock and it doesn’t look a whole lot different than a moose or a deer. They are coming out of hibernation and they are hungry, and if there’s railroad tracks around with stuff killed along them it could attract them into the area.” Unfortunately, the mitigation program, which aims to help assist farmers in catching and dispatching problem predators, is currently on hiatus, but Carmichael hopes that if enough data is collected from

producers phoning in their incidents, they can make a case for reinstating the funding. “At the very least, if we cannot respond, at least we will be able to take some statistics from the incident so we can get a sense how many of these incidents are happening in the different parts of the province. A lot of times farmers will deal with their own issues, and fair enough, we don’t want to discourage guys that are managing their own operations and dealing with incidents appropriately. But at the same time it helps if we know about the incident so that we have a sense of how much activity is happening. It builds a case for future long term funding or some more resources for the Conservation Officers.” Farmers who have experienced predation incidents are asked to call 1-866-398-2848.

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Mick Callas/Submitted

This 3-400 pound adolescent Grizzly Bear was seen exploring in Robson Valley resident Mick Callas’ yard recently.

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Court Report

On the April 8th court date Mr. Wesley Lewis pled guilty to driving while impaired. On December 8th, 2009 Lewis was charged with care or control of vehicle with over .08. His blood alcohol level was 100 mg per 110 ml. Lewis has received a one year driving prohibition, a $1,000 fine and a victim surcharge fine of $150. Ms. Charlene Montpetit was charged with care or control of vehicle over .08 on December 5th, 2009. Her blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. Montpetit has received a driving prohibition of one year, a $1,000 fine and a victim surcharge fine of $150. Mr. Gerald Wurm has also pled guilty to impaired driving. Charged in February 2010 he has received a one year driving prohibition and a fine of $1,000. His blood alcohol level was 160 mg per 170 ml.

May On the May 8th court date Mr. David Frye entered into a peace bond in relation to charges that he assaulted Tammy Titus and Barb Johnston. He admitted in court that he assaulted both women and apologized for his actions. He is in recognisance with conditions for one year. Charged with criminal harassment and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle Mr. Micheal Moman appeared in court to answer the charges. On October 8th, 2008 using his vehicle Moman pursued a visiting conservation officer, resulting in a verbal altercation. A stay of proceedings was issued for count #2 but Moman was found guilty on count #1. Moman was given an 18 month probation order with conditions. Carmen Byford was taken into custody following an allegation that she breached her conditional sentencing order. She appeared before the Supreme Court on May 12th and received 8 days jail time in addition to 22 days spent in custody waiting for her court date. She has been returned to her original order.


Court Report BIRCH LOGS WANTED Colborne Lumber Ltd in Clearwater, BC requires large volume of birch logs and will pay a minimum of $70 per m3. For more information please contact: or phone 250-674-3129

Corporal Trevor Prosser “Where is a cop when you need one?” As drivers how often have we said this to ourselves? Ok, just a show of hands, be honest. The driver who approaches us with his or her high beams still on, or the driver behind us may be not only following too closely but also have their high

Advantage Insurance


Services Ltd.

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beams too, are both annoyances in their own right. Have you ever wondered how often we, as drivers, are the cause of someone else’s frustration? If it is not high beams, why do those lights look so bright coming towards us? One of the reasons they may look so bright is that they are driving with their fog lights on. Fog lights are only activated on a vehicle when it is on low beam. However, legally, fog lights can only be used when “atmospheric conditions make the use of headlights disadvantageous.” While this phrase is not defined as such in the Motor Vehicle Act or Regulations, it is commonly accepted that this would mean driving in fog or even heavy snowfall when your normal headlights, and certainly high beams alone, are totally ineffective. In this case, the provisions allow for the use of fog lamps. All other occasions, fog lights should be turn off. Many drivers are thinking that these fog lights are actually driving lights. They certainly light up the road, like driving lights should. But, unlike driving lights, and this is where they are easily detected by the police, fog lights are only activated while on low beam. Unlike driving lights, which are only activated while on high beam. If you stop and think about it for a second, this makes sense. If you are meeting or coming up behind a vehicle, a driver should have the minimal amount of light intensity coming from their vehicle. If you are unsure of the light set up on your vehicle, take a look at the manual, or do a quick hands on check of how your lights work and how they are activated on your vehicle. Distracted driving is still the leading provincial cause of injury accidents, let’s not make it OUR distraction that is the cause. The fine for the illegal use of the fog lamps is $109.00 as set out in the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations. One last note, you can put your hands down now! Safe driving.

