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“That’s a big cake!”


Frome left to right: Cutting the official Valemount 50 years of incorporation cake for an expectant crowd are Valemount Councillors Dallas Bullock, and Hollie Blanchette, Mayor Andru McCracken with Councillors Christine Latimer, and Sandy Salt. The cake cutting took place at the Valemount Visitor’s Information Center, on Sunday, October 7, 2012 See more photos on Page 8. Photo by Laura Johnson

2 • Thursday October 11, 2012 The Valley Sentinel


Valemount mayor and council at UBCM Daniel Betts Editor


t’s been two weeks since Valemount’s mayor and council attended their first Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) convention. During the annual event, which was held in Victoria between Sept. 24 and 28, Valemount’s political representatives took the opportunity to discuss important issues with key players in provincial government. When meeting with Education Minister Don McRae, Mayor Andru McCracken felt it was “imperative” the Ministry of Education was made aware of the Mountain School initiative at Valemount Secondary School. “We brought the concept forward and let Minister Don McRae know in person that special things are happening in Valemount,” said McCracken. The mayor feels the program matches the province’s desire to increase foreign students. The village lobbied for Valemount to be included in the provincial level promotions of foreign students and pressed for funding to allow the continued provision of academic courses in Valemount, despite falling enrolment. “We received assurances that Valemount is not at risk of losing the high school, of course the salient point is the level and nature of schooling offered there,” explained McCracken. The minister was invited to visit the school and the programs offered. McCracken hopes to see him in Valemount this fall. Council also had a meeting with Forest Lands and Natural Resources Minister, Steve Thomson, to discuss an initiative by the Valemount Community Forest in conjunction with the Simpcw First Nation concerning unallocated tenure in the valley, which could keep small mill operators in business. Council met with Adrian Dix, leader of the opposition, to discuss the Valemount Glacier Destination project. Both Chief Rita Matthew of the Simpcw First Nation and developer Oberto Oberti had previously met with Dix. McCracken was pleased that the NDP, “had a good sense of the scope of the project.” Council found time to have a governance session with Judy Rodgers, former CAO of Vancouver. McCracken felt the convention had deep implications for communities like Valemount and allowed direct access to the highest levels of provincial government. “There is no more valuable a lobbying opportunity or appropriate place for professional development in the province of British Columbia,” stated McCracken. “Waste not, want not. As far as time, energy and money you can’t get more efficient use of resources than UBCM, especially when it is held in Victoria,” said McCracken.

“Village of Valemount at UBCM”

Above from left to right: Hon. Steve Thomson, Art Kaehn, Chair RDFFG board of Directors, Mayor Andru McCracken, Sandy Salt, Hollie Blanchette, Christine Latimer, Hon. Shirley Bond . Missing from photo is Dallas Bullock. Photo submitted

discuss common issues and best practices,” said McCracken. The mayor felt “the big take away from the meeting” was an endorsement of a single message to the federal and provincial governments: “We agree that our communities require immediate action to provide stable, predictable, long-term infrastructure funding from federal and provincial governments, to meet municipal needs as defined by each community’s priorities.” - from the BC Mayors’ Caucus.

BC Mayors’ Caucus

The BC Mayors’ Caucus held its second meeting at the same time as the UBCM convention and was attended by over 140 mayors from across the province. During the meeting McCracken voted in favour of the resolution that called on the appropriate government to “decriminalize marijuana and research the regulation and taxation of marijuana.” The resolution cites the damage done to communities through the illicit growth and trade of marijuana as well as its financial costs suggesting, “Policing resources can be used far more wisely.” McCracken felt the meeting was a tremendous success. “It was a privilege to sit amongst 140 mayors from across the province to

The Verge: Between Worlds ANDREA FREDEEN ∙ ANNEROSE GEORGESON KARMA VANCE ∙ MICHELE JENSEN Organized & circulated by Two Rivers Gallery

Oct 4 – Nov 1 · 2012

Valley Museum & Archives 241 Dominion St, McBride

Opening Reception: Friday|Oct 12|7pm

FREE Workshop with Annerose Georgeson

“Village of McBride at UBCM”

Above from left to right: Hon. Shirley Bond, Rick Thompson, Raj Basran, Premier Christy Clark, Mayor Mike Frazier, Lori Kimpton, Irene Rejman and Eliana Clements. Photo submitted

Reaction to UBCM convention Allan Frederick Staff Writer

Sat|Oct 13|9am–12pm

Bringing the Edge into the Studio

In this workshop, participants will sketch the edge of the forest and use the sketches as a basis for painting in the studio. You are welcome to bring your own photos of a forest setting to work on or use ones provided by the instructor.

Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch

Canada Council for the Arts

Conseil des Arts du Canada

Registration required at Valley Museum & Archives: 250-569-2503


uring the week of Sept. 24 to 28, the McBride Village Council members attended the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) convention in Victoria and met with members of the provincial government and other communities. This venue gives communities an opportunity to meet with ministers and exchange concerns, ideas and solutions with other similar community members. In an interview with Mayor Mike Frazier, he indicated that approximately 140 of the 160 mayors of the province attended the BC Mayors’ Caucus meeting on Monday, Sept. 24, and the main topic was the infrastructure funding. The group endorsed an important statement calling on “immediate action” to provide stable, predictable and long-term infrastructure funding from federal and provincial governments. Frazier, as Regional District Representative for the North Central Local Government Association (NCLGA) and resolutions chair, met with the Provincial Rural Caucus and discussed topics such as revenue sharing, where a portion of royalty dollars from mining, gas and oil could be given to communities for infrastructure improvements, repairs and Continued on page 3

The Valley Sentinel Thursday October 11, 2012 • 3


Christy Clark firm on pipeline conditions DeLynda Pilon PRINCE GEORGE FREE PRESS


remier Christy Clark stressed that all five of the province’s conditions must be met for the province to approve the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline. With Enbridge executive vice-president Janet Holder in the crowd, Clark told at Chamber of Commerce luncheon crowd that approval is not just about the province receiving more money from the project. Those conditions are: Successful completion of the environmental review process, world-leading marine oil spill prevention, response and recovery systems, world-leading practices for land oil spill prevention, response and recovery systems, legal requirements regarding Aboriginal and treaty rights are addressed, and British Columbia receives a fair share of the fiscal and economic benefit Joint Review Panel got underway yesterday in Prince George. Clark also reiterated the importance of small business to the economic health of the province when she spoke during a Prince George Chamber of Commerce luncheon in the city last week. Making British Columbia the economic engine of the country was the focus of the B.C. jobs plan, introduced by the Liberals about a year ago. Clark added this means supporting businesses, both large and small. “What can we do to support families?” she asked. “We can support a thriving private sector. We want to be number one in economic growth because that is where the future is at for our kids.” She added that small businesses add more than economic support to the province. They also help bind communities together. Local small businesses do everything from support sports teams to help raise funds for charities. “That is the thing about small businesses. They contribute to building communities.” Clark, who recently returned from a trip where she spoke at the University of Calgary, said that in the 90s Canadians flocked to Alberta looking for employment. With $80 billion in projects, trade with China up 25 per cent over last year and the mining industry growing by 20 per cent in the same time frame, she said she invited students at the university to come west instead. Other steps she said government has taken to create more jobs and make life more affordable for families include cutting the proposed hydro increase in half and investing in skills training. A $75 million investment in skills training programs will help ensure B.C.

