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“Schwarzen-Schnitzel” Speaks to UB ANDREW WIKTOREditor in Chief Nobody ever said you needed a speech to be a Distinguished Speaker. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t have one on Thursday night, and he did just fine. A receptive audience that nearly filled the capacity of Alumni Arena greeted the former governor of California, who, improvising from the heart, explained the importance of hard work, public service, and chasing goals, as he balanced serious topics with light humor. The evening started with a video, put together by UB, that depicted students, cheerleaders, and the school’s head football coach, Jeff Quinn, doing their best “I’ll be back” impersonations. Once Schwarzenegger took the stage, he quickly joked about the interesting accents within our school’s community, acknowledging his signature, but sometimes-hardto-understand, voice. In fact, later in his speech, he graciously admitted that his accent was both a blessing and a curse when he started getting into the movie business. He recalled being told by an agent that he would never make it in Hollywood because his muscles were too big, his words too hard to understand, and his last name – “Schwarzen-Schnitzel” – too difficult to pronounce. But the fear of failure never stopped the 38th governor of California from pursuing his goals. If it did, he would have been a “girly man,” and those in attendance Thursday night know just how undesirable of a title that is; “girly men” are afraid of failing and refuse to take risks, which is how he once described Californian legislators. The main theme of the night was setting goals and pursuing them. Schwarzenegger even explained the easy steps to success: “Come to America, work hard, and marry a Kennedy.” Jokes aside, it was evident that part of his recipe for success was no laughing matter. The former bodybuilder learned valuable lessons from sports, such as camaraderie, team play, hard work, and the fact that there are no shortcuts in life. He then applied what he learned inside of the gym and took it into the real world. It wasn’t until he met his future father-in-law, Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr., however, that he truly appreciated the value of public service. Despite all of his accomplishments in the weight room, successes on the big screen, and lucrative endeavors in the business world, Schwarzenegger remarked that being governor has brought him the most joy. Instead of waking up and thinking about himself, he woke up and thought about all of the people of California for seven years in a row.

Records Shattered in Bulls’ Win

Clinton Hodnett /// The Spectrum

And if a few words in the Constitution were amended, he’d love to wake up and think about the people of America as president of the United States. For now, though, he’ll settle for his speech tour, which made its first stop in the States right here in Buffalo. After Schwarzenegger finished ad-libbing his heartfelt speech, he assured the audience that it hadn’t seen the last of the Governator, stating, “I’ll be back.” Although Generation’s Kathryn Przybyla and I were only supposed to get a five-minute joint-interview with Mr. Schwarzenegger, it quickly grew evident that the bodybuilder turned movie star turned politician didn’t mind chatting with us. In fact, he would have loved to answer all of our questions if he didn’t have a speech to get to. Although we were only able to ask two questions apiece, we spent 15 quality minutes with the charismatic Schwarzenegger, who shed some light on politics for me. Here’s how he responded to my questions:

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continues to put the team above her personal accomplishments.

CAREY BEYER and BRIAN JOSEPHSSports Editor and Asst. Sports Editor The athletic department’s budget for paper is going to skyrocket in the coming days, because a few members of the women’s basketball team have rewritten the record books. A commanding performance by senior forward Kourtney Brown helped the Bulls (10-10, 3-4 MidAmerican Conference) outlast Central Michigan (12-7, 4-3 MAC), 92-89, on the road at McGuirk Arena. Brown became Buffalo’s all-time leading scorer midway through the first half on a layup that tied the game. She finished the game with her 13th double-double of the season, scoring 33 points and grabbing 16 rebounds. She also had six assists, three blocked shots, and two assists. When Brown first came to Buffalo, she never could have envisioned the success she has had, but she

“I’m excited [about the records],” Brown said. “It’s kind of crazy that it happened. I never thought, coming here, that I would be able to do that. It’s even more exciting that we got a win out of it.” The senior phenom broke the previous record held by former Bulls guard Brenna Doty by topping her 1,703-point mark. Brown’s total after the game sits at 1,730, but it will surely be inflated as the season progresses. If one record wasn’t enough, Brown also broke the program’s record for career rebounds. She only needed one rebound to break the 30-year old record of 982, set by former Bulls forward Janet Lilley. The team captain’s 998 rebounds put her two shy of becoming the first Bulls player to record 1,000 boards. Bulls head coach Linda Hill-MacDonald stressed how crucial Brown is to Buffalo’s success. “You know what you get when she’s out on the floor,” Hill-MacDonald said. “She is the focus of everyone’s defense, and she continues to produce game after game.” Senior forward Jessica Fortman joined Brown in the record books. Her 19 points in the game earned her entry into the Bulls’ 1,000-point club. Hill-MacDonald was sure to stress how dependable Fortman is every time she steps onto the court. “The one thing you know about [Fortman] is that every time she steps on the court, she’s there to play her heart out,” Hill-MacDonald said. “You always know what you get when she’s on the floor. So you know she’s coming to play, and she’s going to execute everything you tell her to.” Heading into intermission, the Bulls led the Chippewas, 51-42, after a Buffalo offensive onslaught. Buffalo maintained its composure and wouldn’t let Central Michigan reclaim the lead down the stretch. Hill-MacDonald attributed the win to the team’s execution on both ends of the court, as well as the success of containing the Chippewas’ top scorer, Kaihla Szunko. “We knew what we needed to do against this team, and I think the girls really executed the game plan to perfection,” Hill-MacDonald said. “They got some wide-open opportunities, but not very many, and I thought we did a great job containing their penetrators for the most part.

Clinton Hodnett /// The Spectrum





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The Independent Student Publication of the University at Buffalo WEEKEND EDITION v January 28, 2011 Vol. 60 No. 45 v

