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Guidology An Undereducated Rant

After having survived near about four years, we deserve a break. I was told to always use my voice, always speak up when decisions are being made that affect not only me but also my peers, and with rumors flying, I will remain quiet no longer. To what am I referring you may ask? All of the ridiculous options for making up missed school due to weather. Yes, I am a senior, and I’ve come down with a nasty case of senioritis that’s been festering since third quarter sophomore year, but really, the one thing for which I have been praying since I was a freshman and the seniors had separate exams was to get out earlier than underclassmen - the earlier the better. I understand we need to have at least 180 days, but why now, why choose to enforce this with us? No, I absolutely do not want to sit in each class for another three minutes. I can barely stand the last five minutes of class as is, and contrary to popular belief, the minutes before homeroom are a rather productive period of time (studying, finishing homework, attending meetings and handling other club business), so to start the school day earlier would require opening the school to students earlier. To end the school day later would require students who work to drive at higher speeds or accept later shifts. The opportunity cost of extending the day is lost money that would otherwise be funding students’ higher education, which after all as teachers so often remind us, high school is preparation for college and the real world. Not to mention the logistical nightmare of busing and sports, and as we all know, no one messes with sports. As for the idea of taking away our breaks, seems a bit tit for tat, no? We have an unplanned day off so we lose a planned one. Well that was then, this is now. The teacher had something to teach then, and with the way the next few days consisted of cramming in material, I don’t think the teaching schedule was actually pushed back. I need my breaks; I’m fairly certain I can speak for the rest of the school with that statement as well. Yes, in the real working world, breaks are not found often, you work and work and then work some more and snow days are near about unheard of, you get to work no questions asked, but I am a student, I am a young adult, I still consider myself a kid, and I do not have the attention span to work and work and work some more. There’s a reason we lost a week of August. I no longer have my week long Labor Day vacation so that we would have the ability to add days onto the year without worrying about the July 1st cutoff. One would naturally be lead to believe that days would then be added onto the end of the year, not pulling them from the middle. Addressing the idea of having seniors take finals after graduation, to that I say I am already calculating in which classes I do not have to answer a single question to still pass. Well, I’m doing that regardless, but anyway, you get the point. When asked what he would change, even Mr. Emmaus said that students who have an A in the class should not have to take the final. I don’t want that much: all that I’m asking for is seniors to not have to take finals if grade improvement is not desired nor necessary, especially if you’re expecting us to come back after we’ve walked. In sum, please don’t rain on my senior parade. I’ve been waiting for this year for quite a while, I’ve played along, done well on standardized assessments to make the district look good. Please give me this.

Editor-in-chief Katrina Guido @Kitty_Guido

Managing Editor of News Destiny Nagle

English teacher Simpkins’s love affair with Benjamin Franklin

Managing Editor of Opinion Savannah Pukanecz @SavannahPukes Managing Editor of Feature Justine Coleman Managing Editor of Culture Emma Wang @ECaroline7 Managing Editor of Sports Steve Gudonis @_SteveG_ Online Editor Kevin Rodgers Section Editor of News Colleen Grablick @collllsss Section Editor of Opinion Dave Heiney Section Editor of Feature Christine Carlson Section Editor of Culture Eamon Dreisbach Section Editor of Sports John Lang @JohnLang05 Photo Editor Maura Benner Copy Editors Shaun Baillie Olivia Riccio Angeline Stein Adviser Denise Reaman

Editorial Policy The Stinger is a student-run newspaper published six times per year. Its content, which is the responsibility of the student staff, is not subject to direct administrative approval. The newspaper, which is designed as an open forum, serves to inform and entertain its readers as well as students interested in print media studies. Visit our website If you are interested in writing or taking photos for The Stinger, stop by Room 559 for more information. If you’d like to publish a letter to the editor or have a story idea, drop us a line at 2014 Keystone Press Awards Second Place Ongoing News Coverage First, Second, Honorable Mention Public Service Package First Place Feature Story First, Second Place Personality Profile Honorable Mention Column Writing Second Place Review Writing First Place Photo Story Honorable Mention Website 2013 Keysone Press Awards Second Place and Honorable Mention Column Writing First Place Public Service Package Second Place Feature Story First Place Ongoing News Coverage


When Mr. Simpkins married me, he knew that he was not the only man in my life. This may sound like a sappy sentiment often shared about a girl and her father; but in this case, it is more serious than that. I am in love with another man, a much older and wiser man, with whom I fell in love because of his wit, his intelligence, and of course, his love for his country. Throughout my marriage to Mr. Simpkins, he has learned that this affair is one that he cannot fight and has come to embrace or even encourage it. This ‘other’ man has interrupted our marriage more than once, from our first wedding anniversary, to my twenty-seventh birthday, and even as recently as Jan. 17, when I knew I would see my BF again. On the morning of Jan. 15 at 6:45 a.m., two days before my BF’s 84th birthday, I received an email that set my heart a-flutter: entrance to his newly-renovated museum would be free in honor of his birthday. I immediately called Mr. Simpkins, waking him from his restful sleep to exclaim that this weekend, we would be going to Philadelphia in honor of my first love’s birthday. He groaned and then agreed as he knew that his protestations would be futile and that I could not be swayed. We spent that Saturday in the city celebrating and honoring my love for BF by viewing his many, many accomplishments at his museum, and going to his birthday party at the Portrait Gallery at Second Bank. My love affair with this great man began when I was an undergrad at Penn State University. I found him in an Early American Literature course, and from that moment on we were inseparable. I got to know him through his autobiography and the many other literature and history classes where I had the opportunity to get to know him. From these years together, I have learned that he: •Is the only man, (that I can think of), who likes to take air baths (i.e. where you lay on your back, naked, with the windows open to create a breeze; then roll over and lay on your stomach to ‘cleanse’ the other side) •Invented the first set of fins used for swimming •Was always trying to better himself through various experiments with virtues •Tricked his older brother into publishing his works in the newspaper by using a false name. And through all of my history with BF, Mr. Simpkins still married me anyway, knowing that he would always have to compete with my love for Ben Franklin. And to this very day he has been accepting of my double love-life. He has even suggested that if we should ever have a son, we could give him the middle name of Franklin. Although, his ulterior motive is for our son to be named after Penn State’s new football coach, James Franklin. But in the end, I suppose we might just both get our way.

February 2014

A Dose of Destiny

The Purge What happens when lies become as believable as the truth in a relationship and the truth as rare as self confidence in a teenager? Knowing they say one thing but do the opposite. Seeing that person and realizing the beauty and confidence they once possessed is overshadowed by their progressively weakening state of being:... becoming as pale as the snow on the ground. ...losing mountains upon mountains of weight while the blue branches of veins become visible beneath the thin paper that is their skin. ...slumbering eyes closed to the world more often than not . So what happens when excessive bathroom trips go unrecognized, and buckets of food consumed? First, it’s an apple, then a snack such as a candy bar. That candy bar turns into another snack; then a meal. One meal turns into two, three, even four. Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder where a person eats excessive amounts of food followed by obsessive attempts to lose the weight. Bulimics often purge (forcing themselves to throw up) after eating but may also use laxatives, diuretics and enemas to get rid of the food. The feeling after binging is what drives a person to guilt which leads to the purging. Often times it’s triggered by traumatic events, self-image issues, or major life changes. No one knows exactly what makes a person want to throw up but depression has been directly associated with bulimia. When bulimics look in the mirror, what they see can cascade a cloud of negative thoughts. “...eww, look at my face. …my thighs are so big; Why am I so fat? ...ugh, I’m so gross. Why can’t I look pretty like all the other girls at school?” About 13 percent of adolescent females and two percent of males are affected directly by bulimia each year, according to Health teachers do a good job of making students aware of what can happen when an eating disorder begins; however, if you were like me, you just sat there and daydreamed during that section. I’m not skipping meals or throwing up, so why should I care? Right? Wrong. Even though it might not directly affect you, just knowing someone who has an eating disorder can affect you. It’s important to know the signs and symptoms so it doesn’t go unrecognized. Yellowing on fingertips and teeth is often a pretty obvious sign. Throwing up, causes stomach acid to leave the body along with any food in the stomach causing your teeth and the finger you’re using to throw up to yellow. Thinking back, all I can see is my mom’s face; pink flushed cheeks, eyes puffy and tear ridden, lips frowned. Just the thought of one of her kids having bulimia killed her. Just knowing one of her children might be struggling is enough to ruin any parent. Not only does being bulimic affect the actual person, but it affects the people around them. There are a lot of emotions involved. Humans have a habit of attaching themselves to other humans. There is no way one can be completely alone in this world, if you sitting in that bathroom thinking you’re alone just remember you’re not. Think to yourself who would care.

Destiny Nagle





Drew Switzer crowned Mr. Emmaus Tori Delhagen Zoie Kassis News Contributors

Last month, Emmaus held its annual Mr. Emmaus competition where a selection of senior boys, including winner Drew Switzer, performed in front of a crowd of over 400 people. Although many unique talents shined throughout the night, Switzer’s charming response and unique juggling skills took the crown. Sawyer Long whose humorous act as an elderly woman followed as runner up. The Mr. Emmaus competition consists of four categories, formal wear, swim wear, talent, and a question portion, that mimic a typical beauty pageant. Following the clothing and talent portions, the judges pick four finalists to answer their given thought provoking question. The finalist with the favored answer wins the title. The competition sign ups began in October, and the boys, along with members of SGA, put in vigorous effort until the curtains closed. Proceeds from the event will be given to Coaches vs. Cancer and the Angel Network. Event director Michael Mihalik explained the effort put in to make the show. “The Mr. Emmaus competition requires the most effort of all,” said Mihalik. “Most of the event was put on Nick Quinn and Nina Rowan, they’re the coordinators and middlemen for almost everything.” Long put a lot of thought and effort into his act. “I was going to sing a Justin Timberlake song, but I felt singing was cliche,” said Long. “One day during rehearsal of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ a character backstage had a cane. I used the cane and started to reenact a grandmother. Everyone backstage loved it and found it really funny.” Switzer spent many hours practicing for Mr. Emmaus. “For my talent I juggled a lot in the past 3 months,” said Switzer. “I practiced everyday and prepared myself for the pressure of being on stage.” Long was pleased with the results. “I’m happy with being the runner up, it was a great competition,” said Long. “The competition was very hard and honestly anyone could have won. I’m very proud of Drew, we’ve been best friends since middle school, and I’m really happy for him.” The pageant launched with an entertaining video introducing the contestants that answered various questions and explained why they should take the crown. Mike Kashuba amused the crowd when

Pictured: Above Left: Mike Kashuba and Jack Melnick look longingly into each other’s eyes. Above right: Juniors Daria Gbor and Lindsay Ortwein plant kisses on Nate Feiertag’s cheeks. Below: Quantre Menzel points to the crowd during his performance. Photos by Zoie Kassis asked his favorite EHS memory, with the response “Well, we’re the bomb.” The boys took the stage with a dance number, choreobody puts baby in the corner. Stephen graphed by dance team seniors, to “Sexy Back” by Justin Wimble belted a song about dumb ways Timberlake. Within the performance the to die. From the talent portion, the judges contestants twerked and brought their own selected four students to move on to the sense of style. Following the opening number, the question part of the competition includcontestants took the stage with their es- ing Sawyer Long, Drew Switzer, Mike Kashuba, and corts in formal Fergus Watkins. I’m very proud of the amount wear. Andrew The contesMantone gave of people that came to support. tants thoughtfula heartwarming ly answered their entrance when -Nick Quinn questions but the his grandmothtie-breaker was er escorted him between Long onto the stage. The dance team performed an upbeat and Switzer. When asked if social networks have a hip-hop number that brought energy to the positive effect on teenagers, crowd. Switzer replied saying they do because Next, the boys put on their best swimthe only way he can talk and have a rewear attire and took the stage. Mantone brought a summer breeze lationship with his sister is through Facewith his “windsurfing” act. Long took the book. After a long discussion between the crowd to “Bikini Bottom” with a bright judges, Switzer ended up claiming the title yellow Spongebob of Mr. Emmaus. Switzer shared his thoughts on winning costume. The talent portion the crown. “To be the winner of Mr. Emmaus is inmarked the highlight credible, I honestly didn’t expect it,” said of the night. Quantre Menzel put on his Switzer. “Winning the competition was a silver glove and fantastic ending to the evening.” Mihalik felt satisfied with the competi“thrilled” the crowd tion. with a Michael Jack“I thought the competition was aweson mash-up. Fergus Watkins, some,” said Mihalik. “The guys did great aka Fergalicious, performances and brought a lot of talent.” Sophomore Nick Quinn was happy with drummed to the beat of “Fergalicious” by the ending results. “I’m very proud of the amount of peoFergie. Jack Melnick ple that came to support,” said Quinn. and Mike Kashuba Andrew Mantone struts down the stage with his grandmother at reenacted the famous “The guys were all committed to the comhis side. scene from “Dirty petition. Photo by Zoie Kassis Dancing” where no-



Februar y 2014

Orchestra coffee house showcases student talent Colleen Grablick News Editor

Dozens of Emmaus students and parents packed the Emmaus High School cafeteria last month as they enjoyed food, music and fun. The Emmaus Orchestra held its annual Coffee House fundraiser, where many student musicians showcased their skills. Friends and family gathered around to enjoy the show while sipping on coffee and munching on homemade baked goods. The night also included a 50-50 raffle. Connie Arnold, the orchestra director at Emmaus High School, organized the event. According to Arnold, many orchestra students assisted in the event as well, including orchestra president Natalie Swann and vice president Fergus Watkins. “It takes a lot of work from parents and students,” said Arnold. Freshman Joel Shimer emceed the event, cracking jokes and keeping the atmosphere fun and lively. Shimer kicked off the night with his unique performance of disco classic “Funkytown” on his electric guitar. In all, 22 acts performed, including bands, solos, and duets. The night featured just about every genre of music, ranging from classical to hard rock to opera. Arnold loved the variety at Coffee

House. “It was a diverse evening from 70’s pop to contemporary, classical, fiddling, individuals and bands,” said Arnold. “Everything was so unique and well-done.” The first duet of the night was performed by two sophomores, Victoria Reichelderfer and Kristin Erle. Reichelderfer sang and played guitar while Erle

Michael Monte, belted out the lyrics to “Reptilia”, “Tight Rope”, “The Day You Went Away”, and “Believe” while the crowd clapped along to the beat. Darron Dries played the drums while Aidan Huzar played the keyboard. The second band featured that night calls themselves The Bonzai Tree. The group consists of three seniors: Kevin Gigler, E a m o n Dreisbach, and Jordan Pierce. Dreisbach strummed his bass guitar while Gigler sang and played guitar. Pierce added uniqueness to the sound of the band by playing his trumpet. The trio performed three songs, two of which were originals. However, The Bonzai Tree was not the only act of the night that featured an original songs. Junior Sarah Winston sang “The City”, an original song written by her father, while junior Caleb Strobel performed an original love song. Sophomores Juliette Confer and Cassidy Inman attended the event to support their friends Maddy Lysek and Penny Stenroos, who performed a duet of “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty”. “I like the Coffee House event because I love watching my friends perform,” said

Everything was so unique and well-done -Connie Arnold, orchestra director sang. Despite not having much time to practice with their busy schedules, the pair pulled through with their quiet and calm performance of “Autumn Leaves” by Ed Sheeran. Both girls have been singing since middle school, and Reichelderfer recently picked up the guitar about a year ago. Erle feels gracious that Emmaus gives students a chance to express themselves through the Coffee House event. “We love that Emmaus has the opportunity for students to showcase their talents,” said Erle. Two bands performed at the event. The Reruns, a band consisting of four freshmen, played a set of four songs. The lead vocalists of the group, Will Newbegin and


Inman. Confer feels similarly. “It was fun because I got to drink coffee and see my friends get the opportunity to showcase their talents,” said Confer. Perhaps the most notable performance of the night came from senior Anthony Sharp and junior Mason Trinkle. This September the two travelled to Nashville where they participated in a national choir. The two sang “The Prayer” by Andrea Bocelli. Sharp provided the accompaniment on piano. According to Sharp, the Coffee House allowed him to perform without much pressure. “It was cool to sing in a more laid back setting,” said Sharp. MC Shimer wrapped up the night by performing “Sweet Caroline,” during which the audience sang along. Many freshmen took to the stage at the event as well. Coffee House served as a great way for freshmen to get to know some fellow music lovers. Freshman Matthew Elock played a catchy folk sounding song on his viola, and says he didn’t feel too nervous for his performance. “I liked it,” said Elock. “It was a very good experience.” Elock is already looking forward to the Coffee House for next year, and plans to play his viola again.

