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17 January 2012 – 23 January 2012

Issue 445


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South Africans in London act against poaching by HEATHER WALKER & OLIVER HOTHAM


outh Africans in the UK are sick and tired of the brutal killing of rhinos in SA and have decided to do something about it. Tolene van der Merwe, who lives in London and works in the South African tourism industry, will run the London Marathon on 22 April in support of Save the Rhinos International. “I found out that Save the Rhinos had slots available in the marathon, so I decided to go for it. Rhinos are a cause close to my heart because they are incredible creatures – they are the first of the big five I ever saw. Also, I am closely connected to travel and tourism because of my business, but above all because the way they are killed is just so gruesome and cruel.” Tolene aims to raise £2,000 for Save the Rhinos International. To support her, go to tolenevdm Last week Mark Warren, another South African in London, got the world’s attention with the viral anti-poaching video he created. The Youtube video called “I have something to tell you” has gained more than 200,000 views since it was uploaded on 6 January. In the video, Mark Warren, known online as Pharside, cites statistics about rhino slaughter – at least 433 in 2011 – and shows pictures of rhinos whose horn have been removed by poachers. The continued on page 3...


African musical Umoja returns to London | p8

UMOJA, which has enjoyed two popular runs in the West End and has been seen by more than four million people worldwide will be back on 31 January – and we’ve got tickets to give away

London nurse dies in Joburg stampede l p3 The mother killed in a stampede at the gates of the University of Johannesburg last week was a South African nurse who lived in London.

Be a star! South African extras needed for new UK film | p10 A new film based on the true story of the 1970s rivalry between Formula One drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda is looking for South African extras, both male and female, in the London area.



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Join the fight against poaching

...from page 1 problem, according to Warren, is a myth perpetuated in Asia that rhino horns possess medicinal value, a falsehood which has fuelled the demand and given poachers stronger and stronger incentives – the value of rhino horn has increased to around $65,000 per kg. Warren, in an article on his blog on which he expands on his point made in the video, takes particular aim at the wildlife conservation organisation Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife which he describes as “professional Rhino Wholesalers”, and are accused of giving out permits to rhino hunters. It would seem, given the evidence presented by Warren, that there is widespread collusion between employees of Ezemvelo and the poaching industry and that, despite its conservation message, it routinely sells permits for the hunting of endangered rhino. Join the fight: The South African is passionate about saving rhinos - and other conservation causes. If you are helping to raise funds for wildlife in SA, let us know and we’ll encourage our readers to join you. Pledge your support to stop rhino poaching by adding your comment on

‘Weather bill’ storm in a teacup


A new bill which would regulate and penalise independent weather forecasters for “issuing severe weather or pollution-related warning” without permission has been heavily criticised for its draconian content. Under the new bill, weather forecasters in South Africa who predict severe weather without government permission, or even citizens ringing radio stations or newspapers with weather reports without consulting the South African Weather Service could face five years in jail or a R5 million fine.

Gareth Morgan, the Democratic Alliance’s environmental spokesman, said that the bill would “make South Africans less safe” and that it is it cause for concern that the bill does not define a “severe weather event”. In a country frequented by extreme weather, it has been argued that the bill will limit “public information” and that it is essential that citizens have the freedom to issue their own severe weather warning without having to navigate a “clumsy bureaucracy”. Professor Hannes Van Der Merwe, speaking to the Daily Telegraph,

South African cheetah seized at Heathrow by STAFF REPORTER

THE UK Border Agency seized a live African cheetah at London Heathrow Airport on Friday. One of four cheetahs being transported from a South African safari park to Russia, the endangered animal was discovered to be without a micro-chip, therefore breaking international rules concerning the transportation of endangered animals. The animal was impounded by the UK Border Agency’s specialist CITES (Convention in International Trade in Endangered Species) team. Head of the UK Border Agency Marc Owen, accounting for the

seizure, said, “The illicit trade in animals is a serious contributory factor in the threat of extinction faced by many endangered species, and that is why the rules around moving them are so strict. “Each animal has to be clearly identifiable by a unique marking,

for instance a microchip, to ensure they can be tracked and traced, and to prevent them being sold illegally.” He also confirmed that the cheetah, renamed ‘Isaac’, is in good health and is being placed in a British wildlife park.

dismissed claims that the bill was to deal with falsified weather reports, saying, “I am not aware of any bogus warnings that have caused disruption” and “It sounds to me like this is part of what has become a trend within government to centralise control.” But the government insists that nothing untoward is contained in the bill. Isham Abader, deputy director general of the department of environmental affairs told the Mail & Guardian that it simply attempts “ to prevent the transmission of unreliable information,” and that “incorrect weather warnings could lead to the evacuation of an entire town at great expense to the taxpayer.” Comments on news24 reflect the outrage of people at the new bill: “And now we are trying to legislate the weather? It is currently raining outside. Oh damn, I have just committed and offence! I better leave the country before they catch me,” and “For those who still had a bit of doubt, South Africa is now officially a banana republic”.

London nurse dies in UJ student stampede by STAFF REPORTER

THE mother who was crushed to death in a stampede at the gates of the University of Johannesburg last week was a nurse who lived in London. Gloria Sekwena, 47, who was trying to help her son register at the institution, died after being crushed when a crowd of around 5,000 people stampeded through the Bunting Road campus entrance. She is said to have travelled back from Britain at the end of December to help secure her son Kgositsile, 18, a position on a medicine course at the university. Two others were critically injured and at least 17 more needed medical attention following the chaotic scenes yesterday morning. University of Johannesburg spokesman Herman Esterhuisen said UJ had offered to pay Sekwana’s son’s tuition fees if he decided to study at the institution.


| 17 January – 23 January 2012 |

Comments On the Vic Falls Bungee Jump bungle

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away now?

Samantha Baxendale: Shocking!!! Hope she got her money back. Diane Jolly: Nothing would ever persuade me to bungee jump; I can't think of anything worse. Gerrit Volschenk: Who in his right mind goes to Zim on holiday? Colin Steven Smith: hell yeah, as long as i survive i'd be game Tina Brenner: It HAD to be an Aussie! LOL Kevin Guidera: When I was last there, there were a couple of 'safety' guys in an Inflatable on the banks of the Zambesi. Have they been taken

Paul Bell: Bungy jumping corresponds to the deepest human instinct of danger. You’re signing up for an act of fearful bravado that your psyche screams at you is life-threatening in the extreme. If you decide to test that possibility in this way, and the possibility approaches closer to reality than you had reckoned, what (in the absence of demonstrable negligence) entitles you to sue for injury or death by misadventure? Johan Smuts: Most unfortunate and we are just grateful that she survived. She is a spunky girl. Let us not speculate until the results are in but it

does emphasise how important safety precautions are. Derek: I do not apologise for seeming racist. We know these folk do not have the same value on life as our black brothers, indeed white folk have consistently shown their values are different. If the operator had been black they would have been pilloried, as they were white it is seen as a system failure. This chick was unlucky and lucky. Put a rand on the lotto dear. dexy dirk: This chick is lekker lucky. If the operator had been Zimbabwe owned she would have been flatdog meat. Lucky it was Zambian - the Zamos have more respect for life than the Mugarbage sides. Peter: It’s the responsibility of the operator of such equipment to make sure that its checked twice daily and any imperfections should have been replaced immediately. The operators have duty of care and responsibility and in this case they failed and should be held accountable for all the medical expenses the girl had to endure. Love Mazoe: I can’t believe you say that this would have been worse with a Zimbabwe company! The companies I dealt with in Zim were super professional. I think this is shame for the whole region, as now a world famous activity will be tainted for years to come. My suggestion would be that all the companies go through not only a complete equipment overhaul, but a TRC as to what happened.



C A T ’ S



On ‘What it means having a big African heart’ by Tani du Toit

George Webb: Regardless of what happens in South Africa or where I live in the world, I will always be a South African and miss having both my feet on South African soil! Mandi Adams: When you have Africa in your blood your heart and soul will always belong to Africa I miss home sooooo much. Eish! Chris Packer: Great story, brings back so many memories:-) Karyn Romeis: It's a relief to read an article like this and realise it's not just me, and it's not just because I live in the UK. I had always assumed that things were different in Australia because of the increased similarities to SA. Reading this article, I wonder if that doesn't just make it tougher in some respects. Wendy Forster: What a wonderful reminder to me. I can relate to so many familiar things, South Africa has many positives and is a very special place, will always be home. Cheryl Bayman Robinson: That was a great piece of writing and I agree South Africa is home, I will be going back home in six months with newfound knowledge and will impart this greater understanding to the passionate people of South Africa. Rolene Ahmed: An awesome article most of us can identify with, and


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Pamela: I was not born in South Africa however my father was. I may be Australian by birth but a big part of my heart belongs to a country I have never visited. The culture is alive and well in our family. I love your blog because the stories that my father told me are so so often described with such colour that I feel like a little girl again happily waiting to hear the rest of my fathers memories. This blog specially is so lovely. The lovely ladies that provided care, love and support for my fathers very large family of 11 children often feature in his retelling of ‘back in South Africa’. My father cared for these women and they were more then just domestic help they became a part of the family. I look forward to your next blog Tani. Jeanine: Dis beautiful en so vol gevoel, ek het trane in my oe gekry. Deep1: Sshh you’re making me homesick! Ronel: Geniet dit om jou blog te lees Tani: Baie goed beskryf. nel se pel: Myths of ubuntu! Ali: Beautiful article. I’m sitting in an office in England, with tears running down my face, hoping no one notices. Because no one would understand. Thank you for sharing. Jennifer Beckett: Now I am so homesick .Although my Emily must be with her maker now she will live on in my heart and memories.




yes most non-South Africans cannot understand.

