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To Have, to Hold,

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Come With Me

Emily Kennedy & Amber Vongsamphanh


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Abigail Malone


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The Southeast’s Finest Vendor Directory

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Upscale, Intimate

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Casey Davis


True Era


About Love


The Story of a Husband

Letter from the Editor

Still55 Photography

Rachel Browder


Happy, Easy, Deeply Rooted

Love Grows Wild Casey Davis



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Editor-at-Large & The Hubs

Casey Davis

Rachel Browder,

When the Lights Go Down



Let Me Tell You A Story

Rachel Wescott,

Rachel Browder


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The Southeastern Bride

The fine-art of homemade marriage.

Š 2016 The Southeastern Bride. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission from the editor except in the case of brief quotations for the purpose of review as permitted by copyright law. All images and text published in this magazine are the property of the respective owners and artists. For permissions and distributions please contact, Proudly printed in the USA. Join us online! @TheSoutheasternBride Cover, Copyright, & Editor’s Photography, Abigail Malone Wedding Gown Provided by Wedding Wonderland Bridal Hair & Makeup, Hair by Claudia Nicole Models, Rachel Wescott & Taylor Moenning

LETTER from the EDITOR Why marriage? Because I want to leave something that lasts beyond my days; a simple legacy of love. At my Papaw’s funeral I listened as a woman congratulated Mamaw on nearly sixty-years of marriage. She turned to the woman and said, “It wasn’t enough”. I have had the pleasure of watching many marriages thrive, and I have also witnessed the struggle and hardship that can break a marraige. I want The Southeastern Bride to be a place of encouragement, a source of strength. Yes, we feature beautiful imagery and have a “perfect feed”, but between you and me, that is just a way of drawing people into something with a lot of heart behind it. Featuring inspiring imagery along with stories of legacy and love, The Southeastern Bride magazine is designed to be simple and intentional. To me, my marriage is a place of rest and restoration. It is my safe place and comfort. We go out into the world and are exausted by it’s demands, but our marriage provides the place we get to come back to at the end of the day. That is what I hope to share with brides-to-be and I am so grateful to have you along with us on this journey. Book 1 is just the beginning. A jumping off place if you will. Cheers to many more. Love, C

Casey L. Davis Happily Married Mrs, Mama, and Founding Editor & Publisher of The Southeastern Bride.

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To Have, To Hold, And To Savor Words, Rachel Westcott (excerpt) Photography, Catherine Truman


arriage begins to dangle its charms in front of her face with every venue she tours, every dress she tries on, and every cake she tastes. No longer a girlfriend, but not yet a wife, this bride-to-be hastily makes her wedding arrangements. She furiously checks items off her list, wishing this season would speed up, because there is too much to do, not enough time to do it, and she wishes she were just married already. What does it look like to actually live our engagements to the fullest, and not wish them away? It’s touring apartments with your future spouse, picturing where your couch will go and giggling at the thought of sharing a space together. It’s getting your engagement pictures taken in 100% humidity, not even caring that you’re covered in sweat, because you’re holding hands with the person you love. It’s taking a celebratory selfie the second you book your honeymoon tickets. It’s turning those stressful invitation-addressing sessions into date nights, complete with pizza and a movie on in the background. It’s acknowledging each moment, those spent registering for linens, blenders, and china, having your first bridal shower, and coordinating color palettes as monumental. To me, savoring every bite is looking into Taylor’s bright blue eyes and simply saying in awe, “We’re getting married. We’re actually getting married.” It’s parking myself in that moment while taking mental photographs to hold onto forever. But, savoring every moment doesn’t just include the sweet things. It’s savoring the bitter things also. It’s having to pare down the guest list, and realizing you don’t fit into your wedding dress quite right, and crying because every venue seems too small or too expensive or a terrible option if it were to rain. It’s sleepless nights editing your wedding website, and it’s stressing out over how in the world your budget will cover everything. Whatever you do, stay in those moments. Feel it all. Be fully present, aware that these are the ups and downs and twists and turns of one of the most beautiful rides in life. At the end of it all, the day of your wedding is not characterized by how many guests were there or how perfect the table arrangements looked. It is the first day of marriage. The beginning of a lifetime of love.

