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MEMBERSHIP Fitzroy talks to CHAKA KHAN 10 DARRELL’S FUNK BOX Welco me to Issue 53 jam pac 12 ARCHIE BELL interviews along with new ked with no less than six diverse s of some great events and releases to get your ear new talks to Fitzroy s firmly wrapped aroun d. Every interview is an ho 16 RECORD REVIEWS nour for Fitzroy to do bu t Chaka Khan was a biggie for us and 19 FITZROY TALKS TO for those of you lucky eno ugh to be going to the Southport Weekender’s 50th Anniv ROBERT CRAY ersary, you are in for a real treat. Fitzro y caught up with Alex too and found out how plans are going for 22 Fitzroy talks to this awesome weekend that delivers the highest quality music fro BASHIYRA m some of the biggest art DJs from all over the glo ists and be. Congratulations to 24 Fitzroy has a chat with team wh Alex and his o raise and leap over the bar year after year. Qu ALEX LOWES OF amazing. ite SOUTHPORT We will be 8 years old in July honest, but we are still her which is quite frightening if I am 26 SANDRA ST VICTOR e Survivor style. Watch this and will be celebrating in true Soul space! talk to Fitzroy Please don’t forget the So ul Survivor CD which is 28 EVENT REVIEWS ava from our website www.t and ilable 32 WHAT’S GOIN’ ON? if you are worried about missing a copy of Soul Survivors then why not sign up to our Members 34 SOUL RADIO hip? You can choose to have one posted to you or join ou r App and download a copy. Easypeasy. Thank you for reading and supporting the Soul Survi Thank you to all those it’s time to sit bac vors k and enjoy. who have contributed by sending in adverts, reviews, photos, Anna (& Fitzroy) x articles, listings and The Soul Survivors emails; we can’t do this without you. CUT OFF DA

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BASHIYRA talks to Fitzroy

Although she came in runner up at our Soul Survivor Awards Best newcomer, Bashiyra is no novice to the music industry. Determined to reach her destiny this nubian singer songwriter has already tasted some good fortunes with some A list recording artist. As well as making good music she’s using her skills in education,has also made musical history and recently performed at the Blackpool Luxury Soul Weekender. Bashiyra’s new single is a cover of the immortal Phyllis Hyman’s You Know How To Love Me and has a forthcoming LP in the pipeline. Making tidal waves in the soulful sea, lets get to know Bashiyra.

Bashiyra tell us something unique about yourself that will introduce you to our Soul Survivors readers? Well Fitz, as well as being an international singer, songwriter, producer and arranger, I’m also a vocal coach and a singing lecturer, leading vocal and song-writing programmes on a national level which supports the literacy and numeracy attainment levels of children with special needs utilising music as the vehicle. I also create modules conducive to the support of GCSE and A ‘level music students in the area of voice and performance production and presentation. Tell us about what influenced you growing up in the music arena, who inspired you, and what led to you working in the 1990’s with diverse acts such as Queen, Michael Bolton to Motown and Philly Royalty Diana Ross and Patti Labelle? I was influenced by a cross-section of musical genres growing up with an aunt and uncle who song-wrote and produced for Adeva as well as another uncle who produced Maxi Priest.

