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Cover was provided by Ingrid Bolton, titled “ Beauty From The Overpass”


By the time this article is published, our transition to our new management company, Community Management Associates (CMA), will be almost complete. The Board has worked diligently to ensure this transition goes as smoothly as possible, but as with any major project, we also anticipate a few bumps in the road.

As Tim Roth, HOA Vice President, pointed out during the May Townhall meeting, this transition is a journey of 1000 steps. Our overall master project plan must cover every aspect of our current operations, from financial to simple things like room reservation systems.

Members of the HOA Board started meeting CMA representatives in early May, shortly after the contract was signed. These initial meetings were the starting point of the actual transition. Working together, key areas of concentration were identified and the process of transferring critical data to CMA began. An ad hoc committee to assist in the transformation from the Cresswind side was formed in June. Members of the committee included representatives from key committees such as: Budget & Finance and Website, as well as a few members from the RFP Development ad hoc committee. This small group of volunteers are working tirelessly to ensure all aspects of our community operations were identified, reviewed, and prepared for the transition.

Some of the more daunting tasks that the committee must plan and prepare for were:

• Notifications – not just notifications to our residents, but also notifications to our vendors and suppliers.

• Financial – all new banking accounts must be established for our operating accounts as well as for our reserve accounts. Additionally, we must ensure that all resident accounts with First Services Residential (FSR) are transferred to CMA and all balances verified. CMA has already mapped the FSR accounts to the standard CMA accounts and consolidations/adjustments were

made as necessary.

• Budget – CMA was notified early in the process of all budget and financial transactions. We also must ensure they are familiar with our budgeting cycle and process.

• Data and documentation transfer – We have over 15 years of data regarding our community, including external improvement requests (EIR), that needed to be transferred to the new data repository.

• Making sure CMA knows us – we have supplied copies of all Governing Documents in order to provide them with information on who we are and how we operate. We also have reviewed all existing contracts, identified all current vendors/service providers, and provided them with as much information possible regarding community-specific requirements, including those requirements related to the Army Corps of Engineers and other watershed authorities. We now look forward to leveraging CMA’s massive network of vendors throughout the Southeast over the last three decades to handle our property maintenance needs.

The committee is working with the CMA team and our own committees such as the Website, Education, Welcome, and Social to develop innovative ways to prepare and educate our residents. Some of these education areas included:

• How and where to make HOA dues payments

• How to submit work orders or other communications.

Finally, and most importantly, the HOA Board would also like to recognize four individuals in particular, who basically helped keep the lights on for us. Jennifer Finlayson, Lifestyle Director, and our Guest Relations team: Becca Scutt, Peggy Siewert (weekends), and Heidi Anderson (weekends). This group is keeping things running as smoothly as possible in the Clubhouse. We owe them all a huge round of applause.

Beauty from the Overpass

The Waterfall Magazine cover was provided by Ingrid Bolton, titled “ Beauty From The Overpass”. This view from the Ivey Road overpass of our Cresswind Community Garden was too beautiful for not being turned into a large oil painting by our Cresswind neighbor and artist Ingrid Bolton.

With a lifelong passion for art, Ingrid earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Fine Art Major from the University of North Georgia in 2002. She continues to refine her skill through workshops with nationally acclaimed master painters. Throughout her career, Ingrid’s paintings have garnered many awards and are part of collections throughout the United States, Canada, England, Germany and Italy. Visit her website:


When Hiring A Contractor

Submitted by: Sandra Nelson

Research Assistance from Richard Petty

As you plan your next home renovation project, choosing the right contractor for the job is a critical first step in your planning process. Most contract disputes with building contractors and tradesmen arise because of lack of communication and misunderstandings about the scope of work to be performed. Here are some suggestions to help minimize problems when hiring a contractor.

• Have all communication in writing.

• Read all communications and ask questions.

• Ask for 2 to 3 references for work that was recently completed. Request the name and phone number of these references. Contact these references and ask if you could visit and view the contractor’s work.

• Ask for business licenses and a copy of insurance (have the insurance information sent from the insurance carrier directly to you and verify the date of coverage).

• Have the scope of work in a detailed proposal with pricing per segment of work.

• Agree upon a targeted project timeline.

• Discuss payment schedule. Reputable contrac-

tors will not require a down payment. Do not pay for work that is not complete and to your satisfaction.

• Ask if the contractor will be using subcontractors. If they are using subcontractors, request a signed FULL UNCONDITIONAL LIEN WAIVER AND RELEASE. This will prevent sub-contractors from placing a lien on your property if the contractor does not pay them.

• It is good practice to gather at least three quotes. Make sure the scope of work on each bid is the same.

• Remember the lowest bid may not necessarily be the best bid.

• Have a signed contract with scope of work, warranties, materials, and payment terms. Keep a signed copy should you need to reference it in the event misunderstandings arise.

• DO NOT PAY CASH. Use checks or credit cards to track your expenses and for any potential disputes regarding payment and always get a receipt for payment.

Once you have decided on your project and hired your contractor, remember to complete and submit the necessary EIR paperwork to the ARC. Good luck with your home improvement project.


Submitted by: Jeff Jones

My name is Jeff Jones, and I am the newly minted Chair of the Education Committee. My background is as a retired physician/science nerd. I would consider myself a life-long learner and am interested in almost everything. I also teach BULLI classes and have made a couple of presentations to Cresswind on the wonders of the Universe and why this is important to our daily lives. The committee is only as strong as our community support. With that in mind, we need at least two more interested people to serve on the committee to help find and develop the various programs we would like to present. The committee also needs feedback from any of our

residents as to what they would be interested in learning about. These could be presentations made by our residents or outside “experts”.

Coming up we have a presentation on the ins and outs of hospice care and how it works. There also may be another presentation on the Universe, by me, later in the fall and we have several topics that are under development.

If you have any interest in serving on the committee or just have an idea for a presentation you think would be of interest, please let me know. Thank you all for your support and please send your suggestions. Jeff Jones 770-533-3481

Welcome Committee

Submitted by: Sandy St George

Do you remember when you first moved to Cresswind? Perhaps you had questions like:

• How do I get tickets for these amazing events I hear about?

• Where do I go to buy groceries?

• What day is garbage day?

• Who is the best dermatologist in the area?

• How can I learn more about this place I just moved into?

Were you a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out all that the community has to offer and the best way to “Cresswind”?

The Cresswind Welcome Committee is here to help new residents navigate the best way to “Cresswind”. The

Jerry and Glenda Bullard

3616 Blue Cypress Cove

Renee Gheno

3775 Golden Leaf Point

Joseph Houlihan

3848 Sweet Magnolia Drive

Welcome Committee is made up of Cresswind residents that are eager to help new residents enjoy our wonderful community. Their goals include meeting with new neighbors to show them the ropes and hosting a New Homeowner Orientation. Our new neighbors learn about the Cresswind website, Facebook page, committees and clubs, etc. Welcome Committee members are also helpful in providing information about the area.

If you have been in Cresswind for a while, but still feel like you’d like someone to show you the ropes, please reach out to me (Sandy St George, email: sandy.stgeorge@, and one of our awesome committee members will be happy to re-welcome you! We would like to welcome the following new neighbors to Cresswind:

Paul and Liz Kaminsky

3500 Locust Cove Road

Rick and Darby Moyer

3621 Blue Cypress Cove

Monte and Jan Pix

3366 Indian Hawthorne Ridge

Robert and Helen Posener 3160 White Magnolia Chase

Shanna Cartwright and Mike Rowe

3593 Blue Cypress Cove

John and Virginia Smiley

3503 Golden Rain Circle


Submitted by:

There are many plants that are poisonous to dogs and cats and should be avoided in your landscape. The term “poisonous” does not mean the plant will kill our animals. Many plants are only mildly toxic which can cause stomach aches or mild irritation in the mouth.

