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the lake, we focus on some local legends headed over to the Sochi Winter Olympics this month, plus TEDxQueenstown, Songstars, Dogs, Pies, HOT Sauce, Enduro and dirty onsies. Get into it, it’s a HOT one… Source Out.

February is so HOT right now. This month at The Source we celebrate everything that is HOT. From HOT music to HOT sports to HOT events to HOT sauce we’ve got enough spice to go around for everyone. So what is HOT right now? We’ve got a few ideas, but we’d like to hear from you. Hit us up on our Facebook page with your hottest bands, books, movies, movers, shakers, cocktails, cooks, trends and trips. The Source is all about shining a light on what’s HOT, so tell us and we will. This issue is all about what’s next. We talk to Tai Forrester, local muso, as he takes a big leap into the unknown, we investigate Stand Up Paddle Boarding - the next big thing on

EDITOR: Scott Kennedy: 021 681 959 MARKETING: Sophie Kennedy: 021 339 173 Construction: 027 239 0342 021 341 249 SNail us: PO Box 689, Queenstown, NZ





Tai Forrester Tai has one foot over the abyss and he’s about to take the next step. “Over Christmas I had an epiphany. I woke up one day and decided that if I was really going to do this, it was time to really do this. I’m buying a van, quit my day job, loading up my gear and playing anytime, anywhere, every day for as long as it takes.” You have to tip your hat to anyone who is willing to commit fully, walk the wire without a net and risk it all. Make or break, summit or plummet - that’s the difference between amateurs and pros. The best art isn’t made by weekend warriors, it’s made by those who do whatever - WHATEVER - it takes to make dreams reality. Guys like Tai are out there, go find them - support their music, support them - without the committed few, the art we love is a whole lot less interesting. You’ll find them fighting the good fight, every day and every night - pushing against the wind for as long as it takes to be an overnight success. To all those who are all in - Kia Kaha and know The Source is with you all the way.

“I’m all in bro.” With a confident laugh and his characteristic mega-watt smile Tai Forrester is ready to rock. The local muso, who’s played his wares in nearly every watering hole in town, rocked the Source TeeVee launch party and now fronts The Killer Seas (your next favourite band), is about to take the big leap. Stewart Island born and raised and now a staunch Queenstown local. Here at The Source we’ve seen Tai emerge as a fresh talent and evolve into a force. We’ve heard his voice grow from an acoustic whisper to a blast furnace howl - fronting the wall of rock, no amps required. In every musician’s career there is a turning point. It isn’t a first album, a first gig or a first encore. It’s that moment when the training wheels come off and they take the leap. It might be quitting the day job or going solo.Maybe it’s nothing more than a decision - a change of headspace. It’s like watching the tightrope walker take that first net-less step onto the wire. 4



Down at the Waterfront,

14 Rees Street, Queenstown . 03 442 5382

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come and say hi: pogmahonesirishpub

did you know? • If you spell out numbers in order, the first time you get to the letter “a” is at one-thousand. • Costa Rica is statistically the happiest nation on Earth. • If you blend a sea sponge, it will reform back into a sea sponge. • Aside from a sample in a lab, Smallpox is completely extinct. No one else will ever die from it again. • The majority of European children born in 2013 will live to see the year 2100. • Cuddling releases Oxytocin which helps speed healing and recovery from physical wounds.

You know what they say about girls with big feet...


do or diy

Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking. WB Yeats


Broken Heart Gin there is more to a gin.” She’s not wrong, it’s more complex, taking 11 different herbs to make the blend work. Broken Heart tastes slightly floral while avoiding the sterile evergreen notes so common in other gins that reduce the spirit to a drinkable version of a pine scented car freshener. The other half of the company is Jeorg, a master distiller with a million years’ experience. Together, Annie and Jeorg have tested and retested their take on the London Dry classic. I’m sure they managed to split the research but Annie admits it’s a process that “means drinking a lot of gin. Right now I’m back to the wine but I still enjoy gin.” My second bottle accompanied me on a trip to the Catlins where we wound down the night with glass after glass over ice, splashed with tonic, soda, fresh mint and different citruses. That bottle didn’t make it back. A bottle of Broken Heart Gin will run you about $50 dollars for 700ml. More information, including the story behind the name, can be found at You can keep track of Chris and his exploits at:

“You’re blowing smoke up my ass” said Annie the distilling/marketing/ creator/everything woman of Broken Heart Gin. Maybe it was because time slipped away from me as I began oozing accolades, talking about all the things I loved about the little gin with the clever split heart logo. Broken Heart Gin has a way of helping slow time; something that Annie recognises about her product, which is apparent on the brand’s label: Revel In Your Time. I came across her bottle nestled in the gin section at Henry’s Liquor Store, hidden amongst the usual big name brands. Distilled in the Pure South of New Zealand was what caught my eye. Finally, a bottle that was not imported, not made of some synthetic crap and hasn’t sailed thousands of kilometres to get to me. I would rather spend a little bit more money on something that was made in the same valley I live in, supports someone in the community and most importantly, doesn’t taste like shit. I was so impressed with the Arrowtown based brand that I decided to ring Annie to get more of the story. Why gin? “Everybody does vodka… 8


For the second year running TEDxQueenstown is back and with it a full selection of live speakers that’ll blow your brain-socks-off. Tech heavy hitter and Kim Dotcom BFF Vikram Khumar is going to talk about the future of the web, Dr Libby Weaver, health guru and healthy eating icon is going to make sure you don’t have fries with that and some of Queenstown’s best and brightest performers are going to grace the stage too. It’s going to be a great day of top-shelf speakers and well worth getting along to. Get in now; it sold out quick-smart last year. For more:

