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Volume XXXVI, No. I

September 2012

Louisville, Kentucky

High Holy Days 5773

May the call of the Shofar usher in a year of Joy! Selichot - September 8 Erev Rosh Hashanah - September 16 Erev Yom Kippur - September 25

Rosh Hashanah Day - September 17 Yom Kippur Day - September 26

Sukkot Morning Service - October 1

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As the High Holy Days approach, we return. We return in many ways. We return from summer journeys and summer schedules to our familiar patterns of school days and work days, setting sights on a new year full of promise and possibilities. Family and friends return from the places of their wanderings to share in festive holiday meals and sacred assemblies. We return again to our Temple home to see old friends and to make new ones as we gather as a congregation to welcome the New Year. As the High Holy Days approach we return in many ways, but the most important journey of return is one we must make within ourselves. The Hebrew word for “return” is teshuvah, but this word means much more than mere physical return. Teshuvah means repentance which in Judaism is a process of return. When we return to the path of righteousness, we call that teshuvah. When we return to the path of Torah, Jewish living and learning, this too we call teshuvah. When we return to the path of the building of a better world, this is a teshuvah grown larger than ourselves. But, how can we begin this process of return? Beginning is always the hardest part of the journey. Changing course takes an act of will. The path ahead always seems easier than the effort it might take to change. But consider this simple truth: there are just as many steps along the path of a more purposeful life as there are in one without deeper meaning or intention. As we awake each morning to the blessing of another day, we are handed more than that day alone, we are handed an opportunity to make a difference on that day. What will you do with that opportunity to make a 2 THE TEMPLE BULLETIN

difference? There will be no more hours, and there will be no less, we cannot bend time to our will. All we can do is to fill those hours with a life of meaning, to be a blessing in the lives of others, to create a world which is better for our efforts to make it so. This is what it means to return on the High Holy Days. It means to return to a life of meaning. It means to return to the best within ourselves. It means to return to the path of Jewish living and learning which has been our guide for generations past and to make this journey live though our lives as well. May this New Year 5773 be a year of return and in our return may we build a world of blessing and hope for ourselves, for our families, for our people, and for our world.

Rabbi Joe Rooks Rapport

Casting Away Our Sins Tashlikh


ay ond

, September


12:15 pm following the morning Rosh Hashanah Service at waterfront dock Captains Quarters

The Temple Mission Statement The mission of The Temple is to: • be a center for Reform Judaism in Louisville, Kentucky • provide spiritual guidance and strength through the practice of Judaism • emphasize the ideals and objectives of Reform Judaism through worship, education, congregational programming, social justice, and our community relationships • promote the perpetuation of our Jewish heritage.

The Temple Board of Trustees OFFICERS Susan Abramson Lancaster . .President Craig Goldstein . . . . . . . . . . . Senior Vice President Susan Waterman . . . . . . . . . . .Vice President Karen Berg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice President Scott Norton . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .Vice President Susan Waterman. . . . . . . .. . . .Vice President Michael Friedman . . . . . . . . . Treasurer Marlene Schaffer . . . . . . . . . . Secretary Marty Ruby . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . Immediate Past Pres. TRUSTEES Leslie Aberson* Ronald Abrams* Deb Aubespin Jack E. Bergwerk Susan Levy Bodine Jack Benjamin Julie Y. Benson* Sandy Braunstein M. Keiley Caster Joel Coleman James G. Davis* Arnold Friedman Michael Friedman Richard Frockt* Alan Glaubinger Leonard Goddy* Angeline Golden Matt Golden Irvin Goldstein Stephen Goodman Sara Gould* H. Philip Grossman* Michael Heideman* James Hertzman* Lori Holland Mark L. Judah I. Marshall Kahn*

Robert M. Klein* Jessica Loving Nancy Martin Jacques Morris* Greg Nefouse* Laurence Nibur Houston Oppenheimer* Mark Oppenheimer* Siddy Rosenberg Shannon Rotschild Matt Schwartz Marcia Schuster David N. Shapero* Leni Sweet Jerry Uslander* Karl Victor III Jay L. Waldman* Robert V. Waterman* Susan Waterman Barth Weinberg* Edward Weinberg* Paula Wolf Sally Younger Rabbi Joe Rapport Rabbi Gaylia Rooks * Past President

Open Office Hours for Rabbis Our Rabbis are available to meet with you throughout the week by appointment. Just call The Temple at 423-1818 and set up a time to come by. Or if you would rather, you can just stop by during the Rabbis’ Open Office Hours which are listed below. Rabbi Joe Rooks Rapport Mondays 3:00 to 5:00 pm Rabbi Gaylia R. Rooks Thursdays 10:45 am to 12:45 pm Rabbi David Ariel-Joel Fridays 8 am to 10 am Come by any of these times or call ahead if you want to make sure you won’t have to wait or to be sure the Rabbi is not on vacation.

As we get closer to the High Holy Days, it is fitting that our thoughts move to prayer and worship. The Temple’s role as a beit tefillah, a house of prayer, comes to the forefront as we approach Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and the other yom tovim. Prayer is very personal, and each of us may experience and express it in our own way at services. Our Congregation plans wonderful, thoughtful services to welcome the New Year. We thank our Worship and Ritual Committee and Chair Dr. Karen Berg; our excellent team of Rabbis; and The Temple staff and Executive Director Sally Younger for the thoughtfulness and time they each have invested in planning for the High Holidays. Perhaps you would like to become more involved in the High Holidays and wish to perform the mitzvah of ushering. Our ushers help provide and maintain an atmosphere of warmth and decorum during the services. If you are interested, please contact our House and High Holiday Committee Chair Mark Judah to volunteer. “Let us start on our journey and I will proceed at your pace” (Genesis 33:12). All of us are taking our own private journeys through life’s uncharted waters. Learning more about our faith can only help in our ongoing search for meaning and self-discovery. Are you looking for an opportunity to deepen your understanding of Judaism and your participation within our Jewish community? Maybe you are seeking a chance to reclaim an experience that may not have been available to you when you were younger? Consider participating in the outstanding Adult Education programs offered throughout the year. The Adult Education Committee, led by cochairs Carol Penner and Matt Golden working with Rabbi David Ariel-Joel, offer the following catalog of weekly classes: Sunday Movie Nights featuring Israeli movies, Monday Adult Education Night, Wednesday Temple Scholars Program and Shabbat morning Torah Study preceding Shabbat services. Join us for one of our many educational opportunities, services or events. We look forward to seeing you at The Temple. Please join in welcoming and thanking our newest Temple Board of Trustees members: Joel Coleman, Al Glaubinger, Lori Holland, Stuart Robenson, Matt Schwartz, and Marcia Schuster. In addition, welcome Marlene Ornstein who joins the Board as the president of the Women of Reform Judaism and Ellen Shaikun who joins as the executive director of the Men of Reform Judaism. As we welcome the year 5773, we also welcome members new to our congregation, our services and our community. Please help greet all of our congregants at the High Holiday and Shabbat services. By displaying true Southern, Jewish hospitality we can warmly welcome visitors to our congregation with a smile, a greeting and a handshake. From my family to yours and from The Temple Board of Trustees, warm wishes for a happy and healthy new year. L’Shanah Tova Tikateivu, Susan Abramson Lancaster