COLOUR: Full Colour APPROVED: | 17 January 2012 – 23 January 2012 | Like us on Facebook:


“High speed train the government wants to put in from London to Birmingham.” “Where’s it going to be put in?” I asked. He gestured to the view before ROB BOFFARD us, indicating the vast fields, dark woods, tiny back roads, stiles and hedges. “Right there.” I looked, and blinked. “What do you mean, right there?” IT may have escaped your notice “Right in the middle. See that if you’re permanently stuck in little road? That’s where the tracks London, as I am for most of the are going.” year, but the English countryside “What do you mean, ‘That’s is gorgeous. Absolutely bloody where the tracks are going?’ lovleh. Every so often, I get this There’s a road there. People live brought home to me when I visit by there. Who thought this would family outside the capital. They be a good idea?” live on the edge of a wood in The idea, it turned out, was Buckinghamshire, about an hour that one high speed link between from London, and every time London and the North was not I go there I feel as if I have to enough. This one will run between physically realign my lung cells – London and Birmingham (and not to mention my retinas, which later, Manchester and Leeds), are so shocked and boy, has it to encounter The English countryside pissed people trees and fields off. that they go is gorgeous. Absolutely This past blank for a bloody lovleh. week, the moment, and government when they kick approved HS2. It will cost £33 back in everything is an intriguing billion, will run right through shade of puce. And when you’re some rather beautiful countryside, shooting bottle rockets into a will require 225km of tunnels summer sky so blue it hurts, while and will generally cause a lot of your seven-year-old cousin runs havoc. A journey from Manchester around your ankles trying to shoot to London will be cut from two them with a blaster made out of hours, eight minutes to one hour Lego, you just find yourself getting and eight minutes. It will be really happy. expensive. It has to be. All rail The last time we went, my uncle travel is, and if you think that’s picked us up from Wendover train going to change you need to station, and drove us up the back rethink your life. roads to the house, dodging the Perhaps I’m guilty of odd cow as we went. I spotted a romanticising the countryside. But couple of curious signs, stapled I struggle to look at it and imagine to telephone polls or stuck up on that it would be improved by trees with bits of sticky tape: “Say putting a high speed train through no to HS2” said the signs, with a it. It’d be like building a massive stylised image of a train, struck out airport in the middle of Kruger. by a bold red line. And let’s be honest: who in the I asked my him about it when we hell wants to get to Birmingham installed on his stoep with a drink. faster? “High Speed 2,” he grunted.


High speed hijinks

Et E FnRterne #


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Buckinghamshire countryside Photo by Andrew Bowden


| 17 January 2012 – 23 January 2012 |


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NEW YEAR, NEW FACES: The Breakfast Indaba kicked off 2012 with another great business networking session at Carluccio’ Putney, with members from both the Putney and Victoria chapters present. Photos by Anneli Marinovich

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and she answered: ‘Why not.’ I can run in the veld, do a spot of game viewing and wade in mud with the best of them. Trekking through Nepal is pushing it. It's the extreme stuff I struggle with. The idea of wanting to walk, stagger and then KAREN crawl through the Outback is beyond me. DE VILLIERS Little sympathy for those they find with scalped heads impaled on lizard tails with poisoned darts in their hearts. Why want to scale a mountain in Utah till your knuckles are bloody and when you get to the top, no one even knows you are there? Easier to fly. Can think of a number of ways to get a thrill other AS a Brownie, the annual camp was a major than test the elements when the gods have told highlight. For those of you who think a Brownie you – The Elements Always Win. One way or is a baby owl or something really not mentioned, another, Nature is going to mess with humans being a Brownie was the junior version of a who have no common sense. Girl Guide. Few people got to the Girl Guide Then we refer to the survivor of the bungee stage (we thought it was only those who had an bungle at Victoria Falls. The young woman unhealthy lust for Brown Owl miraculously survived the – the mother of all Brownies Why scale a mountain jump; the crocodile infested and Girl Guides). I belonged river and trying to reach shore in Utah and when you to the Sprites, could tie a with her legs tied together. million knots and had about a get to the top, no one She chose to jump above a zillion badges, including one knows you are there? river full of crocs? What for Semaphore flags. One part of this plan involved a day I shall be stranded on that rational thought? If there's an indemnity form proverbial island and be able to signal a direct involved alarm bells should ring. Maybe it's message to a passing ship with my flags – it the lemming virus? Guaranteed madam had remains a useful educational tool although has a thrill, she should also get a hiding for doing failed to impress on my CV. something so stupid to her parents who love Back to the camp. Girls brought sleeping her. bags and slept rough on the floor. They Did I miss out on the adrenaline hormone brought no toothbrushes and ate toothpaste when I was young? Climbing a tree or racing from the tube. My mother arrived with the my bike was enough of a thrill for me. Falling staff and set up a stretcher, complete with in love was even better. Falling off a bridge blanket, two pillows and matching pajamas. never entered my mind. Know someone is I thought nothing of it and shared my tuck going to say ‘why not?’ as all philosophical with those willing to protect me from nooarguments begin and I will simply answer – noos in the night. At some point I remember trying to cheat death is stupid. asking my mother why I slept on a stretcher


Semaphore and silly jumpers Amazing Umoja returns to London! UMOJA, a pulsating musical celebration of South African song and dance, is set to light up the West End when it comes to the Peacock Theatre from 31 January to 19 February 2012. STAFF REPORTER

UMOJA has previously enjoyed two astonishingly popular runs in the West End and has been seen by more than four million people worldwide. Originally created by Todd Twala and Thembi Nyandeni as a way of a reminding a new generation of South Africans of their heritage, UMOJA, meaning ‘togetherness’ in Zulu, has won critical plaudits and multiple awards. From the potent rhythms of tribal music to the joy of gospel and the pounding energy of contemporary kwaito, UMOJA unites 30 singers, dancers, drummers, marimba players and musicians, who represent the best of South Africa’s young performers. “Enough energy to light up London.

I defy anyone to leave this hit dance musical feeling anything less than elated” Daily Telegraph "The chandelier-shaking voices are enough to make you feel ashamed to be sitting still" - Metro Details: Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street, Holborn, WC2 Tuesday 31 January - Sunday 19 February 2012 Performances: Tue - Sun at 7.30pm, Sat & Sun mats at 2.30pm Tickets: £15 - £42 Ticket Office: 0844 412 4322 or Win! We have a pair of UMOJA tickets to give away. Enter at www.

9 | 17 January 2012 – 23 January 2012 |


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London’s South African and Australian drinking mecca, Walkabout Temple, is currently undergoing an £800,000 refurbishment. All with the aim of transforming the iconic venue into London’s best sports, live music and party bar. Hoewel jy vermoed dat dit meer vir die onwis as vir die wis is. Nóú is daai koffer teen die langste vingers bestand en begin jy wonder of jy sélf ooit weer os oppie jas toegang tot die inhoud daarvan sal FANIE VAN kan verkry. DER MERWE Jy wend jou na die sekuriteitsarea, waar dit eensklaps wil voorkom of die memo oor ‘veiligheid bo alles’ nie hiérdie uithoek bereik het nie. Met ’n lui kopknik word daar beduie dat die vervoerband gereed staan om jou handbagasie te ontvang. Om van jou skoene, pet of gordel ontslae te raak skyn oorbodig te wees, maar Al die tekens is daar. My blakend wee jou siel sou jou skootrekenaar gesonde gelaatskleur wat nie in in sy sak bly! pas is met dié tyd van die jaar ’n Volgende skalkse kopknik nie. ’n Midderif waarom my is die teken dat jy deur die broeke ongemaklik styf span. metaalverklikker mag beweeg. My kompulsiewe oorgebruik Soos jy vorentoe skuifel wag jy van die woord ‘eish’ en, nadat ek op die onvermydelike… en dan met onbevange vraatsugtigheid sit jou gordel se metaalgespe die daarmee omgegaan het, my aversie verklikker vervaard aan die biep. in rooivleis oor die algemeen en Die skril geluid bring ’n beroering skaaptjops in die besonder. Dit onder die driestuks sekuritici voor alles kan net een ding beteken: jou, maar wanneer jy wil begin ek is terug in die Land van die verduidelik, word jy streng beveel Bleekbene na ’n vakansie in Suidom jou ledemate Afrika. uit te sprei en Gauteng is steeds plek Met die jou gedagtes vir van goud, die Wesintrapslag jouself te hou. Die wil ek enige Kaap steeds meer ‘towerstaf’ word te vrese oor voorskyn gebring wes(ters) as die res en die welstand in Noordwes gaan daar en behendig aan jou van die alkante rondgewaai. Vaderland altoos niks aan nie. Hy práát met sy onomwonde meester, maar dié besweer. Gauteng is steeds verstaan skynbaar nie sy taal nie. die plek van goud (en silwer, Nou tel jou opinie weer en jy word veral die nuwe Mercs en Range in alle erns voor stok gekry: “Sir, Rovers), die Wes-Kaap is steeds are you carrying a firearm?” meer wes(ters) as die res van “Nie sedert my dae as aspirantdie land en in Noordwes gaan lid van die skyfskietspan nie”, daar altoos niks aan nie. Alles dink jy. “No sir, of course not”, sê verloop klopdisselboom en dáái jy. ’n Ry wit tande verskyn en jy burgeroorlog toon steeds geen word vriendelik deurgewaai, want tekens van uitbreek nie. Maar tog in Suid-Afrika is ’n man se woord wil die gevoel dat als nie heeltemal nog sy eer. Vra maar vir Jackie pluis is nie, nooit werklik die wyk Selebi. neem nie.


Oor vreemde verskynsels in die Vaderland. Deel I.

Soos by die lughawe wanneer jy ’n binnelandse vlug onderneem. Nie een of twee nie, maar viér bagasieverpakmasjiene verwelkom (berispe?) jou met die slagspreuk “Protect your baggage here”. Na R50 en vyf minute se skelklinkende geween van plastiek, staan jou koffer daar soos ’n tamaai toebroodjie. Maar volgens die innemende lugdiensbeampte agter die aanmeldtoonbank is dit steeds nie voldoende beskerming nie. Met ’n bedagsame glimlag en ’n veelseggende blik in haar oë oorhandig sy statig die komplimetêre plastiekkabelbinders “net vir die wis en die onwis”.