GI-Joe said it best, “knowing is half the battle”. Or maybe that was the Transformers? Whatever. Being a dummy is so 2012 – smart as an ironed tuxedo is the new hot and the hottest thing going in February is TEDxQueenstown. Who’s TED? No, we aren’t talking about the Thunder Song singing bear. TED Talks, the videos that fill your news feed with inspirational, amazing and intellectually stimulating goodness – well they don’t just live on the interwebs – they’re live, right here in Queenstown.

thumbs UP QTMTB club. Those boys deserve a medal for putting this town on the MTB map. Front Room Gallery. Big Brekkies at RedRock.

thumbs DOWN y in Crappiest Januar Living Memory. d levvies. Rules, permits an with s er mp Freedom ca it out no manners - sort people... 9

HOTTEST: P TO Continental Temps

1. Death Valley, USA, Jul 10, 1913, 56.7ºC 2. Tirat Tsvi, Israel, Jun 21, 1942, 54.0ºC 3. Kebili, Tunisia, Jul 7, 1931, 55.0ºC 4. Oodnadatta, Australia, Jan 2, 1960, 50.7ºC 5. Athens, Greece, Jul 10, 1977, 48.0ºC 6. Rivadavia, Argentina, Dec 11, 1905, 48.9ºC 7. Tuguegarao, Philippines, Apr 20, 1912, 42.2ºC 8. Vanda Station, Antarctica, Jan 5, 1974, 15.0ºC

It’s a strange world of language in which skating on thin ice can get you into hot water.



Why is Enduro so HOT right now? Okay, firstly, what is Enduro? It’s still sorting itself as a ‘sport’ but basically it is a number of timed Mountain Biking stages with transition stages between that are not timed. The best part is that the sections that are timed are predominantly downhill and the transitions that are not timed are generally the uphill, or a commute, to the top of the next stage. Sounds like fun eh? So why is it so popular? Maybe because it’s more relevant to how many of us play on bikes. On a typical group ride at 7-Mile Bike Park we cruise to the top, chatting and doing the best we can without blowing a foo foo valve. We rest and regroup, then go as fast as we dare on the downhill. Enduro racing is also done on a bike more like many of us ride, not so specialised as the XC race whippet type bike or DH rock eating weapons. It’s where the XC and DH specialist mix it together and anyone else who enjoys events for the social component is in their element. The best part is that at the sharper end of the sport it is pushing

development for the bikes and equipment that many everyday riders will benefit from. Shoes that are not like a tap dancing XC shoe, yet not an orthopaedic looking work boot. Tyres that are not like a slightly fat commuter tyre yet not a motocross trickle down. Equipment and bikes need to have the efficiency of a XC application with the performance characteristics of a world cup Downhill bike. Somewhere in the middle, where many of us play, Enduro as a sport is developing a wonderful compromise that is improving the ‘do it all’ bike that could even see the myth of the ‘one bike’ become closer to reality. Timid, mellow track riders will have bikes that inspire the confidence to go ‘off piste’ and equally, single track slayers will have efficient bikes that make the long cruise around the basin less arduous. So aside from all the marketing hype, Enduro seems like a form of mountain biking that could benefit many of us down the line. Give it a go. If you’d like to join, the Bike Club would love to hear from you:




$559 $279



Second half season runs Jan 9 - May 4 (closed Apr 18 - 21)

Trails for all abilities For all the latest updates



A hot dog at the game beats roast beef at the Ritz. Humphrey Bogart

Powder Room

fumigation to adorn the masses who get their jungle jiggle on. An oasis of top-40 cheese and the purveyors of classic era hip-hop, ghetto-funk, glitch-hop, fun-funk and other hyphenated genres. The cultural flagpole is firmly planted on the outdoor kids’ territory – bike, skate, DH, BMX in summer – snow bunnies in winter. If you like to get hot, wet and dirty this is your sort of hang-out. The drink of choice is 30ml – the 100 shot menu is perfect for those that like to drink from little glasses and like to speak in tongues after a couple of drinks. Get into it – this little place is HOT.

You’ve probably walked right past it. Maybe you thought it was the same as it ever was and didn’t bother to give it a look in. Big Mistake – little bar. The Powder Room is a relatively new kid on the block, filling a tiny void in the depths of Searle Lane with a steady flow of good vibes. Where other establishments take themselves way too seriously – the Powder Room is a galaxy away from that. I mean nothing says ‘we’re here for a good time’ more than 40 animal onesies. Every Sunday night they come out of hibernation and


The Ultimate Downhill Rental Bikes

• Hardtail bike hire from $35 • Full suspension hire from $55 • Downhill bike hire from $79 • 10% discount on bike hire with a copy of the Source OUTSIDE SPORTS . SHOTOVER STREET . QUEENSTOWN . 03 441 0074 . OUTSIDESPORTS.CO.NZ

Can’t believe you haven’t SEEN.. MISSISSIPPI BURNING Mississippi Burning is an all-nameschanged dramatisation of the Ku Klux Klan’s murders of three civil rights workers in 1964. Investigating the mysterious disappearances of the three activists are FBI agents Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe. A Southerner himself, Hackman charms and cajoles his way through the tight-lipped residents of a dusty Mississippi town while Dafoe acts upon the evidence gleaned by his partner. Hackman solves the case by exerting his influence upon beauty-parlour worker Frances McDormand, who wishes to exact revenge for the beatings inflicted upon her by her Klan-connected husband Brad Dourif. 13


THE MASTER... With his band Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five he recorded the first rap mega-hit - The Message back in ‘82. Though the track never really showcased his DJ’ing skills, it catapulted the medium into the mainstream. He’s still making new music and collaborating with everyone from Snoop to Busta Rhymes - Jay-Z inducted him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and everyone who’s anyone in the Hip-Hop game cite him as an influence.