Professor Presents Students With New Style REBECCA BRATEKStaff Writer Leaps onto benches in lecture halls, quirky and inspirational catchphrases, imitations, jokes, and references to pop culture. These antics may attract the crowds, but the quality of the teacher keeps students in the seats. Kushal Bhardwaj, Ph.D. and adjunct instructor in the Department of African and African American studies, is one of UB’s best-kept secrets. While Bhardwaj has been teaching courses at UB for over a decade, many students have never heard of “Dr. B.” If students sit in on one of Bhardwaj’s courses, they will experience a style of teaching that is not usually seen at the collegiate level. A self-proclaimed “know-it-some, not know-it-all,” Bhardwaj tries to impart what he’s learned on his students. “I encourage my students to raise the ‘so what?’ question about issues and topics,” Bhardwaj said. “Education is a tool for empowerment.” Though he currently teaches American Pluralism, a general education requirement for undergraduates, in the past Bhardwaj has taught courses in American and African American studies, history, anthropology, and a “Hip Hop and Social Issues” course. Bhardwaj, who was born in Washington, D.C., was raised in both Long Island and Buffalo. He was raised by his father, who was born in Kenya, and his mother, who was born in India, allowing him to use his background to convey cultural differences and raise awareness in his students. His travels have “changed his life,” including notable trips to both Ghana and Harlem. A Ph.D. graduate in American Studies, Bhardwaj is also a huge “music buff,” which has inspired his interest in becoming a “cultural historian,” analyzing how people use music and culture together in their lives. He believes that by using hip-hop as a tool for studying black culture and history, we can communicate “what has happened, is happening, and is going to happen in nearly every area of society.” This interest inspired his Ph.D. dissertation, which examines “what it means to be a Buffalo hip-hop artist” and whether or not these artists need to leave Buffalo to “blow up.” “Rick James, Ani DiFranco, the Goo Goo Dolls. [These artists] show fertile ground [exists] for people with something to say,” Bhardwaj said. Bhardwaj also uses the interests of his students to form his courses. In his American Pluralism courses, Bhardwaj gives his students an “inquisition” to fill out, asking them questions about where they come from, what they hope to achieve, what famous people they respect, and what topics they are interested in learning about.


“If a majority of my students are interested in John Lennon, I’m going to include Lennon [in the course],” Bhardwaj said.

The professor’s innate ability to reach students has not gone unnoticed by university administration. Bhardwaj was presented with the Milton Plesur Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2003, an award given out by the UB Student Association to a professor who teaches with energy and enthusiasm, and who has a memorable effect on his or her students. The award is directly voted for by the student population. Students have also petitioned for more courses to be offered by UB with Bhardwaj as an instructor.

“Not only is he fun and entertaining, but [Bhardwaj] teaches in a way that is both interesting and inspirational,” said Mariya Lokshin, a sophomore health and human services major. “He not only cares about the material that he teaches, but he teaches his students about real-life scenarios that are both useful and life-changing.”

As an adjunct instructor in a general education course that holds about 50 students per section, Bhardwaj’s American Pluralism classes are in high demand this semester. A list of students anxiously awaits any final spots to become available, and current students bring their peers along as “visitors” to classes daily. “[The amount of] students discussing what we learn outside of class is remarkable,” Bhardwaj said.

Bhardwaj’s ability to connect with students has been recognized by his colleagues as well. Faculty members respect his teaching abilities and admire the “style” he presents in the classroom.

“Dr. Bhardwaj is the kind of dedicated educator that has been the hallmark of our field,” said Keith Griffler, Ph.D. and chair of the Department of African and African American studies and director of the division of transnational studies. “He makes a difference in students’ lives with the passion and commitment to excellence he brings to the classroom. Seldom does a day go by that I don’t see the evidence of it.” Bhardwaj is not only a “cool” professor because of his ability to capture an audience, but he is extremely knowledgeable and able to pass on his insight to students. “If ‘cool’ means effective teaching where students connect what they know to what they are learning, then I aspire to be the ‘coolest’ professor that ever walked the earth,” Bhardwaj said. g


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NEWS Nelson Mandela Hospitalized in South Africa Former South African President Nelson Mandela, 92, remains in the hospital for a second day after having a routine check-up in Johannesburg. Mandela arrived at the clinic on Wednesday after flying in from Cape Town. Security around the clinic has been tight after the media caught wind of Mandela’s hospitalization. The former president has been visited by his wife, Graca Machel, and ex-wife, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. Some reports claim Mandela’s visit is fairly routine, while others have stated he is there to see a lung specialist. Current South African President Jacob Zuma has maintained that given Mandela’s age, this hospital stay is not a serious cause for concern. The ruling ANC party has told South Africans to stay calm about the situation. g

Rosenbaum and Keegan found guilty and expelled by Ketter JANICE DOANEAsst. Managing Editor After an ineffective appeal to President Ketter Monday, Al Rosenbaum and Terrance Keegan were expelled from the State University of Buffalo Tuesday. A letter from President Ketter notified the two graduate students of Philosophy that they would “henceforth be denied all privileges as a student or visitor at this University including entry upon, or use of any campus facilities.” In the letter, President Ketter stated that he had reached his decision “after considering all the facts in this case and (after) hearing the arguments on both sides.” When contacted by The Spectrum, Dr. Ketter said that he had no further comments since the cases were “personal matters.” Expulsion of the two students fol-

weapon, and if a weapon was necessary,fr why he wasn’t provided with armed bodyguards. The U.S. embassy is investigating the incident and will not offer any more comments.


Darien Lake Under New Management

U.S. Diplomat Shoots, Kills Two Pakistanis

News Briefs 1/28

Today in UB History: Friday, Jan. 29, 1971

There have been reports saying that Mandela has appeared increasingly frail since retiring from public life in 2004. His last public appearance was at the closing ceremony of the World Cup, hosted by South Africa last July.

In the Pakistani city of Lahore, a motorcycle rider and his passenger were shot and killed by a U.S. diplomat. The U.S. embassy has confirmed that an American was involved, and at the moment, police say the diplomat acted in self-defense. The two men had been following the U.S. diplomat before the shooting occurred. Lahore police recovered weapons from the bodies of the men and speculate that the men were robbers. The diplomat is currently being held in custody. He has been questioned and could face potential murder charges. He also faces charges of illegally carrying a weapon, his Beretta pistol. After the incident, the American called for help from the U.S. consulate. A car sped to the scene shortly after but killed a pedestrian en route. The road was soon blocked by up to 100 people protesting the deaths. Questions remain over why the diplomat was carrying a

lowed a hearing last Friday of the Campus Commission on Student Disorder. The Commission, by a 7-0 vote, found Keegan and Rosenbaum guilty of entering Norton Hall in violation of the terms of their suspension. The two had been suspended for their actions in the student strike last spring. This suspension was to be effective from Nov. 5, 1970 to Jan. 20, 1971. Both Keegan and Rosenbaum also face civil charges of criminal trespass with penalties of 3 months in jail or $250 fine. Allegedly Rosenbaum and Keegan entered Norton Hall twice, on Nov. 18 and 19 during the New Nation Week activities. In the case of Mr. Rosenbaum, the terms of his suspension stipulated signing under the threat of losing their jobs unless they cooperated. When asked if he felt any pressure to sign the affidavits, Mr. Saul Davidson, of the North Union staff, answered that he “did not really feel pressured.” Mr. Davidson said that he was “originally hesitant,” however that he would “rather not say” why he did decide to sign because “it would bring something up at the trials which could only hurt the defendants.” Mr. Rosenbaum and Mr. Keegan were arrested over Christmas vaca-

tion and received letters Jan. 15 notifying them that their trials would be Jan. 22. Mr. Rosenbaum claims that this was “inadequate notice. I could not present an adequate defense in that time,” he said. “All the witnesses and my lawyers were out of town at this time. The Administration held trial during intersession because no one would be around.” In regard to the possible violation of due process, the Board of Trustees guidelines specify that notifications must be 7-10 days before the trial, that the charges be specified and that the defendant have the opportunity to be heard. The Commission, which is in cases of physical disruption empowered to recomment penalties, was not given this power for Rosenbaum’s trial. According to President Ketter, the Commission can not make recommendations in cases of violation of suspension or expulsion. Russell Smith, Rosenbaum’s counsel, claims that he was “convinced that the Ketter Administration had the expectations that the Commission would come down with a heavy hand on student activists. Yet the Ketter Commission had moved leniently and so Ketter decided to live up to his reputation as a hard line administrator and come down hard, and he was afraid the Commission wouldn’t go along with