Left: Freshman Will Newbegin performs as a part of the band The Reruns at the Orchestra Coffee House. Right: Junior Sarah Winston performs an original song “The City” Photos by Lindsay Harner

Stinger wins 12 Keystone awards, most in state The Pennsylvania Newspaper Association recently announced that The Stinger won 12 awards for outstanding journalism in the 2014 Student Keystone Press contest.

Stolz who resigned amid controversy that he allegedly had a relationship with a former student. Guido also earned a second place for her work on an in-depth package called “Bullying: an omni-

The Keystone Press contest recognizes high school and college journalism that provides “relevance, integrity and initiative in serving readers.” This year, The Stinger won more awards than any other public, private or parochial high school in the state. Last year, The Stinger won 8 awards. Editor-in-Chief Katrina “Kitty” Guido, a senior, landed more awards than any other student-journalist in the state. Guido captured five awards. Features managing editor Justine Coleman, a junior, won four awards. Junior Christine Carlson, section editor of features, received two awards. Guido won an honorable mention for her breaking news story, “Harlem shake shakes up EHS.” She took second place in ongoing news coverage for her three-part follow-up on former school director Julian

present enemy.” As part of that package, Guido profiled someone who was bullied at school, a story which took first place in features as well as first place in personality profile. “Kitty did an outstanding job both as a writer, a collaborator, and an editor this past year,” said Stinger adviser Denise Reaman. “I am extremely impressed with her accomplishments and contributions to the paper. “Overall, our staff had a tremendous year,” she said. “They truly are a dynamic group of dedicated students.” Coleman and Carlson

Overall, our staff had a tremendous year. The truly are a dynamic group of dedicated students -Denise Reaman, advisor

won first place in the public service/enterprise category for an in-depth look at juvenile diabetes. Sophomores Olivia Riccio and Alex Kugler, along with senior Josh

LeMaster, wrote sidebars for the project. Coleman and Carlson’s profile on a girl with juvenile diabetes also won second place as a personality profile. Coleman, along with senior Destiny Nagle, won honorable mention for a public service package on school safety. Coleman also landed an honorable mention for column writing. Senior Eamon Dreisbach won second place in review writing for his piece on Eminem, while junior Maura Benner captured first place for her photo story on Shave for the Brave. Senior Kevin Rodgers earned honorable mention for The Stinger’s website, which was re-launched at the start of the school year. The winners will be honored at the America East Technology and Top: Alex Kugler, Katrina Guido, Olivia Riccio, Destiny Nagle Operations Conference Middle: Justine Coleman, Kevin Rodgers, Christine Carlson, Maura Benner in Hershey on April 2. Bottom: Eamon Dreisbach, and Josh LeMaster Photo by Savannah Pukanecz


Colleen’s Corner



Februar y, 2014

US Sen. Toomey calls East Penn home

Colleen Grablick News Editor

mittees, with several subcommittees in each. Xoxo, Gossip Girl Although being a U.S. Senator has its Lehigh Valley resident and PennsylThe glow of the laptop illuminates the dark- vania Sen. Pat Toomey first involved perks, there are some negative aspects of ness in my room. Red flashes on the screen himself in politics in 1998, and hasn’t such a demanding job. “[The toughest part of the job] is as the word “Netflix” emerges in white. My stopped since. definitely being away from home,” said eyes strain to stay open. It’s one o’clock in the Toomey’s career began when he ran morning, and I’m starting my fifth consecutive for a seat in the House of Representa- Toomey. “That is the big unfortunate part episode of Gossip Girl. tives for Pennsylvania’s 15th congres- of the job.” Despite a constant commute to WashI can remember the day the addiction first sional district. He served three terms in ington, D.C., the job pays off, according started. On Christmas night, I curled up in that position. In 2004, Toomey ran for my bed with my Netflix account open on my the Pennsylvania Senate, and narrowly to Toomey. “[My favorite part of the job] is when phone. I didn’t think much of it, as my finger lost to Republican Senator Arlen Specwe do something to benefit the people of lightly tapped the button to play the first epitor. Toomey challenged Spector again in Pennsylvania”, said Toomey. sode of Gossip Girl. I just wanted something 2010, this time victorious. Having school age children definitely to entertain me for a few hours before I went A resident of Zionsville, Toomey deto bed. Little did I know that this decision cided to run for Senate due to President affects his decisions, according to Toomey. would spark an outrageous addiction, obsesObama’s actions. “Having kids changes your outlook sion, and infatuation with the series. “It was clear President Obama and the The show, which stopped airing on regular Democrats were doing enormous harm to on a lot of things,” said Toomey. “It retelevision in 2012 (thank God for Netflix), the country,” said Toomey. “It occurred newed my interest in education and rechronicles the lives of “Manhattan’s elite.” Set to me that we [Republicans] can do a lot newed my interest in education.” According to Toomey, the biggest isin the Upper East Side, the series follows a of great things for the country.” group of privileged New York teens who ride Toomey currently serves on the Fi- sues facing education is the lack of oparound the city in limos and attend galas every nance, Budget, Banking, Housing and tions for parents. “The biggest problem is that parents night. With various hook-ups, daddy issues, Urban Affairs, and Joint Economic comdon’t have enough choice,” said and scandals, the show is jam-packed with draToomey. “In many cases their ma. That’s where the title Gossip Girl comes Fast Facts only choice the local public in. An anonymous blog appropriately named school. Too often that public “Gossip Girl” exists in the show that somehow Height: 5’11” school might not be getting the manages to spill every secret or scandal to its job done for the student.” trusty followers. Needless to say, Gossip Girl Ice cream flavor: coffee flavored A firm believer in a strong causes many problems for the main characters. education, Toomey values readLiars and cheaters are revealed and friendships Hidden talent: “If I have one it’s ing and writing skills. are tried and tested. Sounds juicy right? “I’m a big believer that the However, it’s not the endless cat fights, so hidden it’s hidden from me.” more kids refine their comscandalous affairs, or attractive male roles munication skills the better that make the show impossible for me to stop watching (I might be lying a little about that last part.) It’s Chuck and Blair. Chuck Bass, son of Bart Bass, head of Bass Industries, is the show’s token “bad boy.” In the first episode, it is introduced that his best friend Nate Archibald has been dating Blair Waldorf, Queen B, since practically kindergarten. However, after their tragic breakup half way through the season, Chuck swoops in to comfort his hurt friend Blair. To put it nicely, one thing leads to another and things get pretty steamy between the two in the back of Chuck’s limo. After this epic scene the romance blossoms, and the addiction became oh so real to me. I never paid much attention to the show when it actually aired weekly on TV. No one in my grade really did. However, once the entire series became available for INSTANT streaming on Netflix, one can see how the Anticipating a long Easter break? could potentially save two to three days from being added. popularity grew. Recently, Gossip Girl has Scratch those plans. However, district superintendent Dr. dominated social networks, with various How about heading to the shore for quotes from the show circulating on Twitter. the third week of June? Think again— Thomas Seidenberger told parents at last week’s meeting that longer days probI can’t count how many times I’ve seen the unless, of course, you’re a senior. tweet “where can I buy a Chuck Bass?” (In Last week the East Penn School ably will not happen. The process would only be considfact, I may be guilty of tweeting it myself but Board unanimously agreed to revise the that’s besides the point.) All of this fuss over school calendar, thanks to the large num- ered if the district uses up all of its opthe show is said to have “set girls’ standards ber of snow days the district has taken. tions and available make-up days, he too high,” according to some guys. The board voted to add April 21, which said. However, some Emmaus students say Psh. is the day after Easter Sunday, as well as Do I sometimes wish I was a millionaire June 16 and 17, which are the Monday they would prefer to see days in March or April extended by up to 30 minutes. with a penthouse on the Upper East Side and and Tuesday after Father’s Day. “I’d rather go to school when it’s cold a closet filled with designer tags? Yes. Do I The district already added April 17, sometimes wish Chuck Bass would just appear commonly known as Holy Thursday, rather than when it’s warm outside,” said junior Emily Thomas. at my door wearing a suit with a limo waiting? and June 10 through 13 to the schedule. Thomas, like junior Taylor Schubert, Yes. Am I fully aware of the fact that I live in For the past week, students and staff suburban Pennsylvania, most of my clothes are discussed the possibility of extending says vacations will be interrupted by the from Target, and my main mode of transporta- the length of some school days in order additional June days. “I’m going to Alaska, so I don’t want tion is my mom’s Subaru? Yes. But a girl can to avoid adding additional days in June. dream, can’t she? Some students said they would agree to my trip to be messed up,” Schubert said. But some, like sophomore Sally I suppose that up until now my description adding 3 minutes to each class, which of the show is very materialistic. However, Gossip Girl is not just all about bratty teenage drama queens gossiping about the latest hookups. The series does include underlying messages of family, love, and friendship. ViewWhile some of us walers watch as best friends fall apart, but they lowed in the winter blues, also grow with the characters as they learn to forgive and move on. We witness marriages others took advantage of crumble, but we also join characters on the the days off and frolicked journey of finding new love and rebuilding a in the fluffy white powfamily. Gossip Girl gives it’s a viewers a taste of a fantasy that every girl sometimes, even der. Here is what some just for a moment, wishes she could live in. of your clasmates did on So to all my fellow GG watchers out there, their days off. it’s perfectly fine to watch Gossip Girl for hours on end or to retweet endless photos of Chuck Bass. Our parents should be happy that a TV show is the only thing we’re addicted to. Xoxo, Gossip Girl.

they are in life,” said Toomey. Although Toomey was not raised in the Lehigh Valley, the senator chose the Valley as his home. “It’s a fantastic place to live,” said Toomey.

Who: Patrick “Pat” Toomey

What: U.S. Senator (Republican-PA)

Where: Upper Milford Township When: Elected in 2010 for a 6-year term

Why you should care: He’s known as an advocate for conservative values, limited government, fiscal disciplineand he lives up the road from Emmaus High School while representing us in Washington.

Snow kidding, you just lost spring break

Snow Selfies!

Baer, prefer the June make-up days to staying longer than 2:25 p.m. “We should add days on to June because there are practices for sports that can’t be changed to accommodate later school days,” said Baer, who plays basketball. Sophomore Matt Fitzmaurice agrees. “Add on to June because there isn’t much to do in school at the end of the year and there’s too many things to do after school,” Fitzmaurice said. Freshman Clara Nebel also supports the board’s decision for more days in June. “I just don’t want the days extended,” Nebel said. “They’re already too long. I have things to do [after school].” The added days in June, however, don’t faze most seniors since graduation is currently still scheduled for June 8 at Lehigh University’s Stabler Arena. Top left: Sophomores Victoria Mastroianni, Nolan Marcks, Laura Smerker Bottom Left: Sophomores Matt Renschen, Emily Quigg, Chinmay Mutter Right: Sophomores Emily Quigg, Colleen Grablick, Penny Stenroos




February 2014

YO U R T H O U G H T S , O U R S . . . I N O N E B I T E - S I Z E PA C K A G E M A N AG I N G E D I T O R S AVA N N A H P U K A N E C Z S E C T I O N E D I T O R D AV I D H E I N E Y

Geek girls have nothing to prove

By Savannah Pukanecz

Teenage Wasteland

fits, the weirdos, women be treated is imbued with the same? Why oppressive must women be and sexist atdenied their own titudes taken identities time after directly from time? the mainstream. Just ask the All this also in heads of comic, spite of the idea film, and video that nerds are game corporasmarter-thantions. Since their thou. Blame dawn, comic Angie Stein it not only on books have been internalized Opinion Contributer male-dominated, misogyny, both inside and but the insecurity of everyout. But funnily enough, in one from typical nerd guys the 40’s and 50’s, more girls to the big bosses of Marvel, read comics than boys. ToDC, Microsoft, and other day, superhero movies make corporations. strides in the box office, but Simply put, the idea of guess who still doesn’t have a strong, real-deal geek her own blockbuster film? girl is scary to a geek guy, Wonder Woman, perhaps the much like a female boss is most iconic female hero in scary to a male employee, history. The issue of repreand a woman for president sentation has been a struggle is scary to a congressman. for women since the dawn It’s not just scary in the of nerd kind, but it continues cliché “wow, a real live girl, to get brushed off in favor of I’ve never even kissed one the classic patriarchal white before” way; it’s threatening guy trope. to their position. Video games, in the All people love to be industry and the fandom, validated. We crave that might be the most notorious sense of belonging, that idea of all. Early video games that we are secure and have always had women in side power over who we are. But roles, depending on the male in our current society, the protagonist. One only needs male need to be validated to look at Princess Peach, almost always takes priorwhose first role in the Mario ity over female and nonfranchise was to be kidbinary needs, in the form of napped and rescued, over privilege and oppression. and over again. And that’s exactly why the Nowadays, while the geek girl specimen is such number of female player a threat to guys. They’re characters and roles has afraid of the idea that a girl increased, few are truly can challenge them for once, independent and wellthat a girl can read more designed, with their outfits comic books than them or often saying “all flesh and beat them in Call of Duty, no function.” In 2012, that a girl can be part of Yohei Shimbori, director of their secret little club. the popular Dead or Alive That’s how the “Fake series, said, “We actually Geek Girl” phenomena got a lot of feedback from came to be. The idea is people who were playing that any girl, especially a [Dead or Alive 5], saying, conventionally attractive ‘We want bigger breasts. one, who thinks she’s a Make the characters more geek is nothing more than like that.’ That was kind of a poser, an attention seeker, surprising.” It’s all about or any variety of more colorful names. With that, nerdy guys fall back into their comfortable, femaledismissive ways. A cry of “you’re just a wannabe,” a few rounds of “name all the original Avengers, then!” and poof, the “problem” is all gone. Geek guys are back in power, and geek girls draw back into the shadows, too scared or fed up to express themselves and revel in what they love. What nerds (and everyone) should learn is that women have nothing more to prove than men. If men are never questioned, always given pats on the back, always included, always accepted, why shouldn’t

what men want, and since money often comes before representation, that’s how it continues to be. And still, women can’t even try to enjoy these biased games in peace. They suffer threats and harassment while playing MMO, and endure scenes of violence against women in many games. Women even get body image issues from the large-breasted, long-legged, extra-skinny “ideal women” presented in games. So, geek girls are unfairly marginalized, harassed, mocked, dismissed, and underrepresented. What role do you play in it? Are you a nerd? Have you ever thought about what you read about geek girls, what your friends say about them, what you say about them? Do you have sisters, nieces, cousins, friends, or girlfriends who share your interests? Have you ever considered what they might face? Are you a geek girl yourself? No matter what you’ve been doing up till now, what you need to understand is that all nerds are created equal. Equally obsessed with their respective interests, equally united at conventions and gatherings, equally good at gaming and obscure trivia, equally worthy to wear their uniforms (read: cosplays and cheesy T-shirts) with pride. We equally deserve respect in the community. And if women and girls don’t get that overdue respect soon enough, you can bet your limited edition Battlestar Galactica 8-inch figure collection that we’ll fight for it. Geek girls are real, their feelings and voices are real, and we won’t be denied any longer. In the wise words of The Doubleclicks, from their song “Nothing to Prove”: “You can stop - never say “fake geek” again Our club needs no bouncers - all who want in get in But go ahead, if you want, to own that role fully I ain’t got nothing to prove to a bully!”