15 million YouTube views, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, Hip-hop originator, Turntable revolutionary, DJ innovator and soon to be Queenstown performer. Grandmaster Flash aka Joseph Saddler has been in the game since before most of us were born. To say that he’s an innovator doesn’t quite cut it. In the 70’s he was the first guy to use a cross-fader between two turntables and to freestyle MC overtop. Think about that for a second - think about every club you’ve ever been to, every DJ you’ve ever seen - they are all standing on the shoulders of Grandmaster Flash.

It’s not every day music luminaries from this level of orbit hit our town - be there.



I may be a senior, but so what? I’m still hot. Betty White

HUMOUR First-grade teacher Ms Brooks was having trouble with one of her students. She asked “Harry, what’s your problem?” Harry answered “I’m too smart for the 1st grade. My sister is in the 3rd grade and I’m smarter than she is! I think I should be in the 3rd grade too!” Ms Brooks had had enough. She took Harry to the principal’s office. While Harry waited the teacher explained to the principal what the situation was. The principal told her he would give the boy a test. If he failed to answer any of his questions he was to go back to the 1st grade and behave. Harry was brought in and the conditions were explained to him. Principal: “What is 3 x 3?” Harry: “9.” Principal: “What is 6 x 6?” Harry: “36.” And so it went with every question the principal thought a 3rd grader should know. The principal tells Ms Brooks he thinks Harry can go to the 3rd grade.” Ms Brooks says “Let me ask him some questions.” “What does a cow have four of that I have only two of?”

Harry, after a moment: “Legs.” Ms Brooks: “What is in your pants that you have but I do not have?” The principal wondered why would she ask such a question! Harry replied: “Pockets.” Ms Brooks: “What does a dog do that a man steps into?” Harry: “Pants.” The principal sat forward with his mouth hanging open. Ms Brooks: “What goes in hard and pink then comes out soft and sticky?” The principal’s eyes opened really wide and before he could stop the answer Harry replied “Bubble gum.” Ms Brooks: “What does a man do standing up, a woman does sitting down and a dog does on three legs?” Harry: “Shake hands.” The principal was trembling. Ms Brooks: “What word starts with an ‘F’ and ends in ‘K’ that means a lot of heat and excitement?” Harry: “Firetruck.” The principal breathed a sigh of relief and told the teacher, “Put Harry in the fifth-grade, I got the last six questions wrong.” 16

New Share Plate Menu-All $6 feed the people

#properburgers #Feedthepeople

F? WT we knew they were the devil’s work! Doctors say that Brussel sprouts should come with a health warning when a man was hospitalised after eating them. The leafy green vegetables contain vitamin K, a chemical the body uses to promote blood clotting and it counteracts the effects of anticoagulants (blood thinning medication). The man, from Ayrshire, Scotland, was prescribed anticoagulants to prevent blood clotting after suffering heart failure and his dose was monitored once or twice a week. When his blood started to clot the man was admitted to a specialised heart unit in Clydebank. Doctors could not work out why the medication was not keeping his blood thin until they discovered that he had been eating too many Brussels. No mention of the serious fire-risk associated with in-trouser methane build up... 17

From Wanaka to Waikiki they’re the watercraft de-jour. So what’s SUP? It’s been said that if Lake Wakatipu was the ocean that Queenie might just be the perfect place, anywhere. But it’s not and barring earthquakes, that’s not going to change –even if it has become a nice Caribbean blue as of late. Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is the next big thing, in a town that prides itself on owning ‘the next big thing’. Basically it’s a big surfboard and you’ve got a paddle. You stand up and paddle. And that’s about it. The sport itself started out in Hawaii, the original home of radness. Bored big wave surfers took to monster learner boards with a canoe paddle to keep their six-packs-packed while the waves were flat. Eventually they started taking SUP into the waves and the sport entered the zeitgeist shortly thereafter. Before long SUPing was here and now it kinda feels everywhere. So what’s the deal? How do you get into it? Try before you buy - luckily there are enough boards around town that you can go for a paddle before you shell out for a board. Watersports Queenstown, who also rent the trend


of summer 2015 - giant water bikes - will set you up with a SUP to rent, give you a lesson or even take you on a tour. They’re easy to find, right by the dirty hippies on the slack lines. If you’re ready to pull the trigger and get a board NZ Shred here in QT can sort you out as can Torpedo7 and others on the web. So how hard is it? To get the basics is pretty straightforward. A beginner board has similar dimensions to a dinner table meant for eight - so they are pretty stable. Pick a calm day, the lake is cold, always. Get a feel for moving the board before venturing out into the wakes of the Wakatipu. Remember that you don’t want to get tired and not have the sand underfoot to get back in. Before you know it, you’ll be ready for SUP-Yoga. Namaste.