“Clark in Prince George”

Enbridge executive vice-president Janet Holder (left) speaks with Premier Christy Clark at a Prince George Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Friday. Photo by Bill Phillips - Prince George Free Press

kids are first in line for the one million jobs expected to open in the next 10 years. “And we are holding the line on taxes. B.C. has the lowest personal income tax out of every province in the country. Take that Alison Redford,” she said. Clark also spoke glowingly about Prince George, saying it is a different city than it was a decade ago, with a expanding airport, upgrades at the college, a university, cancer centre and a northern medical program. She added that, for the first time since statistics on employment was collected, the city has over 52,000 people working. “And in 2015 you have a chance to show this great city off to every citizen in Canada at the Canada Winter Games,” she said.

McBride UBCM Continued

Valemount Learning Centre


Updated Oct. 11, 2012 Updated October 10, 2012

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NOTICE OF POWER INTERRUPTION FOR VALEMOUNT AND OUTLYING AREAS Time: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. When: Sunday, October 14, 2012 We will be making electrical system improvements in Valemount and outlying areas on October 14, 2012. To ensure the safety of our work crews, it will be necessary to interrupt electrical service for approximately 4 to 6 hours, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The area affected is all of Valemount and outlying areas. Areas inside the McBride Diesel Generation zone will experience a short outage at the beginning and end of the scheduled Valemount outage. To prepare for this interruption and protect your equipment from damage, please unplug all electronics, such as TVs, PVRs, DVD players and computers. Please also turn off all lights, electric heaters and major appliances, such as your clothes or dishwasher, dryer or oven. For the first hour after the power comes back on, please plug in or turn on only what you really need. This will help ensure the electrical system does not get overloaded. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We will restore your power as soon as we can prepare for outages and stay informed by visiting or from your handheld device. Please call 1 888 POWERON (1 888 769 3766) if you experience any electrical difficulties or for more information.

The Employment Program of British Columbia is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

The Employment Program of British Columbia is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.


Valley Sentinel (GM-IND)


expansion. Also discussed was medical transportation and ambulance services, addressing the need to “train more people and supply timely, better and more services.” Power line improvements were also discussed; addressing the need for adequate and stable power in the NCLGA region to promote economic development. Retention and recruitment of General Practitioners in rural communities was discussed. Infrastructure funding for highway upgrades and additional passing lanes in order to eliminate bottle-necks, as well as resource road improvements. Promoting the northern corridor as well as trades and training for youth was discussed. “We need to fund more training for local youth,” said Frazier, citing the expanding need for qualified people in the mining, oil and gas industries. During an interview with Councillor Rick Thompson he was very impressed that the Premier Christy Clark’s closing speech to the convention included a reference to the power line improvements in the Barrier to McBride corridor. While Premier Clark made reference to other projects and government commitments in her speech, Thompson felt that the Barrier to McBride mention showed that the government was aware of the importance of this to our area. In an interview with Councillor Irene Rejman she indicated that she felt the convention was well organized, flowed smoothly and that the one on one ministry meetings went very well and were productive as council was well prepared in their presentations. The “In Conversation” theme of the convention was very accurate as communities got to meet with ministries in person to identify their issues according to Rejman. Rejman also commented on the fact that this year’s convention saw 100 per cent participation by communities and regional districts of the province. Next week, councillors Raj Basran and Lori Kimpton share their experiences while attending the UBCM Convention.

4 • Thursday October 11, 2012 The Valley Sentinel


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Daniel Betts

Size isn’t everything


he news hasn’t been great for Alberta’s very own XL Foods Inc., as they have found themselves in the centre of the largest ever Canadian food recall. For readers unfamiliar with the story, early in September, U.S. border inspectors discovered the presence of Escherichia coli [E.coli] in beef originating from an XL Food plant. E.coli is a bacterium that can cause a foodborne illness associated with eating undercooked, contaminated food, but can also be found in vegetables and even contaminated water. This week, a case of E.coli in British Columbia was linked to XL Foods. Meat products originating from XL Foods have been recalled in countries like Mexico, Russia, Japan and most recently Hong Kong. According to their own sales brochure, XL Foods Inc. boasts the largest processing facility of its kind in Canada with over 2,000 employees at XL Lakeside near Brooks. The company manufactures, supplies and distributes fresh boxed beef items for the food service and retail sectors around the world. It is hard to fathom how “fresh” the beef is once it gets to Hong Kong. Having a food plant with 2,000 employees does sound impressive. Such numbers rival the population of the Robson Valley. However, having a large work force must be a challenge to manage and having a large facility must be hard to clean. Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) is a systematic preventative food safety system employed at most food plants that identifies physical, allergenic, chemical and biological hazards in the production process that can cause the finished product to be unsafe and includes measures to reduce risk. The system is obviously not fool proof however. With so many employees, not to mention the tonnes of meat needing to be processed, it isn’t surprising that a critical control point or a production step could be missed or compromised. Food plants designed to supply a global market need to be huge. However direct handling and exposure of a food product by so many people creates a risk to the consumer. Considering the ultimate goal of selling as much product as possible to as many consumers as possible around the world, it must be extremely difficult to not only prevent contamination, but to also track its source. This situation certainly brings to the forefront a few benefits of working with and supporting smaller local food producers. Smaller food processing facilities have fewer people, but also much less equipment and space to monitor and therefore keep clean. Should a contaminate be discovered, a smaller facility would not require an army of investigators to track down the source, plus critical control points can be easily adjusted or new ones added to ensure greater safety.


nother essential service in Valemount is taking a hit due to economic hardship. On Wednesday, Oct. 3, Greyhound Canada filed an application with the Passenger Transportation Board requesting a reduction in their minimum frequencies for Valemount. “We constantly analyze the data,” said Stephen Hutchings, Greyhound director of operations for Western Canada. He says the application takes into consideration 14 corridors from across the province. “The request for frequency reduction is strictly due to low ridership.” Valemount is currently serviced on the corridor between Edmonton and Kamloops as well as Edmonton and Prince George. According to Hutchings, Greyhound has been experiencing substantial financial losses over the last several years and current service is no longer sustainable. As a result, Valemount will experience less frequent daily bus service. According to Greyhound the proposed plan


question of the week...