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Everyone remembers their first comic. Whether it was the daring, heroic escapades of Superman, the kid-friendly wit of Calvin and Hobbes, or the classic charm of Peanuts that first drew them in, kids, teens, and adults worldwide have always been captivated by comic books. Whether mentioning Archie makes you sigh with nostalgia or hype about the upcoming Avengers title makes you jump for joy, comics are an increasingly influential part of media and an essential part of modern culture. Comics have come a long way since their first baby steps. A few simple 4-panel strips from way back when have blossomed into genres upon genres of creative, widely-read media with a diverse audience. But despite said diverse audience and the major advancements comics have made, they’re still lacking in one area: equal respect and representation for all. Unfortunately, in the world of super powers, make-believe creatures, and fantastic journeys, not all is perfect. In the pages of comics, female characters exist as damsels in distress, air-headed teenagers, scantily clad sex objects, or weaker, inferior heroes. Outside of them, female fans are treated as all those things and worse. Exclusion from their interests, insults and jeers, even sexual harassment and death threats are all things women are likely to face, not only in comics, but in video game, sci-fi, and fantasy franchises. In our day and age, “nerdy” interests are becoming more prominent. Forty years ago, the most attention Star Trek-loving, Batman-reading, cardtrading kids got was getting shut in lockers and called names. Nowadays, everyone can get behind the latest Spider-Man movie, book series such as A Song of Ice and Fire, and new episodes of The Walking Dead. Geek is chic, cool, the new sexy; whatever you want to call it, it’s definitely in. The stereotype that a nerd is “an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person,” as the Merriam-Webster definition reads, has been smashed, at least by the mainstream’s idea of it. Why, then, can’t longstanding stereotypes about female nerds be erased as well? Delicious irony it is that the nerd subculture, which first sprung from the socially awkward, the mis-

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Gandhi was once quoted as saying, “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him… We need not wait to see what others do.” This is more commonly interpreted as, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” All Gandhi wanted and could hope for was peace and change within his world, this world. And all I can hope for is the same; however, I cannot say the same for the rest of my generation. We live in a time where “man’s best friend” is no longer a furry companion with a waggly tail, but a piece of plastic with a circuit board that can give you the location of the nearest fast food restaurant, and allow you to peer into the lives of friends, loved ones, and complete strangers on a daily basis. We live in a time where our thoughts and our feelings are accessible and on display to anyone and everyone by the use of social media, and where, more often than not, we have virtual conversations rather than conversing face to face. And although we appear genetically similar to our ancestors...there appears to be one recurrent mutation somewhere along the strands of our DNA. Laziness. For we, myself included, are a deadbeat generation. We sit in class and debate about current social issues with faces growing redder by the minute, and panties twisting tighter with every word we spit out of our mouths. And this is because for the life of us, we can not possibly fathom why everyone else in that very classroom does not think the same way that we do. How they can possibly dare to have an opposing opinion, when clearly we’re the ones that are right. But the bell rings, our panties slowly untwist, and all previous qualms are forgotten because our heads are swimming with the anticipation of what selection we’ll make on Netflix for our after-school entertainment, or how many bowls of ramen noodles we’ll be able to eat before dinner. We just spent the last 6 hours in school whining, complaining and arguing about the government. How they do nothing, how they can’t come up with a budget, and how they won’t pass the new bills that would shape the face of our nation. But we should turn around and look in the mirror, because now, we’re hypocrites. We love to blame adults and the leaders of this nation for all of our problems, but it’s not like we’re trying to do anything to remedy these problems, or draw attention to our complaints. So as I see it, we are equally guilty. Because just like the ones we accuse, we do nothing. If we want anything done, it’s become obvious (by the government’s recent budget deficit) that we’re going to have to do it ourselves, but someone needs to light a fire under our cheeks. America is slowly turning into a teenage wasteland. We have all these ideas and dreams, yet we do nothing to pursue them. Unfortunately, for the current leaders of our country, we hold the future of America in the palm of our hands, and they have little to no say about the decisions we are going to make. We need to shape up and get our act togetheror else our country will continue into the downward spiral in which it has already accelerated. So for the love of Gandhi, connect with people-- or even with man’s true best friend-- instead of with Wi-Fi. Cut the chord to your cellular device and let your opinions and ideas guide your thoughts, as well as your actions.

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Salutations, amotivational education-junkies of Emmaus High School, and welcome to the Heiney Hotspot. It’s time, dear readers. It’s time for the moment for which you have all been waiting so very patiently. It’s time that I reprise my coveted role as a critical analyst of questionable documentaries surrounding some mysterious marine mammal. That’s right, after I left you all on the edges of your seats with the epic finale of my reviews on the Mermaids saga, I know that another article featuring the escapades of a new aquatic animal will certainly tickle your fancy. However, I’ve tried time and time again for weeks now in an attempt to start this Hotspot on the right foot, but, frankly, dearest readers, it’s now a day before my deadline as I write this, and I just need to get my article done. I have important things to do. So, if you all don’t mind, I’m going to jump right into the stuff I’ve got to say.

Seaworld was recently revealed to operate under the tyranny of greedy hellspawn that holds corporate profit above basic human decency. Blackfish, a film by CNN released last November, has made it clear that orcas held captive by Seaworld have slowly been transformed into aggressive, vicious beasts that show no remorse for murdering the silly individuals who mindlessly wander into their tiny tank. The once frivolous and whimsical amusement park has publicly rebuked the premise of the film, but facts are facts. Fear not, avid fans of Heiney, I assure that while the film certainly conveys its various messages in a most biased manner, the hours of research I put into making this Hotspot a success contained invaluable information regarding the life and times of the orca, both captive and wild. To understand the truly horrific nature of these beautiful creatures’ existence in captivity, one must understand the way of the wild orca. The pennypinchers at Seaworld spread false information on the orca in her natural habitat in an effort to pull the wool over the eyes of the parks’ patrons. By leading the common man to believe utter lies about the untamed orca, the sadistic shareholders may convince all who enter their polluted park that captive life is much more beneficial for these majestic creatures. It’s all lies. For instance, Seaworld claims that captive orcas live much longer, healthier lives than those in the wild. Lies. Wild female specimen have been documented to live as long as 100 years, while caged orcas live no longer than 50 years or so. If you, the reader, have ever seen any of the sad orcas harbored by the stingy misers of Seaworld, you


February 2014

A Hotspot Investigation may notice the saggy, floppy, drooping dorsal fin on the majority of these creatures. The park claims that this occurs in 30 percent of wild orcas, and is therefore a part of natural orca life. Lies. Less than 1 percent of wild orcas have a droopy fin. Simply Googling images of the orca will reveal that the lopsided fin is a characteristic almost exclusively evident in captivity. This saggy fin has not been proven to have any adverse effects on the animals’ health, but, honestly, they just appear sullen. No orca looks glad to be in an oversized fishbowl when his distinctive dorsal fin sags in a truly depressing manner, so the heartless charlatans at Seaworld made up some story to cover their rear-ends. I know what you’re thinking: “Alright, Dave, this sounds pretty rough, but captive life still doesn’t seem so bad. The orcas have adequate food, a place to live, and other orcas to do cute orca shenanigans. It doesn’t seem so bad.” Have I ever ceased to amaze you, my beloved fans? The worst of Seaworld’s atrocities have yet to be revealed. Approximately 35 years ago, an orca later dubbed Tilikum (currently the largest of his kind ever held in captivity) was captured off of the coast of Washington. One of the “fisherman” responsible for the capturing

of Tilikum described the experience in the film. His story involves the unjust capture of these wondrous animals by whatever means necessary. The man depicts several boats, armed with an array of nets and spears, herding the animals into coves by lighting bombs below the water’s surface to scare them in the right direction. The hunters tried specifically to capture the young orcas, as their smaller size meant cheaper shipping costs to wherever the animal was delivered. The orca mothers, being of sound mind and pure heart, tried their darndest to protect their young by swimming down a tributary seemingly unknown to the hunters. Their efforts were futile, as the young Tilikum (only 2 years old at the time) was inevitably detected and captured. Any orcas that died in the process of kidnapping Tilikum were gutted, filled with rocks, and sunken to the bottom of the ocean. Seaworld has yet to deny these harrowing tales, instead sweeping the scandal under the rug claiming it’s “all in the past,” but they continue to house these traumatized creatures. As for the orcas’ seemingly safe environment at Seaworld, the featureless plexiglass cage is anything but. Wild orcas utilize sonar to echolocate food and traverse their vast habitat. Echolocation serves as the animals’ primary mean of navigation and existence. Without the use of sonar, the whale relies solely on its

Dave Heiney Section Editor of Opinion eyesight. The tank “homes” at Seaworld contain no variation in the walls or glass panes that surround the orcas every day. In other words, the orcas needn’t use echolocation to navigate through their remarkably small environment. “Oh, that’s cool,” you may say. “They don’t have to use that fancy nonsense and can just look around to see where they’re going.” No. Denying the orca their use of echolocation tortures the poor animals, who grow depressed and aggravated by the lack of aural stimulation. So, after kidnapping the young orca, killing his family, shoving him in a pitch black crate, flying him across the country, and traumatizing him for life, the inconsiderate businessmen at Seaworld throw the calf into an oversized fishbowl with other random orcas who have also been kidnapped, shipped, and traumatized. The hooligans then claim to the public that these orcas are a “happy family.” If I kidnapped you, locked you in a dark cage for a few days, and confined you in a plain, empty, white room with a group of strangers who are all spazzing out over their similar experiences, how would you feel? These atrocities can only be described as torturous animal cruelty (or any other convincing synonyms). “Hey, man,” you might ponder. “At least they have each other.” Wrong again, dear Hotspotter. Based on professional observations, the orcas naturally exist in a highly familial and extremely maternal society. Females dominate the orcas’ culture and will often bul- ly

the much inferior males into submission. As young Tilikum entered the tank with his “happy family” for the first time, larger females physically harassed him to a state of near death. To remedy the brutality, the outstanding professionals at Seaworld decided to isolate Tilikum in a 20-by-20-foot cell, virtually immobilizing the bus-sized creature. After decades of trauma and torture, Tilikum and other orcas remain in Seaworld’s “care” to this day. As a result of these injustices, the animals often exhibit signs of extreme aggression towards the “trained handlers.” Several instances have lead to the deathby-orca of a handful of Seaworld employees. Tilikum himself has been documented as killing at least three of his trainers. Due to these incidents, Tilikum currently spends most of his life in his confined cell, with only memories of his life in the vast ocean. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has confirmed the much of the information presented in Blackfish, as have a number of educated marine biologists, while Seaworld officials have done the opposite. In this public game of he-said-she-said, I would most certainly side with the good people at PETA, whose mission is solely to advocate on the behalf of animals.



February 2014


Two Sports Editors, Two Restaurants, One Industry Steve Gudonis for...

Who can defend the coop?

I would like to begin by making this statement very clear: I am a fan of Chick-Fil-A. With that being said, I am a fan of anything chicken. Put chicken in anything, I’ll eat it. Coincidentally, I landed my first job in August of 2012, serving chicken at KFC. I’m sure my opponent feels the same way about his place of employment, but I firmly believe KFC is the best fast food restaurant out there. Our restaurants are clean, our service is impeccable, and most of all, our food is delicious. As one of my biggest pet peeves is hearing a biased opinion, I will not focus on KFC for too long. I will now present to you my “beef” with Chick-Fil-A. My beef with Chick-Fil-A has nothing to do with any type of business rivalry. From my perspective, I believe KFC is doing just fine (based on how well my employers treat me), and just by stopping by Chick-Fil-A once in a while, I can almost guarantee they aren’t doing too bad themselves.