Looks like a lot of fun... 18

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comin’ autumn’seed in • How to succ Queenstown the • DIY tips from masters

NEXTMONTH: As you’ve probably gathered, The Source runs with a theme each month. Why? Just because we can. We’d also like you to know what’s coming up next month so you can join in and have your say. We’re keen to hear from artists, writers, photographers, DJs and opinionated freaks - especially if you’ve got something you want us to publish or you’ve got something you need to get off your chest... Next month’s issue flies under the banner of:

“MAKING IT” If you’d like to contribute email us: 19

Dogs Wanaka

birds, horses any anything else you can think of. They then find them new homes in Wanaka and QT. Unlike many shelters they have a staunch ‘no-kill’ policy meaning that they are there for the animals no matter how long it takes to find them a safe and long-term home. So if you are looking to adopt a pet, be sure to talk to these guys first. Want to be a foster mum and dad for a bit? You can do that too. Want to come give them a hand and take a pooch for a walk? They’ll love you for it. Too hard but still think they’re fighting the good fight? Flick ‘em a couple bucks, they could use the help. Check out and tell them The Source sent ya.

We all love cute animals on the Internet, the avalanche of cuteness is like pornography for your soul. While we love seeing a grumpy cat or a dog with the cone of shame, there are those out there that are actually making a difference. The people who still care for brick and mortar animals, not just the digital versions. One of those crews is the good folk at DogsWanaka. Their main goal is to re-home animals that need a decent place to live. They don’t just look after animals from Wanaka or dogs for that matter. They take in animals from as far as Dunedin and everything from dogs to cats to



of images exploring modern day fables and the notion of stereotypes. Her photographs depict a surreal world with people dressed as animals or supernatural creatures. All images are made on medium format film cameras. The show runs until the 13th of February when it heads for Wellington and Melbourne.

Friday 24th January saw the opening show of Philippa O’Brien’s solo show, Photofables at the Front Room Gallery in Memorial Street. Prepare to be taken on a humorous and thought provoking journey with Rabbit Man, Ta and Da, the Weird Wolf and Bat Boy. This month the Front Room Gallery showcases a series of photographic narratives by local photographic artist Philippa O’Brien. Her work has been described as “democratic and entertaining”. Drawing on her 22 years working in the New Zealand film industry O’Brien uses sets, costumes and casting to create a collection


Photographic Art Exhibition by Philippa O’Brien

Front Room Gallery

Opening night:

10 Memorial St

Friday 24th Jan from 6pm

10 Memorial Street, Queenstown. 03 442 6739

This page is brought to you by the good people at Fluid. Queenstown Brand . Web . Strategy . Design . Marketing

Exhibition runs from 24th


Jan - 13th Feb 2014


ABOUT: Eichardt’s Bar is a Queenstown icon and locals’ favourite since 1867. It has a genuine atmosphere, history and ambience unlike anywhere else in the world. Recently listed as one of the top ten bars in the world with a view – drop by for tapas, wine or a cocktail and find out why. SPECIALTIES: Award winning wine list, superb tapas menu, fantastic service and a funky relaxed vibe. SOURCE SAYS: This is the place to be for early evening drinks – enjoy some tapas dishes with a local boutique wine from their award winning cellar list. Opening Times: 7.30am - late Food: Breakfast, lunch and tapas Music: Quiet and intimate Outdoor area: Yes

EICHARDT’S BAR Marine Parade, Queenstown, New Zealand P: 64 (0) 3 441 0450 22

The Bunker

ABOUT: One of Queenstown’s hard to find little gems, The Bunker is an intimate, rustic, fine dining and late night cocktail bar with a lounge-style outdoor deck. The focus is on great service in a unique rooftop location. An old locals’ favourite. SPECIALTIES: Cocktails, fine dining, DJs. SOURCE SAYS: This is the bar with the best two barstools in town. Get in early and stake your claim.

Opening Times: 5pm - 4am Food: Some of Queenstown’s finest Bookings: Recommended Music: DJs after dinner Outdoor area: Yes, with open fire

The Bunker Cow Lane, Queenstown New Zealand P: 64 (0) 3 441 8030 23


I have a hot memory, but I know I’ve forgotten many things, too, just squashed things in favor of survival. Iggy Pop


time for a smoke

So the Editor flicks me a text message to let me know it’s time for another column of hoppiness and that this month’s theme was HOT. Well, I thought about it and in order to keep the big guy happy…here we go. When the weather is really HOT, it’s a great time to drink beer and you’re best not to drink beer from a HOT glass! Now he’s happy let’s talk about beer. Just a little further south from the beautiful QT, is a place where the Rs are rolled a wee bit more. Yep good old Invercargill. It’s also home to New Zealand’s southern most brewery aptly named Invercargill Brewery … clever lot those southerners. It’s home to a superb array of quality brews and one of my personal favourites is the

stunning Pitch Black Stout but let’s not dwell on that just now… today it’s the beguiling Smokin Bishop that I want to preach about. This is a bacon sandwich in a bottle. It was brewed originally by Brewster (female Brewer) Pru Bishop and although she’s no longer at the brewery this beer has lived on. It’s brewed in a German Bock style using Invercargill Brewery’s own Manuka smoked malt and this gives it an extremely defined smokiness and seriously the flavour… bacon sarnies (note reference Smokin & HOT). Favourite breweries for me or what’s HOT at the moment, nomadic Danish Brewer Soren Eriksen’s 8 Wired label is high on my list. The Hopwired Pale Ale, Rewired Brown Ale and the mind blowing I-Stout are all massively flavoursome beers that should be in any good craft beer bar. The Yeastie Boys… these guys make style bending beers to test the best palates on the block. Check out their Pot (rhymes with HOT) Kettle Black, tough to define but easy to imbibe. It is a hoppy porter…no maybe it is a black pale ale? Either way it is delicious. 24

A lot of people are getting really hung up on whether a brewery is a real craft brewery or not, the term faux craft is being bashed around like a cricket ball at a 20/20 match. For me this is extremely difficult to define and to be perfectly honest ‌ should you really give a monkeys if the craft beer you like is well made, consistent quality and hits the spot? (Oh look that rhymes with...) Answers on the back of an envelope please! Ian Marriot is our Beer Editor and one of our original Source writers. He now runs a wicked little craft beer bar in Warkworth called Tahi. If you’re up north, call in and say hi.