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May we send our heartfelt thanks to all who gave so generously of their kindness and sympathy in the death of a loved and respected son and brother. We especially want to thank those who visited us at home, and shared in the Memorial Service at the Valemount Community Hall. We would also like to thank all the staff at the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton, and to everyone at the Valemount Secondary School.



CALL 250 566-4425 OR EMAIL

-The Rondeau Family

18 • Wednesday June 2, 2010 The Valley Sentinel

Community Service Listings VALEMOUNT • PUBLIC LIBRARY BOARD MEETING EVERY 2ND WED. 5 PM DOWNSTAIRS AT THE LIBRARY. • PUBLIC HEALTH UNIT Prenatal Classes,Baby Clinics Call 566-9138 ext 228 for appointments. • CHAMPS Weight loss Support Team for men and women. Thurs. 6:00 pm Downstairs Valemount Clinic. Shirley 566-9829, Dolly 566-8458. • COUNCIL MEETING 2nd & 4th Tues., 7 pm, council chambers. Everyone welcome. • CHAMBER OF COMMERCE General Meeting 2nd Thurs of the month @ 12pm at the Learning Centre • SADDLE & WAGON CLUB MEETING 3rd Thurs. 7 pm 566-9707 • VALEMOUNT CHILDREN’S ACTIVITY CENTRE Board Meeting 2nd Mon.7 pm @ the Centre beneath the Community Hall (the red door). • ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION General meetings every 3rd Mon of month 7:30pm in Legion. • LIONS BINGO 1st & 3rd Mon, at Lions Hall, doors open 6pm, everyone welcome. • LADIES AUXILIARY #266 Legion Meetings 1st Tuesday of every month 3pm in Valemount Legion. • VALEMOUNT SENIORS SOCIAL CLUB. Regular meetings first Thurs of every month at 7pm downstairs lounge at Golden Years Lodge. Seniors Music Night 7PM WED • VALEMOUNT CIRCLE DANCE. For more info please contact 250 566-0095 • ADULT RECREATION BADMINTON. Thurs at 7pm in th Valemount Sec School gym. Contact Jamie @250 566-4656 • ADULT RECREATIONAL VOLLYBALL. Tues from 7pm - 9pm. Valemount Sec School gym. Contact Shelley Mainprize @ 250 566-9854

TETE JAUNE • TETE JAUNE COMMUNITY CLUB meetings held the 1st Tues. of the month at 7pm at the Tete Jaune Hall.

MCBRIDE • VALLEY PIECEMAKERS QUILT GUILD Every other Wednesday. 7:00 pm in the High School. New members welcome, contact Dawna Hickerty 5693210. • ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Every Sun, 8 pm at the Health Unit. • OAPO STITCH & KNIT Every Thurs., 2:30 - 4 pm, Beaverview Lodge, Hilda Murin 569-3305 • ALANON every Mon. 8pm at the Health Unit • TOPS Tues. 6:45 pm weigh-in, 7:15 pm meeting. Health Unit in McBride. New members welcome. Brenda Molendyk 569-3113 • VILLAGE COUNCIL MEETING 2nd & 4th Tues,7:30 pm,Village Council Chambers. • DIABETES SUPPORT GROUP 1st Wed, 1 pm at Beaverview Lodge & Sat.10 am -12 pm, 441 Dominion St 569-2658 / 569-0113 • SUPPORT GROUP FOR FAMILIES DEALING WITH MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS Last Wed every month 7:30 pm @ McBride Health Centre more info call Norma 569-2637 or Elizabeth 968-4347 • DOOR STORIES SERIES 2008-2009 Art Exhibition by Pamela Cinnamon. Nov 12 2009 - Jan 15 2010 at the Museum/Library Building 241 Dominion St. McBride