Darien Lake Theme Park Resort is now under the management of Herschend Family Entertainment. This Georgia-based company also has a stake in 24 other recreation facilities across the country, among them Dollywood. The park is still owned by CNL Lifestyle Properties Inc., who have been very optimistic about the change. They have also stated that visitors can expect improved food and guest services and cleanliness. New entertainment, shows and possibly themes may also be implemented as soon as next season. Herschend Family Entertainment’s most notable park, Dollywood, has won an award for best American regional theme park in the past. CNL officials hope that this success can be seen at Darien Lake, which has already proved to be an attendance-drawing park throughout its history. The park was previously owned and managed by PARC Management, located in Jacksonville, Fla. Up until 2007, the park had been owned by Six Flags. g

this, so he stripped them of this power.” Monday afternoon, both Keegan and Rosenbaum appealed the “guilty” verdict to President Ketter. Rosenbaum appeared for his appeal at Hayes Hall with a small group of what he termed “concerned people from the university.” Only he and one counsel were allowed in to speak to Ketter however. According to Rosenbaum, President Ketter informed him that “if you demand more counsel, you will be denied privilege of personal appeal.” President Ketter had with him two attorneys, Howard Meyer, University Prosecutor, and John Leach, Counsel to the University. In an interview, Mr. Rosenbaum stated that he primarily objected to the severity of the penalty, which he felt “was disproportionate to the acts committed.” Mr. Rosenbaum was a Doctoral candidate who was to receive his PhD in May. “Besides the violation of my civil rights, my trial will have the much deeper effect of ruining my career,” Mr. Rosenbaum said. The expelled student claims that his civil right of due process was violated in that it was not a trial by a jury of peers and that it was a closed trial.


$60 MILLION* & COUNTING University Bookstore | Lee Entrance *Savings figured based on cost of new book price. 405JBTS11


NEWS FRIday, january 28, 2011 v THE SPECTRUM

Mr. Rosenbaum also questions the method of selecting jurors for the Commission, which tried him. The method specified by the Board of Trustees guidelines specifies that President Ketter choose six faculty and six staff who in turn select six students to sit in on the Commission.

“Under this system,” Mr. Rosenbaum said, “the man who empanels the jury is the one who signs the complaint and charges, metes out the punishment and hears the appeals.”

“There is an unbalanced situation on campus,” Rosenbaum also claimed, “in that there is no equal procedure for meting out justice.” Maintaining that he was verbally harassed by administrators, he pointed out that there were no channels within the University for him to bring charges against these administrators.

“The whole mechanism is completely loaded and politically motivated,” Mr. Rosenbaum claimed. His counsel, Mr. Smith, added that he felt it was an “effort on the part of the administration to wipe out what they take to be the remaining radicals on this campus.” g


OPINION Editorial Board

Uganda Killing Should be Condemned

Editor in Chief

Obama should speak out, but no military force necessary

Managing Editors

In 2010, Uganda became established as a hotbed of homophobic sentiment. From the infamous YouTube video in which a Ugandan minister condemns and mocks homosexual acts, to the proposed legislation that would make homosexuality punishable by death, Uganda has to be considered one of the least gay-friendly countries on earth.

people throughout the world were shocked by the paper’s actions.

That became even truer late last year, when a Ugandan publication calling itself Rolling Stone published a list of Uganda’s “top homos,” and called for them to be executed.

While Ugandan police have yet to establish a clear connection between the magazine article and Kato’s murder, it would not be a stretch to believe one exists. In any event, the article certainly did not make Kato’s life any easier.

Andrew Wiktor

Luke Hammill, senior Amanda Woods Editorial Editor

John Hugar

News Editors

Lauren Nostro, senior David Weidenborner Dannielle O’Toole, asst. Investigative Reporter

Amanda Jonas Arts Editors

James Twigg, senior Jameson Butler Vanessa Frith, asst. Life Editors

Jennifer Harb, senior Mike Tyson, asst. Sports Editors

Matt Parrino, senior Carey Beyer Brian Josephs, asst.

Naturally, this list was met with outrage. The American Rolling Stone magazine quickly condemned the publication and sued them for copyright infringement, and

The magazine article hadn’t had too much of a dramatic effect until now. David Kato, one of Uganda’s leading gay rights activists, and one of the people mentioned on the Rolling Stone list, was allegedly beaten to death last week.

All of this leaves the question of what, if anything, the United States should do to address this situation.

At The Spectrum, we believe the response needs to be measured. We believe President Obama should speak out and publicly condemn the attacks, but we do not think the U.S. should impose any military presence on Uganda. Considering the United States’ tendency to get over-involved in other nations’ political issues, and the resentment other nations have for us as a result, imposing force on Uganda at this point in time would simply be unwise. With that said, we are greatly concerned about the problem escalating. We believe that if the United States, along with organizations like the United Nations, took a firm stand against Uganda, it could put necessary pressure on

them, and lead to them decreasing their strict laws against homosexuality. While The Spectrum firmly condemns Kato’s murder, as well as the Rolling Stone list, we believe it is important to recognize that not every country has the same values we do. If Uganda imposed force on America for its tolerance of homosexuality, there would be an understandable amount of outrage. We disagree with Uganda’s strong anti-gay views and actions, but we believe the best way to change it is through diplomacy. Using military force would only create anti-American sentiment. Using our words would have a greater potential to create real change. g