BIG BROTHER WANTS YOU! Big Brother returns to our screens on Channel 5 in summer 2012 and we’re looking for vibrant and interesting characters to enter the house. If you are interested and would like more information, contact us directly by emailing: Alternatively, you can call us on 0333 577 7769 Calls will be charged at local rates and mobile phone charges will vary. *We will try and reply to every messages but cannot guarantee that we will be able to reply to every message received. **We will keep your data securely and we will only share information with third parties when necessary for the purposes of this programme.

The main room is being converted into Walkabout’s flagship venue with a new stage for live acts, additional bars, seating areas overlooking the dancefloor, a popup restaurant for large sporting events and a full refurbishment. In the second room, the stunning new Temple Beach Club Room will be created where revellers can experience the coolest tracks and best cocktails. The refurbishment has created 30 new jobs including a full sales team and cocktail mixologists who are currently in training for what

is set to be a very busy few weeks for this 900-capacity landmark London venue. The grand re-opening will be on Wednesday 25 January, followed by loads of other events, including retro fever Friday night on 27 January with fire-eaters, stilt walkers, Robbie Williams and Michael Jackson tributes, then DJ Mr T will pump out the best music from across the decades. On 30 January Monday Madness kicks-off with London’s biggest Monday night party and international DJs.

Happy Thursdays kick off on 2 February with free entry all night and happy hour prices until 9pm. Karaoke fans get to sing with a live band and belt out the classics X-factor style. On 4 February Six Nations Rugby is back followed by the launch of the regular Saturday Beach Party, just for Londoners from hotter climes like SA! The refurbishment is set “to put Walkabout Temple on the map for being one of the best entertaining party destinations in London”. See you there!

I Ba nte nk rn Ac atio co na un l ts

London’s Walkabout Temple gets a makeover

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| 17 January 2012 – 23 January 2012 |


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Be a star! South African extras needed A new film based on the true story of the 1970s rivalry between Formula One drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda is looking for South African extras, both male and female, in the London area. The academy-award winning director of A Beautiful Mind, Cocoon, and Apollo 13, Ron Howard, is working on a new film based on the true story of the 1970s rivalry between Formula One drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda – and is looking for South African extras, both male and

female, in the London area. The filming will take place in Basingstoke, Hampshire – free transport from Central London will be provided. The extras are needed for the South African Grand Prix scenes, and will be paid a minimum of £110 per day, £200 with overtime.

Filming will take place on Thursday 22 March 2012. If you’re interested, e-mail kate@guysanddollscasting. com and please provide a recent photograph, a phone number, an e-mail address, your nationality and your location.



An evening with Everest climber Cathy O’Dowd Date: 26 January 2012 at 6.30pm Venue: Haberdashers Hall, 18 West Smithfield, London, EC1A 9HQ Cathy O’Dowd will be the guest speaker to support and promote The Wilderness Foundation’s “Wild Swans” programme for young women leaders. A South African, Cathy is the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest from both its north and south sides. The years she spent on or around Everest were for her a degree ’in living’. Cathy is a truly inspiring speaker who is in great demand. Tickets £10 and under 18s are free. To book, visit

trustees of the Africa Centre to contribute their voices to the way forward for the Africa Centre. Don’t miss this important opportunity to participate in the future of the UK African Diaspora’s foremost institution by attending; with a special performance by singer and songwriter Bumi Thomas. Register your interest at

Africa Centre Rising Date: 26 January at 7pm Venue: Vernon Square Campus, Room V111, School of Oriental and African Studies, Penton Rise, London. The Save The Africa Centre Campaign is holding a meeting for supporters, members, friends and Please email your events to: For more listings, please visit


“Enough energy to light up London. I defy anyone to leave this hit dance musical feeling anything less than elated” Daily Telegraph

Send money home to loved ones and you could win a Plasma TV!* Visit to enter.

“ The chandelier-shaking voices are enough to make you feel ashamed to be sitting still ” Metro

Freephone: 00800 8971 8971 SEND AT:


4 tickets, must include at least 1 child


And anywhere you see the MoneyGram sign


*No purchase necessary, terms and conditions apply, please visit for further details on how to enter. Post Office, Thomas Cook and Going Places are registered agents of MoneyGram International Limited in the provision of money transfer services. Post Office and the Post Office logo are registered trade marks of Post Office Ltd. MoneyGram International Limited is an authorised payment institution regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Services Authority. ©2011 Moneygram. All rights reserved.

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S A D L E R ’S W E L L S I N T H E W E S T E N D 18/11/2011 17:06

JANUARY 2012 #74


South African property and lifestyle for international investors

The best priced home in Sandhurst R9 500 000

Do you want to BUY, SELL, RENT or LET property in South Africa? Visit and view more than 33 000 properties in all areas and all price ranges and see what services we offer.


Real estate trends to watch out for This year will be the tipping point in real estate when online marketing gains more traction than traditional print and other forms of advertising. According to Berry Everitt, managing director of the Chas Everitt International property group, the change will be driven largely by consumers. He explains that home sellers will become increasingly focused on greater exposure of their properties and the potential for faster sales and homebuyers looking to do most of their comparative shopping for the best value before they venture out to actually view any properties. The process will also be facilitated by the maturity of SA’s property portals, he says. “It is really not our belief that print advertising will disappear, we believe that 2012 will also see the property publications starting to reshape themselves to make their offerings more cost effective.”

Everitt says estate agents will play an increasing role in co-ordinating and facilitating the essential services around real estate sales, such as compliance certificates and bridging finance. Once again, this will be driven by consumers, who will favour those agents and agencies able to deliver the most comprehensive and efficient service. At the same time, he says, the increasing pressure on agents to increase both their professional qualifications and their use of technology is bound to fuel further consolidation in the industry. “Smaller operations will find it difficult to keep up with the expenditure required to field top performing agents and will also find it advantageous to be part of a bigger group with a wider marketing network.” We believe that the groups currently ranked third, fourth, fifth and sixth in the industry will grow substantially in

the coming year and narrow both the gaps between themselves and the gaps between them and the groups ranked first and second, he says. Everitt says banks’ lending restrictions and sales volumes will be much the same as 2011. “We believe homebuyers should not stretch themselves to the limit but give themselves some leeway to cope comfortably with future interest rate rises of three or even four percentage points.” Young Carr, chief executive officer of Aida National Franchise expects stable interest rates and rising household incomes to further boost consumer confidence during the course of 2012. Carr does not foresee any significant change in bank lending policies or increase in sales volumes. Affordability is expected to increase but this will not translate into a surge in demand or home prices as many households will still be determined to

avoid any new borrowing until they’ve paid off much more of their existing debt. “There’ll be a difference in the quality of business being done.” As an example, he says homes are less likely to be sold two, three or even four times before someone can obtain a home loan to complete the transaction. It also means that agents are less likely to spend their time and resources on marketing properties that are overpriced. The main reason for this change will be that many of the agents and principals who have toughed it out over the past three years to stay in the industry have gained much in the way of training, resources and systems and are now able to look beyond basic survival to the growth of their businesses. He adds that they are pleased that the newly-formalised real estate industry is starting to attract new entrants once more as it steadily gains back its reputation as the place to build a good career.

Are you a buyer or seller? The South African property market strength in 2012 will rely on the economic growth which should pick up before the sector can realise real growth. According to Samuel Seeff, Seeff Properties chairman, the economy would need to pick up before we can expect to see any real strength returning to the property market. He explains that the market will experience reasonable demand with a lot of meaningful gains in clearing distressed properties out of the market, albeit with little fortune. “No further interest rate hikes are expected and this should help consumers reduce their debt levels by 2013,” he says. He says while consumers will still buy and sell property, they expect to see low sales volumes given the continued financial constraints and high bank decline ratios. Seeff says 2013 will be the time that we will see a restoration of activity in the South African real estate market to levels pre-2007 when the National Credit Act was introduced. Throughout 2012, sellers will still be competing with distressed properties and they will need to price conservatively and take heed of real estate agents’ advice of the market as to what buyers are prepared to pay. Cash buyers will have the upper hand and time to consider their options and are likely to negotiate the best possible price and, on their terms.


“It is my view that the pent up demand that has been in place since 2007 will start impacting on the market, assuming that the banks are able clear impairments and debt out of the market.” Only once turnover in the market picks up, are we likely to see an uptick in prices, but this will be mild in strength and will remain as such throughout 2013 and 2014, he says. He says Gauteng is the powerhouse of the market and usually first to feel strength returning to the market and this regional is set to improve this year. As for coastal properties, especially the non-primary markets including holiday and second homes and leisure properties, he predicts the sustained lack of demand to continue until the primary markets across the country pick up. Seeff believes we can look forward to: GDP growth will remain relatively flat with predicted growth of between 2.5 percent and 3 percent for 2012 Does not expect further interest rate drop, depending on inflation, he anticipates an interest rate hike House prices have already come down by between 15 and 20 percent from pre -2008 highs, no significant price drops expected. Prices and sales volumes are likely to ebb along throughout 2012 For those property owners who are not in a hurry to sell, hold on to your property but if you have to sell, price conservatively as low demand will keep

prices subdued Residential rental yields are set to increase as those who cannot afford to buy will rent instead. Rental rates are likely to increase by between 8 percent and 10 percent. Commercial rental yields are expected to increase by 8 percent on average as per standard annual escalations and demand will remain relatively subdued. Meanwhile, Dr Andrew Golding, chief executive officer of the Pam Golding Property (PGP) group expects the leisure property to take longer to return to its glory days and recovery compared to the residential property sector. PGP hopes to see an improvement in foreign investment and expects that foreigners who have traditionally found South African an attractive place to invest in property will continue to do so in increasing numbers. “We hope to see numbers of transactions continuing to increase, hopefully with approximately a 10 percent increase over this year and prices will remain flat in real terms.” Golding explains that this year estate agents across the country will have reorganised themselves into two separate organisations.