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Acknowledgements Photography: Catherine Truman Photography Florist: The Farmer’s Florist Model: Christie Craig Venue: Whooping Crane Farm Gown: White Dresses

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Celebrating Love Words, Casey Davis Photography, A.J. Dunlap Photography Design, Kast Events


picture from seven years ago sits wedged into a corner on a bookcase in our living room. Almost on a daily basis our two and a half year old picks it out from among a hodgepodge of knick-knacks and novels. She studies that picture and asks about “the day Mommy was a princess and Daddy was a prince”. While she can’t truly grasp what a wedding stands for or what a marriage really means, she does understand that our day was one of celebration. My husband asked me to marry him in a cabin at the end of July and in December we found ourselves in yet another cabin. This time though, we were surrounded by our closest family and friends; confirming our love and commitment to each other. We took our time getting ready that day. Friends moved the furniture aside and lit candles on the mantle. and then I walked to him. Minutes later I was his wife. There was barbeque and banana pudding in lieu of a traditional feast. And that little cabin was filled with conversation and connections made between our most special people. We spent the afternoon and evening laughing and enjoying each moment of our celebration. We stood shivering in the cold as we took that picture; the one that now sits on a shelf striking curiosity and excitement from our daughter. So much has changed in the seven years since it was taken. We have lost touch with some of those friends as we’ve all started families of our own, relatives that are now distant that we only hear from at the holidays, and a parent that is no longer here with us. We celebrated that day because we had found each other, when there had been times that we didn’t believe we ever would. We celebrated the good days to come, and even the bad ones, because we vowed to do all of our days together. That day was our wedding day.

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Acknowlegements Photographer: A.J. Dunlap Photography Venue: The Parlour at Manns Chape Planning & Design: Kast Events Cake & Macaroons: The Cupcake Shoppe Furniture & Decor: Greenhouse Picker Sisters Florals: Serendipity Designs Linens: Cottage Luxe Paper Suite: Sage Paper Co. Hair: Parlor North Raleigh Makeup: Michelle Clark Bridal Gown: Truvelle Bridal Bridesmaids Gowns: Tre Bella Bow Ties: High Cotton Ties Cheese Display: Goat Lady Dairy Ring: Trumpet & Horn Ring Box: The Mrs. Box Guitar: Big Fat Gap Ribbon: Adorn Company Monogrammed Plates: Sasha Nicholas

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Come With Me Words, Emily Kennedy & Amber Vongsamphanh photographs, Lotus Blossom Photography Design, Kennedy Occasions

My dearest Rebecca, Come with me. I cannot bear to think of living my life without you.

Tonight as the sun sets, meet me in the cotton field.

I will love you forever. All my love, Henry

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Acknowledgements Photography: Lotus Blossom Photography Florals and Design: Emily Kennedy of Kennedy Occasions Location: Historic Sam Davis Home Film Processing: The Find Lab Makeup: Lisa Johnson Hair: Elizabeth Warner Bridal Gown: Claire Pettibone via The Dress Theory Menswear: Street Tuxedo Calligraphy: Thistle and Sage Designs

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Home Grown Words & photography, Abigail Malone


evier Blumen is a specialty cut flower farm located in Sevierville, TN. Nestled among the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, Sevier Blumen is truly a homegrown family business. The head horticulturist and co-owner, Robin Yeary, manages the day to day of the farm with the help of Whitney, his wife, their young son, Bo, and of course with the

trusted help of the farm cats. Aside from growing and harvesting flowers for local florists and farmers markets, Robin and Whitney work with brides directly to create one of a kind bouquets and centerpieces. The Yearys devote tireless hours and labor, all for the love of an honest days work and beautiful farm grown flowers. 24

An honest days work...

25 | The Southeastern Bride 2016

“It’s a lot of hard

work, but enjoyable to make

happiness and beauty come out of the dirt.” -Robin Yeary


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Love Grows Wild Words, Casey Davis Photography, Abigail Malone Photography Design, Southern Bliss Weddings

From the dirt good things grow, love included.

Simple, innocent, endearing love. Grace filled, soul-refreshing love. Selfless, loyal love. Grateful, Passionate, True love. From a place of hope, and of rest and restoration. From beneath past hurts and heartache, a place deeply eternal in time. Up from the darkness of the dirt itself; Here is the place where love grows wild.