NOW OPEN Steamer Wharf Queenstown ph 03-442 5969 25


Money From Nothing They call it quantitative easing but it’s just printing money from nothing Their media’s selling fear each night and everybody’s buying They talk in riddles answer with questions but it’s all just bare faced lying We’re complicit in the deception because we’re all complying Psychopathic in their actions short term profit on their one track minds No morals no conscience they Just Do It and pay the pathetic fines Lying cheating exploiting poisoning they’re even selling their mothers Tyrannical jockeys riding emancipation, prostitute sisters enslave brothers Psychologists design our kids’ TV shows and fine tune advertising So we’re consumer addicts by the age of five and they’re on every street supplying Roll up roll up they’re selling front row seats to watch the biospheres dying Will our grandkids ask why we all bought tickets without so much as trying Keep up with Alpharocket: 26


If you’re looking to promote your business or want to get the word out about your upcoming events or gigs then give Scott a call on 021-681-959 or

Let’s have a chat over a coffee and nut out a plan. Our shout. 27


Here’s our take on your month ahead. If you’re looking for spiritual guidance this is not the place...

Aries – Just how closely related were your parents? Taurus – How do you comb your hair so the horns don’t show?

Libra – I’d leave you with one thought but I’m not sure you have anywhere to put it. Scorpio – Let me drop everything to work on YOUR problem.

Gemini – Duct tape doesn’t fix stupidity but it muffles the sound.

Sagittarius - You look great for your age, almost life-like.

Cancer – You can do it! You won’t though, you’ll just sit on your arse all day. Leo – Why be difficult, when with a bit of effort, you can be impossible? Virgo – I think we should run away together. Except I can’t go.

Capricorn – You’re not yourself today. I noticed the improvement straight away. Aquarius – MORON is not a learning disability. Pisces – I think, therefore we have nothing in common.


4 x $50 Lone star vouchers

Last month we had FIVE lucky winners. IF YOU’D LIKE some booty for you and your crew like us on facebook for a chance to win: we have weekly comps for our followers. EASY PEASY. THIS MONTH IT COULD BE YOU, SO GET IN THERE.

JOIN IN ON FB for more chances to win: 28



The return of the infamous Source Secret Shopping Crew

THEQUESTFORTHEBEST: QT PIE The ultimate belly-fillers; small, self-contained culinary alchemy. Synonymous with fatties across the land - and quite rightly so. A crowd chanting “Who ate all the cheese and crackers?!” - it wouldn’t have the same ring to it, eh? With such a diverse culinary landscape, it’s only fair the purveyors of the finest savoury pastry treats get a look in. Not all can afford to dine out at the base of Brecon Street steps yer know! It’s been an interesting assignment. And fattening. Onward... First let’s get this out of the way. If you’re broke, go to Alpine. A heated pie for $1.50. Better than noodles. First place proper is our mate down at Eat Humble Pie. Daft name but that’s all that’s daft about that lump of steak and veg goodness. It took some soul searching to get a pie with veg, but blimey it hits the spot, both on the palate and the wallet ($4.50). Perfect goo, great pastry. Queenstown Bakery around the corner was a pretty standard affair but you can’t knock the choice - the wee party pies especially hit the spot. Next up, Mauro at the Empanada Kitchen. Now, I know empanadas aren’t pies. And I couldn’t give a fiddler’s fart that the (spotless) stall is next to toilets. So’s your kitchen at home, get over it. Sauce that could

wean people off crack and succulent, tender, meaty morsels: it’s the best snack food at the far end of town. And from such a happy and passionate bloke. Go there. Then there’s Ferg. Drier than a truckfull of Mormon priests carrying 20 tons of silica gel. Next! Arrowtown Bakery Cafe, you little beauty. That chicken creation made me want to go scuba pie-ving. Buy two. Habebe’s. Hmmmm. The pie was... nice. And big! But hummus with a pie? Double-yoo tee eff?! Okay, let’s summarise: To avoid starvation in the last week in June cos the ski field is still shut: Alpine. To support the wee guy and get a taste sensation with a party on your tongue: Empanada Kitchen. To tick a culinary box without having to wait 40 minutes or be surrounded by clichés: Arrowtown Bakery. To get a kick-ass pie as classic as a beaten up Subaru Legacy: Eat Humble Pie. Consider yourself informed.




at The Powder Room Thursday 19th December - Thursday 20 th February WIN A BUNGY JUMP EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT THIS SUMMER AT THE POWDER ROOM Buy any drink to get your name in the draw. 10 names will be drawn and each receive a key…

Only one key will unlock our treasure chest bank’ and win the FREE bungy!