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• Valemount Seniors Carpet Bowling 9am • McBride E-Free Church -Dropin Walking 7-8 AM , Low Impact Exercises for Women 4-5PM



• Valemount Rec Volleyball VSS 7PM MCBRIDE • TOPS 6:30pm at the Health Unit • 7-9 PM VFD mtbg @ Fire Hall


• Valemount Rec Volleyball VSS 7PM MCBRIDE • TOPS 6:30pm at the Health Unit • 7-9 PM VFD mtbg @ Fire Hall


• Valemount Rec Volleyball VSS 7PM MCBRIDE • TOPS 6:30pm at the Health Unit • 7-9 PM VFD mtbg @ Fire Hall



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JUNE 5/6 •Dunster Family Dance Sat June 5th from 7pm-10pm at the Dusnter Hall. See below for more info...

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Church 569.2378 or 569.8845 1st Ave Sun 11am Sunday School 9:45am.

John McGuire

990 Railway Road Prince George BC 1-866-309-2667 (250) 963-9011

Sundays 9:00 am 1275 5th Ave 250 566-4772.

Sun. 11:00 am Home group meeting at Rod & Deb Reimer’s - Brown Road, Dunster. 250 968-4335.


Greg Belshaw

250 968-4349 or 250 566-4568 Sunday-11am, Sun. School 11am


Call liz or KiM everard at 250.566.9111

Delivering Fuel East to McBride




* Pre-approvals * Purchases * Refinances * Consolidations * Rental Property *Self Employed Mortgages * New to Canada * Vacation Home

441 Dominion St., 250 569.3206 or Debra Parker AMP Mortgage Consultant

Phone: 1-866-426-8211 Cell: 250-421-7600 Email:

Looking out for your best Interest.

Mac’s Small Engine Service & Repair Closed Dec 8-Jan 8

250 569.3386. Worship/Kids church 09:00am


Lamming Pit Road 250 569.3370 Sabbath School: Sat. 9:30 am, Worship Service Sat. 11am, Pathfinders Tues 7pm, Prayer Meeting Wed 7pm


• Lawn & gaRdEn • aTV’S • powER SawS • SnowMobILES

Church 569-3350 Office 569-6802 Sunday Worship 11:10am, Prayer Service Wed. 7 pm

Call Mac Cochrane



Advertise your business with

(250) 566-4425 or 1-800-226-2129

Sun. Sch. 10am Sunday Services 11am, 7:30pm Wed 7:45pm

20 • Wednesday June 02, 2010 The Valley Sentinel The Valley 250.566.4425 | Toll-free: 1.800.226.2129 | E-mail: | Web: Main: Up to 20 words: $6 • Up to 25 words: $7 • Up to 30 words: $8



Guaranteed to Sell $19.95+GST

GTS for 20 words and $1 plus GST for each additional word. Offer valid for the following classified categories: Automotive, Campers/Motorhomes, Miscellaneous, Recreational Vehicles, Pets/Livestock, and building materials. This offer is valid for single item sales only. Your ad will run for one month then you must call to keep it running at no additional charge. Some conditions apply call for details.

Main: 250.566.4425 | Toll-free: 1.800.226.2129 | E-mail: | Web: PUBLIC NOTICE









McBride Community Forest Corporation Survey


Updated June 2, 2010

 Auto body/Paint     

Sidewalk Replacement In an ongoing effort to improve the McBride Community Forest Corporation (MCFC), the Village of McBride is asking for your assistance by completing a survey. The Village of McBride will use your responses on the survey to examine how the MCFC should be governed.

The Village of McBride invites tenders for Sidewalk Replacement in various locations within the Village of McBride. Scope of work includes the following: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k)

Village of McBride Office Bank of Nova Scotia Crescent Spur Post Office Please either drop off the completed survey in the drop-off box located at the Village of McBride Office or mail it to the researcher (the address is on the survey form) on or before June 10th, 2010.