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Acknowledgements Photography Abigail Malone Venue & Florals: Sevier Blumen Table Setting: Unique Settings Rentals Table and Chairs: All Occasions Party Rentals Styling: Southern Bliss Weddings Dress Designer: Lea Ann Belter Dress Boutique: Wedding Wonderland Bridal Hair & Makeup: Hair by Claudia Nicole Film Scans: Photovision Calligraphy & Stationary: Jenna Roberts Calligraphy Ribbon: Silk and Willow



About Love

Words, Rachel Browder (excerpt) Photography, Cody and Allison Photography Design, Adriel Nutter Events


e always come into marriage with two identities, two pasts, two sets of values and expectations, but the friendship that sparks between us breeds kindness, generosity, honesty, forgiveness, passion, and safety. The friendship in married life is where two people become one. The friendship is where wedding vows become hopeful and not heavy, beautiful and not grim. The time and space we share is alive with our conversations, our laughter, our darkness, our questioning, our hope, and in this friendship place, we have a million opportunities to care and support one another.

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Acknowlegements Photographer:Â Cody & Allison Photography Rentals: Feather + Oak Stationary: Designs In Paper Wood Sign: Oak & Elegance Cake: Nashville Sweets Dress: Posh Bridal Couture Nashville Tux: Street Tuxedo Model: Jessica Crum & Clayton Crum Hair & Makeup: Brynn Boyd Planning & Design: Adriel Nutter Events

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Words & Photography, Jessica Brass - Common Dove Photography

As we are now In these moments The sea Formed for only You and I The wind Craving only To dance with your hair The sun With one desire To illuminate your face As you are looking at me Looking at you Looking at forever.

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Acknowledgements Photography: Common Dove Styling: Knot a Second Thought Weddings and Events Venue: Celebration Cottage Dress: Hair: Susan Lewis Makeup: Christa Michelle Models: Mary Hogan and Ben A. Stevens Catering: Island Grille Florals: Avalon Event Floral, LLC. Calligraphy & Stationary: Quill & Co. Rentals: Crystal Coast Tent & Event Rentals Pies: The Friendly Market

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When the Lights Go Down Words, Casey Davis Photography, Eden Luquire Design, Alexa Cantrell

When the lights go down and the last flickering candle burns out, what remains is a husband and wife. One of the greatest things about marriage is that at the end of the day you are just two people. Two people who are eachothers safe place and home. Who listen when the rest of the world has gone silent. Best friends who laugh together and speak only truth between them. Hearts that share joy and sorrow. Who are never judged by one another. Two joined souls who will share a life together. 47 | The Southeastern Bride 2016


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52 | The Southeastern Bride 2016

Acknowledgements Photographer: Eden Luquire Film: Kate Cauthen Coordinator: Alexandrea Cantrell Hair: Jenna Roberts Makeup: Chantal Ingram Calligraphy: Jenna Roberts Calligraphy Florals: Basil & Bergamot Venue: Meadow Hill Farm

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LET ME TELL YOU A STORY Words, Rachel Browder Photography, Foxtail Photogrpaphy

Let me tell you a story about a Midwestern girl who fell in love with a California boy who grew up in the hills of Tennessee. Let me tell you how they were impossibly young, how they built a life between the hills with their four calloused hands and their two strong backs. They struggled as the wet blanket air stole their nights and smothered life away. Breathing in, breathing out. Southern Summer beating them down. They lived like gypsies and they ate like savages and they found themselves alive in the mountains and the rivers, under stars. They danced at the fireside, each crisp night offering them up to each other. Breathing in, breathing out. Southern Autumn keeping their hearts pinned in place.

Let me tell you how they doubled their numbers, by accident it seems from a distance. And the nights were so long and the days were so long. And the sun, moon, and stars were forever far away from them and they closed their eyes, curled up next to the fire and dreamt of each other. Breathing in, breathing out. Southern Winter darker and colder than they’d ever feared. They waited and wanted, watching the sun low in her path. They held their breath and she came back, higher every morning, until their hearts blossomed with hope. They counted out minutes and days and they danced at the fireside teaching their children how to cast wishes at the stars. Breathing in, breathing out. Southern Spring bringing them back to themselves and each other.