Have you purchased less beef in the last week? 1. Yes 2. No Go to to cast your vote. Results will be published in next week’s Valley Sentinel. Last week’s results: Should cannabis (Marijuana) be legalized in Canada? Yes 69% (9), No 31%(4)

dAniel BettS


deAnnA Mickelow

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would cut the 4:25 p.m. northbound and the 12:25 p.m. southbound busses to Valemount. Hutchings explained that increasing the minimum frequency is a simple task. Should the demand for service increase, Greyhound can run extra to cover. Knowing sales in advance, if there were an increase in demand, Greyhound would be prepared to put a second bus into service. “This application is simply requesting a reduction of our minimum frequency that allows us the opportunity to react to the demand for the service,” said Hutchings. “Adding service is easy. It’s reducing service that is very difficult and requires approval from the board.” According to Hutchings, the move will have “absolutely zero impact” on the transportation of freight. “Trailer operations that we run right now will continue to service the corridor and the community of Valemount,” said Hutchings. Should any additional frequency be required on the freight side, Hutchings says they have truck plans that they can implement to move freight.

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Greyhound to limit service to Valemount

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The Valley Sentinel Thursday October 11, 2012 • 5


REGIONAL DISTRICT of Fraser-Fort George

MCFC Board of Director’s public meeting Allan Frederick STAFF WRITER


n Tuesday, Oct. 3, the quarterly public meeting for the McBride Community Forest Corporation Board was held with all board directors present, two staff members and Village Chief Administrative Officer, Eliana Clements. Three members of the public were also in attendance. The agenda consisted of approval of the minutes of the previous Board meeting of July 4 and a brief report by Chair, Rick Thompson regarding any incamera issues that were discussed previously. The Grant Committee provided a detailed report for the grant requests received and their recommendations for their position relative to the requests. In total, $12,210 were requested in the seven applications that were received and four were approved for a total funding of $4,020. It was discussed and directed by a motion that the 2012 surplus grant funds in the budget be set aside and forwarded into the 2013 budget as a carry over. Supervisor, Bob Elliott gave a brief operations report. There are no active logging contractors working at present. General Manager, Marc von der Gonna, provided his report of activity over the recent months, which included a busy time with Forest Practices Board (FPB) audit preparations and completion, some road maintenance specifically ditching being done

IGA Break and Enter


and a waste assessment being near completion which reveals that the MCFC activity was under the allowed benchmark of 20 cubic meters per hectare. This assessment was done with the aid of Ainslie Jackman, an independent Certified Waste Assessor, as well as being a Registered Professional Forester and Certified Scaler. Under the correspondence received there was only a letter introducing the upcoming FPB audit and the timing for the audit, which has now been completed. Discussion on the upcoming Fall/Winter public information meeting was discussed with a tentative date set to be Wednesday, Nov. 28, which is to be reconfirmed and advertised in the near future. This will also be a celebration of the corporation’s 10 year anniversary since it’s incorporation in 2002.

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the electors of the proposed Tete Jaune Community Cemetery Service Establishment and Loan Authorization service area that a vote will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2012 on the following question: “Are you in favour of Tete Jaune Community Cemetery Service Establishment Bylaw No. 2757, 2012 and Tete Jaune Community Cemetery Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 2758, 2012 which propose to authorize the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George to: • establish a community cemetery service within that part of Electoral Area H shown outlined in bold on Appendix “A” to Bylaw No. 2757; • borrow not more than $83,280, for a term not to exceed 10 years, to implement the service; and • set an annual tax requisition limit of $15,970 to be levied on the net taxable value of land and improvements within the service area and user fees.” The above is a synopsis of Bylaws No. 2757 and 2758 and is not intended as an official interpretation of the bylaws. The full bylaws may be inspected at the Regional District office, 155 George Street, Prince George, B.C. between 8:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays, on the Regional District website and at the Village of Valemount office, 735 Cranberry Lake Road, Valemount, B.C. between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays.

QUOTE of the week “The request for frequency reduction is strictly due to low ridership.”

GENERAL VOTING DAY General Voting Day will be open to qualified electors between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 3, 2012, at the following location: • Tete Jaune Community Hall, 14270 Blackman Road, Tete Jaune, BC


- Stephen Hutchings, Greyhound director of operations for Western Canada, on reducing service to Valemount.

An advance voting opportunity for qualified electors will be between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 24, 2012, at the Tete Jaune Community Hall, 14270 Blackman Road, Tete Jaune, BC.

ELECTOR REGISTRATION To register as an elector, a person must meet the following qualifications: • 18 years of age or older on General Voting Day; • Canadian Citizen; • resident of British Columbia for at least 6 months at the time of registration; • resident of OR registered owner of real property within the voting jurisdiction for at least 30 days immediately preceding voting day; and

Allan Frederick STAFF WRITER

• not otherwise disqualified by law from voting. Elector registration will be done at the time of voting. There is no advance registration for voting purposes.


ccording to a press release, the McBride RCMP are requesting the assistance of the public to help solve a Break and Enter that occurred on Sept. 28, at the IGA store in McBride. The suspects broke into the IGA sometime during the night of Sept. 28 and stole an undisclosed amount of cash. At present police continue to investigate leads on this case. Police are particularly interested in locating a set of long handled pruners and a computer hard drive that the suspects may have discarded after committing the Break and Enter. Should anyone locate either of these objects, or have any information pertaining to this crime, police are requesting a call to Constable Peter Bernsden at (250) 569 2255 or to Crimestoppers.

SCRUTINEERS Applications to volunteer to act as scrutineer for voting will be received by the Chief Election Officer starting at 8:45 a.m. on Wednesday, October 10, 2012, and ending at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 19, 2012, at the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George office.


Funding maximum increased to $50,000 The deadline for CBT’s Environmental Initiatives Program’s large grant stream is October 26, 2012. Applications are available now. Learn more at . Twitter • 1.800.505.8998

Join us:



Only those persons who will qualify as electors for the above voting are entitled to be considered for the position of scrutineer. One scrutineer in RSS favour of the above voting question and one scrutineer opposed to the question will be appointed for each voting location. In the event there are RSSmore applications received than there are positions to be filled, the scrutineer appointments will be determined by lot in accordance with the Local Government Act. Further information concerning the application process and the responsibilities of scrutineers may be obtained by contacting the Chief Election Officer or Deputy Chief Election Officer for the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, or by visiting

NON-RESIDENT PROPERTY ELECTOR REGISTRATION To register as a non-resident property elector, a person must meet the following qualifications:

Fire Prevention Week – Education

• not eligible to register as resident elector; • 18 years of age or older on General Voting Day; • Canadian Citizen; • resident of BC for at least 6 months immediately before day of registration; • registered owner of the real property within the voting jurisdiction for at least 30 days immediately before day of registration; and • not disqualified by law from voting. Non-Resident Property Electors may not vote more than once within a voting jurisdiction regardless of the number of properties owned.

Allan Frederick STAFF WRITER

If more than one person owns the property, the person wishing to cast the vote for that property must provide, at the time of registration, written consent from a majority of the property owners.


he McBride and District Volunteer Fire Department is again organizing an education session for the elementary school classrooms on fire prevention, awareness and readiness. Fire fighters Martina Wall and Christine Monroe, as in past years, will be visiting the local elementary school classrooms with an educational presentation for the children. The session focuses on general fire information including the nature of heat and the importance of staying down, as well as the stop and roll technique. They will also explain that lighters and matches are tools and not toys to be played with. The 911 phone number, the importance of street numbers, identifying problem locations around the home, having an exit strategy and a meeting place for the family will also be addressed. The presenters will also be answering questions from the students.