This is a partial list of plants commonly found in Georgia:


Aloe Vera


Asparagus fern

Autumn Crocus


Bleeding Heart


Calla Lily




Castor Bean



Elephant Ears

English Ivy

Easter lily


Four O’clock






Heavenly Bamboo


Jimson Weed

Jerusalem Cherry








Morning Glory

Mother-in Law’s Tongue

Mountain Laurel


Needlepoint Ivy


Please refer to the Rules and Regulations #5-4.7





Poison Hemlock

Poison Ivy


Primrose Privet



Sago Palm


Sweetheart Ivy

Sweet Pea


Tree Philodendron



Virginia Creeper


Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Plants and shrubs can be no taller than 12 inches above the front window or porch. “Do Not Plant” List the following are deemed invasive or impractical for our generally small yard spaces and cannot be planted on your property. There are many websites that will give you information regarding poisonous plants. I recommend the Animal Poison Control Center, 855-764-7661, or call your local veterinarian.

Cresswind at Lake Lanier Debbie Cortjens

Senior Real Estate Specialist ® Buyers and Sellers Agent

Buying Opportunities


Submitted by: Chris Cabrelli

Spring has come and gone, and we are approaching the dog days of summer here in Cresswind. You have lovingly planted and nurtured your annuals and perennials and yet they may be looking a little sad. As the temperature begins to rise and the summer heat approaches, it’s crucial to prepare our gardens and plantings to withstand the challenging conditions ahead. With thoughtful planning and proper care, we can ensure that our green spaces thrive throughout the hotter months. In this article, we’ll explore essential tips for soil preparation, plant selection, pest control, and watering strategies to help your garden flourish in the summer heat.

Soil Preparation: Healthy soil is the foundation of a successful garden, especially when facing the stresses of summer heat.

Mulching: Apply a layer of organic mulch, such as compost or shredded leaves, to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature.

Aeration: Ensure proper aeration by loosening compacted soil with a garden fork or aerator. This promotes better water penetration and root growth.

Fertilization: Consider using slow-release organic fertilizers to provide a steady supply of nutrients to your plants throughout the summer months.

Plant Selection: Choosing the right plants for your garden is essential for thriving in hot weather conditions. Opt for heat-tolerant varieties that are well-suited to our climate – look for plants and trees that will thrive in 7b on the hardiness zone chart.

Native Plants: Native species are often more adapted to local climate conditions and require less maintenance once established. Make sure to avoid plants in the Cresswind Do Not Plant List found on the Cresswind web site.

Drought-Resistant Plants: Select drought-resistant plants that have evolved to withstand periods of water scarcity. Succulents, lavender, and ornamental grasses are excellent choices.

Non-Invasive Small Root System Trees: Select trees that will benefit humans and animals but will not invade your sewer line. Trees such as Dwarf Korean Lilac, Japanese Maple, Kousa Dogwood, English Holly, Pawpaw, Bronze Loquat and Chinese Pistache are great examples of trees in varying

heights and shapes that are good choices for our yards here in Cresswind.

Heat-Tolerant Vegetables: If you’re growing vegetables, choose heat-tolerant varieties such as tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. Provide ample shade and water during the hottest parts of the day.

Pest Control: Summer heat can create favorable conditions for pests and diseases to thrive. Implementing integrated pest management techniques can help keep infestations at bay without relying on harmful chemicals.

Companion Planting: Planting pest-repelling herbs such as basil, mint, and rosemary alongside susceptible crops can deter pests naturally.

Regular Inspections: Routinely inspect your plants for signs of pest damage or disease. Early detection allows for prompt intervention, minimizing potential damage.

Natural Predators: Encourage beneficial insects such as ladybugs, lacewings, and parasitic wasps that prey on garden pests.

Watering Strategies: Proper watering is crucial for maintaining plant health during the summer heat. Develop a watering routine that meets the needs of your plants while conserving water resources.

Deep Watering: Water deeply and infrequently to encourage deep root growth and drought resistance. Aim for watering in the early morning or late evening to minimize evaporation.

Drip Irrigation: Consider installing a drip irrigation system to deliver water directly to the base of plants, reducing water waste and minimizing moisture on foliage, which can lead to fungal diseases.

Mulch: Mulching not only conserves soil moisture but also helps regulate soil temperature, reducing water loss through evaporation.

By implementing these strategies for soil preparation, plant selection, pest control, and watering, you can create a resilient garden that thrives even in the sweltering summer heat. Remember to observe your garden regularly, adjust your practices as needed, and above all, enjoy the beauty and tranquility of your green oasis. Happy Gardening!


The Health & Fitness Committee is happy to report that the closet in the indoor pool area where the water equipment is stored has been cleaned and sanitized. The mold and mildew have been eradicated. The room will no longer have a door and the equipment will be readily available for your use. Please remember to return everything you use to the room, once it is moved back into that area.

Big Peach Run-Walk-Hike of Dawsonville is coming to Cresswind on July 16th. The team will bring a variety of athletic and lifestyle shoes available in various sizes. They will also bring the Albert 2 Pro Scanner that provides a 3D foot scan. This scanner captures the most accurate foot data with key measurements, such as length, width, girth, in-step and arch height through a 20 second scan process. The data is then converted into a 3D model. This enables the staff to determine the footwear styles that are compatible with your feet. Signing up for this event will begin on June 13th and residents will receive a 10% discount on their total purchase.

The footwear we choose plays a significant role in maintaining and improving our posture enabling proper spinal alignment. Shoes can also influence the activation of our muscles as well as contribute to better balance

which can affect your posture. Poor gait and walking mechanics can lead to an inefficient stride resulting in increased pressure on certain joints causing postural imbalances.

Have you looked at or been aware of your posture recently? Do you find yourself slouching consistently? Does your head hang forward and are your shoulders rounded? To achieve proper posture, it is recommended that you stand tall with your head straight, shoulders back, core tucked in and ears over the middle of your shoulders. There are a number of health conditions that can affect your posture, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Congenital Cervical Stenosis and Scoliosis. These physical ailments need to be addressed medically. There are some interventions that can be beneficial such as physical therapy, injections or, in extreme cases, surgical intervention. Look at yourself in the mirror both front and side view to access your posture. It is helpful to be aware of good postural characteristics as stated above. Take a step and join us on July 16th because configuration of your feet can have a major impact on your posture.

Visit for the Fitness Calendar. We have numerous changes in offered activities happening this summer.


The Cresswind CARE Committee* has been restructured and renamed Meal Train/Medical Equipment—an easy to locate resource found on the Cresswind Website under the Resource tab. Residents can request a Meal Train and/or Medical Equipment on a temporary basis as the need arises, i.e., sick, hurt, following surgery, hospitalization, etc.

Meal Train

To get up and running, we invite Cresswind residents to volunteer to provide a meal to a neighbor in need. If you’d like to participate, but don’t cook, perhaps you would consider purchasing a carryout from a local restaurant. When a Meal Train is requested for your Phase or street, you will receive an email inviting you to select a date to provide a meal. If you aren’t able to do so for any of the dates listed, no worries—perhaps the next time around you’ll be available to help. In other words, our goal is to have a good number of volunteers in each section of Cresswind so we’re not relying on the same people to provide meals every time,

and to account for meal preparers on vacation, etc.

We are also looking for a resident or two, comfortable with technology, i.e., checks/responds to phone and emails daily, who can help co-chair Meal Train setup in Phase 2 (Locust Cove, Blue Spruce, Great Oak area).

To sign up to be a meal volunteer or Phase 2 co-chair, please call or email Maureen Terry-Morehead at 703-9394277 or to provide your name, email address, and phone number.