Photo Editors

Clinton Hodnett, senior Megan Kinsley Alex McCrossen

United States Should Keep Distance in Egyptian protests

WEB Editor

U.S. intervention unwise, despite free speech violations

Adam Cole


Debbie Smith

Administrative Assistant

Helene Polley

Advertising Manager

Marissa Giarraputo


Jeannette Wiley

Advertising Designer

Aline Kobayashi

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In the wake of the overthrow of the Ben-Ali regime in Tunisia, and Yemen’s calling for the exit of longtime president Ali Abdullah Saleh, revolution certainly seems to be in the air lately. In the past week, that sentiment also seemed to be true in Egypt. While there has been no takeover of the Egyptian government, there have been protests throughout the country, with many people calling for the ousting of longtime Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak. Unfortunately, these protests took a sour turn last week, as Egyptian police have cracked down on the protesters rather harshly. Their tactics have included the use of water cannons and tear gas, as well as the beating of the protestors. The main target of police force is the Muslim Brotherhood Party, Egypt’s leading opposition party and one of the major dissenters of the Mubarak administration. At The Spectrum, we believe the police reaction to these protests has been excessive to say the

Restrooms Have Gone Down the Toilet MICHAEL TYSON Asst. Life Editor Any student that has attended the University at Buffalo for more than a couple weeks and has heeded the call of nature at least once can agree that the bathrooms here are in a sorry state. I have been at this school for three semesters now, and I am appalled at how the flagship school of the SUNY system keeps up the places that every member of the student body, faculty and staff must visit.

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I can understand paper towels on the floor and occasional toilet over-flows. That comes with the territory of any public restroom. I can also accept that the toilets and sinks break down and require repair or replacement. What really gets my goat is when I find a bathroom in an even messier state the next day, where it is obvious that the only visitors were people who left more garbage behind, and the custodian either never came in or refused to clean the floor, empty the trash, or replace the rolls. I also get steamed when a urinal that has been out of order for three semesters still remains out of order. This can be observed in the men’s room on NSC’s main floor. By the way, a plastic bag over the urinal means, “do not use.” The puddle of urine on the bag and under the urinal do not speak well of the people who attend UB. I realize that New York has cut the funds coming into UB and times are tight; I realize that maintenance and custodial staff

least. These people have the right to protest, and their free speech is being restricted. It would be one thing if the protestors were attempting to remove Mubarak using force, but merely calling for resignation using nonviolent protest does not justify such a violent response. The situation in Egypt leaves the United States at an unfortunate crossroads. The Mubarak regime has long been a U.S. ally, so it is understandable for President Obama to be reluctant in condemning the actions of his administration in dealing with the protests. In addition, the United States is internationally known for being a control freak when it comes to international affairs. It is has a long history of getting involved it disputes that, in many countries’ eyes, are none of its business. As a result, taking a firm stance here could not only cost the U.S. a long-term ally, but also spark the anger of the international community.

are stretched thin on this sprawling campus; but when I don’t see a floor swept for a week or a toilet fixed for over a year, I lose my patience. Some restrooms do receive attention, though. The facilities in the Center for the Arts are always clean, well stocked, and in good repair. The reason for this I’m sure has a lot to do with how many wealthy visitors come through that particular building. What this says to me is that UB is capable of good restroom maintenance and chooses not to simply because we, as students, are not important. This does not sit well with me. We may get the most for our money here at UB as far as public schools go, but we still shell out enough money each semester to deserve a clean place to answer nature’s call. All the blame does not rest on the school staff either. There are certainly some things that students cannot help doing in bathrooms that lessen the experience of others, but there are other actions that are not cool at all. Don’t rip the soap or paper towel dispensers off the wall. This does not prove your strength or rebelliousness. The restroom facing the Student Union seal has been perpetually losing its soap dispenser; this is inconsiderate and does not help the already-broke SUNY system in keeping the restrooms fully stocked and clean. Also, students could try to toss their paper waste in an actual trashcan and not simply on the floor. I am among those people who prefer to open the door with the towel in my hand so I don’t touch the handle. I also make certain to toss my garbage in a can,

At the same time, it is hard to deny the inherent wrongdoing of the Egyptian government in handling the protesters. That’s why we believe the U.S. should behave with extreme diplomacy here. The best stance to take may be none, and if President Obama does wish to criticize the Egyptian government, he should be careful to avoid inflammatory language, which could lead to anti-American backlash. Furthermore, we believe that if a regime change does take place, the U.S. should not attempt to impose its constitution on Egypt. Doing that sort of thing is what gives America its reputation as a country that can’t mind its own business. The cruelty of the police force in Egypt is undeniable, but in this situation, the best thing America can do is keep its distance, and let the situation play out. g

*SATIRE I’m Not a Dirty Player LUKE HAMMILL Senior Managing Editor Playing a sport is a great way to relieve stress and keep those competitive juices flowing. That’s why, every weekend, I play beer pong. Some people play for the glory, and some play for the buzz that comes with defeating an opponent. Others play for a way to meet new people and make friends. I’ve even heard of people who play for money. I don’t play for any of those reasons, though. I play beer pong because it is simply the cleanest of all the competitive sports. I’m a mysophobe, you see. (That’s a germaphobe, for all of you laymen.) Be honest; in what other sport is the ball washed off regularly, after every play of the game? A basketball is touched by 10 different individuals in a short span of time, not including the referees and the players on the bench who will come into the game and also touch the ball. To make things worse, these individuals proceed to repeatedly bounce the ball off of the ground, for Pete’s sake. And does the game ever stop so that this gross ball can get washed off? No. Never. In football, it’s even worse. They often play the game outside, and sometimes they even play in the mud. The ball is thrown, caught, kicked, spiked, and fumbled, and not once does the ball get cleaned. Disgusting. And don’t even get me started about baseball. When pitchers want to cheat, they’ve been known to spit on the ball before they throw it. Again, never does anyone think to wash off the slimy thing. In beer pong, meanwhile, there is a conveniently located cup of cold water – solely intended for cleaning off the ping-pong ball in between turns – right on the table.

even if I have to go a little out of my way.

That means that when the ball rolls underneath the couch, rolling through dust, dirt, potato chips, and whatever else might be under there, it is cleaned off in the “water cup” before anyone would even think to resume the game. Likewise, when the ball travels along the basement floor of a crowded college party – full of students that had walked there through snow, mud, and puddles – the water cup is always there to save us from getting sick.

Spitting is a surprisingly prevalent problem, too. Most men don’t want to belly up to the urinal only to find that they are now in danger of wiping someone else’s mucous on their shirts. The faucet (and even handles of the sink) is yet another unpleasant place to find expectorant. If you have to spit, please spit in the basin.

Think of where we’d be if not for the water cup, especially with the same cups being used over and over again for the actual game. Some say there are over 5,000 living organisms in the human mouth. Thankfully, they could never survive the quick bath through a cold cup of water. Right?

One final suggestion for students: don’t put anything in the urinals except for urine. It does not take much to cause these things to overflow, and a puddle of urine does not help anyone.

See the water in the cup get browner and browner as the night goes on? All of that gross stuff used to be on the ball. And you were going to drink the beer that the ball had just splashed into. Good thing we have the water cup.