VOTER IDENTIFICATION Resident electors will be required to produce two (2) pieces of identification (at least one with a signature). Picture identification is not necessary. The documentation must prove both residency and identity. Non-resident property electors will be required to produce two (2) pieces of identification (at least one with a signature). Picture identification is not necessary. The documentation must prove identity.


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e welcome Letters to the Editor on all subjects. We do not publish anonymous letters, so please include your name and contact information so that we can verify that you wrote the letter. All letters are the opinion of the writer and not The Valley Sentinel. We reserve the right to edit letters for length, clarity or compliance with current standards of public taste.


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Classes of documents that may be accepted as evidence of identification are: a British Columbia Driver’s Licence, a BCID card, an ICBC Owners Certificate of Insurance and Vehicle Licence, a British Columbia CareCard or GoldCareCard, a Ministry of Social Development Request for Continued Assistance Form SDES8, a Social Insurance Card, a Citizenship Card, a Real Property Tax Notice, a Credit Card, Debit Card, or a Utility Bill. Dated at Prince George, BC this 4th day of October, 2012. K. Jensen Chief Election Officer

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6 • Thursday October 11, 2012 The Valley Sentinel


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VALEMOUNT MONDAYS: • PLAY AND LEARN from 10 a.m. to noon at Pepe’s Pizza Restaurant • VALEMOUNT SENIORS Carpet Bowling 9 a.m. Golden Years Lodge • ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION General meetings every 3rd Mon. of month 7:30 p.m. in Legion. • TAI KWAN DO & SELF DEFENSE 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and TAI KWAN DO KIDS CLASSES 5:45 to 6:30 p.m. TUESDAYS: • VALEMOUNT CHILDREN’S ACTIVITY CENTRE Board Meeting 1st Tuesday of the month - 7 p.m. @ the Centre beneath the Community Hall (the red door). • COUNCIL MEETING 2nd & 4th Tues., 7 p.m., council chambers. Everyone welcome. • CARDIO KICK BOXING 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. WEDNESDAYS: • PUBLIC LIBRARY BOARD MEETING Every 2nd Wed. 5 p.m. Downstairs at the library. • VALEMOUNT SENIORS MUSIC NIGHT 7-9 p.m. Golden Years Lodge • TOASTMASTERS meets every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month. 7:30-9:30 p.m. at the Best Western. • TAI KWAN DO & SELF DEFENSE 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and TAI KWAN DO KIDS CLASSES 5:45 to 6:30 p.m. THURSDAYS: • CRIBBAGE GAME at Golden Years Lodge at 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. Everyone Welcome! • CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Quarterly General Meetings 3rd Thurs. of January, April, July and October @ 4:45 p.m. Location TBA • SADDLE & WAGON CLUB MEETING 3rd Thurs. 7 p.m. 566-9707 • CARDIO KICK BOXING 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. • VALEMOUNT FAMILY SUPPORT GROUP will meet the last Thursday of every month at the old Village Office, 99 Gorse St., at 7:30 p.m.. For families dealing with mental health issues. Call Irene Brady at (250) 566 1958. • ADULT RECREATION BADMINTON 7:30-9 p.m. at Valemount Secondary School Drop-ins welcome FRIDAYS • VALEMOUNT LEGION Friday Night dinners starting at 5 p.m. • ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Friday evenings at 8 p.m. in the Good Shepherd Catholic Church basement SATURDAYS:

• Starting Oct OctOber 15 •

You’re Invited to a Town Hall Meeting

to receive community input regarding the expansion of the McBride Library and Valley Museum

Wednesday, October 17 at 7:30 p.m. Elks Hall, McBride We want to hear from you. Hope to see you there! Contact 569-2411 or email: with questions.

VALEMOUNT CIRCLE DANCE. For more info please contact 250 566-1782


TETE JAUNE COMMUNITY CLUB meetings held the 1st Tues. of the month at 7 p.m. at the Tete Jaune Hall.


MCBRIDE COMMUNITY FOREST Open quarterly meetings on the first Wednesday of the month on January 4, April 4, July 4, and October 3. McBride Village Council Chambers 7 p.m.

TUESDAYS: • TOPS Tues. 6:45 p.m. weigh-in, 7:15 p.m. meeting. Health Unit in McBride. New members welcome. Brenda Molendyk 569-3113 • VILLAGE COUNCIL MEETING 2nd & 4th Tues.,7:30 p.m., Village Council Chambers. • ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Every Tuesday, 8 p.m. at the Health Unit. • STORYTIME at the McBride & District Public Library 10:30 a.m. •

WORDS OF WHIMSY creative writing for teens at 7 p.m. at the McBride Library.

WEDNESDAYS: • FREE DROP IN COMMUNITY VOLLEYBALL from 7:30 to 9 p.m. at the McBride Secondary School • KIDZ KRAFTS 2:30-3:30 p.m. AT ODDS AND ENDS • DIABETES SUPPORT GROUP 1st Wed., 1 p.m. at Beaverview Lodge Sat. 10 a.m. -12 p.m., 441 Dominion St. • SUPPORT GROUP FOR FAMILIES DEALING WITH MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS Last Wed every month 7:30 p.m. @ McBride Health Centre. More info call Norma 569-2637 or Elizabeth 968-4347 • VALLEY PIECEMAKERS QUILT GUILD Every other Wednesday. 7:00 p.m. in the High School. New members welcome, contact Dawna Hickerty 569-3210. • LEGION AUXILIARY BINGO First and Third Wednesday of the month at McBride Library. THURSDAYS: • OAPO STITCH & KNIT Every Thurs., 2:30 - 4 p.m., Beaverview Lodge, Hilda Murin 569-3305 FRIDAYS: • FARMER’S MARKET 12 noon - 3 p.m. at the pavilion in the Park SATURDAYS: • WRITERS’ CIRCLE at 1 p.m. Alternates between Dunster Fine Arts School & McBride Library. All Welcome. Contact 569 2411/ for more info.

Keep up to the news. A subscription to The Valley Sentinel is only $1/week ! Call The Valley Sentinel at 250 566-4425

The Valley Sentinel Thursday October 11, 2012 • 7


“Fraser Heritage Festival”

The annual Fraser Heritage Festival was held in McBride Sept. 23-25. Above left: Jackie Edwards hosted a garden tour and tea at the Edwards’ farm on Sept. 23, 2012. Lower left: Garden snacks, tea and goodies served at the Robson Valley Grower’s tour and tea at Edward’s farm. Above: Keith Monroe and Friends travel each year to play Old Time Music at the Fraser Heritage Festival in McBride. Below: The Valley Piecemakers presented a stunning display of quilts on this year’s Fraser Heritage Festival theme of “circles.” Photos by Sheilagh Foster

“Gunsmoke Bonanza”

An entertaining evening from the Wild West came to McBride on Friday and Saturday Sept. 28 and 29, as Wishbone Theatre Productions performed “Gunsmoke Bonanza” to an appreciative crowd on Friday night, the audience of 60 and on Saturday evening to a group of approximately 100 people. The local cast consisted of Sharon Stearns, Bob Thompson, Harold Edwards, Bridget Uhl, Monica Zieper and Ray Thiessen (Man in Black) and Don Murray, Sue Stearns and Aurora Uhl performed the music. The play written, directed and performed by the local group was well received and the various characters provided an evening of laughter and light hearted entertainment with sentimental desperados, lawless ladies, somewhat jittery cowpokes, a mysterious “Man in Black” and a cross-eyed Gal with a gun. Photos by Allan Frederick

Valemount & area Chamber of CommerCe

Hospital Auxiliary starts another fundraising season

thursday, oCtober 18 @ 7 p.m.