John Lang for... It’s finally time for the two poultry powerhouses, Chick-Fil-A and KFC, to play chicken. Picture your preferable poultry. Chicken is a significant part of the average human diet. When you are eating the delicious, delectable chicken, naturally you would like the highest quality possible. When you’re dining out, you would like the best experience available! Well, I am here to tell you that Chick-Fil-A is the place you are looking for. Granted, while writing this, I will only be considering the two contenders in question. These two “fast food” restaurants are now competing to rule the roost as the top-notch chicken specialists. As an employee of Chick-Fil-A, and my opinion most likely bias, I strongly believe that Chick-Fil-A is a much better fast food restaurant. I would even venture to say it is the best fast food chain there is. Who will be the cock of the walk? When you think about Chick-Fil-A, what comes to mind? Hospitality. Good service. Delicious and healthy food. Kentucky Fried Chicken has its strengths, just as every other food distributor does. But they have not excelled recently as they have in the past. It is time for a new generation of specialty chicken restaurants to emerge on top! Let me start by asking this: have you been inside a KFC? If you have answered no, what does that say about the place itself? It says that it is simply a drivethru oriented, dirty, fast food chain. But if you have answered yes, allow me to ask a follow-up question. How many of you have sat in a KFC to eat there? Kentucky Fried Chicken is not known for its homey, warm environment where you can enjoy a nice meal. It is a place to get a quick, easy, on-the-go bucket of chicken. I

My beef with Chick-Fil-A stems from a particular stance publicly expressed by the corporation’s higher ups, and hopefully has nothing to do with the day-today operation of the restaurant. The following quote is a main objective on the website of the Marriage & Family Foundation, an organization founded by Chick-Fil-A vice president Donald Cathy: “I don’t believe homosexual behavior should be protected as a class.” As a member of the journalism world, I completely understand Cathy has the First Amendment right to express his stance. However, we are in 2014. This man represents a corporation which not only serves, but hires employees from all walks of life. It’s unfortunate to think that this viewpoint from the Cathy family could impact decisions made by the restaurant managers. Now, my beef with the restaurant itself. Whenever I enter Chick-Fil-A, or go through the drivethru, I get this weird vibe. Compared to my place of employment, the employees seem extremely tense. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because they are instructed to say certain phrases before and after every order. Next time you order at the place, count how many times they say “my pleasure.” Is it really their pleasure? Or will they be disciplined if they don’t say it?

Speaking of discipline, go to a Chick-Fil-A and look at how many employees have facial hair or any imperfection in their wardrobe. You won’t see any. Why? I have it on good record that if an employee does not meet the standards, they will be disciplined and sent home. You might be asking yourself, what’s the problem with enforcing these rules? Not only does my problem lie with how certain guidelines are shoved in the customers face (“my pleasure”), but a problem also stems from a personal conversation with a Chick-Fil-A employee. I started working at KFC around the same time this employee began at Chick-Fil-A. When it comes to pay, KFC has been incredibly generous to me. When one of my friends, a Chick-Fil-A employee, told me how much they make an hour, I was baffled. This Chick-Fil-A employee has worked for the same amount of time as me, works just as hard, has to follow the crazy guidelines, while making considerably less than I do. No wonder the employees look so tense. All this goes through my mind when I’m ordering Chick-Fil-A. And then I eat the food. Honestly, it tastes no different than KFC. Chicken is chicken. The only difference is, when I eat Chick-Fil-A, my over-analytical mind considers what I just paid for, and where my money went. In reality, my money is going to a corporation. A corporation run by a family who publicly expressed bigoted viewpoints. A corporation with cookie-cutter drone-like employees. A corporation that under-compensates these employees. Do yourself a favor. Eat at KFC.

can personally say that the two times I have gone inside the establishment, I have collected my food and flew out of the coop as fast as I could. Chick-Fil-A, on the other hand, is famous for its comfortable eating area where you can enjoy your meal. Kind people and great service welcome you into the restaurant. Customers are constantly raving about how kind and thoughtful the employees are. That makes an impact on your decision to go out to eat, as it should. KFC, founded in 1930, has had more time to become known and more popular than Chick-Fil-A, which was founded in 1946. I will admit that in the past, KFC has been more widely known and more successful. But statistics have shown that since 2012, Chick-Fil-A has prevailed and surpassed the old Colonel in sales. Chick-Fil-A out-sold KFC $4.62 billion to $4.46 billion. This proves that the Chick-Fil-A franchise is progressing faster and becoming more popular than that of Kentucky Fried Chicken, even though KFC has about 1/3 more restaurants. I will admit, Chick-Fil-A doesn’t have that nasty mac and cheese or chunky mashed potatoes. But we have WAFFLE FRIES. Delicious french fries that look like waffles! French fries that one can dip in our popular house sauce! Can KFC say they have their own dipping sauce? Chick-Fil-A sauce is the perfect flavor blast to add to fries, chicken, anything you want. We have the most amazing milkshakes in America. We are famous for thick, rich, flavorful milkshakes. Who needs rockhard biscuits when you have warm chocolate cookies? We have fruit cups and parfaits. We have coleslaw and applesauce. Chick-Fil-A serves tons of heavenly sides to choose from. Not to mention our chicken is divine. One thing that ruffles my feathers is when Chick-FilA haters attack the beliefs of the founders and owners. Chick-Fil-A, just like every single other person and business in America, is free to believe whatever they please. This is a free country, and the strong Christian roots that Chick-Fil-A goes by are their opinion. That being said, every store location is different. I,

a supporter of gay rights, work at our local Chick-Fil-A. Many a time have I have served or seen homosexual people being served at my place of employment. Therefore, a company’s beliefs and religion should not stop you from enjoying a nice meal. As an employee of Chick-Fil-A, I can say that it has also positively affected my life outside the workplace. Sure, workers are taught and forced to be as polite to the customer as possible. That is the mentality that everybody should be treated with respect. That mentality has followed me everywhere I go in life, and I am now genuinely more kind and aware as a person. As the customers have praised our thoughtfulness and kind ways, can KFC employees say the same? At the end of the day, the choice is yours. I am simply here to tell you the truth: Chick-Fil-A is the better choice for an easy, cheap, yummy stop for a nice chicken dinner. If you disagree, then the yolk’s on you! You do not know what you are missing. Chick-Fil-A provides a comfortable, hospitable environment where one can enjoy his delectable meal. Do yourself a favor, eat at Chick-Fil-A.




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Happily Ever After Love is expensive. There’s the dates, the engagement, and the most expensive thing - the wedding. While on average weddings cost $25,656 for the couple’s special day, others spend an exorbitant amount more. Take Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries for example. They spent $10 million on their day. That is an insane amount of money. And you know the expression, “It’s not the wedding that matters, it’s the marriage?” Well, obviously their marriage didn’t go that well since they only stayed married for 72 days. Not that I’m any love expert (because *cough*, I’m not), but should the whole shebang really cost that much? I mean, what happened to those cheap dates and low-key, no fuss weddings? My sister is planning her wedding, and it is crazy how stressful it is. The perfect time of year, perfect location, perfect dress, perfect flowers, perfect dinner options, perfect photographer and DJ, the list goes on and on. But you get the point. Everything needs to be perfect. And I’m not saying that she’s a bridezilla because she definitely isn’t. She deserves her dream day, and I think she’s making this whole experience the least stressful it can possibly be. But that perfect wedding of her dreams is becoming more of a nightmare. The wedding that she imagined when she was a little girl is becoming more expensive than she probably would have liked, while the guest list is growing and growing due to her fiancé’s huge family. And then there’s the issue of financing the wedding. First of all, I think it is unbelievable that the bride’s family is supposed to be the one to pay for most of the wedding. The family isn’t getting married, obviously. So why should they be the ones to finance the wedding? It’s the bride and groom’s day. They planned it, so they should pay for the majority of it. While, yes, that is a lot of money for the couple to spend on their day, there has to be ways to cut back on costs. A great start to a marriage is not being $25,000 in debt due to your wedding. Weddings are comprised of so many little details that there are ways to just forgo that certain detail (no one will probably miss it anyways) or to totally DIY it and make it five times cheaper. Like the engagement photos and save-thedates. Most of the time, they end up in the trash can as soon as the date is recorded. And what happened to word of mouth? I’m sure that the future bride will be so excited about her engagement and upcoming wedding date that soon everyone out there in her Facebook cyberspace will know. There’s also the matter of music. Instead of paying a lot of money for a DJ, making a wedding playlist on someone’s smartphone. Then, it just needs to be plugged into the speakers. All the music is right on the phone at zero cost. Also, a photographer isn’t that necessary either. Most people have phones and take pictures, so why not have guests take pictures of the wedding and then upload it onto a website or hashtag the wedding on Instagram? The bride and groom would get really cool, un-staged shots and they would save the expense of a photographer. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but I believe that a marriage extends beyond just the wedding. And while, sure, I want my dream wedding, it isn’t worth all of the stress. Though I would definitely want my wedding to cost way less than the $25,565 budget, I still wouldn’t want my family to help out with the expenses. But I still believe that the wedding could be perfect. After all, no matter how expensive, crazy, and stressful, love is love. I guess the way to measure how the wedding went is how it feels to be married to the one you love at the end of the day. Because that is perfect.

Barry Seng: Man of Many Hats Maura Benner Features Contributor Junior Barry Seng is a man of many hats. Whether he is selling tickets to professional basketball games to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Key Club, planning homecoming in Student Government Association, or showing his determination in track, Seng always seems to have his hands full, an active member of the community both in and outside the classroom. Seng belongs to five different activities and clubs, including Key Club and Student Government Association and participates in three sports throughout the school year. Kelly Musselman, a science teacher at Emmaus and an SGA advisor, said Seng is “organized, dependable, keeps accurate records,” and communicates really well with his co-advisors. “Barry doesn’t settle for anything less than perfect; he works hard to make sure everything is up to par,” Musselman said. “He’s mature and cares about others, and knows what’s important in life.” Math teacher and Key Club advisor Denise Teles-Carl agrees, saying Seng is an “extremely hard working individual.” “He goes above and beyond and pays close attention to every detail,” Teles-Carl said. “He takes pride in his work which ensures that every project is planned meticulously.” From a young age, Seng had always been involved in activities and sports through his school and church. But upon coming to Emmaus, he found a whole new world of opportunities. “At a young age, I have always been fairly involved in athletics, school, and the community,” Seng said. “However, it all exploded when I first came to Emmaus. When I was a freshman, I was enthralled by the

less clubs and sports teams. I tried as many as I could handle. After experiencing a variety of different activities, I narrowed it down based on what I love to do.” Having “narrowed it down,” Seng now participates in Key Club, SGA, Outdoor Adventure Club, Model United Nations, and Hornet Ambassadors. Alongside these clubs, he is active in three sports: cross country, winter track, and track and field. With all these activities on his plate, Seng says that at times, his full schedule can be trying. “Being involved in a variety of activities can become stressful,” Seng said. “Whenever I get stressed, I remind myself that I am involved in these clubs and sports because they make me happy. If that doesn’t calm me down, I’ll go for a long run while listening to Bob Marley to clear my head.” To manage his time, Seng said he’s “practically scheduled every minute of [his] day.” “It may seem like a lot to handle,” Seng said, “but scheduling everything keeps me sane.” Despite whatever stress his schedule may bring, Seng feels his busy agenda to be gratifying and productive, and that’s the way he likes it. “It is truly rewarding to be involved in a variety of activities,” he said. “I get the opportunity to work with different people every day and experience new things. Each day is unique and challenging. I would much rather have a busy life than a monotonous life.” When he does have free time, Seng says he enjoys running, reading, enjoying time with friends, or watching Netflix. Seng said that naming a favorite among his activities would be difficult, but if he had to choose, he would pick Key Club, where he serves others and the community, and Student Government, where he is involved in school events. These activities are also the ones he most actively participates in. In Key

Club, Seng serves on the Pennsylvania District Board in the position of Lieutenant Governor for his district, a role that requires him to assist the Key Club governor with statewide decisions. “As Lieutenant Governor, I work with other Key Clubs in the Lehigh Valley and various service organizations,” Seng said. “I also attend district board meetings throughout the year where my fellow lieutenant governors and governor help organize information, events, and service projects for Key Clubs across the state.” Recently for Key Club, Seng has been working with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, a voluntary health agency that centers on the funding of global research and support services for patients with blood cancer, and professional basketball team the 76ers. They are organizing a PA Key Club event to sell tickets for a 76ers game benefiting the blood cancer society. The event will also help the PA Key Club achieve their goal of fundraising $100,000. “At the International Convention in Anaheim, CA in July, he will be running for International Trustee,” Teles-Carl said. “This is an extremely prestigious position. He will then be the liaison between the district and Key Club International. We couldn’t think of anyone that is more deserving of this position than Barry, and we wish him lots of luck in the election.” In Student Government, Seng serves as junior vice president. His main tasks this year were the planning of homecoming week and the homecoming dance. To students thinking about joining clubs or activities in or out of school, Seng suggests trying a wide range of options and seeing what fits. “My advice to other students who want to get involved is to try as many activities, clubs, and sports as you want,” Seng said. “Once you’ve narrowed it down, do what you love. You should never do something for the sake of others or because it looks good on a college application.”

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February 2014

Love Advice, What would be the perfect date? CG: Study date ;) JL: A nice, but somewhat casual dinner date. Then back to my bachelor pad for a nice movie.



What would b DN: Just hanging out with one an SG: Some

Could you give DN: Don’t try to force someth SG: Have f


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Is it okay for g DN: I am personally a little old-fashioned. SG: Yeah if t

Is it okay to be in a l DN: You have to be SG: I cou

What is the best gift a date could get you? CG: Flashcards. JL: Cardigans.


Is it okay for girls to ask guys out? CG: Yeah if you want. JL: Of course, it’s attractive when a girl takes initiative. Photo By Maura Benner

What is the worst thing your date could say to you? CG: Maybe you should try a bigger size. JL: Any type of lie.

Savannah P.


Em ma W.

Photo By Maura Benner

o m Ea



What would be the perfect date? EW: Wall climbing and pepperoni pizza. ED: Skydiving. What is the best way to ask someone out? EW: The guy should ask the girl. ED: Stand with a boombox outside her window at 3 a.m. What is the best gift a date could get you? EW: Jewelry, food, or a puppy. ED: Bacon. What is the worst thing a date could say to you? EW: You’re not even that pretty. ED: I hope your goldfish dies.

C SP: Don whiny sni


W SP: Baseb

Is it oka S

February 2014

be the perfect date? nother. Watch a movie, go get ice cream. cheap and fun.

S te

tiny N. s e D

ve G.

e some dating advice? hing that’s not meant to fit together. fun while it lasts.

girls to ask guys out? I believe the guy should make certain first moves. the guy is slacking.

long-distance relationship? e willing to make it work. uldn’t imagine.


K e vi n

Photo By Maura Benner

Photo By Maura Benner

What would the best way to ask someone out? MB: Just ask, in person. DH: Hey, man, what’s good? Can you give some dating advice? MB: Be with someone who makes you happy. DH: Don’t get clingy. What’s the best gift a date could get you? MB: Flowers and a bag of Vanilla Tootsie Rolls. DH: Silence.

Could you give some love advice? n’t go for the tough guys; they’re usually ivelling wimps on the inside trying to get out. KR: Don’t take her for granted. Any more advice? Be honest. Cheaters never prosper. KR: Don’t hide emotions.

What would be the perfect date? ball game because you’re entertained, but you can still talk. KR: Dinner and rollerskating.

ay to be in a long-distance relationship? SP: They don’t work (trust me). KR: More power to you.

Is it okay to meet a date online? MB: I don’t know, could be an axe murderer. DH: Sure.

Photo By Justine Coleman

Maura B.


Dave H.