One will represent a labour component or employee component (the former Institute of Estate Agents) and the other represent business owners and principals (the so-called business component) REBOSA. These two organisations will be able to represent in a fully inclusive way, the constituencies that they are designed to represent. In this way the industry will be able to be in control of its own destiny and to speak with one unified voice and will be able to interact meaningfully and credibly with all the stakeholders, both government and non-governmental, he says. From a regulatory perspective, PGP hopes this year doesn’t have as many regulatory implications and that the full effect of the Consumer Protection Act will have been bedded down and properly understood, he adds



How to buy property with your friends If you were thinking of buying property this year but cannot afford to raise a deposit to access home loan finance, there is an easy way to do it. According to Berry Everitt, managing director of the Chas Everitt International property group, would-be buyers can pool resources together by forming an investment group with a few friends and colleagues.

He says this is buyers’ market, with low interest rates, house prices are also affordable yet many consumers and investors are not snapping up properties fast enough. Everitt explains that it’s because most of them haven’t got the cash to pay the sizeable deposits the banks still require in most cases before they will approve a home loan – let alone enough to buy properties


Slow property growth expected in 2012 Consumers will continue to demand better service, information and value for money in real estate as the Consumer Protection Act is known and applied. Jan Davel, managing director of RealNet estate agency group, says this means there will be increased levels of professionalism required of estate agents who stand to lose out if they don’t pay attention to training and skills development on a continuous basis. They will also lose out if they don’t become more efficient by embracing new business practices and technologies, he says. Davel says this year, most South African households will keep very tight reins on expenditure and new borrowing as they continue to rebuild their credit records and more importantly, lower their debt exposure. RealNet believes there will be continued resistance to taking on new credit such as a home loan - although it is important to note that real estate is always an underlying asset, unlike most of the other commodities people buy on credit. “This resistance does not bode well for expansion of the real estate market in the shorter term, despite a huge


increase in the affordability of property over the past 3 years.” It suggests that both demand and home price growth will remain constrained, especially as there also does not appear to be any significant relaxation of bank lending criteria on the cards, he says. RealNet concurs with Absa, FNB and other industry commentators in expecting the rate of home price growth to remain in single digits below the rate of inflation (around 6 percent) for most of 2012 – except perhaps in isolated pockets of the market wwhere specific circumstances cause demand to suddenly exceed supply. He says they are positive that the market will hold excellent opportunities for both longterm investors, in the form of very competitive pricing, and real estate professionals who are prepared to go the extra mile, because they will have a rare opportunity to significantly grow market share. He adds that they also believe that the current rebuilding of household balance sheets will be extremely positive for the market in the longer term, as it will enable consumers to better withstand future interest rate increases.

outright. With a group of 10 people, for example, individuals could each contribute R12 000 to make up a 20 percent deposit on a R600 000 home (on which there is no transfer duty) and obtain a R480 000 bond. The monthly repayment on this, at current interest rates, would be around R4 320 a month and the group should be able to let the property to cover at least this, he says. By gearing the purchase in this way it would mean that if the value went up just 3 percent (R18 000) in the first year, each individual stands to make a 15 percent return on your initial investment of R12 000 minus the share of the municipal rates, any levies and upkeep. Everitt points out that there aren’t many places where you could safely invest money to do better than that and urges buyers in this scheme to have an attorney to draw up a formal agreement. He adds that enlisting the help of a knowledgeable estate agent to find suitable properties to buy is important.

Banks hold the reins to home buying The South Africa residential property market will continue to be driven by the banks and whatever their appetite is for lending this year. According to Rudi Botha, chief executive officer of leading mortgage originator Betterbond, while there may be a little more competition among the banks for certain clients, the lending volumes prevailing in 2011 will be maintained for most of this year. “Consumers should not expect too much in the way of interest rate concessions in 2012.” Botha explains that the situation is different from that of a few years ago when borrowers in good standing could with relative ease secure a rate that was one or even two percentage points below prime rate. These days most loans that are approved are at prime (currently 9%) and in most instances only if the borrower can pay a 10% deposit. He says the good news is that most lenders are currently credit-scoring potential borrowers to allow for a one or two percentage point increase in interest rates in future.

This means that those who are approved for loans should have the financial resilience to cope with such an increase without defaulting and running the risk of losing their homes. He notes that the requirement for most homebuyers to pay a deposit of at least 10 percent offers protection against the possibility of negative equity for both individual borrowers and the real estate market in general. “We believe this is prudent in the face of the ongoing turmoil in the world’s financial markets.” Betterbond is not expecting any increase in interest rates until the end of 2012 and this together with even modest wage and salary increases, will further increase the affordability of home ownership for many people. He adds that as for the real estate industry itself, economies of scale and cost savings on shared services will be some of the main drivers for further consolidation among real estate agencies.



R9 900 000


EntErtaInEr’s drEaM On 2000m² Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 4 Garages 2 WEB 242976 Immaculate home in 24hr exclusive security complex with fabulous flow to garden and pool area. [O] +27 21 794 5252 BarBara stEPhEnsOn +27 82 825 5699 PEtEr MaraIs +27 82 493 3316 or


R3 750 000

charactEr, charM and sPacIOus duaL LIVInG

BEst BuY In sandhurst

Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Parking 4 WEB 254037 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 3 Garages 2 Oregon pine floors, wrap around verandah and a mature garden. Well-positioned close Very attractive, newly renovated bright home on 2 000m2 - not a cent to be spent! Well wor to constantia Village in a quiet road. Bonus: separate 2 bed cottage. [O] +27 21 794 5252 [O] +27 11 784 1222 GEOrGE PaPadOPOuLOs +27 84 454 1834 | cOrInna LOWrY +27 FaIth KnIGht +27 83 950 8883 | nIKKI EdEnBOrOuGh +27 82 417 7807 or


R5 250 000


R3 350 000

EnchantInG sIr hErBErt BaKEr-dEsIGnEd hOME

aLL thE charM OF YEstErYEar

Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 4 Garages 1 WEB 255001 tastefully renovated with spacious accommodation. 2 self-contained cottages/ flatlets. Work from home. close to private schools. [O] +27 21 683 0731 dEIdrE tracEY +27 83 753 5226 | tEOdOra aLEKsIEVa +27 84 569 7759 or

Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 2 Garages 2 WEB 248351 high ceilings, wrap-around stoep, enormous lawned garden and panoramic mountain views. +/- 1100m2. covered patio with built-in braai. [O] +27 21 683 0731 dEBBIE chaLMErs +27 82 871 6278 I OtILIa harKEr +27 73 571 8968 or

r9 500 000

sIMOn’s tOWn

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OVErLOOKInG thE Yachts Land WEB 252930 simply the very best plot! a 4500m² development potential like no other! [O] +27 21 786 5393 BrEtt M. cOOPEr +27 72 277 3308 or


R1 795 000

sPacIOus FaMILY hOME WEB 254297

rth viewing, make your offer.

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R3 185 000

Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Garages 2 WEB 230953 Open-plan living and dining area, fitted bar leading onto entertainment deck with braai area, swimming pool and Jacuzzi. [O] +27 21 782 6114 sandra Van dEr MErWE +27 83 235 5351 | haZEL taPPan +27 72 698 1313 or


R7 500 000

an aBsOLutE GEM In a GatEd dEVELOPMEnt


Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Garages 2 WEB 251744 Pretty double storey cluster house nestling in a quiet cul de sac. Large dining room, separate sitting/family room. Well-appointed open-plan kitchen. [O] +27 21 794 5252 FOrd KInG +27 83 226 2946 I dIanE hOstY +27 82 775 2777 or

Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 4.5 Garages 2 WEB 242407 no transfer fees payable. Luxurious main bedroom en-suite, with a lay down view of robberg Peninsula. rare 180o sea views of the lagoon, mountains, bay and robberg. [O] +27 44 533 0311 PauL LEWrY +27 82 857 8835 or


Décor trends for 2012 From raw natural materials to mesmerising murals and tantalising textures – 2012’s décor forecast is full of exciting inspirations

Focus on furniture Today’s furniture coverings are moving away from prints – instead plainly coloured coverings that are highly textured are increasingly popular. The actual design lines of the furniture is also becoming more streamlined. For example, yesterday’s bulky sofas are giving way to smaller styles with lower backs and sleeker looks, preferring to cluster them into conversation groups for added flexibility. All things natural remains a popular focus, but instead of the dark Mahogany and espresso-coloured woods, lighter and mid-tone woods are fast gaining popularity, such as natural Walnut, Cherry and White Oak being especially dominant. Stunning statements Not new to the décor wall, feature walls are here to stay, being popular creations in almost any room in the home, but especially in the bedroom, living areas and office. Feature walls can be created using a multitude of materials that vary in cost for a wide variety of different effects, including natural stone cladding, tiles, mosaics, paint, wallpaper and decals.