For many of us, the High Holy Day season begins with Rosh Hashanah and the start of the new year. Our Jewish tradition however, teaches us that we must prepare ourselves ahead of time with soul-searching and reflection in order to be ready for the Days of Awe. It is during this preparation period that we find Selichot on our calendar. In Hebrew, Selichot translates to “forgiveness” and many of the prayers which make up the Selichot service are similar to those we recite during Yom Kippur. We begin and end this season of repentance asking God to accept our prayers. We reflect on the past year and the changes that we wish to make in the upcoming one. Selichot observance at Temple is on Saturday evening September 8, with an oneg at 10 pm and the Selichot service in the Chapel at 10:30 pm. Let us come together as one congregation to bring our wishes for health and happiness, growth and prosperity for our community and its members. L’Shanah Tovah Sally Younger Temple Administrator

New Friday Service Time Starting September 21 Yaharzeit 6:30 pm Service 7:00 pm Oneg Shabbat 8:00 pm

THE TEMPLE Congregation Adath Israel Brith Sholom 5101 U.S. Highway 42 • Louisville, Kentucky 40241 Phone (502) 423-1818 • FAX (502) 423-1835 Rabbis: Joe Rooks Rapport Gaylia R. Rooks David Ariel-Joel Rabbi Emeritus: Chester B. Diamond Music Director Dr. Louis Bailey

Administration: Sally K. Younger, Executive Director Jack Benjamin, Emeritus Staff: Lark Phillips Cindy Hytken Becky King Tish Mooney

The Temple Religious School Principal: Joyce Eiseman Assistant: Nathalie Adler Emeritus, Irv Goldstein

The Temple Trager Early Childhood Education Center Director: Alison Roemer

Aaron Guldenschuh Building Management Manager: Ted Davis Matthew Gaines Mike Asher

Assistant: Gina Koestel

Temple President THE TEMPLE BULLETIN 3

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful summer. It has been a very active one for our WRJ members. We enjoyed the success of our “White Elephant Arts & Crafts Show” chaired by Gail Herman. She worked hard and her efforts were well received. Many thanks to all the workers and vendors who participated in our sale. It was a fun, successful experience that we all enjoyed. We are already planning next year’s event. Our membership campaign is in high gear. Carole Rifkin, our membership chairperson, has reported new members. If Marlene Ornstein and Gail Herman you have not joined, but would like to, please contact Carole. Please join us on October 7th from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm for a fun afternoon of desserts and games in the Klein Center. Please shop our beautiful gift shop for your Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot needs. We have many new items to add to your holiday tables. We will again be passing out a sweet treat after morning Rosh Hashanah services. Good health and a Happy New Year to everyone. Shalom, Marlene Ornstein WRJ President

Mah Jongg Cards Available in Gift Shop

This is the time of the year for Jewish beginnings, a time when looking forward reminds us to review our past, saying we are sorry for intentional or unintentional wrongdoings. The challenge of being Jewish is nothing short of challenging. For new beginnings, allow me to officially introduce Brotherhood’s executive director, Ellen Shaikun. Yes, Ellen is a woman. She stepped up when I asked if she would help our leadership. Since she cannot become a member of the Brotherhood, we created a fitting position. Ellen has started with great gusto in suggesting and implementing wonderful ideas to help grow the MRJ membership and offer great programming. As interim president of the Brotherhood, I am looking for more people to step up and help our great organization. We are providing more opportunities for Jewish men to gather and do kind acts for our community. Last year, we presented Bar Mitzvahs a one year membership. We now need these fellows to step up along with their fathers and grandfathers. L’dor vador. Although our annual dues are only $36, those in the Mensch ($50) and Real Mensch ($100) categories enable us to offer reduced dues for those less fortunate. Our membership is open to all Jewish males and non-Jewish male spouses/partners of our Jewish community. Please step up and join this year and make a commitment to get involved. Shanah tovah.

Michael Friedman Brotherhood Interim President

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Brotherhood Poker Night Thursday, September 6

Annual Temple Gift Shop


Game Night Thursday, September 20

Sunday, Sept. 9 (1st day of Sunday school) Bulletin Committee

9:30 am - 1:00 pm.

30% off everything excluding:

books, CDs, cards,

items $10 or under and any item with a yellow tag.


Arnold Friedman, Chair Cindy Hytken Siddy Rosenberg Karen Waldman Rabbi Joe Rooks Rapport

and you . . .

Submit your article or photo to: Cindy Hytken, 423-1818

Our first day of Hebrew School is Wednesday, September 5, from 4:30 to 6 pm. Pizza, sports, and homework time is hosted before class in the Klein Center. Sunday School begins on September 9 from 9:30 am to noon. Each family has been mailed its classroom assignments. On the first day, please remember to bring two jars of apple juice per child. Calendar of Events • Sunday, September 9, High Holiday Experiences at Sunday School • Sundays, September 16 and 23, no Sunday School due to the High Holidays (no Wednesday Hebrew School September 19 and 26). • Sunday, September 30, Sukkot Experience/Preschool Program/Family Picnic. • Preschool Progam for 2–4 year olds 9:45 am in the Big Room (RSVP to • October 12 – Simchat Torah, consecrating our kindergarteners and new students, blessing our first graders and ninth graders, and a celebration with the entire congregation. With the start of the new school year and celebrating Rosh Hashanah, at home it is the perfect time to talk about new beginnings. Celebrating a fresh year provides an excellent opportunity to look at how much we have grown, reflect on where we have been in the past, and peek ahead to where we are going. Here are our favorite suggestions to enhance your family’s New Year: 1. Write down each of your wishes for a sweet year and read these at the table on Rosh Hashanah. 2. Acknowledge wrong behavior and say “sorry.” Then, do not repeat the behavior. 3. Follow the customs for the New Year such as eating sweet foods as a symbol of our desire for a sweet year (symbolized by eating apples and honey). 4. Attend High Holiday services so that your children have the opportunity to participate in prayer and hear the shofar. We hope the Holy Days greet you with a wonderful new beginning and the opportunity to look inward and reflect on the past years’ accomplishments and growth. Shanah Tova - Happy New Year Joyce Eiseman