Searle Lane, Queenstown, New Zealand 31

I’ve eaten sheep’s eyes, the still hot meat from a zebra killed by a lion, and maggots which give you 70 calories to the ounce. Bear Grylls



If you’re looking to spice things up, here’s the inside track on what’s really hot... ROCKET FUEL SAUCE Nice bottle. There’s no vintage claims or patronising ‘use as marinade or on its own’ instructions. Just a simple illustration of a smoking red rocket being filled with sauce. This suggests something fiery and powerful, we’re expecting it to send our digestive systems to the moon... Alas, it’s punchiest ingredient turns out to be the childfriendly sultana. Not so much hot as a limp kind of tangy. Kudos for being from Wellington, though. $6.00: 6/10

WALKERSWOOD HOT AND SPICY JAMAICAN LAS’ LICK JERK SAUCE. Clearly going for the ‘give it a descriptive name and they’ll think it’s exotic’ approach. The heat hits first, followed by a spicy twist in the tail of warming ginger and woody allspice. The label has a hand-drawn look to it and ‘YOUR CARIBBEAN KITCHEN’ is emblazoned on the side. A closer look at the ingredients reveals it’s actually average kitchen spices, with enough different types of sugar in it to get your dentist drawing up plans for a pool house. $5.99: 5/10

TABASCO A hot sauce basic that singes the nostrils. Disappointing inability to make flies explode in a miniature ball of flames, as adverts suggest, but nevertheless an undeniably HOT SAUCE. Dangerous lack of viscosity. $5.31: 9/10

The Scoville scale is the measurement of the pungency (spicy heat) of chilli peppers or other spicy foods reported in Scoville heat units (SHU), a function of capsaicin concentration. The scale is named after its creator, American pharmacist Wilbur Scoville and ranges from 0 (The Bell Pepper No Significant Heat) to 2,000,000 (“Trinidad Moruga Scorpion” or “Carolina Reaper” YOU WILL DIE!) 32

KAITIME Jalapeno Chocolate Chip Cookies 1 cup softened butter 1 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup white sugar 2 tsp vanilla 2 eggs 2 1/4 cups flour 1 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper 2 cups chocolate chips 4-5 diced jalapeno peppers

4. Stir in the chocolate chips and jalapenos. 5. Drop heaped teaspoons on a paper lined baking sheet. 6. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Cool on a wire rack. MAKES A BAZILLION

1. Preheat the oven to 190C. 2. Beat together the softened butter, white sugar, brown sugar, vanilla and eggs until nice and fluffy. 3. Add the flour and baking soda and finish stirring the dough by hand.

NANDO’S (HOT) ‘Hot’ seems the smart move here, not quite their ballsy ‘Extra Hot’, or a cop-out ‘Mild’ option. The warm orange colours and friendly-looking chicken on the label lead to the assumption that this is a toned-down hot sauce to cater to a wide audience. The first lathering is flavoursome and encouraging. But it turns out that this one is a late developer; a minute later watery snot is pouring from the nose and the eyes are left looking like you’re crying, on drugs, or both. Not recommended for date night. $4.69: 7/10

FRANK’S RED HOT Perhaps he is. This sauce certainly has a kick to it, though. Smooth consistency, almost creamy on the tongue, but leaves your throat tingling. Upholds its promise of ‘The perfect blend of flavour and heat’. Well worth importing. $9.95: 10/10



Jamaican bobsleds, vodka, figure skating and war ships She might be off to Sochi, awaiting final team selection right now... If watching men run around an ice track is your thing, watch Kiwi Shane Dobbin in the speed skating. His very TMI black, oily looking onesie may even infiltrate the mainstream fashion scene. Or not. Okay so back to the dramas. The US is so worried about terrorist attacks in Sochi (their old fear of Communism still going strong) they’ve arranged two warships and massive planes to casually hang out next to the main arena. What a serene visual for the city screen shots hey? What about the homophobia rumours? Poor American Johnny Weir. The out and proud figure skater has been told to boycott the games, after thousands of hours of training. He’s worked hard to compete and says “Sport and politics don’t mix”. Brilliant! Sure there are dramas but don’t we always hear this rubbish leading up to the Olympics? Embrace the Sochi games, get patriotic and relish the excuse for drinking vodka at any time of day. It’s all part of the Russian experience right? JUST ANNOUNCED: Local Wanaka gal, Katharine Eustace has been selected to represent NZ in the Skeleton. Go girl.

The Olympics are coming! Sportsmanship and athleticism meet vodka and homophobia as the Sochi Winter Olympics loom, commencing February 7th. Russia will showcase their beautiful nation, while their ex-KGB president watches proudly. But forget politics, let’s get sporty: He did it! In the nick of time, beloved Wanaka based Slopestyle skier (and secretly amazing snowboarder) Jossi Wells has qualified for Sochi! Forget his recent injuries, Mr Wells was cool, calm and collected at the Euro World Cup in Switzerland, taking out the win. His younger bros are also hoping to qualify to make Sochi the 2014 official Wells family holiday. “Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get up its bobsled time!” That’s right! The Jamaican Bobsled team are back in the Olympics for the first time in 12 years! Cruelly held back by money troubles over the years, the world’s favourite bobsled team is finally back on the world scene. Hopefully their coach is a giant chubby white man, with a reference to lollies somewhere in his name. Go Christy Prior! She’s just won gold in snowboard Slopestyle at the World Cup. 34




I’ve really learned a lot, really learned a lot, love is like a stove, burns you when it’s hot. Roy Orbison