June 9th, 2010 McBride Community Hall 7:00 – 8:30 PM

A mandatory site meeting will be held on Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 10:00 am at the McBride Village Office.

Everyone is welcome!

Sealed Tenders will be received by Robert Callaghan, Public Works Supervisor, Village of McBride, 100 Robson Centre-855 SW Frontage Road, McBride, BC up to 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 9, 2010. The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. The Village of McBride reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Tenders. LOCAL RENTALS

For further information please contact:


Valemount Learning Centre 250-566-4601 Box 789 99 Gorse St. Valemount, BC V0E 2Z0

The Village of McBride will also host a public meeting for people who wish to further discuss the desired attributes of the governance of the MCFC. This 
meeting will be facilitated by the researcher:

Tender Documents will be available May 26, 2010. Tender Documents may be obtained from the McBride Village Office at 100 Robson Centre-855 SW Frontage Road, McBride BC during regular business hours.

Hit your mark - Everytime!

Front desk staff can give you detailed information about each of these postings, including info on how to submit your application for these job opportunities. For more information about these jobs, please call:

Survey forms are being mailed and are available at the following locations:

The work is to be completed prior to August 15, 2010 and references of previous concrete sidewalk installation experience and references must be provided.


 

Please note that you must be at least 18 years of age to complete this survey.

Removing and disposing of old Sidewalks and extra Materials Some Concrete cutting and Jack Hammering will be required Framing, levelling and packing gravel Base Installation of four (4) inches of Concrete with mesh reinforcement at a minimum 30 MPA. Ends of sidewalks properly sloped to meet existing road, for wheel chairs Ends of sidewalks properly sloped to meet existing driveway accesses Broom finish, properly edged, with cuts every six (6) feet plus requested cuts Remove forms and clean up of area once sidewalk has cured Extra cement MUST be hauled away Concrete Construction a MUST Random testing will be taken and a 10% holdback will be held until satisfactory test results have been received.

Robert Callaghan Village of McBride 100 Robson Centre-855 SW Frontage Road, McBride BC Phone: (250)569-3363 shop or leave message at (250) 569-2229 / Fax (250) 5693276

 





2 Bdrm apt. across from ENTAL ISTINGS the hospital in McBride. Fridge, stove included. ALEMOUNT EAL STATE $525 per mth. Call 250 569-0208 #024 Mountainview Apartments MAR 17 TFN 2 Bdrm available July 1st - $575 Clean & Quiet Building CN Apts - 1 & 2 bdrms No Pets, No Smoking $520 & $590/mth + #006-2 3 Bdrm Duplex suite. Fully renovated, hydro. Juniper Manor huge fenced yard. Wood/electric - 2 bdrms, all new heat. Available July $750 cupboards & fixtures,


fresh paint, new ceramic tile & wook laminate flooring, good storage & laundry hookups. $590/ mth + hydro, 1 Bachelor $400/month + hydro. Call Scott 250 5661569



Photos and details at Call Jen 250-566-1323


Technician Banquet Supervisor Chambermaids (2) Cook / Chef Front Desk (4) Front Desk/ Reception Housekeepers (3) Motel Managers (Couple) Servers Specialty Cook ( International Cuisine)


1994 Jeep YJ. 4 Cyl, 5 speed, 196,000 km, hard-top and soft-top, 1/2 doors, new tires, studded winter tires on rims, no rust, very economical. $6000 obo. Call 250 5660090


1989 Jeep Cherokee. 4 door, manual, very good shape. $2000 obo. Call 250 566-1212


1993 Chrysler Concorde. 190,000 km, excellent condition, V6 engine. Asking $1850 obo. Call Mike @780 931-6253


2000 Chrysler Intrepid. Very good shape. 4 summer tires, 4 studded winter tires $4000 obo. Phone 250 566-4555


The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 02, 2010 • 21 Main: 250.566.4425 | Toll-free: 1.800.226.2129 | E-mail: | Web: OBITUARY