The High School of Jewish Studies students will start the school year by participating in the annual communitywide Hunger Walk on Sunday, September 9. Classes will begin on Sunday, September 23, (11:15 am–1:15 pm) and continue through March 24. The school will see many changes this year, in response to student evaluations and feedback, including a new location. The high school will now meet at the Jewish Family and Career Services (JFCS) building, which offers larger and more comfortable seating, and the “seminar style” of the rooms will make classes more intimate and informal. The High School of Jewish Studies is a communitybased program, sponsored by and including faculty from all of Louisville’s five synagogues. Ninth- and tenth-grade students benefit from the opportunity to meet and study with their peers from across the city. Plans are also being made to bring back 11th and 12th graders by offering classes for college credit. The school has just become affiliated with the North American Association of Community and Congregational Hebrew High Schools (NAACCHHS). The high school is in a transition year, as Principal Sam Gordon enters much-deserved retirement in December. I, Lisa Rothstein Goldberg, will be the new principal. Recently, I attended the annual NAACCHHS conference in Philadelphia and brought back ideas both for the school and the Jewish Community Center’s teen programs. I have more than 10 years of experience as a Jewish educator and have attended numerous conferences and seminars. Questions regarding the High School of Jewish Studies should be directed to me at:

Lisa Rothstein Goldberg

Religious School Principal The 34th Annual Louisville Community Hunger Walk Sunday, September 9 at Waterfront Park Festival Plaza The Kentuckiana Interfaith Community and Dare to Care Food Bank are teaming up to bring hunger to the forefront of our community’s attention and work together to raise money to get more food to more people in need. The Hunger Walk will also serve as the kick-off event for the High School of Jewish Studies’ new school year. A bus will leave from The Temple parking lot at 1:15 pm. It will then stop at the Jewish Community

Center at 1:30 pm, before heading to Waterfront Plaza. An opening rally will kick-off the festivities at 12:30 pm, with the walk & run starting at 2:15 pm on a 5K course.. If you plan to be part of The Temple’s walk team, as either a walker OR a sponsor, please call Lark Phillips at 212-2035. For more information about this year’s event, check out their website at: http:// You can register online and join the team “Jewish Louisville.” THE TEMPLE BULLETIN 5

A Time To Remember Pillars of The Temple “MOSAICS AND MEMORIES” HAROLD BERG First and foremost, Harold Berg was a physician, a man whose entire life was dedicated to the art of healing. In addition to his being chief of surgery at Jewish Hospital and on the medical faculty of the University of Louisville Medical School, Harold was involved in numerous research projects regarding cancer, arteriosclerosis and nuclear medicine. Beyond his devotion to the science of medicine, was his commitment to his Jewish Faith, his Temple, and The State of Israel. I wo would add that for his work in helping to provide medical care for Israeli military wounded and in developing a surgical research laboratory at Hadassah Medical School in Israel, the State of Israel awarded Doctor Berg the Jerusalem Medal. Yet, this portrait would be incomplete were I not to mention that Harold had a most significant avocation. Fascinated by the ancient art of sculpting with mosaic tiles, he became an accomplished mosaicist. It was a passion that enabled him to combine his surgical skill with an aesthetic sense, that gave him a unique way of contributing to the institutions he valued most, on important occasions in the life of the community! Each work of art that Harold created is testimony to his profound faith and his deeply held convictions. At Jewish Hospital are his tributes to the endeavors of all those who work in the healing professions, whose lives are dedicated to restore wholeness and wellness to the sick and infirm. At the Jewish Community Center is his memorial to the millions who perished in the Holocaust, and those who survived to establish Israel as a land of hope and promise for the Jewish People. Everything that Harold created carried a message of what was in his heart and deep within his soul. His mosaics are present throughout the city -- at the Medical School, in churches, at the Louisville Zoo, as well as in the American Embassy in the State of Israel. But most dear to him are those at The Temple, recognizing historic moments in the life of the congregation and memories of life cycle events in his own family. On Sunday mornings, he would give tours of his works to the eighth grade students in the religious school and offered them a six weeks “hands on” mini course, discussing the Jewish themes and teaching them how to make mosaics. It included a field trip to his home where he showed them his studio, his thousands of tiles and explained the process to them. An interesting footnote, that he revealed to the class, is that in each mosaic he implanted one baby tooth of either his children or grandchildren, in place of a tile -- a real part of his family! Needless to say, it was something they all went back to look for, as does everyone familiar with that fact. Harold’s mosaic class was always a favorite! Among his mosaics at The Temple are those honoring his four daughters on the occasion of their becoming B’not Mitzvah, as well as those paying tribute to his rabbis on momentous occasions in their lives. One of his prized mosaics, recognizing the role of women in Judaism and the importance of Jewish education, stands at the doorway to The Temple Religious School. Others signify the ideals of the Biblical Prophets to establish peace and justice in the world, so imperative in Reform Judaism. There is a tribute to the Boy Scouts and their service to our Temple and the greater community. Most significant is his portrayal of the historic consolidation of Congregations Adath Israel and Brith Sholom in a mosaic adjacent to the main entrance of our Temple, an event which he symbolized with the inspiring image of a Tree of Life! How grateful we are to Dr. Harold Berg whose works of art stand as enduring monuments to his life’s work and his devotion to this congregation!