Medical Equipment

In addition to the Meal Train, we also have a list of Medical Equipment for loan, i.e., walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs, ice machine, etc. Please contact Elaine Vetter at 770-605-2562 if you need to borrow something and/or if you have an item to add to the list.

*If you still have a red and white Cresswind CARE Committee Information card, please recycle it as this committee has been dissolved and is now only providing Meal Trains and Medical Equipment.


The Trails and Pathways (T&P) Committee is responsible for assisting the HOA Board in maintaining existing trails, trail heads, and pathways, as well as planning the construction of future trails and pathways within the Cresswind Community. The T&P Committee conducted an online survey of Cresswind residents in October 2023. The survey’s purpose was to understand how residents use Cresswind hiking trails, so that HOA resources can be directed responsibly.

After obtaining HOA Board approval, the Committee designed and disseminated the survey. (Thank You Tim Roth, for your technical guidance and support!) The T&P Committee is very satisfied with the results that were generated, especially with the 40% response rate. The 40% response rate represents 642 respondents, out of the 1609 email recipients who received the survey.

Results from the Survey:

• 95% of survey respondents are aware that Cresswind has hiking trails

• 53% of respondents identified as ‘Trail Users’

• 47% of respondents identified as ‘Non-Trail Users’

The distribution of survey respondents among neighborhood Sections is consistent with the distribution of resident households by Section.

• Section 1: Cresswind Parkway through Indian Hawthorne (and all off-streets)

• Section 2: Cresswind Parkway to Browns Bridge overpass (and all off-streets)

• Section 3: Cresswind Parkway from Browns Bridge to end (and all off-streets)

Results from open-ended comments were grouped topically. In order of frequency, following are the most often addressed topics by “Trail Users” and “Non-Trail Users.”

►From Trail Users: What recommendations do you have to increase your use of, and satisfaction with the Cresswind hiking trails?

• Continue safety / maintenance of trails. Increase safety as needed. Add more trail signage.

• Add new trails or expand current trails. Add trails in Section 3.

• Various comments included praise and appreciation for trail maintenance / improvements.

• Plans for using the trails more frequently. Plans to use the trails in the future.

• Expressed wishes to keep and maintain the trails.

►From Non-Trail Users: Please comment, if you choose, on your reason for not using the Cresswind hiking trails.

• Physical limitations keep them from using the trails

• Fears about the trails (primarily bugs, snakes, and rough terrain)

• Preferences for other activities apart from hiking

• Preferences for walking sidewalks and streets instead of trails

• Preferences for hiking outside of the Cresswind neighborhood

Conclusions from the Survey:

• The response rate was very good across all neighborhood sections.

• Respondents identifying as Trails Users vs. Non-Trail Users was overall representative.

• The frequency of trail use shows that Cresswind is an active community.

• Survey results strongly support the charge of the T&P Committee and the work accomplished (2019-2023), as well as ongoing projects that are slated for 2024.

• Survey results also support expansion of the trails.

• Many Non-Trail Users commented they do not use the trails due to physical limitations.

• Many other Non-Trail Users indicated they prefer other activities apart from hiking.

Implications for the T&P Committee:

• The popularity of the trails as a community amenity is widespread and strong.

• Ongoing satisfaction requires continued maintenance and increased access, particularly for residents of Sections 2 and 3.

• Minimal funding ($700 in the past 4 years) required to maintain safety, accessibility, and user satisfaction. Maintenance has largely been accomplished through T&P Committee / Hiking Club members’ donations of time, expenses, and personal tools.

• T&P work teams have begun rerouting trails due to erosion. Future rerouting will necessitate some major trail relocation.

• Natural erosion and deterioration of bridge materials will require bridge replacements in the near future.

• HOA funding will be required for ongoing repair, maintenance, and to ensure safety on trails. The T&P Committee will work with the Board through the normal budgeting process for ongoing repairs and projects.

• The T&P Committee will develop a Board-approved scope and sequence plan for any trail expansions.

(NMLS# 1845259)

Elizabeth Cain Named Top 40 Under 40

Congratulations to Elizabeth Cain, a private banking executive at Peach State Bank, for recognition as one of the top 40 under 40 community bank leaders by the ICBA (Independent Community Banking Leaders of America). This honor is awarded to individuals who have continuously stepped up in their eld to offer a new perspective and make a difference in their communities. Elizabeth is dedicated to doing her part to ensure operations at the bank are handled as smoothly as possible, while contributing to her community through her work and volunteering. Congratulations Elizabeth!

Our new permanent bank branch is being built on Friendship Road across from The Village at Deaton Creek STRONG BANK

Peach State Bank’s Elizabeth Cain

Withdrawing from Retirement Accounts, Where to Turn to First

Retirement knowledge and information often revolves around saving and preparing for your future, but when the retirement years actually come and the savings you’ve spent decades accumulating need to be spent, how does one begin?

The following will give a general outline of which accounts to start with and what accounts to use as a follow up.


Cash incurs growth at a much lower rate than does most any other holding. Whether it’s cash in a savings account or a cash holding in an investment account, beyond your emergency fund (6 months of expenses), cash should be the first place you pull income from for your retirement years.

Taxable Investment Accounts

Individual, revocable trusts, and joint accounts should be your next stop for income in your retirement years.

Sourcing income from your taxable investment accounts will assist with reducing tax liability as they will be taxed at capital gains rates (given they are

held for more than one year) and will come from accounts that historically grow at a slower rate than do other forms of retirement accounts (accounts that are tax-deferred).

Social Security

Turning on your social security income is a great way to protect your remaining nest-egg and begin sourcing income from a social welfare program you’ve been paying into for your entire working life, but this decision isn’t as simple as the first two.

Before turning on your social security benefits, consider if waiting will dramatically increase your expected monthly income or not. If you are past the age of 70, this won’t apply. If you are around the age of 62, waiting could mean a larger payout in the future.

Tax-Deferred Retirement Accounts

Traditional IRA, 457, SEP IRA, 401(k), and 403(b) accounts are taxed once withdrawals begin to be made. Withdrawals can be voluntary as a form of retirement income or they may be required depending on your age as a yearly required minimum distribution

(RMD). It’s usually best to wait to withdraw from these accounts for as long as possible to avoid the tax liability.

Roth IRA Accounts

With tax-free growth and qualified withdrawals also being tax-free (for beneficiaries as well), Roth IRAs are of the most tax-efficient savings vehicles available to investors. Allowing these the most time to accumulate, like your tax-deferred accounts, is always a good choice. And leaving these accounts untouched throughout your retirement can mean more money for your loved ones as RMD’s have been done away with (via the SECURE 2.0 Act) and withdrawals after your passing can be deferred for up to 10 years.

Like most tax-related retirement advice, there is no one size fits all. This is why speaking with an advisory firm can develop a retirement roadmap that is unique to you and can be a great step towards protecting your future. For assistance in making these decisions or to schedule a complimentary financial review with Moore’s Wealth Management, click here or call our office at 770-535-5000, where a staff-member is awaiting your call Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM.


For additional information, please visit the Cresswind website at:

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We Raise Funds and Grant Funds

Through Your Volunteer Help, Support and Donations to Programs and Campaigns, that Help Local Seniors in Need

21 Grants of $52,000 Through First Week Of June 2024

• FOCUS 55+ - “individuals” 55+ seniors through sponsoring Hall organizations and churches, who need our support and help.

• Dementia Program Hall County – Provide support to families and individuals through Beyond Dementia / Hall County Coalition. “New” Cresswind and Hall County Care Giver Support Group. Contact Cloud Conrad, Executive Director Beyond Dementia Coalition Hall County or

• Help Me Please Volunteers Set Record Number of Cresswind Jobs: Completed in First Six Months! Help Me Please Service Program helps Cresswind residents every day and is ahead of last year’s one every day record-breaking jobs completed and donations pace! Your Donations for work done by HMP volunteers goes directly to Hall County charities Serving Seniors in Need. Thank You for using HMP!