55 | The Southeastern Bride 2016


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Acknowledgements Photography: Foxtail Photography Day of Coordinator: Julie Laramie Caterer: Woodlands BBQ Florist: Julie Laramie Baker: Appalachian Cookie Company Wedding Dress: Carol Hannah Men’s Suits: Mens Wearhouse DJ: Digital Mobile Entertainment


They found themselves alive in the mountains and the rivers, under stars. they danced at the fireside.

61 | The Southeastern Bride 2016

Real Weddings


Pure, honest, fair love.

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Acknowledgements Photographer: Sarah Houston Photography Event Planner: Johanna Goossens Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Saunders Caterer: Caroline Street Catering Florist: Good Earth Flowers Cakes: Bijou’s Sweet Treats DJ/Band: Bachelor Boys Band Videography: Delta Studio Productions Ceremony Location: St. Mary’s Catholic Church Reception Location: Morais Vineyards & Winery

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Detailed love.

Acknowledgements Photography: Kenzie Packrall Rentals and Design: Wish Vintage Rentals Dress Boutique: The Bride Tampa Wedding Dress: Daalarna Couture Necklace: Camilla Christine Bridal Bridal Stylist: Tulle and Co. Hair & Makeup: Michele Renee the Studio Floral Design: Taylormade Floral and Event Decor Table Settings: Dishie Rentals Linens: Kate Ryan Linens Stationary: Hooray Paperie Cake: J’aime Cakes Venue: Mackay Gardens and Lakeside Preserve

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Happy, easy, deeply-rooted love.

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Acknowledgements Photographer: True Era Photography Ceremony Venue: San Marco Preservation Hall Wedding Planner: Inspire Events DJ: Jeffrey Wood Florist: Kelley’s Bloom Room Transportation: Ana’s Limo Officiant: Rev. Deborah Montana RN


JR & Company Salon



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Light-filled love.

75 | The Southeastern Bride 2016


Acknowledgements Photographer: Katie Norrid Photography Venue: Spring Creek Ranch Videographer: Trent Erwin Florals & Design: Paula DeClerk DJ: DJ Andy Boone PhotoBooth: Photoboothbling Memphis Wedding Gown: Maggie Louise Bridal Hair & Makeup: Ginny Glenn & Farrah Taylor- Capelli Salon Catering: Spring Creek Ranch

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Upscale, intimate love.

79 | The Southeastern Bride 2016

Acknowledgements Photographer: Still55 Photography Reception Venue: Omni Amelia Island Plantation - Walker’s Landing Ceremony Venue: Amelia Plantation Chapel Gown: Galia Lahav Tux: Calvin Klien from Men’s Warehouse Hair & Makeup: Kristen White Imagery Flowers: Artistc Florist Design: We Tie the Knots - Suzanne White Entertainment: Bobby & The Aristocats Videography: AWC Films Linens: Nuage Designs



Bold, charming, lasting love.

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Acknowledgements Photography: Photography Anthology by Ashley Posthuma Venue: Meadow Hill Farm Planner: Simply Southern Events by Elizabeth Florals: Abigail Curtis Cottonwood Floral Custom Backdrop: Nashville Audio Visual Dress: The White Room Hair & Makeup: Kristen Carbine & Meg Boes Catering: South Fork Catering Co Cake: Alena Vaughn Triple Crown Bakery Linens: Over the Top Entertainment: Tyler Gordon


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Classic, elegant, timeless love.

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Acknowledgements Photography: Rustic White Photography Ceremony Venue: Sacred Heart Catholic Church Reception Venue: Summerour Studio Event Planner: Invision Events Caterer: Bold American Events Hair: Elle Barrett Makeup: Becca Whittinghill DJ: DJ Danny M of House of Music Entertainment Florist: Faith Flowers Dress Designer: Watters Linens: I Do Linens Cocktail Hour Music: Classy Chicks String Trio Drapery: Event Drapery Calligraphy: Dana Harrion Invitations: Shine Wedding Invitations Menswear:Combatant Gentleman


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Story of a Husband Words, Casey Davis Photography, Kathleen Atkins- JoPhoto


hen I reached out to Kathleen of JoPhoto about any content she would like to contribute to our first publication, our exchange was not as I had anticipated. Kathleen and her husband, photographers and filmmakers based in Knoxville, Tennessee, recently launched a second business that has proven quite successful in the photography industry. She unfortunately had no new content to submit for the magazine, nor did she have time to devote to a one-of-a-kind editorial made just for Book 1. In fact, they were preparing to leave on a trip to Ireland in the coming days. I asked Kathleen if she would share some personal photos with us when they got back, and she was kind enough to agree. While these images are beautiful and tell the story of a place far away, I am more intrigued by the story they tell of a husband as written by his wife. A tourist mapping his way around town, desiring the local experience. A man inspired, full of words and wonder. Just a guy in a pub taking it in. Travelling together not only provides us the opportunity to experience new cultures and grow as individuals, our travels connect and bind us together; perhaps bringing us closer the more distant we become from home.