Blanchette, Eugene Jan 21, 1937- May 16, 2010

Eugene passed away peacefully on May 16, 2010 at the age of 73, after a courageous battle with cancer. He is survived by his wife of 50 years. Agnes, his children Denise (Dennis), Marcel (Valerie), David (Hollie), Paul (Laurie), Marc (Claudette), Susan (Alan), his Grandchidren Evan, Jennifer, Louise and Lisa, and his extended family Melanie, Kyle, Nicholas and Cole. Eugene was predeceased by his daughter Lisa, Father Alphonse, Mother Mathilda, Sisters Germaine and Elize and Brother, Gerry. Eugene was born in St. Paul, Alberta on January 21.1937. , He moved to Valemount, BC with his family in 1978, where he worked at the saw mill until he retired at 55 years of age. Eugene was a very active member of the Valemount Marina Association. He loved fishing, camping and being with his family. He will be very sadly missed by his family and by all who knew him. In lieu of flowers, donations in Eugene’s memory to the Valemount Seniors’ Housing Society, Box 598, Valemount, BC, V0E 2Z0 would be appreciated.




1998 Mercury Mystique. 4 door auto loaded, 2 sets of good tires. $2500. Call 250 5692471



CEDAR MILL FOR SALE McBride, BC. Over $1.4 mm in assets. Asking $850K US. Leases contingent to sale. Owner willing to consider some financing. Call Arthur Berry & Co. 1 208-336-8000


1272 3rd Ave in Valemount. 2 bdrm house with basement newly renovated up & down. Price $129,000. Open to offers. Call Joyanne at 250 542-5922 or Penni at 250 5669192 JUN 2 1330 4th Ave. 4 bdrm house in centre of Valemount. Large lot, garage, large cabin, across from the park. Reduced price $289,500. Phone Joyanne at 250 542-5922 or Penni at 250 5669192




Well Pumping and cleaning. 25ft deep or less. Call Reesa at 250 566-9707













Demonstrating welders, wood splitters, fire pumps etc.


1192 Week of 05.31.2010



THE CORPORATION OF THE VILLAGE OF MCBRIDE NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Development Variance Permit No. 01/2010 Notice is hereby given that a public hearing for proposed Development Variance Permit No. 01/2010 will be held: 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, June 8, 2010 Village of McBride Council Chambers 100 Robson Centre – 855 SW Frontage Rd McBride, BC The purpose of Development Variance Permit No. 01/2010 is to vary section 8.8 of Zoning Bylaw No. 579, 1999 to reduce the side setback requirement from five (5) feet to one (1) foot at the property legally described as Lot 14, Plan 21731, DL 5314 (1167 McBride Crescent). At the public hearing, all those who deem their interest in the land to be affected by the proposed Development Variance Permit No. 01/2010 shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard or to present written submissions. Any material received before or at the public hearing will become public information. Please note that emails cannot be accepted as written submissions. A copy of the Development Variance Permit application may be examined at the office of the Village of McBride, 100 Robson Centre-855 SW Frontage Road, McBride, BC, during regular office hours from May 24 to June 8, 2010.

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22 • Wednesday June 02, 2010 The Valley Sentinel

Activities to Entertain & Amuse Pioneer Photo


About this photo Description: The Dunster Women’s

Institute. The president was Miss. M. McPhee.

Date: 1947 Credits: Valley Museum & Archives ID: 2003.8.48 Image: 38 of 101 If you have any more information on this photo or any others that appear you can contact The Valley Museum & Archives in McBride, The Valemount Museum or contact us at The Valley Sentinel.

ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20 Aries, stick to your own agenda instead of following other people’s whims. You will have to deliberately change your course of action this week. TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21 You may have an important conference or conversation about your career this week, Taurus. It is an excellent time to seek advancement. Others appreciate your efforts. GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 You will encounter many events and situations this week that bring old memories to the surface, Gemini. Enjoy the trip down Memory Lane. CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 Your relationships at this time are quite competitive in nature, Cancer. You don’t know if you should compromise or keep up the conflicts of power. Time will tell.