YOU’RE A STAR Songstars is the only event of its kind in New Zealand. If you’re an original music artist and would like to perform your song to a live audience, with a professional live band, then this is your gig. Ten contestants are chosen from within the South Island to compete in the three day event. Preparation includes working with professional musicians to develop and arrange the songs.Last year two of the artists wanted a cello in their song, while one wrote in a brass riff to enhance his experience. The artists are also spoiled with a photo shoot to develop their image, a video interview (played at the live show) and finally, a live recording of their song which is sold at the show as a souvenir for the audience.The proceeds from the CDs go back in the artist’s pocket. Songstars was the brainchild of Margaret O’Hanlon and the team at Whirlwind Productions and Nima Entertainment. Having exercised their ability to produce successful musical events with the 10 year running sold-out popular show Starry Eyed, they decided to expand in the direction of originality, rather than watching talented artists imitate

already established icons.“I always felt we were doing a disservice to the performers in Starry Eyed, because their talent was always hidden behind the talent of the performer they were taking on” explains Margaret. Since the completion of Starry Eyed in 2007, Margaret O’Hanlon (Director) had always intended to create an original musical artists event. “There are plenty of songwriting competitions floating around out there and plenty of talent shows for singers whereby they deliver the latest cover, but I think seeing someone perform their own creation is so much more exciting and rewarding.” Unlike other competitions in the music world, there are no deciding judges – the winner is chosen exclusively by the live audience. Each audience member can cast one vote as to their favourite artist. The winner of Songstars is given the chance to then record their song in a studio setting. Think you have what it takes? Auditions are on February 23rd contact Margaret O’Hanlon 027 422 1768 info@whirlwindproductions. for more info. Catch the show: Queenstown Memorial Centre , March 27-29.


? who, what, where F




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1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 11 12 15 16 17 18 19 20 21


Lone Star PO Café Bella Cucina Pog Mahones Finz Public The Find The Bunker Atlas Skyline Loco Queenstown Resort College Eichardt’s Outside Sports Sky Bar Pub on Wharf Powder Room

22 A B C D E F G H i

The Front Room Police Post Office QT Medical Centre Bus Stop QT Gardens Memorial Centre Library Village Green Information


GIGGUIDE fri 31 jan

Pub on wharf :: Calico live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Dan Browne live at 9pm.

LONE STAR :: DJ Just Cause from 10pm. THE FIND :: International AV DJ Showcase, Jag Skills (Aus), DJ Yoda (UK), DJ (Sampology), Stu & Lou (Qtn). Pub on wharf :: Calibro live at 9pm. SKYBAR :: DJ Cuz. POWDER ROOM :: DJ Lithp, hip hop & ghetto funk.

Wed 5 FEB

THE FIND :: Sunshine Sound System, 9pm. LOCO CANTINA :: Live music with A Little Bit Of This. Pub on wharf :: Kayne live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Calico live at 9pm. POWDER ROOM :: Fiesta Noche Latina, live samba band.

sat 1 FEB

LONE STAR :: DJ Julio from 10pm. THE FIND :: DJ Stubacca Party Jams. Pub on wharf :: The Mutz Nutz live 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: The Plebs live at 9pm. SKYBAR :: Rippon after party with special guests. POWDER ROOM :: DJ A Kid Called Kayne, hip hop & ghetto funk/glitch & bass.

thu 6 FEB

LONE STAR :: Waitangi Day - no surcharge! Ladies’ Bike Night from 8pm. THE FIND :: DJ Alias, 9pm. LOCO CANTINA :: Horizontal Bar Bungy with AJ Hackett. Pub on wharf :: Phil & Tilley live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Pol & Dom live at 9pm. SKYBAR :: DJ Ribera. POWDER ROOM :: Waitangi warm up with A Kid Called Kayne.

sun 2 FEB

THE FIND :: Guest DJ live at 9pm. LOCO CANTINA :: Stickybuds and support! All day Music session from 2pm. Pub on wharf :: Calico and Needy Pin live 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Amorangi live 9pm. POWDER ROOM :: Safari Sunday! With 40 animal onsies to party in. DJ and free BBQ from 7pm, weather dependant.

fri 7 FEB

LONE STAR :: DJ Just Cause from 10pm. THE FIND :: The Killer Seas EP launch, 10pm. Pub on wharf :: Dave Kennedy & Katherine live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Hair of the Dog, traditional music live at 9pm. SKYBAR :: DJ Cuz.

mon 3 FEB

THE FIND :: Mojo, live rock covers, 9pm. LOCO CANTINA :: Jock in a Box. Pub on wharf :: Ham Solo live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Phil & Tilley live at 9pm. SKYBAR :: Superbowl Monday.

sat 8 FEB

LONE STAR :: DJ Julio from 10pm. THE FIND :: DJ Stubacca Party Jams. Pub on wharf :: Pistol Knights live 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Charlie Gibson live at 9pm. POWDER ROOM :: DJ A Kid Called Kayne, hip hop & ghetto funk/glitch & bass.

tue 4 FEB

LONE STAR :: Free poker with Cardsharks, register at 9pm. Cash game. THE FIND :: Superdirt electro cello experience, 9pm. 39


fri 14 FEB

THE FIND :: The Cash Cows, old school bluegrass, 9pm. Pub on wharf :: Aloha or Die & Those Guys live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Dan & Jamie live at 9pm. POWDER ROOM :: Safari Sunday! With 40 animal onsies to party in. DJ and free BBQ from 7pm, weather dependant.