• 52 Help Me Please volunteers with Spouses/Friends, enjoyed a Baseball Night Out on June 14th at a Gwinnett Stripers game, compliments of Sponsor and Other Donations.

• Grandparents Raising Grandchildren*- Financial assistance to Grandparent lead families. Please help us find families in need through your Church and Hall Organizations

• HELP THE HUNGRY* – Food Prices Skyrocket as Local Food Banks push to keep up with demand. Help Support 8 Hall County Food Banks

• Medical Workers & Health Organizations – Various support through grants to Good News Clinics, NGMS workers, other health-related

• Cresswind Community Projects – Here are some of the grants in recent years that has supported Cresswind. All Cresswind Community Benches, AED units, Handicap Access Ramp, Fitness Center Rowing Machine-Stretching Table, Ballroom Sound System and Computer, Grants for Flags & Materials for curbside flags.

The Spirit of Cresswind 6th Annual Golf Tournament – FIRST RESPONDERS Free Golf Day through your Donations go to Fire-Police-Sheriff. GOLFERS AND NON-GOLFERS go to to sign up or and to Donate.

Cresswind LL Community Fund Mission Statement

To enhance the lives of adults, primarily 55 & older, through charitable, educational, medicalhealth related, and cultural opportunities in Gainesville & Hall County exclusively

Please GO TO OUR WEBSITE For Recipient Stories About Your Giving, Photos and Information, Events, Meetings, Open Forums

The Cresswind LL Community Fund is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. Donations can be General or Restricted to a specific program, and are tax deductible by law and in compliance with IRS policy

*The Spirit of Cresswind, HELP THE HUNGRY, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, FOCUS 55+, Help Me Please are service marks of The Cresswind LL Community Fund, Inc. © 2024 The Cresswind LL Community Fund, Inc. All rights reserved.



Submitted by: Diana Thurmond

One of our Cresswind Artists, Diana Thurmon, and regular Art Corner attendee is being featured at Sugar Hill Gallery thru July 11th. Her solo show, Dreaming in Color, comprises work from several decades and is therefore varied in style and content. The gallery is open Thursdays & Fridays from 10 am – 6 pm and Saturdays & Sundays 10 am – 4 pm. Be sure to see this delightful show. The gallery is down McEver to Hwy 20, not far from Cresswind.


How do we know that what was written down in the New Testament has not been changed over the years?

One way is through the process called textual criticism. Simply stated, textual criticism is a method used to determine what the original manuscripts of the Bible said. One only needs to look at the earliest writings of some of the historical documents and compare to when the document was written and when the earliest copy appeared and then consider how many copies of that document still exist. For example: The works of Herodotus were written between 488-428 BC and the earliest copy is from 900 AD or 1300 years. Only 8 copies exist. Another example is the work of Thucydides written between 460-400 BC with the earliest copy appearing about 900 AD, again a gap of 1300 years with only 8 copies existing. A third example is that of the Roman historian, Tacitus. His work was written in 100 AD, but the earliest copy dates to 1100 AD, almost 1000 years and only 20 copies exist today. A fourth example is Caesar’s Gallic War which was written between 58 -50 BC with the earliest copy appearing in 900 AD or more than 900 years and only 9-10 copies exist today. Livy’s Roman History was written between 59 BC – 17 AD and once again the earliest copy dates from 900 AD and only 20 of those exist. However, the books of the New Testament were written between AD 40 -100 and the earliest copy dates from 130 AD with full manuscripts from 350 AD. A period of only 30 -100 years. In addition, there are over 5000 Greek, 10,000 Latin, and 9300 copies in other languages. (source: Alpha Course Session #2 and Wikipedia)

If you feel led to learn more about the Bible or to study the Bible on a regular basis, there are many opportunities here in Cresswind.

The Women’s Bible Study meets Thursdays from 4-5pm in the Savannah Room or the Arts & Crafts Room. The first Thursday of the month is devoted to Intercessory Prayer. (NOTE: They have taken the summer off and will reconvene

in late August)

The Men’s Bible Study meets Fridays from 10 am – 11 am in the Georgia Room. They begin with a time of prayer from 9:30 am - 10:00 am.

Couples Bible studies meet in private homes throughout the community.

The In-Home Women’s Bible Study meets in a resident’s home

If you are interested in joining one of these groups, the points of contact are:


Diane Denniston and/or Jami Dittmeier


Dave Dittmeier


Joanne Randall


Jacquie Waldron

“For the word of God is alive and active…” (Heb 4:12 NIV)



Julie Cottingham


Joyce Allen


Lynne Tryon


The Book Buds Book Club meets the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. We meet in the home of a member of the group. For our group we have no meetings in January and July. Zona Buchen


meets the third Wednesday of the month at 1:00pm in the clubhouse library. We only read and discuss non-fiction books. The ABCs is open to any Cresswind male who may be interested in reading and discussing non-fiction books. More info? Contact Dave Dittmeier DaDittmeier@gmail. com (PS > ABC stands for Annuitants, Bibliophiles and Curmudgeons)


Pat Hilger


Cathy Koenig


Donna Brown


Carol Malarney


Janet Nelson


Marilyn Young


Submitted by Paul Capal

Congratulations to team Pinned Down, Bill and Eileen Langan, Dave Pech and Deanna Puls who won the overall 2023/24 league championship in a roll off April 10th against team Superbowl, Fred Irvin, Sue Fosse, Tom Stagl and Bill Swan.

The Cresswind Bowling Club will complete our summer session on July 31st and hold our 2024/25 kickoff meeting on August 14th in the clubhouse ballroom at 10:00 am. At the August 14th meeting we will formalize the teams for the coming 2024/25 season which will begin on Wednesday September 4th at 10:00 am at Stars and Stikes in Buford.

Please plan to attend the August 14th meeting if you would like to bowl in the upcoming season. If you cannot attend the meeting or have any questions or concerns, please contact any of the board members. If you have not bowled in years, no need to worry, we are a fully handicapped, unsanctioned league. There will be additional information sent out on the upcoming August 14th meeting as we get closer to the meeting. Information, league rules and all board members’ contact information can be found on the website under clubs.


Submitted by: Steve Siebold

The Cresswind Chess Club (CCC) now has a dozen active members and counting. This is an amateur, nontournament club focused on playing social chess for fun and entertainment. All levels are welcome, including those who are interested in learning the game. The club meets every Tuesday evening from 6:30 -8:00 pm in the Savannah Room. For more information, contact Club President Steve Siebold at or 770-530-1004.


Submitted By: Louise Dunn

Summertime and the stock market’s moving. AI’s jumping

and social media’s humming!

What a serendipitous year! Earnings are slowing yet the economy is still strong. The volatility index is somewhat low. Artificial intelligence, data centers, and energy continue to drive many investments. In addition, some sectors of the market are broadening and offer opportunities for future growth. Predictions about the economy and stocks abound, however, how does one decide which stocks to buy, hold, or perhaps sell? Stay tuned.

You are welcome to visit the CIC investment club to sit in on our discussions about seasonal opportunities with stocks. Meetings are the first Monday of the month at 1:00 p.m. in the clubhouse kitchen. Contact Jack George jgeorge263@gmail. com or Rich Lynt if you would like to attend.

The CIC investment club hosted a financial presentation by Jeff Sulka, Edward Jones, on making the most of RMDs, understanding statements and. financial fraud awareness. Cresswind residents found that the information Jeff Sulka, especially on RMDS, was timely, pertinent, and helpful.