The most popular fabric trends include iridescent metallic, strong patterns and bold prints, modern florals, richly textured woven fabrics, velvet, silk and faux fur. Mother Nature is never far behind in inspiration, with natural fibres such as bamboo, jute, eucalyptus, cotton raw silk, wool and cork making their presence felt. Colour contrasts As mentioned before, décor compositions comprise mainly plainly coloured items and materials, but spruced up with the addition of interesting textures, and the odd soft furnishing or piece that boasts an interesting pattern or bright colour. As such, neutral hues, such as taupe, beige, cream, grey, black and stone, as well as a range of various off-whites remain ever popular. These are then accented with boldly coloured accessories to pack a punch – vibrant colours that are especially popular

include bright yellow, royal blue, deep teal, fuchsia, scarlet, lime green, coffee and gold. Life light As before, lighting remains an integral part of any décor scheme – with the emphasis being on layered lighting design for a complex aesthetic result. Popular lamps include those styles that boast linen shades, clean tailored lines and a play towards texture. Lamp bodies that celebrate nature, such as those made from reclaimed woods that showcase the soft raw wood grain for example, remain a popular choice. Feature light fittings that add a touch of glamour, such as chandeliers for example, remain bang on trend – playing the part of the piece of jewellery in the room. Tread lightly Currently, there seems to be a move away from wall-to-wall carpeting,

Bang on budget Times are still tough when it comes to finances, and in the light of this, people are continuously on the lookout for unique, but cost-effective ways to improve their homes. As such, DIY decorating remains ever popular, as does upcycling old, used furniture and décor items and investing in budget décor accessories.

Tantalising textures Soft furnishings and fabric are at the heart of any good décor composition, and the range of fabrics set to be introduced in 2012 will not fail to impress.


and a more towards easier to clean materials, such as tiles, laminate or wooden flooring, which are warmed up and accented using a variety of rugs. There is renewed interest in rugs that are hand-woven or with chunky knotted textures. Popular rugs include those that make a design statement and serve as an interesting foundation for rooms with a neutral base and upholstered or casework finishings.



Investing in South Africa’s magnificent coastlines I

am keen to buy a holiday home along South Africa's beautiful coastline. But how can I ensure that my investment is a good one?


outh Africa has come a long way since the early 1990’s Government has firmly committed itself to encouraging foreign investment, and to this end they have streamlined and implemented new policies to ensure that investment in South Africa is made easy. South Africa is a young stable democracy with a fast growing economy and an ever increasing tourist industry, which when combined ensures that the country is in a strong

position to offer opportunities to those what wish to invest. Coastal Properties always remain in demand due to the natural splendour and relaxed lifestyle that prevails. When selecting a coastal property the 2 most important areas for consideration are: location and position. It is preferable to purchase a property in one of the developed sea side towns or resorts that have access to shops, medical and entertainment facilities. The property should, if possible, have sea views and be within walking distance of the beach and various rock pools that abound on the coastline. The other upside of selecting a

property in a popular sea side town or resort are the rental opportunities that abound, particularly during the South African holiday season, namely July and December. It is during these periods that the rental rates are high and as such, the income derived will go a long way to offsetting the ownership costs related to the property. The most important aspect related to the renting of a property, is the appointment of a professional rental company who will be able to oversee all aspects related to the process, i.e. screening and placement of tenants, collection of rentals and any maintenance that may be required. In summary, a prospective purchaser

armed with expert advice and relevant, reliable information will be in a position to make an informed decision related to the purchase of a sound investment that will bring excellent returns over the long term. Gavin O'Leary Sales Manager: Seeff Port Elizabeth

Walking on your investment


am about to start renovating my apartment and I am not sure on what to choose, either carpets, or wooden floors. As this is South Africa, it may be cooler with wooden floors, but what is the resale value if I choose this above carpets? Carpet would almost certainly be a cheaper option and help you stretch your budget to other renovation projects. You also need to be careful about installing wooden floors in coastal locations and other humid areas as wood doesn’t like water. Indeed, if you’re worried about heat, your best option might actually be a tiled floor. As for the second part of your question, the “resale value” of any renovation is how much of its cost you can expect to recoup when you sell the property in the future – and that is purely a matter of its appeal at the time to potential buyers. For example, putting in a wooden floor may improve the look and boost the appeal of your flat so much that buyers will be prepared to pay more for it and you will get a better percentage return on the

cost of the project than you might have got on the higher cost of renovating a kitchen or bathroom. This is, however, a calculated risk, as buyer preferences do change over time. And you do need to be very careful that any renovation project does not take your total expenditure on the property above the current market value. Berry Everitt, CEO of the Chas Everitt International property group:

Send your property questions to

Send your property questions to



11 | 17 January 2012 – 23 January 2012 |

Business: News

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South African Trade Event

Date: 19 January 2012 , 8am-12pm Venue: Cannizaro House Hotel, Westside, Wimbledon Common, SW19 4UE

WITH Britain gearing up for the 2012 Olympic Games and with the South African Olympic Team selecting South London as their pre games training camp, what are the opportunities for British Business in South Africa? How can businesses exploit the links between these two great sporting nations? Plus, with the

Rugby World Cup being hosted at Twickenham in 2015, there has never been a better time for South London to develop long-term business relationships with the ‘Rainbow Nation’. Speakers include Linda Taylor (Chair of Go South Go),Yusuf Timol (South African High Commission in the UK), Professor Dick Fisher (Head of pre-Games Training Camp, St Mary’s College), James Durrant (Indaba Breakfast South African Business Leader) and Diana Sterck (CEO Merton Chamber of Commerce). Book at


No porn for Top TV FOLLOWING a High Court ruling in Johannesburg on Monday, the Top TV television provider owned by media giant On Digital Media, are legally bared from broadcasting pornographic channels without the permission of the Independent Communications Authority (ICASA). In business terms, Top TV has every reason to want push for legislative change on the issue. In 2007, when Sony Entertainment launched the much anticipated

Blu-ray disks, many were stunned when they announced they would be shutting the door on a global market worth $10bn annually, 127m of which is generated from pay-per view pornography channels. As for the likely impact of the High Court’s ruling, only time will tell. There is certainly no doubt that the market in adult entertainment is still strong and as long as people are prepared to pay for it, that is unlikely to change.

Have you figured out your banking options while working abroad?

SIMON Ripton, Head of Banking at Standard Bank Offshore discusses the banking options while working abroad. Living and working away from home can be exciting but your banking arrangements need to run smoothly so that you can make the most of the international opportunities available to you. But where do you start? ‘Offshore’ or international’ bank accounts for expats are a great starting point, not only are they more accessible than you probably think they are, but look hard enough and there will be one designed to work specifically for you. Offshore Bank accounts, such as those available from international banks based in the Isle of Man, provide a home for your salary and

savings in a tax neutral, stable, well regulated and English speaking location. These accounts are designed to operate alongside your domestic banking arrangements putting you in control of your international finances wherever you are in the world. Standard Bank’s multi-currency Optimum Current Account is available in four different currencies (Australian Dollars, US Dollars, Euros and Sterling), offers 24/7 secure internet banking, a Visa debit card, a low minimum balance (£3K or currency equivalent), no minimum income requirement and no minimum wealth requirement. From its base in the Isle of Man,

Simon Ripton, Head of Banking at Standard Bank Offshore.

Standard Bank has been serving expatriates originating from the southern hemisphere, for over 20 years.


Business: News

| 17 January 2012 – 23 January 2012 | Follow us on Twitter: @tsa_london


Cancer and your pension fund What does the latest cancer research have to do with your pension fund?

IT doesn’t necessarily mean you need to invest in bio-technology firms to fund your retirement. Instead, the goal is to make you aware of some of the most important trends in the biotech industry. These are hugely exciting and potentially transformative for society. But like many innovations they’ll have positive and unintended negative consequences. One of the best technology commentators out there is Pat Cox. He recently posted some interesting facts on the latest biotech developments. The most interesting of these focus on cancer treatment, which costs the US alone around $200 billion a year. So in developed nations this is one of the biggest problems faced by debt burdened governments. Cancer treatment success rates skyrocket when the disease is diagnosed early and the eventual cost falls considerably. If diagnosed late the treatment is hugely expensive and adds relatively little quality of life to the patient. In pure economic terms it’s a low return business we fund because our humanity requires us to. Rafts of small biotech firms in the US are making considerable headway toward developing accurate, inexpensive and early diagnosis. The problem is that there has

never been a way to test for all cancers. Each cancer (and there’s a long list) requires a separate test. However, one firm has used gene mapping to create a simple and inexpensive blood test to find genetic blood markers. Genetic code hacking has allowed this company to map over 40,000 gene sequences to discover that each cancer cell activates certain genes to secrete certain proteins, which are relatively east to test for. The result could be a simple device that costs £30 or £40 which is able to test for the presence of any type of cancer. So what does this mean? Anyone under the age of 45 is likely to see these and other medical discoveries offering them a much longer lifespan. It means the current accepted retirement age of 65 (conceived in the 1930s) is massively outdated. You will more than likely live past 100. And as such you will need to fund a far longer period of retirement. That problem has nothing to do with the future. That needs to be dealt with today. For any questions on your financial planning contact Mike Abbott at

Legally Speaking: Spousal Visa


:I am a British citizen and wish for my wife of 10 years, who is a citizen from India, to join me in the UK as it is difficult to travel so often. I want my wife to apply for a Spouse Visa but she cannot speak or write English which is a problem as it is required from her to pass the English Language Test.. Is it really necessary for her to speak or understand English in order to join me as my wife in the UK? I think there was a similar case in the news recently but I don’t know what the outcome was? Please advise. : It is true that a person should pass the English Language Test (ELT) in order to obtain a Spouse Visa. The outcome of the case you are referring to was that the High Court dismissed a challenge to laws


that require immigrant spouses to be able to speak English in order to live in the UK. It was ruled that the new language test was not a disproportionate interference with the couples' right to family life. Immigration Minister Damian Green said: "We believe it is entirely reasonable that someone intending to live in the UK should understand English, so that they can integrate and participate fully in our society." Take note that the ELT is a \basic English Test and perhaps it would be advisable for your spouse to undergo some English lessons as there is unfortunately no other way around this problem. Please feel free to contact our offices as a person can undertake these tests from our offices in London.