I’m not a neat freak, but it takes a whole new level of indifference to stomach the puddles that tend to accumulate in bathrooms like the one in NSC or the men’s room on the second floor of Norton across from the elevator. This is not just an issue that affects students who don’t want to wade through puddles of waste to get to the stall. Imagine for a moment that you are a prospective student who is considering coming here to study. You take the tour and midway through Norton, you heed the call of nature and are hit with a perpetual foul smell, a wet floor, an empty soap container, and a paper towel dispenser that refuses to allow you to dry your hands.

Be safe this weekend, fellow students. g

E-mail: luke.hammill@


So for everyone out there, take pride in your school, be courteous to others, and try to be somewhat clean. For UB, please, for all of us, clean and repair in a timely manner. g

call 716.645.2152

E-mail: michael.tyson@ OPINION FRIday, January 28, 2011 v THE SPECTRUM


ARTS & LIFE Pay it Forward AMANDA JONASInvestigative Reporter Volunteerism, service and community engagement may not be words typically associated with a college student’s idea of a “spring break.” However, for those looking for an out-ofthe-ordinary experience, the Center for Student Leadership & Community Engagement (CSLCE) is giving students the chance to make a difference this spring break. According to Tim Leonard, a graduate assistant for community involvement, the CSLCE is offering interested students the opportunity to volunteer locally in the Buffalo area or in post-Katrina New Orleans. For those interested in staying in Buffalo, “Alternative Spring Break: Give Where You Live” allows 20 students the chance to explore the Western New York area while serving the local community. “We think it’s a unique opportunity for students to get to know the town that they live in,” Leonard said. “Many students are Buffalo residents but they have never participated in any of these non-profits and don’t even know the different areas of Buffalo. So it’s something for them to experience that they wouldn’t have [experienced] otherwise.” Daniel Ovadia, a sophomore in the School of Management, participated in the program last year and is a team leader for this year’s Alternative Spring Break. “The Buffalo area offers a lot of not-for-profit experiences that most UB students aren’t exposed to,” Ovadia said. “Last year we visited a Habitat House; Buffalo City Mission; Vive La Casa, a home for refugees in the area; and a local elementary school.” The program starts on the first Saturday of spring break, March 12, and goes through the following Friday, March 18. While students may be staying in Buffalo, CSLCE is modeling the alternative spring break so it resembles an out-of-town volunteer experience. Students who participate in the Buffalo spring break will be bunking in Goodyear Hall and will be bussed to and from local community service sites. For a cost of $50, students will be provided housing, transportation, food and entertainment. “We stay on South Campus in Goodyear 10 … we convert the lounge and bring in mattresses so we all stay together in one room,” Leonard said. “Its kind of like you’re at a hostel or something.”


ARTS & LIFE FRIday, january 28, 2011 v THE SPECTRUM

Courtesy UB CSLCE

Students who don’t have plans for Spring Break yet have the option of spending a week of volunteering and fun in either Buffalo or New Orleans. Not only are students taken out into the community to volunteer, but they also get to participate in fun evening activities; last year, the group went to a Sabres game. Applications are due Feb. 7 and can be found online at and in the CSLCE office. “I would encourage students to participate if they are from the Buffalo area or not,” Ovadia said. “It’s an amazing experience. That’s why I’m doing it again this year, so I can pass on the experience to other students.’’ For students who want to get out of Buffalo for break, David Dodge, an English major who recently transferred from Genesee Community College, worked with the CSLCE office to create the New Orleans Alternative Spring Break program. According to Dodge, the idea to form his own

program came from a similar program that he participated in at GCC. He is looking for 20 students and a delegation from GCC to rebuild the wetlands and regions of New Orleans that still remain after Katrina.

assessment that we will be doing [that] can tell us exactly what they can and cannot do,” Dodge said. “But no matter what the student is capable of, there will be something that they can do.”

“This [program] gives students an opportunity to go to a place they have never been before and might not go to otherwise,” Dodge said. “Katrina happened Aug. 29 five years ago, and still, parts of New Orleans look like Katrina just happened.”

Students interested in participating should visit the CSLCE office and apply by Feb. 1. Applicants will then be screened by Dodge and Amy Wilson, Associate Director for CSLCE, and will be interviewed prior to acceptance.

The cost for this program is $400 and covers transportation to and from New Orleans, food, lodging, a concert, and a boat tour of the wetlands. Students participating in the program will leave on March 12 and return on March 20. “I don’t want students to get nervous about the work we would be doing. There is a skills

For more information on the Buffalo and New Orleans ASB opportunities, visit the CSLCE office in 235 Student Union or online at g Additional reporting by Michael Tyson.


Sharing is Caring JAMESON BUTLERArts Editor Who: Jameson Butler

Album: Mine is Yours Artist: Cold War Kids Label: Downtown Records Release Date: Jan. 25 Grade: A-

What: The Mechanic When: The next 72 hours…straight Where: Pretty much any theater

Courtesy of Tammy Lo

Why: It’s Jason Statham kicking bad guy butt, and chances are, there is going to be at least one scene of him without a shirt. Do you need anything else?

With major album drops from Vampire Weekend, The Black Keys, and Arcade Fire, there is no denying that 2010 was the year of the indie kid. 2011 will be to punk music what 2010 was to indie music.

“From now on fly as high as I want/ From now on I’ll show my weak spot/ From now on in all that I do/ From now on call me Royal Blue,” belts frontman Nathan Willett.

Who: James Twigg

Luckily for the masses, Cold War Kids can help bridge the gap between these two genres. Cold War Kids have made a name for themselves by making soothing, bluesy indie-punk. Their new album, Mine is Yours, will take the band to new heights.

CWK did a great job hiding the gems in the middle of the album. As the album progresses, songs like “Finally Begin” and “Skip the Charades” grasp the listeners and get them to move along to the beat with ease.

What: UB Bulls Basketball When: Saturday at noon Where: Alumni Arena Why: Because there’s nothing like standing shoulder to shoulder with your classmates, cheering on the blue and white. Who: Vanessa Frith What: Band Wars When: Saturday at 6 p.m. Where: Tralf Music Hall Why: Listen to some music you’ve probably never heard by 12 local bands.

Upon first listen, it is apparent that this is not the same sound that radiated from the band’s first two albums. A cleaner sound and a higher production value deliver a reverberation that entrances the listener.

While Mine is Yours engages the listener throughout much of the album, there are a few low points. Songs like “Louder Than Ever” and “Sensitive Kid” seem a little repetitive, and Willett’s voice flirts with being annoying.