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Be Our Guest

February 2014

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Christine Carlson and Justine Coleman Bonjour. Everyone knows that tale as old as time. But now the cast and crew add an enchanting extra to the classic. Let Saturday afternoon March 15 from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. be an opportunity to sit back and relax as that tale, known as Beauty and the Beast, unfolds around you. This magical opportunity takes place in Emmaus High School’s cafeteria one. During this time, children are encouraged to pose with Belle, the Beast, and other characters featured from the musical. The “Be Our Guest” Children’s Character Tea features beverages, baked goods, crafts, face painting, autographs, and vocal highlights from the upcoming production of Beauty and the Beast. All of this may be at your fingertips- for the per person fee of $10. Tickets are sold in the EHS main office or at the door. The musical runs March 19, 20, and 21 at 7 p.m. and March 22 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. in the EHS auditorium. Tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for students and senior citizens. The Saturday matinee tickets for children under ten are also $10. Tickets are sold out for the Friday and Saturday shows, but are still available for the Wednesday, March 19, and Thursday, March 20, shows in the main office and online at www.eastpennsd. org/ehs. Theater director Jill Kuebler chose this play for the gorgeous music and classic fairytale story. All of the actors are excited for both the play and the “Be Our Guest” Character Tea. “Everyone involved in the show is working very hard to make sure it is a wonderful production,” Kuebler said. Senior Megnot Toggia seems pleased with her role in the musical. “I am extremely excited and honored to be playing

Belle in my first musical here and I am very thankful that I have been given the opportunity,” Toggia said. Sawyer Long, senior, believes that the role he plays as Lumiere matches his personality very well. “I thought Lumiere would be a great role because of his comedic personality and I figured I could do him very well,” Long said. “I think If I’m successful enough I can make a lot of people in the audience laugh which I love to do.” Senior Anthony Sharp also loves his role but admits that it sometimes seems difficult. “The role of the Beast is a great role for me vocally but is challenging from an acting perspective,” Sharp said. “Throughout the first act, the Beast is angry and frightening but quickly becomes lovable in the second act.” Each of the actors and actresses all have their favorite parts of the musical which help further the plot or provide comical relief. These parts all continue to provide Beauty and the Beast with the enchanting Disney experience. Sharp’s favorite scene of the musical is the one of the most romantic and recognized parts of the movie. “My favorite part of the musical is the song ‘Beauty and the Beast’ which Mrs. Potts sings while Beast and Belle ballroom dance,” Sharp said. “It is the turning point that leads Belle to learn to love the Beast.” Long really likes the presentation of another big song and dance scene. “My favorite part in the musical is definitely Be Our Guest because that’s really where Lumiere gets to take the stage and express his comedy,” Long said. “The choreography is really well done and it’s just going to be an awesome outstanding number.”

A character meal is a new addition to the musical. Kuebler wanted to add something extra so that younger children could become involved and meet the characters. “Hopefully all of the children will have an enchanted afternoon with our actors,” Kuebler said. Toggia believes that the kids will react well to the characters and have an entertaining afternoon. “I think the brunch will go quite well because the kids will get to see the characters from the musical right in front of them,” Toggia said. “I think they’ll be excited to see all the characters so it should be a lot of fun.” Senior Chris Mikus, who plays Cogsworth in the musical, remembers the visits that he took to Disney when he was younger. “When I used to go to disney as a kid the character teas were always a huge hit,” Mikus said. “I think they will love it.” Long believes that Beauty and the Beast is one of the most popular Disney movies, so the kids will be more excited for the opportunity to meet and greet the characters. “Every kid knows of Beauty and the Beast,” Long said. “It’s just going to be a great time.” Mikus realizes that they play extremely important roles in the character tea. “We have the chance to bring Disney to life for these kids,” said Mikus. And now the cast invites you to relax, let them pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents - your tea.

Behind the brony: a look into the fandom

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Hanna Brosky Features Contributor

“We Bronies and Pegasisters enjoy all of what the not, but whoever takes their franchise and global fan base has to offer,” Perez said. time and actually watches it Victor Perez, a senior at Emmaus High School, “There’s so many things that you can do with MLP; it is will see that it’s more than just became a Brony the moment he saw Epic Musicians of truly surreal.” a cartoon. Pony with a dubstep Pony DJ. According to Perez, his fellow Bronies, and other The attraction to My Little Pony is not the female My Little Pony hit a new generation in October Bronies of the world, “Friendship is Magic” does not features of the characters, but instead the relatable char2010, when “Friendship signify just a cartoon. People acteristics of the Ponies. Twilight Sparkle represents the is Magic” aired. Lauren look to MLP to make themelement of magic, while Applejack always strives to be Faust, “Friendship is selves better people, and behonest towards everyone. Fluttershy, though extremely Magic” creator, sought friend individuals with similar quiet, is always ready to lend a helping hand. Rarity A name typically given to the to put the show in a new interests. Fellow Bronies share is always very generous with her time and resources. male viewers or fans of the My their creativity through every light. She changed My Party-loving Pinkie Pie loves laughing and having Little Pony from a young activity. Regardless of a past, fun, while her best friend Rainbow Dash remains Little Pony show or franchise. girl imaginative show to a My Little Pony has reunited fiercely loyal to all of her friends. According to Urban Dictonary high-quality cartoon that every age of individuals. But still, My Little Pony has encountered could appeal to all ages. “Not only does the show misunderstood stereotypes from a misinFaust continued to incorporate adult humor like James teach about love, friendship, and other valuable life formed society. Bond and Tay Zonday’s Chocolate Rain. lessons, it allows you to further explore your “Just because you love the franchise, does It did not take long for the Brony lifestyle to concreativity to a higher place not yet known not mean that you are a bad person, or gay… or sume Perez’s character and even change his life. and find a newer acceptance for yourany other derogatory words that “At first, I wasn’t that crazy about it due to my preself, life, and the others around you,” people may think or say that they vious mindset of it being ‘just a girly show,’” Perez said. Perez said. “Being a Brony or Pegaare,” Perez said. “One day however, I decided to look up the show to see sister is beautiful in every shape or Though those derogatory terms what the fuss is all about…I started with looking up fan form imaginable, and it is a strong seem always associated with MLP, videos on YouTube.” basis for creativity.” that doesn’t stop Perez from The video that hooked him was the Epic Musicians Bronies are known for being being a dedicated fan. of Pony, which features his favorite pony, Vinyl Scratch, creative individuals through “My favorite part about who is the most popular DJ in all of Equestria. After art, music, animation, and fan being a Brony is expressing that, Perez became a Brony. fictions. The brony lovers create my fandom and interacting with “I find that not only interesting, but overwhelmingly their own characters and even others with similar interest as well. cool,” Perez said. “I afterwards watched a few episodes make their own episodes with I find inner- deep joy in connecting of the show itself… and I was hooked to it ever since.” the fictional characters. with people who like the show and Perez does not stand alone in the Bro-Pony mixture. The world’s largest convention, franchise as much as I do,” Perez said. Photo By Maura Benner He is one among more than 26.6 million bronies. BronyCon, started as a one-day “Overall, being a Brony or Pegasister is Perez has been a proud Brony for seven months. “My event in New York City with 100 a very beautiful thing, and it is a beautiful thing to Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” is not just a show but attendees. Now, BronyCon is a weekend-long party in be a part of.” a significant part of his life. He diligently watches the Baltimore attracting over 8,000 fans from around the MLP has influenced Perez and given him a new show, writes his own Fanfictions, communicates with world. Some activities at BronyCon are costume conoutlook on every aspect of his life. other Bronies and Pegasisters, female fans of MLP, goes tests, voice acting, with special appearances of My Little “‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ has given me to conventions, and listens to songs. Perez was introPony celebrities like voice actor, Shannon Chan-Kent. the courage to be completely true to myself and the way duced to the Brony life from his best friend Elijah Cole “The fanbase is generally a beautiful organization, I live,” he said. “ In other words you could say that it’s a year ago. When he gave the show a chance, it became and I encourage everyone to watch at least the first five my inspiration.” a part of his identity. episodes of the show,” said Perez. “You may love it or

What is a brony?

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An inside look into the lives of 3 talented musical acts at Emmaus me before I went on and told me ‘Don’t [screw] up,’” Gallucci said. The young guitarist performs most frequently at events that sponsors the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Gallucci has raised thousands of dollars for MDA over nearly a decade, and played a multitude of shows at various charity events such as the Ride for Life, a gathering of motorcyclists to benefit the foundation. Aside from the fund-raising and performances, Gallucci built a custom guitar to auction at an MDA event. “They asked me to make it for them, so I did,” he said, “It sold at auction for $3,200.” Through family ties and MDA rides, Gallucci collaborated with a top-rated local artist: Scott Marshall. The two played alongside one another in Scott Marshall and the Hillbilly Souls. During his time with The Hillbilly Souls, Gallucci experienced what he considers his favorite performance. “We were playing for a pretty big crowd that night,” he said, “The gig was

Photo courtesy of Matt Danner

Matt Danner

Music. For most people, it’s simply something to turn on in the background with friends or just a way to pass time during a slow day. But for senior Matthew Danner, music has become a way of life. For the past four years, Danner has been teaching himself to sing and play the guitar. Influenced by hardcore metal bands such as Volumes, Elitest, and Gideon, he

The Reruns On January 17 at 6:50 PM, as an

By Eamon Dreisbach

has constantly worked to improve his musical ability and establish himself as a musician in his free time. Danner’s passion for music began at a young age, when a conversation with his brother about how they could make music better than The Naked Brother’s Band sparked an interest in guitar. “I went into Guitar Center one day, and I looked at the guitars on the wall, and I thought to myself ‘this is heaven’,” Danner said. Since that day, he has been playing in bands and polishing his musical talents at any opportunity he can find. Currently, Danner is a member of the screamo band Inhibitor, in which he sings and plays guitar. The group meets once a week for practice, and draws musical

By Emma Wang

audience gathered in Cafeteria 1 to see the Orchestra Coffeehouse, the four-man freshman band The Reruns sat in Cafeteria 2 in preparation for their performance. The Reruns, Will Newbegin, guitarist and vocalist, Michael Monte, bassist and vocalist, Aidan Huzar, keyboardist, and Darren Dreas, drummer, are each individually passionate about music and have a great love for it, which as cliche as it sounds, has helped to make them into who they are today. Family connections with music also influenced the Reruns to pursue their passion for making music. “My dad was in a band and he also played the drums, and they played rock,” said Dreas. “I used to love listening to them play and that really influenced me to play an instrument.” Today, the Rerun’s families are fully involved in the band. “My parents have been supportive of everything I do musically, from producing our new EP to little things like driving me to rehearsal, and I’m appreciative of it all,” said Newbegin. Each member of the Reruns has a list of

artists who serve as their musical influences. Some of their common favorites include The Foo Fighters, Yellowcard, Pink Floyd, Jimmy Eat World, and Nirvana. “Well [the hardest part] about being in a band is figuring out what kind of music we want to play, so that then leads to stress and [problems with] getting along, but we all enjoy each other’s presence and we figure it out,” said Monte. Even though they occasionally differ on the musical sound they are looking for, the Reruns still love to come together and practice or just jam with each other. “I would rather write and practice with the band then go out and hang with other friends,” said Monte. There is a strong chemistry among the band member’s personalities that holds them together, even when they disagree. “I feel that when we all agree on something, we’re great, but we’re still working on our musical identity, so sometimes it’s a bit hard to pick songs,” said Newbegin. “Once we pick songs that we all like, we play together really well.” While other teenagers go play pick-up basketball or see movies, the four Reruns have a fairly regular time plotted out from

Photo By Anthony Gallucci

Senior Anthony Gallucci began his remarkable journey as a guitarist 10 years ago in the former Emmaus Lesson Center. Here, musical guru Steve Anderson mended a busted string on the aspiring musician’s first guitar, a Target-bought Washburn. Gallucci continued to take lessons from Anderson until the shop closed about six months ago. Since the dawn of his musical endeavors, Gallucci practiced his craft relentlessly; often times leading to noise complaints from perturbed neighbors. “Whenever I have spare time I spend it practicing,” he said, “Whether it’s with the band or alone in my room, I’m usually playing music.” Gallucci’s determination and passion drove him to join and create multiple projects around the Lehigh Valley. Certain ventures lead to several significant gigs, including an opportunity to open for classic rock band Poison; where he received some words of encouragement from frontman Brett Michaels. “He stopped

By Dave Heiney

at Musikfest so a decent amount of people were there. I remember playing Scott’s song ‘Keep it Real’, and when my solo came around I kicked on my MXR Micro Amp pedal and totally nailed it in front of all those people.” Gallucci has since parted with The Hillbilly Souls and formed a new group dubbed Headrush with a few fellow Emmaus High School students. He plays lead guitar, but also sings vocals for the band with senior Nick Mutchler on bass, junior

Sam Selkregg on drums, and senior Jordan Frank also playing guitar and singing. The group is in the final stages of recording a new self-titled EP and plans to release it in the upcoming months. Despite his already impressive career, Gallucci does not plan to exclusively pursue music after graduation. “I love playing music,” he said, “If the music thing plays out after high school, that’s great. If not, I’ll always love to play.”

influences from several different genres of music. The band’s lineup includes lead singer Brandon Bors, bassist Brandon Salter, rhythm guitarist Jason Wegfahrt, drummer Alex Vedral, and Danner on lead guitar and vocals. Since their formation, Danner’s band has played a number of notable gigs at various venues. Inhibitor has performed in the past at Planet Trog, a popular laser tag arena in Whitehall, but the group’s most notable show was as an opening act for the screamo rock group In Aviation at a house show in Bath PA. The band plans on performing at the upcoming battle of the bands competition to boost their popularity and grow as musicians. Like most musical groups, Danner’s band is not without its problems. “The musical differences between members,” Danner says, is the source of many arguments on what songs to play together. Inhibitor hit another roadblock recently when their previous bass player

Tyler Abels left for college and rhythm guitarist Alex Henrich left the group. Both musicians have since been replaced by Salter and Wegfahrt, respectively. In his endeavors as a musician, Danner uses a number of social networks and websites to promote his band’s music. Danner and his fellow musicians have released their debut single, “Visitors”, via their Bandcamp page. The band also hopes to drop their first full length EP through iTunes at some point in the near future. Matt’s mother is a big source of moral support for his music, as she encourages him in his projects both morally and financially. In the future, Danner hopes to pursue mixing and mastering music as a career, or try his hand at producing. Follow Danner and his band on Inhibitor’s Bandcamp, Twitter, or Facebook page, and be on the lookout for their debut EP Revelations/ Synopsis on iTunes.

all the other activities they participate in. “[We practice] about once every two weeks unless we have shows coming up, and then we try to practice as often as we can,” said Monte. The boys love when they find opportunities to perform live shows. “Recently we have been doing great with performing; we perform with energy and we feel our fans and audiences give the same back to us,” said Monte. Naturally every performance cannot be perfect, but instead of beating themselves up over mistakes, the Reruns use them to get better. “It’s all about just learning from our past mistakes and fixing them the next time and that’s what I love about playing with these guys,” said Dreas. The Reruns are growing as a group, and use a variety of social media to gain publicity. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pandora, and

Photo By Michael Monte

Anthony Gallucci

other assorted websites/apps. “We [would] also like to let everyone know that we are working on writing songs for a new album, and hope to begin recording it soon,” said Monte. They’ve also recently released their first EP, Satisfaction Guaranteed, on iTunes. But even as the Reruns acquire more fans, music still affects each member individually. Dreas feels that “there is never a time when music shouldn’t be played.”