Submitted by: Rob Plawecki

On May 10th the ballroom was decorated in the iconic red, white, and blue of Old Glory as several members of the Community Flag Club met for a meet and greet. Members shared good food and great conversations. These are the Cresswind volunteers that have been placing American flags in the neighborhood four times a year for the last 15 years. We are always looking for volunteers so if you want to be a member of one of the oldest and most exclusive clubs at Cresswind contact Rob Plawecki at The Community Flag Club is self-funded, so cash donations are always welcome.


Submitted by: Robin Foster

Happy Summer to everyone. Be sure to enjoy the pool and stay cool. Unfortunately, the Kentucky Derby was cancelled this year due to lack of interest and ticket sales. However, a Derby Volunteer Social, with a menu similar to the one planned for Derby, was held June 3rd for 45 members who had volunteered to help with that event. Thank you to all that stepped up.

A Picnic Basket Exchange event was planned for June 29th, an event that has returned to the Cooking Club. In the fall, the Cooking Club will host a Spaghetti Dinner on September 27th and a Chili Night on November 2nd. Select your favorite recipe and volunteer to offer a new experience to

member guests.

Cooking School has quite a calendar of classes planned for 2024. Members returned to the Greenbox Mushroom Farm with two (2) field trips in March and April. It is a very popular trip.

On April 14th, Four Guys and a Gal returned with a Greek Brunch that was well received and delicious. Thank you to Sid Jacobs, David Scoville, Don Johansen, John Sherry, and Nancy Gould. Sid Jacobs also conducted a Sous Vide Demo/ Tasting class on May 22nd. Several members own sous vide equipment and may have learned new techniques. Others may have been inspired to explore the world of sous vide cooking. Unfortunately Plant-Based Trace had to cancel her class. Hopefully we will be able to have her back in the future.

On July 10th, Lori Ruzek, from Cucina Milano, will provide a lunch and dinner with a Mediterranean theme hosted by Rosemary Smith and Lynne Hayden. Member guests have always had an outstanding experience with Lori’s food.

The Olive Basket will bring an Olive Oil and Vinegar class on August 13th.

Cooking School is also planning an Appetizer and Wine Pairing class on September 24th hosted by Lisa and Mike Giblin, Diane McIntee and Bill Gallagher. Mike and Bill have phenomenal knowledge of wine and Bill is actually a sommelier. Lisa and Diane will prepare scrumptious appetizers to accompany your wine.

October 8th has two (2) of our residents, Kathi and John Hartlieb, offering a class preparing Salmon Three (3) Ways and on November 20th there will be a class entitled Seafood Delight with Rob Demcheck.

Please consider volunteering for one of your club’s events or cooking school classes. They cannot happen without you.


Submitted by: Chuck Bridwell

Cresswind Community Chorus is currently on its summer break. Rehearsals will begin again on September 9. The Chorus will begin preparations for our 10th Anniversary HOLIDAY MUSIC CELEBRATION.

This year’s holiday show will feature the best and most favorite songs in the history of the Cresswind Community Chorus. Top music by the full chorus, men’s chorus, women’s chorus, chorale, trio, and UpChucks. Plus, the top two specialty acts.

The dates for the HOLIDAY MUSIC CELEBRATION are December 5-7. Save these dates on your calendar. You will not want to miss this amazing production, directed by Chuck Bridwell.

There is something special happening again this summer, though. The Summer Hummers will be preparing for their

annual show. There will be a 30-voice men’s chorus, plus a 7-piece live band. There will be two performances, August 22 & 23. The music will be magnificent. Mark it down. It will be a sure sellout. Everybody loves the Summer Hummers, directed by Richard Petty.


Come to the Next Cresswind Storyteller’s meeting on the Third Thursday of each month at 3:00pm in the Ballroom. You can tell a story or just come listen – you will enjoy it and have fun!

Also, every year the Cresswind Storytellers present a Showcase of stories for all to enjoy. Please save the date for the October 24-25, 2024, Storytelling Showcase.


Submitted by: Nancy Evans

GET YOUR 1960’S GROOVE ON and plan to attend the 11th Annual Variety Show on Thursday, September 19th and Friday, September 20th at 7:00 pm. This year’s show will be slightly different from our past 10 years as it will have a Laugh In theme, complete with a Laugh In Wall!! Come and watch your neighbors and friends as they take you back to the golden years of the 60’s with cover songs from the Beatles, a medley of 60’s songs and acts from the Laugh In show. It’s a chance to relive those days and the great music of that era. Tickets are $15 and will be available at the Cresswind Performing Arts website. Please watch the Daily Update for the exact day and time that tickets will go on sale. Variety Show is always a sell out, so mark your calendars!


Submitted by: Richard St George

The Cresswind Neighborhood Theatre completed their spring production of FOUR OLD BROADS to three SOLD OUT audiences. Everyone had a chance to see what Beatrice (Julie Edmondson), Eaddy (Kathy Stoessel) and Imogene (Kim Fallona) were up to. They also learned about Maude (Sherry Roberts) and her obsession with the soap opera A Search for Love. Also, Sam (Wayne Blum) …don’t forget about Sam who is always rubbing his behind! Unfortunately, they also learned about Nurse Pat (Sandy St George)! We are also VERY thankful for Ruby Sue (Deb Seymour)!! It was a lot of fun entertaining Cresswind residents as well as friends and family! Thank you for always supporting CNT!

We now go back into pre-production for our fall show. We

will be advertising that in the near future, and you WILL want to hear the news!! For now, it is kept under wraps!

Now, we don’t want to get into your personal business BUT, if you have any questions for us or would like to get involved contact us by sending a quick email to Also, if you are NOT on the CPAC mailing you really should be! Send a request to the same email and we will add you so you can be in the know of everything CPAC. Don’t forget about our website at See you in the fall!!


Submitted By: John Kelley

Come sing or play with us. We meet most Mondays at 11:00 am in the kitchen and Thursdays at 11:00 am in the Savannah room. Watch the update for possible Fall beginner classes. We have been singing patriotic songs for the 4th of July and have a fun number picked out for the fall variety show.


Submitted by: Brian Olson

The Cresswind Model Railroad Club will showcase its popular modular layout for Grandparents Weekend in July to be held in the Lanier Room at the Clubhouse. Jennifer Finlayson will provide details soon, but as always, a fun time for all. Club President Brian Olson recently held a Video Production Workshop at his home. Video a great way to showcase the fun of our wonderful hobby. There’s more to come. Stay tuned neighbors!


Submitted By: Wendy O’Hanlon

When I moved to Cresswind Lake Lanier in 2015, I immediately realized how much Cresswinders loved to dance! Prior to 2015, Eleanor Whalen led a very popular line dance class, twice weekly, in the Ballroom. In the next 9 years dance opportunities expanded with the addition of Clogging, Beginner Line Dance, Dance Rhythms, Cardio Line Dance, Choreography, Ballroom, Hula, and Ballet. Moving to Cresswind has allowed me to spread my “dance” wings. Having no professional dance experience, it was certainly daunting at times being asked to choreograph dances for a CPAC musical production in 2017 (“We The People”) and begin to lead my own


The Community Fund’s HELP ME PLEASE (HMP) Program introduces CompanionCare* Service to give Cresswind resident caregivers time off and relief from their daily routine.

The service helps caregivers get away for a few hours from their daily caring activity of a family member. It provides an opportunity to take "time off" for errands, an appointment, shopping, time for themselves, etc.

We have assembled a Specialized Team of HMP volunteers exclusively dedicated to help Cresswind caregivers by being a companion to their family member-loved one.

If you are caring for a family member and interested in receiving this heartfelt service, please go to, find the HMP Red Button

For more CompanionCare* information, details, guidelines, contact Bud Baker, HMP Manager or Linda Keck HMPKECK@GMAIL.COM

If you have a Cresswind caregiver friend or neighbor who could use this new service, please forward this information to them. *CompanionCare is a service mark of Cresswind LL Community Fund, Inc.

dance clubs. I can easily say that our move to Gainesville was the best decision for both of us and I regret to say that my dance time will be ending here in July of this year after we relocate to North Carolina. Thankfully, there are several talented residents still offering dance but there will be some notable changes ahead.