Rabbi Chester B. Diamond 6 THE TEMPLE BULLETIN

Weekly Torah Portions Ki Teitzei, Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19 Sept. 8

•Moses reviews a wide variety of laws regarding family, animals, and property. •Laws of commerce pertaining to loans, fair wages, and proper weights and measures are given. •The parashah concludes with the commandment to remember for all time the most heinous act committed against the Israelites—Amalek’s killing of the old, weak, and infirm after the Israelites left Egypt. Nitzavim, Deuteronomy 29:9-30:20 Sept. 15

•Moses tells the assembled people that God’s covenant speaks to them and to all of the generations who will follow. •God warns the Israelites to avoid idol worship. •Moses reassures the people that God will not forsake them and that they can attain blessings by following God’s commandments. Vayeilech, Deuteronomy 31:1-30), Sept. 22

•Moses prepares the people for his death and announces that Joshua will succeed him. •Moses instructs the priests and the elders regarding the importance of reading the Torah. •God tells Moses to teach the people a poem that will “be My witness.” Haazinu, Deuteronomy 32:1-52, Sept. 29

•Moses sings his last song, a love poem to God •God tells Moses to begin his ascent of Mount Nebo, from where he will see the Land of Israel from a distance even though he will not be allowed to enter it.

In Memoriam: The Congregation extends its sincere condolences to the families of:

Annalee Jaffe Ted Perlmutter Joan Fox Maya Pekerman Philip M. Caplan, son of Marjorie Caplan Irene Lenkoff Ruth Burke Frances Hiller Lynn Goddy Nelda Scull

Selichot 10:00 PM 10:30 PM

Days of Awe and Fall Festivals

Saturday evening, 9/8

Reception Selichot Service

Erev Rosh Hashanah

Sunday, 9/16

Classical Service Children’s Service Followed by Oneg in The Trager ECEC 8:00 PM Regular Service 8:00 PM Contemporary Service Led by TiLTY, The Temple Youth Group

Erev Yom Kippur 6:00 PM 6:00 PM 8:00 PM 8:00 PM

6:00 PM 6:00 PM

Rosh Hashanah Day 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM

Monday, 9/17

Hugim registration begins Morning Service Children’s Programming

Erev Shabbat Shuvah 6:30 PM 7:00 PM

Friday, 9/21

Tuesday, 9/26

Kol Nidre Classical Service Children’s Service Kol Nidre Regular Service Contemporary Service Led by TiLTY, The Temple Youth Group

Yom Kippur Day 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 10:00 AM 12:00 PM 12:00 PM 1:00 PM 1:00 PM 2:00 PM 3:45 PM 4:45 PM

Wednesday, 9/26

Hugim registration begins Morning Service Children’s Programming Service of Healing Educational Session Educational Session Music & Meditations Afternoon Service Yizkor Service Concluding Service

Yahrzeit Service Shabbat Service

Sukkot Morning Service Shabbat Shuvah Morning 10:30 AM

Service Schedule


10:30 AM

Monday, 10/1


Shabbat Service

Torah Dedication

6:30 PM 7:00 PM

Friday, 10/12

Yahrzeit Service Shabbat Service

Sukkot Yizkor Service 10:30 AM

Thursday, 10/20


Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah Friday, 10/21 6:00 PM 6:30 PM 7:00 PM 8:00 PM

Family Dinner, Call for reservations Yahrzeit Service Consecration/Simchat Torah Service Oneg Shabbat

Selichot at The Temple Saturday, September 9, 10:30 pm Join our Temple community for a creative Selichot Service in the Waller Chapel, led by Rabbi Gaylia R. Rooks with The Temple Congregational Choir - Shir Chadash. Selichot is usually observed on the Saturday night just prior to Rosh Hashanah, a solemn and fitting preparation for ten days of reflection and self-examination. This year Selichot comes a week earlier because tradition insists that we must have a minimum of three days between this overture and the beginning of the Days of Awe. Time to prepare our hearts and our souls, time to go to others and ask for their forgiveness, time to stand before the Eternal One and take an accounting of our lives in the year that is ending.

Ushers Needed We need ushers for all services for the High Holy Days. All that is required is that you welcome our members and guests to services with a warm greeting and a smile! Please contact Sally Younger at 212-2022 or and let her know what day and times you are available. Thank You THE TEMPLE BULLETIN 7

In The News . . . Chavurat Shalom on Thursdays

Summer Mitzvah Updates:2012

Kevin Harned, Wave 3 TV with Raema Green and Paul Kutchai Madeline Abramson and Jake Wishnea

September 6 Arab and Jewish Women in Kentucky with author Nora Rose Moosnick

Rabbi David spoke recently on Israeli Current Events

September 13, 20 and 27 does not meet due to the Holidays.

T Temple The Trager ECEC T Staff is excited S tto begin a new sschool year!

The WRJ White Elephant Sale

Carole Goldberg, Goldberg Lori and Rachel Joels

Wendy Gasser, Susan Abramson Lancaster, Linda Kanter

Amy Benovitz

Sheldon Wolff


We are in the midst of our 10th Habitat for Humanity Partnership build. This year’s homeowner is Monica Rios, a vibrant, passionate young woman trying to make a stable environment for herself and 2 year old daughter. She is employed at UPS and volunteers with our Interfaith Community partners: Episcopal and Lutheran Communities and Pakistani physicians on her rehab home at 3029 River Park Drive each Friday and Saturday. Jim Richey is still our house leader and makes everyone kindly welcome! The sponsorship fee of this home is $28,000 and thanks to many contributors within the Jewish Community, we met our financial goal. Temple donors included: Carolyn and David Neustadt, Amy and Lee Benovitz, Mark and Tammy Switow, Shelley Kusman and sons, Mark and Sandy Hammond, Steve and Joanie Samuel, Tom and Chris Hirsch, Alan and Michelle Hertzman, and Sonia Hess. Temple builders included Mickey Nathanson, Gary Katz and Bill Fitzgerald. We provided lunch and volunteers on July 27 and are seeking volunteers for September 14 and October 19. All volunteers are welcome any Friday or Saturday 8:30 am-3 pm. Contact Amy 4250373 to RSVP. Thanks also to all donors of unused Bats tickets. So far we have redeemed these tickets to allow about 500 underprivileged and mentally challenged community members to enjoy America’s pastime. Thanks to Temple members Janet and Sonny Meyer, Larry Simon and Shelton Weber for the bulk of the tickets! Thanks to donations to The Temple Fund for the Homeless, school supplies for the school aged children at the Volunteers of America Family Emergency Shelter were provided. This year the shelter also needed school uniforms as well and a special thank you to special donors who provided new and gently used khakis and polo shirts for shelter children who attend JCPS schools requiring uniforms. Stay tuned for Merry Mitzvah opportunities for November and December. Remember, we should have a cold spell in October so feel free to drop off winter clothes –especially for children at Temple now! Thank you.