THE STINGER | February 2014

MUSIC Reviews Young Fathers - Dead By Kevin Gigler

Young Fathers is an experimental hip-hop trio hailing from Scotland. Their sound made a splash in the alternative rap scene in 2011 with their debut EP Tape One. Since then they have been picked up by big-name experimental music label Anticon, and put out a sequel to their 2011 EP in 2013 with Tape Two. Since their signing to Anticon and their EPs, the hype has grown for a fully, fleshed-out album from the group and it has come in the form of DEAD, released on February 3rd. Now if there is one thing that you cannot dispute when it comes to this album, it’s that Young Fathers take a wacked-out approach to hip-hop. The beats are extremely heavy and lo-fi, especially on tracks like “Hangman” and “I’ve Arrived.” Even when the beats aren’t super heavy, some tracks come across with

interesting instrumental arrangements. “Low”, the lead single from this album, has all these wacky organ sounds with very pots-and-pans-esque percussion. The song “War” actually features no drums but is one of the most dramatic instrumentals on here. The rumbling bass, soaring synths, and emotinal glockenspiel melody makes this an epic track. By far my favorite beat though is the hyped-up, danceable “Get Up.” The African-style drums mixed with the heavy bass makes me want to dance around a fire with an indigenous tribe. The instrumentals on this album are very consistent. Another thing that drew me in were the rapping styles of all 3 MCs from the group and the R&B vocals from rapper/ singer Alloysious Massaquoi. Next to the beats, the best thing about this album is its energy. Songs like “Paying” are a fine example of this energy and tension when the MC sounds like he’s on the verge of losing his mind as he raps at the top of his lungs. The singing from Massaquoi compliments many of the lo-fi beats on here as well. Tracks like “Low” and “I’ve Arrived” are carried by this strong vocal that compliments the track well. They also give things a cult-ish vibe on tracks were the seemingly chant

the vocals in unison. On the track “No Way” they really drive home how serious this song is as they sing the lyrics “AK-47 take my brethren straight to heaven.” Also, on the track “Am I Not Your Boy” there’s some epic group vocals singing these heavy lyrics directed to the writer’s mother: “Am I not your boy?” One of the only problems with this album is a problem I’ve been having with the group since they started releasing music. They’ve been notorious for extremely short releases. Their first EP was 8 tracks but only lasted just over 20 minutes. The second EP only lasted 3 minutes longer with 1 more track. This album, at 11 tracks, is the longest release yet with 34 minutes of music. Now to some that may be appealing: nothing is too long-winded, I can listen to it quick and continue with my day. I, on the other hand, wished they had given me more music with this album. Young Fathers have mastered the art of leaving their fans wanting more which could prove to be a good marketing strategy. Other than that, I didn’t have many other problems with this album.

Rating (out of 10): Light 9

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Beyoncé - Beyoncé

Beyoncé Knowles needs very little introduction. Since her beginnings in Destiny’s Child in 1997 to her first solo effort in the early 2000’s, she has ruled mainstream pop and R&B with an iron fist. Well, maybe it’s more of a fancy, jewel-encrusted fist. Nonetheless, she has been consistently turning out viral hits such as “Single Ladies,” “Crazy In Love,” and many, many more. This new release is her 5th studio album. With this new release, Beyoncé took an extremely different approach with almost everything involved with this album. First, there was the lack of commercial hype for the album. It dropped December 13th of last year with almost no promotion or hype. With a reputation as big as Beyoncé’s, people would expect a big budget promotional campaign, but that was not the case. Speculation grew that new music was in the works from her but only a small group of people knew that the album had been finished. Some people are inferring that this move, in connection with some lyrics from the album, is a way of Beyoncé rebelling against the record labels and norms in the music industry. This rebellious attitude towards the big wigs of the record labels seems to be becoming a trend with many mainstream artists that Beyoncé runs with such as husband Jay- Z, Kanye West, and Drake. Another big change that comes with this album is the music. Beyoncé seems like she steps out of her comfort zone when it comes to the production styles and the lyrics she employs on this album. Her usual straightforward pop and R&B production has been swapped out for much more atmospheric and meandering beats. She introduces influences from modern rap and alternative R&B also with many of the drum sounds on here as well. One of my favorite songs on this album, “Haunted,” is where you

By Kevin Gigler

first see this change of style. The beat is really atmospheric with all these ethereal tones but it comes in with heavy drums that push the song along. Even a song like “Drunk In Love,” which may not be my favorite track as far as lyrics go on this album, comes through with a hyped up rap beat that is infectious with it’s banging drums and interesting middle eastern-sounding vocal sample. But when you’re not looking for a hyped up, banger beat, you are able to find some very lush instrumentation on many of these songs. The songs “Heaven” and “Blue” close off the album and they are two very pretty piano ballads, with the latter of the two being dedicated to Beyoncé’s newly born daughter. You can also find nice beats on the song “Mine”, which features a nice feature from rapper Drake, and “XO.” As far as the vocals go, Beyoncé has one of the strongest voices in popular music right now. The power in her voice can even make up for some of the songs on this album like “Blow.” I found the beat on this song to be extremely corny but the power and conviction she has in her vocals forced me to still pay attention to what she had to say. Songs like “Drunk In Love” and “Rocket,” though being very simple and overtly sexual in song topic, have vocals that grab the listener’s attention. Also, a few songs on here had some interesting and inspiring lyrical content. The opener to this album “Pretty Hurts” is a ballad to young girls to love who they are and shaming people who claim that all girls are not beautiful. A line from that song that I found very profound was directed to the judgmental people of the world saying that, “We try to fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see, it’s the soul that needs a surgery.” Basically, she’s saying that you don’t need to change what’s on the outside to feel beautiful, rather that you have to accept who you are and love what you’ve become. In a similar vein, the song “Flawless” is another female empowerment anthem. On the other end of the spectrum, the track “Haunted” talks a bit on her distrust for the record companies. She has some rebellious yet apathetic lyrics showing that she doesn’t care if she “doesn’t make any money on

this.” I did have some complaints with this album though. Some of the songs were a little too far out of Beyoncé’s comfort zone. The track “Blow” was one that I particularly didn’t like. The beat was corny and some of the overtly sexual lyrics got a little stale. That brings up another topic that I found a bit annoying from this album: cliché overtly sexual. It wasn’t as if I was offended by these lyrics, I just found them to be a bit overused and silly. Tracks like “Drunk In Love” and “Rocket” are prime offenders of this. Some of the innuendos Beyoncé comes up with make me laugh out loud because they are so ridiculous and silly. Especially, the one where she compares her man to a surfboard (I’ll let you read into that one on your own.) Frankly, the track “Rocket”, production wise and vocally, sounds like something from the soundtrack to an adult film. The corny, slow jam beat wears out its welcome rather quickly and I lose interest, that is, until I hear what Beyoncé is singing about. My last complaint is a bit of a personal vendetta I have with this type of music. I enjoy a good pop song as much as the next guy and this album, for the most part, held my attention for its entirety. That being said, I find myself returning to this album for repeat listens. Pop music is like candy, a little bit of it is fine and it’s great in small doses but if you eat too much you can get a stomachache and eventually vomit a rainbow-colored mess all over the floor. I feel I have indulged a little too much in the “candy” that is this album. The flavor and appeal of this album was fading the more I returned to it. Call me snobby, but I don’t see this album as music I would listen to in my free time. That being said, if “Drunk In Love” or “Flawless” come on at the next party I attend, you can guarantee to see me on the dance floor in a heartbeat. Overall, this was an entertaining album with a lot of commerical appeal but that appeal wore away over time.

Rating (out of 10): Strong 6


Stop. Rec. Play. By Eamon Dreisbach “You want to try and record an album?” When those words first came out of my bandmate and longtime friend’s mouth a year or so back, the suggestion sounded completely outlandish. Sure, we played together all the time for fun and hit a few open mics here or there, but recording a full-length project seemed like an impossible undertaking. Where would we record? What would we use to share our music? How would we, a couple of broke 17-year-olds, afford expensive high-range recording equipment? Despite these doubts, we decided to throw caution to the winds and jump into our musical endeavor head-first. Within a few weeks, we managed to get our hands on a couple mics as well as a decent recording console (with a little financial help from my bandmate’s dad). As a member of a very musical family, providing instruments for the soon to-be-LP proved to be no problem at all. With all the technicalities and preparation out of the way, we tuned up, grabbed some Arnold Palmer, and got down to business. For the next six or so months, the basement we had outfitted with our equipment became a second home of sorts. A simple rolling black desk chair, a recording console and a few speakers mounted on a worn wooden table were the centerpiece for our musical endeavor. As time wore on and we recorded more often, various decorations were scattered about the basement to create a lighthearted and sometimes humorous vibe while we worked. A small plastic squirrel courtesy of my bandmate’s uncle, a no parking sign, and even a crudely drawn smiley face written on a napkin were constant reminders of the inside jokes we’d shared and the reason we chose to create our music in the first place. From an outsider’s perspective, our musical outfit looked like an assortment of random objects with a few instruments scattered about here or there. But to us, it was so much more. Our musical process was far from uniform. Some days we would only get one instrument recorded over an 8-hour session, while on others we could finish two tracks in just a few hours. Often times we would start with a simple idea on one instrument (usually some keyboard or guitar chords) and build off of that instrument until it had evolved into a song all its own. On weeks when our jam time was limited, my bandmate would write songs and lay down a few preliminary instrumental tracks on his own, giving me the ability to come over and add the bass and drums in my free time. Despite the long and laborious hours we spent working on our LP, there was never a dull moment. Gamecube became a source of relief and enjoyment during our breaks, and quickly became a favorite way to break up the monotony of the recording sessions. If a song sounded bland, we were quick to throw on an unconventional instrument (a small harp, a toy siren, or even a glass cup) to give our music some flavor. Roughly halfway through the project’s completion, we were faced with yet another obstacle: how would we share our creation with the public? We found our answer in the form of a website called Bandcamp, which served as the headquarters for all of our band’s information as well as the completed project. After our account was set up, everything else fell into place with ease. We released a few singles, had a few close friends give us some honest feedback, and put the finishing touches on a few remaining songs. Once the task of recording the actual album was out of the way, it was time to create an album cover. After tossing a few ideas around, we decided to throw on some rubber masks and head over to a nearby abandoned house to take some pictures. After a long day of traversing broken floorboards, half caved-in ceilings and broken glass from long destroyed windows, our album shot was ready to go. A few days later, the time to release the album had come. All of our hard work had been for this one moment: the culmination of our musical efforts. I felt a profound sense of accomplishment as we pulled up our webpage one last time, and hit the “upload” button. We had done it. We had created our own album. That was a year ago. Since our first release, we have played several open mics, released another project, and even held our own small show in the basement that was home to our original musical operation. I’m forever grateful that I chose to accept the challenge presented by my friend; I have learned and grown as both a musician and a person through our efforts. So next time you find yourself reluctant to try something new simply because it seems difficult, take the risk. You just might be surprised what you find.


THE STINGER | February 2014


movie reviews That awkward moment


By Olivia Riccio

The fashion choices of the near future were also interesting to see, including high waisted pants for men that look like something from the 50’s. Even his career doesn’t require any handwriting, despite the name of the company Beautiful Handwritten Letters Inc. All he has to do is speak to the computer and a handwritten letter is produced and printed in a matter of seconds. The futuristic aspect was definitely interesting to see, but the plot itself wasn’t as entertaining as I expected. It is also rated R for a reason: the language was mature due to sexual themes and cursing. If that kind of language and theme makes you as uncomfortable as I was, Her is definitely not a movie you would enjoy. The acting was decent, some familiar actors I knew were Scarlett Johansson who plays the voice of Samantha, Amy Adams who plays Twombly’s good friend, and Olivia Wilde who plays a woman he goes on a date with in the beginning of the movie. The theme of this movie isn’t completely unrealistic; computers and technology grow more advanced each day. Also, people often have trouble being in real relationships and could potentially turn to the companionship of computers. Her has received mixed criticism, and made $19.2 million in the box office. Her was nominated at the Golden Globes for best motion picture, comedy or musical, Joaquin Phoenix for best actor, and Spike Jonze won in the category of best screenplay. Jonze is also nominated in three Oscar categories, best picture, best screen-

ride along

play, and original song, for original score and production design. The popular Rotten Tomatoes reviewers website rated Her a 94 percent out of 170 reviews, which resulted in an 8.6 out of 10. I do not agree with these reviews, because I did not leave the theater entertained.

By Ashley Rivera

As for Ride Along, the action-packed comedy had the theater booming with laughter. People were literally laughing out loud. It’s hard now a days for comedies to be original, but Ride Along was able to do that. Cube’s tough-guy persona mixed with Hart’s video gamer nerdiness gave the movie a perfect balance. The gist of the movie is a high school security officer, Ben, tries to convince his girlfriend’s brother, an APD detective named James, that he is worthy of his sister’s hand in marriage. In order to convince James he is worthy, James takes Ben on a “ride along” for the day. Ben’s girlfriend, Angela, is played by Tika Sumpter. Ride Along received an “A” grade on Cinemascore. Critics thought otherwise of the movie giving it mostly negative reviews. It currently holds 17 percent on Rotten Tomatoes based on 88 reviews. The two actors worked together very well both on and off screen. Before their blockbuster premiered, Cube and Hart went on a five-day, five-city promotional tour. They put their “feet to the streets” as Hart said, in Dallas, Atlanta, Philly, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Hart rode bulls in Dallas, served cheesesteak in Philly, and talked with fans in ATL. Hart posted all off his ventures with Cube on his Instagram account.

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Philadelphia native comedian Kevin Hart and rap legend Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson) come together for one of the most epic comedies this year, Ride Along. Premiering Jan. 17th, Ride Along dominates the box office for January, grossing $41.2 million its opening weekend. Ice Cube, a 44-year-old ex-member of NWA, is one of the founders of “gangsta rap.” He doesn’t have the background of a “typical rapper”. As a child he never got into much trouble and didn’t experiment with drugs. Ice Cube got into rapping after his sister was murdered, and his career blossomed after he met hip-hop producer Dr. Dre. Ice Cube started his acting career in 1991, starring in the film Boyz n’ the Hood, which was based off his very own song. Along with rapping and acting, Cube is also a record producer, screenwriter, film producer, and director. Ice Cube is the perfect choice for Ride Along. Kevin Hart, 34, started his career as a stand-up comedian and was booed off stage various times. He didn’t let the critical crowds discourage him, he went on to star in various films as a feature role. Hart finally got his big break in 2012 with a starring role in Think Like A Man, winning the best actor BET award. Hart definitly doesn’t have the background that Cube does, but he is just as popular. Like Hart says, what he lacks in stature (standing at only 5’4”) he makes up for with his comedic talent.