The Valley of Opportunity bear’s den, best Western Valemount

the year in reVieW; eleCtion of offiCers, state of the City address

MeMberShip chAllenGe!

Astrid Frazier CONTRIBUTOR

refer neW members to the Chamber and reCeiVe $5.00 off your 2013 membership to a maximum of $20.00 (some restriCtions apply)


n Oct.1, the McBride and District Hospital Auxiliary had their second meeting of the season at the Gigglin’ Grizzly Neighbourhood Pub. Fourteen of twentyone members attended the meeting and plans were made for a busy fundraising season. Many events are planned by the Auxiliary themselves but they also extend a helping hand for events organized by others as well. One very successful Auxiliary event was held this past June, The Strawberry Tea, which seems to get more popular every year. This fall the McBride and District Hospital Auxiliary members will volunteer at the Mammogram Clinic on Oct. 17 and 18, 2012, helping people keep on schedule for their appointments. The Auxiliary put on the Old Age Pensioners Organization ( O.A.P.O.) noon lunch at the Beaverview Lodge on Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012. Members dressed up in their Halloween costumes for the occasion. One big upcoming event is The Extravaganza, which is held every year at the McBride Evangelical Free Church. This year, the date is Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012. The Extravaganza will have a number of tables set up; a Silent Auction table, a bake table, a “New to You” table, a kids “Touch & Take” table, and the ever popular and most anticipated “Cake Walk”. The Auxiliary will be selling raffle tickets for a hamper and a turkey. There will be a Community Christmas card for Main Street and if you’d like to add your name and greetings, it will be $5 dollars. Refreshments will include coffee and pie! Members of the Auxiliary will be coming around the community for donations for the Silent Auction. The Auxiliary will also be present at the Annual Christmas Craft Fair held at the McBride Secondary School on Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012. Raffle tickets for the hamper and the turkey will be available there. The Auxiliary will also be having another Memorial Angel Tree this year. A donation will get the name

AGM & Mix And MinGle SociAl; cASh bAr

cAll 250-566-0061

or email:

“McBride and District Hospital Auxiliary”

Above: Carol Hammar, Jullian Ambrose-Greene, Pat Elliot, Ellenore Johnson and Isabelle Bonneville earlier this year preparing for the Strawberry Shortcake Tea. Photo by Astrid Frazier

of your loved one on a tree angel in remembrance. The tree will be on display at the Craft Fair, and then at the Bank of Nova Scotia. It looks to be a very busy season for the Auxiliary and the community. Be ready to donate for the good causes of the Auxiliary and please be generous. Check local papers for times of up-coming events. New members are always welcome, for more information contact Pat Elliot at (250) 569 0051. The next McBride and District Hospital Auxiliary meeting will be on Nov. 5, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. in the McBride and District Hospital meeting room.

Advantage Insurance Services Ltd.

Your best insurance is an insurance broker 433 Main St, McBride, BC


NOTICE TO RESIDENTS of McBRIDE Please take note that the Dore/Bailey Bridge on Museum Road is being re-decked with work commencing Monday, October 15th and will continue until approximately Thursday, October 25th. Traffic will be affected with expected interruptions of no more than 5 minutes at any given time. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Sales, Rentals & Repairs Boom Lift & Scissor Lift Lawn & Garden Esso Lubricants Praxair Depot Welding & Industrial Supplies Skid Steer & Excavator Rentals

250.566.9774 - 1140 Main St., Valemount

8 • Thursday October 11, 2012 The Valley Sentinel


“50th Anniversary Celebrations”

The Village of Valemount celebrated its 50th anniversary last weekend, with a number of activities and celebrations around town. Above left: In celebration of Valemount’s 50th anniversary, Yellowhead Helicopters gave out discounted flights last Sunday. Above: Jammer the clown bounced around Valemount’s 50year anniversary celebration, entertaining kids and adults alike. Above right: Six-year-old Sam August had his hands full in no time, first acquiring some sugary cotton candy and then a wiener dog balloon. Left: Canadian country signer Duane Steele sings at the Visitor Information Centre. Bottom left: Valemount’s anniversary cake. Below: Louise Maclean and Bob Beeson enjoy the afternoon. Bottom right: Shirley Bond and Paul Johnson at the celebration reception. Photos by Nicole Veerman and Laura Johnson

BUSINESS DIRECTORY OHI – Dental Hygiene Mobile Practice

New in the Robson Valley:


1st Oral Assessment – Complimentary

Preventive & Emergency Services - All Ages Valemount, McBride, Blue River & Jasper

IP&C/CSR Compliant in BC & AB Mon.-Sat. 10am-8pm


Security Web Alarm Systems

Security Web A lArm SyStemS SECURITY WEB ALARM SYSTEMS 24 hr monitoring - 1.888.564.8585

homeAND andBUSINESS business HOME ALL all makes and MAKES AND MODELS Fire, smoke, flood, detection = models 24 hr Monitoring Office in PG. = video systems. Area Installer. •Local 24 hrsurvellance Monitoring Office = Serving McBride, Dunster, in PG.installation Local technician. Robson Area. • Valemount, Local Area Mt Installer.

Serving McBride, Dunster, • Serving McBride, Dunster, Valemount & Mt. Robson. Valemount, Mt Robson

Harry Carson Mike Dryden Area.

250-566-1536 888-564-8585

Harry Carson 250.640.8412 Mike Dryden 250.566.1536 Harry Carson 1.888.564.8585 • Mike Dryden 250.566.1536

YOUR LOCAL PROPANE PROVIDER Sales Service 250-566-1324 Installation 1-800-424-6331

Returning Flow Acupuncture

Wednesday & Friday in Valemount

Thursdays in McBride Micah Yoder, Registered Acupuncturist

Phone: 250-566-1782

Travis Automobile Services Hwy 5 N. Box 1035 Valemount, B.C.


Inspection Facility, Licensed Automotive & Heavy Duty Techs.