Rabbi Gaylia R. Rooks raising funds for Henryville Disaster Relief

In The News . . . The Frankel Memorial Chapel

Flarsheim Tree Dedication On Sunday, July 8, family and friends of Phil Flarshiem gathered to dedicate a special tree donated in his memory. Phil’s friends Dick and Bert Wolf planted a tree as a memorial to Phil for his lifetime of friendship, service to the Temple congregation, and his love of gardening. Lois Flarshiem shared memories of Phil’s work with the congregation’s move to our current location and his love of gardening. The congregation continues to benefit from the many ways that Phil Flarsheim made a positive and loving difference in our lives. Thank you to Dick and Bert Wolf for honoring Phil with this living memorial. May his memory be a blessing.

The Frankel Memorial Chapel, built in 1905, located on the Brith Sholom side of the Temple Cemetery on Preston Highway, recently experienced trauma to the structure. Our insurance provider requested that the sagging and damaged roof of the chapel be removed. In the process of removing the roof, the rotten wood that was supporting the roof collapsed, resulting in the loss of the roof and portions of the walls of the historic chapel (pictured below). The damage to the building and the determination for future plans for the structure will be evaluated by The Temple Cemetery Committee. No plans have been made at this time.

Confirmation 2012 - Part II Joseph Harlan, who was unable to attend the Confirmation Service in May with the rest of his class, was confirmed in the faith of Israel on Saturday, August 11 at the morning Shabbat Service. The Harlan Family - Michael, Sadie, Joseph, Sarah, Jennifer and Rabbi Joe Rapport.

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M a z e l To v Mazel Tov to our Temple staff member, Mike Asher, and his wife Lauren on the birth of their daughter, Anna Layne Asher. Anna, born on June 29, was also welcomed to the family by her 9 year old brother, Aidan Michael. Mazel Tov to John and Brooke Present Blackford on the birth of their daughter, Harper Ryan Blackford, who was born on July 31. The proud grandparents are Phyllis and Andy Present. Mazel Tov to Meredith Bartos and Scott Waldman who were married by Rabbi Gaylia Rooks on June 16. Scott is the son of Karen and Jay Waldman.

Call today, 423-1818

Ready or not, school has started. You can get it all at Kroger and earn money for Temple too. Last month your participation earned $381 for The Temple. Thank You, Corine and Jack Bergwerk Committee Chairs THE TEMPLE BULLETIN 9

September SUNDAY September 2

WEDNESDAY September 5

THURSDAY September 6

Minyan 9:00 am

Torah Study 10:45am - 12:00 noon

Farmers Market 2-7:00 pm

B’nei Mitzvah Class 3:00 - 4:00 pm Hebrew School 4:30 to 6:00 pm

Chavurat Shalom 12 noon Farmers Market 2-7:00 pm

MONDAY September 3

TUESDAY September 4

Temple office closed Happy Labor Day


Jazz in the Sukkah 6:30 pm

10 Farmers Market 2-7:00 pm


Executive Committee 5:45 pm

TOV Network 7:00 pm

16 Rosh Hashanah Eve Classical Service 6:00 pm Children’s Service 6:00 pm Regular Service 8:00 pm Contemporary Serivice 8:00 pm


Religious School does not meet



Rosh Hashanah Day Hugim and Babysitting Register at 9:30 am Morning Service 10:00 am

Religious School 9:30 am to 12:00 noon Sukkot Picnic Blankets and Blessings Brunch 12:15 pm

Shabbat Ki Teitzei Torah Study 9:00 am Shabbat Services 10:30 am

Oneg Shabbat 6:00 pm Yahrzeit Service 6:00 pm Brotherhood Poker Night Shabbat Service 6:30 pm 7:00 pm

Selichot Oneg 10:00 pm Service 10:30 pm


Torah Study 10:45am - 12:00 noon

Chavurat Shalom does not meet

B’nei Mitzvah Class 3:00 - 4:00 pm Hebrew School 4:30 to 6:00 pm

Farmers Market 2-7:00 pm



Oneg Shabbat 6:00 pm Yahrzeit Service 6:00 pm Shabbat Service 6:30 pm

Shabbat Nitzavim Torah Study 9:00 am Shabbat Services 10:30 am




No Torah Study

Chavurat Shalom does not meet Farmers Market 2-7:00 pm

Yahrzeit Service 6:30 pm Shabbat Service 7:00 pm Oneg Shabbat 8:00 pm

B’nei Mitzvah Class does not meet Hebrew School does not meet

BSA Troop 30 7:00 pm Brotherhood Game Night 7:00 pm

22 Shabbat Vayeilech Torah Study 9:00 am Shabbat Services 10:30 am

New Service Time 7:00 pm 24


Minyan 7:30 am

Farmers Market 2-7:00 pm


SHABBAT September 8

WRJ Board Meeting 6:30 pm


Minyan 7:30 am

FRIDAY September 7

October 1


Yom Kippur Eve Classical Service 6:00 pm Children’s Service 6:00 pm Regular Service 8:00 pm Contemporary Serivice 8:00 pm

October 2

Sukkot Service 10:30 am Farmers Market 2-7:00 pm

Yom Kippur Hugim and Babysitting Register at 9:30 am Morning Service 10:00 am Intermediate Service 12:00 pm 1:00 pm 2:00 pm Yizkor Service 3:45 pm Concluding Service 4:45 pm

October 3

27 Chavurat Shalom does not meet Farmers Market 2-7:00 pm Temple Board Meeting 7:00 pm



Yahrzeit Service 6:30 pm Shabbat Service Torah Dedication 7:00 pm Oneg Shabbat 8:00 pm

Shabbat Haazinu Torah Study 9:00 am Shabbat Services 10:30 am

New Service Time 7:00 pm October 4

October 5

October 6

Chavurat Shalom 12:00 noon

Yahrzeit Service 6:30 pm Shabbat Service 7:00 pm Oneg Shabbat 8:00 pm

Shabbat B’reishit Torah Study 9:00 am Shabbat Services 10:30 am

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C on nec t ions Jazz in the Sukkah