Supposedly a comedy, That Awkward Moment’s humor revolved around inappropriate sexual references and unneeded cursing. Unless you’re a twenty-something-yearold boy, this movie probably won’t be your cup of tea.

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If you’re intrigued by the concept of the movie Her, rethink it before you commit to sitting through two hours of bizarre entertainment. The movie is set in the near future in Los Angeles, and it focuses on the life of Theodore Twombly, played by Joaquin Phoenix. Twombly makes a living by writing heartfelt letters to strangers with information he receives about them. Depressed due to splitting up with his wife, Twombly decides to try out a new advanced operating system, OS, that is individual to each owner and is supposed to develop human qualities. Over time, he forms a friendship with his female OS, named Samantha, a witty, loving OS. Later, this friendship blossoms into a relationship. But with a computer-human relationship, consequences and challenges arise and this movie highlights both their struggles and their best times together. This movie may have appealed to some because of its highly praised futuristic theme, but also for the direction, music, screenplay, production design, and score behind it. Many applaud Joaquin Phoenix for his portrayal of Twombly and Scarlett Johansson for her performance as Samantha the OS. Spike Jonze skillfully produced the “near future” time period by including a lot of hands-free technology mixed with old fashioned style. Twombly is shown playing a video game without a television or console, and can read emails without the use of phone or physical device. The characters use a simple earbud that follows commands and a small flip phone-like device for viewing pictures.

After saving her from an arrogant rich man, the two hit it off. Jason splits after they hook up when he jumps to the conclusion that Ellie was actually a prostitute. The next day Jason coincidentally runs into Ellie at a meeting at work, and the two miraculously work things out. The two begin to spend a significant amount of time together after this chance encounter. Once his friends start to notice the forming relationship, he begins to receive some criticism, since they are all supposed to remain single. Too bad Jason wasn’t the only one keeping a secret relationship. Surprise, surprise. Mikey, only half listening to his friends’ advice, continues trying to reconcile with his wife. He sneaks around with his wife/soon-to-be-ex behind his friends’ backs. Is it a new beginning? Or just having some fun? Daniel also doesn’t get very far into the hookups and the unlimited amount of girls when he too starts to develop feelings. Chelsea, the friend that normally helps him get the girl, has now become the focus of his attention. Each guy holds a secret relationship. Each one lies to the other about where they’re spending each night. Each secret blows up in their faces in the end. The main purpose of the movie was to show that men have feelings too, and that they are also affected by relationships; they’re not just sex-crazed, hormonal human beings. The film was basically about spending time with the guys and having fun, and those boys certainly had more than enough fun.

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That Awkward Moment? Yeah, it’s pretty awkward when the best part of the movie was when it was over. It received a lot of hype, but it just didn’t meet expectations. In the first ten days, the movie grossed $16.85 million; however, it dropped 37 percent in its second weekend. Despite the appearance of Zac Efron’s familiar face, nothing else stood out. Once you get past the excessive cursing, you reveal an easily predicted plot. The R-rated film, which is written and directed by Tom Gormican follows three best friends who are all in their late twenties: Jason (Zac Efron), Daniel (Miles Teller), and Mikey (Michael B. Jordan). After a sudden notice from his wife that she wants a divorce, Mikey falls into a slump with females. His friends decide that they are going to embrace the single life as a sort of support system for Mikey. It’s the usual love story, except, instead of hearing the lovey-dovey talk that comes with the infatuation, you follow “the guys’ side of things”. The main focus is how to define the relationship after the girl mutters the dreadful word: “So…” The trio needs to figure out if it’s just a fling or if it’s the real deal. The group of young men hit up the bar scene, meeting attractive women, and eventually hooking up with them. Along the way, each guy insists that they won’t be settling down with anyone specific any time soon. Things change when one of the trio, Jason, spots a good-looking blonde sitting at the other side of the bar.

By Katie Mest

Ride Along is the kind of movie that makes it okay to spend almost $11 per ticket and is a going to be a must buy DVD.


THE STINGER l February 2014


Don’t Trust Frontrunners

Steve Gudonis

Stevie G Space


Sports fans can justify why they like a sports team any way they want. I have to remind myself of that fact very often, because for some reason, I cannot wrap my head around why people are fans of certain teams. Personally, the egomaniac in me likes to believe my personal reasons for liking the teams I like are the only reasons to justify fanhood. I support the Eagles, Flyers, and Iron Pigs simply based on location alone, and I do not consider myself a diehard fan of any of those teams. I am a diehard fan of Penn State football, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the New York Yankees. My reasons for liking these teams are personal, but there is a story behind each of them. Each of these stories involves myself being introduced to these teams by family at a young age. Something I pride myself in is that I have never stopped supporting my teams, and I have never jumped ship onto another team’s bandwagon after they succeed. This leads me to my overall point, and what I consider to be one of my biggest pet peeves: frontrunners. Urban Dictionary user wesman427 beautifully depicts frontrunners as “People who only support sports teams that recently win championships and then claim they liked that team all along. These people can be highly annoying, approaching them may result in increased levels of stress and aggression. Frontrunners may claim they have a relative or were born in the state where the winning team is from. Do not trust them at any cost.” As a fan, I cherish witnessing the cycle of demise, triumphs, and everything in between that my teams go through. I like to call this cycle “the ups and downs.” The “down” periods are excruciating for me. I am a perfectionist. I hate to lose just as much as I hate to see my teams lose. What gets me through these times? Loyalty, faith, and hope. Then, there’s the “ups.” After witnessing the journey, and feeling as if I’m along for the ride, there is nothing more exhilarating than watching my teams succeed. As wesman427 stated, frontrunners “only support teams that recently win championships.” That makes me a little sad. But it makes me really angry. What angers me is the demeanor that all frontrunners seem to share. They are the first to celebrate and boast when their new favorite team is successful. Essentially, the frontrunners are always on top, just like the teams they like. And the instant their current team is on the verge of going through a “down” period, they were never a fan of said team. From there, it’s on to the next team. The cycle goes on and on. It’s irritating. What’s just as irritating, is that when your team is going through a down period, the frontrunners are the first to let you know about it. True fans know when their team is going through struggles, and frontrunners are there to remind you. They tell you that the team you are truly a fan of is awful, while their team is always on top. Antics displayed by frontrunners certainly “result in increased levels of stress and aggression,” but like I stated, I am a little sad for them. I am sad for them because they do not get to experience what I get to experience as a fan. They do not have the opportunity to witness the journey, and be along for the ride of one team. They do not get to feel the indescribable high I and other fans feel when our teams are ultimately successful after living through and witnessing the down periods. Long story short, frontrunners do not know what being a true fan is all about. I can easily compare being a true fan to being a committed partner in a relationship. True fans stick by their teams through thick and thin, as do committed partners. In both cases, there is unconditional love. The thought of being a fan of another team, or seeing another person doesn’t cross their minds. Frontrunners are not committed. They establish a relationship with a team when the team looks good. But just like an uncommitted partner, when something more attractive comes their way, they are all over it. So take wesman427’s advice on frontrunners, “do not trust them at any cost.”


Season Wrap-Up: Emmaus Ice Hockey Steve Gudonis Sports Editor

Every team needs a leader. For the 2013-2014 Emmaus Ice Hockey team, leadership was a premium. The Hornets were headed by 12 seniors; David Bailey, Nick Capizzi, Ben Farabaugh, Kevin Foster, Matt Heffelfinger, Jeremy Hoffer, Dan Kaczor, Matthew Kugler, Nico Martel, Logan McHale, Max Rieder, and Colby Schmeltzle. These seniors have been instrumental members of the Emmaus Ice Hockey program for multiple years, and this season represented their last hurrah; a culmination of all the work they’ve put in. The Hornets started off the season strong with a 9-2 blowout victory over Northampton with a hat trick from Reider, two goals from junior Chad Lawrence, and individual goals from Heffelfinger, Hoffer, Kugler, and Schmeltzle. Additionally, junior Michael Smoker stopped 31 of 33 shots. In the Hornets’ following contest, they proved the season opener was not a fluke as they dominated Quakertown 8-1 behind two-goal performances from junior David Andrews and Capizzi. Capizzi’s two goals aided in the blowout, but his efforts in the following game proved to be far more crucial. Rieder kicked off the game against Freedom with a goal. The Hornets gave up two goals and entered the second period trailing 2-1. With :53 seconds left in regulation, Hoffer tied the game off an assist from McHale. With just one second on the clock, Capizzi scored the game winning goal, as the Hornets defeated Freedom, remaining undefeated. Following the miraculous victory, the Hornets had a week to prepare for their rival, Parkland. Emmaus came into the game as the underdogs, as Parkland came into this season winning four consecutive Lehigh Valley Scholastic Hockey League titles. The Hornets could not keep their hot streak alive, falling to the Trojans 7-1. Following the Parkland game, the Hornets’ initial hot streak quickly turned into a cold spell. They went winless their next three games, suffering two tough losses to Phillipsburg and tying with Liberty. The Hornets then sat at 3-3-1, and were striving for momentum to shift in their favor. Emmaus snapped their winless streak, as they went on defeat Central-Beca 8-5 behind a hat trick from Wyatt Weber. This was the first of consecutive high-scoring affairs for the Hornets, as they looked to go on another hot streak. The following contest established that for the Hornets to continue to win, their seniors must continue to step up. With a pair of goals each

Senior David Bailey controls the puck against Parkland Photo courtesy of from Capizzi and Hoffer, and three assists from McHale, Emmaus defeated Northampton 7-4. Now on a two-game winning streak, the Hornets’ record sat at 5-31. Their next two contests would be rematches against Quakertown and Freedom. Behind two goals from Hoffer, the Hornets defeated Quakertown, sweeping the season series. Going into the New Year, the Hornets’ record was 6-3-1. The Hornets pulled off late-game heroics to secure victory in their first contest against Freedom. The

hospitalized 20 people, among those being members of the team. The Hornet’s next contest was a blowout, as they blanked Liberty 100. Emmaus went into their rematch against Parkland with an 8-3-1 record and a five-game winning streak. The Hornets could not pull off the upset against the undefeated Trojans. In the final game of the regular season, the Hornets were victorious over Central-Beca with a final of 8-6. In the playoffs, the Hornets could not knock off Phillipsburg, ending their season, and ending the high

Senior Dan Kaczor looks to attack the puck Photo courtesy of rematch was no different. Emmaus found themselves losing 0-4 in the second period. Coach John Hagen called a timeout. Following the timeout, the Hornets sparked a comeback. Within one-minute and thirty seconds, goals from Rieder, Martel, Bailey, and Heffelfinger tied the game. With the game tied 5-5, Chad Lawrence scored the game winner. Hagen believes his team “played the best they have all year.” The Hornets were scheduled for their rematch against Parkland. However, carbon monoxide levels inside Bethlehem’s Steel Ice Center

school career of their 12 seniors. Hagen was blown away by his team’s effort this season, his first year as head coach, but believes his team was a few wins away from reaching his goals. “[I] expected to contend for a championship this season,” said Hagen. “I was impressed how well we controlled games; however, we could not control and win the big games.” Lead by their seniors, the Hornets finished 8-5-1.


“Anna is one of the most accomplished divers in Emmaus History” -David White on Anna Overholts


Austin Miller

FAST FACTS Height: 5’9” Movie: Harry Potter Series Subject: Graphics Color: Purple

Austin Miller’s teammates and coach say he is a reliable member as well as an excellent shooter on the undefeated Emmaus rifle team. A senior, Miller has been on the state-winning rifle team since his freshman year. He has played an instrumental role in the flawless season this year. Plus, Miller said he is proud of his achievement in becoming a leader on the team and recently becoming an Eagle Scout. Miller plans to go to LCCC after graduation plans to later transfer to another college to get his bachelor’s degree. Miller remembered the good times he shared with his teammates during his four years on the team. “My favorite memories of the team are all the bus rides to matches and shooting my first 100,” said Miller. Miller said joining rifle team helped him grow as a person. “The team has benefitted me by allowing me to become a leader and a mentor to younger shooters,” said Miller. Rifle team coach Peter Chromiak commends

Miller. “Austin Miller is a very talented shooter,” said Chromiak. “[He is a] valued team member, and co-captain on our team this year.” Miller is proud of his

kid that lightens the mood before a tough match and one that you would want on your team,” said Albro. “Personally, that motivates me to do better and to be like

transition from his freshman to senior seasons by becoming one of the top shooters. “I joined the rifle team freshman year with a few friends and picked it up very quickly,” said Miller. Sophomore Joe Albro believes Miller is an incredibly valuable asset to the team. “[What impresses me most] is his ability to step up and lead in the crucial moments when the rifle team needs him,” said Albro. “He is also a good sportsman, and a skilled and knowledgeable shooter.” Albro praises Miller as a teammate. “Austin is the type of

that when I’m a senior on the rifle team.” Chromiak said Miller works well with the other members on the team. “Austin interacts well with the team,” said Chromiak. “They all appear to enjoy participating together as a team.” Chromiak applauds what Miller has accomplished this year. “Austin has earned a spot at the PA State Individual Championship,” said Chromiak. “He also placed in the top five scorers for Emmaus in both the semi-finals and finals where we won the Championship against Berwick for the league.” Albro believes Miller

“He is also a good sportsman, and a skilled and knowledgeable shooter” -Joe Albro on Austin Miller

sets standards for the younger shooters. “Austin interacts with the other teammates in a way that tends to set the bar high, befriending them and helping them become better shooters themselves,” said Albro. Chromiak apprecitates his team. “Our team is a very mature group of students who make us proud both on the range and off,” said Chromiak.