My influences range from Ella Fitzgerald, Karen Carpenter, Barbara Mason, Donny Hathaway, Maxwell and Rachelle Ferrell. I’ve been singing from my mother’s womb (literally! LOL) and I knew that my career path would be in music. My Dad’s friend was a big radio DJ and together we cut my first track, which was quite a surreal experience involving an international tour with extensive promotional coverage in Philadelphia USA. I worked with calibre artists including Diana Ross, Patti La Belle, Michael Bolton and Queen then eventually released my debut album ‘Thought You Knew’ in 2009 which gained stateside and world wide airplay to date. As a songwriter, producer and arranger, how did you make an impression on PIR International’s ambassadors from the City Of Brotherly Love, Gamble & Huff? They heard some of my material via a mutual contact and whilst on a promo visit to Philadelphia my engagement as a songwriter for Gamble and Huff was born. Whom have you worked with before you came to prominence as a solo artist in 2009? Well I voiced a vocal project for fashion model Naomi Campbell who at the time was planning to embark upon a singing career. A single release came from that project called ‘Sunshine On A Rainy Day’ but I’m guessing momentum with Naomi’s modelling career dominated her time and not much else came of her project barring the one single release I’ve mentioned, but hey yeah I did that, I cut vocals for Naomi. I honestly didn’t know anything about you till you gave me a copy of ‘Don’t Get in My Face’ at Stevie Dundee’s Move On Up. I loved the vibe of the track, played it and reviewed it in the Soul Survivors magazine record reviews. What was the obvious or subliminal meaning of that title? Haaaaahaaaaa yes I remember that moment well Fitz! The track ‘Don’t Get In My Face’ is about a female who’s just had enough of her man and she’s like on her last nerve with this guy and it’s really a case of oh please, please, pleeeeeeease, you oh so do not want to get up in my face because I am so tired of your non-productive ways. That is the literal meaning. The subliminal meaning I guess is that the chorus hook-line can be used in reference to anybody to step back, jess back and step out of one’s face because like the green hulk said “Don’t make me angry, cause you won’t like me when I’m angry” and if you’re not coming correct then it’s better that you don’t come at all. The track became an anthem for many people. It reached Top 10 at #7 charting in Music Week and was straddled between the recordings of Usher and Rhianna. So what can I say!! A great original production by Tek Dis Productions (UK) with musical support from UK based Andre Louis – In fact look out for Andre as we have some serious creative workings incoming!! What musical nerd worked seriously how did you manage to become the first independent artist to achieve 4 concurrent positions in one chart and when was that? LOL – Yes I became the first Independent Artist in the spring of 2013 to achieve four (4) concurrent positions in one chart, setting a new world record. The consecutive releases of, I Won’t Worry, You Haven’t Seen Nothing Yet, The You In Me, and Don’t Get In My Face all charted in The Top 50 RnB Charts DPP (USA). Whilst the heavy-hitter, I Won’t Worry simultaneously held the #1 position on The Urban/RnB/Crossover Top 40 Breakouts Chart (USA), and the number 30 position on The Sweet Rhythms Chart (UK), having previously peaked there at #2. It’s a stunning achievement and I’m immensely proud to have set that kind of precedent.

You have a great persona with your distinctive nubian looks and neatly cared for locs and a presence of a threatening talent but humble performer. How have you found dealing with the highs and lows of this sometime precocious music industry where talent alone is not valued on equal merit? Thank-you Fitz, that’s a wholesome and alluring visual you have there of me and I’m touched. I think it’s important to be who you are and I’ve made it my business to know me and love me for who I am so I can effectively care and love my significant others and people in general. The other part of your question is a big one Fitz, how much time do I have (LOL) ok so as concisely as possible here it goes:- The industry in and of itself is just the playground/background so to speak in terms of a canvas which allows one the opportunity of projection re: their creativity. It’s the personalities within the industry that either darken or lighten your colour spread on that canvas dependent on their integrity, intention, experience, wisdom, business know-how and likeability. I’ve had to develop a ‘thick skin’ so to speak, and remain balanced so as not to succumb to some of the fabrication and bile and agree to disagree and leave things amicably. How did you get the Paralympic gig and manage to get a thank you letter from an impressed David Cameron who is the yes Prime Minister? I was head-hunted to take part in The Opening Ceremony of Paralympics 2012 games and worked with a great team of professionals who helped me in the planning of every detail regarding my performance. It was a wonderful experience and I made some lovely friends from my time spent in rehearsals building the show. The thank-you letter direct from David Cameron was unexpected but rather a pleasant surprise. I'm proud that the Prime Minister of my country recognises my artistry nationally. It was and still is a good look – I did that (tick!!) LOL!!! How did you land the One Shot At Love EP with Ralph Tee’s Expansions and collaborate with Amar Naik and David Nathan of David Nathan introduced me to his friend Amar Naik. They were both listening to some of Amar’s production one day when David commented that he felt I could vocally work Amar’s productions. When Amar heard my portfolio it was a beautiful no brainer for him and he declared that he’d found “his voice”. I also feel honoured to have not only introduced Amar’s production into the independent soul music scene but also to write with both Amar and David on one of my EP tracks entitled ‘Lesson Learned’ which was David’s first self-published release. David became a fan of my work from my debut album back in 2009 and attended my live shows in support. We connected straight away on music and other interests and passions and so he’s not only a valued creative colleague but also a dear friend who has imparted much wisdom to me and a host of stars across the world including Toni Braxton and Whitney Houston. Ralph Tee heard my EP songs through Amar and David and signed the EP ‘One Shot At Love’ straight away to his Expansion Record label. I achieved a number one in the USA with ‘I Won’t Worry’ and a Top 5 position with the entire 4 song EP in several UK Independent Soul Charts. You were almost lost for words when you came second via the people’s vote in our 2013 Soul Survivor Awards in the category of best newcomer and were so gracious. With plenty of other accolades which you are free to divulge, what’s it like to be acknowledged when there are so many some less deserving than other trying to make an impact? Yes I’m a multi-award winner with awards for my contribution to both soul and jazz music. I won the Nina Simone Award in 2011