We specialize in: Diesel Engine Repair, 4x4 Repair, Snowmobiles, & Misc. Repairs


Lathe Work

Tire Sales

N APA Automotive Parts & Repairs 1140 Main Street Phone: (250) 566-9774 Valemount, BC V0E 2Z0 Fax: (250) 566-9771

HOME DESIGNS & RENOVATIONS Licenced Journeyman with over 30 years experience

Kitchen Bath Doors Windows Cabinets Floors Tiles Painting Insulation and more call Andreas @ 250 569 0004 / c: 981 0457

WESTRIDGE plumbing & heating Greg McNee Insured & Reliable Seniors - show this ad & receive a 10% discount

Cell: 250 566 1687



sentinel THE VALLEY


Celebrating 25 Years ~since 1986~ Reliable Verified Recognized Professional Engaging Experienced

NOTES FROM ALL OVER Notes from All Over

• • • •

Donalda Beeson CONTRIBUTOR

Valemount Garbage Pickup The Village of Valemount wishes to address citizens concerned about inconsistent garbage pickup. Hollie Blanchette, councillor, says “We are working to develop a robust system of refuse collection that is not dependent on only one individual, and the training process, like all learning curves, has encountered a few hurdles. [If your] garbage pickup was missed, we appreciate a call directly to the village office to inform us...Thank you for your patience as we work through these issues.” As a reminder to citizens, garbage collection includes the following standards and processes: • The garbage be in metal or plastic containers not larger than 20 gallons • If not using a can, any bag failure is the citizen’s responsibility

The Valley Sentinel Thursday October 11, 2012 • 9

The garbage be contained in bags The garbage cans be placed adjacent to the roadside The garbage be out for pickup by 7 a.m. Garbage is collected from each side of the road separately. If your garbage was not out in time for the pickup on your side of the road, you are welcome to carry it across to the other side when the truck comes by on the return trip. The bags be a reasonable weight

Zinio Digital Magazine Service The McBride and District Public Library has subscribed to a digital magazine service that is available to library patrons for free! With over 300 titles to choose from...there is something for everyone! Magazines can be viewed on your laptop, Smartphone, tablet etc. There is also a Zinio app available for download on your tablet or Smartphone. Need help setting up your account? Give them a call at (250) 569 2411 and they will be happy to help! Check out the link to sign up. Got a Tip? If you have a note idea or tip, or would like to share your event or happening with us, you are encouraged to contact Donalda Beeson at or The Valley Sentinel (250) 566 4425.

BUSINESS DIRECTORY Licensed Property Manager * Handyman Services * Design Consulting

CHURCH LISTINGS Jen Applebaum 250.566.4005 Office 250.566.1323 Cell Valemount



3rd Ave & Elm St. Phone: 1 877 314-4897 Sunday 8:30am Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat9am, Wed & Fri 7pm


250 566-4797 7th & Cedar, Sunday


Delivering Fuel East to McBride

Eye Health Exams, Contacts and Eye Wear


Sunglasses and Eyewear also available at ROCKY MOUNTAIN EYE WEAR At Parks West Mall in Hinton, Alta. 1-780-865-3011

Vanderhoof & District Co-Operative Association

DRIVER SALES REPRESENTATIVE For Commercial and Farm Personal Contact Where High Level of Customer Service is JOB #1

Greg Belshaw

990 Railway Road Prince George 1-866-309-2667 Office: (250) 564-3488

Vanderhoof Office Office: (250) 567-4488 Fax: (250) 567-4490 Cell: (250) 565-8436

Drywall ServiceS

King Creek Property Management

250 • 566 • 9111 Reduce - Reuse - Recycle “Free Down Payment Mortgages”


1247 - 1st Ave. 250-566-4824

Family Worship 10:30am. Prayer meeting Thurs 7pm

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES 250 968-4349 or 250 566-4568 Sunday-3 pm, Sun. School 3 pm


Worship Service on Sun 10:30am



Sun. 11:00 am Home group meeting at Rod & Deb Reimer’s - Brown Road, Dunster. 250 968-4335.


ST. PATRICK’S CATHOLIC CHURCH 197 Dominion, 250 569-2606 Sun. Communion Service 11am


Church 569.2378 or 569.8845 1st Ave

Sunday School on Sun 9:45am Worship Service on Sun 11am

• • • •

Automotive & Agricultural Tires Agricultural Parts and Service Small Engine Parts and Service Full Line of Quality Lubricants & Filters

* Large Selection of Bearings & V-belts In Stock * 100 Mountain View Road at Hwy.16, McBride

Shop Phone: 250 569-0075

Robson Valley Construction & Redi Mix Concrete

20 years Renovating ~ Concrete to Cabinets

General Contractor: residential & commercial Excavation: clearing, driveways & septic systems Concrete: redi mix concrete, finish work, stamps, forming (250) 569-2593 Gravel sales


P.O. Box 474 McBride, BC V0J2E0

Call Albert to Discuss Ideas, Free Quotes, or Small Jobs at 250-569-0191

Cardlock and bulk plant facility Fuel truck for all your delivery needs

Now offering full refund on all beer bottles and cans. Pickups can be arranged - Call Liz or Kim Everard:

Lakewest Phone: (250) 566-4585

845 Cedarside Rd. Valemount BC Phone: 250-566-4818 or 1-866-566-4818 Fax: 250-566-4815

Tuesday - Wednesday 1 - 4pm Thursday - Friday - Saturday 10am - 4pm Closed - Sunday & Monday

Call Todd At Wahoo Enterprises (250) 569-0320 “Serving The Robson Valley For Over 15 Years”

• Redi-Mix Concrete • Lock-Blocks • Crushed Gravel ~New Grader~ • Gravel Truck

Sands Bulk Sales LTD Husky Oil Limited

Rex’s Recycling

Boarding Taping Textured Ceilings


Worship 10:00 AM



Pre-approvals • Purchases Refinances • Consolidations Rental Property Self Employed Mortgages New to Canada • Vacation Home

Debra Parker AMP Mortgage Consultant

P: 250-426-8211 ext 375 Cell: 250-421-7600 E:

Looking out for your best Interest.

441 Dominion St., 250 569.3206 or 250 569.3386. Worship/Kids church10:00am


Lamming Pit Road 250 569.3370 Sabbath School: Sat. 9:30 am, Worship Service Sat. 11am, Pathfinders Tues 7pm, Prayer Meeting Wed 7pm


Church 569-3350 Office 569-6802 Sunday Worship 11:00am, Prayer Service Wed. 7 pm


Sun. Sch. 10am Sunday Services 11am, 7:30pm Wed 7:45pm

10 • Thursday October 11, 2012 The Valley Sentinel


Up to 20 words: $6 • Up to 25 words: $7 • Up to 30 words: $8+HST


Guaranteed to Sell $19.95+HST


GTS for 20 words and $1 plus HST for each additional word. Offer valid for the following classified categories: Automotive, Campers/Motorhomes, Miscellaneous, Recreational Vehicles, Pets/Livestock, and Building Materials. This offer is valid for single item sales only. Your ad will run for up to three months after which you can choose to renew your ad.

