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Cervantes’ Dawn of Humour by Alvin Legario | photo by Mariano O. Javier | art by Karen D. Panganiban


knight, clad from head to toe with tested steel, bound by his oath to chivalry, does not seem like an odd image to conjure.. Put this knight in an era where he is obsolete and no longer in demand for service, may seem more queer. Now, picture a frail man past in his prime, suited from head to toe in his old family armor with a pasteboard visor for a helmet, riding on a skinny and clumsy horse venturing on umpteen adventures with his so-called “squire”, in the Renaissance era Spain. This is the 34


mind-bending comedy that is Don Quixote. Alonso Quijano of La Mancha had enough money to settle down till the last stretch his days but this was not the road he wanted. After reading many books, Alonso, now a man fascinated with tales of knighthood and their code of chivalry, turns his back on retirement then decides to turn a new leaf, dons his old family armor, saddles up his old horse Rocinante, and changes his name to Don Quixote, to depart for a sense of adventure with his servant turned-squire, Sancho Panza. This

Joust Volume 1  
Joust Volume 1