which was officially endorsed by the legacy estate of Dr Nina Simone and that is one definitive moment of my career which I remember with great fondness. In addition to this award I also hold the following accolades: Soul Baby Live Award Winner 2011 Soul Survivors Best UK Artist/Group Award Winner 2010 BWIA Aspiring Black Female Singer Award Winner 2005 And so yes being the runner-up recipient in the Soul Survivors Best New Soul Artist/Group 2013 was another great moment for me. I didn’t even realise that I’d been nominated let alone, made the top selection, so it was a most satisfying surprise to have the nomination confirmed and then to attend the award ceremony in London and leave with an award. I appreciate that I’m a new artist to some people who may not have heard of me previously, so I wasn’t challenged with the nomination category. For me it’s about continual growth and diversity and a forward march with a skip!! So I’ll take this opportunity actually Fitz, to personally thank all the wonderful Soul Survivor readers who nominated and voted for me!! What reception did you get at Blackpool as a debut-on at the recent 2014 Luxury Soul Weekender? That was a really cool weekender and like you’ve pointed out it was my first. I had a great reception from the people who attended and I really enjoyed performing. I was accompanied by Cosmo and Amar so that was awesome in itself and I got to see a dedicated soul crowd in full effect and meet The SOS Band. There is now a new venture in my schedule where I’ll be collaborating with the drummer of The SOS band, Crystal Martin. The first track is decided and I’m just awaiting my recording schedule and we will be good to go. It’s an awesome song and I can’t wait to share it with you all. So what’s next for you, tell us more about your forthcoming sophomore album Independent? My new album ‘Independent’ will be released in the summer of 2014 (YAY!!) which I’m super, super excited about, and I so look forward to sharing that with my fan-base. They’ll be production from Herb Middleton (Teddy Pendergrass, Raheem Devaughn, Mary J Blige) as well as from Peter Moore (LA Reid) and Amar Naik (UK) so let’s keep the connection Fitz, I’ve got an incredible calendar of sharing’s to divulge via and I’m pleased to also announce Fitz that I’ve now joined the artist roster of the team behind Ruby Turner. You’ve just done what I can only describe as a fitting rendition of Phyllis Hyman’s ‘You Know How To Love Me’. How personal is the song to you and what drove you to cover such an anthemic and possibly nerve racking if you get it wrong song? Haaaaaahaaaaa “nerve racking if you get it wrong song”, now that’s an expression!!! Well that rendition came about in agreement between Herb Middleton and I (who produced Phyllis), and so I took on the task of studying her catalogue. Prior to this I knew of Phyllis but wasn’t familiar with all her works. I discovered an unbelievable talent with a rich sultry tone and decided with Herb to cover ‘You Know How To Love Me’. Did I feel nervous covering the track? Honestly no, however like you’ve commented Fitz, I’ve had so many people in the industry ask me the same question, that I really get to see just how big a track it is amongst the soul community. And the response to date worldwide for my version has been pretty amazing, especially from the USA and UK. I have received such a positive response and I’ve been able to pay homage to such a classic and classy singer such as Ms Phyllis Hyman. Bashiyra will be live at London's Jazz Cafe on May 18th 2014 as UK support for USA Karyn White.

