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Positive Thinking: Way Towards Successful Life The growing inclination of people towards attending seminars and lectures on positive thinking has become very common in today’s world. Positive thinking is a state of mind that enforces those words, thoughts and visualizations to the brain which promote growth, development and victory. Furthermore, the concept of positive thinking states that no matter how the past, present or future may be, you must always strive to see the silver lining in every cloud. Being optimistic about the future always makes you work harder towards achieving the desired goals. There have been many psychologists who profess the power of positive thinking which is the creation of optimistic thoughts which thereby radiate lots of positive energy into one’s real world. Whatever you think becomes reality, such is this power of positivity. A positive thinker is a person who will expect joy, good health, profits and success in every task he undertakes to do and the magic of this concept is that he is successful in achieving all this too. Here the question arises, what is the secret behind this attitude? The answer is very simple. If you keep on focusing your brain towards a positive outcome continuously without break, it will mean that you are not diverting your brain from the desired result. This in turn will make you endeavor towards your goal to such an extent that you will put in the best of your efforts to accomplish it. Each of us have this secret power in us but it is quite unfortunate that we forget to use and apply it in our day to day lives. The concept of power of positivity comprises the following attitudes:  You must believe in favorable chances despite of the fact that things seem out of control. This belief will give you the power to change the circumstances to your advantage.  You must always remember that you are very strong from inside and can fulfill all your wishes by inculcating positive thinking all the time.  You must decide upon the best available option by evaluating the positivity in each option you get.  You must face any challenges that block your way with the attitude of a conqueror. No matter what, I can do it!

As we all know that, to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, we must look into the cause of a particular action. This can be done by the creation of those thoughts which result in action instead of thinking about the effects of the cause. Once we bring a thought to action it means that the thought goes into the universe and frees itself from our brain. The universe after receiving the thought adds energy to it and applies it as per the intensity of that specific thought. Some renowned speakers also take the words ‘no’, ‘not’ and ‘never’ etc to be negative words. They say that the universe does not accept these negative words. Merely creating positive thoughts and sitting idle is not going to take us anywhere. One must bring thought into action as well. Perseverance and hard work will enable you to cross the toughest of hurdles; the only weapon is the use of positive thinking. You can take help of books on positive thinking. Many writers have been successful in convincing hopeless people to believe and stay optimistic. Just try this wonderful concept in everything you do, you will surely find the secret to success.

The magic of positive thinking  
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