LONE STAR :: DJ Just Cause from 10pm at the Love Star. THE FIND :: DJ Stubacca Party Jams. Pub on wharf :: Calibro live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Panda live 9pm. SKYBAR :: DJ Cuz.

sat 15 FEB

LONE STAR :: DJ Julio upstairs at 10pm. THE FIND :: DJ Stubacca party jams. Pub on wharf :: The Mutz Nutz live 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: The Yard Men live at 9pm. POWDER ROOM :: DJ A Kid Called Kayne, hip hop & ghetto funk/glitch & bass.

mon 10 FEB

THE FIND :: Mojo, live rock covers, 9pm. LOCO CANTINA :: Jock in a Box. Pub on wharf :: Tai live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Pistol Knights live 9pm.

tue 11 FEB

sun 16 FEB

LONE STAR :: Free poker with Cardsharks, register 9pm. Cash game. THE FIND :: DJ Ribera, funky house & hip hop. Pub on wharf :: A Beautiful Mess live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Dan Browne live at 9pm.

THE FIND :: Calico live at 9pm. Pub on wharf :: Panda & Those Guys live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Dave Arnold live at 9pm. POWDER ROOM :: Safari Sunday! With 40 animal onsies to party in. DJ and free BBQ from 7pm, weather dependant.

Wed 12 FEB

mon 17 FEB

THE FIND :: Pistol Knights, live rock covers, 9pm. LOCO CANTINA :: Live music with A Little Bit Of This. Pub on wharf :: Kayne live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Calico live at 9pm.

THE FIND :: Mojo, live rock covers, 9pm. LOCO CANTINA :: Jock in a Box. Pub on wharf :: Ham Solo live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Phil & Tilley live at 9pm.

thu 13 FEB

tue 18 FEB

LONE STAR :: Ladies’ Bike Night from 8pm. THE FIND :: DJ Alias, 9pm. LOCO CANTINA :: Horizontal Bar Bungy with AJ Hackett. Pub on wharf :: Calico live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Dan & Jamie live 9pm. SKYBAR :: DJ Ribera. POWDER ROOM :: Break the Bank!

LONE STAR :: Free poker with Cardsharks, register at 9pm. Cash game. THE FIND :: DJ Ribera, funky house & hip-hop. Pub on wharf :: Calico live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Dan Browne live at 9pm.


Wed 19 FEB

POG MAHONE’S :: Pol & Fi live at 9pm. POWDER ROOM :: Safari Sunday! With 40 animal onsies to party in. DJ and free BBQ from 7pm, weather dependant.

THE FIND :: Pistol Knights, live rock covers, 9pm. LOCO CANTINA :: Live music with A Little Bit Of This. Pub on wharf :: Kayne live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Calico live at 9pm.

mon 24 FEB

THE FIND :: Mojo, live rock covers, 9pm. LOCO CANTINA :: Jock in a Box. Pub on wharf :: Tai live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Pistol Knights live 9pm.

thu 20 FEB

LONE STAR :: Ladies’ Bike Night from 8pm. THE FIND :: DJ Alias, 9pm. LOCO CANTINA :: Horizontal Bar Bungy with AJ Hackett. Pub on wharf :: Phil & Tilley live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Pol & Dom live at 9pm. SKYBAR :: DJ Ribera. POWDER ROOM :: Break the Bank!

tue 25 FEB

LONE STAR :: Free poker with Cardsharks, register at 9pm. Cash game. THE FIND :: DJ Ribera, funky house & hip hop. Pub on wharf :: A Beautiful Mess live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Dan Browne live at 9pm.

fri 21 FEB

Wed 26 FEB

LONE STAR :: DJ Just Cause from 10pm. THE FIND :: DJ Stubacca Party Jams. Pub on wharf :: Freefall live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Pog-a-okie (karaoke), cash prizes & great craic, 9pm. SKYBAR :: DJ Cuz.

THE FIND :: Pistol Knights, live rock covers, 9pm. LOCO CANTINA :: Live music with A Little Bit Of This. Pub on wharf :: Kayne live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Calico live at 9pm.

thu 27 FEB

sat 22 FEB

LONE STAR :: Ladies’ Bike Night from 8pm. THE FIND :: Graeme James, 9pm. LOCO CANTINA :: Horizontal Bar Bungy with AJ Hackett. Pub on wharf :: Calico live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Dan & Jamie live 9pm. SKYBAR :: DJ Ribera. POWDER ROOM :: Break the Bank!

LONE STAR :: DJ Julio from 10pm. THE FIND :: DJ Stubacca Party Jams. LOCO CANTINA :: GRAND MASTER FLASH! Buy tickets from Base Reception. Pub on wharf :: Pistol Knights live at 9pm. POG MAHONE’S :: Charlie Gibson live at 9pm. POWDER ROOM :: DJ A Kid Called Kayne, hip hop & ghetto funk/glitch &

fri 28 FEB

LONE STAR :: DJ Just Cause from 10pm. THE FIND :: DJ Stubacca party jams. POG MAHONE’S :: Pistol Knights live at 9pm. SKYBAR :: DJ Cuz.


sun 23 FEB

THE FIND :: Guest DJ live at 9pm. Pub on wharf :: Calico & Those Guys live at 9pm. 41




our free listing for artists of all persuaSions where we celebrate the player rather than the venue. send us your gigs people and we’ll publish them...

FREEFALL: Monty’s 1st & 16th, February. Zephyr 4th &10th February. Pog Mahone’s 6th & 20th February. Pub On Wharf 21st February. Ballarat Trading Co 27th & 28th February. pol + fi: Monty’s 9th February.

MOJO: Every Monday at The Find from 10pm SHAY + PEARLY: Every Wednesday at The Red Rock from 8.30pm THE HAMILTONES: Ballarat Trading Co 6th and 14th February. Camp Street Brewing Co 8th February.


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The mother-in-law had an accident at work. A hot rivet dropped down her drawers and she fell off the oil rig. Les Dawson


burgers how they should be

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