Main: 250.566.4425 | Toll-free: 1.800.226.2129 | E-mail: | Web: AUTOMOBILES


2000 Cadillac DeVille 139,000 km, excellent condition inside and out, garage kept. Asking $8500 Call 250-569-2444 __NOV 1

1993 Dodge Spirit car Loaded, 78,000 original kilometres. Garage stored. Excellent condition. Excellent Fuel economy. $3,900 OBO Contact Oli @ 250-569-2583 GTS SEPT 5

2004 Ford Freestar minivan Sports model. Tan colour. Loaded. Good condition. Clean. WInter rims and tires included. $6,500 OBO Phone 250569-7295 daytime or 250968 4322 evenings.

1995 Wilderness 5th wheel camper 21.5 feet. Sleeps 6 people with queen size upper bed. Fridge, 4 burner stove/ oven, propane heated, AM/FM stereo, shower tub, with 12 ft. awning. In great condition. 1996 Ford F-250 extended cab short box, 196,000km, truck canopy included. Asking price is $10,500 for BOTH. If interested call Jocelyn 250-566-4491 (home) or 250-566-1700 (cell) GTS SEPT 5


Large Russian Garlic bulbs, 20 month old purebred jersey heifer, and kids pony. Contact 250-968-4356



GARAGE SALE October 14

9 a.m. to Noon 2555 Pine Road CAREERS



Feller Buncher 227 Cat, new motor, good undercarriage, most of this machine is rebuilt. Price $18,500 obo. Call 250566-2471 CAREERS




Wedding Gown for sale, ivory, size 14-16. Empire waist, no train. Never worn. Asking $400 OBO Contact 250-566-4549 OCT 11

Good used sea containers for sale. McBride area $3,650, Valemount $3,500 Delivered. We accept Visa/ MC 250-314-9522 OCT 11

NOTICE LOOKING FOR BENJAMIN STONER regarding the settlement of the estate of your late father, RAY STONER. Please contact your sister Sharon at 604-307-3996 SERVICES


Cozy home with great kitchen, 3 bedrooms up and 2 down. All appliances, washer and dryer included. Large family room. Fenced yard. No smoking, pets negotiable. $925/month plus deposit Available October 15 Call 250-566-5375. OCT 11

Farmhouse in Old Tete Jaune- still available. Rustic and remote. Not for the faint of heart. Pets OK. $500/ mo. Rene 250.566.4199 or 566.8200. OCT 18

CN APARTMENTS 1 & 2 BR $520 & $590 plus hydro. No pets. JUNIPER MANOR Furnished Bachelor $450 plus hydro. 2 BR $550 plus hydro. Scott 250-5661569


Rental listings Valemount Real estate #004





Double-wide trailer on quiet town lot. 3 bdrm/2 full baths. 1000 sq. feet + large workshop, mostly fenced yard. New propane furnace. Pet ok. $725. Available now! Fully renovated house in duplex property. 3 bdrm/1 bath. 900 sq. feet. Large fenced yard, storage shed, laundry provided. Wood/ electric heat. Pet ok. $750 - Nov 1st. 1 Bdrm suite in Triplex house. Furnished except for bed. New appliances, windows, storage shed, h/w tank and shared laundry. Small pet ok, no smoking. Move-in ready! $500 Mtnview Apts. No smoking, no pets, clean and quiet building. 1 Bedroom - $475, 2 Bedroom-$575, 7th Avenue 4-Plex. Very spacious & bright suites - 1000 sq. feet! No pets, non-smoking building. Furnished 2 bdrm w/laundry - $650. Unfurnished 2 bdrm - $550.

Photos and details at Call Jen 250-566-1323 Donna Mae Holbech (nee Hall)

September 30, 1932 - October 1, 2012

OCT 25

25 ft. deep or less. Call Frank 250-566-9707


Furnished 3 and 2 bedroom homes and bachelor suites available short term and long term. Email or call 250-566-9884 OCT 11

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Donna Holbech. She was born in Vulcan, Alberta and moved to British Columbia at an early age. Donna and Ernie moved from Vancouver to Valemount and owned and operated the V&S Store until their retirement. Donna enjoyed to knit and crochet, and spent many loving hours making sweaters and blankets for her family. She was also known for her knitted hats. Donna learned to play the fiddle and was involved with her church. She fulfilled a life-long dream when she went on an Alaskan Cruise a few years ago. Donna is survived by her husband Ernst Holbech, son Victor Holbech, daughter Debra (Scott) Herrling, grandson Jeffrey (Alice) Fraser, great-grandchildren Kevin, Kassidy, Jaxon, granddaughter Nicole Fraser (Adam) and greatgranddaughter Ashley. Three brothers Wayne (Bonnie) Hall, Dean (Marge) Hall, and David (Ruth) Hall, nieces and nephews. Donna was predeceased by her father Ernie Hall and mother Elsie Hall and granddaughter Christine Fraser. Special thanks to Deanna Mickelow for all the loving care she gave to Donna and Ernie. Donna will be missed by all her friends and family. A celebration of life will be held in the near future.


Mobile Home: Hartman’s Trailer Park 2 bedrooms, new roof, bathroom, windows, and carpet. Pellet Stove and propane furnace. $20,000 OBO Call Nathan 250-566-5040 GTS JUNE 20

Fast track your career We’re looking to fill several Assistant Track Supervisor (ATS) roles across Western Canada. As an ATS, you are responsible for track inspection and repairs as well as replacing rails, ties, switches and ballast in an assigned territory. With a leadership background gained in a unionized setting, you bring to this role a proven track record of success in troubleshooting and problem solving, are committed to safety compliance, and can be relied on to consistently meet deadlines. Successful candidates will participate in an intense, several month paid training program during which we will teach them how to inspect track and instruct them on all technical aspects of the role. We offer well paying jobs and the opportunity to build a career in a strong, growing and innovative company. CN is also a big believer in career growth within the company. It’s no surprise that so many employees make CN a long-term career. We are looking for energetic, team oriented professionals that are hard-working, passionate, and dedicated to getting the job done. We invite you to visit and search for Assistant Track Supervisor (ATS) to view the full job description and the working conditions.

Find your place at CN.


Move-in ready 4 bedroom, 3 bath home Recently renovated. Hardwood, tile and liminate throughout. Extra lot, fences and landscaped yard make this the perfect home. This is a must see if you are looking to relocate. 1311 - 9th Avenue, Valemount, B.C. Call or text Michelle today at 250-566-1947 or call Francis at 250-566-4411



OCT 11



GET RESULTS! Post an ad in 126 newspapers. Reach more than 2 million people for only $395/wk for a 25-word text ad or $995/wk for a formatted display ad! Book by province or whole country. Save over 85% compared to booking individually.