These photos are Kathleen’s record of her moments spent watching her husband, Joe. 95 | The Southeastern Bride 2016


97 | The Southeastern Bride 2016

98 | The Southeastern Bride 2016

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. “ -Katie Thurmes

Acknowledgements Photography: JoPhoto

99 | The Southeastern Bride 2016

100 | The Southeastern Bride 2016


Words, Casey Davis Photography Avery Forrest Photography


hat’s for dinner? Where are you going out for dinner? Dinner, dinner, dinner. Everyone says “dinner” as if it adds some layer of fancy to the casserole coming out of the oven. But dinner used to mean lunch and supper was the real highlight of the day. Supper eaters build life around the table, with friends and family, cornbread and sweet tea. Married nearly sixty-years, my Mamaw and Papaw were certainly supper eaters. On any given night you could find a crowd of us randomly gathered in their tiny kitchen. A coconut cake on the table, cousins playing together in front of the tv, babies chasing after cats, and Papaw picking on Mamaw. Smells and smiles abundant in all of the best ways. Somewhere lost in translation is our appreciation for the simple. We want to present an image of having a lot of things, so many things in fact that we boast about what all we can get rid of. Our friendships would be non-existent if it weren’t for smartphones and social media. And we have quit sitting down to meals at the table, instead eating in the car on the way to the next place we have to be. The opposite is true for those who eat supper. Supper eaters live life at a slower pace. Their closets may be disorganized and overflowing, but it’s from years of careful purchases that were both necessary and meaningful. They make time to call friends and visit with them face-to-face. And best of all, they sit down to supper. The meal isn’t rushed, and the only thing that would make it better is if you were there with them. When Mamaw moved to the nursing home and we cleaned out the house they had shared, I quickly realized that their life was full not because of all the things she and Papaw had (and believe me, there were butter bowls and coffee cans in every nook), but because of the relationships they had built. As we sorted pictures and piles of cards, each marked with words of adoration and thankfulness from both old and new friends, along with love-filled notes between the two of their hearts; it was obvious that they had spent their time caring for others. I want to be a supper eater. I want to spend time growing meaningful, real-life relationships, and writing love letters. So much can grow wildly and abundantly from what seems like such a small love. Mamaw and Papaw’s love has grown from two to twenty-six upon my most recent count. To me that is a tableful of legacy worth leaving behind. 101 | The Southeastern Bride 2016


“their life was full not because of all the things they had, but because of the relationships they had built.�

103 | The Southeastern Bride 2016


Acknowledgements Photography:Avery Forrest Photography & Leslie Davis Freshly Bold Photography Flowers: Faith Kristina Designs Styling and Planning: Victoria Stankoski Wed With Style Furniture: Uptown Event Rentals

105 | The Southeastern Bride 2016

The Southeastern Bride

Southeast’s Finest Vendor Directory View the complete directory online at,

A + P Design Co. Custom stationary printed by hand, the old fashioned way.

Abigail Malone Photography, TN Wedding & Lifestyle Photography 106

A.J. Dunlap Photography, NC Husband & wife photography team striving to capture raw, real moments.

Avery Forrest Photography, AL Lovely. Authentic. Real.

The Barn of Chapel Hill, NC A charming family farm and 19th-century barn opening in 2017.

Bowtie Collaborative, NC A husband and wife team who believe a well-planned event shows people that you care.

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Claire Cohen Lettering Modern Calligraphy + Hand-Lettering.

Jenna Roberts Calligraphy Custom Stationary & Creative Gifts.

Brent & Jess Handmade fingerprint rings made using old world craftsmanship & cutting edge laser technology.

Celebrating in life’s love story. Event planning, design, and styling.

Lavender & Lace Events, TN


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