Welcome back to the school year from TiLTY! (Youth Group) TiLTY will be leading services in The Waller Chapel again this year for both Erev Rosh Hashanah and Erev Yom Kippur. It is the later service in the Chapel both of those days (usually 8pm). We will also be hosting a New Years Eve party on Erev Rosh Hashanah in The Klein Center, all high school students are invited to attend, and thanks to the Brotherhoods generosity, there is no charge for this event. It starts right after services on Sept 16th, lasts until 11pm, and is always a good time! We will be joining the rest of Temple as we all walk to end Hunger on Sunday September 9th, and in the Louisville AIDS walk on Sunday October 14th - so mark those fall Tikun Olam dates We will be reaching out to all Freshmen and Sophomores in September to invite you to join us at our New Years Eve party, and to talk about upcoming events in October! If you or your parents have any questions at all, they can reach TiLTY’s advisors - Laurence Nibur (LNIBUR@hotmail. com : 489-2212) or Sara Ruby ( anytime, and we’ll be happy to chat! Blankets & Blessings Kickoff Brunch Sunday, Sept. 30 - 12:15 pm (Klein Center) It’s the beginning of a new year of creating “no-sew” blankets for homeless babies, along with other mitzvah projects. Start it off with a homemade brunch by Marlene Schaffer, Chairperson. The “price” of admittance - bring a yard of felt or one completed baby blanket! Want to get involved or find out more about this project? Call Marlene at 423-8420

Young Jewish Professionals Wine & Cheese Social, Sunday September 9 5:30 -7:30 pm, at the new Sukkah (back parking lot)

The Temple is hosting a wine and cheese reception for Jewish young adults age 22 – 35 who are interested in meeting and mingling with other Jewish professionals. Everyone attending the event will also receive complimentary High Holiday tickets, so they can further experience our Temple community. Please send us the name and email address of anyone you know who might be interested in attending this exciting event. Send the information to and we will send them an invitation. Non-Jewish significant others are welcome.

Caring Committee - needs volunteers Our Temple Caring Committee visits congregants residing in nursing homes and assisted living facilities or who are homebound. Please give us the names of all who would welcome a visitor. Also, please contact me if you are able to join our team of enthusiastic volunteers. We are currently in need of additional visitors. Susan Waterman 426-1440 Or email: TOV Network Meeting Social Action Committee Monday, September 10, 7:00 pm

Cook Off Registration Sunday, November 10, 6:00 pm Name(s) ____________________________________________ Contact Information __________________________________ ($30 per entry)

Entry Deadline: October 1, 2012

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Tasting Only ($30/person) Reservation name _______________ Number Attending __________

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The Temple.5101 U.S. Highway 42.Louisville.Kentucky 40241.(502)423-1818 THE TEMPLE BULLETIN 11

Brotherhood Transportation Fund IN HONOR OF: Michael Friedman’s Special Birthday David and Maxine Rouben Vycki and Anthony Minstein Karen and Jay Waldman Cemetery Beautification Fund IN HONOR OF: Karl and Roanne Victor’s Grandson Sam’s Bar Mitzvah Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Lowenstein’s anniversary Lucy Samuel’s Bat Mitzvah Henry and Barbara Altman Ronald Levine’s Recent Award Dr. and Mrs. David Neustadt’s 60th anniversary Laura Koby Lucy Samuel’s Bat Mitzvah Ann Sternberg Toni and Marty Goldman Laura Koby Ron and Marie Abrams Henry and Barbara Altman Carol Behr’s new granddaughter Laura Koby IN MEMORY OF: Peggy Greenwald Henry and Barbara Altman Toni and Marty Goldman Richard Kanter Linda Kanter Anna Herlands Inez Segell Chavurat Shalom: IN MEMORY OF: Bernard Berman Janet Berman Brent W. Martin Julia Martin Madeline Abramson’s father Cindy and Jim Hytken Joan Fox Irene Zahler Cindy and Jim Hytken Ted Perlmutter Cindy and Jim Hytken Rebekah Pinkas Esta Pinkas Diamond Religious School Education Fund IN HONOR OF: Jordan Aberson’s Bar Mitzvah Gary and Jill Fuchs Dr. Harry Renco’s Birthday Allan and Marjorie Baker IN MEMORY OF: Eleanor Hyman Dale and David Hyman Leon Fuchs Gary and Jill Fuchs Dr. Louis Dubilier Barry and Shelley Meyers Jeffrey Alan Brill Herman Sandler Bernice and Penny Brill THE TEMPLE BULLETIN 12

Eleanor Gibson Allan and Marjorie Baker Marcia Abramson’s sister Barbara Cohen Endowment Fund IN HONOR OF: Lev Rooks Rapport’s Graduation Carolyn and Lee Grossman Anita and Shelly Weber Linda and Stephen Goodman Dr. Ken and Shelley Zegart’s 50th anniversary Carolyn and Lee Grossman Speedy Recovery Trish Cohen Speedy Recovery Alan Linker Michael Hymson and Karen Strauss Ron and Marie Abrams Sue Berman and Bob Friedman Michael Friedman’s Special Birthday Peter Pearlman and Sally Younger Bernie and Leni Sweet Susan and Robert Waterman Goldia Morrison Joe and Susan Lancaster Mr. and Mrs. Ernesto Forero Alan amd Jan Glaubinger Louise and Dennis Miller Alison Schaffer’s graduation Joe and Trish Cohen Lori Joels’ Bat Mitzvah Philip and Belle Levy Scott and Meredith Waldman’s marriage Linda and Stephen Goodman IN MEMORY OF: Bernard Weisskopf, MD Benjamin Weisskopf Bertha Weisskopf Charles E. Allderdice Chlorys C. Allderdice Hania Weisskopf Rita Weisskopf Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Waller Penelope Weisskopf Dr. Louis Dubilier Mindy and Jacob Blum Peggy Greenwald Linda Ewald Sue Berman and Bob Friedman Anita and Shelly Weber Irvin and Daisy Goldstein Joe and Trish Cohen Stuart and Linda Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. John Ballantine Philip and Belle Levy Bert, Elaine, Stephen, Yael, David, Richard and Beth Klein Bertha Cohen Joe and Trish Cohen Daniel Jacobson Carolyn Neustadt Leo Loeb Linda and Stephen Goodman Sarah Farber Glazer Norbert Frank Elaine Frank Rebekah Pinkas Esta Pinkas Phil Caplan Irvin and Daisy Goldstein