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Artist: • 1.800.505.8998


P r o d u c t i o n





Details can be viewed at or requested from Debra Stewart at 1.800.505.8998. Forward resumes to by noon (Pacific) October 22, 2012. or 1.866.669.9222 Artist:


O n l y


Join us:

The Valley Sentinel Thursday October 11, 2012 • 11

Vancouver’s The Number 14 Bus stops in Valemount Donalda Beeson Contributor


he Valemount Arts and Cultural Society presents the second act of their 2012 season: The Number 14, an Axis Theatre Company comedy act. On Tuesday, Oct. 16, at the Valemount Community Theatre, ride along on the Number 14 bus during their 2012 Fall tour. Celebrating their 20th anniversary of entertaining passengers from around the world, The Number 14 has been called a Canadian success story. Bringing together six of Vancouver’s most talented performers, they merge in a whirlwind of comedy magic, aboard Vancouver’s #14 bus. Appropriate for all ages, you can expect something somewhere between Monty Python and Mr. Bean. The Number 14 has earned a number of prestigious awards and nominations, including a

1998 New York Drama Desk nomination in the Unique Theatrical Experience category. They currently hold four Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards and a Dora Mavor Moore nomination. Originating in Vancouver from the creative depths of founding Artistic Director Wayne Specht along with Roy Surette who is the current Artistic Director at the Centaur Theatre in Montreal. It stems from a series of improvisational skits and frames the talents of some of Vancouver’s most adored physical actors. This performance has been entertaining audiences around the world for 20 years now, don’t miss your opportunity to see it live in your own community! Tickets are $25 or $20 in advance for seniors and students, available at Infinity Health. If you cannot purchase in advance, tickets will be $5 more at the door. The show starts at 7:30 p.m.

1315 Week of 10.8.2012

The Robson Valley Back Country Horsemen of BC would like to say THANK YOU to all of our volunteers, sponsors and participants for making our 2nd Annual Poker Ride Fundraiser a huge success! This year we had 35 riders participate. Everyone was treated to a fabulous ride through the fields and forest and along the Fraser River and then a fabulous meal of chilli, smokies and corn. This year’s winners were 1st place Janice Mercuri, 2nd place Shona Thorne and 3rd place Eileen MacDonald. Worst Hand went to Georgie Kenzie. We had 3 youth competitors, Cooper, Bryden and Isla, who also each won a prize for participating. Mac Cochrane won $567.50 as this year’s ghost rider winner. We had so many prizes this year that everyone won at least 1 prize. Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors: IGA, AG Foods, McBride Realty Center, Cougar Den Cabins, Advantage Insurance, Country Chic, Al Miller, Anthony’s Diner, Husky, North Country Lodge, Sandman,Scotia Bank, Kilin Restaurant, JNR Auto Service LTD, Linda Fry, Odds N Ends, Home Hardware, Gallery 222 Antiques, The Farm Store, McBride Hotel, Gigglin Grizzly Pub, IDA Pharmacy, Beaver Creek Lodge, McBride Autobody, Irene Bernsden, RB Hatchard Contracting LTD, TimBr’ Enterprises, Terracana Ranch, Balsam Ranch, Forever Printing and Signs, Kicking Horse Saddlery, Falling Star Ranch, Chris Irwin/Horsepower Productions, Ray Long and Georgie and Terry Kenzie. Also a huge thank you to our volunteers, Chris, Kelly, Julie, Gerald, Penny, John, Roger and Vern along with all of the RVBCHBC members! We look forward to seeing everyone again next year! If you would like to become a member of the RVBCHBC please contact Brian Wallace at 250-569-2324.

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12 • Thursday October 11, 2012 The Valley Sentinel

Call Today about these and other Robson Valley Listings brought to you by 259,000




1970 Cranberry Place Valemount,, BC Valemount








• 2 bedrooms • Sunny spot with great views • Extra Large lot

5361 Mountain View Rd $209,000 mCBRide, BC


• 3 acres with 1700 sq ft house • Hardwood floors, rock fire fire-place, custom kitchen • Detached shop with studio suite and solarium • Greenhouse, fruit trees & shrubs.

1278 - 1st Avenue mCBRide, BC


4706 Mountain View Rd. $59,000 mCBRide, BC




Museum Road mCBRide, BC

• 7.9 acres minutes from McBride with good access • Nicely treed with good building sites • Power & phone nearby

10272 Loos Road $102,000 CResCent spuR, BC

1056 2nd Ave. mCBRide, BC

! W E N

1150 - 9th Ave Valemount, BC

982 - 5th Ave McBride, BC • Large 2 storey fireplaces • 3 bdrm up, 2 down • Suite potential • Excellent location


1096 Juniper Juniper Street


4310 Hwy 16 E mCBRide, BC


Valemount, BC • 3600 sq ft home • Large spacious rooms • Immaculate executive home • Endless outdoor features!

• 3 Bdrms up 2 down • Gourmet Kitchen and appliances • Excellent location – fenced yard • Great family home !

• 3 bdrm, 2 bath with basement • Large fenced yard • Excellent condition

•Spectacular sunset views •9 acres - creek, waterfall, trails- Beautiful property •Immaculate 3 BR home •Minutes from McBride

• 424 gorgeous acres •5 bedrooms & 3 baths • Workshop, barm, corrals, farmland and river frontage • This property has it all!



1377 - 2nd Avenue McBride,, BC McBride

! e c i r p W • Totally renovated NE

• Immaculate 2 storey, 3 bedroom home • Extra large lot .91 acre • Desirable location • Priced to sell

Irene Berndsen



42475 Penny penny, BC


• Great for horses or hobby farm • 20 acres backs onto Crown Land • 4 bedroom, 3 bath home • Log cabin & outbuidings

• 353 acres - off the grid • Extensive Fraser River frontage •Refurbished heritage home



2525 Jensen Road mCBRide, BC

• Charm and character • 2/3 bedrooms • Great yard • Single Garage



720 Shovar Road mCBRide, BC

• 40 acres - private • Backs on Mt. Lucille • Village water

250-569-7397 Irene Berndsen

• Private with Fraser River Frontage • 25 acres with large home • Minutes from McBride

Prince George

w w w. m o u n t a i n v i e w r e a l t y. c a

Irene Berndsen, Sales Representative in McBride



Double lot - Immaculate yard Large family kitchen - Attached garage

3 bedroom - New bath - New roof Lots of renos - New deck $169,000




2 Bedroom - New paint Garage - Extra big lot

5 Bedrooms - Huge home- Huge potential Massive shop - Barn- 4.69 acres





6 bedroom - 2 bath Jacuzzi ensuite - Fenced yard

5 bedrooms - 2 bath - Island kitchen 2.5 acres - Guest cabin - Private yard





3 rental units -Good investment Large paved parking - Two buildings $189,000

Big kitchen - Brick fireplace 2 Lots - 3 levels




3 bdrm - 3 bath - Formal dining room Family rm - in floor heat- Double heated garage


Tammy Van de Nobelen Owner & Sales Associate


Call Tammy TODAY for more information on these properties and more.


Cell: 250.566.1025 • Office: 250.566.0021 - 1418 Bruce Place, Valemount, BC

GOOD HOME-GOOD NEIGHBORS 5 bdrm - 3 bath - 3 levels Huge master suite - Double lot - Garage


Jeannette Townsend Managing Broker

Volume 27, Issue 41  

October 11, 2012 Edition of the Valley Sentinel

Volume 27, Issue 41  

October 11, 2012 Edition of the Valley Sentinel