By Sydney Buck



Height: 5’4” Book: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Show: Doctor Who Movie Series: Star Wars

Senior Anna Overholts has been a part of the diving team since her freshman year and continues to be a valued and skilled member. In the past years Overholts made herself a four-time letter winner and a four-time district finalist. She also ended up finishing in 4th place last year at the District XI Championships. Overholts competes in one-meter diving According to diving coach David White, her confidence and consistency is key. “Anna shows up every day and gives 100 percent effort,” said White. “She is confident in the dives she performs, and in learning new dives.”

for achieving a goal she had been striving for. “She’s been going for the record for some time now, and after always becoming so close to it, she finally beat it on her senior meet and we all couldn’t be any more proud of her,” said Baran. This season Overholts has won the diving portion in the swim meet in all but two of the dual meets. With that and other accomplishments Overholts has high hopes for her future this season. “I’ve competed for the high school I have built up an 11-dive list with a high degree of difficulty,” said Overholts. “With that list I hope to make it to states this year.”

show up to every after school and morning practices, she also comes in to optional practices and never cuts corners on any workouts.” White agrees. “Anna is hard working and supportive of all of her teammates,” said White. “She provides a great example and supports all of her teammates.” Before her meets Overholts likes to relax. “I usually listen to music to relax and go through all my dives in my head,” said Overholts. Senior Madeleine Ordiway admires Overholts encouraging and positive attitude. “Anna encourages me and the team giving us words of encouragement when we have dives that “She provides a great example and we find difficult or have not tried before,” said Ordiway. supports all of her teammates.” Sophomore Kelly Schnaufer agrees. -David White on Anna Overholts “Anna is definitely a big At the team’s senior Baran believes Anna is inspiration to me,” said meet against Northampton, a supportive and dedicated Schnaufer. “She demonOverholts broke a 19-yearteammate. strates a positive attitude old team record and is now “Anna encourages my and always encourages the new record holder for teammates and I by always myself and others to strive 6 dives with a score of putting up a good example to be our best.” 225.90 on how to be the best divers Baran praises OverJunior Teammate Sara we can be,” said Baran. holts’s dedication. Baran commends Overholts “Not only does she always “Anna shows up to Senior portraits courtesy of R.J. Harwick

practice, even if the roads are icy and snowy and it’s optional, said Baran. “Anna always takes direction from our coach and doesn’t avoid doing scary dives.” Ordiway agrees that Overholts is a hard worker. “Anna is a good diver because she takes everyday and gives it her all,” said Ordiway. “Always working hard in workouts and on the board.” Coach White is proud of Overholts and all she has accomplished this year. “Anna is one of the most accomplished divers in Emmaus history,” said White.

By Hannah Maehrer



“She never ceases to amaze me with her talent and her leadership skills.” -Nadine Johnson on Sabrina Kester.

Nate Feiertag

Senior Nate Feiertag has established himself as a leader on the Emmaus basketball team and has accomplished a lot in his four years at Emmaus High School. Feiertag has been playing varsity for the Hornets for four years now. Leading the Hornets to a 16-7 overall record, 9-5 in the Lehigh Valley Conference, Feiertag has had a successful last season. He is averaging 17.3 points and 7.2 rebounds per game. It’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication to get where Feiertag is now. “I have always loved basketball as a sport. I have played since I was really young and haven’t stopped since,” said Feiertag. “There is nothing I’d rather do than play basketball.” Feiertag says that he isn’t the only star on the team, and his teammates help in any way they can. “This year I believe my team is

playing great. As a team, we have good chemistry and I couldn’t ask for anything more in a team,” said Feiertag. Feiertag has numerous memories, but one of them stands out. “My favorite memory from this year is winning the Constitution Tournament down in Philly,” said Feiertag. Coach Steve Yoder said that he has seen major improvement in Feiertag’s skills. “Nate has improved in many areas,” said Yoder. “Most notably, Nate is a much better defender. I also see a tremendous improvement in his shot selection. Nate is scoring more proficiently than last year, and has improved his shooting percentage as well. That progression will translate very well to the next level.” Feiertag has shared some of the heavy lifting with senior teammate Joey Nicolini. “Nate, along with Nicolini, are leaned on heavily for all the attributes good seniors provide, said Yoder. “Leadership, and understanding of what we are trying to do on the floor are at the top of that list. I always say that you go as far as your seniors take you, and these seniors have shown they are among the best in the area.” Feiertag’s skills are among the best on the team. “Nate’s physical tools are undeniable,” said Yoder. “He is big, strong, and physically gifted. Nate

has come a long way in recognizing how special that is when you have a team like that, and the results are evident in his success, and the team’s as well.” Yoder says that Nate is an effective scorer. “Nate has become much more of a team player this year,” said Yoder. “His teammates really benefit from it as a result.” For any sport, it’s always hard when the team’s seniors leave and move on. “It is always sad to lose seniors,” said Yoder. “We view ourselves as much more than a basketball team. We view ourselves as a family, and when they graduate, part of your family is moving on. While I did get to put gold around Nate’s neck as part of an LVC Championship when he was a sophomore, we would love nothing more than to send our seniors out with another championship.” Junior Tyler Prescott says that Feiertag is among the best players on the team. “I would absolutely say he does so much for us,” said Prescott. “If he’s not getting buckets he finds ways to still make an impact either with his ability to get rebounds and play defense.” Prescott, describing Feiertag’s personality, said Nate is an overall good kid. “Yeah, he’s an all-around great guy. He’s got a good personality, good morals and loves to have

fun,” said Prescott. “But he knows when we step on the court, it’s all business. He would do anything for the win, just like anyone else on the team.” Prescott acknowledges Feiertag’s charisma on and off the court. “Off the court, he’s a really nice kid and really smart,” said Prescott. “He is definitely a model student at our school. He is well respected and he is known throughout the valley. On the court, he’s quiet and a little feisty because he’s such a competitor and that’s what I love about him.” Nicolini has known Feiertag since they were very little and knows what kind of leader he is off the court. “He is wise beyond his years and is quite the gentleman that many people respect,” said Nicolini. Nicolini’s basketball experience has been impacted in a good way from being around Feiertag. “His love for me and the game has brightened each and every day we have shared together,” said Nicolini. Nicolini chose to describe Feiertag with simplicity. Nicolini said, “Three words to describe Nate are as follows: wise, omnipresent, and compassionate.”

FAST FACTS Height: 6’3”

Subject: Physics Movie: Blood Diamond Book: Blood Diamond By: Jordan Robertson

Sabrina Kester

Senior Sabrina Kester, co-captain of Emmaus’ squad, has been cheering most of her life. Cheerleading is a year-round sport in which the members support football as well as the home games of the boys’ and girls’ basketball. Kester started cheerleading when she was five years old. She was influenced by her sister who was a cheerleader in high school. “I started in Fleetwood Area School District in their youth program,” said Kester. “I then moved to East Penn School District and cheered at Eyer Middle School and then cheered on varsity all four years of high school.” Watching her sister’s competitions inspired her. “The atmosphere of the competitions [was] enthusiastic, crazy, and exciting,” said Kester. Kester’s favorite part of cheerleading is going to competitions. “My team and I would play music on the bus and get excited

before our competition,” said Kester. “After we perform at the competition, the DJ would play music for us to dance to. Bonding with my teammates is something that I will never forget.” Courtney Hosford, Assistant Varsity Cheerleading Coach, said how Kester exceeds the qualities of a cheer co-captain. “Sabrina encompassed all the qualities necessary for a cocaptain,” said Hosford. “She has strong cheerleading skills in which her teammates look up to her for; she has a natural leadership ability in which she can lead her teammates in a positive manner, and Sabrina is very responsible and punctual.” Senior Mei Wimmer, the team’s other co-captain, has known Kester since 8th grade when they cheered in middle school. “She is persistent in getting her skills done,” Wimmer said. “The attitude that she conveys to our other teammates is that you should want to try as hard as you can.” Nadine Johnson, JV Cheerleading Coach, has no doubt that Kester will accomplish great things in her future. “Sabrina is an exceptional cheerleader and an amazing young woman,” said Johnson. “She never ceases to amaze me with her talent and her leadership skills.” “Communication is important

within the squad,” said Wimmer. “In cheering, you don’t have a personal bubble because you have to be aware of what’s going on all the time; otherwise, you can get hurt.” Kester has a lot of memories throughout her cheering career. Her favorite memory of cheerleading was going to Hershey for states. “We had gotten 5th out of 17 teams of districts and we moved into states,” said Kester. “Once we got to Hershey, we competed and made it straight to finals.” The team competed in finals and got 10th in the state. “Performing in the Giant Center was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I am grateful to be a part of,” said Kester. Wimmer credits Kester with strong jumps and being a good flyer. “Sabrina interacts with all the girls on the team and has a positive relationship with everyone,” said Hosford. “She is always there to congratulate her teammates for their accomplishments, pick them up with they are upset, and motivate them if they become frustrated.” “Her personality and smile are contagious,” said Hosford. “She is an inspiring role model to other girls in our high school and girls in middle school cheerleading programs.” Kester is very grateful that her teammates selected her as co-

captain. “As a co-captain, I am also grateful to be given the opportunity to be a good role model to my teammates,” said Kester. One of Kester’s accomplishment as a cheerleader is making varsity as a freshman. “Once I knew I made it, I pushed myself to become a better cheerleader for the varsity squad,” said Kester. Coach Hosford uses caring, dedicated and reliable as three words to describe Kester. “Sabrina is very dedicated to her family, friends, school work and extracurricular activities,” said Hosford. “She is always giving 110 percent no matter what.” Kester’s strength as a cheerleader is being able to encourage my teammates and push them to do better. “I like to help the other girls in their skills as a cheerleader so I can make sure they do their best,” said Kester. “Not only in cheerleading, but in everything they do.” Kester plans on attending Cedar Crest College for a four year nursing degree. “Cheerleading has been something that I have enjoyed and loved for 14 years,” said Kester. “However, I would like to focus on my studies while in college.”

By: Makenna Shafer

Senior portraits courtesy of R.J. Harwick

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Boys Swimming Emmaus High School boys swim team looks for a post-season as successful as the regular season. The Hornets entered the district playoffs with a 16-1 overall record. They came out of the Lehigh Valley Conference with a 10-0 record which qualified them as the LVC champions. The boys swim team is working hard to make their playoff run as far as possible this season. Tim O’Connor, head coach of the team for 11 years, credits the seniors of this year’s team with playing a key role in the Hornet’s success this season. “The big thing with this year’s team is the

six senior boys,” said O’Connor. “They are all really good kids. They all had a good work ethic and a desire to improve. Plus, they are all talented, which sure helps.” The team has been practicing every day since the summer. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to compete at the level the Hornets have this season. Senior Andrew Bond acknowledges the whole team for contributing to winning season. “We’re really well rounded as a team,” said Bond. “We have a lot of kids that can step up when you need them to. Our diversity and depth help us in close meets.” Senior Cody Wimmer looks at the team’s bonding as an integral part to their entire season. “Well we are always together so we’re really close as a team,” said

Wimmer. “We are always there to help each other both in and out of the pool.” Like all sports teams, a squad needs leaders to step up and guide the team. Assistant coach Kevin Remaly attributes many swimmers that take that role for the team. “We look for leaders in and out of the water to be born and assume the role of captain,” said Remaly. “Seniors by default are our efficient leaders. But everyone assumes leadership roles at the meets. We work as a team.” Bond thinks the seniors work together to lead the team. “All the seniors play a leadership role,” said Bond. “The seniors have done a great job leading the team.” Bond also thinks the team works together as whole to help each other. “Everyone who is will-

ing to step up can lead the team during meets,” said Bond. “It’s really been a group effort.” As the team went undefeated in the Lehigh Valley Conference, they were seeded very well for last week’s district meet at Parkland. They were seeded number one in five events. Junior Carter Paules finds the Hornet’s success comes from all the time they spend together. “A big key would be our training,” said Paules. “We are together a lot more this year and that helps in the pool.” Bond agrees. “We’ve been practic-

Remaly acknowledges the exceptional initiative of the Hornets this season. “Usually the seniors are the ones we can look to for guidance both in and out of the pool,” said Remaly. “The seniors have fulfilled that role in many different ways. But everyone has really stepped up when we needed them to.” The team has many strengths contributing towards their winning season. Senior Natalie Schaeffer finds the source of success in the team’s ability to be well-rounded. “I think that we have a lot of girls that can do a ton,” said Schaeffer. “It gives us a lot of depth because nobody is really limited to one thing.” Junior Tori Bingham credits the girls’ hard work. “I think the strengths

of the girls team this year is that more people are stepping up and making changes to improve,” said Bingham. O’Connor agrees. “While we don’t have the diversity, they have raised their level of competitiveness,” said O’Connor. “They work hard in practice and compete in meets.” The girls’ practices consist of an hour of dry-land training and 7,000-8,000 yard swim sessions. Although, as they prepare for districts, swimmers cut back and only log about 2,000-3,000 yards in the pool. The team chemistry was a big part as well. “This year we are definitely the closest we’ve been,” said Schaeffer. “We all help each other whenever we need and pick each

ing for the whole year,” said Bond. “We have really good team chemistry and we know each other so well. We are all really close and everyone is having a good time which helps with the meets.” The boys have overcome a lot of tough matches this season. “Our boys team has performed well in competitive situations against tough matchups like North Penn, Parkland, and Freedom this season,” said Remaly. “A lot of people were performing their best in those tough situations. Which gives us a lot of hope for the post-season.” O’Connor credits the

boys’ coachability. “Their depth is definitely a strength,” said O’Connor. We have a lot of boys who can swim any event. It makes my job as coach, to develop the team, very easy.” With the swim team wrapping up their season, they have high hopes for the post-season. Remaly and O’Connor see a lot of talent in the team. “We have a neat lineup going into districts,” said Remaly. “With the outstanding performances this year, we have a lot of kids that can qualify for states.”

“We have been practicing for the whole year. We have really good team chemistry and we know each other so well.” Senior Andrew Bond

Girls Swimming Emmaus High School girls swim team seeks post-season accomplishments to match those in the regular season. The Hornet’s just recently ended their regular season with an overall record of 11-6. They finished 8-2 in the Lehigh Valley Conference. They will be competed in the district playoffs last week, and are looking to make their way into the state playoffs. Coach Tim O’Connor, who has been the head coach for 11 years now, admires how special the girls team is this year. “This girls team is very unique,” said O’Connor. “We have great leadership, and when you have great leadership, great things can happen.” Leadership is a key factor to any team in competition. Assistant coach Kevin

By John Lang

By John Lang

other up.” Bingham enjoys how smoothly the season has gone. “I really love the team this year,” said Bingham. “I think we are all perfectly balanced between having fun and being competitive. It gets intense at times but it’s fun at the same time anyways.” The Hornets have worked hard to overcome tough matchups this season. “The girls have really stepped up in tough situations,” said Remaly. “They went up against a very good Easton team and

won. They really did great.” Remaly, when asked about the reasons for the team’s success, recognizes the girls’ coachability as a big factor. “Overall, it was the willingness to trust the coaches this year and embrace the training this year,” said Remaly. “They lost the fear of challenges this year. From all the success throughout the season, now we can enjoy the celebrations [from] those intense commitments.” Schaeffer identifies the team’s focus as a key factor that contributes to the

season accomplishments. “The biggest thing is that we’ve all been really mentally focused,” said Schaeffer. “We’ve been able to train really hard because of that.” With all the accomplishments of the team, O’Connor can’t help but be happy with the Hornets this season. O’Connor said, “It’s such a wonderful blend of kids contributing to our success.”

“We have great leadership, and when you have great leadership, great things can happen.” Coach Tim O’Connor

February 2014  

Volume 39 Issue 4

February 2014  

Volume 39 Issue 4