Record reviews

In this issue we feature soul blues, freedom dance jazz, social commentary, some hip hop soul and broken beats. Also check out a classic disco reissue, a mixture of new school soul and some intriguing spoken work mixed with an assortment of funk soul and jazz. Keeping it a Spring Affair like Donna Summer enjoy the choices of musical voices!! In My Soul - Robert Cray Band (Provogue) Robert Cray is an artist steeped in soul blues history whose catalogue has been AWOL from my collection..till now. This album on occasion depicts the trials and tribulations of love and summerises Robert’s whole musical personification. He possesses a smooth gravel voice and is an exceptional guitarist with a band of great synergy. Robert totally captures the 1960‘s rock & soul Stax & Memphis essence with some subtle 1970‘s funk and serenading ballad qualities. Enjoy the rasping rawness of You Move Me, an Otis Redding classic Nobody’s Fault But Mine and in contrast the more melancholy smoochies like Fine Yesterday and Hold On. My personal favourites include the Booker T’s MG’s Hip Tight Onions instrumental ode, the late Willie Mitchell influenced Guess I’ll Never Know and the mellow funky bonus track Pillow. I’m impressed with this aptly titled album In My Soul. Paul Johnson - Better Than This (Area Boy Music - Expansion) Paul Johnson is one of those supremely gifted UK falsetto vocalists who from the 1980’s pioneered those golden gospel octaves of glass breaking proportions upon the many ears that welcomed it. Paul’s been away from the limelight for a while but he’s back and finely tuned with two complimentary mixes of his latest offering. The Soul Talk mix will work fabulously on the modern soul circuit with it’s Ernie McKone classic jazzy soul production. The more progressive mix by 2000 Black’s Kaidi and Dego is more moognificent with spacey keys and a touch of the updated 80’s 808 beat production. Paul’s vocals sound sublime on either mix showing like his 1993 classic “If We Lose Our Way” for whatever reason, when you possess raw talent it’s easier to come back gospel guns blazing. Big tune for 2014, welcome back Paul you’re still “Sayin’ Something”!! The Bill McBirnie Trio - Find Your Place (CD Baby) Visualise a Herbie Mann, Jimmy McGriff and Harvey Mason jazz trio, then you get a latter day indication of The Bill McBirnie Trio featuring Bill McBirnie on flute, Bernie Senesky on Hammond Organ and Anthony Michelli on drums. Interpreting the artistry of Cole Porter, Lennon & MacCartney, Duke Pearson, Wayne Shorter, Horace Silver and Thelonious Monk, this jazz thing definitely has that good old fashion swing. Hear some jazz blues via Oh Darling and some jazz dance on So In Love, Minority, Yes Or No and the imitable classic Jeannine. Listen to hint’s of samba on Estate and hi hat drumming on Soy Califa as these gents without a double bass perform seamlessly. Also worth mentioning is the more swing than Tarzan Sister Sadie and the jam session drumming solo’d Rhythm-A-Ning. The title track Find Your Place is an almost, in parts, sombre cha cha cha. Classy! Gil Scott Heron - Pieces Of a Man (BGP) Pieces Of A Man features John Pate conducting, Hubert Laws, Ron Carter, Pretty Purdie and Brian Jackson as the late messenger Gil Scott Heron’s musical interpreters. Gil’s heartfelt recitations in his early career were most certainly thought provoking. In reflection his 1971 depiction of The Revolution, Save The Children, Lady Day and Home Is Where The Hatred Is remains to date vividly poignant and picturesque. Albeit it soul, funk, jazz or a ballad like Pieces Of A Man or A Sign Of The Ages this album is totally encapsulating. With a pleading emphasis on his vocal tones via songs like The Needless Eye and the The Prisoner you are also treated to three bonus cuts. Gils college group Black & Blues’s with his number two Brian Jackson are showcased on the previously unreleased Chain’s, Peace and an earlier version of A Toast To The People. Excellent.