The opening title track does a prolific job foreshadowing the direction that CWK wanted to take the album. Heartfelt lyrics about giving everything for someone you love are accompanied with gut-wrenching instrumentals.

When the album begins to wind down, that’s where the band’s nostalgia comes into play. The last handful of songs, most notably “Cold Toes on the Cold Floor,” are reminiscent of the Cold War Kids of old. This brings Mine is Yours to a rejuvenating conclusion.

Early on in the album, CWK shows the potential the band possesses. “Royal Blue” demonstrates how wellcrafted their lyrics are. The song talks about an Achilles’ heel that is very common: letting someone into your life.

Mine is Yours might have a few minor kinks, but those are overshadowed by the great songwriting and exquisite instrumentals that are much more abundant on the album. g


YOUTUBE Videos of the Week

Deerhoof Kicks ZACHARY BOURQUEStaff Writer Album: Deerhoof vs. Evil Artist: Deerhoof Release Date: Jan. 25 Label: Polyvinyl Records Grade: B


Fight your way through hordes of mutated freaks in Dead Space 2.

Bloody Good Time

Clarke is given kinesis; a tool that allows him to move objects without actually touching them. One of the best uses of this power is to cut off a foe’s arm, then use kinesis to impale him with it and give a whole new meaning to the phrase “stop hitting yourself.”

JAMES TWIGGSenior Arts Editor Grade: ABlood, guts and more severed limbs than an amputee ward; welcome to Dead Space 2. Visceral Games’ second voyage into the foreboding black doesn’t disappoint, and when you’re following on the coattails of one of the best survival horror games to ever grace consoles, that’s no small feat. The game picks up three years after the events of the original Dead Space and wastes no time throwing you into the gory mayhem. As the game opens, protagonist Isaac Clarke finds himself trapped in a strait jacket with dozens of necromorphs (grotesquely mutated humans) wanting nothing more than to rip him limb from bloody limb. Players soon find out that Clarke has been under observation on the Sprawl, a space station located on one of Saturn’s moons, for the past three years. Apparently witnessing the death of a few hundred civilians in the first installment did quite a number on Clarke’s mental state. Once Clarke discovers that the item responsible for creating the necromorphs in the first game, known as the marker, has been rebuilt on the Sprawl, he sets out to destroy it and end his nightmare once and for all. Make no mistake; this game is not for the faint of heart. Wandering through the dark and narrow corridors that make up much of the game’s setting can be a tense and frightening experience for even the most experienced player. Fortunately, Clarke is given several tools to help keep players from becoming necromorph chum. Unfortunately, the only way to kill your enemies is to sever all their limbs. First up is Clarke’s arsenal of weapons. Whereas the original Dead Space only featured a handful of guns, Dead Space 2 ups the ante with new weapons like the Javelin gun, which launches large spikes into your attackers, and the pulse rifle, with its nuke grenade attachment. Firepower alone won’t be enough to keep you from becoming a pulpy mess, though. In addition,

Lastly, there is stasis. This armor addition allows players to hit necromorphs and other objects with a beam in order to slow them down. When you mix all of these aspects together, what you’re left with is addictive, creative and frenzied firefights that never play out the same way twice. As a result, Dead Space 2 possesses a very high replay value that makes sure you get the most bang for your buck. What makes Dead Space 2 the heart-pounding adventure it is, though, is the scarcity of the enemies throughout. While there is no shortage of dismembering goodness to be had, the game doesn’t throw enemy after enemy at you. By keeping the encounters spread out and sudden, the game is able to keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish. Traversing cramped passageways and cutting off limb after limb isn’t all there is to do throughout the game, however. Dead Space 2 is able to keep things fresh by implementing several puzzles into the gameplay. They may not be the toughest brainteasers ever, but they’re a welcome respite from the running and gunning, especially when they’re mixed with a zero gee atmosphere that allows players to move in an unrestricted fashion. Graphically, Dead Space 2 is a gorgeous game. From the detail on Clarke’s armor to the breathtaking vistas of the Sprawl from outer space, this is one of the best-looking games in a long time. While the campaign may be the main appeal for fans of the Dead Space series, Visceral Games did decide to throw in a multiplayer game type this time around. One team takes on the role of humans with an objective and the other team plays as the necromorphs and tries to stop the humans. It may not top multiplayer juggernauts like Halo or Call of Duty, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a bloody good time, filled with more slashing and hacking than a Rob Zombie film. g


Ridiculous Putt-Putt Golf Fountain Trick Shot Suck on that, Tiger Woods.

In Deerhoof’s wonderfully titled 10th studio release, Deerhoof vs. Evil, the band continues its progression of ease to craft its own unpredictable style. Prog-rock indulgence, sugar-sweet melodies, and punk rock abrasiveness are frantically thrown together in an all-inall fun-loving spirit. Fans of 2008’s Offend Maggie or 2007’s Friend Opportunity will either fully appreciate the next helping or feel the weird paradox of a band built on the element of surprise. Fortunately, the album is filled with enough entertaining and memorable moments that it is easy not to care. Opener “Qui Dorm, Nome’s Somia” kicks things off the Deerhoof way. A soup of trippy electronic textures, Satomi Matsuzaki’s extreme falsetto, complex arrangements, and clear melodic releases makes “Qui Dorm” a deliciously abstract start. These elements and more are a constant motif throughout the album.

Dainty Cat Offspring of the AristoCats.

Prague Astronomical Clock 600th Anniversary Show So far from anticlimactic.

“Secret Mobilization” appeals to fans of the band’s harder material by further exploring it. “Let’s Dance the Jet” is one of the album’s increasingly “accessible” songs and has an identifiable direction with harmonies built for sharing. It is on tracks like “Must Fight Current” that another weird paradox shows itself in a negative way with instrumentals that are alienating, chilly, and, frankly, not as much fun to listen to. Not every moment is a winner, but Deerhoof seems to make it this way on purpose. This is especially clear after hearing “Let’s Dance the Jet” or the joyous synth-pop of the ninth track, entitled “Hey I Can.” Even in the strong selections, the band allows the less-than-inviting tones to shine through. With a unique sound, Deerhoof is not the most massively appealing band out there. But for their rabid fans, Deerhoof vs. Evil is an album that will fit in nicely with the rest of the band’s discography. g


The Empire Farts Back (A Fart Video with Farting) Brought to you by Fiber One.

Jesus Take the Wheel God is your co-pilot.