Horoscopes LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, lighten the mood among people taking themselves too seriously. It might be tempting to follow their suit, but keep things light and enjoy the results. VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, this week a huge weight will be lifted from your shoulders. It could be due to an unexpected financial windfall that comes your wa LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23 Learning what makes other people tick is the name of the game this week, Libra. Just don’t delve too deeply or you may offend some people in the process. SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, you can’t put your finger on how you’re feeling this week and it is very frustrating. Don’t make assumptions on your course of action. Strange things could occur.



Daytime Condition

Isolated showers

Daytime Light Rain Condition

Daytime Condition

Mainly sunny

P.O.P. High Low Wind 24/Hr Snow

40% 11°C 5°C S 5 km/h 1-3mm

60% P.O.P. 9°C High 4°C Low Wind W 5 km/h 24/Hr Snow 2-4 mm

P.O.P. High Low Wind 24/Hr Snow

20% 12°C 0°C S 5 km/h



Sagittarius, take into consideration the needs of someone else when you make your decisions and moves this week. Put this person’s needs before your own.

CAPRICORN- Dec 22/Jan 20 Capricorn, expect a rush of activity for the next several days. Your phone is surely going to be ringing off the hook and your e-mail inbox will be filled with messages. AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18 You are very stubborn and selfish to what others need, Aquarius. As a result you end up alienating the people who are there to help you with your goals. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20 Someone needs your help, but you simply don’t have the time to devote to the situation. Refer a person who has the time to assist.



Daytime Cloudy with Condition showers

Daytime Condition

P.O.P. High Low Wind 24/Hr Rain

10% P.O.P. 11°C High 3°C Low Wind NW 10 km/h 24/Hr Rain

40% 12°C 1°C S 5 km/h 1-2 mm

Cloudy periods


Daytime Condition


10% P.O.P. 14°C High 0°C Low Wind NW 10 km/h 24/Hr Rain

250-569-7397 Call Today!


The Valley Sentinel Wednesday June 02, 2010 • 23

Irene Berndsen’s Featured LI LIst stIIngs From the roBson VaLL VaLL LLey ey 1474 8th Place valeMount, BC

REDUCED! 199,000


Berndsen This Week’s Featured listings are all from the Robson Valley

REDUCED! 99,000


1151 McBride Cres McBride, BC

Sales Representative in McBride

Prince George

• Affordable and well kept • Family size 4 bdrms, 2 bath • Open floor plan • Attached garage



• 3 bedroom with basement suite • Great location, alley access, garage • Excellent condition • Must be seen sellers motivated • Estate sale

421 Main Street McBride, BC

1245 - 6th a ave ve vale v Mount, BC • Very clean • Has had many updates • Nice open floor plan • Excellent location

1355 dyke road McBride, BC • Great country starter home • 3 bdrm, 2 bthrm mobile • 2 acres with landscaped yard • Large deck



• Charming 2 storey guest house • Beautifully refurbished • Excellent revenue • New Price, exceptional value!



657 King Street McBride, BC



561 Main Street McBride, BC

502 Main Street Mc McBride, BC

REDUCED! 169,000


• Spacious 3 bedroom home • 2 bedroom suite • rented • Commercial potential • excellent investment opportunity

• Immaculate and spacious • Beautifully constructed new home • Open living and dining - Custom kitchen • Executive home with suite potential



• Prime commercial lot • .16 acres • Cleared, level • Great exposure to Hwy 16 • Zoned C1


CELEBRATING Mcbride graduates Call to get your ads in now! McBride Secondary School Graduation is June 26th, 2010 Advertising deadline is June 16th Feature will be published June 23rd

Call Sharon to reserve your space today! 250.566.4425 | 1.800.226.2129

24 • Wednesday June 02, 2010 The Valley Sentinel RE/MAX Centre City • 1679 15th Avenue • Prince George BC V2L 3X2 • 1-250-562-3600