JP Breytenbach – Director of Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants Ltd or

Rand makes gains THE South African Rand traded on 9 January at 12.55 to the British Pound, and remained in that range in anticipation of news from South Africa and the Eurozone. The main decider of the ZAR’s direction was the European bond auctions held late last week. The run-up was tense, especially since the Rand has been tracking the Euro’s performance of late, so any news coming from the Eurozone would affect the Rands movements. The bond auctions were well attended, with Spain managing to sell off twice the amount of bonds originally planned. Italy also had a good run. The positive news helped the ZAR strengthen considerably from above 12.50 to the mid-12.30 range. The strength was bolstered by positive local manufacturing data indicating improved

economic activity. The result was a fiveweek high against the US Dollar, which even further doom & gloom from France in the form of a ratings warning failed to scare investors off riskier portfolio’s in the light of the first inklings of positive news. SA government inflation-linked bonds were also showing increased demand as investors look for hedges. This week should prove eventful for the Rand as the reserve Bank reviews its’ monetary policy on Thursday, and the purchasing managers’ index figures are released. GBP/ZAR: 12.43 EUR/ZAR: 10.29 USD/ZAR: 8.124 HKD/ZAR: 1.045 Composed by Jesse Crooks

Note: The above exchange rates are based on “interbank” rates. If you want to transfer money to South Africa then please register/login or call us for a live dealing rate. Make use of a Rate Notifier to send you alerts when the rand exchange rate reaches levels you are looking for. Brought to you by

Call 0808 168 2055

13 | 17 January 2012 – 23 January 2012 |

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John Paul de Freitas

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Finance & Commercial Director at Bupa Health & Wellbeing by GORDON GLYN-JONES BULLET BIOGRAPHY • Born: Johannesburg • Studied: Durban University, BComm Honours • Former roles: Moores Roland International, Aviva , Penn Travel – Finance Director, Financial Director of RAC, Commercial Finance Director of BUPA. • Lives in: Wimbledon • Delegates to: 230 employees

Where is your business based? We are based in Staines, UK. Our biggest operation is in Manchester, where the majority of our customer service team is based, which consists of 1,500 to 2,000 people. How did you get started with Aviva and as a South African, did you find it difficult? No, I didn’t particularly find it difficult during my ascent at Aviva. They were fairly diverse and had a number of senior personnel from a variety of countries. I went through Aviva via a different route, as although I am a chartered accountant, I got into the company through Change Management and joined Asset Management. I only got back to core finance towards the end of my career with Aviva. Did you have you to adjust your style to fit with an English business culture? Absolutely. Tthere was definitely an adjustment into how direct you are. South Africans generally are pretty honest, open and direct and say things as they see them. In my contracting periods before Aviva, I guess I softened a little in my approach and became more acclimatised to the UK way of conducting business. Did you have any problems relocating to the UK? Not at all. We relocated in 1999. As a family we decided to we come to the UK for two years, make a living, travel and then head back to South Africa. We found the transition remarkably easy - at the time there was a flood of South Africans coming to the UK. In 1999 it was booming, I was able to secure a job within days of landing. The majority of our friends had arrived with us, so there was a base we slotted straight into. It was almost an extension of our lives back home. Within two years I decided to go permanent and we bought a property and decided to make a life for ourselves over here.

You hold a high -pressure important position. What does take to get where you are? Firstly, having the appropriate qualifications and experience. On a personal level, having relevant experience in a regulated business secured me this job. You need to personable and able to tell a story, as communication is key in my line of work. Those are some of the core competencies you need. Name a challenging time for yourself, at one of your posts. I walked into a finance arm that wasn’t aligned with the business. Within two months of joining, I had to re-align the whole finance function to the way the business was operating. It put many individuals at risk while their roles were being evaluated. I needed to sell myself as someone who was driving the business into bigger and better things. I never wanted to get people out, but this obviously brought about a lot of uncertainty and I had to manage them through that uncertainty, which was a very challenging experience. How does a recession affect your business as an insurance company? Continued downward pressure in sales. The biggest manifestation of the economic crisis is that more people are leaving health insurance because they simply cannot afford it. We have to combat this by making health insurance more affordable and more relevant. One of the key things we have done over the past couple of years is to develop and evolve a new product with multiple price points. As a South African coming to the UK, on thing that stuck out to me was the NHS. Obviously there has been a debate for some time on the matter. Where do you see health provision in the next 10 years - going private or still with the NHS? I think the NHS should stay, it’s such a significant institution, highly cherished across the UK and quite rightly to some extent. It provides primary care to a huge number of people, I

believe the NHS is here to stay. Obviously, economic conditions will put funding pressure on the NHS which would result in an adjustment to the services they are able to offer. I could imagine there would be an increase in waiting times and services would have to be cut. That

Dr Zola Skweyiya

Hendrik du Toit Chief Executive Officer of Investec

provides some opportunities for healthcare providers such as BUPA. NHS will have to evolve but I can still see it providing primary care in the next 10 years. If you have health insurance here, does it transfer to South Africa? Health insurance is not transferable and BUPA does not have a presence in South Africa. We do have an international product called ‘Expat’ which deals with expats living and working in Africa including South Africa. What could be in done in terms of connections and leveraging businesses into both places or

South African High Commissioner to the UK

launching/expanding businesses into South Africa/UK? Depending on the business you’re in, creating networking opportunities so that UK and South African firms could potentially identify opportunities for new businesses. I have a strong feeling that operating within a first world country such as the UK provides you with a huge number of opportunities for taking concepts that exist in the UK and translating them into a South African environment. That sort of business brokering I find very interesting. To see the full interview go to


Is your tax situation a mess? Allow WWTS to clean up for you! A World Wide Tax Solution Company is the answer to all your tax problems and needs.

WWTS CAN OFFER:  Administer and enforce laws of taxation within the UK and Internationally  Advice and consult on all matters of taxation  Accountancy Services and Formation of companies  20 years South African tax experience

Contact: Teresa Tel: 07789952025 Email: Website:


Business: Careers Business PHocus PAUL HARRISON

Firing Clients

I received a query from a dear friend of mine as to what a business should do in the case of customers who don’t pay. In this case, there were customers who hadn’t paid invoices that were raised more than a year ago. Her business, renowned for great

All Day and Night

customer service and always delivering on promises, has been chasing this outstanding money. This is something I am very passionate about, and that is putting yourself into a position where you can pick and choose the clients you want to work with. This probably sounds quite appealing but may seem a little foreign as most people don’t ever want to lose a client. Please, take it from me; there are some clients that are not worth the money they pay you. I have found that this is where the 80/20 principle can apply. In other words, 80% of your problems get caused by 20% of your clients.

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This is one of the main reasons why your marketing and sales funnels need to always be producing new clients and repeat business from clients who really appreciate your services. I have had clients that I really could not work with (for a number of reasons) and have found that once I let them go, it’s much easier to enjoy what you do and serve more appropriate clients. Don’t be afraid to fire clients that may be better served elsewhere. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me on



HAPPY HOUR Fosters, Snakebite, VB and Bundi mix all £2.75 Vodka Skittle shots £1.50

Live Music and Games

Dress as your favourite AFL Player – Prizes for best dressed PARMA AND A PINT £10

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Tips to the top:

Phrases that flick the turn off switch


: What are some of the most common mistakes in presenting regarding phrasing that turns presentations into an audience endurance tests? : Avoid some of these and you’ll be well on the way: 1. ‘Presentation’ Unless you’re talking about, say, how to do a presentation, the word ‘presentation’ as in “In this presentation, I shall tell you about...” is a bit of a dampener. It implies someone will talk at them and bombard them with slides. 2. ‘I’m going to sell you...’ Good selling makes the customer feel like they’ve bought not that they’ve been sold too. You will rarely think you’ve bought because of a selling technique but of your perceived choice to buy. 3. ‘I’m going to convince you’ As soon as you say that, your audience is already thinking, ‘No, you’re not!’ Anyway, what convincing do you have to do? Your case should be self-evident


or, at least, your belief should shine through. Remember, a presentation is a dialogue with one person speaking most of the time. Talking like you are when the shackles are off will keep them with you. Alison Kemp, Communication and Transformational Creativity (also at Blake Hall Business School The Programme in Creative and Innovative Leadership Tel: +44 (0) 20 7252 2033 Email: enquiries@

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Business: Classifieds

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Use accountants that do more than ‘crunch’ the numbers... let us help grow your business Company formations and Secretarial Services Business planning & development • Management support • Team training & development • CFO/FD Services • pay only for time required by your business • Compliance Services • Accounting Services • Profit improvement programs • Taxation planning • Personal and Corporate • Contracting solutions

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KALAHARI MOON WESTON The Southern African Shop in Weston (Opp Tesco car park entrance). Wide range of SA and Zim products. Relax in our licensed cafe while shopping. And try our South African homecooked food. 7 Lockling Road, Weston Super Mare, BS23 3BY. Tel: 01934 708089. Email: KALAHARI MOON The Southern African Shop in Bristol. Wide range of stock including excellent boerewors and biltong. Centrally situated, friendly service. Connecting South Africans. Tel: 0117 929 9879 Address: 88 - 91 The Covered Market. st Nicholas Market, Corn Street, Bristol, BS1 1JQ Email: Website: NO1 SOUTH AFRICAN SHOP Lots of lekker stuff for a taste of home. Including fantastic biltong, droewors and boerewors. 5 Marlow Drive, St Catherines Hill, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 2RR. The shop is about 2 miles north-west of Christchurch town centre and 6 miles north-east of Bournemouth town centre. There’s loads of free parking and the shop is easy to get to from the A338. Tel: 01202 496041 10’ish to 6pm 7 days a week.