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“Schwarzen-Schnitzel” Speaks to UB

Records Shattered in Bulls’ Win Continued from Page 1

Continued from Page 1

We took Szunko out of the game for most of the 40 minutes.” Brown and Fortman were not the only players to turn in great performances. Senior guard Ashley Zuber scored a career-high 15 points, and senior forward Bridgette Kendricks had nine points and nine rebounds in the contest. Hill-MacDonald spoke about how Kendricks had been challenged by her coach to hit the glass with more intensity. “I’d been challenging Bridgette a little bit to go to the boards,” Hill-MacDonald said. “I was a little disappointed in her last game [against Toledo], but today I am extremely pleased.” Buffalo will seek to continue its momentum when the team hosts Ball State on Saturday. Game two of the Bulls’ basketball doubleheader will tip off at 2:30 p.m. g


Political parties tend to slow the policy-making process. With your wife being a Democrat and you being a Republican, does that hint that it’s possible for “blues” and “reds” to get along and work together? What do you feel about the slow-moving political process? “Anyone who slows anything down is just stuck in ideology rather than being stuck in serving the people, because, if you’re interested in serving the people, it doesn’t matter if it’s ‘Democrat’ or ‘Republican.’ No one cares. “If you had to go to the hospital and you needed good care…If it was a Democrat who implemented that law or a Republican, what do you care? Right?... If it’s good, it doesn’t matter what party. If it’s a Republican that has pushed for rebuilding the roads in Buffalo, what do you care if it’s a Democrat or a Republican? As long as the roads get done, right? So I always govern on that basis. “People always ask me, ‘do you have fights at home because you have a Democratic wife?’ No, because she wants to improve the country, I want to improve the country; she wants to fight for education, I want to fight for education; she wants to go and see the state of California being rebuilt, and so do I. “I think your question is very accurate because it’s the parties that create all of this tension, and they’re the ones stuck in this ideology…Politics are really about your own struggle between your heart and your mind…A good politician has to ask, ‘how can I serve the people the best possible way?’ not ‘how can I serve my party the best possible way?’”

What’s your take on the legalization of marijuana? What could Proposition 19 have done for the economy of California? “First of all, you don’t ever want to do something like [legalizing marijuana] for the reason of raising money because it’s just a moral question: does the state believe in legalizing it, regardless of the money? To me, it makes no difference; the people can make the decision. They can look at all of the facts, look at law enforcement, study other states or other countries where they had legalization of marijuana: did it work or did they regret it? That’s what you have to do. “The biggest mistake they made with Proposition 19 was that they kept saying that it would solve the economy. First of all, nothing will save the economy, because the fact of the matter is that the politicians in California have continuously overspent, and they have made huge, huge mistakes with pensions and government-endorsed retirement benefits, which costs a fortune to the state. “We have already de-criminalized it; marijuana is less than a speeding ticket. I’ve already signed the law that says we shouldn’t put people in jail for smoking a joint. We’ve already done that, so I think [it failed] because no one bought in to the fact that it would help the economy – it would have made $1 billion but we have a $25 billion deficit. “So what are we talking about? Should we then change laws of 25 other things just to make that money? No, we just have to be fiscally responsible. California people thought, ‘let’s just keep it the way it is and find another way of balancing the budget.’”



ACROSS 1 Genetic double 6 Calligraphy fluids 10 One-liner 14 Was wearing (2 wds.) 15 Tackle-shop buy 16 Wrist bone 17 Soldering tools 18 California’s — Valley 19 Envelope abbr. 20 Party animal 22 Attic 24 Vegas rival 25 Heat conductors 26 Nag, nag, nag 30 Holy terror 32 Internet fan 33 Irish Rose’s man 35 DEA agents 40 Roman-bath implement 42 Thick fog (2 wds.) 44 Krishna devotee 45 Artifact 47 Ms. Paretsky 48 Billowing garment 50 Carpenter’s tool 52 Spring back 56 Like some chances 58 Damage 59 Bars (2 wds.) 64 Reindeer herder

65 Smidgen 67 Select few 68 Clarified butter 69 Familiar auth. 70 Bit parts 71 Snakes lack them 72 Hacks off 73 Pyramid site DOWN 1 Stylish 2 “Tomb Raider” heroine 3 Hound’s track 4 Parent’s warning (hyph.) 5 Make certain 6 Norwegian playwright 7 Safari starting point 8 Kipling novel 9 Pistil top 10 Canning jar size 11 Violet lead-in 12 PC chip maker 13 Breathes hard 21 Caravansary 23 Hartford competitor 26 Wild country 27 — spumante 28 Bruce or Laura 29 Crisscross pattern 31 Bank takeback



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34 Object on radar 36 Club, briefly 37 Turnpike 38 Salt or smoke 39 Train for the ring 41 Handbag logo 43 Fictional cow 46 Computer style 49 Pre-cable hookup 51 Electrical unit 52 Hull’s bottom 53 Nebraska hub

54 Part of a shoe 55 Where hackles rise 57 Tilts 60 Trudge 61 Greasy 62 El Paso campus 63 Analyze 66 Sean Lennon’s mom

Sudoku – Difficulty 2/5



SPORTS Programmed for Success CAREY BEYERSports Editor As any gamer will tell you, the only thing that matters is owning the high score. Senior forward Kourtney Brown has brought that mentality to Alumni Arena and the women’s basketball team. Brown is the dominating force that has led the Bulls with a season that has been nothing short of impressive. The team captain has broken the all-time career records for points, rebounds, and blocks, and it’s

only the halfway point of the season. Her leadership, both directly to her teammates and through the example she sets on the floor, is invaluable to the Bulls.

ished, Brown would like nothing more than to enter the field of video game programming. “I love video games,” Brown said. “I really like the idea of creating something that someone else can control in any way that they want.”

“She’s such a factor in everything that we do,” said head coach Linda Hill-MacDonald. “Whether it’s offense or defense, Kourtney plays a tremendous role.”

That dream may have to wait a while, however, because of the success that Brown is having in her final season. There has been talk of extending her playing career beyond college. Although it is a bit early to think about the possibility of professional play, those around Brown know that it is not unrealistic.

Despite her immense success on the court, Brown has not lost sight of her studies or the career that she wants to pursue. Her passion off the court is video games. That’s right; the most dominant athlete on campus is a video game nerd.

“I know she can play at the next level,” said Hill-MacDonald, who

After her career in basketball is fin-

has coached in the WNBA. “The only thing that might hold her back initially is her size, but the coach that gives her an opportunity is going to be very pleased, and the others will be shaking their heads thinking about why they didn’t take a look at her.” Brown’s path to Buffalo began about three hours down the I-90W. She grew up in Solon, Ohio with her parents, Kalvin Sr. and Kim, and older siblings, Kalvin Jr. and Brandie. She was introduced to basketball by her older brother, who also played the sport. Her parents were very supportive of her athletic aspirations and helped her succeed throughout her high school career. In her first two years at Solon High School, however, she saw her future panning out differently than it turned out. “When I was a freshman and sophomore in high school, I really thought I was going to be a cross-country runner in college,” Brown said. “I don’t know what happened, but over my sophomore summer, I fell in love with basketball and realized that I could not give it up.” Her decision to stick with basketball may have been influenced by the deep understanding of the game that she received during her time with the Solon Comets. When she first entered high school, she stood at 5-foot 7-inches, and her coaches had her playing point and shooting guard. By the end of her career in high school, she had grown to 5-foot 11-inches and had begun playing in the post. Having the opportunity to play every position gave her insight into every aspect of the game.