Slakah The Beatchild - Soul Movement (BBE) This album bears the hallmark of that classic 90’s hip hop fused with jazz and soul and on occasion, the early rap infancy of Outkast. Varied in tempo and genre styles it features full songs, ad lib vocals and instrumentals. The funky hip hop break opener Byram’s Groove the consistency of the album’s fat sounding snares. Glenn Lewis graces a nice jazzy keyed Number 1 and Where’s Yesterday depicts the state of music today most eloquently. With hints of a TCQ influence check out a few of the strumming guitar hip hop production compositions like Adventure For 2 and the impromptu bass talking Us Theory. Simulating a journalistic string orchestrated house groove is a mysterious Keep Up and for the dance floor, experience the infectious military beats of Endurance. With noticeable commercial crossover appeal the catchy Motown esq Love Fool feat Tanika Charles should make waves. Diverse album!!

The Groove Association ft Georgie B - 3AM Georgie B expels his great vocal delivery like Creative Source bringing back the good loving good living factor to the forefront with his new album. Full of old school inspirations listen to the suspicious tale sampling Brenda Russell on Something’s Changed. Projecting the 1980‘s check out a cool harmonized I Want You Back and two versions of Skipworth & Turner’s classic Thinking Bout Your Love. With a smooth modern soul template throughout Georgie unselfishly duets with Debra Bell on a salacious EWF tinged When A Woman Falls In Love. There are also two versions of a George Benson summer sounding Daisy and hints of Cameo running through Choose Me and a two step rare groove theme reminiscing the good ol’ days on Do You Remember. The finales Jazz Funk Heaven EWF vocal scat and Old School Magic recreating Zhanes Hey Mr DJ ambience close a well produced soulful strutter!!

Veronica Dominguez - Just Chill Double damn on this slice of stateside street beats and new school retro-ness. Slinky and smothered in hot buttered soul like Isaac Hayes, Veronica’s voice slithers nicely from the initial Intro track to another entitled Just Chill. With simulating horns on Out The Door, Veronica’s vocals flow like a rapper at times on the bass kick drum production. Sounding very cosmic sample the jazzy soul improvisation of Wayne Henderson’s Keep That Same Old Feeling on Keep On featuring Bubba. Veronica elevates her great vocal sonics on a trickling piano, haunting strings and a melancholy trumpet composition Love. The girl is versatile as exampled on the sultry Catch Me When I Fall and creates a sensual mental scenario highlighted with C Flowz’ confident rap on a heavy snared snapping I Get High. Lastly the sexy latino histrionics play out in another grand slam slow jam Eo Querro. Worth checking!!

Floacist - Rise Of The Phoenix Mermaid (Shanincie) From Thornton Heath Souwf London Natalie aka Floacist has shared her talented linguistics universally as one half of the dynamic duo Floetry and more recently as a solo artist in her own well deserved right. The album is totally compelling with complimentary backing vocals. It features Floacist singing and reciting spoken words with a welcoming zephyr that is often quite enticing and sensual. Check out the sublime balanced beat and music production on cuts like Doing This and If You Really Wanna Know. The universal messages within Heat It Up and On It are typical of Floacist’s mission to musically preach with open honesty. Floacist reigns supremely on the multi cultural dialect flexed ode Grandma and the awesome impassioned calmness of Wisest Thing. Lyrically check out the double bass jazziness and funkiness of Broken Heart and Womyn and the exquisite “Fera Jacka” lullaby tinged Mami Loves You. Superstar CD!!


The Soul Survivors PO Box 377 West Malling Kent ME6 9DQ 07956 312931 (Send in early....we only have so much space!!!)