Fishman Library Fund IN HONOR OF: Dr. and Mrs. Norton Waterman’s new grandson Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Goddy’s grandson’s Bar Mitzvah Jordan Aberson’s Bar Mitzvah Robert and Emily Keisler Ron and Marie Abrams Evie and Chuck Topcik IN MEMORY OF: Leo Loeb Jack and Nadine Perlman Leah Gersh Robert and Emily Keisler Don Roth Bernard Trager Robert and Emily Keisler Peggy Greenwald Evie and Chuck Topcik Evelyn Ackerman Debbie, David, Brooke and Ethan Perellis Joan Fox Charlene Gordon General Budget A Generous Donation from: Michael and Barbara Furey IN HONOR OF: Lev Rooks Rapport’s Graduation Elaine Saag Ron and Marie Abrams Lori Joel’s Bat Mitzvah Lillian Levy Lucy Samuel’s Bat Mitzvah Roz and Arnold Schneider Ron and Marie Abrams Jennifer and Jeffrey Tuvlin Ron and Marie Abrams Barbara and Michael Newmark Michael Friedman’s Special Birthday Jerry and Maxine Bizer Marcy and Marc Kurzman Bea Friedman Ray and Susan Allen June Atlas’ Special Birthday Anita and Shelly Weber IN MEMORY OF: Ben Robenson Stuart and Nancy Robenson Leo Loeb The Beverly and Elias Klein Family Foundation Rebecca Wall Rosalee Herman Terry and Gary Herman Nancy Blodgett Charles Weisberg Ann Weston Marlene Weisberg Peggy Greenwald Jennifer and Jeffrey Tuvlin Rachel and Craig Greenberg Marlene Weisberg Daniel Moyers and Sarah Smith Charles and Sharon Bensinger Andy and Albie Frank Barry Stoler

Generous Donation to the Temple Funds Paul and Rita Glosser Joel and Irwin Lowenstein Joe and Sissy Helm Sue Rosen Anna and John Oppenheimer Michael and Lisa Romanelli Lawrence and Luann Cohen Mark and Laura Rothstein Michael Lerner Charles and Sarah O’Koon Joan Fox Evelyn and Bill Sabes Albert and Betty Hess G.U.C.I. Camp Fund IN HONOR OF: Lev Rooks Rapport’s Graduation Jack and Corrine Bergwerk Michael Friedman’s special birthday Stuart and Nancy Robenson Dr. Edward and Shannon Rothschild Speedy Recovery Carol and Alan Leibson Goldia Morrison Lori Joels’ Bat Mitzvah Phyllis and Michael Shaikun In Appreciation of the Hospitality of Phyliss and George Wertheim Scherrill and Barbara Russman IN MEMORY OF: Harry Zukof Denise Zukof Armond Gordon Joan Klein Betty and Don Cahall Rita Glick Ari David Moses Morse Howard Hess Sonia Hess Leon Met Siddy Rosenberg Dr. Louis Dubilier Jim and Lisa Heffley Armond Gordon Lois and Leroy Joseph Peggy Greenwald Shirley and Bert Geer Carolyn Kreitman Goldia Morrison Gerry and Benita Berman Dr. Jacob Stein Carolyn Kreitman Goldia Morrison Annalee Jaffe Anita Solomon Lily Leonard Siddy Rosenberg Ted Perlmutter Joan Fox Goldia Morrison Annalee Jaffe Bonnie Bizer Andrew Morrison Jean Morrison Debbie Zukof Denise Zukof Harold Rosen Marjorie Brown

Dorothy Holine Rosen Nathan Horwitz Harry Rosen Marjory Horwitz

Fund for the Homeless Generous Donation from Robert and Sue LaSalle IN HONOR OF: Speedy Recovery Lois Marks Carol Behr Lori Joels’ Bat Mitzvah Shirley Jean Kozlove Michael Friedman’s Special Birthday Marvin and Patricia Coan IN MEMORY OF: Phil Flarsheim Zehava Naamani Henry Lurie Geraldine Lurie Thelma Joels Diane and Irv Joels Peggy Greenwald Maxine Switow Eva Levy Louis Helman Sanford Lowenthal Lewis and Gladys Bass Mason Rudd Nathan Rudd Betsy Bennett Minnie Shapero Julian and Lois Shapero Alex Hertzman Jenita Blum Jacobs Marie Hertzman

Mazon Fund Generous Donation from: Mark and Laura Rothstein IN MEMORY OF: Shlomo Rabichev Shoshana Rabichev Zehava Naamani Michael Lerner Diane and Irv Joels Joan Fox Arnie and Bette Friedman Raema Green Harriet Waldman Jo Anne and Jay Abraham Sylvia Kleinman Lois Flarsheim Richard Slone Barb Fabricant Ellis Ballew Sam Weintraub Elsie Ballew Rebekah Pinkas Esta Pinkas Ann Helman Louis Helman

Louis, Evelyn & Markham Levy Audio and Visual Arts Fund IN HONOR OF: Speedy Recovery Betty and Francis Wolff Best Wishes to Gail Herman for a successful craft sale Margot Barr’s grandson’s graduation Rabbi David’s 10 years at The Temple Louis and Wilma Levy Michael Friedman’s Special Birthday Harold and Gail Herman

Meyer Youth Cultural Programming Fund IN HONOR OF: Carol Heideman’s Retirement Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Goldberg Michael Friedman’s Special Birthday Janet and Sonny Meyer Lee Benovitz Jane and Steve Shapiro IN MEMORY OF: Michael Lerner Steve and Jane Shapiro

IN MEMORY OF: Peggy Greenwald Bernard Cohen Marsha Bornstein’s father Louis and Wilma Levy

Rose Lee and Brooks Morris Tree Fund IN MEMORY OF: Ellen Joffe’s father Michael and Margie Kommor

Martin and Ginger Lewis Lecture Fund IN HONOR OF: Speedy Recovery Edna Yarmuth Norma Jean Seidman Jim Haynes Special Birthday Elise and Raymond Sales Arnold Fox’s Special Birthday Marjory Horwitz IN MEMORY OF: Peggy Greenwald Elise Essig Elise and Raymond Sales Marcia Abramson’s sister Elise Essig Elise and Raymond Sales Leo Loeb Elise and Raymond Sales Arnold Fox’s Special Birthday Jack and Corrine Bergwerk George Rosen