Clinton Hodnett /// The Spectrum

Kourtney Brown, who is setting records for the women’s basketball team this season, hopes to one day be a video game designer.

Scouting Northern Illinois

Bulls Game Notes: The Bulls are 10-1 when outrebounding their opponent. They’re 2-5 when they lose the rebounding battle. Bulls have shot 50 percent or better in eight of their last 10 games. Junior guard Zach Filzen – the team’s leading scorer (14.8) – has made 11 3-pointers in his last two games. He ranks fourth in the nation with 3.4 triples per contest and is 10th in the country in total 3-pointers with 62. Freshman forward Javon McCrea has led the team in scoring during the first six games in the MAC with a 15.2-point average over that stretch. He also leads the team overall in rebounds on the season with 6.9 per game.

Players to Watch: XAVIER SILAS – SG – Senior 2010-11 Record: 7-11 (3-3 Mid-American Conference) 2009-10 Record: 10-20 (6-10 MAC) All-Time Series: Huskies lead 13-10. The Bulls have won the last four meetings Last Season: Buffalo won the only meeting (in DeKalb, Ill.) Bulls – 95 /// Huskies – 83

Silas is the only player listed on the watch list for this game because he is considered by most to be a one man wrecking crew. The senior transfer from Colorado is absolutely destroying every team in his path this season and currently ranks second in the nation in scoring, behind only BYU superstar Jimmer Fredette, with 24.7 points per game. Head coach Reggie Witherspoon couldn’t stop singing the praises of the electric Huskies scoring threat. “He can really score, and he has great size for a perimeter guy,” Witherspoon said. “He can

1) Who was the first woman to break the 1,000-point barrier in the program’s history? 2) Which women’s basketball coach currently has the most wins in UB history? 3) Which player holds the record for most career blocks?

rebound the ball like a [power forward] and he handles the ball like a two-guard. He’s a terrific player.” What separates Silas from most number-one scorers is that he is a physical wing player that can bang down low and also obliterate a team from behind the three-point arc. He is the guy who everyone on Northern Illinois looks to and defers to. Junior forward Dave Barnett, who is coming off of a career-high scoring night (16 points) against Western Michigan, will draw the assignment of slowing down Silas to start the game. Witherspoon will depend on Barnett but also thinks it will take a team effort to slow him down and neutralize him. “We learned in the Brigham Young game, you got a guy [Jimmer Fredette] that scores that much, you have to have a consistent lockdown effort,” Witherspoon said. “You can’t give extra chances and you can’t give them anything that would be perceived as easy because then they get into a rhythm…Once [Xavier] smells blood in the water he attacks, and that’s what great scorer’s do.”

Keys to the Game: Aside from finding a way to stop Silas, the Bulls have to avoid the eventual let down game. This game is a perfect storm in that Buffalo has won four in a row and the last two were shocking wins. It has happened in the past – a Bulls team has overlooked a win-

4) Who is currently the MidAmerican Conference leader in points?

9) What is Linda Hill-MacDonald’s record as Buffalo’s current head coach?

5) Who was the most recent inductee into the Bulls Hall of Fame?

10) Which game did the Bulls score the most points in this season?

6) What is Buffalo’s best record since joining the MAC?


7) Who is the newest member of the 1,000-point club? 8) How many head coaches have the Bulls had in their 35-year tenure?

“I really think it helped me realize what other people are going through on the floor,” Brown said. “I remember when I was a guard and wished my post player had been in a place

1) Janet Lilley (1977-81) 2) Sal Buscaglia (155-71) 3) Jessica Kochendorfer (2000-04) 4) Kourtney Brown (173) 5) Tiffany Bell (2007) 6) 19-9, 10-6 MAC in the 2000-01 season 7) Jessica Fortman (1,012) 8) Buffalo haS had 11 head coaches. Current head coach Linda Hill-MacDonald started leading the Bulls in 2005. 9) 60-109 10) Wednesday’s game against Central Michigan (92)

for me to make a play. It definitely has given me a better awareness on the floor.”

Brown’s knowledge of the game helped her lead the Comets to the state championship her senior year. She was also able to set school records for points in a game (41) and rebounds in a game (21).

As great as her high school stats were, it wasn’t until she started to compete in the Amateur Athletics Union tournaments that she began to garner interest from college programs. “I came late to recruiting because I didn’t play AAU until the summer before my junior year,” Brown said. “That’s how you get to college, through AAU.”

It was after one of the AAU tournaments that Buffalo first contacted Brown. She had been approached by schools located closer to her hometown, such as Toledo and Akron, but she preferred Buffalo because of a special connection she had to one of the university’s biggest rivals.

“My mom had grown up in Buffalo,” Brown said. “She had gone to Niagara [University] and had told me that they were rivals, so I had to give it a look.”

She fell in love with the campus and people at the university, but it was the school’s engineering program that sealed her decision.

Even with the prospect of professional play on the horizon, Brown is still focused on the season at hand. There is a great deal that she wishes to accomplish before her time with the Bulls comes to an end.

If Brown continues to play at the level she’s demonstrated, it could be game over for the rest of the MidAmerican Conference come March. g


nable home game after a run in the MAC and has been brought back to reality in a hurry.

Senior guard Byron Mulkey can’t let his team fall victim to that mentality. He has to generate the excitement early on and hopefully feed off of a loud and vibrant student section, if fans come out the same way they did in the Bulls’ last home game. Witherspoon thinks there is nothing that gets a team going more than a loud and excited home crowd and student section.

“I’m really looking forward to Saturday to see if it becomes a ground-swell of student support,” Witherspoon said. “Because when you have that, that’s when it’s really difficult for the visiting team. They can start you going and ignite the flames. That’s when it’s easy to find your rhythm.”

Prediction: The Bulls seem to be a team that sticks together and has a collective understanding of how important every game is. With that said, Silas is a monster and is going to present the Bulls with a large challenge.

Fredette gave Alumni Arena a show it won’t soon forget with his 28-point second half explosion, and I think the Bulls have that feeling fresh in their memories. Expect the team to feed off of a big home crowd, and Mulkey should lead his team to victory.

Bulls – 81 /// Huskies – 72


MATTHEW PARRINO Senior Sports Editor

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