Please check for updated schedules in the coming months. Unless a dance leader follows in my footsteps Clogging, Choreography, and Beginner Line Dance will not continue after July 1st. Jennifer Finlayson is working on bringing in a dance instructor that may offer a different style to supplement the current line dance and fitness classes offered at Cresswind. Traditional and Cardio line dance classes will continue as well as Ballet, Ballroom, and Hula. PLEASE contact the leaders of the clubs and continue to bring the love of dance to your community! Interested in stepping up to teach? Email Jennifer at

I would like to thank all my dance family for their love and support these past years. You have brought me so much joy and allowed me to develop my own dance ability beyond anything I ever expected. Thank you, Chuck Bridwell, for believing in me and allowing me to lead dance performances with our choral singers (in all kinds of costumes). You can reach me at I will miss you so much! Wendy O’Hanlon


Submitted By: Karen Silverthorn – Coordinator

The Dinner Club will take a break over the summer. If you like to cook, then think about giving the Dinner Club a try when we resume in the Fall. The next Dinner Club dinners are planned for Sat. Oct. 5th and Sat. Nov. 2nd, 2024. Hold those dates!

Anyone can join the Dinner Club at any time of the year. “Joining” just means that your name will be added to the evite list. By being on the membership list, you will receive notice of each event in advance and decide if you are able to attend. There are no annual fees or commitment to attend any of the four (4) planned dinners per year.

Members gather four times a year in different Cresswind homes to enjoy delicious multi-course meals with paired wines. The menu and recipes are preset and emailed to participants in advance of each dinner. There are always a total of 4 couples/pairs at each host home on the same night, all using the same recipes and making the same courses. Singles are welcome provided they find another single to pair with. Each couple/pair is assigned part of the meal to shop for and prepare. What a great way to meet new people and cook with different ingredients! All food and beverage costs

(average $55 - $75 per pair/couple) are shared equally among participants at each house at the end of the meal.

If you are interested in joining or reviewing the guidelines, email the coordinator directly - Karen Silverthorn, silk3349@

Our mission is a simple one - to enjoy a delicious gourmet meal while meeting new neighbors around an elegant dinner table. Every meal is an adventure!


Submitted By: John Kelley

Fish are biting - Cresswind fishermen are happy. We are getting fish on top water, spinner baits, crank baits, and worms on the bottom - lots to smile about. Here is a picture of Ginger C. from our recent “group fish”. Come join us on the water.


Submitted by: Lance Haney

Have you walked across the bridge on Cresswind Parkway lately . . . the one that goes over Ivey Road? Remember that ugly barren clay hill behind the Community Garden? Well, it’s not there anymore, thanks to a lot of folks who came out in April to spread topsoil and plant tiny native wildflower/ pollinator plants. Instead, there is a nice GREEN hill that is a Wildflower-Meadow-In-The-Making. Keep an eye on it this summer. Everything is growing! Some flowers will bloom in their first year. Thanks to our HOA Board for giving us the “Green Light” to make improvements, and to everyone who helped! There will be more opportunities to help soon.

The new garden addition of an Arbor and Swing… dedicated to honoring and remembering Dave Rusk was officially “unveiled” at our Spring Open House on June 23rd. Come and visit Dave’s Place the next time you visit the Community Garden. Special thanks to all who contributed towards the memorial’s purchase, assembly, and HOA approval.

Community Gardeners are invited to donate extra produce to Sunshine Seniors Food Bank, a local non-profit agency that helps Senior Adults here, in Hall County. Details will be emailed and posted on the Garden Facebook page for each collection date over the summer. Please consider helping other senior adults with your harvest extras.

Get Cresswind Community Garden Club news and helpful tips for home gardening also. Become a Friend-of-theGarden. It’s free. You can volunteer, donate and be invited to take part in all Garden Club activities and events. Just email us at to be added to the contact list. Want to rent a garden box at the Community

Garden? Contact Susan Dodd at to get on the waiting list. Join us on Facebook at Cresswind at LL Community Garden.


Submitted by: Linda Loya

Cresswind Ladies golf have been out bright and early to play at Chattahoochee Golf Course when weather and tournament schedules permit. On the first Tuesdays in June, we worked on our short game at The Oaks Miniature Golf Course. A good time was had by all. Contact Linda Loye, or text 505-321-9763 for more information.


Submitted by: David McIntee

The Cresswind Men’s Golf League is in full swing with its 2024 season at Chicopee Golf Club. We play on Tuesdays with a 9am shotgun start. We have approximately 90 golfers on our membership list and are always looking to welcome new members of any skill level. There are no dues! Sign-ups for Tuesday play is done though the Sign-Up Genius app. You must be registered to play by Saturday evening.

Our format is an 18-hole shot gun beginning at 9am sharp. All players are to be ready to go by 8:45. We play by “Q’s Rules” which offer ~slight modifications~ from the R&A/USGA Rules of Golf. Q Rules are intended to speed play and keep it fun. Winter rules apply all year. Scoring is reported and tracked throughout the season.

On Tuesday’s, please don’t be a no-show. If something prevents you from playing, please text Dave as soon as you know you can’t make it, including the morning of play. Tee times are at a premium and we want to be respectful to the course managers.

For access to the Sign-Up Genius App or have any questions, please contact Dave Wilson via cell phone 910512-2701 or e-mail at


Submitted by: Paula Burzotta

Have you hiked ALL of the CRESSWIND TRAILS? If your answer is YES, and you want to venture outside of Cresswind, then the Cresswind Hiking Club is for you! We have SO many opportunities for day hikes in North Georgia and surrounding areas.

Please become familiar with Cresswind Community trails. Especially if you are new to hiking or you’re new to Cresswind. (always have a partner for safety) When completed, if needed, we can certainly help you determine

your personal hiking skills and abilities. YOU can decide if the chosen “hike of the month” is appropriate for your personal level. Communication leader, Ron Grimm, sends trail descriptions a couple of weeks before a “day hike”. (The actual trail is selected about a month in advance). Hikes are approximately 4 hrs, 3-5 miles, and considered easy/moderate. Topography, elevation changes, and other variants really determine time estimation.

Reminder to carpool and be sure you don’t need to be back before 4:00 pm latest. We usually stop for lunch on the way home.

If you have any concerns or questions, please call or text me (Paula) 678-576-6942, or email Ron Grimm - Cresswind.

A day trip is usually scheduled for the last Friday of each month (unless Mother Nature forces us to rescheduled)

*Currently, we are looking for volunteers to lead hikes on our own trails! We LOVE our Cresswind Community trails! Hikes are either once or twice each month? This really helps our neighbors get outside, enjoy themselves, and to meet community neighbors with similar interests. And the security of being with a group, especially if it’s their first time on our communities’ trails. If you’re interested in volunteering, please email Cresswind Hiking Club. We’d LOVE to hear from you:)


Submitted by: Mary Ramatowski

The Cresswind Hula Dance Club is now meeting on Wednesdays from 12:30 to 1:30 PM in the Georgia room. Hula is a Hawaiian word for dance. The hula is a dance performed by women, characterized by six basic steps, undulating hips, and gestures that symbolize or imitate natural phenomenon or historical or mythical subjects. But, if you think your hips cannot undulate or you feel rather stiff, do not fear, you are not alone. This should not prevent you from trying the hula! Concentrate on the steps…the hips just come along. This dance style can be performed both sitting or standing and our club is open to Dancers of all levels.

Hula dancing can help slow down or alleviate some of the aches and pains of aging.

What are you waiting for? Come dance with us!