The Right Agent... For Today’s Market. 1040 Cypress Road, Valemount BC


14510 Blackman Rd, Tete Jaune Cache, BC

- Nice country rancher - Large 2.25 acre lot - 4 bdrm, 2 baths - Paved driveway - Immaculate & private


100 Mountainview Road, McBride, BC - Country family home - Six bdrms, two baths - Excellent gardens and lawns - Large truck shop - 17.8 view acreage


3709 Hinkelman Road, McBride, BC


- Immaculate home - 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom - Large attached garage - Paved yard, nice trees - Wheelchair ramp - Large 3/4 acre corner lot



1155 3rd Avenue, McBride, BC

- Private horse farm - Immaculate family home - New 3 stall barn with loft - New garage and shop - Excellent location

- Spectacular view lot - Level with access - 2 Acres on Dominion Creek - On water & Sewer - Ready to build on


361 Dominion Street, McBride, BC

- Beautiful home - Bright and open - Five bedrooms - Large corner lot - Excellent gardens - Central location


- Nice executive home - With shop on 3 lots - Immaculate estate sale - Natural wood craftsmanship - Priced to sell

- Spacious 3 bedroom mobile - Nice one acre lot - Perfect location - Priced right


13292 Bunbury Road, Tete Jaune Cache, BC

1097 5th Avenue, McBride, BC

- Nice house on two lots - Good garden & lawns - Setup for assisted living - Or 3 bdrm family home - Excellent Location


831 Bridge Road, McBride, BC

McBride S Road, McBride, BC

- Excellent location - Nice home & shop - New sundeck & bathroom - Private semi treed yard - Garden spot


$375,000 2345 Westlund Road, McBride, BC



1890 Koeneman Road, McBride, BC

- Home & acreage - Semi treed 37 acres - Large 4 bdrm home - Shop & barn - Excellent location

- Prime 217 acre parcel - Riverfront property - Partially treed - Farmland or pasture - Good access & views


835 Beaven Crescent, Valemount, BC

Data is from sources believed to be reliable but accuracy is not guaranteed.

2300 Westlund Road, McBride, BC

- Nice getaway property - Immaculate older mobile - Fenced yard and lawns - Excellent location - Four bedrooms w/family room

Mountainview Road, McBride, BC

- Log home with truck shop - Fenced and cross fenced - Set up for horses - Backs on Fraser River - Excellent condition


Each office independently owned and operated.

934 5th Avenue, McBride, BC

- Beautiful property - Mountainside cottage - Tastefully decorated - Awesome views - Treed 10 acre lot - Year round mountain stream

- Immaculate home - First time on market - Excellent location - Oak kitchen - Detached garage


250-981-5742 or 250-569-0125 or Toll Free: 1-877-732-5767 •

Al Miller

McBride, valeMount, and area

The hard-Working nice guy

Car and Truck Accessories


Car Wash & Auto Detail


Polish and Wax Available

Repairs, Parts, Retails

Refillable Wash Cards

!@ Corner of 5th Ave & Ash Street Valemount


Cellphone: 250-566-1025

Tammy Vanden Vandenobelen obelen

Valemount Real Estate

This Home’s gotta go!

Valemount, BC

• BEAUTIFUL 4 bedroom home on 3 levels. • Priced FAR BELOW replacement cost or assessed value. • Comes with a separate fenced, fully serviced town lot.

Bring on the offers!

“Data is from sources believed to be reliable but accuracy is not guaranteed.”

JeanneTTe JeanneTT e Townsend

Managing Broker

estate sale Try your offer!



1418 Bruce Place

Owner & Sales Associate

00 $279,0


0 $149,00

Handyman Special could be yours if the price is right! Needs a little TLC but has lots of potential. 2 bdrms, full basement, newer side by side fridge with water/ ice & newer stove. Extra large corner lot and a great double garage perfect for a workshop!

Volume 25 Issue 22  
Volume 25 Issue 22  

June 2, 2010 issue of The Valley Sentinel Newspaper