Prayer Book Fund IN HONOR OF: Lucy Samuel’s Bat Mitzvah Allan and Margie Baker IN MEMORY OF: Betty Weiss Jeffrey and Karen Weiss Rebekah Pinkas Esta Pinkas Prayer Book Endowed IN MEMORY OF: Peggy Greenwald Margie and Allan Baker Rabbis’ Discretionary Funds IN HONOR OF: Lev Rooks Rapport’s Graduation Rita Glick THE TEMPLE BULLETIN 13

Marshall and Shelley Kahn’s new grandchild Bonnie Bizer Lucy Samuel’s Bat Mitzvah Carol Behr Sarah Keisler’s Bat Mitzvah David, Debbie, Brook and Ethan Perellis Arnold Fox’s Birthday Marcia and Ed Bornstein Michael Friedman’s Special Birthday Carole and Shelley Rifkin Susan and Steve Kornblum Rabbi David’s 10 years at The Temple Linda Kanter Dr. David and Carolyn Neustadt Dorothy Speier Alan and Carol Leibson IN MEMORY OF: Donald Linker Stephen and Sandee Linker Joseph J. Gotlieb Anatoly and Ludmilla Gotlib Max Ungerleider Joel and Paula Ungerleider Libby Wenneker Les and Genie Aberson Leo Loeb Martin and Brenda Schiller Peggy Greenwald Carol Westerman Nat Levy Betty Bronner Fred Kean Robert Kean Allan and Marjorie Baker Joan Fox Aaron Guldenschuh Hannah B. Bronner Betty Jane Bronner Adele Elkin Ina Aleksander Don E. Payton Jennifer Payton Raymond Frankel Betty Younger Alice Harris Barbara and Larry Suzan Nadav Ariel-Joel Elise Medinger and David Friedman Bernhardine Speier Dorothy Speier Robert Bronner Betty Jane Bronner Rebecca Ilana Sivak George and Regina Sivak Joe Bass Sonny and Gladys Bass Don and Ann Roth Fund for the Archives IN HONOR OF: Jordan Aberson’s Bar Mitzvah Robert Friedman and Sue Berman Ann Roth Phillip Bradley Whitten’s Bar Mitzvah Louis and Margaret Moseson Harold and Gail Herman Les and Genie Aberson THE TEMPLE BULLETIN 14

Helene Ruth Judah Fraeda Greenburg Jane Hymson Michael Hymson and Karen Strauss Carol Behr’s new granddaughter Helene Ruth Judah IN MEMORY OF: Don Roth Arnold and Esther Levitz Lois and Leroy Joseph Leo Loeb Jay and Jo Anne Abraham Sherwin Spero Shirley Spero Martin Liebman Annette Liebman Marcia Hertzman Adele Hammel Blanche Lobred Ruth Ornstein John Ornstein Jeff Shankman Youth Group Leadership Fund IN HONOR OF: Penny and Ivan Diamond’s Granddaughter Zoey’s Bat Mitzvah Lawrence and Carole Goldberg Happy and Irv Shaw Holocaust Memorial Fund IN MEMORY OF: Edward Cahill Merv and Deb Aubespin Temple Beautification Fund IN HONOR OF: Ron and Marie Abrams Amy and Lee Benovitz IN MEMORY OF: Peggy Greenwald Frederick Jacobs Temple Trager Early Childhood Education Fund IN HONOR OF: Betty Pohn’s 70th birthday Joanie Lerman and Chuck Kaplan Lev Rooks Rapport’s Graduation Harvey and Arlene Kaufman Carol Heideman’s retirement Jeff and Karen Weiss IN MEMORY OF: Bernard Trager Zehava Naamani Peggy Greenwald Harvey and Arlene Kaufman David and Phyllis Leibson Michael Lerner Elliott Rosenberg Judy Rosenberg and Gary Biggs Bruce Kranz Andrew and Ali Ignatow Nancy Kranz Minna Eva Goldenberg Vycki, Marc and Jon Goldenberg

Tikkun Olam Relief Fund Generous Donation from: Sara Robinson Ann Roth IN HONOR OF: Lev Rooks Rapport’s Graduation Siddy Rosenberg Sam and Linda Stein David Hyman’s birthday Frederick Jacobs Phil Rosenbloom’s retirement Sam and Linda Stein Judy Axelrod and Ken Lewis’ new granddaughter,Kanoko Elise Medinger and David Friedman IN MEMORY OF: Rose Palay Annalee Jaffe Rita Stein Linda and Sam Stein Ted Perlmutter Linda Bledsoe Edith Friedman Arnie and Bette Friedman Waller Chapel Fund IN HONOR OF: Larry Lynch Harold and Gail Herman IN MEMORY OF: Peggy Greenwald Harold and Gail Herman Harold Kramer Michael and Rebecca Shain Manuel and Evelyn Weinberg Youth Education Fund IN MEMORY OF: Edna Lefkowitz Norton and Marcia Frank Altar Flowers Fund IN MEMORY OF: Ann Bailen Nat and Janice Bailen Louise Flarsheim Lou and Margaret Moseson WRJ Service to the Blind IN MEMORY OF: Peggy Greenwald Carol and Sherman Friedman IN HONOR OF: Sara and Al Kellerman’s son’s marriage Carol and Sherman Friedman

These generous donations were made through July 31, 2012.


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A Night with the Gourmet Stars

You and Your Friends are Invited . . . Thursday, September 6

Sunday, November 10 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Luncheon– Noon, Discussion 1:00 pm

Celebrity Chefs John Castro & Dean Corbett $30 Per Entry $30 Per “Taster”

A Book Discussion: Arabs and Jews have been discounted even though as business owners they have provided goods and services for residents in communities across the commonwealth. In this book, Arab and Jewish women are brought together to expose their stories and overlapping live uncovering the shared humanity between Arabs and Jews in the middle east and in urban locales in this country.

Entry deadline: October 1 For more information call 423-1818 Entry form on page 7

Funded by JCL, NCJW, Jewish Community Excellence Grant from Jewish Hospital Healthcare Services, The Temple Brotherhood and Sisterhood, and many other generous sponsors.

September 2012