Submitted by: Debbie Cox

Living Stylishly hosted a fun Wine and Cheese event on May 30th. 145 ladies enjoyed getting caught up with old friends and meeting new ones while sipping and snacking. Bowling with the Living Stylishly babes is coming up on July 22nd. Games, food, drinks and lots of laughs are guaranteed.


Mark your calendar for the fashion show featuring Dillard’s fashions on September 4th. We have 15 fabulous models (some surprises this year!). Come have lunch and view the latest fashion trends.


Submitted by: Mary Ann Hoyle

Mexican Train is an easy domino game to learn, played the 2nd Thursday night each month. No sign ups, just show up. We meet in the Crow’s Nest from 7-9pm. All Cresswind residents are welcome, men and women. This is a great way to make new friends! For fun, the winner of each game gets a quarter from each player at the table of 4-6 players. We usually play about 10 games, so you have lots of chances to win. Next game night is July 11th. Put it on your calendar now! See you there!


Submitted by: Julie Philpott

We hope you enjoyed the Hotdogs for Honduras event! We will be enjoying a music event in August and a members social gathering in the fall. Please stay tuned for more information that will appear by email as well as in the Daily Update for details.


Submitted by: Pam Gonzalez

We are a social club that meets every Thursday from 10:00 AM to Noon in the Arts and Crafts room. Participants bring their own work in progress in knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, beading, needlepoint, etc. We welcome all skill levels and can assist in techniques, “tips and tricks”, and help when assistance is needed.

In addition to personal projects, participants also create various crafts for the community such as hats and scarfs for the homeless, lap blankets for hospice and veterans and hats for preemie babies. For the past several years we have knitted and crocheted babydoll blankets that are used to wrap small dolls and placed in shoe boxes with other small gifts for Operation Christmas Child, Org.

New participants are always welcome. No cost – just bring your work in progress and be prepared to fill 2 hours with community news, stories and laughter


Submitted by: Rita Mesimer

We play 9 holes of golf together once a month from April through September at either the Chattahoochee Golf Course or at the Chicopee Wood’s course. After golf, we eat dinner together as a group at a nearby restaurant where cash prizes are given to the winning team and to the person that is “closest to the pin”. We play a team scramble format so there is no pressure on any one player to do well. All levels of golfers are very welcome to join this fun group who will cheer for you no matter how good or bad you play. Both singles and couples are welcome to join. Please contact Rita Mesimer at if interested. We would love to have you join us.



Submitted by: Cassie Caton

Welcome to summertime. It’s hard to believe it is already July. Hope all of you picklers are finding ways to play this awesome sport in the cooler temps of the day. We had some wonderful temps in May and June which saw most of our courts utilized during the morning open play. As we get into hotter days, enjoy the game but stay hydrated. April seems like moons ago, but on the 13th, we held another very successful annual Clay Myers Tournament sponsored by the North Georgia Health System. Jim Snell has been conducting the ever popular and well attended novice training sessions and Sep Khameneh has led the intermediate and advanced drills. Drilling and honing our pickleball skills help to advance you to the next level of your game. Another addition to our activity calendar has been the six-month round robin games which began in April and will continue through September for all skill levels of mixed men and women. Thank you, Jim Snell, for setting up this fun format of play. There will be an awards banquet at the end of the season of play. Summer ALTA League is now underway with three CWLL teams captained by Cathy Clare, Chuck Gammon, and Dawn Siebold. Watch for notices of home matches and come cheer on these teams!

Upcoming Pickleball Events:

September 12 – 14: The CRESSWIND CUP – an exciting pickleball competition between Cresswind communities hosted by Kolter and held at Cresswind at Twin Lakes.

September 28: The annual REED FINANCIAL Tournament and dinner.


CAMP – the link to the camp is on our website: www. Follow Mark Price on Instagram and Facebook for excellent instructional tips and plan to participate in this exciting camp here at CWLL!

Not yet a member? Visit the club website or drop a check for $10 in our drop box in the clubhouse and join in on all the fun. As a member you will receive email notifications of upcoming events and opportunities to join the fun! So, let’s get started….play on! 0-0-START or 0-0-2! Your choice.


Submitted By: Gregg Pike

The Cresswind Ping Pong Club continues Open Play

on Tuesday’s from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm and Thursday’s from 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm in the Lanier Room. We also have a time slot on Monday’s from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm for people who still work. Everyone is invited to come try your hand at Ping Pong. There are no fees required to become a member of the Ping Pong Club. Tables are stored in the Lanier Room and paddles and balls are kept in the back closet in a storage bin. Look for announcements about upcoming events such as instructional clinics and drop-in tournaments. Contact Gregg Pike or Kim Miller for information or questions about the Ping Pong Club.


Submitted by: Jerry Worlock

If you enjoy playing poker, the Poker Club is for you. Texas Hold’em and Omaha are the only games we play. Each game has a designated “Dealer”, so you never have to deal. Our rules are the same as Harra’s Cherokee Casino poker rules. Our games are played on Monday (Hold’emOmaha), Tuesday (Hold’em Tournament) and Thursday (Omaha) in the area next to the gym from 6 to 9 PM. There are two Cresswind Championship Tournaments. June is the Omaha Championship and December is the Hold’em Championship. If interested in playing contact jerryworlock@ for more information.


Submitted by: Rose Hosey

The 2024 Quilt of Valor is almost complete and will be presented to a Georgia veteran.

Next, we start planning for the fall raffle quilt. The group is looking forward to the new techniques we will learn during the piecing process. The quilt will be completed in time for the Fall Marketplace in November.

Two more banners have been completed for the Community Garden. We hope you enjoy the bright colors and beautiful handiwork at the gardens gate. One represents the red, white, and blue to remember those lost in war and was hanging at the garden gate during Memorial Day weekend. The second reminds all to enjoy the beauty of the gardener’s labors.

We have a “road trip” scheduled in July to join with a northeast Georgia quilt guild – looking forward to learning how to make rope bowls.

Interested in joining our group? We meet on Thursdays at 1pm in the Arts & Crafts room. First & third weeks for group projects and the second & fourth weeks for individual items. New members always welcome – no experience necessary!


Submitted by: Laura Martin

All residents are invited to come play RUMMIKUB every Friday at 12:30 in the Crow’s Nest. Rummikub is an easy tile game based on the card game Rummy. If you know how to play Rummy or Gin Rummy, you’re halfway there. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play because we are happy to teach you! So, come join us for a couple hours of fun and socialize with your neighbors!


Submitted by: Mary Ann Hoyle

We’ve been having fun playing Samba every Friday in the Billiards Room at 12:30. If you enjoy playing cards in a relaxed social atmosphere, or have always wanted to learn, we want you! It’s a Canasta game similar to Hand & Foot. You can join in or sit and watch to learn. All players will help you learn. We usually finish about 3:00 pm or so. All residents welcome. No sign ups, just arrive a little before 12:30. See you there!


Submitted By: Barbara Hillick

If you aren’t a member of the Social Singles, you are missing a lot of fun! Everyone really enjoys getting together, but May 9 was an exception. Holding a lighting stick while trying to play miniature golf in sideways rain was too daunting. Since this is one of the members’ favorite activities, we rescheduled and are sending out good vibes for great weather for the next attempt at playing.

A recent cookout on the patio had great food, conversations, and absolutely perfect weather. The man of the hour was Stan Goldman as he showed his ability on the grill. Lynn Blaylock and Patty Church helped with cooking and serving duties. Many members came early to help set up and stayed to clean up. About 50 people contributed side dishes and desserts, so no one went away hungry. We were having such a great time that there was not one photograph taken! Obviously, no one happened to have a cell phone handy.