Tel: 0208 878 1898 Email

Gold Medal Winners for Beef Biltong and Boerewors 1998. Triple Crown Winners 2010 Ostrich * Kudu * Springbok * The South African 1-3 Rockingham Close Priory Lane, Roehampton London SW15 5RW

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FOOD & DRINK ABANTU BUTCHERS Abantu Butchery boerewors specialist, supplying wholesale and catering and retail shops as we are fully EEC licensed, we can also supply vacuum packed steaks in any quantity you may require. Probably the best boerewors you have tasted at a remarkable price. 19 City Arcade, City Centre, Coventry, CV1 3HX Tel: 02476555767 CAMBRIDGE & VILLAGES Toft Shop – Village Shop & Post Office With a South African section selling all your favourite tastes from home! Pop in and pick up your treats – Biltong; Boerewors; Koeksisters; Rusks; Sweets; Chips; Groceries etc. Web: Tel: 01223 262 204. CB23 2RL CANTINA LAREDO Enjoy the fresh & vibrant tastes of real Mexican cuisine! The best fillet & rib-eye steaks you have tasted in London. Margaritas frozen or ‘on the rocks’. Guacamole, Enchiladas, Tacos, Salads, Fish, Chicken & Desserts to die for! Great atmosphere & South African hospitality. 10 Upper St. Martin’s Lane, Covent Garden, WC2H 9FB. T: 0207 420 0630. Leicester Square/Covent Garden THE CHICHESTER BILTONG COMPANY The best of British from a friendly bunch of South Africans who made Sussex our home. But there was one thing we couldnt live without from our native land..Biltong! So we made our own using traditional recipes handed down through generations. We only use the finest prime British beef! Get our “readers 10% EXTRA FREE” offer by using the VOUCHER CODE ‘SA10’ CRUGA Home of CRUGA biltong. Cruga’s factory shop offers a full range of South African and Zimbabwean groceries plus boerewors, droewors and of course biltong. Tel: 01908 565 432 Email: Web: Address: Tilers Rd Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes, MK11 3LH

SHEBEEN BAR Edinburgh’s only South African bar has opened in Leith. A unique, stylish bar with something for everyone,delivered by experience and friendly staff. As expected we stock a large range of South African beers, wines, ciders and snacks, including a classic selection of cocktails and Dom Pedros. Opening hours are from 12pm to 1am. Come down and enjoy a true taste of Africa. 3-5 Dock Place, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6LU. 0131 554 9612.

Snoggy’s Food Shops

BREYTENBACHS IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS LTD: UK & SA Immigration Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants specialises in UK and SA Immigration. We pride ourselves on our reputation for excellence, fast results and friendly personal service. Registered by the OISC to level 3, you can be assured that your case is in safe hands! We can assist you with: • All Points-based Immigration matters • UK Visitor visas • Tier 1 / HSMP • Tier 2 / Work permits & Sponsorship • Tier 4 / Student Visas • Dependency, unmarried partner and civil partner visas • Ancestry Visas • Indefinite leave to Remain / Permanent residency • British Citizenship • Appeals • English Language Tests • South African Immigration Prices have been set competitively with you in mind, enabling you to receive expert advice at affordable prices. We have a No Visa – No Fee policy on our Immigration services! Contact us today for best advice and peace of mind! Visit, or Email us on

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WHOLESALER OF SOUTH AFRICAN FOOD PRODUCTS Beers, wines, cold-drinks, biscuits, maize meal, chutney... Phone us for your order: 01753684005/ 01753684014 Mobile: 07859 014 199

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Oh Oh Soho Somewhat Parisienne in flavour; sort of arty, hedonistic, alternative

of choice in a cup and perch by KAREN DE VILLIERS yourself at one of the tables on TRICKY little ‘village’ in the heart the pavement. If you can find a of London. Duly mentioned in the place that is. The idea is to watch guide books, Soho is more often the world go by. Soho is a sexual than not rather a surprise to those cruising Mecca – remember the with the maps and cameras at the open mind. For more than a ready. Tucked between Leicester century, Soho Square and the has been the sex upper part of Sex sells in Soho – but area of London Oxford Street, – similar to before you rush there Soho is a den of dingy sex or curse it all together, Amsterdam’s Red Light clubs and shops this grid of streets and district, and selling erotic suspect stores is more despite stricter paraphernalia: controls, you know those than meets the eye. prostitution shop entrances prevails. Now Soho is the Pink with the shredded plastic curtains District of London. Somewhat luring you in and the pink flamingo Parisienne in flavour; sort of arty, signage? Sex sells in Soho – but hedonistic, alternative… before you rush there or curse it But it would be unfair to label all together, this grid of streets and Soho as nothing more than a sex suspect stores is more than meets destination, for she is also the hub the eye. of the entertainment business. Have I love Soho. Actually I adore a look around Soho Square and you Soho. It’s street theatre for free. will recognise many logos for film The best way to approach Soho is companies, record companies and with an open mind and an empty magazine houses. This is where stomach. Coffee shops and eateries artists come to find a voice at the are lined up next to each other, like Lego block colours with the world’s footlights. One example is Ronnie Scott’s in Frith Street. A brilliant cuisine in one big melting pot. jazz club introducing new and But first, get the coffee bean existing artists. Soho never shuts

| 17 January 2012 – 23 January 2012 |

down, with large theatres like the palace and small venues pumping till early hours in the morning with comics, jazz and drama. And then the food. I challenge anyone to try to count the number of cafe’s, bistros and restaurants in the midst of Soho. From Michelin Star fare to the cutest breakfast bars, Mexican, Italian, Polish, the list is endless. For those on a budget, I can recommend The Breakfast Club. Another personal favourite is Hummus Bros in Wardour Street, an eatery dedicated entirely to the love of hummus – wicked, as they say. Then you will find The Stockpot in Old Compton Street for good home cooking at a very reasonable price. I could eat till bursting at Ed’s Diner for hotdogs and chips lathered in melted cheese with a double thick milkshake. Cupcakes from The Hummingbird to eat in Soho Square is another weekend tradition. If kebabs are your favourite, try the Wrap N Roll in Berwick Street. Could go on and on. Oh Soho. A fusion of flavours and lifestyle. Nothing traditional or staid about it. Love it or leave it, but in my opinion, you should at least see it.

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Zimbabwe Community

Zim-Unite! – shaping ‘destinies’ of immigrants in UK

There are currently 200,000 Zimbabweans living in the UK and Citizens UK has plans to increase trade and business within that community. by STAFF REPORTER ZIM Unite! is an initiative set up by Jeff Sango, who plans to give a voice to the marginalised, put an end to child detention, and is campaigning for a living wage. Sango, a former car insurance salesman who now works at Citizens UK wants Zimbabweans to put aside their respective differences, be it religious, tribal or political, and come together by supporting and contributing to Zimbabwean trade, for the good of their country. Citizens UK hosts a Diaspora Assembly, which aims to give members of a migrant group a platform to broadcast their views and opinions, on the issues currently affecting them. Citizens UK has a history of working with other diaspora communities in Britain, giving a chance to voice issues consuming immigrant minorities. This is the first year a group from Zimbabwe has joined Citizens. The first Zim-Unite meeting took place last Saturday, and was well attended with 50 Zimbabweans from around the country present. The 50-strong collective then met up with other migrant communities at the Diaspora Assembly. There are currently 200,000 Zimbabweans living in the UK and Citizens UK has plans to increase trade and buisness within that community. The Buy Zimbabwe campaign asks fellow immigrants to support Zimbabwean run businesses and a large part of this is linked to Air Zimbabwe. David Mwenga, Air Zimbabwe’s general manager for Europe was present at the meeting. ”We have over 200,000 Zimbabweans with

status in this country, if half of those people travelled on Air Zimbabwe, we would taking about a different contribution of the airline to the Zimbabwean community”. Mwenga added London already contributes to 50 per cent of the airline’s overall revenue. He also outlined his plans to hand power into the hands of the general public, stating that 20% of the airline should be given to Zimbabwean people, to equip them with more power and ability to influence decisions and deals which ultimately affect them directly as passengers and travellers. Sango stated the intention of setting up a contact list in the mould of Yellow Pages. “We are starting a Zimbabwean service directory. I want to hear about people who have businesses or special skills so we can include them in the database.” Zim Unite! is a bold move and looks like a step in the right direction for all those involved. In summary, how you can get involved in Zim Unite! 1. Join – as it’s a membership organisation 2. Book for Citizens based community leadership training 3. Attend and shape CitizensUK campaigns- Currently planning for a London Mayoral assembly to be attended by the four Mayoral candidates in front of 2500 CitizensUK members on 26th April at the Methodist Central Hall,Westminster. If you would like more information please email

Jeff Sango - Zimbabweans in the UK must support trade renaissance at home

Zimbabwean constitutional reform – but no guarantee of LGBT rights

The new constitution won’t include protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation. by STAFF REPORTER

MEMBERS of the parliamentary select committee responsible for reforming the Zimbabwean constitution stated yesterday that the new constitution – which will be put to a referendum – will not contain language guaranteeing the LGBT community their rights, according to the Voice of America. Given President Robert Mugabe’s stated opposition (he has stated that homosexual acts ‘degrade

human dignity’ and that allowing it would be ‘allowing people to behave worse than dogs and pigs), and Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s equivocal position on the issue, the decision comes as no surprise, and public polls conducted in 2010 ‘indicated that a majority of Zimbabweans did not support including language in the new constitution to protect the rights of homosexuals.’ Discussing the debate amongst

the committee, ZANU-PF select committee co-chairman Paul Mangwana stated that ‘the voices against [inserting an LGBT rights clause] were more than those for’. In a country with already-strict laws against homosexuality, the Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe stated that without a clause protecting their rights, the community would find itself “facing a multitude of human rights issues with no legal recourse.”



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What is next for Steven Pienaar?

Tottenhan Hotspur midfielder Steven Pienaar is at a crossroads in his career. He needs to make a very important decicion, a decision that will not only affect his club career, but also his position as Bafana Bafana captain and player by NICO ROUX

BAFANA Bafana captain and Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Steven Pienaar has a very important decision to make. Does he stay and fight for his place in the starting line-up at his current club, or does he seek greener pastures elsewhere? Pienaar, who made a name for himself in the English Premiership with Everton, joined Spurs in January 2011 after three seasons in Merseyside. Much was expected of him after his move to London, but with limited starts and the form of fellow midfielders Rafael van der Vaart, Luka Modric, Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon, there has been little chance for him to show his worth.