Patrick Adams Presents Phreek (BBR) Churning out a multitude of great reissues, BBR release an Atlantic classic originally on plastic from the imperial “Disco Messiah” producer, arranger and musical genius Patrick Adams. Featuring the talents of Leroy Burgess, Christine Wiltshire, Jocelyn Brown, Donna McGhee and El Coco’s Michael Lewis take yourself back like EWF to boogie wonderland. As well as the original album versions included are the 12 inch disco mixes of Weekend and Have A Good Day. Leroy Burgess vocals Much Too Much and Donna McGhee oozes over a melting mid boogie groove May My Love Be With You. The strings, arrangements and complimentary vocals always stood out for those who bought this on vinyl. Now on cinematic CD with comprehensive sleeve notes, if it’s true like titled track number 2 that “Everybody Loves A Good Thing” then this has to be in the digital copy collection section. Reel People - Soul Love (Reel People Music) Travelling through various soul jazz and funk dimensions, Reel People collate a 25 tracked album with a bonus DJ Spinna mix in tow. Including a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar artists from Omar, Eric Roberson, Foreign Exchange, Tony Momrelle, Marc Evans to Chris Turner, Joonie, DebraDebs, Eric Lau and Muzart, there is definitely something for everyone. Check out individuals like Zo feat Eric Roberson’s disco funk tinged We Are On The Move, Domu and the warm voice of Pete Simpson on I’m Left Dreaming and Muzart’s Reel People mix of The Party After. Good seeing such musical diversity as Louise Golbey’s ‘Comfortable, Suplacio Jones’s Risky to Restless Soul Fun Bands’s Cameo Sound Table influenced It’s Hard. Also showing he can reign solid as a soloist ex Reel People and Incognito vocalist Tony Momrelle’s Spotlight gets a deserved airing. Like the Eric & Chubb cut included within, this is full of Summertime Anthems. Audley Anderson - Making My Move This retains a 1960‘s Motown vibe that switches from a 2 bar to a four floor beat and I imagine will be a toe tapper. Audley’s voice is sweet and smooth over the groove like honey. His vocal style flows like a nursery rhyme accompanied by some complimentary sing along backing vocals. Oh did I mention Audley produced this single with musical intervention from DonE? Audley has a love concept album called Journey Into Soul featuring an RNB moog bass production Think Again and an emergency dial 999 epic pleading Cardiac Arrest. Slightly more uptempo is Undress You and the final sampler is a purring slow jam With Or Without You.

Bashiyra - You Know How To Love Me Raising the bar in her already established repertoire Bashiyra tackles Phyllis Hyman’s classic with a polished and contemporary 2014 production. Keeping close to the original but embellishing upon certain essences of this treasured for measure people’s classic, Bashiyra shows no fear. It’s treated respectfully as we hear her multitude of octaves and ad libs on a very musical rhythm base. Ahead of her pending album and riding on the back of a successful 2014 start, watch this nubian princess’s single out via ITunes and Amazon with special remixes to follow, rise to the top like Keni Burke. Romantic - The Collective (RM2 Music) Here is a little heads up from the UK massively talented The Collective sneaked to me kindly by lady Diane Dunkley. Featuring Don -E, Leee John, Noel McKoy, Junior and Rick Clarke on BV”s, it’s a nice harmonious piece of UK soul with two mixes to hear these amazing voices in their glory. This is just a sample of a forthcoming album coming to you live like Charles Earland soon. The Romix is special with a Zapp influenced vocoder and although it doesn't feature Omar vocally, his Shoulda Known Better moog presence is interpreted with a welcomed rough, rugged and rawness. Flying the flag as ambassadors for UK soul, The Collective are on fire like The Ohio players but we don’t wanna throw no water on this..let it burn!! Marcell Russell - I’m A Soul Man Marcell Russell’s Wonderful is another very Al Green and Willie Mitchell influenced production. Marcell’s tone is one of a nice southern soul ilk with warming richness speaking highly of his woman’s love for him. Good Morning Love starts with a long grand piano opening and Marcell’s almost Donny Hathaway shiver and quiver vocal stamp. The picturesque spoken words of Floacist comes in timely half way through with the bass and subtle percussion addition, making this transform into a very seductive, spirited and beautiful duet combination. You can imagine what the rest of this album is like which is out 14/4/2104!! Wah Wah 45s album - Wah Friends Electric 2. This year Wah Wah 45s celebrate 15 years of music and those of you that are aware of their work will know they have been at the cutting edge of underground music with heralded acts Hackney Colliery Band, Scrimshire and my favourite Part-Time Heroes. This album has been remixed by such luminaries as Sunlightsquare, The Reflex (who can do no wrong for me) and Suonho. If you love your music electronic and on the left-side check it out. The stand out tracks for me - Part-Time Heroes - Leaving, Bev Lee Harling - Why Don't You Do Right? (cover) and a really interesting Henri-Pierre Noel version of A Fifth Of Beethoven (an electronic cover of the Walter Murphy classic) - trust me it works. Support your independent label. Andy Sharp


You Know How To Love Me

The NEW Single Download Via iTunes & Amazon Twitter:@BashiyraDaVoice