The Pink Flamingo Day Celebration is already planned as this Waterfall is going to press. The potluck will feature pink clothes, accessories and even food! Some foods are pretty in pink but … it will be interesting to see just how creative club members can be!

Yes, we do things other than just party. There are walks, hikes, game nights, bowling, dining out, bowling, concerts, theatre, and so much more. Many members are volunteers with charities in the area. Various club activities are planned as fundraisers with the proceeds going to charities.

If you are not a member, what are you waiting for? Please access the link for Social Singles on the Cresswind website and share your contact information. Someone from Social Singles will reach out to you. Please let us know if you are new to the neighborhood too. We look forward to meeting you!


Spring teams wrapped up their seasons in May with competition to resume in the fall. Cresswind Women participated in their first season of ALTA at B-9 in the Senior Women’s Day League on Tuesday mornings. Competition was stiff and spring showers caused lots of makeup matches but it was good to play new teams in this first season of ALTA. Judy Mota served as captain of the team with Donna Fillmon as co-captain.

In late June the 2nd Annual Hall County USTA Senior Men (55+) Tennis Open at Cresswind was held. This event is fully funded by the NEGTA/USTA who also donated $500.00 to the Cresswind Community Fund to assist 55+ GainesvilleHall County Seniors in need.

A six court Round Robin format was used for the event with 36 players participating. Lunch followed with awards for the day of play. Recognition was also given to both the Cresswind Wednesday and Sunday Hall County 55+ Senior Men’s USTA Teams who ended their successful seasons in May. Captains of those teams were Bill Papciak and John Ulam. Both leagues will start play again in early Fall. Those interested should contact Bill Papciak or John Ulam

Spring Men’s Silverball League ended in May. Five local teams participated in spring and hopefully there will be six for the fall. Interested players may contact Dan Skeels at dan.

The Men’s Wednesday evening 6 pm doubles, led by Roger Otto,, will be active this summer. Women’s round robin play on Thursdays is also open this summer. Judy Mota can help with questions

Robert Ruhala is leading the effort to encourage more men and women, novice to intermediate players, and those returning to tennis, to join in open play. Robert can be reached at or 770-296-7969, for questions or suggestions and ideas.

The Cresswind Tennis Clinics ended the Spring schedule dodging cold then rain. This summer, three clinics are typically scheduled per month on two Saturday’s and one weekday. Monthly schedules are emailed to all Tennis Club members and promoted in the Daily Email Update for the entire community. This is the seventh year Free Tennis Clinics have been offered at Cresswind. Instructors are Cresswind residents, experienced - competitive players (Bill Papciak, John Ulam, Jeff Agnew, Nancy Stockwell, Danny Brown, Gordon Watts). Three levels of play and instruction are provided at each clinic: Level 1. Rusty Returnees/Beginners, 2. Intermediate, 3. More Advanced. This Summer watch for “Beat the Heat” evening clinics to be offered. Those interested

go to the Tennis Club website for the monthly schedule, check your email, or contact Bill Papciak

For more information or questions about Tennis Club events, be sure to check out our website, https://cresswindll. may also contact our president, to get involved.


Submitted by: Miriam Rosenberg

The Shalom Club continues to host and enjoy fun programming. Sunday, June 9th was our Shavuot brunch spearheaded by Cindy Halperin. Thanks to Cindy for organizing this!!! Shavuot is the holiday commemorating the giving of the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai. The food was delicious, and the turnout was terrific. We had a great time at our Hamantaschen making gathering in March to celebrate the holiday of Purim. We will be having an organizational meeting to plan next year’s programs in June or July. Stay tuned to your email for more information. Please join us for our programs. If you know anyone who might be interested in joining us or if you have any questions or suggestions about programming contact Miriam Rosenberg (954-501-9249, or Karen Walters (301-461-1900,


Submitted By: Laurie Homa

The Travel Club finished Spring with a trip to Madison Georgia, in April. The weather was beautiful, as was the historic town of Madison. We toured the Cultural Center, and some of their lovely old homes. Everyone enjoyed lunch and some shopping before a visit to the very old cemetery. A good day was had by all.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina was the perfect trip to start off our summer. Daniels Discovery Tours showed our members and some of our friends a week of interesting and colorful sights that show cased the history of the area. It would take a full page to describe the delicious meals we ate. Let’s just say none of us lost any weight on this trip. The all you can eat Sea Food buffet was a hit as was dessert at every meal. We saw many of the Wild Spanish Mustangs on the beach and in the dunes. One mare had a 2-day old foal at her side. The weather was great, and we all had some very welcomed beach/pool time. This was one of our best overnight trips ever.

The Stripers ballgame on June 14th, was so much fun with our extended Cresswind family in attendance. We appreciate the Community Fund joining with the Travel Club to help our friends and neighbors. The Community Fund

with the help of the HMP volunteers bought tickets for their Grandparents raising Grandchildren’s program. Everyone had a good time and what a wonderful experience for all the kids.

Coming up on July 28th is the performance of Jersey Boy’s at the Bayer Theater in Sandy Springs. Jersey Boy’s is the story of Frankie Valli. The music will be great. Dinner after the show is all you can eat Pizza at Camp Kitchen and Bar. This trip is sold out, we do have a wait list. Check the Travel Club website for more details.

At the August 1st Travel Club Meeting Daniels Discovery Tours will be announcing our Holiday trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We will depart on December 9th for a three-night trip that includes the Dolly Parton Stampede and much more. You don’t want to miss this meeting.

All Cresswind residents are welcome to join the Travel Club. Our meetings are the first Thursday of every month (except for July 2024 when the meeting will be held on Thursday July11th because of the July 4th holiday) in the Ballroom at 4:00 pm. Dues are $5.00 per person annually. Check out the Travel Club website for upcoming trips. Be sure to scroll through the photo gallery to see the photos from all our trips. You are welcome to contact any board member with questions. COME TRAVEL WITH US!




The Cresswind LL Veterans Inc. (aka Veterans Club) is a 501(c)(3) charity whose primary purpose is to help Hall County area Veterans and their families in need. One example: On May 13, 2024, we helped Jonathan who is a Veteran and a single father, with two months’ rent, in the total amount of $2800. Jonathan is working very hard to improve his and his daughter’s future. He works full time and goes to school full time, with only a year left to get his BA in business. He makes $2800 a month from his job. To make extra money, he donates his plasma on a weekly basis (once to twice a week). He may receive between $4060 a week for donating plasma. That being his current situation, we were happy to provide him with a little boost.

VETERANS COURT: On May 16th, our mentors witnessed four gentlemen graduate from a life changing Superior Court program. This program is no joke and can last up to or over two intense years. Three of these gentlemen are Veterans and were in the Veterans Court program. Veterans in the program are given the opportunity to have a mentor, which the Cresswind Veterans Club happily provides to our Brothers & Sisters. Their testimonials during the ceremony made you proud of them, tear up, and made you know what a positive influence our Cresswind Vets Club mentors had on their journey; how our mentors were a part of their success while in this program. There are more Veterans in this program requesting a Cresswind mentor, and we could always use more volunteers for this program. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please attend our next quarterly meeting on July 16th at 4:30 pm (see the daily update or the Vets Club website). Let Ron Micuch or John DeVillez know, and we will get you signed up for a mentorship training session. (Pictured: three Veteran graduates with the Superior Court Judge, and 2 of our mentors, Ron Micuch and Charles Bassham).

MARK YOUR CALENDARS (upcoming events): Our next general meeting is on Tuesday, July 16th at 4:30pm. Pizza and drinks will be provided. Remember, you don’t need to be a Veteran to join the Veterans Club. Annual dues are just $10 per household, cash or check (payable to Cresswind LL Veterans, Inc). Just place your dues in an envelope with your name(s) & email address and drop it into our lockbox in the Clubhouse. Thank you for your continued support! Check out Veterans Club at


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