Spurs manger Harry Redknapp mentioned in a press conference that Pienaar is still in his plans but rumours have been going around that there are a couple of premiership clubs interested in acquiring the services of the South African midfielder. Clubs rumoured to be interested includes his former club Everton, Sunderland, Aston Villa and even Arsenal. However, Spurs has yet to receive a formal offer for the midfielder. If Spurs continue their current form, a top-four finish is well and truly on the cards and with that Champions League football for next season which might be enough reason for Pienaar to remain at the club. But

with regular playing time not guaranteed, Pienaar might be tempted away from the North London club. Whatever his decision might be, it will have a huge impact on his international career. Bafana Bafana will, as always, rely heavily on Pienaar to provide the spark in their midfield. Something that he has always been able to provide with the greatest of ease. Will he be able to provide that spark without regular playing time? One thing remains a certainty; whichever team Steven Pienaar represents he will do so with his usual energy and flair and behind him a whole nation cheering him on all the way!

The World’s Hardest Golf Hole by STAFF REPORTER

GOLF enthusiasts can now face an almighty challenge at Legend’s Golf Course in Limpopo Province. After completing 18 holes designed by professionals such as Sergio Garcia and Vijay Singh, players can hop aboard a helicopter and tackle the Extreme 19th. Set atop the imposing Hanglip

Mountain this course boasts the highest tee off on the planet at 1410 ft. Looking way down to the Africa shaped green below; golfers must take on the insane task of sending their ball 395 yards to the pin. And to make things even trickier it’s a par three! Not one for the feint hearted this challenge asks its competitors to totter on the brink of a gargantuan

cliff face before letting fly. Channel Nine cricket commentator Mark Nicholas recently played the hole and clearly enjoyed himself. "It was awesome, riveting and phenomenal," he said, "it's like the end of the world when you get up there and it's an awful lot of fun. It's such an adrenaline rush taking the helicopter up and then rushing back down."

Due to the height, the ball takes around half a minute to land after teeing off. A feature that calls for the use of four separate cameras to track the shot and balls equipped with tracking chips. Many pro golfers and celebrities have played the hole but nobody has managed to sink a jaw dropping hole in one. The Extreme 19th costs $1060 per foursome, which includes the helicopter ride, souvenir cap, glove, and a DVD of you playing the hole. Golfing legend Padraig Harrington became the first golfer

to conquer the hole within par. He was full of praise for the Extreme 19th; "This is the type of innovation and excitement we need to get more people playing golf. I think this hole is awesome. I love the whole experience, the helicopter, the views, the drama and having the green the shape of Africa.” With rumors abound that a one million dollar prize for the first golfer to bag a hole in one will be up for grabs soon, excitement levels surrounding this landmark golfing extravaganza are climbing higher than ever.

Grace wins Joburg Open by STAFF REPORTER

Budd receives award 28 years late by STAFF REPORTER ZOLA Budd received her Newsmaker of the Year trophy on Friday, 28 years after she had been selected to get the award by the Johannesburg Press Club, IOL reported.

Budd, now based in the USA, was honoured in September 1984 as the first and youngest Newsmaker of the Year, but never received the trophy because it is floating and no replica was available.

On Friday, Deputy Sports Minister Gert Oosthuizen presented the yellowwood trophy to Budd, 45, who would be competing in her first Comrades ultra-marathon between Pietermaritzburg and Durban in June.

SOUTH African Branden Grace won his first European Tour title in the Joburg Open by a stroke with a level-par final round of 72 on Sunday. The 23-year-old finished on 17-under-par, one stroke ahead of Briton Jamie Elson with an outstanding nine-under-par 63, IOL reported. Grace, a former member of the

Ernie Els Foundation,was three strokes ahead of compatriot George Coetzee and Briton Richard Finch at the start of the final round. Grace put together nine straight pars on the back nine to hold off Elson and six golfers who finished in a tie for third on 14-under-par - Scots David Drysdale and Marc Warren and South Africans Jaco van Zyl, Trevor Fisher Jnr, Dawie van der Walt and Michiel Bothma.

19 | 17 January 2012 – 23 January 2012 |


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Boost those new year get-fit resolutions & make a difference! by STAFF REPORTER

FOR many South Africans the embodiment of sportsmanship is Arthur ‘Greatheart’ Newton, five times winner of the Comrades Marathon in the 1920s. During his running career which only started at age 38, Newton ran the equivalent of five times round the earth. He was not only a pioneer superathlete but a generous man whose phenomenal achievements enabled him to pass on large sums of prize money to good causes and who helped other runners, even those attempting to better his records. Starfish ‘Greathearts’ Foundation takes Arthur Newton as its inspiration and uses sporting events to raise funds. For 10 years Starfish has been working to change the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in southern Africa. Starfish supports projects within local communities, providing funding and training to extend them so that more children can be reached more quickly. On Friday 24 February the charity is hosting a 24-hour Spinathon event in Putney, London.

The Spinathon is not as tough as you might think. You don’t have to cycle non-stop for a day and night. Just be part of a team (maximum 10 people) that keeps going round the clock. Get your own team together or join an existing one. Qualified instructors leading hour long classes back to back and driving rhythms will encourage you throughout, but no one will push you too hard. You keep control, monitoring your own bike’s resistance and with a heart rate monitor that indicates when it’s time to go easy. With spinning, your knees don’t get the pounding that marathon runners take and you’ll even get a gel seat cover when you need one. Early endurance athletes had a pretty relaxed attitude to training. Things are different now and although there is no need to go out and start training like mad but the fitter you are, the more slots you will be able to fill in your team. As well as cycling, walking or swimming are good preparation. If you don’t have a bike use one of Boris’s or hire one at Richmond Park

But how will all this translate into benefits for the AIDs orphans inSouth Africawho are given new hope and opportunities by Starfish? Say your team makes £20 an hour over 24 hours. For the children helped by Starfish this will mean 24 monthly food parcels to help them survive following the death of their parents due to HIV/ AIDs. Two hours will buy school uniforms, shoes and transport so that a child can go back to school. Twelve hours will spread Starfish’s net wider by paying for the

training of a caregiver to transform lives within another community. When you’re signed up for the event the next step is to set up an online fundraising page for your friends and colleagues to lay down their pledges and their challenges for you. If you’re an accomplished spinner this could be £1 per minute at 85% or more of max heart rate during your slots or you could be sponsored simply according to how many slots you complete. Help Starfish to reach more children, enjoy the team

experience and get fit! If spinning’s not your thing or you can’t make the date, fear not, Starfish have many other challenges throughout the year to get involved in; from the Argus cycle and the Comrades marathon to the Reading Half Marathon and the London to Brighton Cycle. To sign up or for more information: Email hester.enthoven@ or call 0 20 7597 3797.

One of the most amazing emporia the capital offers to the carnivorous gourmet. St. Marcus Fine Foods Ltd, the first to bulk produce Biltong & Boerewors in the UK. For the past 30 years we have been producing the most amazing range of Biltong and Boerewors with a huge and imaginative choice of gourmet sausages and other fine specialty meat products. along side our enormous range of imported fine South African produce, Did you Know St Marcus Is: The oldest establishment in the UK for the manufacture and import of SA foods St Marcus have been awarded a gold medal for Our Beef biltong. St Marcus Holds the most awards and diplomas for our Boerewors, biltong &Burgers in the UK In the South African taste awards out of 5 categories St. Marcus came away with 3!! The Johannesburg Sunday Times called Emory St. Marcus "Mr. British Beef Biltong" way back in 1984! Why? ... Because he is!

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17 January 2012 – 23 January 2012






by STAFF REPORTER ALF-CENTURIES from Hashim Amla and JP Duminy helped South Africa to a five wicket victory in the second one-day international at Buffalo Park in East London on Saturday. The Proteas now lead the five match series against Sri Lanka 2-0. Duminy was named Man of the Match after making 66 runs (with one six and no fours) bowled six tidy overs, conceding 26 runs. Set a target of 237, Graeme Smith and Hashim Amla made 76 runs before Smith top-edged Prasad to Upal Tharanga on the leg-side to exit with 28 runs. Amla went on to make 55 until he was bowled out by Prasad. Just before AB de Villiers (17) was run out, one of the lighting pylons caught on fire and South Africa were forced to bat on in poor light. The floodlights, which had been on all day in overcast conditions, were no longer operable while the hosts soldiered on, still requiring 44 runs for victory. South Africa were outstanding in the field putting more pressure on the visitors as they tried to increase their run-rate. Lonwabo Tsotsobe (2/43) and Morne Morkel (2/39) were the pick of the bowlers. Meanwhile Cricket South Africa (CSA) has announced two enforced changes as well as a rotational change to the Proteas squad for the remainder of the series. Amla has been forced to stand down because of family responsibilities while Rory Kleinveldt is injured, according to CSA selection convener Andrew Hudson. In addition, the team management has decided to rest Jacques Kallis. The respective replacements are Highveld Lions

Hashim Amla on his way to scoring his half-century in the second ODI against Sri Lanka.

batsman Alviro Petersen, Cape Cobras all-rounder Vernon Philander and Warriors batsman Colin Ingram. “Both Petersen and Philander showed excellent form in the recent Sunfoil Test series against Sri Lanka and they have also represented the Proteas in the ODI format before so I don’t anticipate

their having any problems adapting to 50 overs cricket,” Hudson added. “Ingram has also been in top form in domestic cricket and was a member of the squad that went to the World Cup last year after making a century on debut against Zimbabwe.

The South African, Issue 446, 17 January 2012  
The South African, Issue 446, 17 January 2012  

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