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In today’s competitive environment, getting your child prepared for Advanced Placement courses and the College SAT/ACT Test is vital to getting accepted into the college of your choice. This high level program is reserved for very high achieving students and takes a good deal of commitment from the student. This program will help your child achieve maximum long-term educational success with increased motivation and confidence. The Pre SAT Enrichment Program includes intense practice in Critical Reading, Vocabulary, Writing, Algebra and Geometry.

Our Advanced Placement Math Program covers high level math all the way through integral calculus and the applications of integrals. Pre-Calculus curriculum covers advanced topics in algebra and trigonometry. An understanding of this material is necessary before beginning either the standard college calculus or high school AP Calculus courses. Calculus curriculum covers differential calculus, integral calculus, and the applications of integrals. The calculus curriculum is intended to cover all the material required for the Advanced Placement (AP) in Calculus AB.